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Hiiii , i really like your blog! your hurt/comfort r so well written i swearrr !!
so , i wanted to ask u of you could do a angst to fluff /hurt comfort with tsukishima, iwaizumi, and osamu plz ! Any prompt i dont really care lmaooo
Have a great day :)) <3
hi hi darling!! thank you so much :((( 💓💓 you’re so sweet and thank YOU for sending this in! i’ve been having crazy writer’s block, so this gave me some motivation to write!!
Tumblr media
— tsukishima, iwaizumi, & osamu x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, arguments, the boys mention their ex in an argument </3 oh also these r so long & dramatic (bc i’m dramatic lmfao i’m a leo)
note from heart: ugh i kno these prompts are so common, but i love reading these kinds of stories/drabbles!! i hope you enjoy 💓
Tumblr media
» we all know tsukishima kei isn’t the best at expressing his emotions; especially those of love & kindness
» but you know better than anyone else that he loved you more than anything & that his love for you is unconditional
» however, there are definitely moments where you both fight and things can get out of hand
» like this current argument that sprung up once he got home from work
» he came home a lot later than you had expected, but he didn’t even bother to respond to any of your text messages or return any of your calls
» and so now, about an hour later, you two were still arguing
“kei, i’m really not asking for much! if you’re gonna be home late, could you at least let me know? like answer my texts or something?” you say exasperatedly. you were starting to feel exhausted from all the bickering that’s happened in the past hour, but your words just didn’t seem to get past your boyfriend’s bitter mood.
“look, y/n, i don’t need to constantly tell you my every move and where i’m at, and you don’t need to keep waiting up for me! i swear to god, it’s like you treat me like a fucking kid!” he shouts back, throwing his hands in the air before taking a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose.
he didn’t have the best day at work; too much paperwork, idiots causing a ruckus, his manager doing nothing but hounding him all day. tsukishima was ready to just go to sleep, but here he was.
“sorry for wanting to make sure you’re safe? sorry i care about my boyfriend? why is that so bad?”
“because it’s fucking annoying, y/n! you’re constantly hovering over me, smothering me all the fucking time!” he responds, turning away from you. he sighs, shaking his head, “mei was never this clingy.”
despite his tone being more hushed and quiet, you still heard him loud and clear. his words rang in your ears, practically screaming back at you in your mind in a constant loop. “mei was never this ‘clingy’ because she didn’t love you,” you let out, your voice wavering as you fought to hold your tears back.
you turned in the opposite direction, making your way to your shared bedroom and slamming the door shut. at the sound, tsukishima flinched. he didn’t mean to let those words slip, and the second they fell from his mouth he instantly regretted it.
it was true, mei never loved him, but he didn’t care much for it after he met you. you showed him nothing but love, always caring for him whether that was packing his lunch for work and leaving cute, little notes for him to see during his break or staying by his side whenever he was feeling unwell. your love was genuine and never-ending, you always had so much of it to give to him. but now he’s shut that out, refusing to accept your love all because he had a bad day at work.
he sighs again, turning around to see your bedroom door shut. he felt a pang of guilt in his chest. he knew he had to make this better, but he was never good at these kinds of things. usually when the two of you argued and things went south, you both would give each other space and then come back together to have a more civil conversation. but now it seemed that you wanted to just completely be away from him, and a conversation about this didn’t seem like an option.
on your end, you sat on the edge of the bed, letting your tears fall down your cheeks. you kept wiping them away, gasping for air after each stifled sob. you knew tsukishima didn’t care for his ex anymore, you knew he was way over her when your relationship with him progressed. he had even opened up to you about how his relationship with you has made him the happiest he’s ever been. but now you’re unsure.
you asked for one, simple thing, but it just seemed like an annoyance to him. you love tsukishima and you’d do anything to make him comfortable in your relationship, so maybe you will decide to give him space because maybe- deep down- he wishes that you were just a bit like mei. if he said it, then surely part of him meant it.
the rest of the night was silent and lonely for the both of you. you eventually got ready for bed and fell asleep, wondering if he’d even come to bed with you. but in his head, he thought it’d be best to leave you be, and so he slept on the couch.
the next morning you woke, reaching over to feel the cold sheets on his side of the bed. you scrunch your eyebrows together, feeling your heart ache knowing that he didn’t even bother to come back to bed. you sat up, rubbing your puffy eyes before making your way into the kitchen. on your way there, you heard familiar soft snores from the couch. you peek over to see your boyfriend, still in his work clothes, fast asleep.
you frown slightly. he didn’t even bother changing into comfortable clothes- he must have slept horribly last night. but you decide to give him his space, not wanting to smother him so early in the morning.
you begin making breakfast, doing your best to keep the noise down so that he could continue sleeping. you prepared a quick meal for the both of you, making sure to set aside his plate before eating on your own. you figured you’d eat before him so that he could eat his breakfast in peace.
as you finished, you began to walk out of the kitchen, noticing tsukishima rise from the couch. he stretched, wincing at the aching feeling in his back. your eyes widened, wanting to make a quick exit so that you wouldn’t disturb him. you start walking towards the bedroom, greeting him quietly and letting him know that his plate is on the table.
he barely registers what you say, but the second he sees you walking quickly back to your bedroom, he follows you.
“y/n,” he says, finally catching up to you before you can shut the door. you don’t turn around, instead beginning to fix the bed in attempts to not have a conversation with him. “y/n,” he tries again, this time his tone more calm and soft.
you want to, so badly, turn around and talk to him; to resolve everything that happened the night prior, but you were still so hurt that he mentioned his ex.
he sighs, watching you sadly, waiting for you to turn in his direction. “y/n.. baby, i-i’m sorry,” he stumbles over his words, taking a few steps closer to you. you stop your actions, wondering if you had heard him correctly. “i’m so sorry,” he says again, standing behind you, unsure if he’s allowed to touch you.
you slowly turn around, tears welling up in your eyes again at the sight of him. you’re just reminded of his cruel words, but you’re fighting between pulling him in for a hug or turning back around to ignore him. his heart drops at the sight of the tears glossing over your eyes, bringing a hand to yours.
“i’m sorry for last night.. i know,” he takes a breath, just letting his thoughts pour out of his mouth. “i know i should’ve just texted you, and i know you’re just looking out for me. i was having a bad day, but i was being a total dick about it. i’m really sorry.”
you stare at him sadly, “but why did you have to bring up her?” you sniffle, turning away from him, “am i really that annoying?” your voice was timid, droplets of tears falling onto the sheets. his heart aches even more at the sight of you and knowing that he’s made you cry once again.
he’s never thought of you as annoying, he loves the affection you give him. tsukishima isn’t the best at expressing his emotions, but he truly loves everything about you. he loves the way you care about him, loves the way you shower him with love every morning and night, loves the way you give him kisses at any given moment; he loves you.
he pulls you in for a hug, squeezing you gently. he shuts his eyes, never wanting to let you go. “i don’t think that of you. i don’t think you’re annoying or that you smother me. i love you and everything that you do for me, and you’re right. mei never loved me, but you do and that’s what matters to me,” he pulls away to look at you. you’re crying even more which makes him panic internally.
he brings a hand to cup your cheek, “you matter to me. not mei, not my coworkers, not anyone else. only you. i don’t know why i even brought her up.. i was just in a shitty mood, but that’s not an excuse to be a shit boyfriend to you.”
you smile, nuzzling your face into his hand. “you’re an asshole, kei.”
he scrunches his nose before leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. “yeah, well, this asshole’s in love with you.”
» arguments with iwaizumi were rare but were always quickly resolved
» you both were quite hot-headed, so sometimes these arguments could escalate rather quickly
» it would result to screaming matches, but whenever it got to that point, you both knew immediately to drop it and give each other some space
» you two loved each other dearly and always wanted the other to remember that
» no matter what was said or done, you always found a way to comfort one another
» but this time it’s different and now you’re unsure if this can be fixed
you and iwaizumi have been going at it for the past two hours. you offered to pick him up from work today, going in a bit early to see him in action at his job. you knew he had many clients, a whole variety really. but you didn’t expect to see a woman all over him, running her hands up and down his arms and smiling flirtatiously at him. and you certainly didn’t expect to see him smiling back at her, completely unfazed at another woman’s touch.
“why is it such a big deal, y/n? she’s my client! what do you want me to do, tell her i can’t see her anymore because my girlfriend said so?” he says incredulously, his expression full of frustration. you roll your eyes, “i just want to know why the hell she had her hands on you like that, hajime! and why were you just letting it fucking happen?”
you were seething, both of you were. your chests heaving up and down as you glared at one another. you both remained silent, the only sound being the both of you breathing heavily.
you scoff, beginning to turn away from him, “if you can’t tell me why then i’m going the fuck to sleep.” he lets a short laugh, “of course you are. you were always one to never finish what they started.” you ignore him, beginning to make your way back to your room, but something stops you.
