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#tsukishima kei

the one where tsukishima gets in a fight with y/n since she never shows any affection

genre: angst (ayyy first angst post :D)
type: scenario
status: proofread
pronouns: female
warnings: cussing
author’s note: y/n didn’t really know how to romance because she was never interested in it; all she did was study her ass off, not caring about the books her classmates squealed about or how cute the popular couple at school was. the only reason she actually accepted the confession of love from tsukki is because she’s too polite to turn him down, but as time passed, she became more attached to him. hell, she’s practically emotional, so cHARACTER DEVELOPMENT YALL also as you can tell i bloody love tsukishima and akaashi lol


𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚊 …  🖉 [𝟾𝟿𝟺 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚜]

  ☾ so tall french fry here isn’t going to initiate any form of affection at first since it isn’t in his blood to do so
  ☾ he already confessed to you and that should be the most he’d have to do for awhile
  ☾ but like after the first week of you two being official he starts getting confused
  ☾ why haven’t you tried to at least hold his hand as you two walked home together??
  ☾ sure he might make a snarky comment on it but that doesn’t mean he’d dislike it or anything
  ☾ are you just afraid of how he talks?
  ☾ so when you guys were walking to your house he reaches down and grabs your hand
  ☾ you don’t link your hand with his and he kinda just holds it as y’all continue strolling down the street
  ☾ when you reach your house you pull your hand out of his grip, say a quick goodbye, and shut the door
  ☾ this is the first time where he actually showed a sign of affection and you just ignored it?? excuse him??
  ☾ kind of hurt him but eh he brushed after a few days of sulking secretly
  ☾ whelp now we hopping into the present
  ☾ practice just finished and you were helping the team clean up by putting the stray balls back in the storage room
  ☾ lamppost is touch starved as hell and is making a lot of subtle signals to show you
  ☾ do you notice tho? nope
  ☾ after like fifteen minutes he just got super annoyed because you were either dense as hell and not picking it up or you’re just ignoring him
  ☾ you would think that he’d be used to it by now since you two have been together for a month
  ☾ but he had a rather long day and he was just tired of putting up with your shit
  ☾ so when you stepped out of the gym, asking if he wanted to go to ukai’s store to get a snack, something in him just snapped..

“Do you just not like me?”

The question came out rather abruptly and suddenly. You looked up at Tsukishima frowning down at you, his expression almost daring you to answer.

“I am very fond of you, Kei. Why?” You said honestly.

He frowned even harder, clenching his teeth. “It doesn’t seem like it to me.”

“Then what does it look like from your perspective?”

“It looks like,” he leaned down to meet you eye-to-eye, “you’re avoiding physical contact with me.”

You tilted your head, confused as to what he meant. “Physical contact? As in..?”

“What do you think I mean, you idiot?!” Tsukishima raised his voice, balling his hands into fists. “Just as simple as holding hands, or even saying ‘I love you!’ Is that too much to ask?!”

“What’s going on?” Daichi asked as the other members of the team stepped out of the club room to see what the commotion is about.

“Kei, you’re making a scene. Can we discuss this elsewhere-?”

“Let everyone stare; I don’t give a shit about it! Do you even love me anymore?!

You sighed as you shoved your hands into your pockets. “As I said earlier, I am very fo-”

“Fond. Fond. Fond. That’s the closest you ever get to saying love. Am I just a joke to you now? A toy that you can play with?”

Now you were getting pissed. “Don’t interrupt me, Tsukishima.” You warned, danger glinting in your eyes. “I never said anything about you being a joke, nor a toy to play with. I am as invested in this relationship as you are.”

Said blonde glares at you. “So what if I interrupt you, huh?” He snapped. “I don’t give a fuck; you say you’re invested in this, but you always deny my attempts to hold your hand or hug you. Do you just want me to make a fool out of myself?!”

You glare right back at the middle blocker. “Seeing as how you’re just putting words in my mouth at this point, I don’t feel inclined to answer your question. I believe we should just end this relationship, or at least take a break from it, if you’re so sure that I don’t fucking love you anymore.” 

With that, you turned your back on Tsukishima and walked away, gently pushing away Shimizu’s offer to go with you. Surprisingly, all of the team spectated your argument, and had witnessed you breaking up/taking a break from him.

Sugawara shook his head, disappointment for the blonde evident on his face. “You shouldn’t have-”

“Suga.” Daichi interrupted. “I don’t think we should interfere.”

The third year sighed. “I guess we shouldn’t..” He murmured. “But, Tsukishima, aren’t you gonna go after her? At least make sure she gets home safe?”

“Oh, please.” The middle blocker snapped. “You saw her decline Shimizu-senpai; she’s fine on her own. I don’t particularly want to be reminded of her existence, either.” He stalked his way past all of them, a dark aura surrounding him.

“W-wait for me, Tsukki!” Yamaguchi stammered, running to catch up with said person. “Is this really the end for you and Y/N-?”

“I just said I don’t want to be reminded of her existence.” Tsukishima cut in. “You heard her yourself, so don’t ask questions.”

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Second Chapter is up!



bokuaka, kuroken, kagehina, daisuga, daiaka, iwaoi


A surprise visit, mariokart, and Oikawa. Malibu also makes an appearance (Or multiple).

