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#tsukishima kei headcanons
dokifluffs · 15 days ago
Falling Asleep in His Arms | Kita, Kenma, Tsukishima, Bokuto
Pairings: Kita X Reader (gender neutral), Kenma X Reader (gender neutral), Tsukishima X Reader (gender neutral), and Bokuto X Reader (female) 
Genre: soft, sleepy, gentle fluff!! and DOMESTIC ah ha ha 
Author’s Note: I know I made a falling asleep on them but why not change it up ah ha ha and also add a more domestic touch uwu 
Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Sakusa 
Tumblr media
Panel from ch 391! 
With supper and the dishes done, the two of you slipped on your guys’ shoes and left his grandmother’s house, out for an evening stroll to let the food digest and to walk around the neighborhood where Kita had grown up with his grandma
His hand was warm with his fingers interlaced with yours as he led you around the neighborhood
It was kind of humid but not enough to make you feel disgusted with sweat or hot enough to make you sweat - it was the kind where there would be a cool breeze and then warm up
It was so nice with the clear pink, purple, and deep hue skies
The clouds looked like whispy paint strokes, a masterpiece Mother Nature created
You two visited the playground, swinging on the swings, riding the seesaw, looking at all the small activities that were once the perfect size for him here
Next was the various flower gardens of his grandmother’s friends, whom he visited often growing up, helping them out with other chores, eating dinners and countless meals
They watched him grow too, right into the young man he is today
It wasn’t long before the fireflies started glowing, their light shining in and out of the dark like slow blinks
Crickets chirped as you walked along, the neighborhood lights coming on, illuminating the path as you two took your sweet time, strolling through your husband’s childhood hometown
He showed you his elementary school, the daycare he would sometimes be dropped off during the day, the pool he would sometimes swim at
And finally, one of his favorite spots ever was on top of one of the highest hills in the area
The path was much more rundown since he remembered and visited his grandmother last but it was still study as it let up to a wooden gazebo on the hill
It looked over the farmlands and fields but with the night sky shining on the shimmering leaves and grass, along with the blinking fireflies, it was like a sea
“Wow,” you gasped in awe, eyes wide as you processed the wondrous sight before you. “It’s so beautiful, Shinsuke.”
You were looking at the view before you but the only view he could see was you
And it looked like the stars were in your wide eyes
“You really are,” he smiled, giving your hand a squeeze as he lifted it, bringing your interlaced fingers to his lips as you turned, a wide smile spreading on your lips at his words
The two of you stayed there, taking in the view until it started to get a bit too late
He shared stories of his childhood, telling you more stories to add onto the collection of stories that you knew about him
As the night went on, the cooler it got
It felt so good on your skin
Getting back to his grandmother’s place, he looped the two of you around back to the backyard
There was a hammock tied between the posts of the deck
It was like a magical place with the fireflies flying over the back garden, like magic floating all around you as Kita sat down and held the hammock in place, opening up the space beside him for you to sit down without it flipping or falling
Your feet dangled above the ground as the hammock curved around your body as Shinsuke wrapped his arm around you as the two of you sat in the moonlight that illuminated the whole backyard since the street lamps didn’t shine in
Growing up ion the city and more urban areas, you were conditioned to be used to the bustling roads, the sounds of the metros and trains, the footsteps and voices of people in the distance. Even car horns and traffic
You rarely went to the countryside - maybe about just a few times a year for a day trip with your parents but things were truly rural here
It was gorgeous here
The quiet nights, the fresh and organic foods that came right out of the garden
Heck you didn’t know how you could go back to eating the food back in the city after lunch and dinner here today and it was only the first day
With his feet on the ground, Shinsuke pushed the two of you back and forth on the hammock as the wind blew
The breeze blew longer, dropping the temperature enough to make goosebumps rise on your skin
You snuggled closer to his warm body beside you as you two sat in silence together, listening to the winds whispers and the leaves crackling and fireflies twinkling with the real stars shining in the clear night sky
Everything was so relaxing, before you knew it, your eyes were getting heavier as your heart rate slowed down, your breaths turning shallow
Your head rest on him as he kept swaying, letting his head fall back with a sigh
Looking over to you, you seemed so at peace
He kept stilll, staring up at the moonlight
While he reached his free arm into his pocket, smiling at the feel of the small velvety ring box in his pocket
Then his eyes went back to you
He silently pleaded with his entire body that tomorrow, your answer to a certain question would change both your lives for the better
Tumblr media
Panel from chapter 375! (I believe it’s volume 42 or 43) 
Kenma: *ft. Bokuto, kuroo, and akaashi and they’re also streamers!* 
Stepping into the room, you didn’t know how he could do it - how kenma could spend hours streaming, playing games, although they were all different
It was way past midnight but the four of them watched the screen, watching Kenma play through his match like it was just after dinner
Kuroo, bokuto, and akaashi lounged about the couch that resided in the background of the main streaming room while kenma played at his desk with his monitor casting a double onto a projector for them to watch clearly
You knew they were doing their own streams tonight but you thought it would be just kenma considering the three of them had their designated streaming room in a different room in the house but oh well
But tonight was a special stream one of the biggest charity streams that the four of them did which lasted twenty four hours
The three of them were allowed to be off stream - well it was paused for now - so long as at least one of them was on and that person right now was kenma
They were all so focused on the screen, they only turned toward their attention toward you when the door closed and greeted you with a warm welcome, though refraining from saying your name while on stream
It was a thing that you had told kenma and they all agreed to it  
They kept your identity and face and name and information a secret and it was actually quite entertaining since you would see comments wondering about who you were
The room was dark, the only light coming from the dimmed LEDs that lined the ceiling and a majority of it coming from the screen the projector was shining on
It surprisingly wasn’t loud since the most of the sound was coming through his headset but the game’s sound only came out as a fraction
Mainly also because kenma lowered the volume ahead of time and didn’t want to disturb you while you slept
Or at least tried to
As the game loaded him to the menu screen, waiting for him to ready up, you came into frame, wearing his bouncing ball corp pullover with the hood up, making sure that it concealed your face
“Did we wake you?” Kenma’s persona changed just the slightest, if anything turning softer toward you as you automatically began to climb into his seat, to which he naturally began to open up, letting you climb in
He loaded up into his game, scooting his chair forward, closer to his mixer so he could turn down his headset volume as to not disturb you
As you snuggled in, he set his controller down since loading into an actual match with others always took forever at night
His chair creaked as he leaned back, wrapping an arm around you while the other stroked up and down your back as he leaned his head over to talk to you, whispering in your ear
With his feet, he made his chair rotate slightly left and right as you sleepily replied, the two of you clearly in your own little worlds
He spoke sweet loving words into your ears, as well as how much he wanted to just sleep in bed since this must’ve not been the comfiest positioning for you but it wasn’t your first time either
You were used to it
“Aw, Kenma’s so sweet,” Kuroo prodded as Bokuto joined in, the two of them slightly speaking up from behind, making the stream viewers laugh in the chat, sending memes and stickers that made a sound ring in his headphones repeatedly
He personally didn’t mind the comments from them but hearing you sigh and knowing that you couldn’t sleep, he had to do something
As the screen went dark, signifying a match about to start, he turned his chair, one hand of his resting on the back of your head to ensure that your face was hidden in his shoulder as the LEDs turned red and shot at the two of them a death glare while akaashi watched sitting beside bokuto, making the two slightly older ones hug each other as a chill ran up their spine
They took their cue to knock it off
“S-scary,” their eyes went wide as they gulped as he turned back around, removing his hand from your head so you could lift it up again slightly
“Kitten, you okay?” His entire tone changed, doing a whole 360 as if he didn’t just send the deadliest glare to his two older friends behind him
But everyone knew better than to get on a tired kenma’s nerves/ bad side
As much as he loved raising money for the charity and the streaming events, he had been streaming the longest out of the four of them
The playfulness from bokuto and kuroo quickly died down as all four pair of eyes were concentrated on the match, his last match for a bit as he earned his much deserved rest time before starting back up again in a few hours
It didn’t take long before you settled in, melting into his embrace as he sat still like always, concentrated on coming out on top - with a bit of trolling just to make it entertaining
And he had done it. He had met his milestone of winning five games in a row but he couldn’t get off just yet until someone else got on
As the game loaded him back up to the menu, Akaashi and kuroo pulled bokuto up from the couch, the three of them heading back to their room so they could finally stream and give kenma a few hours off
In the meantime, while waiting, he leaned back in his seat, already forgetting about the camera on him, and slipped off his headset and placed them onto the table
A great yawn fell from him as he moved his chair back so he could stretch out his legs and hugged you, squeezing his arms firmly around you
He was so tired, eyes heavy but he stayed awake, just for a few more minutes until someone got on
With you on top of him asleep, you were so warm and comfy, like his personal heater
It only lulled him closer to sleep but finally seeing that his stream paused cause of Akaashi getting on, he had never realized how gracious he was to see the word “pause”
He mustered up all the energy he had and pushed his chair back until the back of it met the long and wide couch
He stood, just so he could pivot and lay the two of you down so you two could finally rest while the stream party went on
Tumblr media
Panel from ch 402! 
