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#tsukishima x reader
Tumblr media
#includes: Tsukishima and Suna
#genre: Smut, hurt/comfort, fluff ending i guess?
#description: when they take degradation too far and hurt your feelings. Idea from @heartzdesirez
#warnings: heavy degradation, words like: bitch, slut , whore etc, roughish sex, afab reader, restraint, tears, kinda toxic.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Tsuki had always been a bit mean when it came to the bedroom , always preferring degradation over praise and for the most part you were okay with it. He never done anything you were uncomfortable with and always made sure to check up on you before and after, because that was and always will be his main priority.
He had come home after a practically rough day and just needed something or someone to take his frustrations out on and what better way than to have sex with you. You also weren’t having the best day so you immediately reciprocated Tsuki’s rough kiss, hoping it would take your mind off all the shit that’s weighing down on it.
One thing led to another and you found yourself pinned under him while he roughly thrusted in and out of you without a care. “You like that you little slut? Of course you do because that’s all you’re good for, a tight little clocksleeve for me to take my frustrations out on” you don’t know what it was , normally you’d eagerly nod your head and agree with him but today you just felt off. The sex wasn’t making you feel better it was making you feel worse and his words that used to turn you into a wet mess now pierced your heart. Tsuki noticed the slight wobble of your lip and thinking it was all part of the act , he continued his humiliation “ Aww the stupid little baby about to cry” he condescendingly laughed. You attempted to push him away with your hand on his chest but he gripped both wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head “is it too much for you whore ? Aw what a shame” 
You turned your head away in an attempt to hide the tears that were making their way down your face but he gripped your cheeks in his hand and turned your head to face him , “Look at me when I’m fuc- shit baby , are you okay?!” You don’t know if it was the tears on your cheeks or the disheartened look in your eyes that made him stop but you were glad he did. He immediately pulled out and took you into his arms so your head was now laying on his chest. “Fuck I’m so sorry baby , did I take to far?” He asked while rocking you back and forth and once he got the confirmation that that was the case he placed a multitude of kisses on your head while stroking your back. “God I’m so fucking sorry love. You know I didn’t mean any of that right?” when he gets no response he shifts you so your facing him and looking him dead in the eye. “Look at me pretty girl, I promise you that I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the most important person in my life, fu-fuck I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you so much” the sincerity in his voice and loving gaze was enough to comfort and reassure you that he did love you. “Promise?” You asked weakly. “I’d put my whole life on it” he lovingly strokes your cheek and carries you into the bathroom to start a warm bath “I’m going to show you just how much I love you”
“Whiney…fucking…bitch” each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust. Hate sex was nothing new to you and Suna, it occurred most of the time you guys got into arguments. It was an easy way to release your frustrations out on each other. However, today it was different, you weren’t reciprocating the same energy you normally would and that’s probably due to the nature of the argument that led you to be face down in the mattress.
The argument had started after you expressed your distaste in the way girls flirted with him and how he didn’t do anything about it and while he didn’t entertain them he also didn’t push them away which hurt. Once you voiced these concerns he mockingly laughed at you and told you how you needed to be less insecure because it was harmless. And yeah maybe you were insecure, because you know the way girls look at him and how they talk about your relationship , you just wanted reassurance. All you wanted was for him to tell you that he loves you and those girls mean nothing but instead you were met with harsh words instead , “You should be lucky I’m fucking you. You know how many girls would love to be in your position? Me fucking you should be reassurance enough” he followed his words with a harsh slap to your ass.
