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#tsukishima scenarios
akaashis-notebook · 20 hours ago
(From this prompt) - and yes all my Tsukki fluff starts with angsty one liners lmao
Tumblr media
“Get out.”
Pausing in the doorway with a teacup and a serving of strawberry pastries, you blink at Kei. “I don’t think I will.”
“I don’t want to see you.”
“You don’t want me to see you,” you correct gently. “But you need to eat something, Kei, and it might as well be this.”
“You’re glad to see me, I know you are.”
“No. I can’t believe Akiteru gave you his spare key.” Kei takes the offering out of your hands anyway, leaving your hands to flutter into the pockets of your jeans.
“Okay, so you’re not happy to see me. You’re very happy to see me. I have brought you sustenance and drink; feel free to thank me any time.”
“Shut the fuck up.” He retorts, slicing into the pastry with the fork you’d brought and holding it up to you. “Sorry. You know I’m trying.”
Biting the sugary treat off his fork, you eye him carefully. “I know.”
Kei slices another bit for himself. Thoughtfully, he chews. “I’m scared.”
“This being a mistake. Or- well- I don’t know what I want more. Volleyball or…. Not volleyball.”
Kei offers you another bite. You’d turn it down because this is defeating the purpose of bringing it to him in the first place, but that would ruin the rhythm he’s just gotten into.
“Is there something wrong with having both?”
“It takes up too much time. I don’t have time for you.” Realizing what he’s said, he backtracks a little. “No, wait. I want time for you. I’m just afraid I’ll forget.”
“You won’t forget, Kei. I send SOS signals every time I feel even slightly neglected. Which is often. You know this.”
Tsukishima grins crookedly. “You do, huh. High maintenance little thing.” He holds the last piece of the pastry to your lips.
“Anything else I can help you with today? Do you want actual food now? Any food?”
He frowns. “I’m having a life crisis; stop asking me about food.” Then he pauses and tips his head. “Huh. I didn’t eat any of that just now.”
“Hmm.” He leans in to kiss you slowly, methodically. This is part of his life crisis too. It’s a deliverance of ideas and thoughts without the use of words. Sometimes, when he gets too riled up, this is the only way he knows how to communicate - and it’s okay. It’s your own language.
He pulls away after a while, propping his forehead on yours. “Yum. We have any more of those? I’m starving.”
“…More kisses or more pastries?”
“Open interpretation. I’ll accept responses for either.”
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vemuabhi · a day ago
Stalker Alert
Requested by @ye-rin164​ Im so sorry Yui chan for being late. But thankyou for sticking around.
A request where Y/N is being stalked and is saved by Haikyuu boys.
Charecters : Kuroo, Sugawara, Oikawa, Tsukishima (Aged up)
(Up coming Charecters : Noya, Asahi, Atsumu, Kita) - Follow to not miss it!
WARNINGS : Angst, Scary stalkers, mentions of Blood in Kuroo’s story, Home invasion in Oikawa’s story. (If I missed any please tell me)
A/N : If anyone is suffering because of any stalkers or abusers, please tell someone before its too late.
I got some help from this source. I got to know the different types of stalkers.
copyright © vemuabhi
Please support by reblogs if you like my writings.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro – 500 words
“Sorry baby, I cant come today. I know we planned this but I’m really sorry”, Kuroo apologized as you sighed. “Okay fine. I’ll go home now. But you have to make up for this afterwards. Maybe go on a date this weekend”, you pouted as Tetsuro agreed for everything that you wished. Your boss and you were secretly dating and sometimes you both planned for dates, most of them resulted in being cancelled. But you were not angry at him, you could understand the situation and he loved that understanding nature of yours so much.
As you walked towards the parking lot you heard someone. As it was really late and most of the employees left and those who remained were with Kuroo, you felt a bit strange. Taking the phone in your hand you messaged Tetsuro.
‘I’m in the parking lot. Will leave now. Is there anyone who left just now? I heard some noise’. Waiting for his reply, You opened the door of your car and suddenly someone pushed you inside your car forcefully.
That person covered your mouth with one hand and with the other they placed a knife on your throat. By instinct, you bit their hand which made them to wince with pain, giving you a chance of escaping their tough grip. You noticed that it was none other than one of your colleague. She always was very sweet to you but looking at her now, she seemed like a devil. “Why does it have to be you?!”, she glared at you with so much hate in her eyes.
You were shocked to see her trying to attack you. Head was with so many thoughts of why was she doing that to you. But she took this opportunity and swung her knife at you. Which you couldn’t dodge properly, resulting in a deep cut on your hand. Your blood was dripping fast. As she was about to hit you again, another strong hand stopped her. You looked up as you tried to stop the wound from bleeding.
It was none other than your boyfriend. He snatched the knife away from her. He looked at your bleeding hand and pushed her away. Oh boy, he was so freaking pissed at this. A security guard came and took her away.
Kuroo gently pulled you up and took you to the hospital. After getting you all patched up, he hugged you tight and cried. He couldn’t even imagine something like this happening because he fell in love with you. He was so grateful that you messaged him while you were in the parking lot.
The next day he officially announced to everyone that you were his girlfriend. Damn if over protectiveness was a person that would be Kuroo. Making sure to always take care of you and even going to some lengths of trying to arrange body guards to you which you refused. But this big cat was so in love with you that he can’t help but be super protective of you. So forgive his behavior for now please.
Tumblr media
Sugawara Koushi – 530 words
“So, Im leaving now. I’ll be home by 11:45 i believe”, you informed Sugawara on the phone. Even though you were talking on the phone you could clearly imagine his happy face on the other side. “Yes! Finally your work is done. Damn I know I saw you in the morning but I already miss you~”
You chuckled and ended the conversation with him. Sugawara started to clean up the house a bit to make sure you don’t have more work than usual. You walked out of your office as you placed your phone inside your pocket and headed home. This time, it was a bit more late than usual. The roads were almost empty. You usually like quiet atmosphere but this was... eerie. It wasn’t of your liking. For some reason your felt a sense of danger. This made your senses to become a bit more cautious.
As you kept walking, you heard soft footsteps. You gulped and walked a bit faster than usual. The soft footsteps which you could hear earlier felt like they were catching up to you. You trying to keep calm reached for your phone and called Sugawara. He was in the recent call list so it was easy for you to find his number. As soon as he picked up, you said, “Koushi, I... I feel like I’m being followed. You said as you held back your tears.
“WHAT?!”, he exclaimed with worry and just as you feared, the footsteps which you could hear, were clearly running. By instinct you started to run ahead.
“Koushi I’m scared, They are running towards me”, at this point you were on the verge of tears. “Y/N! Search for any store or any pharmacy which is open”, his words made you to look around.
“I... I can see a open store on the end of the street”, you said in between gasps. “Go there! I’m coming now”, he said but the person behind you was almost on the verge of catching you.
“He’s here! Koushi help me”, you said as the tears rolled down your cheeks. “Hit him with your bag!” he said and you practically threw your bag at him with force, which made him to fall down. “Keep the phone on. I’m coming there. Don’t be scared!”
You rushed into the small store and looked back. Only to see that person still coming towards the store. “Koushi... I-”, you didn’t even complete your sentence then you saw a bike, clearly over speed limit rushing towards the store. The bike stopped right before the store door and the stalker started to run away but the person who got down the bike noticed it and threw a bat at the running stalker.
It made the stalker to faint. The man rushed into the store as you ran towards him and threw your hands around his shoulder. His hold on you tightened as you cried out. “Koushi I was so scared”, he gulped as he said, “Dont be. I’m here now. I’m sorry I was late”
“No you weren’t!”, you said between sobs as the stalker was caught by the authorities. Just lets say that you always had your boyfriend to pick you up, especially at nights. You were always accompanied by Sugawara. Well you had no complaints.
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru – 560 words
“I just got home now. Don’t worry baby”, you said as you closed the door of your apartment. You lived alone so your boyfriend always had a habit of talking to you till you safely made into your house. He walked you to your apartment and waited outside till you went in. You knew it was making him late but you couldn’t help but to fall in love with this behavior of his. He started this way before you both even got together. It made you friends to best friends to now lovers.
Previously you failed to convince him that you were really fine on your own. But he wasn’t happy with the area you were living in so he always made sure to drop you at home every time he could. It was genuine care of his, even you yourself were grateful for this because you were scared to walk through the quiet dark lane alone. Even the apartment had very few residence. You had no choice because you had to save money.
“Okay then bye tooru, You also need to eat dinner and sleep. You said you had some work”, you ended the conversation with him and walked towards your room. You took a shower and walked towards the Kitchen and noticed that your door was slightly open. This basically made you really anxious. You walked towards it and observed. Many things were running in your head. Did you lock the door? Did you at least close it properly? Did you forget? Did someone else... did this?
Gathering courage you walked towards your bedroom and noticed that there was no one. You walked into the kitchen and no one was there. Maybe it was all your imagination all long. But you couldn’t get relief of it. You weren’t sure why you felt like that.
Trying to not go too deep into the matter you grabbed your phone prom your pocket and messaged Tooru, just in case if he knows. He instantly called to say he was coming and told you to get out of that place asap. Just then you heard a noise from the bedroom. Your eyes widened because when you looked earlier no one was there in your bedroom. Was it because you didn’t check the closet or under the bed?
“Run!! Dont stay there!”, Oikawa said bringing you back from your shock. You ran out of your room. Soon enough you noticed a man running after you. Your tears streamed down your face while you ran down the stairs. But this made you to slip and fall down hard. The man loomed over you, trapping your form under him. Your tears were still flowing out from your eyes. But then you heard a loud bang and the person above you lost his grip on you.
You turned around and saw the familiar brunette. Tooru’s hands reached to you. Tooru pulled you up and ran out of the building leaving the unconscious man there. His priority was to get you to safety before he did anything else. He called the police and while they arrived you cried holding him tight. He rubbed your back soothingly. Mentally cursing himself for not getting you out of that place sooner. The police took the stalker away from the place and you stayed at Tooru’s place. The next day he made sure to get all your stuff from the apartment.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei – 375 words
“Maybe 15 minutes”, Kei sighed as he reached for his keys. “Why are you asking? Perhaps you are planning to pick me up like the previous time”, you raised your eye brow and adjusted your airpod as you placed your laptop in your bag.
“Wha! No I’m not”, he denied which made you to chuckle. “Okay okay, fine. I’m leaving now”, you ended the call and left the work place. The cold air made you to shiver. You usually sometimes look at your phone and check your socials but you didn’t feel like that now. You really just wanted to go home quickly.
But just as you were walking, you clearly heard a person walking behind you. Gulping you slowly turned back and tried to see if someone was coming. Sure there was a guy who was walking. Just when he noticed that you saw him, his pace increased and he started to run towards you, which made you to also run away from him. Your phone wasn’t in your pocket which made you even more nervous. ‘How should i call for help’, your tears slipped out of your eyes and you were sure that the person chasing you was almost about to catch you. ‘Kei help me’, was your thought and at the exact moment a person punched the person behind you. He apparently ran from the opposite side of the road when he saw that you were being chased.
You looked back and saw the very familiar blond haired person. Your legs came to a halt after seeing Kei, your limbs went limb after running for so long with fear. Kei’s eyes turned dark as he hit the stalker one last time, making him unconscious.
Tsukki looked at you and engulfed you in the tightest hug ever. “I am so glad you came”, you sobbed into his shoulder as he held you tighter. “I’m here. Dont cry”, he said as he held you close to him. From then on even if you had to go to the mall which was one block away, Tsukki made sure to give you a ride. He even bought a bike for himself so that you could use his car whenever he couldn’t drop you.
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todorocake · a month ago
[ 5:48 P. M. ] - TSUKISHIMA KEI
warnings: fem reader, smut, fingering
it was never rare to see tsukishima kei nose deep into a book but when your eyes trace his fingers scrolling through the pages of a familiar pad, you feel your stomach twist in panic. tsukishima is reading your journal, and to say he's invested may be an understatement.
your feet felt like it was glued to the floor — saving you from embarrassing yourself, saving you from doing something stupid. how could this have happened? you left him in your room for no more than ten minutes to get the strawberry cake that you baked.
tsukishima smirked, finally sensing that he was caught — you caught him. he invaded your privacy. but with the way his mouth is turned upwards and the way his eyebrows are raised at you, he doesn't look even a bit guilty.
you didn't catch tsukishima, it was tsukishima who caught you.
"well what are you doing standing at the door? come on in. this is your room, after all." tsukishima said with that arrogant tone and that arrogant smile.
there's no way that arrogant expression would get out of his face, especially not now when he read through your thoughts.
"why did you read it?" you muttered as you drop the tray of cake in front of your study table, in front of the blonde boy you made it for.
"seriously tsukishima, you don't go at someone else's house and just go through their things without permission." you said, stronger this time.
tsukishima licked his lips as he stood up, "well you did say i must entartain myself,"
he tilted his head and bit his lower lip, "make myself comfortable, right?"
he lowered his face to meet yours then placed his hands down the table, cornering you.
"and tsukishima? why tsukishima? you were calling me kei in your little book." his eyes were trying to challenge you and there was no way you'd meet them.
"it's not mine." you sighed. you knew tsukishima is smart, he'd know you're lying just by the shakiness of your tone but it's not like you can just admit that it's yours.
"yeah?" he straightened his back as he loosen the two first buttons of his uniform, slightly exposing his collarbone.
"yeah." you convinced, now fully looking back at his prying eyes.
"may i see the draft of the essay you wrote then?" he shrugged and you let out a deep breath, happy that the conversation shifted.
you go through your bag to look for the draft he was asking for and thank heavens you easily found it.
"here." you said as you try to hand it out to him but he decided to move to your back and read it from there instead. he was hovering you, like he always do.
"and you're claiming that journal wasn't yours?" tsukishima smirked, for the nth time today. you faced him, completely aware of how you walked right into his trap.
"i know how you write your i and your y and your t." he touched the ends of your hair, pushing strands away from your face.
"i know how you word out your thoughts." his knuckles tracing the bones of your face.
"i know you like me." he said, his face projecting a gentler expression.
tsukishima is smart because he's an observant. tsukishima never missed the way oceans change at different seasons, never missed the fact that the world didn't have any finite corners, never missed the glances you would steal. to many, he may seem unbothered — poised with indifference, unfeeling. but tsukishima always somehow knew that your eyes were on him.
it wasn't like you made it a secret either. you glared at the girls who scream his name at their games, you were wary of the boys that gave him confession letters, you purposefully mess up at times so you could do this — invite him at your home to ask for help.
"don't you want to make your dreams come true?" he whispered in your ear as his hand settles itself on the back of your waist, the other unbuttoning your blouse.
"t-tsuki-" you whimpered, slightly dizzy of whatever is happening — whatever he's doing.
his lips are leaving marks down your neck, biting and licking and biting again. "hmm?" he asked, eyes meeting yours.
"w-what-" you inhaled a sharp breath as tsukishima kiss the middle of your collar, "what are you doing?" you finished.