The waves slowly came in and out along the sandy shore
The excited voices of Hinata and Kageyama sounded out into the ocean and disappeared while Yachi and Yamaguchi also peppered along with them, playing on the sand court that came along with the airbnb
The six of you took two weeks off during the summer and traveled here to Brazil to visit with Hinata as your guys’ tour guide
It was beautiful and extraordinary here
Tonight was only the first night but you and Tsukishima were especially drained of energy
You all walked and travelled so much, sight seeing already so many of the things that Hinata saw and wanted you all to see too - all hinata could think about was you guys when he was here, mentally noting places where he wanted to take you all
The skies were clear, filled with stars  
Tsukishima looked up to them, occasionally looking down to you cuddled in between his legs, wrapped around his arms that rested on his knees like you were in your own personal basket
Your head rest on his bicep as you rest, slowly recharging yourself already for tomorrow’s adventures to come
Tsukishima sat to the side, not too far from the house but not too close to the others so their playing would disturb you
Sometimes the occasional shout from hinata made him sneer a little as you would stir, almost waking or actually waking and turning onto his other arm
But there was also the heat and you couldn’t bear it anymore
“It’s so hot,” you mumbled, sitting upright so you could lean back into his chest and rest your head on his shoulder
“Do you wanna head back inside then?” He smiled a bit, turning you, looking down to you in his arms as you looked off to the rest of them playing
“Mm-mm, not yet,” you yawned. “But it’s nice here,” you brought his arm to you, hugging it as your hands played with his in your lap
The two of you watched them play, hinata and yams teaching yachi the best she could
Everything about this moment in life, this memory that you two got to live together through right now together felt so comforting
It wasn’t the most perfect but it was close enough
Every now and then, you would turn your head and look up to Kei
He looked down to you and then you would lean close and peck your lips together then turn back
He counted you doing this about three times already, each time being just a few minutes later
But when you stopped, his curiosity peaked
“No more kisses?” He leaned close, now his turn to show his rare affection despite being a just a couple of meters away from everyone else as he gently pressed his lips to your cheek. “Hm?” He hummed
And then leaning forward so he could actually see your face
You were asleep once again, your fingers interlaced with each other, hands resting in your lap and arms hugging his own, your shallow breaths tickling his arm
A smile tugged at his lips as he breathed, pressing kisses to the side of your head and cheeks
But of course, this rare affectionate moment had to be shattered
“AWW, Tsukishima’s actually showing his love for Y/N!” The loud tangerine shouted, of course making you wake up a little before shifting about where you sat, so you turned more towards kei who wrapped his limbs around you a bit more in a protective way unconsciously, almost shielding your ears from the piercing voice of the short man
The shorter one poked the taller one, pressing his buttons annoyingly as he got closer, teasing him since it was obviously known that Kei was more stoic and not the most likely to show any PDA (public display of affection)
But it was true
He opted to show his affection through more practical things like helping you out, bringing you food, things you needed or things you liked than kiss you in public
He didn’t feel the need to show his love and care for you in front of others - he valued your guys’ relationship and he didn’t feel the need to display that to other’s
It wasn’t some kind of show that he needed to show off
It wasn’t long before kageyama joined in with a few comments of his own but Yachi and yams pulled them back, getting them to get back into the game
“How annoying,” he mumbled softly beside you before returning to what he was doing
But this time, making sure that the others didn’t see before he snuck one final kiss to your cheek
Tumblr media
best panel from ch 329 at the very end!! 
The sun was hidden away behind the curtain of heavy clouds as they were on the brink of letting all the rain they held go
His eyes were focused on the screen as he watched the movie, watching each scene with such intensity to truly immerse himself into the film
Occasional rumbles of thunder sounded outside mixed with the occasional low growl from Bo as he played by himself beside the recliner
Kotaro held you close, his arms subconsciously squeezing you against his beefy body as he laid in the recliner with you on top of him, fast asleep
You had dozed off during the movie, feeling the weight of his arms and legs on you, his warmth seeping into your skin easily, unknowingly lulling you deeper and deeper until you were asleep
He was just so focused on the movie, he didn’t even realize you fell asleep until quite a bit later during a slightly boring montage part
He pulled you onto him so you wouldn’t lay on your side in a semi-awkward position, letting you rest on him and didn’t move so you didn’t wake
And it was perfect
Especially since he was a hugger
He hugged you in his sleep and he hugged you while you slept too
As the movie went on, the deeper he was immersed and felt like the two of you were part of the movie too
The fictional movie filled his head with visions as if he were the protagonist protecting his partner, keeping you safe and sound while you slept
And he loved it
He felt so protective over you, not wanting a single thing to happen to you while you slept
With the movie over and the rain pouring outside, his attention shifted right over to you
You laid so adorably with your cheek pressed right into his peck, your lips pursed and slightly agape, hair messy
He just laid there, completely relaxed with your comforting weight on top of him, which even made him lethargic a bit himself
Perfect wasn’t enough to describe this moment and life with you
The longer he looked at you, the further back his memories went, all the way to the day he met you
How nice you looked, but to this day, he couldn’t tell if it was just him or maybe it was even a sign from the universe telling him as it presented you to him that you were the one
You were the one
The one he was meant to meet in this life
“Thank you,” he whispered, practically mouthed to you as he combed his fingers through your hair, pushing it back so he could have a clear view of your sleeping face
“You’re so pretty,” he hummed, smiling like an idiot as his heart grew three times its size, beating like crazy in his ears as his mind replayed memories like a movie in his head
The day he saw you
The day he mustered up the courage alongside support of Akaashi to talk to you
The night he took you out for the first time on a date
The time the fireworks lit up your gorgeous face and eyes as you looked up to them with stars in your eyes
The sound of your voice cheering for him
The feel of your lips meeting
He wanted to feel it again - he always did and he never wanted to not feel this urge, this necessity
You were such a precious life in his
As you repositioned yourself, your turned your head to face the other way when you felt scratches
Bo sniffed your feet before paying the bottom of your bare foot, the suddenness making your heart jump as you pulled your leg closer to you as he whined, wanting to play
“Bo, no, don’t grab,” Kotaro’s voice stern yet hushed at the same time as the white noise of rain was muffled through the walls and windows of the house
Moving as little as possible, Kotaro reached over to the coffee table and grabbed his rope toy, tossing it away, leading the German Shepard to go chase the quieter toy so as to not disturb you
With his pursed a bit cause of Bo scratching your feet, he looked back down to you, eyes widening a little bigger, pupils dilating like a puppy when your sleepy eyes cracked open
“Sorry, go back to sleep, bean,” he whispered, pulling you up closer to him, pressing his lips right to your cheeks as he peppered mini kisses, his lips never leaving your cheek as they found their home right on your face
“Mmhm,” you breathed, closing your heavy eyes once again as you rubbed your face a little against the soft fabric of his sweater
He happily rubbed your back a little before squeezing his arms around you, slowly giving small kisses to your temples, his shower of love lulling you right back to sleep in the comfort his arms
The fuzzy fabric of Kotaro’s hoodie on your body tickled your thighs as it brushed against your legs as you walked downstairs, the strangely quiet living room
Usually you could hear one of your babies - or both of them - crying their hearts out
But nothing
And then you saw him
You saw them
Kotaro laid back in his big, puffy recliner as Bo sat beside him, tail slowly wagging while his head rest on the leg rest beside Kotaro’s thigh
Your guys’ twins each laid on his chest on his pecks as he spooned each of them with his arms as he whispered quietly to their fast asleep selves
“You two are gonna have so much fun growing up…” he whispered, turning his head to look at both of them, showing both of them as much equal attention and love as possible
“We can play volleyball together and bring Bo to the park and play fetch..”
He made a whole list as you stood behind him in the seat as he went on, already clearly envisioning the future as your babies grew up
He was already creating memories and seeing them being made in his he’d in the future
“Mama can bring you guys to my games and when you guys can go on airplanes, we can ride them together as a family - sorry Bo, you can’t come -“ he comedically turned to Bo all of a sudden and whispered to the German Sheppard
“And we can go overseas to my games there too!”
You could practically see the stars in his eyes hearing the excitement ooze from him as he laid there, legs turning in and out playfully like a child
“Ko, they’re only a few months old, remember?” You finally intervened, your voice just as quiet as his as you carefully sat on the arm beside him as he leaned over and rest his head on your thigh, his soft hair tickling you
You combed your fingers through his hair, making small electric chills trickle down his back as he hummed, looking down to the two of them
It was just this sight that flashed him back to the day you two were watching a movie and you fell asleep on him too, the three of your guys’ cheeks squished against his chest the exact same way
“I know, I’m just so excited to do everything,” he smiled, softening under your touch
“Me too, Ko,” you leaned down, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head and his forehead as he looked up, eyes closed with one of the goofiest smiles on his lips  
“Hm,” he hummed, feeling his unwavering love in this bubble
“You really are the one..” He reached up and wrapped his hand around yours, bringing it to his lips as he melted his lips against your honey skin
And it was like it was another sign from the universe or perhaps it was just his immense love for you
But this
It felt so right
Your soul met and touched his in a way no other soul had before in his life
You were truly one of a kind and together, you two brought two new lives into the universe
“I sure hope I am, we’re married and we have twins,” you smiled, leaned down with your noses brushing against each other, lips less than an inch apart, your other hand cupping his cheek
The two of you looked down to your stars that slept on his chest, hearts and minds full with each other, with your guys’ family
And gratitude for the universe for making all the stars align so you two could meet and make this new universe a dream come true
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else! 
