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Oof okay hold up can we just


I love him ????

I’m sorry but can we just imagine jealous Tsukki ????? I feel like this is his face???? Don’t even get me started on the body because I’m tryna stay SFW frIENDLY 😍😍😍😍😍😍

@thisnoodlewritesao3 come over here and look at this shit holy cheese balls

First of all thank you for thinking of me 😅😅😅 that already makes my day

Second of all y’all imma need some good 18+ fics right about now 👀👀👀👀👀 dammit Tsukishima why ain’t you a real dude I can’t

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tsukiyama brainrot

- i have many thoughts (actually i dont know if i actually do but we’ll see)

- tsukiyama are the funniest fucking couple simply because people don’t know if they’re dating or just really good friends. there’s no point in asking them either because NEITHER OF THEM KNOW

- they’re literally in love with each other but they’re both too scared to admit it so they’re literally just mutually pining for each other and IT’S SO FRUSTRATING PLEASE JUST KISS

- ok but they actually have kissed 

- they definitely had their first kiss with each other as a way to “practice” for the future. that first kiss is the only kiss they ever have for a WHILE


- one time when yamaguchi was leaving, he just like instinctually kissed tsukishima on the cheek as he was saying goodbye and it wasn’t until they were both alone that they got really embarrased 

- yamaguchi is like “WHY DID I DO THAT” and tsukishima is just going “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN”

- but the next time they see each other they just pretend nothing happened. UNTIL they part ways on their walk home, and tsukishima kisses yamaguchi on the cheek this time

- kissing each other on the cheek just becomes a normal thing for them like that’s just how they say goodbye now

- in the future after they’re married, yachi asks who confessed first and tsukiyama just look at each other confused because neither of them confessed, it all just felt natural :)

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Karasuno players rated on how much I would get along with them in school

TSUKISHIMA - No. Not happening. Because when you put two snarky, overly sarcastic and just generally bitchy people together, they’ll either become best friends or rivals

HINATA - Please shut up I just want to read in peace

KAGEYAMA - Pipe down before I hit you with a book

TANAKA - You’re really cool and I like you as a person but please shut up for once


YAMAGUCHI - get this man some help all I’m doing is worsening his anxiety with my bullshit

ENNOSHITA - get along pretty well but my 4am texts scare him every time without fail

ASAHI - Once saw me slam my head against a wall before a science exam because I forgot what friction was and none of my friends knew and worries for my mental stability

DAICHI - We have dumbass friends who need to calm the fuck down

YACHI - Bond over crippling social anxiety

KIYOKO - finally a friend that isn’t far too headstrong for their own good

SUGA - proud mom friends that just want to keep their kids out of danger and watch them succeed


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That’s my line, Tsukki 😅

Can’t stop thinking of 3rd year Yamaguchi tying his hair up into a half ponytail 😌😌😌

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my aunt asked if i would make a video teaching her grade 4 class how to draw, and i found out they all love haikyuu so i used tsukki as our model

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Originally posted by kotsume

*i don’t own this gif nor did i make it

 a/n i was in the mood for some crack so here you go :)

- tanaka probably wears his underwear for three days straight 0_0

- nishinoya probably picks his nose and eats it 

- kageyama uses like 5in1 body wash

- kenma has BAD gaming rage like mans is chill about volleyball but on cod he’s livid

- hinata probably flashes people a lot

- tsukshima has probably says really controversial things to annoy people

- when bokuto bends down his buttcrack shows :/

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Of course, thank you, love! 💙

My color for Tsukishima is Midnight Blue (#191970), and here’s a small palette I made for him! It gives me ocean/beach vibes, though it wasn’t intended, interesting:


color palettes game

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s/o insecure about her skin

characters: tsukishima, kageyama, oikawa

a/n: hehe my first request i’m so happy <3 i’m trying new ways of writing soo tell me if you like this🙇🏻‍♀️ also this is not the best because i’m going through a writer’s block :(


tsukishima glance at you, his eyebrows furrowed. “what’s that face?” he asks, looking at your glossy eyes and trying to stay calm-because he doesn’t want to see you hurting. So when you say that you’re insecure about your skin, that he shouldn’t be with you because he’s so beautiful at your eyes and you couldn’t stay with someone like him, he kiss you. “Even if I love the sound of your voice, I prefer it when you don’t say dumb things like this.” Because you’re beautiful to him, with itchy skin and everything.


kageyama wide his eyes, panicking-why’re you crying, what did I do, please don’t leave me-but he visibly relax when you say you’re insecure about yourself, because he knows the feeling. “Please don’t say that” he asks you, quietly, reaching for your hands, “I think your skin is beautiful the way it is. I think you’re beautiful the way you are” and with a small blush, he wipe your tears away, making his mission to remember you everyday how fortunate he feels to be with you.


oikawa is reaching for your body, sighing everytime you shake your head. “let me touch you” he prays, “why’re you acting like this today?” and when you sob, telling him to pick one of his fans because they’re better than you- they for sure have a beautiful skin- he gasps so hard, hugging you in a second and not letting go. “you’re the one who’s perfect for me” he whispers in your ear, “I couldn’t want someone else.”