"satisfying your fantasies." he smiled.
you placed your hand on his shoulders, attempting to slow him down. "this is embarrassing." you said with cheeks pinked and your eyes dazed.
tsukishima chuckled, uncertain of what to say, how to make you feel comfortable. it's not like he ever did this before.
"don't worry." he licked his lips.
"your fantasies are just the same as mine." his eyes are fixated on your lips, now his cheeks are dusted pink too.
"which one?" you pressed, squeezing his shoulders to calm both of you down. you wanted to ask how much he read, what parts, what did he think about it but your thoughts are all swimming back to this moment unfolding in front of you.
"this one." he lightly placed one hand on your thigh and the other is holding up your chin, opening your mouth for a kiss. your first and his.
his lips were softer than you expected, warmer than you anticipated. you loved the mint in his breath and his teeth sensually biting your lower lip.
you moaned into the kiss when his hands pressed your thigh down and now you're seated on the study table with your skirt riding up.
"tsuki-" you hesitated.
"kei." he corrected you, hands now following the outline of the underwire of your bra. "can i? can we?" he continued as his hand move down to your exposed thigh.
"yes." you whispered, entranced by the lightness of his touch and unfortunately craving for more — trembling for more.
"i want more." you said, no longer caring if it sounded needy. he read your journal. you were sure he knew how needy you would get.
your plea made kei snap, he wanted to throw his restraints out the window. "what time would your family be back?" he asked.
you completely forgotten if he hadn't asked. "shit." you looked at the clock "at around 6:30." you said. it's 5:59.
"okay." he pecked your lips. "we'll take it slow."
kei unbuttoned three more buttons of your uniform until your boobs are out. he cupped one of them through the cloth. "fuck." he said.
he pulled your bra down to fully expose your boobs, nipples hardening at his touch. he kissed your mound softly, kneading them and enjoying the sounds you make and the unconscious movement of your hips — searching for friction of some sort. "you're so pretty like this." he swirled his tongue around your nipples, one hand pinching and twisting the other.
"is this enough?" he said teasingly, a hand ghosting near your panties.
"no." you uttered honestly. you want more of this warmth, more of him. you were burning. you want him, need him closer.
"you got to tell me what you want then." he said as he lick your neck again softly.
you take the hand that was ghosting near your entrance and you pulled his middle finger. "i want this." you pleaded, "inside me." you continued.
kei got excited, loving the bluntness and what's about to come.
though, "where?" he still teased. "here?" he faked a curious look and put his middle finger inside your mouth.
he loved it. how you looked like with his finger between your swollen lips.
"no, kei." it's 6:04 and your patience with kei is thinning out. "please finger my pussy." you begged, unaware of how much he'd tease you about this later.
kei smiled, moving his right hand back to your panties, pushing them aside to insert his finger in you.
"a-aaah" you moaned at the newness of it.
you are not a saint. you masturbated, most especially with the thoughts of this blonde boy. but you never actually inserted anything there. kei might have noticed this too.
"you're hot." he said as he bury his nose on your neck "it's so hot inside you." he whispered while licking your earlobe.
he eyed you, the mess you're making on top your table, your rolled back eyes, your mouth open and panting, your left hand reaching for him and your right gripping his sleeves. "i wish it was my dick." he honestly whispered.
he couldn't wait to feel you deeper. he couldn't wait to stretch you out.
"does this feel good?" he asked, though he knows you're not in the right mind to answer.
"there! aaah! ah-" you raised your hips and opened your legs wider, now unafraid of how you would look like. unafraid of how messy and untamed you're being. kei have found your g-spot and he's doing a great job at constantly hitting it.
"feels so good" you uttered, affirming that you are enjoying this, if your daze is not proof enough. "your fingers are so long-" you sighed again, "so deep" you buck your hip forward.
kei just feel his ego boosted with what you're saying but "i feel like this isn't enough though," he said, eyes trying to meet your closed ones.
he pulled his middle finger out completely and as he push it back into you, he added his ring ringer, angling it in a way that would penetrate your spot.
you screamed, not caring if a neighbor would hear you. it's not like you can form a coherent thought.
kei placed his left hand around your neck, choking you. "now this is exactly what you dream of." he said. "i want kei's pretty hand choking me while the other is deep into my pussy." kei quoted what you wrote.
"i want him to mark me up, fuck me stupid until i can't think straight." he continued. few minutes ago you were embarrassed by the fact that he knew your dirty fantasies but now you're thankful he read it. thankful he knows how to please you.
"you got wetter." kei smirked "such a dirty girl."
if he could frame this moment, he would.
"hey." he whispered darkly, surprisingly affectionate but somehow more serious. "i should be the only one to see you like this." he tightened his hold around your neck.
"hmm?" he hummed, awaiting some kind of response.
"you're mine." he pulled his fingers out then slammed it back in, just like how you like it. slow and deep. you nodded, agreeing that you are now his — whatever that means.
"say it." he said, slow breath mixing yours "say you're mine."
"i-" you stuttered, trying to weigh if you really should say this, nervous that you might be making a mistake and also not fully rational with your orgasm building up.
"i'm yours" you finally said, squeezing the forearms that are choking you. you were already glued to kei before all this, you can't even imagine how you would be apart him now.
"i'm yours, tsukki." you told him finally, fluttering your eyes open to see him, partially focusing on something beyond the fingers pleasuring you.
kei growled, leaning in and kissing your lips deeply, hoping there is a way he can replay all these later.
both of you were swimming in pleasure, your peak is coming. your lower stomach is staring to feel like a knot is about to get released and you're about to cum.
"i'm - ah - i'm-" you strangled a cry and your left feet is now planted on the table, opening you up to kei.
"i'm cumming, kei. f-fuck." you released the knot in your stomach and just as you were about to let out a long, scratched moan, kei swallowed your sounds through another kiss.
both of you thought how you don't want this to end but tsukishima thinks once this is over with, you two can explore more things together, maybe he'd read more into your lewd journal or ask you to bake that strawberry cake with him.
just a few seconds after your release, you heard the gates of your house open, signalling your parents are now home.
"shit." you panicked and got off your table, suddenly becoming aware of your tits hanging out your blouse, your skirt that is pushed up, the mess of your table. "they're early today."
kei laughed lightly at the sudden switch of attitude and helped you tidy your desk until he notice something.
"hey," he made you face him as you try to iron out your top. "move your hair this way." he twisted his finger at the ends of your hair again, placing strands to your left shoulder.
"why?" you asked.
"i, uh, may have given you a hickey." kei said, eyes looking down and left hand rubbing the back of his neck. he seated on his usual spot on the floor and got back to his papers from earlier.
"kei" you coaxed.
"hmmm?" he answered, still avoiding your gaze.
"why is the crotch of your pants wet?"
requests are open :))) <3
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c0rncheez · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ TimeSkip!Iwaizumi, 3rdYear!Tsukishima, TimeSkip!Osamu [PART 1]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil Angst, Lil Fluff, Crack if u Squint, hurt&comfort?, BossBitch! Y/n, Fem Y/n, They’re mean to you for like 2 seconds, Strong Language, Slight Manga Spoils, You got them wrapped around your finger sis, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ @sakusasbitch thx for the request! And I ended up adding Tsukki as well 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Iwaizumi were at the mall per your request. You noticed his stress had been building up lately and wanted to pull him away from his work for a bit.
You held onto his arm dearly while maneuvering through the shops. He was pretty quiet the whole time, only giving slight grunts to any of your questions but you didn’t want to pry nor did you really mind.
Apparently one of his clients tore their ACL again... right before the Olympics. You honestly understood why he was so stressed out but if he kept it up at that rate his face would be stuck in a permanent frown.
As you guys exited Pacsun his phone suddenly began to ring in his pocket.
“Shit” He cursed under his breathe once he checked who it was.
You pouted a bit as you peaked over his shoulder. Why was his job calling him on his scheduled day off?
“Babe-“ You tried to hold his hand from answering the phone.
He sharply shook you off of him before sneering—
“Oi, get the fuck off of me, you know I need to take this!”
You were left stunned in the middle of the mall as he stomped off to some secluded corner to answer the call. You felt your chest tighten at the whispers and gawking from the passerbys before you found a bench to sit down on near by.
The whole 6 minutes he was on the phone you did not move a single inch. Sure you might’ve crossed his boundaries from trying to police his own phone but still...
“H-hey Y/n…the call wasn’t that important just some scheduling stuff…” Iwaizumi stuttered as he sat down next to you with a sigh.
But you didn’t respond; nor look at him.
You could tell he was itching for you to say anything as his foot tapped the ground anxiously. But you kept your lips sealed tight.
“Y/n, babe… I didn’t mean to speak to you like that. I-I was just-“
“Take me home” you whispered before collecting your belongings.
This time he tried to hold your hand desperately to stop your movement.
“Babe, look at me... please” He begged uncharacteristically.
You snatched your arm away before standing up and glaring down at him.
“You expect me to stay here and fro-lick around on your arm after how you just spoke to me? I’ll be damned before I act like some desperate teenage girl. You’re stressed? Well then let’s go home, you’re not about to start talking to me like you do Oikawa. Get up and take me home.”
Iwaizumi was shocked to utter silence at the finality of your tone. He digged around in his pocket for his car keys before following your already exiting body.
He bit his lip in self loathing at the noiseless trip to the car.
Once in his vehicle he started the car but chose not to drive off just yet. You stared out the window impatiently before you felt a warm hand grasp your knee.
“Y/n, I know you were just looking out for me… I respect you way too much to ever yell at you like that. I’m so sorry, I mean that… me being stressed was no excuse” He strained out.
You still didn’t answer but you softly caressed his knuckles as he drove off. You noticed he was slightly shaking as well.
Later that afternoon he cooked your favorite dinner and kissed sweet everythings onto you. Once you were finally out of your funk you gave him a nice body massage as well.
He thought you were scarier then him when mad LMAO
Tumblr media
You idly cleaned up Tsukki’s room as he gamed with Yamaguchi on his PC. He was still quite prickly despite being in his 3rd year but you loved him nevertheless.
He definitely wasn’t the type to go about proclaiming his love in public so barely anyone even knew you guys were dating. Not even his best friend.
As you went about picking up the clothes around his bed you stumbled across a pair of briefs with green dinosaurs printed all over it.
“Aww Tsukki look!” You giggled as you ran over, teasingly showing off the boxers to him.
At first he simply frowned at your antics but once he heard Yamaguchi’s inquiry “Wait, is that Y/n?! Omg what is she doing in your room?” through the headset his embarrassment quadrupled.
He stood up and snatched his underwear from you sharply before hissing—
“You’re so annoying. Just get the hell out…I knew this was a bad idea”
He threw the boxers somewhere close to his hamper before returning back around to his game and promptly ignoring you and Yamaguchi’s questioning.
You felt your lip quiver slightly as you stared at the back of his head before turning around and following his words.
You grabbed your bag and your phone and promptly went home.
About 30 minutes later once Tsukki was out of his poor mood he finally quelled Yamaguchi’s thoughts.
“…Me and Y/n are together,” He stated.
“Well, probably not after what just happened,” Yamaguchi sweat dropped.
Tsukki paused the game and went out into the living room, suspecting you to be there but instead all your things were gone. He clicked his teeth before calling you— but it went straight to voicemail.
He power-walked back to his room before ending his game session with Yamaguchi without any explanation. He haphazardly threw on a jacket and some slides before heading over to your home.
10 minutes later you heard a knock on your front door. With a sigh you trudged over to answer only to reveal the source of your headache.
You simply stared at him, not offering any sort of greeting. You leaned on the side of the door with your arms crossed while peering up at him unimpressed.
“Uh, can I come in?” He scratched the back of his head.
“Okay well... I’m…sorry” he struggled to conceive.
He couldn’t even meet your eyes during his little…apology. You waited patiently until he finally lifted his head before you let your words spill.
“You’re an adult Tsukki, that little tsundere boy act is tired and old. If everytime you are in an uncomfortable situation you resort to lashing out on me then I don’t want to be apart of this. If something makes you uncomfortable you tell me, that’s how relationships work.”
He gnawed his lip during your verbal lashing. It was hard to hear but everything you spoke was the truth. He wasn’t the best at articulating himself but what he did know was that he didn’t want to lose you and he never meant any of the cruel things he said.
“I… I’ll be better...” He side glanced again, “so how can I make it up to you?”
You already knew what you signed up for once you fell inlove with his emotionally constipated self so you weren’t expecting a five paragraph essay of how much he loved you. That’s just not how the both of you worked.
So you smirked as a satisfying plan emerged into your mind.
The next week you guys made your relationship very public—
As Tsukishima walked down the school hallway with his shirt filled with dozens of your pictures and hearts he learned very quickly not to cross you again.
“This is for Y/n” he chanted in his head as he scowled at Hinata crying on the floor laughing.
Tumblr media
It was close to closing time for Onigiri Miya so you decided to drop on by your man’s establishment so you could head home together.
Once there you were surprised by how busy it was. There was still a long line despite the place closing in just an hour.
You decided to nab a table for yourself as Osamu and his employees handled the influx of customers. You didn’t want to disturb them as they worked quickly to satiate everyone.
Thankfully about 30 minutes later the restaurant was finally starting to bustle down so you decided to head to the counter to get yourself dinner.
The cashier greeted you happily as you were her bosses significant other and asked for your order.
Before you could even utter what you wanted Osamu came out from the back with an upset disposition.
“Really Y/n? Ya just sat around as yer saw how swamped we were ‘nd now yer addin’ to the load?”
The cashier nervously looked between the both of you before you responded.
“Well I didn’t want to disturb you guys since the last time I tried to help you yelled at me.” You rolled your eyes.
“Well get some damn food some place else, ya see us tryin’ to clean up.” He shot back as he closed the cashier’s register so you couldn’t order anything.
You really had to hold your tongue from cussing him out in front of everyone. He always got like this whenever he was busy. So instead you pulled your phone out and dialed in the number you needed.
“Who yer callin’?” He crossed his arms as his cashier scurried to the back.
Once your call was picked up Osamu’s eyes widened at the voice on the other side.
You held you phone to your shoulder as you replied to him.
“Your replacement is on the phone, so I suggest you talk to me with a bit more respect than that.”
He tried to grab your phone but you held it out of reach.
You gracefully flipped your hair over your shoulder as Osamu furrowed his eyes at your games.
“ Atsumu, what do you want to eat? I’m at your brother’s place right now.”
“Fine Y/n, fine,” Osamu surrendered, “I’ll make you yer damn food jus’ hang up on that bastard.”
You sweetly smiled up at him, “Say sorry and say please!”
He rolled his eyes not being able to stop his smile in return before turning to the kitchen.
“Please nd’ sorry… yer lucky I love ya,” he chided softly before heading to the back.
You quickly hung up on a confused Atsumu as you stared lovingly at your man’s retreating silhouette. In all actuality the only man for you was Osamu but sometimes that mouth of his needed a checkup.