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faetarou · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
kei who lets you wear all his clothes, realising that he never liked them as much as he did when you wore them (we are not talking about the matching dinosaur onesies).
kei who has the default smile of a very self-confident smirk, but he smiles genuinely at you – a soft curve of the lips, his eyes crinkling at the corners, no sarcasm to be found, just affection.
kei who pretends to begrudge things like study dates and lunches together in the library, but feels so warm and satisfied when he leans over your shoulder to help you with a question, and you smile at him.
kei who holds your hand under tables, beneath jumper sleeves, in the midst of enormous crowds, because it makes him glad to feel your fingers twined with his.
kei who beats himself up for not being able to express the way his heart races at even a mention of you in words and tries to show it in kisses – slow, desperate, sometimes tasting of salt as he cries.
kei who loves it when you lie on top of him, so he can easily wrap his arms around you and intertwine your legs and know that you're here, you're safe, you're his.
kei who flicks your forehead affectionately, usually with an accompanying comment like "dumbass", every time you say something sentimental, though there's love in his eyes as he does it.
kei who makes endless playlists for you, each song picked so carefully, somehow conveying his love through the array of music so powerfully he can bring you to tears.
kei who reads books and then gifts them to you, his neat handwriting making notes in thee margins and underlining sweet passages with the caption 'this made me think of you'.
kei who shows his love through the little things rather than grandiose gestures, but you can still feel acutely just how much he cares from every brush of his lips.
Tumblr media
࿐ 𝐟𝐚𝐞'𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐭, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐧 !!
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swellsweaters · a month ago
Tsukishima with a fierce but sensitive s/o... They like teasing him back with witty remarks but he suddenly struck an inscurity of theirs (like not being smart bcuz they are having trouble in classes) and they try to play it off as if it's nothing
accidentally bringing up an insecurity of their s/o's
Tumblr media
ft. tsukishima x reader
[ warnings : insecurity+misunderstandings | hurt/comfort+angst to fluff ] a/n : i love ur brain vv much. <33 thank u for ur services — i also changed up my theme a lil, and i plan on adding more soon ! lmk what u think :)
Tumblr media
To say he was used to your quick-witted rebuttals was an understatement - you were well known for your competitive demeanour.
Granted, being rather harsh himself, Tsukki was grateful for your ability to shove an insult right back in his face rather than shy away.
You weren't one to back down from a provocation, and he welcomed that about you, considering it habitually required him.
Thus, he loved the non-stop banter. It was all in the spirit of fun and games, neither of you worried about inadvertently hurting the other's feelings.
Well, at least on the surface.
Classes had been hard for you, assigning homework left and right, offering you no room to catch a breather. You completed the homework to the best of your ability, knowing full well that the questions that had been formatted and selected were meant to examine your knowledge, not hinder it.
You let a loud bout of laughter ring, and not wanting to worry your boyfriend, you kept to yourself, hiding your struggles as well as possible.
It was one day after yet another exam, where you had finally had met your breaking point, after having received a grade that much to hinder your overall average for the subject.
And having that Tsukishima was in the same class, there was little you could do to elude him.
"Y/n," you heard him call, causing you to involuntarily flinch at the sound.
You turned to face your boyfriend, his face adorned with his trademark, cocky smirk, his own paper in hand, and hoped that he hadn't noted your unexpected behaviour change.
Somewhat gulping, you returned his smirk with one of your own, "Hey, get a failing grade yet?" You asked, not so discreetly flipping your own exam over.
He gave you a questioning brow, observing your odd response to his presence. "I'm not the one hiding my score right now," he inquired, watching as you faked a scoff for him, "And no, I didn't, this test was painstakingly easy if you studied. It takes a certain talent to fail that, I mean, unless you tried."
Of course.
How was he, of all people, going to understand?
Tsukki had never gotten a grade below a B - as far as you were concerned - let alone fucking flunk a test. You knew he felt strongly responsible for his grades, and you also knew he worked hard for them.
Who was he to know how this felt?
A sad, unheard chuckle softly breathed past your lips: you should've known.
Of course, it was easy for him.
Trying to ignore the sudden flash of heat licking behind your eyes, you quickly got up and swung your backpack over your arm, making a bee-line for the classroom exit.
Of course, it was easy for everyone else.
You muttered an unintelligible, half-hearted compliment of praise as you shrugged past him, ignoring his alarm when he called out for you.
'Don't cry, don't cry, don'tcryDON'TCRYDON'TCRY.'
You picked up your pace as gentle tears forced their way from your eyes.
The mantra was deafening in your head, almost becoming too overbearing when it blended with the already loud hallway, overflowing with people.
A low sob escaped your mouth when you finally pushed past the horde of students, locking yourself away in a stall, sinking against the bathroom wall to hug your knees to your chest.
How could've lost control so easily?
'Pathetic,' you thought solemnly, a pathetic whimper bubbling in your mouth, 'So pathetic.'
Your quiet sobs instantly ceased, caught within your throat while a new panic took its place - he had followed you. And worse, he had seen you, he must've otherwise-
"I know you're in there... C'mon, get out."
Your silence, you heard, made him sigh audibly loud.
"Are you really going to make me come in?"
Understanding he was merely testing you, aiming to make you return back to class with him, you remained silent and rapidly wiped away at the wetness that coated your cheeks. He wouldn't actually enter, at least, not until you said something to acknowledge him.
Knowing him, he would probably leave you be.
Footsteps could be heard entering the washroom, and you dismissed them, knowing that the people outside would mostly assume that your stall was taken.
You sniffled, heaving out a breathe to re-regulate your shuddered breathing, watching the shadows move underneath the door with little care.
A loud knock on your stall was sounded and you responded with a plain "Occupied", hoping and wishing them gone at your reply.
Though, you noted, that the footsteps did not move from their place by the door, and instead you heard them slide down in front of it.
You froze, unsure of what to do. Had they not heard you? Or maybe they were ignoring you? Mustering up the courage to speak, you cured your legs closer to your chest.
"It- uhm," you stuttered, cursing the shakiness in your voice, "This stall is occupied-"
"I told you, I knew you were in here."
Due to the strange yet comforting familiarity of the voice, your brain quickly pieced it together, "Tsukishima!"
"Surprise," a scoff was muffled from the other side of the door.
"What're you...?" you began carefully, immediately relaxing at the sound of your boyfriend's soft tone.
He shuffled, "I'm- Well, I am-"
You heard him groan, causing you to chuckle at his dismay.
Tsukishima's heart twinged at the sheer amount of sadness that rang out in your small burst of laughter.
"I really did a number on you, huh," he muttered, just loud enough for you to pick up.
You smiled to yourself, "So, that's why you're here?"
"Shut up," he snapped, glad that you weren't in front of him to see the embarrassed flush on his face.
Upon hearing you sniffle, he sighed, running a hand over his mouth, "I'm so sorry, Y/n."
"Hmm? I didn't quite catch that," you teased, trying to lighten the mood, wincing at the sincerity of his voice. The last thing you wanted to finish your breakdown, no less in front of him.
"Then open up the door, idiot."
You let a loud, emotional bout of laughter, "Smooth, real smooth, Tsukki."
He pouted slightly, leaning impossibly closer into the door.
"You don't - and shouldn't - feel inclined to fake a smile, a laugh, or emotions just to appease me, Y/n... I know I'm not the best with this, but please understand that I was totally out of line back in the classroom," he let out a shaky breath, fiddling with his hands and let his head rest against back on the entrance between both your forms. "You're not stupid, and I don't know why I said that to you. But I promise- I promise, I did not mean a word of it."
"..." You opened the door, allowing yourself to smirk at his surprised yelp when he fell back into the stall.
"Yeah, you're forgiven... you klutz."
Tumblr media
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tons-of-vball-huns · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
you honestly could never get enough of this sight - your boyfriend, tsukishima, was conducting a museum tour, enthusiastically (as much as he could be) leading a group of wide-eyed elementary school students murmuring in awe as they explored the dinosaur exhibits. he looked so much softer than he usually did in the past three months; he had a sweet smile on his face, which appeared to be shining so much so that the growing mauve under his eyes due to sleepless nights seemed to disappear, his eyes had an affectionate glimmer to them as he continued on giving dinosaur facts from memory.
Tumblr media
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sakuraa-wtp · a month ago
.˚🔪!┊͙ 𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐤𝐞𝐢 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 ❞
Tumblr media
pairings - tsukishima kei x gn!reader
synopsis - general relationship headcanons
warning - none
✎ He's jealous easily, so if he sees you with another guy, he'll put his arm around your hip.