“at least sonnie could actually finish an argument,” he mutters, making you snap your neck to look at him. “sonnie only finished an argument with you when they decided to leave you for good!” you shout, getting in his face.
he looks at you in shock, processing his words while guilt gradually flowed throughout his body. “wait, babe, i-“
“don’t,” you say, your tone more quiet. he opens and closes his mouth as he tries to find something to say, but nothing comes out. you turn away, continuing to walk back to your room. you enter the bedroom, slamming the door shut, making iwaizumi flinch at the sound.
he sighs in defeat, instantly regretting his words. he runs a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. usually, at this point, you two would take a step back and try to have a calmer discussion about everything, but now you’ve shut him out and he can’t find a solution. you want nothing to do with him right now, and he knows that trying to comfort you will only frustrate you more. so he decides he’ll stay away.
but, here you are, sitting on the floor in front of your bed wishing nothing but for iwaizumi to walk into your shared bedroom and comfort you. you want him to hold you, to remind you that you are his and he is yours, to shower you with his unconditional love, and to be there to rid you of the feeling of sadness and hurt. you let yourself cry, but you feel yourself become numb to it, your tears trickling down your face as you stare at the door mindlessly.
the mention of his ex’s name hit you, and it hurt so much. you knew of his past relationship. sonnie was the only other person iwaizumi had been with. they were together for almost four years and then suddenly broke up after a tragic fight. you were there to comfort him because he was your best friend, and now he was your lover. after four years of pining, he had finally become yours.
but since he mentioned them, his first ever love, you can’t help but feel as though you were just a rebound. you feel as though he had just settled for you to fill the emptiness in his heart. you feel as though he probably doesn’t love you as much as he loved sonnie. and these thoughts and feelings alone only worsen your pain.
after what seemed like an eternity, iwaizumi decides it’s finally time to meet you and fix this. he walks cautiously towards the closed door, knocking on it softly before calling out to you. “y/n? baby? can i come in?” he asks, his voice calm and gentle. he gets no response, the feeling of his guilt once again weighing in his chest. “i’m coming in, okay?” he says again, opening the door to find coming out of the bathroom.
you had just showered, your eyes red and puffy from crying for the past couple hours. you don’t acknowledge his presence and instead make your way to the bed, laying down with your back turned to him.
he looks at you sadly, wanting nothing more than to fix this. “babe, i.. i’m really sorry. i was tired and angry and i just let it slip. i shouldn’t have done that, i was only letting my temper get the best of me. i’m so sorry, y/n,” he apologizes, cautiously taking steps closer to you.
he walks over to your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. you cast your gaze away from him, and iwaizumi feels his heart drop. “baby, can you look at me? please?” he pleads, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. you still don’t respond, laying before him as if you were just existing.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers, reaching out to you, cupping your cheek and letting his thumb gently caress your skin. and that’s when you break, your tears pouring over once more, broken sobs leaving past your lips. you curl further into yourself, pushing his hand away from you. he watches you with a pained look, unsure of what to do next. “y/n, i-“
“why did you have to say their name?” you cry quietly. he drops his head, feeling so ashamed of himself. “i-i don’t know, y/n.. i was angry and-“
“and you took your anger out on me? just because i asked you why you didn’t set a boundary with your client?”
he looks back at you, finding your glossy eyes. he watches your lips tremble, your tears flowing down the side of your face. you look so heartbroken and betrayed, and iwaizumi’s heart begins to shatter.
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done that. i should’ve listened to you instead of getting angry with you. i’m so sorry, baby.. i really didn’t mean any of what i said to you,” he says, gripping the bed sheets in attempts to keep himself from crying. you take in a shaky breath, shutting your eyes again. “am i enough for you?”
iwaizumi’s eyes widen at your question. he immediately stands up and scoops you into his arms, holding you close and letting you cry into his chest. he rubs your arm soothingly, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. “of course you are, y/n. you’re more than enough for me. you’ll always be more than enough, and i’m so happy to call you mine,” he whispers, letting his own tears fall.
he always feared that you may insecure in your relationship with him. he only ever wanted you to know that your relationship with him is important and that he cherishes it so much; that he cherishes you. he only wants you to feel love from him and to always remember that you are his end game; that he will only ever want you.
“i’m so sorry, baby.. i love you more than anything, okay? i love you and only you. i promise i’ll do better to set boundaries with my clients and to be a better boyfriend to you. i’m so sorry,” he cries softly, holding you just a bit tighter, never wanting to let you go.
you continue to cry, gripping onto his shirt, hoping and praying that he never leaves you. you two stay like this, grasping onto each other for dear life.
“i love you so much, y/n. you’re all i need.”
» ever since Onigiri Miya has shot up in popularity, osamu’s been really busy
» at first you really didn’t mind!! you were so proud of him for making his dreams come true
» but now it’s become something more of you two being roommates rather than you two being a couple
» he comes home late, too tired and exhausted to even greet you with a kiss
» it had even gotten to the point where you didn’t wait up for him like you usually would
» and now here you both were, arguing all because you had asked him to spend more time with you
“why are ya makin’ this such a big deal, y/n? we live together, isn’t that enough?” he shouts, sitting down on the couch and resting his head in his hands. you move to stand in front of him, your hands crossed over your chest. “samu, we are engaged! we’re going to get married eventually, and i’m just saying it would be nice if we just spent more time together!”
“and i’m sayin’ that we live together, y/n! i see ya every single day! why is it now that yer havin’ such a problem with this?” he looks up at you incredulously, eyebrows raised at you as if he were in pure shock. you shake your head, letting out a bitter laugh, “how am i supposed to get this through your thick skull, osamu? we. are. engaged.” you point out the ring on your finger, the same ring that he proposed to you with, the same ring that signified your promise to be with each other always.
he lets out a heavy sigh, leaning back against the couch, “i know that, y/n! yer actin’ like i’m not fuckin’ aware of that! seriously, what do you want me to do? just close down my restaurant after i worked so hard to-“
“i didn’t say that, osamu! i’m happy for you, and i’m so beyond proud of you, but i’m just asking for a little bit more time with you! you’re barely home these days, and it just doesn’t feel like we’re even a couple anymore!” you cry out, your voice starting to break. you were so frustrated, all you wanted was more time with him, to lay in his arms and to kiss him good morning and good night. but now it just seems like such a bother to him, like your love for him was just an annoyance and a distraction.
he looks away from you, standing up from the couch and beginning to make his way into the bedroom. “i’m done with this conversation, y/n,” he says firmly, his voice suddenly quiet and cold. “maya never had a fuckin’ problem with me being out all the time.”
you stare at his figure in shock, your heart wrenching at the words that fell from his lips. you inhaled, looking down at the ring on your finger then back up at him. he didn’t spare you even a glance, and without a second thought, you slipped the ring off your finger and set it down on the coffee table. turning on your heels, you made your way to the entrance, grabbing your bag and keys.
you turn back around one more time, hoping that osamu would have chased after you, but he wasn’t there. your hand met the handle, turning it as you opened the door. “maya didn’t mind since she was always with another man when you were gone,” you mutter, slamming the door shut and making your way to your car.
osamu heard the loud sound from inside the bedroom, his body quickly turning back around to make his way to the living room. when he enters he notices that you’re gone. your bag and keys missing from the entrance, your shoes no longer near the door, and your ring placed sadly on the table.
he panics, mentally berating himself for even uttering his ex’s name. he frantically looks for his phone, searching for your contact name and calling you. “pick up, pick up, pick up.. please, baby, please,” he begs quietly as he listens to the never ending rings. he’s hurrying to slip on his shoes, grabbing his own car keys to make his way out to find you. but before he leaves, he snatches the ring off the table, slipping it inside his pocket.
you’ve reached y/n’s phone! please leave a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!
“fuck,” he mutters, trying once more, hoping that this time you answer his call. but this time it immediately goes to voicemail, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach.
“baby? y/n, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, i shouldn’t have said that. i’m so sorry, baby.. where are ya? please call me back… please come home, i’m so sorry,” he says, his voice wavering.
he ends his message and quickly goes to send you a text, only to be interrupted by a call from his brother.
“what, tsumu?” he asks, irritated. “cut the attitude, samu. the hell is yer problem?” atsumu responds.
“my problem is that i’m tryin’ to contact my fiancé, but ya fuckin’ interrupted me-“
“y/n’s coming to my place right now. what the hell did ya say to them?” atsumu argues, his voice stern. osamu’s guilt overflows. you called his own brother, you went to atsumu for comfort. osamu swallows the sudden lump in his throat, unsure of what to say. he knew his brother would lecture him for speaking poorly to you, and he didn’t want to hear especially from him. “if ya can’t tell me what ya said to them, ‘m not lettin’ ya come see them,” his brother says over the line.
osamu panics, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “i.. i brought up maya,” he confesses, hearing his brother sigh with disappointment. “i didn’t mean to, it just-“
“if ya didn’t mean to, then why’d ya say it at all?”
osamu knew his brother was right, closing his eyes as he rested his head against the wheel. “please, tsumu, i just wanna talk to y/n,” he mutters, wishing that he could at least hear your voice. atsumu sighs, a feint knock coming from his end of the call. “well, head over then ‘cause they’re here.”
osamu was practically speeding the entire drive there, almost running two red lights before finally making it to his brother’s apartment. he rushed out of the car and knocked on the door. atsumu answered, giving his twin a pointed look, but osamu ignored him. he pushed past, looking around for you.
“ya know ya should be thanking me for lettin’ ya in my house,” the blonde tries to joke, but osamu isn’t having it. despite his brother’s attempt to try and lighten his mood, osamu wanted nothing more than to just talk to you. atsumu sighs, pointing towards the direction of his guest bedroom, “y/n’s in there. be good to them, samu.”
osamu’s eyes dart towards the door, his body cautiously moving towards it. he opens the door gently, peeking in to see you sitting down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door. “tsumu, i really want to be left alone right now, i’m sorry, but thank-“
“wrong twin, baby,” osamu tries, smiling apologetically. you turn around, scowling at the man before you. “what the hell do you want? don’t you wanna be with maya?” you seethe, turning away from him. he walks over to you, kneeling down in front of you. he gently places a hand onto yours, hoping that you’ll allow him to be there with you. but you remove your hand from his touch, making his heart fall to the pit of his stomach.
“i’m sorry, y/n. it was stupid of me to have said that, but please know that i love ya. i want to marry ya. i want to be with you, and only you. i’m so sorry,” he slowly loses his accent, he’s always done that whenever he became serious about things.
he looks at you, hoping that you’d look at him and accept his apology. you sniffle, suppressing your sobs. “samu, you’re so mean sometimes, you know?” you cry, gripping the hem of your shirt. he sighs, going to hold your hand again, and this time you don’t push him away.
“i’m sorry, baby. i’ll do better, i promise. i love you so much. maya means nothing to me now, and i know it doesn’t seem that way, but i promise that you that you are all i ever want.”
you turn your head to face him, your glossed over eyes meeting his. “i love you, samu.. i just don’t want to lose you,” you whisper, and he nods, smiling up at you. you watch as he carefully pulls something from his pocket, revealing your ring. he adjusts himself so that he’s down on one knee, holding the ring up to you.