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The Princess and Her Noble Steed (Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader)

Word Count: 1424

Requested by: Anon

Warning/s: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF, mediocre writing, there’s a sexual joke.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this! I think this is my best work yet!

Requests are open!


Metropolitan Nekoma High is a very large school, you learned that very quickly during your first year. Yet despite being here  for three years already, there isn’t a day where you completely loathe the sheer largeness of the campus.

The distance of the library to the classrooms, and the classrooms to the cafeteria would always knock the breath out of your lungs. Each step helped build a steady ache that would stay in your legs till the end of the day. 

Complaints would constantly push their way out of your throat each time you had to walk these distances, so much so that your boyfriend teased you, telling you that he should just bring a wheelbarrow and wheel you around the school himself, even adding that it would be quite the workout for him. All you did was slap his shoulder and roll your eyes, but right now, you wish you had just agreed.

“I’m so tired,” you groaned, wiping the thin sheen of sweat that had accumulated on your brow. You and Kuroo were on your way to the library to return a couple books before your next class started, it was a particularly cool day so you thought the walk would at least be bearable, but once you started the sun decided to beat down ever so harshly; you honestly thought that the celestial body had a personal vendetta against you.

Looking down momentarily, you try to catch your breath, your heavy breathing loud enough to catch your boyfriend’s attention, even though he was already a couple steps ahead of you. 

“Come on princess,” Kuroo sighed, walking towards you, the term of endearment that rolled off his tongue making the heat in your cheeks grow a little stronger. (if that was even possible.) “We’re not even halfway there yet, you can’t be that tired,” he complained, placing his large hand on your back, beginning to rub up and down as your lungs  tried to regain a steady pace. 

“Not all of us are athletic Tetsurou,” you looked up to glare at him, annoyance creased between your brows. Annoyance that he apparently found amusing since he breathed out a laugh through his nose, moving his hand to the top of your head to ruffle your hair. 

“You don’t have to give me attitude you know,” he chuckled as you pulled away from him, still trying to catch your breath. 

“Whatever,” you huffed, still a bit hunched over. “Just give me a minute will you.”

He tilted his head as he watched you, lips parted and nostrils a bit flared. The thin sheen of sweat had come back, and some of your hair had stuck to it. He’d be lying if he said that you didn’t look adorable, but he’d also be lying if he said that you didn’t look completely weared down. The raven haired boy couldn’t bear seeing you in such a state, so he pressed his lips together and began to wrack his brain for something that might help you with your predicament. 

As your breathing began to even out ever so slightly, an idea popped into the tall boy’s head, his eye gleaming as he bent down, his back facing you. His movements were so sudden that you backed away in surprise. 

Now with a hand placed on your chest, you look at the  boy’s current  position with wide eyes. “What the hell are you doing?” You questioned, as he turned his head, giving you a charming smile. 

“Piggyback ride,” his voice rang with a playful tinkle. 

The heat in your cheeks that had just disappeared came back once his words reached your ears. 

“W-what do you mean piggyback ride,” you choked out.

“Tetsu-kun there’s people around.”

“So what?” he shrugged, jutting his thumb out to point at his back,his glee filled expression not once faltering. “Just get on princess.”

You felt your heart hammering against your ribcage at his persistence, and the heat of your cheeks had reached the tips of your ears. 

“Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“Why would I be?” He questions with an incredulous tone. Which was fitting, Kuroo Tetsurou never gets embarrassed. And you knew that, in truth you were the one who was, seeing someone riding their boyfriend’s back on campus wasn’t really the norm. 

“B-but they’ll see us.”

“So, are you embarrassed of me or something?” He twisted his head just a bit more, letting you see his teasing smirk. 

“No,” you look him in the eye, still quite flustered, he just had that effect on you. “I’d never be embarrassed of you”

He lets out a chuckle, your giddiness very much adorable. 

“That’s what I thought.” He flexes his shoulders a bit, the outline of his back muscles showing through his white button up. (he had taken the other layers off earlier) The sight of his well toned self sending another rush of heat through you. “Now hop on milady.”