That was your breaking point. Your sobs were muffled in the sheets as he held your head down and continued to roughly thrust in and out of you. “This pussy is the only thing that’s keeping me here” you desperately clawed at his hands in hopes that he would get the message and remove them which he did. Once you lifted your head up , he could tell something was wrong and halted his movements “hey.. you okay?” You shook your head while your shoulders shake with your sobs and you desperately try to catch your breath. Suna quickly pulls out once he realises you’re not okay and rushes to your side. “Shh shh , what’s wrong baby? Talk to me” “is my body really the only things that’s keeping you here?” You got out through your sniffles. “Shit , of course it isn’t baby, I shouldn’t have said any of that , I was just angry , I’m so sorry baby , so fucking sorry” he pushed your head into his chest and soothingly stroked your hair. “I love you so much, im just a fucking idiot, no girl other than you means anything to me , you hear that? I was just mad that you couldn’t see that I only have eyes for you beautiful” “that’s all you had to say you idiot” you meekly chuckled. “I know I know I was just defensive and im sorry, it’ll never happen again” “I love you” “I love you more baby”
Note: Hopefully I’ve done your idea justice @heartzdesirez
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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renaissansse · 2 days ago
“I might hate you, but if you think I am letting anyone EVER touching your cunt other than me, I think you’ll need to think about it one more time, doll,” he smiles, saying so. “Don’t you even try it, I’ll kill him with my bare hands,” he is not smiling anymore, staring in your eyes dead serious, and you gulp down some air, because that is not something you should be into.
GOJŌ, S A N E M I, Daishou, Akutagawa, Fyodor, TSUKISHIMA, Shigaraki, Overhaul, Kageyama, Eren, Suna, ATSUMU, Kyoutani.
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araragomennnn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
birds of a feather
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x f!reader
genre: FLUFF, tooth rotting fluff, friends to lovers??
warnings: swearing (like once).
a/n: this might be the sweetest tsukki fic i've written so far.
Tumblr media
To say you were beautiful would be an understatement.
Tsukishima knew that.
Everyone knew that.
But he wishes you knew that.
You were oblivious, to say the least of the way you turned heads in every room.
Or maybe you just didn’t care, he didn’t know.
He wishes though, that he knew more about you.
You were an enigma to him, to everybody almost.
The oddly quiet girl with an oddly loud presence.
But if he were to be honest, it wasn’t your pretty face or contrasting reserved personality that made him notice you.
It was a stupidly simple reason actually and as Yamaguchi had said, a very obvious one.
The oddly quiet girl was oddly like him.
He saw himself in glimpses, in your exasperated sighs and faint eye rolls.
He saw himself whole in your secret smiles and soft eyes.
And before he knew it, his heart devoid of anyone had found its very first tenant.
After many knowing nudges from his best friend, Tsukishima on his first day as a second year, finally spoke to you.
And continued to, every day after that.
And then, albeit slowly you weren’t such an enigma to him anymore.
He learned you liked the rain when you dashed out of the convenience store on hearing the patter of raindrops against the concrete.
He learned that sad movies make you cry when he heard sniffles from across the couch.
He learned (the hard way) that you had a childish side when you pounced on him, tickling him without mercy because you were bored.
He learned your go-to coffee order during your many sleepless nights spent cramming.
He learned that you liked the snow when you pulled him down alongside you when he stretched out a hand to pick you up off the ground.
The oddly quiet girl, not that quiet anymore and to be honest neither was he.
He loved you, irredeemably so. He loved you enough to let himself fall into the snow alongside you just because it’d give you a hearty laugh and he loved you enough to brush the cold flakes out of your hair later.
Living in these small and sweet moments where he’d pretend not to think much of your lingering touches and held glances.
Memories of your soft smiles and warm hands seeped in so much longing that it hurt.
He loved you, irredeemably so and he realised that you did too when your soft lips pressed against his for the first time.
Pulling back to meet your eyes, only to find longing identical to his.
He kissed you.
He kissed you like he was deprived of air and your lips were oxygen, hands in your hair, smiling so hard against your lips.
He had fallen in love and so had you.
So finally, the odd boy at the odd age of 18 where you're not a kid nor a real adult asked the odd girl to marry him.
Backs against the slight slope of the roof watching the stars twinkle with your hand encased in his, he turned to you, caressing your cheek.
Marry me he said and you smiled almost expectantly and though he didn’t have a ring nor any money of his own at the moment to buy you one you said yes.
The years that followed were not easy but as if the universe was always pulling the strings in your favour everything always worked out.