“will ya marry me, y/n? will ya stay with me forever and let me love ya forever?”
you smile, laughing lightly. he chuckles, happy to hear that sweet sound again, “well? will ya marry me?” you can’t help but laugh more, nodding your head and allowing him to place the ring back on your finger.
osamu sits down next to you, pulling you in for a kiss. “i love you, y/n,” he says against your lips, smiling when you utter the same words back to him.
“ew, seriously?” atsumu interrupts. you and osamu turn around, fighting back your fits of laughter as you watch the blonde stand back in disgust. “in my house too? yer both disgusting!” he pauses, his expression softening a bit, “but ‘m glad ya made up.. now, ya want me to make dinner or are ya both gonna just makeout in my guest bedroom?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Karasuno Redraw!
2022 -> 2020 -> 2017
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A Rivals kiss| Tsukishima x Reader
Tags/warning: Reader is GN and is masc cause their on the boys volleyball team but doesn’t have a set gender, cursing (I use the word cunt like once incase someone gets mad 👍) Uhh rivals to lovers, I bring up marine biology and marine animals twice cause i’m autistic and I think Tsukishima would be a moon jellyfish if he was any marine animal :0
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
I huffed as I ran up the school stairs, barely able to see where I going due to how dark it was. I quickly tripped over the last step that led onto the 2nd floor. But i pushed myself up, brushing off my pants and swiftly turned into my classroom. Throwing my backpack from my back and sliding it to my seat as I took a second to breathe. I bent over with my hands on my knees and take 3 deep breaths then jumped into my seat. The large window to my left showed sendai just barely woken up. houses are across the school still haven’t had a single light on.
I looked down and saw the figure I had been waiting for. A tall boy in my class running fast as he can to the front door of the school. I knew he was close so I grabbed my school laptop from my bag and logged in. I went to the school website and pulled up a random assignment. I could hear the steps closing in, so I turned my attention to the door with a evil smirk.
Tsukishima pushed open the door with a satisfied grin as he scanned across the classroom while cleaning off his glasses. Till I coughed loudly and his head shot over to me.
“Are you fucking kidding me!” He yelled as he pushed his glasses on and stared at me
“Even with your long legs you still couldn’t get here before me” I said, twirling my pointer finger at him.
“ I bet I can race you down stairs and start practice faster then you” He said, before throwing his bag and sprinting out the door.
“Tsukishima you cunt!” I yelled, following after him
The sun still hasn’t come up (being 4 am and all…) but that didn’t stop me from running right after him. Trying my best to grab at him but he was always just right out of reach. I let out a struggled laugh as did he, as we pushed into the gym doors. He turned back to me as I quickly shed off my school clothes to show I had my training clothes right under.
“I still beat you! Hand over the money!”
“I’m not doing that shit!”
“Tsukishima you promised if i got here 5 days in a row before you, you’d give me ¥6000!” I yelled at him, running after him as he tried to run back
“Don’t get near me, you probably smell with your nasty ass gym clothes!” He huffed out.
I jumped onto him pushing him to the ground. I straddled his waist and smiled down at him. I looked at his amber eyes, and he looked into my (e/c) ones.
Sure we were rivals in everything we did. But I must admit. He was such a fair boy. His curly blonde hair and his pale skin that had the slightest bit of moles scattered across his cheeks and one on the crest of his full upper lip. His glasses slid right under his eyes, he huffed and looked up at me.
Before we had even know it. He took my face in his large palm and slammed his lips against mine. He weaved his nimble fingers that still had wrap around them from out last game into my hair. He tugged, asking to move closer. So i did.
I threw my arms around his shoulders and added my fingers into his hair. We barely took a second to breathe before mushing our lips together again.
It wasn’t lustful. It was just…Warm and passionate. Like we’ve been waiting years to do that, like all the built up tension broke like a rubber band snap.
“I’ve wanted to do this since 7th grade, when we were partnered in our marine biology assignment and I saw how pretty you looked going on about stupid fucking moon jellyfish” Tsukishima said, pulling away from my lips.
“I’ve wanted to do this since 8th grade when i hanged out by the koi fish pond after my date dumbed me and you came over and handed me your phone to watch some stupid ‘watch Mojo’ video about sharks” I said, rubbing his cheek with the pad of my thumb.
This time, when I pressed into his lips, it was soft. Like being academic and sports rivals didn’t matter anymore. And really, it didn’t even cross my mind. I held his face and he held my waist. We pulled each other up and holding each other better as kissed.
“WHAT IN THE FUCK IS HAPPENING” Tanaka yelled as Noya let out a girly gasp.
I pushed Tsukishima off of me and gave a forced smile that was huge and unsettling to even emote. He fell back with a tumble and tried to grab my leg to pull down, i just kicked him this time.
“Noya and Tanaka. Please please please please BE QUIET!!” I whisper yelled
They both looked at each other and nodded
“Guys are you okay?! We heard yelling” Daichi asked, frantically looking between all the four of us.
Tsukishima had now gotten up and glared down Noya and Tanaka, who were clenching their teeth while their eye twitched. I gave them a knowing look.
I stared blankly with wide eyes at him, he mouth a apology.
“I’m going to pull out each and everyone of your toe bones out and shove all ten of them down your throat so you can never speak again” I whispered as I got closer.
I turned on my heel and walked back to Tsukishima, whispering
“I’m still getting that money” before I pushed into the locker room
I wrote this while I was watching some cringy rivals to lovers movie and i kinda was like “I haven’t wrote on Tumblr in a while, I have a idea” And so yeah.
Anyways it was my birthday on Monday 🥳 and I just got back into haikyuu so uh here to anyone who enjoyed my haikyuu shit back in EARLY EARLY 2021.
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How Tsukishima’s Lovers Make Him Blush
an updated version of this post because I love the concept, but it very much needs rewritten. Half the ideas aren’t even the same, but whatever.
MINORS DNI, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. All characters portrayed are 18+. 
[ feat. Kuroo, Bokuto, Yamaguchi, Kageyama, & Hinata || cw: NSFW, public messing around, this is meant to be read like polyamory ]
Kuroo does it best. He’s loud, shameless, embarrassing. He’s confident where Tsukishima is not. It starts with the praise -- Kuroo has a keen eye for volleyball beasts, and in his opinion, Tsukishima fits in that category. At least, he would if he wasn’t so hard on himself. Any visible progress is met with shouts of praise, heavy hands on his shoulders, words like “Fuck yeah, Kei, that was great! Next time, don’t tense up so hard and you’ll be golden. Gimme another, moon.” The pet names do it, too. They turn Tsukishima redder than anything, because everyone else can hear them, too. Kuroo loves to call Tsukishima ‘baby’ and ‘pretty boy’ and ‘my moon’ -- anything that’s mushy and sweet and sappy. But what really gets him is the way Kuroo waits until they’re just barely alone to touch him every way he can, hands roaming over pale skin beneath the hem of his shirt, just below the waistband of his pants -- never dipping in the way Tsukishima wants him to. The gropes and squeezes are always over his clothes when they’re tucked away into locker room corners and the backs of parking garages and in bathrooms during events. It’s not the way the wet patch never reaches his jeans but soaks into his underwear, but the way Kuroo grins at him knowing he’s left him hard and leaking. Kuroo’s brave, but he’s not brave enough to get either of them off in public. But he gets that blush going again when he jumps Tsukishima the second they get in the door at home, sinking to his knees to apologize in the best way he knows how.
Bokuto does it easily. Like Kuroo, Bokuto is shameless in the way he flirts with Tsukishima. He’s not shy about his feelings, praising Tsukishima loudly and publicly. He always says things like, “You’re so smart!” and “You’re so hot when you’re mean,” and “You look so good in that outfit, I can’t wait to get you out of it.” He won’t keep his hands to himself, either -- always touching Tsukishima somewhere. A hand on his hip, an arm thrown around his shoulders, a wandering hand teasing him under the table because somehow Bokuto knows how to be discreet like this. Every little touch brings a flush to Tsukishima’s face, lighter or more intense depending on how appropriate it is. Unlike Kuroo, though, Bokuto doesn’t leave Tsukishima wanting for anything. That’s the thing with Bokuto, he’s always been so full of blind, almost stupid courage that almost never falters. He’ll work Tsukishima off with a skilled hand in the bathroom at a party, the other covering Tsukishima’s mouth to catch the noises he can’t help but make. Normally, Bokuto likes to swallow those sounds, but his mouth is occupied with Tsukishima’s pretty little nipples. Tsukishima is blushing for the rest of the night, until Bokuto relents and takes him home to make it up to him (for the smug look Bokuto had worn for the rest of the night that had made it a little more than obvious what they’d been up to).
Yamaguchi does it softly. He’s the sweetest of them all, but he knows exactly how to push Tsukishima’s buttons. They’ve been a part of each other’s lives for so long -- Yamaguchi has had years to build up his arsenal and these days, all it takes is a pouty little look to get the softest dusting of pink on Tsukishima’s cheeks. It’s the way he’ll reach over and trail a single finger from Tsukishima’s wrist up to his elbow, eyes down like he’s embarrassed as he mumbles that he wants a kiss. He’s the only one that asks for kisses rather than just taking them and that makes it worse. The shy way Yamaguchi asks for those kisses is just a ruse -- he’ll lick into Tsukishima’s mouth immediately, and if they’re at home, he’ll crawl right into his lap. It’s the way Yamaguchi gets hard at the drop of a hat, rutting against Tsukishima’s half-chub like he isn’t already oversensitive. Yamaguchi is louder than Tsukishima is, whimpering and whining until he reaches over to guide Tsukishima’s hand to the bulge in his pants. “Please, Tsukki, need you to touch me. Your hands always feel so good, Tsukki, please. Been thinking about you all day, Tsukki.” It’s the way nobody else gets to call him Tsukki like this, the way he’s loved Tadashi for most of his life. Tsukishima loves all of his partners, that won’t ever change -- and they all respect that he and Yamaguchi have a different bond than any of the rest of them will ever have with him. The fact that nobody has ever even hinted at being jealous of that leaves Tsukishima blushing, too.