Notes: Akaashi has a bad memory. Relatable content.

Songs I recommend for this chap are Dionysus by the Buttertones, Best Interest by Tyler the Creator (for Kuroo), and Shampoo Bottles by Peach Pit for the ending. I promise Bokuto will show up in the next chap! >.<

I also make a reference to Natsume Ono because she smacks! Read her manga Not Simple; it is fantastic!

Thank you for reading!


Shampoo Bottles

It’s Saturday, something Akaashi doesn’t realize until he is flying halfway out his front door and huffing a breath at his phone screen’s mocking display: 6:30 AM, Saturday, June 14th. Exactly a week before Hinata’s birthday.

He blinks and remembers the night before, when he was nursing a red wine and a deadline for his “Ono Natsume: Shouting for the Voiceless” article. He remembers, vaguely, submitting the piece at 11:50 and dropping his head right there on his cheap Ikea desk, exhausted.

Presently, he’s nodding awkwardly at his neighbor (leaving the complex to work out, no less) and trying to make it look, somehow, like he meant to open his front door only to close it seconds later.

Toeing off his work shoes and entirely caught off guard by the idea of a day off, Akaashi retreats to his bed. He passes out almost as soon as his foggy head hits the pillow, dreaming of nothing. The next time he opens his eyes, his breath and body still completely.

“Mornin’, sleeping beauty! It’s ten, I’m surprised you slept so long!”

“Kuroo-san, why are you in my apartment?”

The offender offers no answer but grins brilliantly, gold irises level with Akaashi’s blue-green.

“And just how long have you been here anyway?” Kuroo ignores him again, instead choosing to stand from his squatting position. His hands at his hips, Kuroo wears a white oversized Bouncing Ball hoodie and black skinny jeans. Much to Akaashi’s discomfort, he still has his shoes on- red and white high top sneakers with the laces tucked in. As always, the guy’s flawlessly disheveled, silver jewelry glinting from his ears and neck.

Akaashi groans and plants his face in his pillow. It’s too early for the young, beautiful, and rich.

Kuroo, unsurprisingly, doesn’t yield Akaashi’s thoughts and scoffs once. He moves to draw open the curtains in his room. Keiji can’t help but grimace as he feels his skin bathed in hot summer light.

“Man. You should really dust your windowsills. Do you even ever open these things?! You’re not some bat, ‘Kaashi. You need fresh air.”

“I think bats need air too,” Akaashi mumbles into the pillow.

Kuroo waves a dismissive hand and turns to survey him, arms folded across a broad chest. Keiji reluctantly turns his head to address his stare, squinting without the aid of his glasses or contacts. Kuroo’s bedhead is seemingly even worse today- probably from whatever plane he just hopped out of. The latter smirks devilishly.

“Well. Are you gonna welcome me back or what?”

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hq characters, but make it dnd


  • tiefling???Bard
  • You cant tell me this mans isn’t chaotic bard material
  • Has the ability to heal and buff his teammates like a good Sugamama™
  • But also ✨c h a o s✨
  • Will seduce the bbeg
  • Oozes charisma
  • I imagine him playing something like a comically small ukulele idk man
  • can also imagine him taking a few levels in rogue
  • mans is sus and still i simp ahjsjasj

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to be so lonely

im just an arrogant son of a bitch, who can’t admit when he’s sorry


pairing; kei tsukishima x fem!reader

warnings; cursing, manipulation, guilt tripping, angst.

wc; 1,576

a/n; i like how my fic ‘perfect girlfriend’ is soft tsukki and he’s so sweet and this one….um. (btw the beginning is kinda boring but the juicy part is in the middle-ish)


Falling in love was the most traumatic thing that had ever happened to you. It was definitely not what you were expecting, not at all. You were expecting the type of love that was shown in romance movies. The one where both of the characters fall quickly, and then happily ever after. That is what you were expecting when you and Tsukki met, love at first sight they call it.

But falling for Tsukki might’ve been the worst thing you had ever done.

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the moon and you

a/n: tsukishima fluff/comfort because i know that deep down he’s a true softie

word count: 279


truthfully, you have always intrigued tsukishima. your kind disposition affected the boy in a way that was still so unknown to him, but never frightening. with every smile of yours, he wanted to get closer, feeling enchanted by the warmth your presence radiated. once he got a taste of that type of comfort, it was too late for him to go back. he was addicted.

so now, when he finally places his head on your chest after a long day at school, all he can think of is how grateful he is to have you in his life. you hold his cold hands in yours as you tenderly caress them with your thumbs; it’s such a simple display of affection, yet it means the whole world to him.

and just like that, the two of you sit under the moonlight, savoring each second spent together. you press a sweet kiss on the top of his head as you gently hold his cheek, and he practically melts in the way your fingertips feel against his skin. it’s silent, and he likes that. afraid of ruining the intimate moment, neither of you dares to speak, not ready to voice your emotions and insecurities yet.

nevertheless, tsukishima knows that actions speak louder than words and he’s content. no words are exchanged between the two of you, yet he gets to feel everything. he can feel all of his stress washing away as you stroke his hair, each breath bringing him closer to pure serenity amidst the hectic world surrounding him.

it’s just you, him, and the moon. he is safe in your arms, and that’s all he needs to be happy.

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