✎ He likes to kiss you on the forehead before going to train, it's even an obligation.
✎ When you aren't looking at him he will look at you with love and remember how lucky he is to have you and that you just love him for who he is.
✎ He likes to draw lines on your hand.
✎ He lets you wear his glasses, he finds you cute with them.
✎ If you are ever sad or in a bad mood, he gives you his headphones and puts in a playlist that he made just for you.
✎ He likes to put his head on yours.
✎ He flicks you on the forehead after he kissed you.
✎ Arguments with him are always hard, he always has his straight face, he says things he doesn't mean and he often attacks your complexes. He will take several days to apologize, because first he will not understand, then he will question himself, then he will feel bad and finally he will come to see you.
✎ He is not a PDA fan but does it to show who you belong to.
✎ He doesn't dare say it but he loves you more than anything.
✎ If you have anxiety, he always makes sure to let you know that you are loved even if he is not too good at expressing it.
✎ He asks Yamaguchi for advice because he doesn't want to hurt you in his way of being and speaking.
✎ He kisses your nose to get your attention.
✎ He kisses your face when you sleep.
✎ He doesn't dare to say his feelings but once he does, you can be sure that he won't let go.
✎ He can't say no to you, he can't do it, when he sees you asking him for something he finds you adorable and it's beyond his strength to refuse you something.
✎ He prefers to be the big spoon, he likes to make you feel safe.
✎ The first time you played with his hair, he hesitated but fell asleep with a small smile on his face.
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ruetaro · 2 months ago
headcanons about how tsukishima would show off your relationship
genres: sfw, fluff, gn reader
warnings: mild cursing (bc i have a potty mouth)
a lot of people say that tsukishima would be uncomfortable with openly being in a relationship, and i do get that. i think that’s a completely valid interpretation since he’s not open with his feelings.
but,,,,,but can we talk about the possibility of tsukishima flaunting his relationship like the asshole he is? like yeah he’ll probably be hesitant to talk about it at first but he soon realizes, ...oh. i can use this to fuck with people.
it all starts when you pick him up from practice one day. he’s one of the first to leave because he doesn’t want to keep you waiting. after he’s done packing his things and cleaning up, you take his hand in yours and walk away with him.
immediately, his teammates mock him for it. he’s given them so much shit since they’ve met, and they finally have something to tease him about. of course they’d jump on the opportunity to challenge his indifferent, apathetic persona.
the teasing gets to him a little bit, but then he remembers that none of them are in relationships as far as he knows. he smirks at them and says, “you’re acting like a bunch of kids. grow up a little and maybe you’ll finally start dating someone.”
his team just stands there dumbstruck. they have no idea how to get back at him for that since they can’t deny that they’re all single af. and from that point on, tsukishima gets a lot more comfortable with showing off your relationship to them.
he brings up your dates as an excuse to skip out on unimportant meetings, leave practice early, etc. when hinata and kageyama ask him to help them study, he waves them off and says that he’s gonna be busy for the next few days. they’re like “why? are you two just going out on dates again...” “no. but now that you bring it up, maybe we should.”
he calls you on his phone and walks off, but not before hinata and kageyama hear him say, “hey you wanna go on a date sometime soon? we can go out the whole week if you want. hm? nah im not doing anything important.”
he’s not afraid to flaunt the gifts you give him either.
the little snacks you pack in his bag every day? he eats them before and after practice and refuses to share them with anyone.
the new water bottle you got for him? he tells yachi and kiyoko to fill that up instead of one of the yellow water bottles. it does a better job at keeping his water cool, and he likes seeing his teammates fume at his new gift
that matching sweater you bought him? he wears it as pajamas at the tokyo training camp. it protects him from the cold, and he laughs at hinata and kageyama for freezing their asses off and not having partners to pack warm clothes for them.
speaking of the training camp, he calls you every single night so that he can get out of individual practice and whatever late night hangout his team has planned. at this point, tsukishima doesn’t have to explicitly say he’s calling you. when hinata asks him where he’s going so late at night, tsukki just looks at him, smirks with his phone in hand, and walks out the room.
you think it’s kinda funny how he rubs his relationship with you in his team’s faces, but at some point it gets a bit much. you ask him, “tsukki, why do you keep using our relationship to irritate them? is that all it’s good for?”
he’s a bit surprised by your question. of course, he didn’t mean to make you feel that way, and he genuinely does love being with you. he’s just not sure how to express it without hiding behind the persona he’s built up.
so you ask him to try holding your hand in front of his teammates without looking to gauge their reactions or tease them about it. and he does surprisingly well.
you pick him up from practice one day, and he’s the one to ask for your hand. he holds your hand a lot tighter than normal. partially because he’s a bit shy, but mostly because he wants to show you that he doesn’t just think of your relationship as a toy for him.
he doesn’t look at his teammates at all. doesn’t even respond to them complaining that he gets to leave clean-up earlier than they do. all his attention is on you. he asks, “do you still think i’m using our relationship to mock them?”
and you say, “hmm. it’s too early to tell. kiss me in front of them, and i’ll see how i feel.”
tsukishima doesn’t know that you’re half-joking, and his ears turn pink as he starts mentally preparing himself to do it. you feel like you should tell him that you don’t actually expect anything, but you decide not to say anything. it might be fun to watch him try.
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ichigoromi · 5 days ago
𝐁𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 | 𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐊𝐞𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Yooo, hear me out. Giant dino bathing baby dino, isn't it cute?
Pairing (s): Tsukishima Kei (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her) x baby Tsukki!
Genre: fluff!
Warning (s): none!
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Tsukishima will face his first challenge as a father, and it is to bathe his six-month-old baby girl, Ichika.
You guys recently moved into a new house and were going to invite some of your friends and family for the house-warming party.
But you were in charge of picking up the food and had no time to bathe Ichika, so you entrust the job to your husband.
Honestly, you were a little worried since it would be the first time he bathed her without you supervising.
It can't be that hard, right?
Well, it's late to turn back, and you are running late to pick up a couple of things for the new house and some diapers for Ichika.
Meanwhile, Tsukishima preps the small bathtub for Ichika and puts in a few rubber duckies and dinos.
He is nervous because it is the first time to bathe Ichika by himself.
Even though he bathes her multiple times with your supervision, it feels different without you.
It seems like Ichika sense your absence and starts wailing when Tsukishima brings her into the bathroom.
He hushes her and cradles her to his chest, and it does the trick to stop her wailing.
It's time.
He undresses Ichika and lets her dip her feet into the warm water. She giggled and continued to kick at the water. Then he helps Ichika sits in the bathtub, a hand always holding her.
Tsukishima washes her with efficiency as she gets distracted by the toys in the bath.
He gently washes all the soap and plays with her in the warm water. It seems like she enjoys playing in the water with her father.
"Alright, time for you to get out." As if she understood Tsukishima's words, Ichika starts crying and wriggling her chubby body when he dries her off.
"Oh! Look! It's a pretty dress! Let's wear it!" He tries to cheer her up, she won't stop crying.
When he puts her in the dress that you chose, Ichika was still crying. Tsukishima carries her on his chest, trying to soothe her, but she just won't stop crying.
So he had to call you.
After a few rings, you picked up his call.
"Babe, what's wrong? I'm driving back soon; I just picked up the cake. Wait, is that Ichika crying?"
He lets out a deep sigh as he continues to cuddle the baby.
"Yeah, she has been crying non-stop after I took her out of the water. Should I feed her?" He was getting concerned at how long Ichika was crying.
"No need. You know the dinosaur stuffie, give it to her." He was confused, but he grabbed the dino stuffie that he got for Ichika's first month.
With that, he headed to the living room to sit on the lounge chair and cuddles Ichika on his chest.
When she gets her hand on the toy, she stops crying almost immediately.
It works.
Soon, the two of them fell asleep on the lounge chair.
"Oh! Nice timing, Sawamura-san, Suga-san!" You waved at them as you got out of your car.
"Ah, we just arrived and called Tsukishima, but he did not answer his phone, and you arrive right on time." It was not like your husband to not pick up calls, but maybe he just left his phone in the room since he was taking care of Ichika.
You unlock the door and let them into the house first.
The three of you stare at the cutest sight ever, and it is absolutely adorable. You quietly took out your phone and snapped a few pictures.
Tsukishima cuddling Ichika on top of his chest and her clutching on the dino stuffie with her chubby tiny hands.
"Kei, wake up." You poked his cheek, and he woke up, careful to not wake Ichika up.
He passes Ichika over to you with her dino stuffie, and you laid her down in the cot you guys have in the living room.
"Fatherhood has really softened Tsukki..." Suga pretends to wipe a lone tear out of his eye.
"Suga, you're not even his father."
Tumblr media
Tsukki, my moon, my salty fry, it's been a long time! I'm so happy to be writing this, and I hope you enjoy this short yet sweet tsukki content!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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lovelysugawara · 5 days ago
Tsukishima Kei, annoying confession
Since you all like, Tsukki!