Kageyama does it fiercly. He doesn’t like to mess with Tsukishima in public -- well, at least, not where anyone else can hear them clearly. He’s safe from a blush at dinners and in the stands and in parking lots with Kageyama, but once they’re out of view? His cheeks are never less than completely flushed. Kageyama loves to corner Tsukishima in places they aren’t likely to be discovered, careful, setter’s hands cradling Tsukishima’s face to drag him down into searing kisses that promise more. There’s always more with Kageyama -- he’s always pushing to give more, to get more, to go farther than before and it leaves Tsukishima’s head spinning. But the thing that makes him blush the most? Kageyama is the king even in Tsukishima’s bed, taking his cock with a flush of his own, talking ceaselessly like “Good, Kei. There, right there -- fuck, harder, Kei. I know you can go harder, give it to -- yeeesss, just like that. You’re so good, Kei, always so good. Always giving me all you’ve got.” He’s gotten better with praise as they’ve gotten older and the fact that it isn’t confined to the court doesn’t help Tsukishima’s red face.
Hinata does it quietly. He’s loud as hell about everything else and while the embarrassment of watching Hinata shamelessly yell and bounce around even in their twenties will bring a light blush to Tsukishima’s cheeks, it’s the way Hinata treats him when they’re alone that gets him blushing. He’s all soft touches and gentle kisses, slow and methodical in a way he never is outside the bedroom. His face softens here, even if he’s still hardly ever without a smile, but these precede the love marks Hinata just loves to cover Tsukishima in -- he blushes so pretty whenever he can’t hide one, or even if he can, seeing them in the mirror will flush him clear down his chest at the memory of how they got there. Tsukishima’s face flushes often because Hinata has a memory like an elephant and will trail his fingers over the spots those bruises lay even over Tsukishima’s clothes. Those touches are easy to disguise as innocent, even though they’re anything but. They hold a promise of more, later, when they’re alone (or not) at home. The one thing that never changes is the way Hinata runs his mouth, saying things like “You look so pretty all red like that. Is that my fault, Kei? Your face got all warm just from me kissing your neck? Is it gonna get redder if I leave a bruise there? It’ll be hard to hide, your teammates are gonna ask which one of us gave it to you. Are you -- oh, Kei, you sound so pretty when I touch you like this.” That talk will be the death of him one of these days.
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trashfox · 2 days ago
Tsukishima fuckers come here spspspsps
Tumblr media
For @kewrai as they are someone else who I bother and they are not annoyed yet so I drew them Tsukki <3
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blueblurapple · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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jxbsbokuto · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tsukishima kei!
troupe: classmates to lovers/tutoring to loving <3
a few headcanons:
your teacher asks tsukki to tutor you on some subject you were falling behind
he was annoyed by the idea at first since he had awful experiences trying to tutor hinata and kageyama
but he found out you weren’t dumb or anything, you just needed a little push and someone to explain the topic a bit more slowly and clearer for you
you were also very determined to learn since you didn’t want to fail, so teaching you wasn’t hard and exhausting like kei thought would be
even after you caught up on the lesson and improved your grades, it became a weekly thing to study together at the library
you just enjoyed each other’s company a lot, even if you two were quiet doing your thing
he didn’t want to admit his feelings at first, but when you got him an archeology book he was eyeing for a while he knew he was a goner
you often find little notes from him in your books, “you look pretty today”, “remember to do the chem homework”, “wanna grab boba after class?”, and such
kissing between the book islands!!!
you two read together all the time, mostly you lay on his lap while he reads the book out loud for you<3
i don’t usually write tsukishima but i hope you liked it!!
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luvbub · 2 months ago
can I request tsukki suna and sakusa maybe where the reader finds out that the character used to hate them before they dated :( pls?
learning that you didn’t like him at first
feat. Tsukishima, Suna, Sakusa
Tumblr media
“Can we please talk about it,” you sigh, following your boyfriend into the living room.
“What’s there to talk about? Yamaguchi accidentally revealed that you actually used to hate me back in high school,” Tsukishima says, plopping down on the couch. You find yourself standing in front of your pouty boyfriend, your arms crossed. It seemed ridiculous to be upset over such a frivolous detail.
Yet here you were.
“Well hate is a strong word......” you respond.
“Alright, then if you didn’t hate me, then how did you see me?” Tsukishima asks, the gaze in his eyes growing solemn.
“I just thought you were kinda smug back then. And it didn’t help that you're so tall- it adds to the intimidation!” you explain to your boyfriend. But still, there was a bit of sadness in him.
Obviously Tsukishima knew that it was all just a first impression- but surely it didn’t feel good to know that others quite possibly thought of him like this. He knew that he could come across as arrogant to others, especially in high school. And that reputation continued to follow him throughout his years. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.
He wasn’t the smug bastard people had painted him out to be. But he did keep his guard up around others, which would only amplify the rumors about him. Of course he had a soft side to him, one that was insecure and longed for companionship. But Tsukishima couldn’t have it both ways, and by shielding his emotions, he had to deal with the consequences. Still, it was far easier to keep others to see him like that instead of letting himself become vulnerable to others. 
And when it came to you, someone he’s liked for the longest time ever- he couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit discouraged hearing that you believed in the facade that everyone else saw.
You cupped his face, snapping him out of his daze.
“Still, that didn’t stop me from trying to get to know you better and look at us now. I’m dating the very boy I was initially intimidated by! I got to learn more about you and fell for you hard Kei. And if others don’t want to take the chance to get to know you better than that’s their loss!”
Tsukishima couldn’t help but smile at your words, leaning into your touch. He mouths a ‘thank you’ to you as he finds his words uplifting him, as they always do. He finds his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you down onto the couch with him.
“You know, maybe it’s a good thing people don’t discover what an absolute sweetheart you are. That way I can have you all to myself,” you giggle, pressing small kisses all over his face.
And Tsukishima had to admit, even though there were and would be many people who would misjudge him- you were the only one who’s opinion really mattered to him.
“I heard a little secret about you tonight” Suna says the moment he steps through the front door. He had just come back from a boy’s night with his former volleyball team, and based on the sly grin on his face you knew it was a big deal.
Suna walks over to where you were on the couch, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
“Hmm, what could you have possibly have heard from your friends that you don’t already know about me?” you ask, pulling him down so that he was sitting with you.
“Atsumu said that you didn’t like me in high school” Suna says, raising an eyebrow at you for confirmation.
“Damn Atsumu- can’t tell him anything” you murmur under your breath.
“Oh so it’s true?” your boyfriend pulls you closer so that your face was just inches away from him.
“…Yeah… I thought you were kinda stuck up back then before I got to know you” you admit. It wasn’t like you hated him— the only thing you knew about him were based in the observation of others. It wasn’t until after graduation when you became acquainted with him and learned he was far better than what the rumors had suggested.
“Well for the record, I thought you were pretty cute back in high school” Suna smirks at you.
“You what? Why didn’t you ask me out then?” you ask him. Honestly, you didn’t think you had such a strong impression back in high school- and you certainly didn’t think you could catch Suna’s attention.
“How could I? You hated me back then!”
“I- you didn’t even know this until a minute ago!” you scoff, rolling your eyes at him. Suna only chuckles, surprising you with a quick kiss before giving you a bit more space.
“Okay, fair point. Although you know… we could’ve had a great enemies to lovers type situation” Suna muses.
“You act like I hated your guts when really I just thought of you as this cute smug guy” you lift your hand to poke his cheek. But before you can, Suna grasps your hand.
“You thought I was cute too? Well Atsumu didn’t tell me that,” Suna smirks at you once more, and it was hard for you to tell whether you wanted to kiss him or slap him. Maybe a combination of both.
“Surprise surprise I thought my boyfriend was cute. Let’s not forget that you also thought I was cute” you remind him.
Suna takes your hand, kissing the palm of it.
“I know I know. But I’m allowed to be happy knowing that my s/o thought I was cute before we dated” he tells you. And it was true, even if you were dating now, knowing that fact made him the slightest bit giddy.
He was always like this when it came to you- and he’s glad that you got to see this side of him too. It definitely beats being known as stuck up.
You know, you adored Komori. He was one of your closest friends and the reason why you got to meet his cousin- your wonderful boyfriend.
But after he came over today, you sincerely thought about kicking him out of any future group hangouts. Because he had accidentally revealed that before you dated Sakusa, you weren’t particularly fond of him.
As you were cleaning up some of the dishes left behind, you look over your shoulder to see your boyfriend sitting on the couch, his arms crossed. Every once in a while you could swear his eyes would shift over at you before quickly looking away.
“…Omi are you upset” you call out before making your way to sit next to him.
“Of course not, why would I be upset my s/o actually hated me before we dated that would be ridiculous. It doesn’t bother me for a single second,” Sakusa grumbles.
“I didn’t say I hated you! I just didn’t have a good first impression is all! C’mon when Komori first introduced us you made it seem like you didn’t want to talk to me” you groan, recalling the first time you had met your boyfriend. You tried being friendly- after all he was a cousin to your friend.
But after greeting him, all you got was a curt nod. Throughout the day, everytime you attempted to make conversation with him, he would give you short answers with no room for you to continue talking to him further.
“I was nervous” Sakusa says, snapping you out of your thoughts. He was still pouting, and as much as you’d love to roll your eyes, you found him terribly cute. You scooted close to him, essentially forcing him to wrap his arms around you in an embrace.
“I know that now!” you giggle, hugging him back.
“I thought you were really cute and I wasn’t sure how to act around you” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“If it makes you feel better, I did think you were cute too. Just a bit unapproachable” you explain, turning your head so that you were meeting his gaze.
“Plus!! Eventually I got to know you better and develop this giant puppy crush on you so I’d like to think that matters the most here” you grin at him, watching as his pout turns into a small smile.
Sakusa leans down to kiss you, “Fine. I suppose you could be forgiven for that”.
“I didn’t think my actions warranted an apology but okay I guess” you roll your eyes at him. You snuggled more into him, pleased with the way you managed to deal with this situation.