Later that night you shared your onigiri with Osamu while he playfully pinched your cheeks for being so bold.
But he wouldn’t lie— he liked the sass... a lot.
Also Atsumu still thought he was getting food LMAO
Tumblr media
A/n ~ I’m not as confident in these characterizations 😭😭 but I hope you guys enjoyed them
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itsdanii · 7 months ago
Rejecting you and regretting it
genre: angst to fluff
warnings: slight cursing, rude behavior (resolved), do message me if I forgot any.
ft. sakusa kiyoomi, tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
you're not oblivious to the fact that kiyoomi is a very conscious person
that's one of the things you loved about him
he was hygienic and he always made sure that his health was his utmost priority
but one downside is that kiyoomi had the tendency to push people away because of his straightforwardness
you were used to it and in fact, you were one of those people he tolerated
but everyone has their bad days
and unfortunately for you, today was kiyoomi's and since you were always attached to him by the hip, he unintentionally snapped at you
what's worse is that he snapped at you the moment you confessed to him
"Omi!" you shouted happily as you entered the gymnasium, giving Komori a small wave before making your way to where Kiyoomi was sitting.
He looked at you with a frown. He wasn't wearing a mask since they were training awhile ago and only took a quick break. "Y/n, what are you doing here?"
You sat beside him making Kiyoomi grimace and slightly move away. You frowned at him, completely displeased at the action. "I just wanted to give you a visit. Plus, I have something to tell you."
You started to fiddle with your fingers nervously. You practiced your confession several times already but doing it seemed harder than you thought.
"What is it? Talk, I'm not in the right mood to socialize right now."
Out of panic, you quickly blurted out a rather loud, "I like you!" You immediately covered your mouth with your hand and stared at him wide eyed.
The other players looked at you with sympathy, knowing what's about to happen. Out of all days, you really had to confess today, when Kiyoomi was in a pissy mood after several fangirls pushed themselves against him this morning, not minding his personal space.
Kiyoomi stared at you with a serious expression before standing up. "I don't like you. Leave."
"But Omi.."
"You're irritating and you always bother me when it is clear that I don't want your company." He turned around and left you on the bench, your head casted down in humiliation.
You whispered a small sorry before running out of the gym with tears falling from your eyes.
For the next few days, you did your very best to stay away from Kiyoomi. You changed your route to school knowing that your usual route meant that you have to pass by his house. Even if you got scolded several times for being late, you did not stop.
You sat near the door so you can easily exit the room after class. You even stopped eating with Komori and Kiyoomi during breaks and lunch. Even your usual routine of visiting the gym during practices was stopped.
At first, Kiyoomi didn't mind. He knew that you'd come back in a few days just like you always did. You like him after all, right?
But when a few days turned into weeks, He started getting bothered. Why weren't you pestering him like always? Why did you stop visiting him? You said you like him, right?
It was the second week that Kiyoomi took action. He woke up extra early to wait for you infront of your house, aiming to confront you about your behavior.
When you went out, your eyes widened slightly upon seeing Kiyoomi waiting for you outside. He was wearing his face mask while staring at you intently, letting you know that he purposely waited for you.
You looked down and was about to walk pass him when you felt him tugging on your wrist. Your gaze snapped to his hand, not believing that he was indeed touching your skin.
His eye twitched at the weirdness of you not calling him like usual. Sighing, he stepped a little closer to you, hand still holding your wrist to ensure that you won't run away from him.
"You're ignoring me," he said while eyeing you. "Why?"
You took your hand from him and furrowed your brows. "I'm just doing you a favor. I don't want to be a bother anymore. Isn't this what you wanted?"
"It's fine, Sakusa. You don't have to force yourself to apologize just because you feel bad or obliged to."
He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "I'm not apologizing because I feel bad."
"Then what? You're apologizing just to make fun of me? I know I said I like you but that doesn't mean that you have the right to-"
"You don't get it!"
At this point, you were both raising your voices. Some passersby were looking at you two weirdly, some even running as to not get caught up in the fight.
"Get what, Sakusa? Why don't you tell me so I can understand?!"
"I like you!" Kiyoomi exclaimed. "I... Fuck. I like you, okay? I wasn't in the mood when you confessed and I rejected you without thinking. I messed up. The moment I saw you walk out, I knew I fucked up real bad and I-"
"And I thought that you'd come back the next day to bother me again like usual. I wanted to apologize but my pride-"
You sighed as he continued to ramble. With fast movements, you stood on your tiptoes and encircled your arms around his neck to pull him down to you, kissing him over his mask.
When you let go, Kiyoomi was silent. His eyes were wide and you thought that you went over board. Panic made its way to your face as you try to find the words to explain.
"Sorry, I didn't me-"
This time, he was the one to cut you off. Kiyoomi took off his mask and bent down to kiss you on your lips. One of his arms snaked around your waist to support you while the other settled on your nape, angling you to him.
"Be my s/o."
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
Everyone in Karasuno knew how much you like Tsukishima
In fact, you remind him everyday
You often give him fresh strawberries from the market and even bake him strawberry cake
Sometimes, you would put little sticky notes on his belongings and write some encouraging words like "you can do it", "I believe in you" or "take it easy!"
On his birthday, you even gave him a hoodie with a dino design (which he secretly loved)
There are times that you knew Tsukishima gets irritated when you visit and even snaps at you but you didn't mind. You liked him and a small snap will not discourage you
But what you didn't know was that it would only take one conversation to completely shatter your heart
"-And they're back," Sugawara said as he saw you enter the gym, a bubbly smile present on your face as usual.
"Kei!" You skipped your way towards Tsukishima and handed him his water bottle which you voluntarily refilled with hot water.
He only gave you a 'tsk' and took the water bottle. Adjusting his glasses, he stared at you from head to toe as if analyzing you, a small blush appearing on his cheeks.
"What are you looking at? Have you finally come to realize that you like me back?" you cheekily asked, poking his bicep.
"No. I was just wondering how someone could look so ugly."
Despite what he said, you forced yourself to giggle, covering your upset feeling with an eye roll. "Oh shut up, Kei. You don't have to hide it, you know? Don't worry, I'm not going to reject you."
You winked at him causing Tsukishima to blush even more.
The rest of the boys snickered and laughed at his reaction which made Tsukishima more embarrassed than he already is.
"Just confess to the girl already, Tsukishima. Can't you see she's trying hard to win you?" Daichi said with a small chuckle while patting Tsukishima's back.
Tsukishima just huffed and pushed his glasses up. "What's there to like? They're nothing but an eyesore anyway."
"What?" you asked in disbelief.
Having a playful banter with Tsukishima was normal in your routine but this was the first time he called you such an offensive term. Does he really think of you that way?
"Oh come on, stop acting dumb. I don't even get why there are guys running after you. I mean, there's really nothing much to look at, right?"
Everyone grew quiet at what he said, clearly not expecting Tsukishima to be at such level of rudeness.
You swallowed the lump forming in your throat as your insecurity skyrocketed. "I try hard every single day to look presentable to you. I-"
You paused for a moment to laugh pathetically at yourself. "I exert a lot of effort to make you notice me. I cook for you, I give you gifts. Heck, I even stay after class to help clean the gym so that the task would be easier for you and I'm not even asking for anything in return."
Tsukishima glared at you sharply that you immediately felt extremely smaller than him. "I never asked you to do those things for me."
"Can't you at least show me that you care?" You wiped your tears with the back of your hand. "Because I'm slowly getting tired of this push and pull game."
"Don't you get it? I don't like you. Why don't you stop pushing yourself to me and start getting a life, hm?"
"Tsukishima, that's enough!" you heard Daichi yell at him.
"Y/n?" Sugawara was immediately beside you, his hand rubbing circles on your back in attempt to calm you down.
"No-" You lifted your face up to meet Tsukishima's eyes. "I think he's right. I should stop being a nuisance and focus on myself."
"I'll leave you alone. I'm sorry," you said before giving Tsukishima a bow and leaving the gym with everyone's eyes following your figure until the door shut.
Everyone could only look at Tsukishima as he cursed under his breath.
The moment you left the gym, you headed straight to the comfort room to let your tears out. You stared at yourself on the mirror as tears cascaded down your cheeks.
"You're beautiful," you reassured yourself while pointing at your own reflection. "What he said doesn't make you any less. Know your worth."
You wiped your tears and splashed your face with cold water before getting out and heading to class without sparing Tsukishima any glance.
You ignored Tsukishima, stopped visiting the gym and focused on yourself. You even made made friends with some of your classmates that you didn't bother getting associated with last time because you were too focused on capturing the attention of Tsukishima.
Unbeknownst to you, a certain male was eyeing you as you interact with other people. He blamed himself for pushing you away. He didn't talk to you, thinking that you only wanted space for a couple days before bothering him again.
He knew that what he said was out of line and he regret everything he did. He even asked Yamaguchi and the rest of the team for advice but all of them responded with the same answer - apologize and tell you how he feels.
Tsukishima gripped the pen tightly as he watched you laughing at something your classmate said. The said classmate was too close to you and it was obvious that he was trying to flirt with you.
"Tsukki?" Yamaguchi called out. He followed Tsukishima's gaze and sighed. "Why don't you go and talk to them?"
"Tsk. Why would I do that? Can't you see they're enjoying his company?" Tsukishima bitterly said.
"You'll end up losing them if you don't do something about it now. Who knows, they might already be lo-" Yamaguchi stopped as Tsukishima instantly stood up and made his way to where you are.
Taking your wrist, he pulled you towards him, heading out of the classroom.
"Tsukishima, what the hell?!" You tried to resist but his grip on your wrist only tightened.
You gasped as he suddenly stopped, trapping you against a wall with his arms beside your head.
"I'm sorry." Tsukishima closed his eyes, balling his fist as he bowed his head. "I said hurtful words to you and no amount of apology will take those away but I want you to know that I regret every single one of it."
You bit your lower lip as you felt yourself tearing up once again. "Do you really think that I'm ugly? I was hurt, Kei. It's just.."
"I'm sorry." His hand made its way to your cheek, cupping your face while he wiped your tears with his thumb. "You're not ugly."
You shook your head and averted your gaze from him, a sob escaping your lips as you felt yourself falling for him deeper. "Don't. Just stop. I'll accept your apology but please just leave me be. I won't be able to stop my feelings for you if you keep leading me on."
"But I don't want you to stop."
"I've fallen for you." He tipped your chin up with his hand making you look at him and you were surprised to see the vulnerability in his features. "Please look at me again, y/n. Keep loving me because I swear that I'll do things different this time. Give me a chance."
You can't help but encircle your arms around him, burrying your face on the side of his neck as you nodded repeatedly. "One chance, Kei."
Tsukishima hugged you tightly, lips pressing on the side of your head. "One chance." He leaned away from you and held your face with his hand, eyes boring to yours admiringly.
"You're beautiful."
Tumblr media
Likes and reblogs are appreciated ❤️
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ellewords · 7 months ago
haikyuu boys + comparing hand sizes
Tumblr media
request from @dammit-jjk​ :  hihi im back! i really loved your head pats hc!! do you mind doing a hc about measuring hand sizes with tsukki, akaashi, and kuroo again? much love!!💕💕
fic notes :  timeskip!tsukishima, akaashi, kuroo, x gn!reader, fluff, kinda suggestive but blink and maybe you’ll miss it, headcanons
from elle !  ahhh i’m so glad you enjoyed your previous request ! i hope you like this one just as much <33
Tumblr media
➹   tsukishima k.
you held out your hand to him, and of course the logical side of him thought that you were asking him to hold something for you. so he holds his hand out as well, and he just stands there, waiting for you to hand him your phone, your bag, a water bottle maybe? 
but instead you roll your eyes and lay your hand flat against his, noticing how your fingertips couldn’t even reach his when you align your wrists together.
tsukishima furrows his brows as he watches you practically study the way your hand rested on top of his — like you were memorizing every line, curve, and detail. 
“what exactly are you doing?” tsukishima asked, looking around the empty halls of the sendai city gym. practice had just ended and he didn’t need any of his teammates catching how absolutely adorable you’re acting.
“i’m comparing the sizes of our hands, what does it look like i’m doing?” you said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, like it was such a stupid question to even ask. 
“really? because it looks like you’re embarrassing me in public.” 
you roll your eyes. despite the sharpness in his words, you could tell it wasn’t something to think too much into. 
he just stands there, letting you observe each other’s hands. tsukishima may not show it outwardly, but he was melting. you just looked so focused, your gaze was intense, but there was a small smile on your face. he’s whipped and just doesn’t want to admit it
but boy oh boy, when you intertwine your fingers, his heart feels like it’s going to explode — he’s going crazy and it’s your fault hmph. 
his entire face is red bet >:)
“is this also your weird way of asking to hold my hand?”
“so what if it is?”
tsukishima bit his lip, trying to stop the smile that made its way to his features, “you don’t even have to ask, idiot.”
he pulls you forward, finally leading you to the gym’s exit. he sneaks a glance at you, only to find your gaze focused on the way his hand held yours, a faint blush spreading across your cheeks. 
“didn’t know you had a thing for my hands, yn.” tsukishima teased, leaning down so his lips was just a few inches from your ears and sending shivers up your spine. 
➹   akaashi k. 
one word : flustered
literally does not know what to do, what to think, or what’s gotten into you
you were in bed one night — about to go to sleep — when you suddenly grab his hand, pressing your palm up to his.
“uh yn? what are you doing?” akaashi asked, head tilted to the side as you stared at your palms pressed together. 
you ignore him, and he’s just left to stare at you, completely intrigued at how entranced you were in the way his hand almost covered yours. 
he never thought of his hands as some point of interest. he likes to think that nobody’s really paid any attention to them. yet here you were, absolutely fascinated by them.
a soft smile plays on your face as you move your hand around, still pressed against his.
it’s clear that akaashi took care of his hands too — barely calloused, fingernails well trimmed, skin unsurprisingly soft.
“your hands are so pretty ‘kaashi.” you mumbled, intertwining your fingers together.
he shook his head, but still gives your hand a gentle squeeze as his fingers laced tightly between yours, “they’re just hands, my love, nothing special about them.”
“really? well i think they happen to work wonders.”
akaashi chokes on air, a deep red blush coloring his cheeks at the implication of your words
you giggle, already expecting that kind of a reaction from him. you noticed he often kept his hands behind his back — like he was hiding them from the world. 
“i really like your hands, sweetheart. you write the most amazing pieces with them, and they fit mine so perfectly…” you continued, while there was a slightly teasing tone in your voice, he could hear the genuine love and affection in your words.
“well, if it means anything,” akaashi takes your fingertips and presses them to his lips, “i like your hands too.”