And at 21 as the freshly placed ring on your finger glinted so magnificently in the moonlight, he knew he wouldn’t have done it any other way.
The apartment was a bit rundown but it was perfect according to him. After all, he was sharing it with you.
Spending weeks on a teeny mattress surrounded by unopened cardboard boxes in your new apartment that smelled of fresh paint he was so happy he could cry.
At 24 Tsukishima’s holding in tears, that were brimming dangerously at his lash line.
Yamaguchi and Akiteru weren’t doing much to control their hysterical sobbing, mumbling something about being so happy.
He inhaled sharply when you finally came into view, looking just as bad as him.
Your cheeks were flushed red and lips quivering.
Glossy eyes meeting his, you let out a stupidly giddy laugh and so did he.
And as you began to walk towards him, all the research he did beforehand on how to control tears seemed to be for nought as his cheeks were now stained with hot tears that kept spilling.
“You look like shit” you said between giggles whilst tears of your own stained your cheeks.
“You look beautiful”.
Tumblr media
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bubble-bootie · a day ago
when they walk you home - hq
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, gn reader warnings: running?? ft: tsukishima, oikawa, kuroo a/n: yeah same people again 🤕 at least i did tsukki for a change yk- also i think that the kuroo one is just a self-ship hc gn 👩‍🦯
Tumblr media
©bubble-bootie 2021: do not copy, repost, or modify my works in any way. masterlist
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA KEI ⤷ you walk side by side, shoulders brushing, in silence— not the awkward, frustrating kind, but the comfortable kind that feels like home, better left uninterrupted. when you reach your place, you wave and tell him, "bye, tsukki," and he hums in acknowledgement while he wears his headphones and prepares for the rest of his walk alone, thinking of the moment he gets to see you again the next day.
OIKAWA TOORU ⤷ insists on walking you home 'because it's gentlemanly' even if you say it's okay. you talk about completely random things that range from his hatred for kageyama to the authenticity of aliens. once you get home, you say your goodbyes, but the conversation doesn't end there. once you both get settled in your warm homes, the discussion will continue through text or vc.
KUROO TETSURO ⤷ insists on holding your hand so you 'won't get lost'. like sir the sun is going down there's literally no one here but okay. you have rap battles and arguments about docosahexaenoic acid and astaxanthin, whatever— but you're never not talking. and then, you run. he's leading the way, his fingers still wrapped around your wrist, and you have no choice but to follow. when you reach your house, panting and out of breath, you say, "kay, tetsu. see you tomorrow." stepping in, you feel the tug of his hand on yours and you look back and say, "uh, tetsu? this is my stop." he blushes slightly and lets go. "ah right, sorry." it was obvious he didn't wanna let go, and to be honest, you didn't want him to either.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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infxrity · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei loves FaceTiming you he doesn’t even hide it. Especially late at night, falling asleep on the phone together is one of his favorite things to do with you, but he always waits until you’re falling asleep and barely managing to keep your eyes open until he whispers an I love you, and he still gets flustered the times you do hear him and say you love him too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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quirrrky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Close your eyes and think of your HAIKYUU s/o and focus on the pictures above. 2. Select which draws you in the most. 3. Go under the cut to find your scenario/reading! Have fun!
N!SFW part of this series will be posted on my MDNI blog (must be 18+). Send this emoji 💗 in my ask box/reply section to be tagged! And please, I'd love to know which pile you picked and who is your hq s/o!
♡ This shall not be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means.
Tumblr media
mindblowing, intimate, candle
Your first kiss is a make-up kiss. You'll have a misunderstanding with him before this happens but you both will end up deciding to work on it together.
There's something so old soul about your first kiss together. He'll be like, "Are we okay now?" and you nod in agreement. He goes close to you to kiss your forehead first. Both of you are kind of anxious at first, because you just had a fight. However, when his lips touch yours, it will be uncontrollable. Your first kiss will be so passionate, taking out all the tension you've had after your squabble. You'll be over the moon for each other, completely losing yourselves in the kiss.