Although you still had to deal with Komori- but you could think about that later. For now, you enjoyed cuddling with your boyfriend, someone you were undoubtedly head over heels for. And if Sakusa didn’t know that before, he surely knew about it now.
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soktokki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Its all a moo point - bokuto kotaro 🐮🐮 aka hq!! as F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes
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strawberrytsukkixx · 3 months ago
Dont mind me, just thinking about …
Husband!Tsukki who cannot shut up about you when he comes back to work after your wedding, surprising all of his coworkers when he willingly shows off wedding photos
Husband!Tsukki who fiddles with his ring when he’s anxious, because it makes him think of you and that calms him down
Husband!Tsukki who refers to you by your new last name way too often in the first few months after your wedding because he’s just so enamored with the fact that you’re his
Husband!Tsukki who says “my wife,” in conversation instead of your name, even to people who know you (they try so hard not to make fun of him because it’s really sweet to see him so happy but also … the ones that were your friends first can’t resist giving him a little shit about it)
Husband!Tsukki who gets you flowers every couple of weeks, making sure that little centerpiece on your dining room table always looks fresh
Husband!Tsukki who surprises you on your first anniversary with a miniature version of your wedding cake (it was kind of a pain to get the guy who did the original to do this, but, Tsukki’s persuasive, he managed)
Husband!Tsukki who’s special ringtone for you is the song you danced to at your wedding
Just … Husband!Tsukki.
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yum3-rin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— hands ?
suna, tsukishima, akaashi x gn!r
no warnings i think ; fluff
suna my lover boy lol repost
Tumblr media
# suna
you hugged his back, chin perched on his shoulder while he played a game with the twins. you were watching his game, seriously you were, until you glanced down at his watch which rested in his lap, attached to a controller. whilst he clicked away, you couldn't help but admire the way his hands held the small object, they were so... large compared to the controller, slender, his nails painted pink from two nights before after you'd begged him to let you pain them. they were, dare you say, pretty.
you sat there watching his hands for around 15 minutes and he must've felt it because when he asked, "whatcha starin' at pretty?" you felt a heat rush to your cheeks faster than you could answer him, you were slightly embarrassed. "uhmm nothing." it came out more like a question rather than an answer which makes him let out a breath that you recognized as a laugh, "are you sure?" by now you can hear atsumu yelling at him through his headset that he's making them lose but suna doesn't seem to care as he mutes his friends, eyes now on you. "you've been quiet. what's on your mind, baby?" he cups his hand over your cheek and soothes your warm skin, running a cold thumb over the bags of your eye. "your hands... i just thought they were pretty."
you can see his eyes glance to the hand cupping your cheek before staring back into, what felt like, your soul, "you think so?" his lips curl into a grin, "thank you." he rubs the skin under your eye a few more times before raising this other hand to cup the opposite cheek and giving your face a squeeze, "i think your face is pretty." he says before kissing your lips. you can only let out a muffled, "thank you." as he laughs at you, "you're too cute, really."
# tsukishima
you sat in his lap as he helped with you your homework just like every other friday afternoon. honestly you were listening to his lesson or at least you were trying to but he was making it so hard. you'd never realized his hands were so... pretty. of course you'd held them, kissed them, seen them before, etc. you'd just never really recognized them as 'pretty' until he was writing down a math equation on the notebook paper in front of you.
finally, when you stop your 'mhms' he knows you're no longer listening to his explanation, he wraps his free arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest, "you're not listening. getting sleepy? we can take a break if you want." you're immediately snapped out of your thoughts at his words. "what? no, no! i was just spaced out, sorry." you ramble, "can you... start over? i'll listen this time." he rolls his eyes and hugs you tighter, "okay, so you start here-" not even three sentences in you feel yourself staring again and, of course he notices. "listen, if you need a break that's fine, we can-" "no no kei, it's just that... i can't concentrate. i'm not tired it's... it's your hand..." he raises a brow and moves his hand slightly. honestly you didn't even know how to describe his hands. of course you see them all the time, why were you only just noticing how nice they looked? all slender and long, they were just... pretty.
"what about my hand, baby?" he asks, tone a little teasing. you reach for his other hand which is hooked around your waist and hold it up for him to see, playing with his fingers. "they're really pretty." you sigh, pressing a kiss to the pads of his pointer finger. he fights the blush threatening his cheeks, "this is what you're so concerned about?" "mhm" and he laughs, "well, thank you for the compliment." he says, pressing a kiss to where your jaw meets your neck, "are you gonns sit here and play with my fingers for the rest of the day or continue with the lesson? i guess i don't mind either way."
# akaashi
it was normal for you to sit in his lap while he did paperwork, sitting in a comfortable silence together. you often found yourself staring at his hands, writing, typing, or even just sitting there, they always looked so pretty. though you'd never told him about this thought. currently, you had a concentrated look contorted on your face as you stared, a look he seemed to notice. "everything okay, angel?" he nudges you with his elbow which snaps you out of your thoughts, "hm? oh yeah, i'm fine." you straighten your back and give him a reassuring smile, "are you sure? you look tired, you don't have to sit with me ya know? go take a nap if you're feeling sleepy." he kisses your cheek and smiles at you innocently.
"keiji," you giggle, "i'm not sleepy, plus i wanna sit with you. i was just zoned out." you rub your eyes, though, now that you were thinking about it, maybe you were a little sleepy. "what were you so focused on then?" "your hands." you're honest and he's confused. "what you mean? what's wrong with them?" he inspects them and you shake your head, grabbing them. "nothing's wrong with them, keji. i just think they're really pretty." you confess, kissing the knuckles on each hand, "pretty?" "mhm." "how's that?" "well, i dunno. they're just nice to look at. oh! and mine fits in them really well, like a puzzle piece, look." you lace your fingers between his and show him what you mean and he realizes you're right. "see, not to big not too small, and they're super soft too." you smile and he nods. "i see what you mean, about the puzzle piece i mean."
"so you agree? you have really pretty hands." he nods "well i guess, but i think yours are nicer than mine. it's your hand that fits so well into mine, they were made for me i think." pink rushes to his cheeks as he says it, "was that weird to say?" "no! i think you're right, baby." you offer him a smile and he returns it, kissing the back of your hand which he held. "thank you for the compliment by the way." you nod and yawn, stretching your arms out, "i knew you were getting sleepy, lets go take a nap."
Tumblr media
thanks for stopping by <3
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moontsuki · 3 months ago
Haikyuu boys saying something hurtful in an argument.
A/n: Hello! This is my first post, not sure if its good or not but I hope you enjoy! Please leave your feedback, id love to hear!
Feat. Kuroo, Tsukishima
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Tsukishima x reader, Kuroo x reader
Part 1, Part 2
Tumblr media
You and Kei rarely argued, but when you did, it was hell. That didn’t changed anything though, you loved him and he loved you. 
Unlocking the door to a quiet apartment you stepped in, tired from a long and stressful day at work. Just wanting to curl up in your loving boyfriends arms and watch a movie. Opening your phone to quickly send him a message, wanting confirmation of your evening plans. 
Hey Baby, haven't had a very good day, what time are you coming home?
Read 5:49
I see, leaving people on read now?
Read 5:51 
We can watch a movie later, up to you. Miss you, come home safely, Love you. 
Read 5:56
6:30 came around and no sign of Kei, thinking nothing about it you assumed he got held up at work or got stuck in traffic and would arrive home soon. You decided to do some cooking while you waited so you two could have something to snack on. 
At 7:30 you checked your phone, no response. You began to worry, but carried on with your cooking as if it was nothing.
7:46 was the time you finished preparing all the snacks you had made and still no response from Kei. You cleaned up your mess in the kitchen and decided to sit on the couch and watch some tv.
8:00 you heard a notification from your phone, the anticipation that was building up made it quick to check your phone. No response still, you were now irritated and worried. Your thoughts were eating you alive, thinking the worst, you picked up the phone to call him.
Just as you were to hit the call button, you heard keys at the door. He stepped in, groggy and exhausted, kicking his shoes off lazily not caring that they were in the wrong place. “Where were you?” you asked in relief, but relief soon changed to irritation from the lack of information about his whereabouts.
“Work” he replied in a tired voice
“Work?, why didn’t you respond to my texts?“ 
“I don't know. I'm not in the mood to talk about this“
“You’re not the only one that has had a bad day, I was worried about you, I just wanted to spend time with you.“ You saw the annoyance and irritation grow in his eyes. 
“Y/n, its not my fault that you need constant attention“ before you could respond he stated “when you don't get that attention your fucking useless“
that remark led to an argument both of you were too tired for. Then to a fight
☾ ⋆・゚:⋆・゚:⠀ ⋆.:・゚ .: ⋆・゚: .⋆ ⋆・゚: ☾
 You and Kei have been arguing for 30 minutes back and forth relentless yelling. “I just don't get why your so damn clingy!” but before you could respond he cuts you off, “you know I could find someone much better than you” you were speechless, you came home from an awful day and just wanted to spend time with your boyfriend and this happened. As you look to the ground not even bothering to respond, you avoid eye contact and walk out.
Though you were a strong person and didn't get hurt easily, something about today made you more sensitive to your boyfriends bitchy remarks. You could usually take being left on read, but from the beginning of the day to the end you were pissed and upset, only wanted to be held and loved. 
    That night, he went to bed easily due to exhaustion and anger. You didn't come to bed at the time that you usually do. He didn't think anything of it, actually he was kind of relieved. At around 2 am he woke up and noticed you still weren't in bed, at this point he started to get a bit worried.
   “This is ridiculous y/n” he stated, he walked around your shared apartment to notice you sleeping peacefully on the couch. Knowing that you were safe he went back to your shared bedroom and went to bed.
He knew he was wrong but didn't know how to explain
   The next morning, he saw you still sleeping, he smiled at the sight of you but was then reminded of the harsh words he had said to you. He didn’t even bother to apologize hoping that you knew that he didn’t mean it. The day went on and  you were no where to be found, you didn't make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you didn't even text him. I mean why would you?