➹   kuroo t.
this mf
you were always fascinated with the way his hand engulfed yours when he held it, how warm they felt.
he had just come home from work, immediately pulling you to the couch as soon as you got home. 
kuroo snuggles his face in your neck, mumbling something about missing you the entire day.
but instead of a reply, you take the hand that gently rested on your waist and rest your palm against his, admiring the way it was obviously much larger than yours.
the biggest smirk spreads across his face once he realizes what you’re doing
“hmm. what are you thinking about, kitten?” kuroo asked, and you could just tell that he wasn’t going to let you live this down. 
once again you don’t answer his question, wrapping your hand around his thumb, emphasizing the very noticeable size difference 
and he’s just there, eyes wide, wanting to absolutely scream at how adorable you were being — but he thought your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate that lmao
his heart was going insane in his chest, and he’s just so overwhelmed with love because look at you !!! you have no right being this cute >:) 
kuroo pouts when you eventually let go of his hand. 
“aw, you done now?”
“yeah. but for real tetsu, your hands are unnaturally big.”
“oh?” kuroo asked, an eyebrow arched up, “you know, that’s not the only thing about me that’s—”
“say one more word and i leave you for kenma.” you groaned, pushing him away from you, “i’m getting some of that pro-gamer money.”  
yeah, that shut him up for a bit. he’ll still constantly bring up your fascination for his hands for months though >:(  good luck bec you’re stuck with him and he has no intentions of letting you go ;(
Tumblr media
—  request something here.
Tumblr media
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haik-choo · 11 months ago
hot things tsukishima does
here are the creators and their posts that inspired this!
@0ik6lut - hot things oikawa does (OG)
@ahtsumu - hot things suna does
when you’re at your desk and ask him for help on something he places his hand on one side of the desk and leans down, basically encasing you in his arms
additionally, he’ll talk in your ear and when you look up at him he’ll look down at you and just...smirk before pulling away and telling you to figure the problem out yourself
leans on the doorframe; sometimes you’ll be leaning on wall next to the doorframe and he’ll come up and lean on it next to you, his body warmth making your heart beat 11x faster
when he wakes up one hand is stretching upwards towards the air while the other scratched his stomach and.... :) iz just nice
grabs your chin to look at him and uses his pointer finger to caress your chin before kissing you
has worn the maid costume once. you have a picture of it. on your phone. confidential. you look at it sometimes.... <3
Comfortable in his sexuality and lets you dress him up however as long as he can watch movies while you do it
when you watch movies together he’ll nonchalantly feed you a piece of popcorn but his fingers brush past your lips really slowly and when you both are looking at each other in anticipation he’ll lean back against the couch’s arm rest and pop a piece of popcorn in his mouth
you're on your laptop and ask him for help with something and instead of wait until you move you arm out of the way he puts his hand on the mouse pad next to yours and his pinky links with one of your fingers....
says "oh? and you're gonna stop me?"
when he’s stressed with his work on the computer he’ll sigh lightly and slip off his glasses and place his hand on his chin to look at you across the room, his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his gaze is dark and half-lidded
he’ll be doing something that takes his focus and you think he can’t see you staring at him, but then he’ll suddenly glance at you with thoe electric honey eyes of his and quirk his brow. no smile on his face. just intense stare
taps his pencils and pens against his pretty soft lips out of habit. sometimes looks at you while doing it
wears an plain silver chain anklet
has a prominent adam’s apple and when he drinks water after a game and there’s sweat dripping down his chin it’s. just. yeah.
has pretty hands with long fingers; sometimes he just mindlessly rubs the edge of his desk with his fingers and you can’t help but watch. 
actually takes care of his nails -- like the cuticles are pushed back and they are filed in a pretty shape. occasionally uses nail oil 
his style. either it’s a lazy loose sweatpants (not grey ones, sorry, he knows that trend) and a long sleeve t-shirt or when he goes out and feels like trying it’s khaki pants with white socks and vans with a white button up and a vest pullover on top of it. just. preppy tsukishima. please god. 
when he's sitting on a bed he has one leg outstretched and one leg bent with his arm resting on it, his head in that hand, his other hand scrolling through his phone until you walk in and his eyes flit to you and trail after you until you leave the room
the hottest thing about tsukishima is his stare. the power his eyes hold over you, with or without glasses, is shocking. his eyes are just such a pretty shade of amber with a dark ring around them...the type of guy to forget his glasses one day and everyone has a picture of him from that day because. damn. 
bonus: is the progressive kid in class who you think hates everyone equally but when someone says some Fucked Up discriminatory shit he goes Off on their ass and absolutely schools them 
bonus bonus: tsukishima’s legs. nuff said
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arroelin · 4 months ago
Hi shawty *lipbite*, could you write some f!reader scenario abt boys planning a suprise for mothers day with their kids. With Tsukishima, Sakusa, Kita, Suga and Atsumu? Thanks *big smooch*
— planning a surprise with their kids for mother’s day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: (dad!) tsukishima kei, sakusa kiyoomi, kita shinsuke, sugawara koushi, miya atsumu (x f!reader)
genre: fluff
wc: 1300+
<*lipbites back* *wink* you’re hawt ;) thanks for requesting!!>
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA’s legs were twisted uncomfortably as he sat on one of the colourful children’s chairs at his son’s small craft table.
“what are you making?” he asks, turning to face the child. 
“i wanna make a card!!” his son exclaims, leaning over the table to tug a large package of construction paper from under the pile of coloured markers- successfully pushing them off the table. 
tsukishima chuckles before bending over to fix the mess on the floor, “do you need my help?” 
“you have to make one too!” his son frowns, shoving the pack of construction paper under his nose. 
“ok, ok, we’ll make two cards, then” 
for the next hour, the room is silent- save for the soft shuffling sound of markers on paper.
“do you think mommy will like it?” the small child asks, gazing at his dad with hopeful eyes. 
“of course she will,” tsukishima replies quickly, giving his son a pat on the head before lowering his voice, “now we have to be quiet, so we can surprise her.” 
“happy mother’s day!!!” you walk into the room to see your son holding out a big card in front of him. 
a smile stretches across your face, “awww baby, thank you so much! it looks so good!” 
you bend down to give the small child a hug before glancing at your husband. he looks away, cheeks tinted pink, as he hands you his own card, “looks like i have a gift for you too.” 
you snort, scanning it quickly before you quirk an eyebrow at him jokingly, “i think your son’s looks much better.” 
Tumblr media
it’s the week before mother’s day and SAKUSA did not want to face the rush of people at the mall, so sitting in front of the computer screen, he holds his daughter on his lap as he browses through the catalogue of gifts. 
“what should we get mommy?” he asks, tilting his head to look at his daughter.
“this one!” she exclaims as she bounces excitedly on his lap, pointing towards a pink tiara. 
sakusa frowns, “that’s something you want, we need to get something that mommy wants.” 
“why won’t mommy want this?” 
sakusa’s eyes widen in panic at he watches his daughter’s eyes fill with tears. “we can get that for you, but you need to pick out something else for mommy,” he says quickly, patting her curls reassuringly. 
she nods, beaming happily, and sakusa sighs. he was never good at saying no to his daughter. 
“what about this one?” he asks, pointing towards a necklace. 
“no, it’s ugly.” 
his eyebrows knit and he pouts slightly at his daughter’s harsh rejection- so she inherited his bluntness. 
sakusa’s eyes dart up from the computer when he hears your footsteps approaching. he turns to his daughter and explains quickly, “princess, remember- this is a surprise, so we can’t tell mommy anything.” 
you knock on the door before walking into the room they were both in, “what are you two up to?”
shaking your head slightly, you chuckle as you watch the both of them look away, refusing to meet your eyes.
the surprise is safe for now (hopefully), but sakusa would have to make sure to get his daughter’s approval on a gift another day.
Tumblr media
KITA was prepared for mother’s day- after all, he’s had the date circled on his calendar for a while. 
he had gotten out of bed extra early- carefully, as not to wake you- to make sure the entire house was clean, and when the kids woke up as well, they also started preparing right away.
his daughter had volunteered to go out into the fields in the backyard to gather flowers, and his son is inside- helping him prepare breakfast. 
“daddy! i found so many pretty ones!” his daughter runs into the living room, clutching a basket filled with different coloured wild flowers- eyes twinkling with pride. 
kita bends down to look at the flowers, and he smiles, “they look beautiful, i’m sure mommy will like them very much.”
“dad! i need help.” 
his son’s voice from the kitchen interrupts him and kita rushes over. “here, i got it,” he assures. “why don’t you help me set up the tray?”
and the small boy nods enthusiastically before running out of the kitchen. 
kita has everything under control so that when you wake up, you are greeted with your son- who is carefully holding up a tray with your breakfast, and your daughter- who is clutching a large bouquet of flowers. 
you rub the sleep out of your eyes and beam brightly, “this is perfect, thank you so much!”
seeing you smile, kita couldn’t be any happier. 
he walks over to the bed and places a soft kiss on your forehead before nuzzling your hair affectionately, “thank you for being the best mom in the world.”
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA had woken up early on the morning of mother’s day to bring his daughter to the flower shop to find a gift. 
and right now, he can only throw the florist an apologetic look as he chases after his daughter who was running excitedly down the aisles. 
“sweetheart, wait for me,” he calls out, catching up to the small girl and grasping her hands tightly with a sigh of relief.   
“it’s so pretty!” the child marvels, eyes twinkling with amazement. 
sugawara chuckles at his daughter’s enthusiasm before crouching down to face her, “we have to choose some flowers for mommy.” 
his daughter nods her head dramatically, “for mother’s day!”
“that’s right, for mother’s day,” he smiles, returning her nod with an exaggerated one of his own. “which one do you want to get?”
the small girl swivels her head to look at the flowers surrounding her. “this one!” she exclaims, pointing at a large bouquet of bright pink flowers. 
on the car ride home, his daughter sits in the back, hugging the bouquet tightly. 
you had just walked out of your bedroom when you heard the front door open, followed by the sound of your daughter’s excited chatter.
“happy mother’s day!!!” your daughter screams, running towards you with a large bouquet of pink flowers. 
“sweetie, this looks beautiful!! thank you so much!!” you exclaim happily as you pick up your daughter- who was still holding the flowers- peppering her face with kisses. 
you feel a hand snaking over your shoulders and you turn your head to see your husband. sugawara grins before pressing his lips onto yours, murmuring a soft, “happy mother’s day.”
Tumblr media
ATSUMU’s son had told him he wanted to surprise mommy with pancakes for mother’s day, and he is determined to make that happen. 
“you look like uncle osamu!” the small boy giggles when he sees atsumu in one of your aprons. 
atsumu freezes before turning to his son with an offended expression, placing his hands over his heart. “how could ya insult yer daddy like that,” he exclaims dramatically. 
narrowing his eyes, he saunters towards the child and tackles him with tickles- smirking when his son begs him to stop. 
“ok, now let me focus.”
“i wanna help!” his son yells, jumping up excitedly. 
atsumu purses his lips, thinking of something to give the small boy to do. “ok, hold this, and move yer arm in circles,” he says, handing his son the bowl of pancake batter and a large spoon. 
atsumu is sweating by the stove- trying his best to make each pancake look perfect- that he had forgotten all about his son.
turning around, atsumu’s eyes widen when he sees the pancake batter splattered all over the counter and dripping onto the floor.
he gulps, before plastering a smile on his face, “good job, buddy.”
his son smiles brightly, “can i cook pancakes now?”
atsumu gives him a sheepish smile, “let me handle that, alright?” 
“we did it,” atsumu sighs proudly, collapsing on the dining room chair as he admires the plate of pancakes on the table.   
the small boy jumps up and down in excitement, “let’s go get mommy!”
atsumu suddenly remembers the mess in the kitchen- the pancake batter on the floor and the collection of dirty bowls on the counter. 
“u-uh, how about we surprise her with breakfast in bed instead.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kageyuji · 11 months ago
holding his face
Tumblr media
how they react when you hold their face
warnings -> just fluff!
includes -> akaashi, tsukishima, bokuto, suna, mattsun, and oikawa
part 2 -> part 3
Tumblr media
a/n -> gender neutral!! reblogs help me tons, so please reblog!!
Tumblr media
━━ AKAASHI ... When you reached over to hold his face, he gave you an odd look at first, but then leaned into your touch. His eyes were soft, with the ghost of a smile on his lips. One hand came up to hold yours, his thumb soothingly rubbing the back of the hand holding his face.
━━ TSUKISHIMA ... Upon seeing you reach for him, his first reaction is to pull away. Eyebrows furrowed, a look of confusion in his eyes. But then he leans back closer to you, and this time he lets you. He lets out a breath of something like tension, and if you’re quick enough you can see the small smile.
━━ BOKUTO ... He leaned into your touch immediately, although there was a brief look of shock on his face. A hum left him as he closed his eyes, resting his head on your hand. Then he looked up at you with dreamy eyes, turning just slightly to press a soft kiss to your hand.
━━ SUNA ... Although he doesn’t pull away from your touch, he doesn’t know how to feel about it. His eyebrows are pinned, his mouth open just slightly, his eyes holding some level of both confussion and offense. Then he blinks, and settles into you touch. He still holds a look of vague confusion, but he’s trying to cover it and his new-found flustered feeling up.
━━ MATTSUN... He offers you a confused look when he sees you reach for him, confused as to why you were doing this. Confused as to why he enjoyed it. He just gave a small smirk and leaned slightly into you. You were sure he’d tease you later about you being what he deemed to be clingy, but both of you knew he seemed to enjoy this.
━━ OIKAWA ... His initial reaction is to act cocky, smirking and lifting a brow at you. All you have to do is smile sweetly and run your thumb over his cheek. Tears start to prick in his eyes, a wobbly smile appearing on his lips. He shuts his eyes tightly, bringing his hands up to hold your’s.
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kureyama · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
★ you send them their baby pics.
Tumblr media
⤹ SUMMARY. how would the hq boys react to you sending them their baby pics pt. 1 | pt. 2
⤹ PAIRINGS. fem!reader x nishinoya yuu, tendou satori, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, miya osamu, tsukishima kei
⤹ WARNINGS. cursing
⤹ GENRES. fluff, crack, boyfriend!smau
A/N: i thought it’d be cute to do this! hope u like it, and lemme know if you want a part 2 ^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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heekissung-main · a month ago
how to steal tsukishima kei’s (non-existent) heart
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> how to steal tsukishima kei's (non-existent) heart: a guide by yamaguchi tadashi or in which you're trying your best to write your own friends to lovers fic. (with the help of tadashi, of course)
☆ pairing/s | 3rd year!tsukishima kei x 3rd year!f!reader, platonic!yamaguchi tadashi x reader
☆ genre | disgusting fluff, a lil bit of angst, loosely based from a love so beautiful.
☆ word count | 5.2k words
☆ warning/s | swearing, tsukishima (tsukishima gets his own warning), ooc yamaguchi for some of you (i percieve him as a nicer asshole compared to tsukishima), CRINGE! the cringiest shit i have ever written my whole life esp towards the end. i am: sorry. also, switching povs somewhere in the later part of the story!
☆ author's note | @stationery-store for my tsukishima simp friend (jk this isn't for u i js want to bully u w every chance i get)
Tumblr media
“Really, Y/n?” Someone suddenly says behind your back, making you jump in your seat before hastily shutting your notebook close, although quite unsuccessfully as your pen remained stuck between the pages.