-sitting next to tsukishima, you actually felt nervous. You two are alone in the classroom and he’s looking straight at you. -as much as you wanted to know what he would say, you can’t speak of anything. He just stares at you for a good 10 minutes. -”hinata and kageyama said they have a crush on you,” he nonchalantly said. You are amazed by the fact he knew that. When in fact hinata and kageyama made fun of you for having a crush on tsukishima, thus they say they have a crush on you so you don’t have to fall for the blunt blonde. -you just shrugged your shoulders and continued finishing your work. “I don’t know tsukishima-kun, they never told me that.” you even fight back smiling because he’s being hilarious with the question look he has. -he then put both his hands on his chest and rested his back at the wall. “Did you somehow like them too?” -you somehow annoyed at him, “i do like my friends, so i like them.” you saw his eyes rolled back in frustration. He can’t get what he wants to say. -”can you tell me what’s the problem, tsukishima-kun? Are you bothering me now just because shoyo and tobio said they like me?” your nervousness is long gone now. -he looks at you in disbelief, “what? First name basis? I can’t believe it, you called them by their first name, while you call me tsukishima.” -and now you’re lost. Why is he being so irritated about everything? (well y/n, he’s always like that XD) -”i did call them like that since forever, they have been my friends since my first year here. Is it strange?” you calmly said. -”so which one do you like, huh? That stupid king (kags), or that simpleton idiot (hinata)?” he directly asked you about it. -you instantly look at him, “Neither of them! why are you so being mean?” -”are you an idiot?” tsukishima said with an annoying expression. “Of course i need to know because i like you!” -what he said didn’t actually register in your mind at first, you looked at him and you saw him blushing, the same intensity as you. -”tsukishima, I-!” you’re about to answer him but then hinata, kageyama and yamaguchi interfere. -”WHHHHHAAAAAT?” the three of them shouts in unison. -and you just laugh as the three of them continued teasing tsukishima. -as the two of you walking home quietly, you are a bit awkward about his confession that afternoon. You wanted to answer him but didn’t have the courage to talk first. -then you saw his free hand, and the desire to hold it kept on going on in your mind. And since you wanted to answer him, you made up your mind and took the initiative to hold it. -tsukishima suddenly flinches a little and instantly looks at your blushing face. “I can do this whenever I want to my boyfriend, right?” your nervousness almost eats you alive after you said those lines, and you know tsukki is too. -”y-yeah, of course,” you both happily walk towards your new life as a couple. XD
Hallo! Been a while! I'm sorry I've been away. i have to admit that I really struggled a lot since May. I've been gone to take care of my mom since she had a stroke. plus financial is not really good as of the moment. I'm jobless and can't really find a job bcs i need to take care of her.
I once again posting my Kofi here. I will appreciate any amount you’ll give me to get through this pandemic and for my mom's need.
And you can request anything you want me to write and will post it right away. Thank you so much guys! ^^ See you in my next post.
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sunasbabie · 9 months ago
pairings: tsukishima x reader, sakusa x reader & iwaizumi x reader
genre: fluff
prompt: i’m going to marry you one day
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
“can i come over?”
this was the message you received from your boyfriend not even 5 minutes ago. you knew he had training with his team since they made it to nationals once again which was no surprise since they had always worked hard to get to where they were now.
“sure, but can you bring some ice cream over” you replied
“whatever, be there in 10”
you shrugged your shoulders knowing that he would buy it for you.
he arrived 10 minutes later as he said holding a plastic bag and assuming that it was your ice cream you paused the movie that you were watching and made grabby hands at him specifically the plastic he was holding. he chucked it to you “here” and you squealed.
you invited him to sit on the couch with you to watch the movie that was playing on the tv. he took a seat beside you and you resumed the movie.
at one point while rewatching your favourite movie you said “ugh he’s just so dreamy, i’m going to marry him one day”
“tch no you’re not” you looked at him offended “you don’t know that kei, who knows he might see me and fall in love with me” you said cheekily.
tsukki shook his head “you’re not going to marry him because i’m going to marry you one day”
you looked at him and smirked “is that so?”
“ugh you’re annoying”
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa was not in a good mood and you knew that but you also knew that he needed you with him since you were the only person that sakusa would let get close to him in times like this.
they had just lost their match at nationals due to their captain who was their setter being injured but that wasn’t why they lost, the other team was just simply better than him. so you were providing sakusa with some company in his room the day he got home from nationals.
“you know it’s not your fault, you all did your best, it wasn’t iizuna’s fault that he got injured.” you said as you stroked his back.
“i know, i just wish i could have done more you know”
it was unusual to see sakusa like this, he was usually always so confident with himself, never letting anything get to him. maybe their loss took a bigger toll on him than you had imagined.
“look you still have one more year to play and win nationals, with a little more hard work i’m sure you guys can win the whole thing. and you know what?” he looked at you “i’ll be with you through every step of the way. win or lose, because i love you kiyoomi”
he cupped your face with one hand while the other stoked your hand, he gave you a soft kiss and pressed your foreheads together, “i know, i love you too y/n and i’m going to marry you one day”
you were shocked at his declaration, you knew sakusa would never say anything he didn’t mean but this was absolutely shocking to hear. sakusa wanted to marry you?
“are you sure though? i’m really annoying and i tend to get messy sometimes” you pulled away from him when you said this
“tsk, i wouldn’t be dating you if i had no intentions of marrying you, you know”
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
it had been a long and hard day training the national team and trying to fix whatever problem they had going on with their body. all hajime wanted to do was to go home maybe get a massage on the way and lay in bed with you.
something about this day really drained him, maybe it was bokuto and hinata’s overly active activities or how kageyama would sometimes hit hinata with the ball and how atsumu would piss aran off by talking his ear off.
when he had left the gym he tried finding a place that was still open that offered massages but he was unlucky all the places that were near him were already closed, so he had no choice but to go home and just get some rest for another day with the team.
when hajime entered your apartment you immediately saw how tired he was.
“you want me to fix you up some food?”
he shook his head only wanting to lay down with you. after he showered he immediately plopped down on the bed ready to sleep but you hauled him to sit up, he groaned but eventually obliged. you started to massage his shoulders and he groaned at the feeling of his muscles starting to relax.
“i’m going to marry you one day.” he said to you.
you laughed at this “all because of a massage? wow i must be that great”
“yeah, yeah you are” he hummed.
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tsukkicansteponmeperiod · 5 months ago
Telling their S/o they're being clingy
Tumblr media
Warnings: some cursing not much tho and a little angst
Genre: Hurt comfort
Tsukishima x reader
Inspo: @kybabi
A/n: My grammar sucks 🥲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• He's usually not a clingy person and not big on pda but behind doors, he'll let you be cuddly and lovey with him
• of course with complaints but he doesn't push you away though
• But today everything seems to be aggravating Tsukishima and honestly, he just wanted to be left alone
• But you didn't know that
• On your end, your day hasn't been going on to well either and all you wanted is to be in Tsukki's arms
You sigh taking your shoes off noticing that Tsukki's shoes were already there placed nicely against the wall. You were happy that your boyfriend was home already and was excited to finally see him. After a long day of being at work and dealing with rude people you just wanted to be in Tsukki's arms.
You spotted Tsukki on the couch watching a documentary of some sort on T.V. You made your way towards him plopping yourself next to him.
"Hey, baby how was your day," You ask gently poking his arm. You didn't get any response from him, his eyes still focus on the T.v screen.
Usually, he would make a comment about his day or go on and tease you about something, but his brows were furrowed and his lips were in a form of a frown. You were a little worried now because you could see something was bothering Tsukki and don't know exactly what.
Tsukki usually loves when you're around but he just wanted to be left alone right now and just want you to go for a while, so he could have some time to put his thoughts together.
"Hey are you-" You were trying to cup Tsukki's face so he could look at it but was cut off when shoved your hands away.
"God y/n can you not be so clingy all the time." He said abruptly getting up as he makes his way to the bedroom leaving you behind and alone.
That night you both slept on y'alls shared side of the bed no cuddling like you usually do. You couldn't help think 'maybe I am too clingy' 'did I made him feel uncomfortable'
Tumblr media
Later that day you were in the kitchen trying to fix some food for yourself when you heard the door open and close, indicating that Tsukki had just got back home from practice. He made his way to the kitchen seeing that the light was on wondering why you weren't at the door to greet him like usual. When he got there you didn't acknowledge him in any way opting to ignore him.
"Hey", Tsukki said standing there awkwardly shifting a little.
"Hey", You responded not even turning to glance at him.
"How was your day", you just shrugged for response grabbing your food and tries to make your way out of the kitchen, but before you could successfully make your way out of the kitchen Tsukki, gently grabbed your arm.
"Hey wait, what's wrong with you today," Tsukki asks his face contorted in confusion.
"What's wrong with me?"
"Yeah, you've been acting not yourself", At that moment you just snapped yanking your arm from out of his grip.
"What's wrong with me!?? I thought this is what you wanted. You were the one who told me I was being too clingy yesterday when I was trying to comfort you so I decided to give you some space because I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable, but when I do I get told that I'm not being myself. Honestly Kei I don't know what you want from me." Angry tears started to fill your eyes as you furiously try to wipe them away.