   You had decided to go to a place to clear your mind, were you clingy? He had a point, you texted him on a daily to see how his day was going. You realized that its annoying to constantly respond to your girlfriend and reassure her that you’re alive, it can be seen as smothering but that’s how you showed your care and love for him. You decided with the given actions of the previous night, that you would give him more space and be a distant enough where it wasn't noticeable. 
   That night he finally see’s you appear in the house, “welcome home” he said with a scoff, you gave him a small smile in response. Wanting to be more respectful of his wishes, you put down your bags and keys and only engaging in conversation when asked upon you.  He was confused because normally you would be all over him already. He watched as you went into your shared bedroom and grabbed your pillow from your side of the bed and started to set up your bed on the couch.
‘fuck it‘ he swallowed his pride and-
“hm?” you replied
“why are you sleeping here“
“well you didn't seem to want me near you last night so I thought I would sleep her-“
“I didn't mean it you idiot“ with annoyance and love laced into his words
He didn't know how to properly express the pain and love he had for you but he tried his best. Only the best for you.
   You didn’t seem to understand by the expression you made on your face. He picked you up and threw you over this shoulder and carried you to your bedroom. He then continued “I didn't mean what I said yesterday, I was just tired and annoyed. Please don't distance yourself from me because I was being an asshole”
you smiled at his attempt of an apology and gave him a kiss.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off as overbearing. I was just worried and I missed you dumbass“
“Shut up, I love you” he said assuring you  
“Soo" The silence filling the room
"ya wanna do something...? Watch a movie or cuddle“
Tumblr media
Tetsu and You had a great start on your relationship, you felt deeply loved and cared about. Recently though he’s been giving less effort, half assed responses, and invalidates your work often. You didn’t think he meant it or just wasn't aware of how he was making you feel.
But he knew. Every single part of it. 
Despite the past few days, the small remarks of annoyance with each other, and the short arguments, he was avoiding you none the less. You look back on the past few days but even before that you could feel him pulling away from you. You questioned if it was something that you did, did he just need time? Was he getting tired of you? You didn’t know, and the overthinking was burning a hole in your heart. 
It was 5:30, he normally would be at your shared apartment by now, you didn’t want to disturb him because maybe he was working a little later or he was hanging out with friends. But normally he would text you and let you know where he is. 
7:30 came around, no contact with Tetsu yet. You began to get a little worried due to the darkness bleeding through the sky's at this time but brushed it off not wanting to stir up another argument.
9:00, no sight of him. You decided to send him a quick text asking him where he was.
Hey, don't mean to disturb but, where are you? Its getting a little late. Please text me.
Read 9:01
Im at work, ill be home shortly.
That was the same response for the next few days to come. You decided to confront him about it to make sure you two were okay.
He was sitting on the couch in your small living room watching TV. You walked over and he didn't acknowledge you what so ever. You knew he had been busy this entire week, but you missed him deeply and the only time you two interacted was during arguments. With enough confusion in your heart you ask quietly. "Are we okay?"
He looks up at you, confusion swimming in his eyes. "What do you mean"
"We havent been interacting other than the small arguments and you're always late from work and I feel that you're drifitng away from me and that I never see you."
No comment, no support, no reassurance. Silence.
He normally would be one to reassure you that everything was okay. That he'd do better, that he would take some time off to spend with you and would make up for the time missed between you two. But now. Nothing.
A small "oh" left his mouth and that's where it began.
The words that left his mouth were like cuts against your skin. Getting deeper as the fight continued.
"I DO NOT NEED TO SPEND EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU" he yelled. You stood up for yourself because you will NOT let someone even your boyfriend take your thoughts and disrespect them. "THATS NOT WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY, WE HAVE BEEN AT EACHOTHER THROATS FOR DAYS AND ALL IM ASKING IS FOR YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SITUATION AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"
The room went silent
"You know, you know what"
That "what" was venom laced
"My ex would have never acted like this" he muttered without a chance to process the weight of his words.
- a/n DAMNNN BITCH, he sounds like an asshole ngl
You stopped everything, the anger on your face was washed away. Your hands went down to your side. You stood straight, slowly fiddling with your fingers and moving your knees in a nervous rhythm.
You weren't the only one that did such.
Testus eyes went from anger into confusion. Why did he say that? His ex treated him like shit and he just compared that to someone who loves him and would move the moon and sun to get to him. Did he truly mean that? No, impossible. He loves you more than you even know.
Before he could even comprehend anything else to say. You left.
On the other hand of his confusion, you were in the car. Crying alone wanting nothing else but reassurance of how you're not like his ex. It was guilt, how could you make him feel like that? He told you all about his ex, and the horrible things she did to him. And he compared you to that.
You began to second guess your judgment. You never thought you were like his ex but you didn't trust yourself, well, not right now. You were over thinking, and he knew that. You know you should have stood up for yourself maybe a 'she didn't need you' or 'she didn't care about you enough', but that wouldn't have made anything better.
He knew he fucked up, he doesn't know why he said that. But he knew, that he loved you and would do everything in his power, to make it up to you from this.
The image of your face once that sentence left his mouth made disgusted with himself.
He left the apartment complex not shortly after you did, your car was parked on the side due to the terrible parking arrangements. He ran to the convenience store that he knows you loved because of the cute plushies they had there and the snacks that would only be available there. He bought your favorite snacks and a dozen of your favorite bouquet of flowers.
Trying to be secretive he rushes back with all goodies in his hold. Not being very secretive at all. And quickly runs in the apartment hoping that you didn't come back yet. But you did, teary and puffy eyes stared at him with all goods in his hands.
Testu and you both knew everything wouldn't be fixed by a few gifts. But you two did know you loved each other with everything in you.
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misszennya · 11 months ago
my parents would be very disappointed on me if they knew that my mental stability depends on a fictional character...
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rkgknno · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Third gym~ maybe they occasionally meet up for dinner together if they are all free and in the same area! 
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katsuchans · 6 months ago
"do you love me?"
tsukishima paused the video he was watching on his phone as he turned to look at you, who was sitting beside him on the couch, with an unamused face.
"there's a kid sleeping in the bedroom right next to us who looks exactly like the two of us," he responds, eyes meeting yours.
"that doesn't answer my question, kei."
he places down his phone on the coffee table in front of both of you, slightly turning his body to the side to face you.
"what did you do this time?" he asks, eyes fixed on you.
"what? i did nothing! why are you answering my question with another question?" you frowned, arms crossed in front of your chest.
"because the last time you tried pulling something like this, you 'accidentally' broke my glasses." his brow quirked up at you, air-quoting the word 'accident' for emphasis as he mirrors your action.
"it was really an accident! and no, i did not do anything nor broke any of your stuff," you gave him a slight glare, lips slightly jutting out into a small pout. "i just want to know if you love me."
"no, i don't," he says, corners of his lips tugging up into a small smirk.
you kept your eyes on him as he turns to lean his back against the couch, picking up his phone again.
as you were about to say something, he cuts you off.
"i don't love you that's why i married you and had a kid with you."
he says, eyes still fixed on the phone screen.
"i don't love you that's why i wake up earlier than what i'm used to so i could prepare your breakfast and pack your lunch for work."
even though he has his phone in his hand, you knew you have his full attention as he was just looking at the home screen instead of opening a random app.
"i really don't love you, that's why i use my free time at work to watch re-runs of your favorite shows so i could respond with something useful whenever you talk about them to me."
the smirk turns into a genuine smile that you know fully well as his eyes were fixed on your family photo that he had set as the home screen background of his phone.
"i don't love you that's why i sit with you here on the couch, at four in the morning even though we both have work in less than four hours, answering your dumb question," he says, finally turning to look back at you.
but it was your turn to look away.
"it was just a question, you don't have to be all serious," you mumbled quietly, "and do you really watch my dramas in your free time?"
kei lets out a small laugh, turning back on his phone again as he scoots closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder.
"i thought the plot would be cliche but it's more fun than what i had expected..." he replies, playing the video that he was watching earlier.
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zohanimenthusiast · 5 months ago
New Haikyuu illustrations from the Haikyuu x Right On collab!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I reblogged this with Kita and Konoha because I couldn't fit all 12)
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hyeque · 9 days ago
his jersey [nsfw] [tsukishima kei]
Tumblr media
notes: some people on the haikyuu subreddit said tsukishima probably hates his college volleyball uniform and i thought it was funny so this is the outcome of a very self-indulgent fic that i wrote
warnings: manhandling, fingering, mating press, unprotected sex, pussy eating, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, mild choking, reader has female identifying body parts
Tumblr media
if tsukishima is being honest, he hates his college volleyball uniform.
the bright green of the jersey is too much and too flashy for the blonde’s liking, and looking at it for too long gives him a headache.
tsukishima adores you in his jersey, though.
the fabric easily engulfs your figure, and it always fascinates tsukishima how something that fitted him so well, was so big on you. it reminds him of just how big he is in compared to you, and as much as he hates to admit it, it turns him on.
hands fidgeting at his sides, his amber eyes peer at your figure from across the room. it was an abnormal day, only for the sole fact that the middle blocker didn’t have practice. he always looks forward to the intimate moments he can have with you, being able to admire your pretty figure in peace.
except for the fact that that ‘peace’ had been rudely interrupted the minute you put on his jersey. the offending fabric had slipped down your shoulder more than once, and eventually you gave up trying to fix it. tsukishima can feel his breathing hitch when he makes note that you’re not wearing a bra—at all. his eyes move down and the sight of your hard nipples peaking through the material confirm what he is afraid of.
his frustration only grows more when he realizes you don’t even know how much the smallest things can drive him crazy. it’s unfair, he thinks, as his eyes scan the bare skin of your legs as you sit on the couch curled up and fully invested in a book.
he wonders if you’re wearing any panties under the jersey, or if he could just reach under and your cunt would be there, waiting for his touch.
“oi,” he calls to you, getting your attention. you swiftly look up at him expectantly.
he blinks and scrunches his nose up in feigned distaste. “why are you wearing that?”
it takes you a minute to process what he means before it clicks. “oh? your jersey? i didn’t think you would mind, but i can take it off if you want.” you suggest.