“You scared me, Yamaguchi!” You whisper-yell to the boy, after you glanced around your surroundings, making sure the grumpy librarian was out of ear-shot.
(You weren’t willing to get kicked out of the library as it’s the only place you feel completely safe. It’s the only place away from your friends and your sister’s prying eyes every time you pull out your journal)
Yamaguchi pulls a chair beside you to sit down, his face contorting into what looks like concern, although you don’t miss the glint of mockery behind his eyes.
“Do you need anything?” You ask, blinking twice rapidly before looking everywhere besides at the boy sitting beside you. You were nervous, the newly-announced captain of the volleyball team concludes, staring observantly, not missing how your hands disappear behind your back, obviously trying to hide something.
“What’s in there?” He says, his head nodding towards the bag behind you, his hands were about to reach for the obnoxious bright yellow strap. “No!” You say a little too urgently, panic laced around your voice. “Nothing’s in there,” you laugh awkwardly, holding onto your bag tighter, afraid someone else might creep behind you and snatch it away.
A moment of silence passed by, the look of curiosity on Yamaguchi’s face was soon replaced by an eerie grin. You can’t help but feel your heart drop on your stomach, thoughts clouded by a bunch of worries. And as you dreadfully wait for what’s to come next, the male beside you chuckles, “Why are you still hiding it? I’ve seen it already, Y/n-chan~”
The heart that rested in your stomach dropped at your feet.
The smirk on Tadashi’s face made you feel unpleasant. It was no secret to anyone how he so much enjoyed how you looked like your soul was sucked out from your body— the bastard didn’t even try hiding that he took pleasure from your current state.
It took a whole minute to regain composure (if you even had it the moment Yamaguchi appeared), “Go on, tell Tsukishima about my big fat crush on him,” you tauntingly say even if you knew there was a possibility that you might regret saying so. A whisper from your right side told you to maybe take your words back and beg, it still might be not late. But before you could make up your resolve, the green-haired boy had interrupted you.
“Even if I did, I bet it’s old news for him.”
At his words, your eyes went wide, they almost popped themselves out from their sockets. He hears a strangled whimper from you, if he didn’t know better, he would’ve thought it was from a dog that got its treats taken away.
He looks at you in disbelief, seeing how you grimaced. Tadashi sighs before continuing, “Did you seriously think you were slick at trying to hide it?” and as if he wasn’t done tormenting you, a burst of humorless laughter bursts from his mouth, “Even Tobio-kun noticed.”
You wince at the setter’s name, you were surprised by the continuous amount of information you learned today. There was actually no way you were that obvious right? Letting Kageyama catch up is almost like telling the whole school of your secret feelings for a blond middle blocker. You simply scoff at the freckled boy, not entirely believing his statement.
Yamaguchi looks like he has caught on and laughs again, “You seriously thought you could get away from the stares across the gym?”
Of course, your staring would give you away! You curse yourself in your head. You knew of the habit of staring unintentionally for too long that you had, now, you were wishing that you could have been more cautious. It took almost everything of your will power from banging your head on the table as you dejectedly say:
“Will you please leave me alone? It’s not like you’re going to help me.”
Yamaguchi chuckles at this.
“Y/n, sweetie, I am going to help you.”
You think that Tadashi might have triggered your fight or flight instinct.
"Come on, you can show me what's your plan in trying to woo Tsukishima," he grins and there was never a moment in your life when you had to resist the urge to punch your friend's face until now.
Hesitantly, you get your journal in your bag before opening for Yamaguchi. It didn't look much, yet it was enough to make the freckled-boy ask himself if he should laugh or cry.
In the end, the male chose to pathetically laugh rather than cry after reading the contents of the page.
Huffing, "We're going to change a few things."
You didn't know his definition of 'few things', but you were sure it certainly wasn't the same as yours. You only stared as he flipped to the next page. Starting anew, he writes:
'How to steal Tsukishima Kei's (non-existent) heart'
With the most unimpressed look you could muster, you stare at Yamaguchi. "You could have just told me directly that I didn't have the chance to make my feelings … reciprocal."
He only grins, "That's why I'm here. So I can make your feelings reciprocal."
Tumblr media
You would have never agreed to the plan if you knew what it would be. Cringing as you vividly remember, the first thing he wrote in your journal was: 'chase after tsukishima', you hit yourself on the head.
"Weren't you supposed to help me? I'm only going to end up annoying him." You worry, your cheek planted against the palm of your hand.
"Trust me, it'll work out just fine!" He quips, his devious grin not faltering even for a moment. However, you don't look so convinced; your forehead creased and doubt clouded your eyes; you looked as if you were carrying the world on your shoulders. Noticing that it took more than the words 'trust me’ to convince you, Yamaguchi adds:
"How'd you think I know?"
It was no secret to you that Tsukishima's and Yamaguchi's friendship started out as one-sided. Only through the persistence of the latter did he get Kei to finally acknowledge him as a friend. So just as any other stupid human being, you were convinced. But you see, you weren't that stupid; you were just slow when it comes to fully assessing the situation. So as you stare at the tall middle blocker from the bookshelves, you realized one thing:
Your situation from Yamaguchi was completely different! You were trying to get out of the friendzone, not trying to get stuck in it!
Sighing, you decided to suck it up; you had to make this work. After all, it's too late to back out now; you've been following Tsukishima around since Monday. (Today is already Thursday)
You might be stuck in the friend zone for a while now, so … oh well.
You pull out a chair in front of Kei, and without even  looking up from the math homework he was doing, "What do you need, Y/l/n?" Tsukishima says.
You bat your eyes, "I need help with our math homework?" You managed to state although it sounded as a question as it left your mouth. In the back of your mind, you knew Yamaguchi would have been patting your back by now.
"We have different teachers in math." Tsukishima deadpans.
And the image of Yamaguchi proudly cheering for you was thrown out of the window.
You really hoped that the ground will eat you up.
Playing dumb, your eyebrows shot up. "Hm?" You stare at him confusedly, "I think you heard me wrong, I meant to say if you could help me with math in general?"
Nice save, is what Yamaguchi would say; the image of your friend applauding you came back.
This time, Kei finally looks up to you. But you didn't like how the corner of his lips was upturned because as much as you find his smirking hot, it's just another sign that he has something planned.
"So, you're bothering me for math this time?"
You wince at the word 'bother' but you still nod anyway.
"Not because you need to borrow my height to get a book from the top shelf?" He says almost nonchalantly, and you cringe for the nth time today as you remember what happened during yesterday's lunch.
"What is it now, Y/l/n?" Tsukishima asks before taking a bite from his bread. Yamaguchi, who was beside him, gives you a look of encouragement.
"I need help at the library, I can't reach the book that I need." You nervously blurted out and Tadashi who was smiling kindly at you just moments ago was now massaging his temples.
You knew Tsukishima Kei wasn't actually asking you, but you still answered anyway. "No, not this time." You bite your tongue, refusing to call him out because what's there to call out anyway? You brought this upon yourself, with of course, Yamaguchi’s methods.
Tsukishima hums although he seems quite discontented from the reaction he received from you. However,
"I guess I have the time to teach you."
Your eyebrows scrunch in confusion. Wasn't this the part where he rejects you and tells you to stop bothering him?
"Sit down beside me instead, it will be difficult to teach you when you're sitting in front of me." The male says again (it's fascinating really, that he was able to speak more than 3 words to you today) as he pulls out the chair beside him, before patting the open space.
As if you were in trance, you suddenly shot up from your seat, giddily walking over to his side before occupying the space beside him.
"Listen well because I'm only doing this once," your crush tells you before turning the page of his notebook to start anew.
It's safe to say you zoned out as you shamelessly stared at him the whole time.
Tumblr media
“Give it to him, coward!”
“I will! Give me a minute!”
“You said that a minute ago!” Yamaguchi crosses his arms together, his face evidence of ridicule.
"I'm nervous, okay?" You tell him, hoping that your friend would let you off easily only to receive a click of tongue and a judgmental look.
"You did a lot of more embarrassing things last week, how is this any different?" He remarks and a wave of embarrassment surged through your body from the mention of your … questionable activities.
(You're honestly surprised how Tsukishima hasn't told you off yet)
(That's a good thing, right?)
"What if he hates the bento I prepared?" You ask and Tadashi only scoffs. But before he answers something that would have made your argument invalid, you were quick to reason again. "Or what if I give him food poisoning?"
You hope that the reasons you gave Tadashi were enough to convince him to withdraw the plan. Because giving Tsukishima the bento box was more nerve wracking than the actual making of it. If you knew this is how you'd act, you would have  never let your friend convince you.
(When the past week ended in vain— as Yamaguchi would refer to it, although you wouldn't call it like that since you managed to convince Tsukishima to teach you math after all— he proposed a Plan B that was called: The Best Way to Win a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach)
A horrified expression crossed Yamaguchi's face, but before you could point it out, it was already gone in a blink of an eye.
"I think your first worry is more believable."
"Can't we just not do this plan and move on to another one?" You beg, peeking through the gap the open door left opened, staring at Tsukishima's tall build— even when sitting, he still towered over his classmates. Clutching unto the bento box you prepared, you already have a conclusion, the meal in your hands will absolutely won't reach this man's heart.
The male beside you sighs.
"If you're this worried, we could move to Plan C," The volleyball player finally caves in, "I still have a lot of methods in mind."
You were elated; you didn't have to watch Tsukishima's disgusted look as he eats the bento. (That is if, he even touches the food)
"Y/n-chan? Tadashi-kun? What are you doing outside?" Yachi, who is beside the one and only Tsukishima, asks from her seat. "Class is almost starting, why are you there?" The club manager asks.
And just like that, you felt like you everything was drained from your face.
Tsukishima, who was busy reading something a while ago, looked up and his attention was suddenly focused on you and Yamaguchi. As you were about to hide the bento behind your back, it was too late already; Kei had already seen it, his gaze fixed towards the wrapped up box.
"You know, why not give it to him already?" Yamaguchi nudges your side, and this time he doesn't look like he won't be stopping the commencement of Plan B.
He was honestly the worst friend you could ever ask for.
(You want a refund from Santa Clause)
You furiously shake your head to the green-haired boy, before shoving the box into his hands.
"Let's pass this off as a 'Thank You' gift from me, eh?" You grin, and before Yamaguchi was able to process your words, you ran off to your own class.
Sitting in front of his two friends, Yamaguchi was still confused as ever. You certainly had a talent in running away because for a moment there, he thought you were from the track team.
"What's that?" A voice behind Tadashi startles him so he turns around, only to see his best friend with furrowed eyebrows.
"A thank you gift from a friend." He answers.
"I didn't know you and Y/l/n were friends." Kei says monotonously, but the volleyball captain thinks he might have caught on already.
"Yeah, Y/n and I are friends." He emphasizes your first name just to see how his friend would react.
And the face of his best friend did not disappoint.
(Yamaguchi feels sorry for using your first name just to see if Tsukishima would get jealous, but at least he now knows that the middle blocker might have the tiniest crush on you)
Tumblr media
"Okay so obviously your food didn't reach his heart," Yamaguchi says while the both of you are headed to the cafeteria. Apparently, he forgot his lunch and saw this as an opportunity to tell you about the next plan.
You glare at him, "Of course it didn't, you ate it before it could get into his heart." Before scoffing.
"Why is it like my fault when you literally shoved the bento box into my hands?!" Yamaguchi flicks your forehead playfully while you wince as if you were truly in pain.
"Don't you worry though, I have Plan C." He chuckles gleefully and you look at him quizzically, before you can even ask him what it is, he has already answered your question. "You're going to walk with me and Tsukishima."
"That's it?"
Well that doesn't seem so bad. This plan might be the most decent and reasonable one ever.
"Yeah, but you're only going to talk to me."
That made you halt from your footsteps before turning to face the boy beside you. "I thought you were supposed to help me so how is this going to help me?" You look at him distastefully, starting to think he might have been playing with you all this time under the guise of helping you. "You wound me, dear Y/n." He tuts, putting his hands on his chest, feigning hurt.
"I am going to wound you one of these days."
The other only laughs, probably finding the threat ridiculous when it came from you. "Relax Y/n, I have a reason. Besides, have I ever failed you?"
"Twice already." You deadpan, reminding him of his plans.
"The reason why you failed the second time was due to your own accord." He reminds, before giving you a teeth-clenching smile.
"Are you at least going to tell me the reason?"
Tumblr media
You wait in front of their classroom as Yamaguchi told you, and it was awkward just standing there. You could only watch as a group of students exit the class as you waited for the duo. Finally, you caught the familiar green-haired boy and a blond accompanying him.
You quirk an eyebrow, you didn't know that you and Yamaguchi were already on a first name basis.
"Tsuki, I invited Y/n to walk with us since she walks in the same direction." Your friend mentions and Kei only nods before walking ahead of the both of you.
You only stare in confusion at the captain before he drags you to catch up to the blond.
"Maybe I am hopeless after all." You whisper to the smaller male walking beside you, gesturing to the taller one in front, but he was quick to dismiss the idea.
"How would you be when I caught him being jealous over a bento box?"
And he told you what happened during the failure of Plan B.
Admittedly, you have a lot of concerns— like, was Tsukishima really jealous? Or was he irked by the thought of you?— to which Yamaguchi responded with, 'Oh Y/n, I know jealousy when I see one.'
(Yamaguchi might be the worst wingman)
But the biggest of your concerns were, "So how is this supposed to help me?"
"If we trigger his jealousy again, he might man up and ask you out now!" He whisper-yells, wary of Tsukishima, five feet away from you.
"Yeah, we're still not sure if it's jealousy you actually saw." he rolls his eyes from your doubt, "And let's say he actually has feelings for me, but if we repeat your words, 'he might ask me out', emphasis on might." You point out, "Might, so it's not even a 100% chance!"
Yamaguchi opens his mouth before closing them again. Losing all of his words because before you can use them, you have already countered his arguments.
"Besides, do you really think he'll ask me out when he thinks there's something going on between … us?" You make a face at the last part and your friend doesn't know whether to agree or be offended.
Tadashi pauses for a moment, his hand holding his chin as he thinks, "We'll just make it 100% then."
You raise a brow, "How?"
Tadashi raises his hand as if signaling you to just wait and see. He dashes towards the blond before speaking loudly:
"Y/n! My friend, you're such a small poke!"
You had to resist the urge to laugh right then and there. Face full of amusement, you mouth to Yamaguchi— 'This is your plan?'
Tadashi only glares, nodding at you to just play along. So, you caught up to them— although not as effortlessly as the freckled boy. (Curse your wobbly legs)
With Tsukishima now sandwiched between the both of you, he stares straight ahead, not really caring about what's happening around him. However, his best friend is going to put an end to his dismissive attitude.
"You know, Y/n is such a good friend. She's like the sister I never had." He emphasizes the words friend and sister, trying to get his point across.