The memories of what Tsukki said to you and how he treated you came flooding back to him. He could feel guilt seeping through him he didn't mean what he said to you. Before he could respond to you, you were already trying to move past him mumbling how stupid this was and how he should forget you said anything to him.
Before you could fully make it past him, Tsukki grabbed your arm gently pulling you back to him. His arms carefully wrap around you giving you a small squeeze before placing his head on top of yours
"I'm sorry. I know I'm not good at expressing my feelings all the time and on that day I was aggravated and took out my anger on you and I shouldn't have done that and I know me apologizing doesn't take back what I said and you have every right to be upset with me but just know I didn't mean what I said earlier" You could feel Tsukki arms tighten around you ever so slightly as you think over your thoughts trying to form a response through your hazy tears leaving the air filled with silence.
"I-it just hurts. I was just trying to make sure you were ok and you just snapped at me I just–" A sob erupted you shaking your body slightly as you grip Tsukki's shirt.
"I know. I know. I'm sorry" Tsukki said gently, rubbing circles into your back.
"I'll do better"
There was just a moment of silence with your small sniffles and Tsukki just holding you tight.
"I love you," he says hoping maybe you'll say it back.
"I love you too you idiot," You said laughing slightly
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kiwikyuu · 9 months ago
━━━━━━━ clingy boyfriend!tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
summary — yes, that's right you heard it here first... tsukishima kei is actually a very clingy boyfriend
word count — 481
genre — headcanon ; fluff
warning(s) — skinship, suga bonks the first years so daichi doesn't roll over in his grave, death in a figurative sense, cursing, not edited
a/n — tsukki stans always got my back so wassup everyone! today we have clingy boyfriend tsukki uwu(^O^☆♪
Tumblr media
hohoho i'm excited... let's get started!
when you first started dating, you would have never guessed it considering that homeboy would literally glare at anyone who came within his bubble of personal space
"hinata i swear to god if you try to high five me i'll—"
"yamaguchi, you're too close to me... very uncool..."
but oh when y'all finally got together (after months of pining at that), tsukishima gave it a week or two before giving into his clingy behavior
"tsukki, you're holding my hand..."
"yes y/n i'm aware."
*internally screaming*
maybe it was something about you in particular but tsukishima could not get enough of it all
your looks
your smell
your touch
just everything
this man is as whipped as cream and even if you didn't know it you did he was wrapped around your finger
*cue hinata and kageyama teasing tsukishima only for yamaguchi to hold him back before he rips their heads off*
*in the distance daichi is about to bust a mf lung as he holds in his yelling while sugawara, laughing, skips over to them all to deliver a deft blow to the head*
whether it be just holding hands while you're walking or an elbow touching yours as you two sit in the library doing work, tsukishima is always connected to you somehow
"tsukki, babe, i need to finish my homework by the end of today and i can't do that if you keep holding onto me."
"y/n just a little longer."
"i missed you..."
"i literally saw you ten minutes ago..."
honestly it's pretty cute but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming and tsukishima knows so he gives you alone time to recover? from all the pda
ex: you, kinda exhausted, finds a note on your workbook once you're home that reads 'take time for urself it's okay i'll be fine. love u and see u tmr nerd'
also! tsukishima never oversteps his boundaries! he knows what isn't okay and what you're comfortable with because we drink respect people juice in this household!
like if you don't like him pulling you onto his lap he won't ever do it or if you tell him you don't feel comfy with him touching certain parts of you like your neck then he won't ever going forward
out of all the types of skinship he can have with you, i like to think that tsukishima enjoys back hugging you the most
something about wrapping his arms around your waist while resting his head against yours or your shoulder depending on your height hits different for him
he likes that he can almost encase your body with his because it makes him feel like he can protect you
he's just overall very comfortable with you and loves being around you
basically tsukishima kei is a mf clingy bastard and you love him for it uwu
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realweebgirlshit · 3 months ago
Akiteru has probably hid behind a corner to scare his brother and recorded this reaction over and over because his stoic little brother will never admit that he actually gets scared:
Tumblr media
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megumifushigirosgf · 3 months ago
haiii is it okay if you write for tsukishima with an s/o thats childhood bestfriends with eachother thanks
yeahh! thanks for your request haven't wrote for tsukishima in so long also idk if u wanted to lovers but i added a few more at the end just in case :))
childhood best friends with tsukishima - hcs
gn reader | sfw | fluff | just very sweet
Tumblr media
tsukishima and yours parents went to university together and are really good friends, which somehow ended up in you too being neighbours and the best-est of friends
from a young age, tsukishima was like a brother to you, you found yourself spending way more time with him than anyone else
you guys had sleep-overs where you tried to stay awake all night but knocked out after 1hr
you guys ended up going to the same elementary, middle and high school
your friendship is very precious to eachother bc both of you know and have seen stuff about eachother that no-one else knows or will ever know of
you were there when tsukishima started playing volleyball, as much as you didn't understand what he liked about it, you enjoyed helping him practice. and when the whole situation with his brother happened, he shut every single person out except you and i'm pretty sure if it wasn't for you he would've dropped volleyball
its hard for him to open up about stuff in general but whenever he talks to you he finds it just slipping out
high school was you, tsukishima and yamaguchi as a trio, and as much as you miss it being just you and kei it wasn't so bad having yamaguchi around
you three where the elite trio and did anything and everything together
we all know tsukishima's personality is just very salty and mean, but towards you he's somewhat sweet and it's hilarious because the way he acts with you is a full 180º from how he acts with any of the other first years
he finds himself being quite protective but not in a suffocating way but just an older sibling
tsukishima as a best-friend loves gossiping and chatting shit: 85% of your conversations are just gossip but it's always so fun with him
i feel like he loves tagging you in tiktok's... but way too much honestly all your notifications are 'keitsukishim4 tagged you in'
a texter who never misspells anything and never answers facetimes
you guys have probably not hugged once in your entire friendship and tsukishima doesn't plan on it any time soon
i can see you guys being really good friends even into the farrr future, like little lunch dates and cheering him on in his games.
your bond is unbreakable no matter what he always seems to be the tsukishima kei who lives next door
you guys are soulmates
to lovers from here
your song: untitled - rex orange county
i think tsukishima was the first one to catch feelings, and it was pretty early on. he fell in love with the person you made him feel and then he fell in love with you
as much as this man sucks at emotions his crush on you is painfully obvious... his whole team knows and yamaguchi and hinata are constantly teasing him
he gets flushed whenever your name gets brought up and whenever he's with you he is almost always fiddling with his fingers
yamaguchi is the only person who knows about your crush on him, and he swears never to tell but the amount of times he nearly slipped up is comedic
sometimes yamaguchi will just leave in the middle of a conversation with an excuse hoping that you guys will finally confess but when you guys both realise what he's doing neither of you can form a full sentence
its funny because you guys have been friends for 15 years and just now you suddenly you have nothing to say,
and even though he's seen your face countless times before every time he sees it now its like he's meeting you for the first time
i think there's something in tsukishima's brain just clicks and he just confesses out of nowhere, its happy and embarrassing and you start laughing, this just makes him so confused and you ask how long has he liked you and he says "i don't know it just happened but definitely longer than i knew"
you guys make a really cute couple nonetheless
heres the hcs for a relationship with tsukishima
Tumblr media
i miss haikyuu...
i hope whoever requested this enjoys it and i'm painfully sorry it took me this long
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swellsweaters · 4 months ago
haikyuu!! drabbles ~ when he wants attention
tsukishima x reader
[WARNINGS : fluff | tsuki] || WC : 0.4k, 1.4pgs.
A/n: i am in love with him. <33
Tumblr media
You sighed, letting your textbook drop onto the desk with a loud flop. Running your hands through your scalp, you let out a long exhale, releasing all the tension you had piled in your body the past few hours.
It had become a familiar routine. With finals week coming up around the corner, you had no time to slack off, even if you wanted to. You really needed this grade...
"You done yet?" Turning to face your asshole of a boyfriend you nodded in confirmation, watching his eyes fill with relief.
"Good," he grumbled, sitting up from the comfort of your bed, tossing his headphones off to the side, "About time you paid attention to me."
You rolled your eyes at his comment, though not stopping the small smile that upturned your lips.
Yawning tiredly, you allow him to drag you back to the comforter, fully aware of what he wanted. Tsukishima wasn't wrong when he said you hadn't been paying him much attention - the blonde was smart and worked hard throughout the school year for his grades, so he felt more than prepared for the upcoming exams. You, on the other hand, started kicking into third gear right around exam season
Of course, he was helping in the ways he could, but that didn't mean he thoroughly enjoyed it. At all.
Most of the time, he let you do your thing, him on standby whenever you had a question or for another opinion. At first, he didn't mind it - Tsukishima liked to see the look of concentration written all over your face while you studied - though, he was used to your doting on him. Now that he was without the affection, he couldn't lie to himself and say that he was fine.
To be entirely honest, the poor boy was dying without your closeness.
"Lay down," he commanded quietly, waiting impatiently for you to do as he told you to. Shrugging nonchalantly, you complied.
Tsukishima huffed, flopping ungracefully on your body, "C'mere..." The male pulled himself flush against your body.