“i didn’t say that,” he replies, clicking his tongue, “i just don’t know why you’d want to wear something so…ugly.”
“you think i look weird then?” you ask, worry in your tone. you look at the fabric before back at him.
‘crap, now she’s self conscious’ he thinks, before quickly improvising.
“i didn’t say that either,” tsukishima huffs, looking away to shield his rosy cheeks.
‘i’m such an idiot’ he scolds himself. how can he tell you that a vile piece of clothing looks amazing on you without sounding like a fool? sometimes your beauty stupefies his thoughts and he hates it.
“well you did not not say it either,” you argue, a pout forming on your face, “look if it bothers you so much, kei, i’ll change.” you get up and start for the bedroom, but the sound of his voice stops you.
he sounds a lot closer now, and upon turning around you see your boyfriend looming over you. his large hand catches your much smaller wrist before pulling you towards him.
“‘no’?” you repeat, you eyes stuck on his chest, “well then, what do you want?” your eyes follow to look up at him through your lashes and you blink innocently.
“i think you know what i want.” he answers, grabbing you by the waist before tossing you onto the couch. you let out a small noise of surprise and feel chills down your spine as excitement courses through your veins.
tsukishima’s eyes hold a primal look of hunger but slight restraint. he knows that once he indulges in the sin that comes in the form of you, he won’t be able to stop himself. once he has a piece of you, he needs the whole damn thing.
his knee nudges between your legs and when his eyes are presented with the sight of your bare, glistening cunt, he scoffs but smirks because his prediction was correct.
“just like the whore that you are. you wanted this all along, didn’t you?” his long fingers graze your folds, his eyes flickering up to meet yours, “i could practically hear you begging from across the room to be fucked.”
“n-no! that’s not true!” you gasp, face hot with embarrassment.
“‘no’?” he leans back, “it’s not? my mistake, then.” he starts to get up but you quickly grab his wrist.
“kei, please…i want you.” your eyes hold anticipation and need as you look up at the blonde and he feels his cock twitch in his sweats. you drive him absolutely insane. “want you to fuck me so bad. i miss your cock.”
what tsukishima fails to realize is that the smallest things spur you on too. it’s only so often that you get to see your pretty boyfriend at home. you usually were sad and sometimes complained, about the small amount of time, but stop short whenever you see or think about his toned and lean figure. volleyball was worth it on your end.
your eyes drag over his chest and how form fitting his plain tee is, sleeves tight over his broad shoulders and biceps flexing periodically whenever he moves to do anything. how could something so simple be so attractive?
you squeak as he pulls you so half your body rests in his lap. his eyes scan over you and you can tell he’s contemplating. only time would tell what happens next as his brown eyes are unreadable.
“god, what am i going to do with you?” tsukishima sighs. he moves so that your legs are on either side of his waist and that he has easy access to your middle. he leans back to remove his plain tee and you can’t help but ogle his bare chest. he rolls his eyes with annoyance, but a faint blush coats his ears and neck from the attention. you know he loves it.
going to remove his jersey, you’re surprised by the look of anger on tsukishima’s face and the feeling of his fingers pinching your thigh with warning.
“don’t take it off.” he says, pushing your hands away from the hem of the jersey.
you tilt your head to the side. “i thought you said it was ugly?”
“it’s not that bad when you wear it.” he shrugs, “anything you wear you look pretty in.” he blushes harder.
“awe kei, you like me?” you pinch his cheek and laugh but are quickly interrupted by a slap to your cunt.
“shut up. it’s not like you weren’t trying to get fucked in it.” he snaps.
when you don’t deny, he takes that answer as a ‘yes’.
“yeah. that’s what i thought.” he kisses down your neck, his hands slipping under the fabric to tweak your nipples. you arch up into his touch, gasping softly. he pushes the fabric up to your collarbone before his mouth latches onto your free nipple, hands still messing with the other one. when he’s done with his assault on your chest, he moves down.
tsukishima hums with satisfaction, watching you twitch under him. “so wet down here and i haven’t even done anything yet. what a slut.” moving his fingers he slides one digit in, then two, and suddenly he’s got three inside of you. he can’t get over the sight in front of him, of your body arching up into his touch and you keening by his every command. if he could have you like this all the time, then he would.
the sound of your pussy squelching against his palm makes him even harder. he can’t wait to feel your essence drip down his cock onto his balls. your cunt can never resist him.
when you try to move your hips against his hand he pins you down to the couch. you go to complain but he shoots you a look that says ‘i dare you’ and you immediately fall silent. seeming pleased, he moves down to where his mouth can devour your cunt.
“k-kei! oh my god!” you squeal, feeling his wet cavern against you. he grunts when your hands tug on his blond locks and only moves his tongue deeper, wanting to taste every bit of you. he adds his fingers and you instantly feel winded.
“you better make a mess or i’ll force it out of you.” he warns, moving his fingers quicker. his tongue moves in the same rhythm and you squeeze your thighs tighter.
“b-but the—ahh—jersey!” you stammer.
“what—‘ahh’—about it?” he mocks, forcing his tongue deeper into you.
before you can answer know it, your high hits and your gushing all over him. you eyes roll back in you head and tsukishima watches with fascination, stroking soothing circles into your hip.
“good girl,” he praises, grinning at the wet mess that now covers his glasses. he kisses you and you reach up to steadily palm him through his sweats. he groans against your mouth, hips rocking against your hand. you feel him pulse hard and you wonder if you can get him to cum just like this.
unfortunately though, you have to remember that this is tsukishima kei you’re dating, and he catches onto your antics quickly. pulling your creeping hand away and muttering, “brat” under his breath as you pout again.
he pulls down his sweats partially, his erect dick springing out and slapping against his stomach. you feel your cunt ache at the sight of him stroking himself in front of you.
he’s leaning over you and the scent of him overwhelms your senses. wrapping your arms around him, you hug him to you. a whine escapes you at the pressure of his blunt tip pushing inside and he kisses you to calm you down.
once fully sheathed inside of you, the blonde can’t hold back. “why,” he snaps his hips back, “are you this tight. so annoying.” you feel good—too good, admittedly. he’s afraid of cumming too soon. while he won’t say it to your face, as much as you missed him, he missed you too—perhaps, he thinks, even more than you. the sweet scent of your hair, the way your nails would dig into his back. the soft praises of you telling him how full you are and how good it feels. the man is in heaven at this point.
“your pussy is just as obnoxious as this jersey,” tsukishima grunts, watching as his cock slides in right at home between your soaked folds. “always trying to get attention in the most annoying ways possible.”
you whine as your boyfriend fills you up, his fat tip nudging against your gspot repeatedly. “k-kei…”
tsukishima ignores you and rests one large hand on your throat in warning. it doesn’t take much for you to become silent. annoying him would only result in punishment and with how needy you’ve been, you didn’t want that. or did you?
he moves you so that you’re folded over, legs in either side of his shoulders. the deep angle has you crying and sobbing his name. at the sight of you creaming his cock he starts to become delirious, lost in you and focused on nothing else.
tears brim your eyes as you look up at tsukishima, the sight of his sweaty fringe and concentrated look heavenly. his glasses had long fallen off from his vigorous movements and his pretty golden eyes are clouded with lust.
“fuck…i’m gonna cum…” he moans, hands gripping your hips tighter. he doesn’t realize how possessive the sight of you in his jersey makes him, but he wants to fill you up with so much cum that the jersey isn’t the only thing pooling.
“m-me too, wanna cum with you. please, kei.” you beg, wrapping your legs around his waist tighter.
he drives into you harder at your words, obscene noises filling the air and smothering the sounds of either one of your moans.
“look so pretty like this. don’t want anyone else seeing you like this but me. got that?” his hand grips on your neck again, making you a bit lightheaded.
“uh huh.” you murmur, toes curling with bliss. at the sound of him calling you ‘beautiful’ you can’t help the strong orgasm that creeps up on you unexpectedly.
tsukishima stills his hips at the vice like feeling your cunt has on him. moving only a little more he groans loudly when he cums inside of you. his teeth bite the sensitive skin of your neck as you milk him of everything.
you both lie in silence for awhile, holding each other before his slowly pulls out of you. he apologizes and kisses your forehead at the discomfort.
“you did so good.” he kisses you again on the lips before standing up. “i’ll be back.”
“where are you going?” you cling onto his arm and the blonde nearly wants to shoot himself in the foot over how cute you look.
“i have to clean you up, dummy.” he flicks your forehead before leaving to the bathroom. it’s not long before he comes back with a warm washcloth. you watch his eyes in silence as he cleans you up and he mumbles that you better not waste a drop of him before patting your cunt.
“gosh kei, you’re so pussy whipped.” you giggle as he carries you to the bath. he tsks mumbling that it’s not his fault that you’re annoyingly addictive.
when the bath is prepared, he sits you in the tub, making sure the water is right for you before sliding in behind you. he’s gentle as he washes you and the soothing feeling nearly puts you to sleep.
“i’ll be sure to wash your jersey before you need it again.” you tell him, rubbing a hand over his shoulder.
“don’t worry, about it.” he says, squeezing your hand. “i’ll take care of it.”
call the man a pervert but he simply isn’t washing the jersey before his next game. he wants to be able to smell your scent as a way of motivation and good luck.
maybe the vision of him fucking you in his jersey embedded in his head will make the article of clothing more tolerable now.
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
taglist: @oneholetickler @sabyss @melianlmfao @ohtobiors @explicitlyfine @suckerforsugawara @little-nightowl @strqndedstones @tetsoda @jeansbabycake @lunaevangeline @simpforerenn @pelicanpizza @cirigiri @ray-lol @oikawas-milk-bread @tetsukentona @icedhoneyy
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adunim · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First batch done <3
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luvbub · 2 months ago
seeing their coworker flirt with them
feat. Tsukishima, Sakusa, Akaashi
note: not explicitly f!reader but could be perceived as such. also this isn’t really hurt/comfort lol my b
Tumblr media
Tsukishima always loved to tease you whenever you forgot something, joking about how you’d forget to eat if it wasn’t for him.