Yamaguchi notices how the taller male raises both of his eyebrows briefly, his eyes hinted that he might be hopeful. Of course you didn't notice, you were busy trying to hold in your laughter.
Trying to get more reaction from the middle blocker, Yamaguchi might have overstepped a little bit with his next words:
"Whoever thinks I have feelings for her is really dumb!"
Both you and Kei couldn't help but look at the boy with shocked expressions.
As you scold the captain by mouthing profanities to him, you didn't catch the relieved expression the male beside you had.
Tumblr media
"I think we got our point across,"
Yamaguchi says the next day when he sees you in front of your locker, getting the books you need for the next period.
"Yeah, and it cancelled out your Plan C." You point out, and your friend only shrugs.
"That doesn't matter, I have Plan D,"
You raise an eyebrow questioningly, "This is the fourth plan already, just say that not even your persistent methods will work."
Tadashi winces at your pessimism, clicking his tongue, "Just trust me on this one."
"Walk with us later," he lastly says before walking away from you.
You could only stare from afar, confusion settling in unto you.
Tumblr media
"Tsuki, Y/n is going to walk with us again!"
Tsukishima doesn't know how to feel right now. Or, for better phrasing, he doesn't know what he's feeling at the moment. The feeling settling down his stomach makes him sick; it's as if butterflies have invaded his tummy and they're now turning it into their playground. His heart is beating loudly against his ear, and now he's afraid that his friend might hear it.
(Although the fear soon dissipates when he realizes that isn't possible)
The moment he lands his eyes on you didn't make anything better, the matter only took a turn for worse. His blood circulation suddenly stopped and his respiratory system seemed to malfunction altogether. Kei thinks that he needs to get a grip on himself.
It's ridiculous how you managed to reduce him to such a state to the point that he hopes that you used witchcraft on him and not because of his own self why he's feeling this way. And then you suddenly smiled at him, he thinks every organ inside of him stopped working.
(Why you, even? Kei thinks.
He shouldn't be feeling this way— he should be annoyed. After all, who was it that followed him for a whole week looking like a lost puppy and making him do favors that sounded so dumb?)
(Not to mention, the feelings he felt when he saw the bento box you gave to Yamaguchi were not exactly pleasant— he remembers so well that he went home that day with a funny feeling in his stomach)
Not bothering to return the greeting, he suddenly walks away with a firm resolve that he won't give you any ounce of attention. Tsukishima will walk straight home and brush off the growing feelings inside of him.
That was the plan, but then—
"Oh no! I forgot something! Oops, I guess you two have to walk without me!"
Tsukishima hears Yamaguchi say.
That's the last thing he hears before seeing his so-called best friend run away.
A minute passes by with nothing happening at all.
"I guess it's just you and me then?"
He hears you say.
You clear your throat and Tsukishima realizes he was staring.
The blockhead only grunts before walking without a word. He swore he saw your expression as if you were a puppy that was kicked off the road, he can feel his heart clench at the sight.
A moderately loud 'ping' came from his pocket, indicating that someone had texted him.
[16:08] Yamaguchi: good luck and have fun with tsukishima! <33 thank me later ;)
It didn't take long to realize that the message wasn't for him. And he certainly didn't take long to notice that the message must have been for you.
Lastly, it didn't take long for things to add up— his feelings for you might be reciprocated! (And you're currently receiving help from his best friend)
Wait no— he doesn't have feelings for you!
But as he looks at you and notices how adorable you look trying to catch up to his fast-paced steps, he feels his heart beating faster again as he finds himself unconsciously slowing down.
He has feelings for you, he finally accepts.
So, taking advantage of Yamaguchi's set up, he decides to give your relationship a push with himself.
Tumblr media
"How's math?"
You hear Tsukishima utter beside you. Taken aback, you look at him with wide eyes, not expecting for him to strike up a conversation himself. (Given all the things you have done that might have annoyed him)
"Uh it's going well … our study sessions really helped." Your reply only receives a nod from the taller one. You could hear Yamaguchi cussing at you in the back of your mind, probably for wasting such an opportunity to finally have a conversation with your crush. However, the look on Tsukishima told you he was listening ever so attentively— as if he's still waiting for you to finish something.
So in a span of a second, you think of something to add to your previous statement, "Well that's when we studied together but these past few days, I think I'm not doing so good," Tsukishima only nods again and for a moment, you think that he's edging you on to ask help from him. But as quick as a fleeting moment, you were fast in erasing the thought from your mind— maybe the false hope that Tadashi gave you has been rubbing off already.
Oh well, false hope or not, what's bad with trying, right?
"I was wondering if you could help me with math?" You start off, "Just until quarterly exams?" You finish, holding your breath while you hope for the best.
A moment of silence passes by, and you realize maybe you've gone overboard this time so as you open your mouth to apologize, you are immediately shut down as Tsukishima says, "Sure."
"I'm sorry, what?"
The male glances at you, raising a brow as if to say— you don't want me to say yes?
You shake your head almost immediately. "No— don't take it the wrong way, I'm just surprised that you agreed to help me," you awkwardly say, scratching the back of your head.
Tsukishima only shrugs, he finds you quite stupid.
Stupidly cute.
Tumblr media
And so, the tutoring sessions became frequent. The meet-ups happened at least twice a day; Thursdays and Fridays were the usual days since the volleyball club's sessions were less harsh than during those days.
When you first told Yamaguchi about what happened when he was gone, he jokingly said that he should tell you good luck more often. Confused, you ask him what he means and to this, Yamaguchi only replies— how weird.
(When Yamaguchi searches for the message he should have sent you and realizes what went wrong, he tells himself that he is good with reading people)
(And that maybe he is a good wingman despite what Yachi says, because even if he did fail, it was a successful failure)
The sessions turned out quite alright, you did do better during math class with the help of Tsukishima, of course. (You don't know which is the bonus; you, learning math or you, spending time with your crush)
Gradually, as time passed by, the sessions became a part of your schedule and the same can be said to Tsukishima. For him, the feelings that started out as something that he called infatuation grew and blossomed while yours only grew deeper into your heart, it was like veins, attaching itself to every inch of your being.
Kei found himself walking you home every night, occasionally stopping by the convenience store his coach owns. His stares became longing and full of gentleness whenever it came to you, (but before you could catch him, he'd always look away) and the supposed to be innocent touches and brushes against your skin would sometimes be longer and if you didn't knew anything better, you'd think he'd want to hold your hand just as much as you wanted to hold his.
You only found yourself falling deeper when you caught him feeding a stray cat once he was outside the convenience waiting for you. Or, the rare times when he'd pull you away from the crowd and ask you— how did it go?— whenever you had a quiz on the subject he was tutoring you at.
You tell yourself he just wants to know if your study sessions were effective, but deep inside you knew that you hoped that this small gesture was a sign that he might have been feeling the same way.
Before the two of you knew it, the quarterly exam was just a few days away and this might be the last session. In everyone else's eyes, they'd think you're so well focused in studying the material when in fact, you're thinking of a way to tell Tsukishima how you feel.
You have been pining for so long now, you at least deserve to let these feelings out— reciprocated or not.
You were close to formulating a plan (not really, since you kept repeating to yourself at what Yamaguchi would do; and everything in that list was an immediate rejection) until someone interrupted you.
"You're taking too long." The male beside you suddenly says, making you look up from the answer sheet you were pretending to be working on. As you looked at him, you were only greeted with his side profile and a clenched jaw. "Hm?" You hum, looking at the book laid out in front of you— maybe he had noticed you were
"Are you going to let our last session pass by without taking the opportunity?"
Again, you only stare at him in confusion, not really getting whatever the blond male was talking about. He sighs, shutting the mathematics book in front of him before finally staring straight into your eyes.
With a huff he says something that finally made sense to you— "Even with Yamaguchi's help you're completely hopeless."
The sudden realization that dawned upon you made your heart beat a tad quicker, breath knocked out of your lungs.
Tsukishima, noticing how your expression turned into grim chuckles, "You're slow at picking up things, aren't you?"
You blink once before he
Before anything makes sense, he stands up from his seat and it might be your imagination, but you could have sworn you saw the red tip of his ears. Clearing his throat he says, "I like you."
You suddenly felt hot.
Heat rose to your cheeks, and you think your blood stopped circulating. You had to remind yourself to breathe, because it seems you have forgotten once you tried inhaling.
Tsukishima, who looks at you expectantly, grins slyly with an eyebrow raised at you.
"Just me? That's unfortunate, I thought you liked me as well."
Oh there goes his personality again.
You hastily stand up as well, almost knocking your chair back, "Oh no— I like you too!" You yelled quietly keeping in mind you're in the library.
With that, Tsukishima smiles.
Tumblr media
Bonus, 6 years later.
Yamaguchi comes out of his room, stifling a laugh. It looks like he's holding something in his hands that is placed behind his back. He shares a look with you and Tsukishima, your boyfriend of six years and counting, while you stare back in confusion.
"Look at what I found~!"
He raises his right hand and in it, was the journal you and Tadashi wrote your plans to … well, steal Tsukishima's non-existent heart.
Groaning, you remind yourself to never invite them over again to your apartment during the holidays.
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storms-playhouse · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
waking up in the middle of the night wasn't ideal. Tsukishima was still asleep next to you and you couldn't help but want him. you grab your phone before shining the light onto his face. he flinches before squinting his eyes open. "what do you want?" he says, obviously a little annoyed. "m sorry. can't sleep and wanted to see you." you cuddle into him a little more and his arm goes down towards your waist. "that's it?" his eyes close as one eyebrow raises. you hum slightly before shaking your head. "what else do you need doll? spit it out." you look at him, pouting. "want you." his hand begins leading down your body before you're able to finish. "that why you couldn't sleep huh?" he reaches his hand behind you, leading himself down your bottoms. "fuckin whore. woke me up cause you need to get off." he starts kneading your ass, causing you to close your eyes while biting your lip. you can feel him slip into you from behind and you gasp. he begins curling his fingers inside you and you grab his shirt, needing to hold onto something. he speeds up, using his other hand to hold down your steadily rising hips. you continuously keep whining out his name, begging for release. "come on, cum for me." he goes a little harder, making you cream around him. after a couple more seconds, you release around his fingers. "now, go the fuck to sleep." he says, before pulling out of you and turning over.
Tumblr media
@lovekyoutani here you go, love. all done.
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ovurtime · 5 days ago
𖧷 [ 7:38pm ]
Tumblr media
tsukishima lifts his head to find you asleep, eyes closed with your head resting peacefully on your arms.
"hey," he taps your nose with the eraser of his pencil, "wake up."
your nose scrunches under his light movements, making his steady heart skip a beat. you really didn't want to wake up; you were having such a wonderful dream, where you and your beautiful boyfriend were studyi- oh. it wasn't a dream.
"how long was i asleep?" you mutter through your growing smile.
"only a couple of minutes." his hand comes up and rests on your head, ruffling your soft locks. "c'mon, you've got a test tomorrow, and i refuse to be held accountable for your failing grade."
its times these that make your heart melt. the golden hues of the setting sun flood in through the window behind you, reflecting off kei's features. his blonde hair shines in the light as his honeyed eyes bore into yours, making his gaze intoxicating.
"i love you, kei."
the tip of his ears flush a furious red as a giddy smile threatens to crash through his stoic barrier. "that's interesting," he quips, still running his taped fingers through your hair, "i could've sworn you said that you can't stand me just a few moments ago."
"mmm, do we have to keep studying?" you whine, bringing your hand up to cup his jaw, tracing his features with the tip of your finger. "its been hours, and i just..."
"you just, what?"
you finger stops at his lips, giving extra attention to his cupids bow. "i just want to be with you."
time feels as though it stands still as his hand travels down to your cheek, bringing your face up to his as your lips collide in a soft, saccharine kiss.
"fine," he mutters in between kisses, "but don't come crying to me when you see a big red F on your paper."