You couldn't help but chuckle as he buried his face into your side, cuddling you ad close as humanly possible.
Gently caressing his head, you ran your fingers soothingly through his hair, making him shudder at the contact, "Someone missed me, huh~" You said playfully, taking full advantage of the situation to tease him.
He only grumbled and held you tighter in response.
"I love you," you grinned, brushing his hair from his forehead. Leaning over, you pressed a chaste kiss to his head, letting a soft grin spread on your features.
"Love you too, nerd."
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pies-writes-and-more · 8 months ago
Tsukishima headcanons that maybe one day I’ll turn into a fic
ya girl woke up with some Tsukishima love this week so here are some random headcanons i thought of today! enjoy!
Tumblr media
(Not my gif, creds to the original creator!!)
The first time he hears you sing he is bright fricken red
He loves music, we knew this
But despite listening to countless songs, having numerous albums and playlists saved for different situations
Had ever come close to sounding like heaven like you did just then
He wasn’t even fully sure what song you were playing
He had heard you hum it before so he assumed it was something you liked
So of course this sneaky bitch is gonna record you while also pretending like he doesn’t give a shit about what’s happening around him
You only find out later cause Yamaguchi comes up to you saying your voice is soooo good
And you’re like um sir pardon me wtf you talking about
Then Yamaguchi proceeds to tell you how Tsukishima had made that recording of your voice both his ringtone and his alarm to wake up to
Even tho Tsukishima’s phone was normally on vibrate only, but he had left his ringer on by mistake and Yamaguchi heard it and dIED
You go to confront Tsukishima about it and he’s just like “so what, I love you and whatever”
But his ears are all red because a) he loves you and he’s still not over the fact that he gets to say that and you actually say it back to him
And b) he got caught and it’s embarrassing 😂
So yes Tsukishima loves very silently LOL
Like how he knows when you’re getting hangry
He thinks it’s fucking hilarious, watching this sweet innocent face turn into a fucking demon because she needed to have some pizza in her tum
And no I’m not writing this because I’m hangry rn how dare you
He keeps snacks and shit that you like in his bags or pockets just in case he sees you getting upset
But he won’t give them right away because Tsukishima is a certified Asshole
“God can you please stop fucking tapping your pencil? How is anyone supposed to focus with you tapping?” You’d say whilst trying to study but like the echoing of that tapping sound? Infuriating
He’d just smirk, his mind noting that it’d been way too long since you guys last ate anything and thinking about the bento boxes he had packed just in case
“Aw am I bugging you, princess?” He’d say in his annoying (but like highly attractive??? Somehow???) fake sympathetic voice, scoffing at you.
“I will beat your ass, butthead.”
To which he would just laugh and pull out his little bento box for you
That’s when you’d realize you were hungry and just annoyingly stuff your face with the food, “I’m still annoyed at you though, Stupid-shima”
“Sure you do”
5 seconds later you’re doing a little happy dance because the bento is so good
And Tsukishima rolls his eyes but ugh you’re so cute he can’t handle how much he loves you
Time skip Tsukishima has this plan that if he ever makes a discovery or gets to name some dinosaur artifact or bone or something, he would name it after you
He’s never actually told anyone that but he’s got wastebaskets full of potential scientific-sound names that go with your name
I also feel like ????? Time skip Tsukishima???? Might wear a pocket watch? I don’t think he got it himself, you probably did or Yamaguchi did
But he keeps a photo of you in there, a photo from your guys’ first date or a pic of you two, or even just a picture that you don’t even know he has
(Again Tsukishima is such a sneaky bitch)
Okay okay I think that’s all I got right now but I just needed to put these out there because I am: in love with this salty bean pole 💕 Let me know what you guys think!! would love to hear from yall :) also, if you have more to add???? Pls do??? i love hearing what other ppl’s headcanons are haha
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elysianslove · 9 months ago
umm hi! i just binge read your writings and im super in love with it 🥺 if you don’t mind, can i request a hc with osamu, sakusa, and tsukki where they have a nonchalant, very chill, s/o who is unbelievably clumsy and funny once you get past their poker face and intimidating aura? like for some reason people are wary of them but they’re just vibing so they only have a tight grp of friends and how a confession would go?? hehe thank u!! <3
thank you so much omg <333 and i hope you enjoy!! i’m on some osamu and sakusa brainrot rn so this was nice hehe
Tumblr media
miya osamu 
i honestly think that’s very similar to osamu himself! 
you can see that he’s relatively quiet and chill, but in the sense that he’s really intimidating because he has a very unbothered, expressionless face most of the time, but considering who his twin is, i don’t doubt that at his core he’s very childish when he wants to be. like i can see him as someone that says a lot of dad jokes and has really stupid humor he just snorts to himself all the time he just doesn’t show it outwardly
i love the idea of osamu knowing you just barely, having heard about you, but not in detail. and he sees you around with the same people, or else you’re just hanging by yourself. he admires you, in a way. 
until one day you cross paths, and you literally trip over air and into his arms, and it’s honestly something straight out of a stupid romantic drama how you take him down with you
you start profusely apologizing and it’s honestly a little amusing to him how you’re so flustered. he thinks it’s kind of cute
so, as one does, he extends a hand for you to shake, and introduces himself
he doesn’t cross paths with you as often as he grows to realize he wants to, but he starts noticing you a lot more. noticing how you’re the loudest in your group, how you consistently seem to always trip, how a frown on your face isn’t as common when he really focuses
he learns, through observing you, that there is so much more to you than what seems
i don’t see osamu as someone that deliberately goes out of his way to get his crush to notice him. i think he’d be more of a go with the flow type of person, where he just lets it happen
as in, he will only confess if the opportunity presents itself, but he won’t go out searching for that opportunity 
and what if that happens when you trip around him again and end up falling on top of him, the same way you’d first met, and as you’re about to lift yourself up, osamu goes, “go out with me?” before he could even think and he sees and feels you freeze and your eyes widening in shock
and he’s too far in to get nervous now, right?
he loves you as his s/o, how you’re both so similar but different in your own ways. and he especially loves the intimidation aspect, just,,, really amused him hehe
sakusa kiyoomi 
i think sakusa would know you a little more, and that’s because you can both often be found in the same place, especially in school
he sees you spending time with a close knit group of people, but otherwise, you’re in the library with him, or in a secluded part of the school, and you’re not talking, but just sitting in comfortable silence. he’ll offer you hand sanitizer, and you’ll let him borrow your notes if you need them
it’s just serene you know?
with how quiet you are around him, i think he’d assume, just like everybody else, just how intimidating you are. he wouldn’t find you intimidating himself, but he’ll see where people are coming from. at least, for a short while. but he doesn’t mind it. if anything, he respects how you’ve managed to have people learn of your boundaries and be mindful of crossing them
he’d most likely develop a liking towards you because of those small interactions you have with him every other day. he doesn’t think much of it, since sakusa doesn’t really interact with other people. but he can tell that, you know, he’s grown from being weirded out by your presence to not minding it to actually, sort of, kind of looking forward to it
i don’t think sakusa would even consider confessing. i think he’d see having a crush as just another every day thing, something that’ll pass over time and shouldn’t really require much of his attention. until, it starts to get bad, and he realizes just how deep he is. i’m talking he can’t look you in the eye because it makes him feel nauseous type of crush 
so he’d confess, to just get it out of the way, maybe even to push you away
when you sit by him in the library, he turns to you, takes in a deep breath and goes, “i think i like you.” and then he just turns to his work like he didn’t just send you into cardiac arrest 
when it’s awkwardly silent for a little too long, and sakusa confirms to himself that you don’t feel the same and this crush really was a waste of time, he prepares himself to leave. until you say, really loudly, too loud that the librarian glares and hushes the two of you, “you what?” 
he’s so,,, shocked at the sudden shift in your personality he’s like where’d the scary you go tf 
but, it really doesn’t throw him off, not like he imagined it would. he really loves that you’re not as you appear, but that there’s depth to you, and that he doesn’t know you as much as he thinks he does, and that there’s more to learn about you. 
he just. thinks you’re adorable :) in every way :) 
tsukishima kei 
honestly? tsukki probably has liked you for the longest time but he just expressed it as hate, cause that’s the way i’d see tsukki expressing his love towards someone. or maybe he liked you so much he hated you, that could be probable too, tbh
he was really into the fact that you were so intimidating and that you radiated it so much that people just left you alone. like he admired the fact that you mostly kept to yourself and to your small group of people 
but all this also annoyed him so much too. like how dare you be all what i’m attracted to in a person? 