Well, who’s the one who forgot their lunch at home today? Not you, nope. It was your silly boyfriend. Of course, you were going to bring it to him out of the kindness of your heart. And for the opportunity to tease him back.
Fortunately, the other museum employees were already well acquainted with you, so getting to the employee lounge was a breeze.
The door to the lounge was already open, and as you poke your head inside you instantly recognize the back of your boyfriend’s head. He was sitting at one of the tables, across from him was an employee you didn’t recognize.
“You’re not eating Tsukki?” the girl asks, and you can’t help but frown at hearing her call him by this nickname. You’re sure she was a new employee, so why was she already so close with him?
“Forgot my lunch at home,” he shrugs, before continuing to scroll through his phone.
“Oh! That’s too bad, do you want some of mine?” she giggles, and you watch with your own two eyes as the girl scoops a spoonful of her dish and holds it out to your boyfriend. She wanted to feed him.
Tsukishima scooted away from her, “I’m good,” he murmurs.
His coworker pouts, leaning on the table to get closer to your boyfriend. You’re honestly not sure why you haven’t intervened yet- like clearly you hated seeing this but somehow you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything.
“Tsukki, don’t you think we should start addressing the elephant in the room?” she asks.
“We don’t have elephants at this museum. We do have a mammoth though” he responds. Honestly even though you watched this girl try to feed your boyfriend, nothing could amount to how atrocious his comeback was.
The girl laughs at your boyfriend’s words, and for a split second you’re starting to pity her.
“You know the museum doesn’t have a policy on employees dating one another....” she lets her words linger in the air for a second, waiting for Tsukishima’s response. But when he gives her none she clears her throat, continuing her spiel.
“I think that maybe we should grab something to eat. Like on a date!” she suggests.
You can’t see his face, but you’re almost positive that Tsukishima doesn’t even look up from his phone.
“I don’t even know your name” he responds, and you couldn’t help but chuckle at his sass- although you’re sure he was speaking the truth. Suddenly Tsukishima’s head quickly turns around to see you, there was no way he didn’t recognize your laughter.
Without sparing a glance to his coworker, he’s on his feet walking towards you, arms outstretched at the sight of you.
“I brought your lunch but it seems like you don’t need it” loudly sighing as you dramatically turn your head away from him. But you don’t try to resist when Tsukishima grabs your chin to face him, showcasing his annoying smirk that you loved to see.
“Aww, was someone jealous?” he teases, giving you a quick peck on the lips.
You roll your eyes at him, “Don’t flatter yourself too much Kei.” Truth be told, you were a little bit worried at the beginning, but you had faith in your boyfriend. And based on what happened, you knew you had nothing to worry about.
“What a shame, I bet you’re cute when you’re jealous” he says, taking hold of your hand and pulling you into the lounge. Tsukishima’s coworker was nowhere to be found- she must have walked past the two of you without either of you even noticing her leaving. Although you didn’t really care about her whereabouts in the first place, you’re just glad she was out of the lounge.
She would’ve been terribly embarrassed to watch as you fed your boyfriend his lunch.
“Oh, did the team get a new coach?”
You and Komori were at an MSBY Black Jackals game to cheer for Sakusa, and as the game went into a brief time out you couldn’t help but notice an unfamiliar face amongst the players and coach.
“I think she’s the coach’s assistant actually,” Komori answers.
And from the stands you watch as the coach’s assistant runs up to the team- specifically your boyfriend. You couldn’t even pretend it was a coincidence this time. The assistant seemed glued to Sakusa’s side, and seemed to only give any of her attention to him.
Sakusa seemed disinterested in the fact that the coach’s assistant was practically batting her eyelashes at him. If anything- he was ignoring her entire presence, something you were quite grateful for. Maybe you were a bit too worried over this new girl- she could just be trying to warm up to your boyfriend. After all, he had a habit of appearing as standoffish to new stranger. But still, you couldn’t shake off this bad feeling from her.
The game ended with Sakusa scoring the last point, causing you and Komori to scream for him from the audience. But in the middle of your cheers you notice the assistant run up to your boyfriend, excitedly pressing a kiss to his cheek.
Sakusa takes a step back immediately, shock written across his face. Immediately he looks to the audience, his eyes meeting yours. He desperately wanted to get a read on you, but he was only met with a blank expression.
You didn’t know how to react exactly. It’s not like Sakusa meant for this to happen- but seeing someone else kiss your boyfriend made your stomach churn.
Ultimately it was best to just find him and just talk about what happened. So instead of waiting in the main lobby like you normally did, you made your way down a different corridor that led to the locker room. Hopefully you could run into him before he went into change.
“I want her gone” you hear in the hallway just outside the locker room. It was Sakusa. You don’t turn the corner- deciding instead to eavesdrop on the conversation.
“Omi, you’re overreacting it was just a congratulatory kiss!” this voice was unfamiliar, but with common sense you knew it was the assistant. You’re not particularly fond of how she called Sakusa by a cute nickname- but then again you weren’t fond of a lot of things that she did.
“I gave you the benefit of the doubt of being friendly to me when you first started but now you’ve become nothing but an absolute nuisance to me,” Sakusa retorts, his voice as cold as ice.
“Omi-” she whines, and you can only imagine what everyone’s expression must be like.
“Coach Foster, I swear to god if you don’t fire her I’ll join the Schweiden Adlers”
There was silence. Maybe it was just shocking to hear such a threat, or maybe it was because Sakusa rarely raised his voice like that before. But the conversation went dead silent.
Soon laughter from the coach fills the hall. You’re unable to make out his words exactly, but you heard something along the lines of how he’ll take care of it. Huh, well you didn’t have to worry about her anymore. Before you’re able to walk to the main lobby- Sakusa rounds the corner, nearly bumping into you.
Without saying a word he wraps his arms around you, kissing the top of your forehead.
“I’m sorry for that,” he murmurs.
“You act like it’s your fault that she latched onto you like that” you chuckle, looking up at him.
“I mean I could been more firm with my boundaries instead of brushing her off” Sakusa shrugs, placing another kiss on your forehead.
“You should’ve told her that you were some extreme germaphobe or something. And spray her with disinfectant spray or something” you giggle as Sakusa rolls his eyes at you.
“Glad to know you can still make jokes even though your wonderful boyfriend was just harassed”
Just as you’re about to reply with something just as snarky, you spot the coach’s assistant walking behind your boyfriend. Clearly she had been reprimanded, although you can't be sure what her fate was. You meet her gaze for a split second before turning back to Sakusa.
And she watches in shame as you tip toe to kiss him on the lips.
Attending Akaashi’s work party felt like a good idea when he brought it up. But now that you were there, you were slowly regretting your decision. The only person you knew was your own boyfriend. But it seemed like an important event for him, and you wanted to be with him.
“I’m gonna grab us a couple of drinks, be right back” Akaashi whispers before taking off. Maybe you should’ve gone with him- it would’ve been far better than being left alone amongst unfamiliar faces.
Not long after your boyfriend left, you feel a light tap on your shoulder. You turn around, and in front of you was a well-dressed woman. Akaashi didn’t tell you about any of his coworkers, so you honestly had no idea who this lady could be.
“Oh hi! I don’t think I recognize you- please don’t tell me you’re a coworker I don’t recognize” the woman smiles warmly, and you feel just a bit at ease,
You shake your head, “No need to worry, I’m not. I’m Y/n- I came here with Akaashi.”
Even though the woman was still smiling you noticed how the look in her eyes shifted. Her previously friendly demeanor suddenly felt cold and you couldn’t help but feel nervous around her.
“Oh! You’re Keiji’s new s/o! Well it’s lovely to meet you. I’m Keiji’s work wife.”
There was something deeply unsettling about the way she said Akaashi’s first name- as well as the way she smirked at you when she explained she was his ‘work wife’. Whatever that meant. Maybe she was just messing with you, but you really didn’t like this woman.
“Ahh, I see,” you nod, glancing around the room to find your new boyfriend.
“Yeah, and you know Keiji and I have been ‘together’ for so long now… I guess that makes you ‘the other person’ Y/n,” she giggles without an ounce of sincerity to her words.
You couldn’t say you were feeling jealous of this woman- but her words did get to you. It’s not like you were dating Akaashi for that long, was he closer to his coworker? He has known her for longer so you couldn’t be all that surprised if they had such a close relationship.
But Akaashi was dating you, wasn’t he? So why did you feel so unsure of it. Your eyes darted down, unable to meet her gaze. Clearly she was trying to rile you up- you knew it was wildly inappropriate for her to say those things. But you couldn’t muster up the courage to tell that to her face.
“Hey, you alright?” a familiar voice asks, and you look up to see Akaashi standing next to you.
“Yeah I am, just-” but you’re quickly interrupted.
“Keiji! I’m so happy you came to the work party. It wouldn’t be fun without my work husband~” the woman coos. But her own smile drops when Akaashi doesn’t even spare her a single glance. His attention was on you.
“I thought HR told you to stop calling me that,” he sighs, grabbing your hand and dragging you away. You took a moment to glance back, watching as his coworker stood there in shock before angrily turning away herself. The two of you step outside on a balcony alone, and Akaashi brought one of his hands to your cheek,
“She said something didn’t she,” Akaashi asks; his tone was much softer than how he talked to his coworker.
“It’s honestly nothing. She was probably just trying to upset me, but I’m fine,” you lightly chuckle, leaning into his touch. Any doubt or uncertainty you had was slowly melting away, and all that was left was pure love for Akaashi.
“That’s good to hear,” Akaashi murmurs before leaning in to kiss you.
There weren’t enough words to accurately describe how much Akaashi adored you. And he felt like kicking himself for leaving you alone, allowing for his annoying coworker to harass and bother you like that. But as long as you were okay, he wouldn’t make too big of a deal of this.
At the very least, the two of you would skip any future work parties and just enjoy a night in.
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humbuns · 3 months ago
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super excited to share my full piece for @hqscrapbookzine !!! i just really wanted to draw some of their memories in brazil so i had fun  🏐🌻🇧🇷
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