You bit your lips, eyes flitting around for a few seconds before landing back on his back. There weren’t that many people around, and you knew he would take no for an answer. So letting out a sigh, you secure your satchel on your shoulder and walk towards him, arms wrapping around his neck as his hands move to hold onto your thighs. 

Gosh this man, always getting you flustered.

Now fully on his back, he adjusts your ever so slightly, his grip on your thighs growing tighter as he stands up. The upwards jolt making a yelp leave your lips. 

“Are you good back there?” He turned his head, your nose nudging his cheek. 

“Yes,” you nod against him, the tip of your nose tracing over his soft skin. 

“Good,” he smiles, now beginning to walk towards the direction of the library. 

The first few minutes of the ride had you a bit tense, you both had crossed paths a few students and they all gave you strange looks as you passed by. However each encounter was met with words of comfort from Kuroo. Little by little you begin to loosen up, you even lean your head on his shoulder blade, cheek nuzzling the soft fabric of his uniform. 

He feels this and a smile creeps its way onto his lips, a warm feeling bubbling in his chest as a tinge of pink dusts his cheeks. He loves having you so close, it makes him feel loved, more loved than usual. 

As the ride continues you feel your eyelids begin to get droopy, the gentle sway of each of his steps mixed with his comforting scent seems to be lulling you to sleep. Your eyes finally closed, and you nuzzled deeper into his strong shoulder. Inhaling his scent which was a mixture of pine, sweat, and a little hint of axe body spray, you made a little mental note to tease him about that later, but right now you just enjoyed the closeness; your prior embarrassment now a distant memory. 

You were just about to fall asleep when you had arrived at the entrance of the library. The sudden halting of Kuroo footsteps jolting your eyes open. 

“We’re here,” he tells you, his deep voice coming in a whisper, he didn’t want to  pop the calm bubble that seemed to have formed itself around you sometime during the walk. He sets you down gently and begins to straighten out his uniform, with you doing the same. Once done he looks down at you with a smile, you were avoiding his gaze, a flustered look on your face once again. 

“Thanks Tetsu-kun,” you tell him, finally glancing up at him, seeing the smile on his face and returning it. 

“You’re welcome princess,” he bends down a bit and plants a kiss on your forehead. Suddenly erupting with laughter, making you look at him with a raise of an inquisitive brow. 

“What’s so funny?" 

"It’s nothing,” he breathes out, in between laughs. “It’s just that, all this time I thought I was your handsome prince, turns out I’m actually your noble steed,” he grins, his tone now teasing as you glared up at him. 

“Hey you’re the own who offered to give me a piggyback ride,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Don’t worry I wasn’t complaining,” he smirked, leaning down until he was at par with your face. “You can ride me anytime you want princess,” he leans a bit closer, his voice low and gravely, warm breath now fanning your lips. 

“In more ways than one.”



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Holy hell guys, so I’m reading this manga named Seinen Dreamy and look who I find.


It’s Tsukishima and Yamaguchi 🤣😭🤣 !!!

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Haikyuu characters as conversations my friends and I have had

“God would never choose you to be the next virgin Mary”

Shirabu, TSUKISHIMA, Osamu, Suna, Inunaki, Makki, UNNAN, Konoha, Futakachi, Kuroo, Hirugami

“Fuck you, my body is sacred enough to be the next virgin Mary”

GAO, HOSHIUMI, ATSUMU, Semi, Matsukawa, MAMI, Komi, Yamamoto, Oikawa

“If your dick could glow, what color would you want it to glow?”

MAKKI, MATSUKAWA, Ginjima, Yamagata, Tanaka, Gao

Responding to the above question “chrome so it works like a flashlight in case I get lost in a cave”

TENDOU, Hinata, Noya, Riseki (i’m p sure it’s completely out of anxiety), YACHI (also out of anxiety)

*at 10 am* “I got drunk and found another sugar daddy”

OIKAWA, Sugawara, Makki, Suna, Matsukawa

“I wouldn’t recommend tripping on decongestants. It wasn’t fun.”

Akagi (accidentally), Ginjima (didn’t believe Akagi), Osamu (did it for shits and giggles), Atsumu (competitive streak), Meian, Makki, Matsukawa, Inunaki

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Plus One ❀ 006// How Chlicé



Tsukishima was smart, he knew, and everyone around him knew. And without a doubt he knew that too since he was so smug about it. However, here he was currently lying to you about how you had a room. To be honest, this could’ve all been avoided if he looked at what room he was booking exactly. What happened was on the website he thought he chose two separate rooms…he didn’t.

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