and when he saw the second, deeper side of you, the realer side of you, watched you clumsily trip over your own words, watched you as you laughed at the stupidest of jokes, watched as you livened up your group the moment you approached them, he figured that this would be it. it would be his red flag, what finally throws him off and turns his feelings for you down
but if anything, it just made it a lot worse. he began to like you even more 
which just made him all the more hostile towards you, unabashedly so. he’s never been one to hold back on his teasing and tormenting, and you’re not about to become an exception 
and it continues on like this for the longest time, him pushing you away whenever he can, until you finally snap 
maybe it happens with the two of you ending up accidentally locked in a storage room somewhere in school. you text a friend to ask them to look for a teacher, but you end up having to wait much longer than anticipated, and he says something that makes you break, just tearfully and angrily turning to him and asking him what the hell his problem is, why he’s so rude to you
he hadn’t expected this reaction from you. if anything, he’d expected you to be the exact same way everyone else made you out to be
but seeing the way your eyes teared up, a confused and angry expression on your face, he,,, he deflated. he’s instantly filled with regret, and he inwardly cringes, because this backfired, and it backfired badly, on him
he doesn’t reply to you after you yell at him, and it just ends up being really, really quiet in the room as you wait for your friend to get a teacher to come unlock it 
until, really, really quietly, in a low voice, to your surprise, he apologizes 
when you don’t reply, he repeats it, and adds, “i just — liked you a little too much. and i didn’t know how to — deal with it.”
and all you take from that is, “liked?” 
he has to scoff. “like,” he corrects. 
you learn overtime that that really is tsukki’s way of expressing his love, and just as he accepts you for all you are, you accept him just as much, regardless
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ruetaro · 2 months ago
tsukishima with a short s/o headcanons
warnings: none
genre: fluff, gender neutral reader
notes: i....i’m halfway through season 3 already and i have a lot of feelings about him, so here you go. watch me simp. is this post self-indulgent? yes. am i embarrased? a little bit. am i still going to humiliate myself on this site? yes but begrudgingly
tsukishima doesn’t outwardly mock you for your height. he thinks he’s way too mature for that, but this little bastard still finds ways to tease you about it
sometimes he’ll see you struggling to reach for something on the top shelf. instead of helping you right away, he’ll just stand back and watch you for a minute longer
you: are you gonna help me out, or are you just gonna keep standing there?
tsukishima: hm? oh sorry. it’s been a while since i’ve seen you try so hard for something. it’s cute
he’d say all that with his signature shit-eating grin too. this jerk was having fun watching you struggle
with enough complaining on your end, he’ll finally get whatever you need from the top shelf, but he’ll keep an iron grip on it until you properly thank him
tsukki’s not a big fan of carrying you. he considers it a form of pda which makes him uncomfortable, and he doesn’t see the need to do it when you two are home. however, he eventually becomes curious to see how light you’d feel in his arms.
one day, he sees you struggling to reach for the top shelf again. instead of watching you like he normally does, he grabs your waist and lifts you from behind. he figured it’d be easy since you’re so small, but he’s still surprised at how light you really are
he actually likes the feeling of lifting you up and starts doing it whenever you need help reaching something. it’s hard to get used to at first. you know how tsukki feels about physical touch, so you’re a bit surprised whenever he suddenly carries you
eventually, you learn to expect it. you actually devise a little system where you’ll say “tsukki, up” and he’ll come over to lift you
tsukishima: “tsukki, up” are you a child? speak in full sentences
you: psh, i know you like it
he does but he won’t tell you that
he likes putting his hand on your head, both in a condescending and endearing way.
if you’re upset with him over something stupid, he’ll pat your head as if you’re an angry dog and jokingly tell you to calm down. it only makes it worse, and he knows that. he thrives off of it
but if you’re genuinely upset about something, he’ll rest his hand on your head and massage it in slow circular motions. his hands can be surprisingly warm sometimes, and it calms you down
you: can you rub a bit slower?
tsukishima: oh, so now you like head pats?
you: shut up. don’t ruin the moment
your height difference made kissing a bit awkward at first. in order for your faces to meet, tsukki either has to bend down or you have to be elevated somehow. the latter isn’t always feasible, so you normally depend on tsukki to close the gap between the two of you.
having tsukki bend down isn’t such a big deal, but he was really really bad at reading your signals early in your relationship. tsukki may be observant and analytical during volleyball games, but his awkwardness gets in the way of figuring out when you want a kiss from him
when you first started dating, you had to straight up tell him whenever you wanted a kiss. it’s nerve-wracking enough to initiate physical contact with him, but straight up telling him that you want one makes it feel like you’re begging
and ngl that kinda awoke something in him...
over time, he gets better at reading your attitude and doesn’t need you to tell him when you want a kiss, but he still likes hearing you say it. he won’t bend down to give you one until you tell him straight up like you used to
if you refuse to say it he’ll either a) walk past you and pretend that he’s not interested in kissing you anymore (he still is) or b) he’ll tell you to jump for it. (you may or may not have tried option b in the past, and humiliated yourself that way). either way, you’ll most likely end up just asking him for a kiss and he wins.
but there is a way around begging for it. all you have to do is rest your head against his chest, hold his index finger in your hand, and tell him “tsukki, please don’t do this right now”
he melts on the spot and gives in
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ichigoromi · 2 months ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐮𝐩 𝐜𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩 | 𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐊𝐞𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Is there something wrong with me? Why do I like writing about crying? I mean, I have been crying for the past two weeks cause I was stressed about school.
And, yeap, it's Tsukki.
He may be salty, but when it comes to you, he can be soft.
I love y'all; this is for my salty moon giant lovers.
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning (s): mentions of death (in dreams).
a/n - I wrote this at 2 in the morning because my arm was hurting from the second dose of vaccine...
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Tsukishima's arms were loosely wrapped around your waist, and your head resting comfortably on his chest.
It was a cold winter night, and you fell asleep while watching the movie.
Lying on his chest, and you can hear clearly his heart beating smoothly, lulling you to a deep slumber.
It was a good sleep until it wasn't.
Your brows furrowed in distress, and your breaths became shallow.
Before you know it, you jolt up in your sleep and burst into tears.
Tsukki too immediately sat up too.
You were clutching onto his shirt tightly and crying against him.
He was alarmed.
"I'm here, baby. Deep breaths. Come on, follow me." He guides you gently, and you try your best to follow him.
It was too real, and you were scared.
"Kei, it was so real. You were dead! I couldn't believe it, and no one could hear me..." When you recount the dream again, you start crying again. He pulls you into his chest and gently rocks you in his arms.
He never seems you so fragile and small in front of him, but he was glad that he was here to comfort you.
"Dummy, I'm still here, aren't I? So, why are you so scared? Hmm?" He reassures you and kisses your cheeks in hopes to cheer you up.
But, you pouted sulkily and shook your head.
" can't leave me, okay? Promise me, Kei. Don't leave me." You held up your pinkie, and he linked his with yours and locked it with a kiss on your lips.
"Now, shall we go back to sleep?" You nodded your head meekly, and he wrapped his arms around you, and you settled comfortably on his chest again.
---The Next Morning---
Tsukishima was up early, preparing breakfast for the two of you. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and you would not let him go.
After that scary dream, you have been clinging to him.
"Baby, can you let go of me for a moment? I need to prepare for the rest of the meal." You shook your head and pouts.
"Sweetheart, please?" You reluctantly let go of him and decided to stand at the kitchen entrance to let him do his magic in the kitchen.
Seeing how you were so clingy to him, it was a new side of you that he discovered, and he finds you adorable.
"Now, stop whining and eat your food." He places down the plates of food on the table.
You pointed to your lips, and he leans down to kiss your lips before sitting down to dig in his food.
It was a dream, after all, and his love for you is a dream come true.
Tumblr media
Y'all! I wrote this on a whim; that's why it's so short! Hope y'all enjoy a softie Tsukki! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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fairydollsteps · 5 months ago
Affection with Tsukishima
Y/n: *kisses Tsukishima's cheek*
Tsukishima: *scoff* What's that?
Y/N: Affection.
Tsukishima: Disgusting.
Tsukishima: ...
Tsukishima: Do it again.
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hajilvr · 4 months ago
a/n;; i cant explain how good corn flakes are omg
ok this mf is so big on his pride and doesn’t want anyone to know  that the pet name “pretty boy” affects SO MUCH but you’re not fooling anyone kei babe
like you both two were both on his bed snuggled close to each other and sharing  earbuds with each other listening to music
Before you were able to cuddle with him it took soo much convincing ugh
“kei you know you want to be next to me just as much as i do”
this tsundere tried to deny that he wasn’t THAT DESPERATE (he was)
anyways back to the present
you smirked as you turned to face Kei, knowing that your teasing was about to begin
kei sensed your stare on him and turned to face you wondering what all your staring was about
you cupped his face and looked deep into his eyes and softly smiled “kei, my pretty boy”
He gasped and turned away from you the tip of his ears turning crimson red
“you are such a teasing brat..”
let's just say that your way of flustering kei every time
a round of applause to you sweetie
ughh my fav haji <3
you were in between hajime’s thighs and he was patting your head while talking to you
you were nestled between Hajime's thighs, and he was talking to you about a new action movie that is soon to come out while stroking your head
you were staring up at him, carefully listening to what he was saying, and telling him that you two should go see the movie when it comes out
you were holding his other free hand while rubbing your thumb along his rough skin
you pulled on his tie to signal to come closer to you
him chuckling on your gesture he leaned down to look at you
and you whispered to his ear “you are my pretty boy, haji”
he drew back and said, "is that so?"
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