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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taro-im · a month ago
when you fall out of your crush for the haikyuu boys but they start to fall for you
angsty with fluff ending
tsukishima x reader
Tumblr media
You have known Tsukishima since your last year of middle school, the first time you saw him you knew he was the one, you don’t know why but he was, and now it’s almost the end of your second year in Karusono and your feelings for him have never changed
When the both of you became “friends” in the beginning he was slightly rude to you which hurt but that’s just his way of joking, you would always follow whatever he says and you remembered one time you watched all the Jurassic park movies just because he said he liked the movies, you watched those because you thought you would get close to him but nah he was more annoyed by you
Tsukishima and you became more close in your first year of Highschool, you were so happy over the little things he did for you that you over thinked it even though they were small interactions, you openly flirted with him and he leaded you on… not saying a thing to the girl with stars in her eyes:
“Hey Tsukki Kei!” You said running to him only for him to pinch his nose bridge from annoyance “I told you not to call me that idiot” he said trying to walk away only for you to gently grab his hand “walk me to class Tsuki?” You said pouting “yeah and will you stop annoying me?” He gave in sighing “hmm maybe” he said dragging you to class, usually you would always pass him notes during class till he got pissed and crumpled them which made you laugh while on his end he didn’t care about you all he knew was that your were some annoying girl who would always cling to him “look tsukishima i made strawberry cake” you said slowly passing it to him only for him to push it back “how do I know if you poisoned it?” He said eating his rice curry while Yamaguchi was looking at you because he felt guilty “please try it? I stayed up really late to make it” you said with no shame “I-I can try it y/n-“ he said only getting cut off by Tsukishima “seriously y/n, can’t you take a hint?” He said glaring at you “what do you mean?” You said voice quieter “I mean we never invited you to eat with us, your so damn annoying, and your so shameless, like can’t you take a hint? Even shorty Hinata can take a hint” he said laughing thinking it was funny but your smile faded and Yamaguchi tried to stop him from saying anything else… “ seriously everyone in class knows you have a thing for me and it’s so damn embarrassing, can you not drag me along in your stupid antics?” He said and every word pained your heart he was looking you in your watery eyes “you can’t take the truth? Your seriously going to cry about it your so sensitive” he said laughing “I’ll be going I’m sorry you felt that way” you said in a low whisper but he could here and you left the table… “Tsukkishima why did you do that?” Yamaguchi said scared at what just happened “what? She’s so annoying” he muttered noticing you forgot your little bento
You walked out of the classroom embarrassed at what happened, you felt like an idiot wearing your heart on your sleeve for him, you just wanted to hangout with him you didn’t mean to come off annoying and clingy, you wiped your tears away with some cold water and went back in awkwardly sitting back at your seat, while he was secretly looking at your puffy eyes and how hard you were trying to solve the problem on your paper “idiot here” he whispered passing you his answers only for you to slowly push it away “no thanks Tsukishima I already got it” you said turning in your work… you called him by his full last name no nickname? embarrassed he took his paper away, you pretended everything was okay for a few weeks eating with your friends you haven’t talked to for a while, focusing more in class, the little butterflies you had for him are still there tho, but his insensitive words that were true still hurt you
“no way y/n! Wow you got a love letter~” your bestfriend said sitting on your desk seeing you hold the pink envelope with no named signed “I-I can’t believe it” you said flustered at the fact you received a confession “I wonder who it is?” She said looking at the hand writing “she probably wrote it herself who would like someone like her” Tsukishima said closing his book then walking away and your smile faded again “sorry y/n he’s probably in a bad mood” Yamaguchi said giving you a back pat only for you to finally cry… “geez he’s such a damm jerk” your best friend said angry
“Tsukishima! Why did you say that to L/n?” Yamaguchi said walking towards Tsukishima confused “what do you mean? She has nothing to do with me, she can like and date whoever she wants” he muttered rolling his eyes “she never said she was going to date them and I didn’t ask you that, I don’t know how you could be so mean to the girl you like” the freckled boy said “I never said I liked her Yamaguchi your just assuming” he said eyebrows furrowed from Yams correctness “if you don’t like her why are you always staring at her in class” “I’m not” “yeah keep on denying it wait till she finds someone else” he said walking back to class, “I’m just speaking the truth” he sighed heading in only hearing you talk to the teacher “Mrs. Akanae can I sit in the front? It’s kind of hard for me to see” you said packing your school bag “of course l/n” she said confused because you always told her you were okay sitting there and Tsukishima felt a little pain in his chest at what you did…
he tried approaching you but you would just give him a simple nod and wave then leave he did miss you and your antics, he never thought being without you would make school more boring and Yamaguchi noticed the way his friend behaved too, three weeks later the culture festival arrived and you were assigned to take the same shift for the booth with Tsukishima Kei well not really you were assigned with someone else till Tsukishima chimed in “can I join too?” He said raising his hand making some people shocked at the guy who barely doesn’t any group activities is actually participating “yeah of course Tsukishima, your working with l/n” she said writing his name down on paper while your heart beated at an abnormal rate hearing he was going to be your partner for the school festival, school ended and you talked to him “do you think you can switch with yams?” You said leaning on one of the lockers trying to act casually “now why would I do that? The teacher said all partners are final y/n” he said giving you a headpat then leaving for volleyball practice… “such a jerk” you muttered blushing, the culture festival was in a week it couldn’t be that bad right? It’s just being with him for one hour
1 week later:
You woke up and got your period… what a good way to start off you day? You took a shower to feel more clean only for your stomach to be having bad cramps, you went out of your house noticing Tsukishima was waiting for you “what are you doing here?” You said surprised at the boy you least expected to come wait for you “Yamaguchi told me I should wait for you since we would be spending the day together” he said with a slight tint of blush “we don’t have to-“ you said half way only for you to put your hands on your stomach from the sudden cramp “hey you okay?” He said walking forward concerned at you wincing from pain “oh I’m fine com on let’s go” you said slowly walking only for him to take your hand “your too slow we’ll be late” he said intertwining his fingers with yours, “Everyone go with your partner and go explore the other classes” the teacher said passing everyone’s schedule while your in your desk uncomfortable “hey y/n let’s go” he said poking your back and when you turned you saw Yamaguchi and some of your friends with you “com on let’s go y/n! I heard there was a maid cafe” your friend said grabbing your hand but Tsukishima holded your hand to “hey your partners over there” Tsukishima said not letting go “so? And she’s my friend” she said glaring at him “com on Yachi let’s go” you said walking to her “o-okay” she said surprised
the day was suppose to be fun but everyonce in a while your cramps hit you like a truck, Tsukishima concerned that you keep on wincing from something he could tell you were in pain, “look it’s a haunted house booth we should of did that” one of your friends said while you were just nodding “let’s go in it sounds fun!”
“You know y/n we can stay here” Tsukishima said using your head as a arm rest while you saw that as a sign of him calling you a pussy
“I don’t know about you Tsukishima Kei but I’m not afraid you can stay here tho, don’t wanna be embarrassed right?” You said pushing his hand away trying to act casually, while he secretly smiled
“AH!” Yamaguchi scared from the jump scare
“Pfft” Tsukishima laughed noticing that you were gripping onto his shirt he didn’t say a thing, he liked the feeling of you being close to him again
“AHHHH!” You said hitting one of the people that jumpscared you only for them to let out a painful groan “y/n” he said not being able to hold his laughter seeing all the color in your face gone, all of you exited the haunted house and you sighed of relief exiting the dark room “idiot next time you should of asked me if you wanted to hold my hand” he said looking at your fingers intertwining with his while you immediately let go “sorry bad habit” you said hiding your flustered face “that’s not good, I’m fine with it but you could get into lots of trouble if you do this to the wrong person” he said ruffling your hair leaving you a blushing mess… “he’s such a idiot” you said going to the bathroom heart beating out of your chest…
Your stomach was in pain and you forgot to bring ibuprofen with you today which made you panic a little, Tsukishima noticed you asking your friend fire medicine but she didn’t have any, he didn’t say a thing “Where did Tsukishima go?” You said wondering where he is “I don’t know maybe he went somewhere” Yamaguchi said looking around seeing no sign of him
“I would like to buy some ibuprofen” he said scratching his neck while the store clerk was looking at him weirdly “shouldn’t you be in class right now?” The old lady said scanning the little pack of ibuprofen while he just ignored the question then left the store… if he was being honest in the past he couldn’t tell if his heart was beating rapidly because of how much stress you putted on him- well that’s what he thought but the little adventures you and him had was fun, he liked your annoying laugh and your annoying pick up lines, he missed you asking him for homework answers till he said yes… he didn’t mean to say those harsh things to you, he only wants to see that dorky smile of yours he’s selfish for that, and he knows it, he only wants to be the one to make you flustered and he wants to be the one that you have in your head before you go to bed…
“Tsukiiii!!! Where were you?” You said running towards him seeing him hold a plastic bag “idiot your way too loud… here” he said flicking your forehead passing you the plastic bag “what’s in it?” You said cheeks slightly tinted “open it, I’m going to go with the others if your just going to be standing there y/n” he said teasingly waving at you, you opened the bag seeing a little packet of ibuprofen pills and a small water bottle… “he really did that for me?” You said face flushed, “y/n your face is so red! What happened?” Your friend said looking at you while you weren’t paying attention “y/n?” She repeated noticing you were spacing out “oh- sorry jus thinking” you said snapping out of your daydream noticing Tsukishima was looking at you
The culture fair was super fun, but now it was Tsukishima’s and your shift at your class booth, you dressed in your maid outfit feeling slightly bloated sighing loud because you felt uncomfortable, you exited the changing room seeing Tsukishima in his butler outfit, he looked really cute “y/n you tied the bow wrong” he said fixing the ribbon on your waist slightly touching your skin which made your skin feel warmer “thanks Tsukishima I could of done it myself” you said speed walking away from him, the both of you were serving table after table, you didn’t notice but Tsukishima was always looking at you thinking you looked cute when you were acting like this while you took little glances of him seeing how cute he looked in a butler uniform, the both of your shifts ended and you waited for tsukishima
“Hey um… thank you for buying me ibuprofen” you said nervous scratching the nape of your neck “your welcome but you owe me” he said “here-“ you said taking out your wallet only for him to shake his head no “would you go on a date with me?” He said nervous voice quiet “what did you say?” You said not hearing him “I said would you go on a date with me?” He said eyebrows furrowed “why would you ask me that?” “Because I like you y/n…” he said cheeks tinted red “y-you what?” “I like you y/n” he said bluntly noticing your eyes wide open “you can’t just joke like that Tsuki-“ “but I’m not joking… you could of just said no” he said embarrassed almost walking away only for you to grab his hand out of instinct “you really like me?” You said flustered seeing his face “yeah I do y/n, do I have to say it again?” “Yeah” “I really like you y/n” “I like you too Tsukishima Kei” you said intertwining your fingers with his, “you know your so mean to me I couldn’t tell” you teased him only for him to pull you in a hug “well I’m sorry” “it’s okay, but where do you want to go for our date” you said smiling like an idiot
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infxrity · a month ago
Tumblr media
♡ — Waking Them Up In The Middle of the Night to Tell Them About Your Weird Dream
Tumblr media
a/n :: long ass title 😕 also I was scrolling through my google docs and remembered I thought of this like months ago. anyways reblog’s are very cool
featuring :: tsukishima kei, oikawa toru, sugawara koshi
warnings :: none
genre :: fluff, does this count as crack
wanna read more of my work? here is my masterlist
Tumblr media
“Psst Oikawa, wake up” You just woke up, the dream you had fresh on your mind and you were desperate to tell someone before you forgot. So you turned to your boyfriend Oikawa Toru, who was currently spending the night, and shook him awake. “Waaaake uuupp” It took a few moments but he finally did, looking up at you squinting and confused.
“[Name] are you okay? What time is it why are you up”
“Nothings wrong and it’s only 4 am, but do you want to hear about the dream I just had?”
He sighed pulling you in close, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your head. “Go ahead but it better be interesting or I’m going back to sleep.”
Five minutes later and you were still telling Oikawa about your dream. He hadn’t said a single thing and you didn’t even know if he was still awake or if you were just talking to yourself. “...And then the girl finally realized the dogs were her old ones reincarnated so she was running back to the house to stop the police from trying to arrest them and apparently the dogs had powers because when she got there one of them threw a lightning bold at an officer”
“...don’t ask how.”
“Okay..? And what happened after that I’m invested”
“Well after that I woke up, so I guess we’ll never find out”
“Yeah no, go back to sleep, dream part two and then wake me up when that’s happened. I’m the meantime I’m going back to sleep, Love you”
Before you could even say “I love you too” he was already asleep again.
“Hey, now that you’re up do you want to hear about the dream I just had?” For the past three minutes you’ve been trying to shake Tsukishima awake, wanting to tell him about the weird dream you just had.
Tsukishima groaned and turned over facing away from you. “No I don’t please go back to sleep”
“Alright then, I’ll just tell it to myself out loud so that you happen to hear it”
He rolled his eyes giving in. “Alright fine, what was your dream? And make it quick it’s to early for this”
A little while later Tsukishima regretted his decision. He enjoyed hearing you talk about it even if he wasn’t acting like he was, however this dream was going on forever. No way you dreamt all this in the span of a few hours. He was trying to stop himself from drifting off and as soon as he almost gave in you were finally done.
“...And then some random girl appeared who was apparently there the whole time explained it was an escape room and they had to use the stuff in the boxes before running out..and then I woke up”
“I can’t believe I listened to that entire dream”
“I know I’m surprised too”
“I’m going back to bed, if you’re gonna stay up then don’t stay up too late”
“Wait don’t you want to hear about the dream I had before it changed to that one?”
“Sorry I can’t hear you I’m already asleep”
“Hello?” Sugas tired voice picked up on the other line. You called your boyfriend Sugawara, wanting to tell him about the dream you just had although it was 2 am. You felt a little bad for waking him up this late at night but the desire to tell him about your dream was greater than the guilt.
“Sorry for waking you, but I have this really weird dream I want to tell you about”
He sighed, “this is the third time this week you’ve called me for this reason”
“I knoww and I’m sorry, but if I wait until morning I’ll forget”
“It’s fine they’re entertaining to an extent. Go ahead”
“So basically, this huge baby and even bigger stuffed bear were chasing me around a white room, but all of us were laughing so I’m guessing it was a game of tag or something”
He was silent for a moment. “...Is this some clever way of telling me you want a child”
“, but now that you mention children,,they’re so cute how can you tell me you don’t want one. If you say you don’t you’re lying-” but before you could even go on a full rant about having a child he interrupted you
“I’m going back to bed and in the morning we’re calling you a therapist. Sweet dreams, love you” before hanging up.
© infxrity don’t steal my work Tris and Bambi are watching
Tumblr media
Tag list (open) - @devilgirlcrybabiey @kej1me @sweetlilymammamia @beezebub @animated-moon @p-ol @maipxilia @oikawasbuttcheeks @depressed-but-obsessed @lilies-and-rosies
Tumblr media
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ahoney--girl · 2 months ago
Kei Tsukishima
Tumblr media
Overstimulation? Dirty Talk?
I am deeply in my Tsukishima phase please someone help.
“it's tooo muuuch.” Your moan drags out trying to shift your body away from Suki’s mouth. His hands on your hips dig further in pushing you back to the bed. “Stop moving not done yet.” He grumbles mouth barely leaving space between your pussy long enough to make the command. Then going right back to exploring, tongue first. Despite the mess from your last orgasm. “How are you...still going..” You moan out arching further into his mouth. The hypersensitivity of your clint shaking your body Tsuki pauses. Hands still pinning your body down onto the bed as he pulls away further this time. Looking up at you fully as your chest rises and falls as you chase your breath. “Do you know your name?” Scrunching your face you turn your head at him in question. “Uh yes..” Nodding at your answer he adjusts himself on his stomach pulling your body back to him. “Then the jobs not done.” “Ah fuck.” You moan out as he pushes his tongue back onto your messy cunt. His hand drags down your hips, to your thighs, pulling away then landing back on your thighs in a sting. “Watch your mouth princesses. This can very easily turn into punishment.” “Is it not already?” You moan out falling back onto the bed trying to calm your erratic breathing. “Oh, no princesses.” He hums, rubbing his free hand from the burning spot on your outer thigh, then to the inside, landing on your pussy. “This is a reward for being such a good girl today.” Slowly he pushes one finger in. “Showing up to my game.” His finger curves, dragging lightly on your walls. “Wearing my jersey.” His finger is pulled out to just the tip, then another one is added. “Cheering so loud for me.” His fingers push in curling as they go. His face drops down to kiss your clit, flattening his tongue on it. “Jumping up and down in those god damn tight ripped jeans." He groans eyes visibly fluttering closed as he recalls the image. "Your thighs peeking out as your boobs bounce from your jumping and cheering. ...fuck.” His fingers start to thrust slowly in adjacent to the rhythm of his tongue. Moaning your body starts to shake at the rising tightness that builds in your lower stomach. “This is a reward for being such a good fucken girl today..showing everyone how lucky I am and how unlucky they are because all of this is mine.. now cum again.”
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ellewords · 3 months ago
the haikyuu boys when you keep setting them up with other people
Tumblr media
request from anon : i have been thinking a lot about the idea of a reader that’s really close with one of the haikyuu boys (specifically tsukishima, bokuto and iwaizumi for this request). reader likes them but can’t imagine a future where the boy returns the feelings, so reader tries to set them up with people that they think the boy will really like. said boy is really confused and hurt because they thought they were being obvious about their feelings for reader and that this was their way of rejecting them rather than confronting them about it.
fic notes / warnings : timeskip!tsukishima, bokuto, iwaizumi x gn!reader, angst to fluff, hurt/comfort kinda, contains swearing in tsukki’s, scenarios, wc: ~0.65k each   
from elle ! ngl I really enjoyed writing this and got v carried away ;-; like it was supposed to be only ~0.4k each but oooooh mind really went brrrrr on this one:<< anyways thank you for reading + i hope you are having a wonderful day <3 
Tumblr media
you’ve known him for as long as you can remember. he’s just always been beside you, holding your hand and guiding you through life. you’ve pushed him away, but he never let go, gripping even tighter. he picked you when you thought no one else would, whether it’s on the playground during recess or as partners for class projects. he picked you up when you got stood up on your first date at sixteen and he celebrated you when you got your first job at twenty-two. and in the process, you knew him more than you could know anyone else. you knew what he liked, what he didn’t, his dreams and ambitions, what gets him upset, and what makes him feel better.  
and you’ve loved him for as long as you can remember. so much that it actually hurt when you look at him, knowing that he could never feel the same. you could never be the person he loved. so you force yourself to push it down, to find someone that worthy of his love and affection. as long as he was happy, then you would be too.  