There'll be so much of his emotions in the kiss. There's both passion while trying to take things slow. There's this romantic aura in his kisses, making sure he, uhm, not to be nsfw: tastes all of you. Damn, he'll kiss really good too. He really knows what he's doing. He might have an arm firm around you. Here he'll realize that you're the one he'll like to be kissing in every celebration of his life. He kisses you like you're in the 60s, very vintage romantic type of kiss.
You, on the other hand, will feel so warm. His kisses make you feel so adored and loved. Still, you're trying to temper out his overwhelming passion, because I can see that you're both in public during this kiss. You guys might be avoiding to escalate this into a make-out session, because you're in a middle of romantic candle light dinner date. You might be seated somewhere really private, you know those cozy booths in the very corner, but there are still a few people who can see you from time to time. Somehow though, it really feels as though it's just the two of you. Put your head in my shoulder played while I'm writing this, in speaking of old soul. There might be a very sweet and quaint song playing in the background as you kiss too. (I'm melting...)
I don't really see anything scandalous about this. I see him still remain grounded while kissing you. He may cuddle a little afterwards.
vibe bank: desserts, holidays with you, "I want to marry you one day." fancy restaurants, things I love about you, childhood activities, "I see something that reminds me of you everywhere I go."
hammer, 4 of wands, ace of wands, ten of swords, him: hierophant, 8 of wands*king of cups, you: the sun*queen of pentacles*temperance
Tumblr media
SUGGESTIVE! first of all, I'm warning you now. this one's suggestive, so if you're sensitive, please just choose another pile or leave.
rollercoaster, heartfelt, magnetic
So this is also my pile lmao xD Starting off, if you feel drawn to another pile, I suggest you also take a look at it after this. If there's none, it's okay it just simply means that your first kiss with your haikyuu s/o isn't here or isn't really that momentous. It might be just a little peck in a convenience store lmao. What I have for us, is the first real kiss with him.
This will happen during your wedding night. There's a mixture of both stress and excitement. He's the one being very excited while you're stressed out and anxious. You could possibly think that you're not "body beautiful" for him. You might have insecurities with how you look that's why you're very anxious about this moment.
But I see here that he'll be very chill about it. You might be standing in front of a mirror and he'll come beside you, "Babe, I don't know what you're talking about, but to me, you're perfect." Then he'll cup your cheek and starts to kiss you in front of the mirror, so you could see how much he adores you.
There'll be so much of physicality in this, mainly because this is your wedding night. There's just so much fiery passion and desire. There's this thirst.
There's so much excitement with the way he'll kiss you. He'll also be very dominating and intense. Very masculine. A little bit rough too. Like a little child's first time to get a lollipop lol. It's like he's not kissing you, he's devouring you. He's down to show you that you're his, very powerful that will make you melt in his arms.
I don't see you melting though, I see you fighting back with equal passion and intensity. He kinda' likes that tbh and it's making him more excited about this. Kissing him felt like a release for you. Release of that timid part of you and letting loose of that romantic side you might be too anxious to show before.
Something about creation comes out here. Whatever you guys will be creating.
There's a lot more message here but let's keep this sfw.
One really knee-buckling thing that I really see here which makes me really go uwu 100%+++. He'll be watching you while you're asleep, eyes full of admiration like he's worshipping you, lovingly and gently running a hand on your frame with a sweet smile on his face. Get you by Daniel Caesar played while I'm on this.
vibe bank: lazy days, attraction, "You are my angel." something sweet, I love you, reminiscing, "I get lost in your eyes."
seduction, justice, hierophant, page of wands, 9 of swords, the hanged man, him: emperor, ace of wands*page of pentacles, you: strength, 4 of swords*queen of cups
Tumblr media
romantic, wild/adventurous, magical
This pile! Is the easier one and very lighthearted! Unlike the others, this one has a solid story. You're attending some sort of party with him, but you'll both be in your own company most likely gossiping about the attendees there or just talking inside your own bubble. Suddenly, he'll just get lost in the middle of your conversation and shuts you up with a kiss, sneakily and out of the blue, you'll totally be surprised! Into you by Ariana Grande played while I write this.