Tumblr media
➹   tsukishima k.
“i’m sorry,” tsukishima sighed, placing his fork down by his plate, “you seem like a wonderful person but—”
akemi cut him off with a smile, shaking her head in the process, “you’re in love with somebody else? it’s okay, i know.”
he could only blink back at her, mouth agape, unsure of what to say. the other customers fill the air with quiet chatter, but tension was still thick, awkward even. tsukishima tugged on the ends of his sleeves as he waited for akemi to continue. she wiped the corner of her lip with a napkin, looking at him with what he recognized as a mixture of pity and understanding, “truthfully, i was shocked that yn set me up on a date with you. i always thought that the two of you were already together.”
“yeah…i don’t even know why i keep agreeing to these dates in the first place,” he muttered to himself, annoyed. akemi had heard him, reaching a hand across the table to hold his — an attempt to comfort him. her touch is not as warm as yours, tsukishima noted. 
“then why are you still here?”
and that’s how tsukishima ended up in front of your apartment door at seven in the evening, impatiently tapping his foot as he waits for you to open the door. he’s trying to gather the words in his head, what does he even say? in the past, he would at least try to see the date through to the end out of politeness; it wasn’t really like him to bail in the middle.
the wooden door swings open to reveal your shocked face, brows shooting straight up as you try to take in his presence. a nervous chuckle escapes your lips, “shouldn’t you be on a date with akemi? what are you doing here?”
tsukishima simply strolls past you to stand in the middle of your living room, rubbing his temple once he’s settled on a spot. emotions were beginning to bubble up from the pit of his stomach: anger, confusion, and disappointment all rolled into one. he knows that you could tell that he was building up the courage to say something in the way you kept your distance.
“why don’t you just tell me you don’t like me?”
tsukishima tries to keep his voice even, but the intensity of his emotions give him away. it’s only one question, but his chest rises and falls like he had just asked twenty. he keeps his eyes on you, gaze holding you down. a beat passes, then another. soon enough, it’s been an entire minute before you could even open your mouth to reply. 
he scoffs, “you know that i like you, so why can’t you just reject me like a normal fucking person instead of setting me up on all these dates. we’re friends, aren’t we? you know i would never hold it against you if you don’t feel the same.”
“wait…you like me?”
it’s the genuine shock in your voice that calms him down, the beating of his heart immediately evening out. he thought that he was being as obvious as ever, everyone around him had called him out on his feelings for you. tsukishima tilts his head to the side, voice soft as he asks, “couldn’t you tell?”
“no,” you shake your head, avoiding his eyes, “…and the only reason i set you up on those dates is because i never thought i had a chance with you.”
tsukishima strides towards you, placing a gentle finger on your chin as he tilts your head upwards to meet his eyes. this is a side of him that you don’t think you’ve ever seen from him. but he hopes you sense his sincerity despite the smirk that slowly spread on his face, “please, you’re the only one who will ever have a chance with me.”
➹   bokuto k.
a grin immediately spreads across bokuto’s face as he hears you calling out his name from the hallway. he glances at the mirror by his dresser, running his hands through his hair to make sure every single strand is in place before you could enter his room. bokuto’s heartbeat picks up, beating in time with your footsteps as they get louder and louder.
you barge into his bedroom, phone in hand and smile on your face, “how is my bestest friend in the world doing?” 
friend. there’s a pang in his chest at your mention of the word. bokuto hopes you don’t recognize the way his smile faltered or the flicker of disappointment in his eyes, trying his hardest to reply in the same upbeat voice he always held when he talked to you, “i’m doing great! you’re here, aren’t you?”
bokuto waits for your reaction, he’s been dropping hints of the true extent of his feelings for you the past couple of years. he wishes that you would catch on sooner rather than later. he bites his lower lip, noticing the way your eyes widened at his question.
 but you gently nudge his shoulder with yours, waving a dismissive hand in front of his face, “whatever.”
bokuto doesn’t know that your heart skipped a beat with his words, a frown falling on his features for just a few seconds before he replaces it with the smile he always wore around you. it’s fond, warm, not wide enough to reach his eyes. it’s soft, just like his gaze — alight with nothing but complete adoration and admiration. not that you’d ever notice.
“so why’d ya wanna come over?” he asks as you practically threw yourself on his bed, moving to sit on its edge, just a few inches from where you lay. his palms begin to sweat, being in such close proximity to you always had this effect on him.
you sit up — bokuto could tell that you were excited in how fast you did. your voice is loud, the smile on your features practically unbreakable, “i think i just found the potential love of your life.”
“are you trying to set me up on another date?”
“trust me, you’ll love miyako! i just know it!”
ouch, talk about rubbing salt on the wound. maybe you have caught on to his hints and this was your way of telling him that you were nowhere near interested. you’ll only ever see him as a friend, won’t you? but bokuto wants to hold onto any amount of doubt that he can.
“why do you keep setting me up on these dates?” he sighs, shoulders slumping forward.
“i just want you to find someone who makes you happy,” you wrap an arm around his shoulders, attempting to pull him closer to you, “i want to see you happy.”
bokuto turns to face you, pout forming on his lower lip. he no longer has it in himself to try and mask his emotions, “but you make me happy.”
gasping, you remove the arm around his shoulders. that’s all the confirmation that bokuto needed to know that you didn’t feel the same. holding onto hope would break his heart more than it already has. “if you don’t like me, please just tell me, yn. don’t set me up on all these dates.”
“…but i do like you.”
he tilts his head to the side, more confused than anything, “that doesn’t make any sense. why did you keep setting me up with other people?”
“i never thought you’d feel the same,” you chuckle, “my mind is still trying to convince me this is a dream.”
well, in his head, there was really only one way to convince you — and himself — that this wasn’t a dream. so without another word, bokuto presses his lips onto yours, hoping that this would be enough proof.
➹   iwaizumi h. 
his hands are stuffed inside the pockets of his jeans, afraid that they’d try and reach out for yours if they weren’t. your hands lightly swing as you walk alongside him and iwaizumi wonders how his fingers intertwined with yours would feel. he wants nothing more than to rub his thumb along the back of your palm, maybe even bring your knuckles up to his lips, but he holds himself back. iwaizumi always does when he’s around you.
the sun sets behind you, the sky the most breathtaking shades of purple and orange. but iwaizumi is more than willing to argue that you were a much better sight. perhaps he’s straining his neck a little too much to keep his gaze on you: he already knows the path that led to your apartment building by muscle memory anyways — aware of every single bump and crevice on that concrete street, tripping was no longer a concern to him — and knows that you are more than willing to give him a couple of the pain relief patches you kept in your bathroom cabinet. 
your steps are slow, were you trying to extend the time you spent with him? impossible, iwaizumi thinks to himself. he couldn’t possibly risk trying to convince himself that you felt anything more towards him other than friendship. you don’t. he’ll only end up breaking his own heart of he does.
“hey! are you even listening to me? or have you just been staring my face this entire time.”
you’re snapping your fingers in front of his face, effectively snapping him out of his trance. iwaizumi finally removes one of his hands from his pockets and rubs the back of his neck, “sorry about that, just thinking about…work. what were you talking about?”
rolling your eyes at him, you smirk as you employ a teasing tone to your voice, “the barista from the cafe seems to be really into you…really couldn’t take her eyes off you.”
iwaizumi sighs, knowing what’s about to come. “did she now?”
“yup!” you nudge his shoulder with yours, “and i, being the bestest friend in the entire world, was able to get her number for you. you’re welcome.”
reaching into one of your jacket’s pockets, you take out a slip of paper, presenting it to him with the proudest smile he’s ever seen on you. iwaizumi should have felt touched at all the effort you must have put in to get the cafe barista’s number, but instead all he felt was an ache in his chest. 
“why are you frowning? you should be thanking me for trying to get you laid. you’ve been super grumpy the past couple of months, you know?”
iwaizumi stops in his tracks, pinching the bridge of his nose as you stand in front of him. he can’t hold himself back any longer. there’s nothing in his voice but pure frustration, “stop setting me up with people. i already like someone else.” 
“who? maybe i can help set you up.”
“they don’t feel the same.”
“how do you know? bet you haven’t even tried.”
“they definitely don’t.”
“how are you so sure?” 
“because they keep trying to set me up with other people!” iwaizumi replies, exasperated and tired of the back and forth. he runs a hand through his hair, wanting to get everything over with, “just reject me properly so you and i can move on from this.”
his eyes grow wide when you move to grab his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. iwaizumi’s heart is hammering in his chest, unsure of what’s going on, “i’m sorry, i don’t want you to move on. i like you, just didn’t think you could ever like me back.”
iwaizumi sighs, holding your hand tighter, “then stop setting me up with people i couldn’t care less about and go out with me.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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mattsunbae · 4 months ago
we need a part two of the caught making out NOW please
you ask, and you shall receive :,)
read part 1 here
Tumblr media
characters — issei matsukawa, kei tsukishima, kiyoomi sakusa, tooru oikawa
warnings — very suggestive !!
song —
Tumblr media
chuckled deeply against your lips, holding you by the waist to lift you onto the desk behind you. "so pretty for me." he grinned before pulling you up, causing your lips to collide with his, swallowing any whimpers that escaped your lips. his hands roamed your body as he kept a slow pace in kissing you, from your waist, to your hips, to those thighs that he loved so much. unfortunately, the door slid open to reveal mattsun's partner in crime — hanamaki, causing you both to stop in your tracks and look at him. "oh don't mind me." makki calmly said, unfazed. he quickly walked over to his desk and grabbed the book he forgot in class earlier. "carry on, lovebirds." he swiftly slid the door shut, leaving you alone with mattsun again. you both looked around at the imaginary cameras with confusion written across your faces.
sucked on your bottom lip with a small grin as you clasped your hands behind his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. "being awfully affectionate today." you teased earning a sigh of annoyance from your boyfriend. "shut up, i just missed you." he rolled his eyes before snaking his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. "wo-" your snarky remark was cut off by a deep kiss, mainly to shut you up as he couldn't take anymore comments from you. in your own world, you didn't notice the disgusted kageyama and the equally as repulsed yachi standing behind you with wide eyes. "uh, you're in the way. i need to get a drink." kageyama awkwardly stood behind you and tsukishima. your eyes widened as tsukki turned to face kageyama, unable to hide the light blush growing on his face. "ugh, let's go." he sighed before grabbing you by the arm and dragging you away.
deeply sighed with satisfaction as you gripped his soft curls, planting rough kisses on your soft lips. "c'mere, beautiful." he huffed before pulling you off his bed and onto his lap, gripping your thighs to keep you secure —and because he likes them. you straddled his lap as kiyoomi planted open-mouthed kisses along your neck, earning sighs of pleasure. “keep making those pretty sounds, love.” his deep voice cut in, sending a shiver down your spine as you wrapped you arms around his neck. his kisses were slow like honey, savoring the faint taste of his leftover gum from earlier. “kiyo- AHHHHHH MORI!” a little girl screamed after swinging the door open, revealing you and kiyoomi to his cousins who were standing awkwardly outside his room. “it’s family night....” kiyoomi trailed off. in a flash, both you and sakusa cleaned yourself up as you got off his lap, taking a seat next to him, clasping your hands together as if nothing had happened. no one said anything as they entered his room, some wiggling their eyebrows and komori with his mouth agape, looking at both of you in awe.
smiled against your lips in the abandoned clubroom as you grinned up at him, your hands pressed against his chest, feeling his abs through the loose fabric. “whatta cutie.” he breathed before planting a tiny kiss on your nose, earning a smile from you. “all for me.” he sighed before cupping your cheeks and leaning down for a soft kiss. his hands moved to the small of your back as he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. the screaming of his fangirls got louder in the hallway but neither of you paid any mind until the screaming was right outside the door. “WE FOUND HI- oh.” the leader’s voice faltered when she noticed tooru standing in between your legs with his lips pressed against your neck. “oh — can you give us a minute?” tooru sweetly asked, earning vigorous nods from them as they filed out of the room. sighing with annoyance, you gently pushed him out of the way and made your way out of the room. “oh cmon it’s not my fault.” tooru pouted with his arms crossed as he followed you out of the room.
Tumblr media
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atsubaka · 2 months ago
What it's like dating them
w Akaashi, Tsukishima, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Tendou, & Kageyama
part I | part II | part III |
Warning: looking at these pics will make u feel so lonely </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo^ rip to aesthetic pics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwa^ bc he's too good to let go of
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kageyuji · 10 months ago
affectionate drunk
Tumblr media
your boyfriend turns affectionate whenever he’s drinking
includes -> akaashi, bokuto, tsukishima, suna, mattsun, and oikawa
note -> gender neutral! and please remember to reblog if you enjoyed <3
warnings -> mentions of alcohol, characters are drunk (aged up/college au)
Tumblr media
━━ 𝐀𝐊𝐀𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈 ... He’s always been mildly affectionate and clingy, but it gets amplified whenever he has alcohol in his system. With one arm lazily wrapped around yours, he’s sitting on the couch and has one leg thrown over your lap. He’s muttering something about how you’re all his, but it’s mostly intelligible.
━━ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 ... Another who is always clingy, but he gets much more whiny. Your name comes off his lips in a groan as he grabs your hand and holds it close to his chest. He begs; you aren’t sure for what, you think it might be kisses, but then again he’s slurring most of his words at this point
━━ 𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 ... Suddenly your boyfriend has been replaced with someone who looks just like him. He’s much more affectionate and doesn’t seem to care if anyone sees. He whines and nuzzles his face into your neck, and he won’t let you leave his lap. He doesn’t speak much and instead answers everything you say with a tired groan.
━━ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 ... He says he wants to go home and sleep, but when he gets in bed he won’t let you go. There is one arm wrapped around you, holding you close against his chest. If you say something about needing to get up, he’ll groan the first time and simply pull you closer. The second time you say something he’ll let you up, but not without whining.
━━ 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐍 ... He’s also a horny drunk, unfortunately. Whenever he’s drunk, he’s quick to lay his head on you and whatever part of you he can, most often your hands or occasionally the side of your face. He’s quick to stop if you tell him too, dropping his head to sleep wherever he is.
━━ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 ... He claims he can hold his alcohol well but he can’t. He likes to hold you in his lap, kissing the back of your neck. If he can’t have you laying or sitting with him, he’ll put an arm around you and follow you around like a puppy.
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