This might be a confession kiss or your relationship is fairly new and not yet that deep.
It's a messy and a little bit rough kiss. He feels totally agitated during. He might be a little competitive about this kiss. Someone might have gotten him really jealous before this. Also, it seems as if he can't get enough, completely addicted.
Nevertheless, this kiss makes you feel whole. It's like the missing piece to level up your relationship. Somehow, you'll be very conscious of this kiss, making it to be the perfect one for the both of you, detail by detail taking in how he tastes and how to move your lips.
I see here that a third person is jealous while you kiss. You might be all dressed-up in that party and there's someone there who's eyeing or flirting with you that doesn't seem to sit well with your s/o and that's why he kisses you sneakily to show that person that you're already taken. Your s/o is low-key proud of what he did tbh. After the kiss, I can see him with you in his arms as he approaches this third person. Your s/o's face will have this smug smile lmao.
vibe bank: wine tasting, taking care of you, "I can't stop thinking about you." matching outfits, proposal, lust, "I can't find the right words to say."
stabbed in the back, the strength, page of swords, queen of cups, 3 of cups, him: high priestess, 5 of wands*the devil, you: hermit, the world*page of pentacles
Tumblr media
passionate, over the moon, heart racing
Your first kiss will happen during a date. To some of you, this will be during your first date or you'll revisit the place where you've had your first date. I can see The Cloisters vibe, wherein there's a courtyard with flowers and medieval like interiors. This can be in a museum, castle, parliament, or a park.
Your haikyuu s/o will be definitely smitten with you. He can't stop looking at you. He's that starstruck and him being your major simp shows strongly here. He might be keeping the urge to kiss you for so long that's why when the opportunity arises, he finally initiates the first kiss. However, he won't do it right away. He might start with flirting or playfully teasing you through words first.
I see him taking you to somewhere more peaceful or where you could be alone/away from others' eyes just like Romeo and Juliet sneaking out.
Somehow, he'll start with your neck first then onto your lips. He's a kabedon man and will have you pinned against the wall.
He may or may not believe in soulmates but he'll definitely feel like you're fated to be with each other in this kiss. He'll be very passionate, fingers in your hairs, eyes closed firmly as he kisses you. His kisses will be hot and quite aggressive. More fast than slow, and won't take too long.
You'll get so lost in this kiss. It makes you feel like you're the only one that matters in the world. I see you just surrendering in his pace, totally enjoying the moment.
I'm listening to Beautiful by Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello here.
vibe bank: passion, unplug, fantasies, "I still remember the day we first met." exploring the town, goodnight texts, "I can't hide my smile even when we're apart."
camera, the hanged man, 8 of pentacles, 4 of wands, strength, him: lovers, king of wands*knight of wands you: the world, 9 of pentacles* the moon
Tumblr media
🧁 @hanmasbunny @discountkiyoko @azazelles @toshiswifey @icecappa @cuddlysoftbear @close222u @duhsies @your-girl-mj @taurus852 @itsmeaudrieee​ @triskoof​ @avaisdelusional​ @aquenchedsoul​ @kenmaslov3r @discountkiyoko @toshiswifey @icecappa @tobibam @hello0i @jahnvi-d @nao-cchi @chewiverse @encrypta @kirakirasaku @tobuo @@ebiharachan @devilsukuna @savantsoulfinder @shrimpy109 @toshibaby @chewiverse @tessabrown101 @cashbanse28 @0ray0 @musicshylover
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REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers. Thank you so so much!
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primofate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Remaining 2k requests - Haikyuu!
Notes: Again, sorry it took so long. Needed some inspiration :D
Characters and prompt: Tsukishima (simping for you), Akaashi (catching feelings and avoiding them), Kenma (I change my mind, I like you, okay?)
Warnings: No warnings, mostly fluff, not proofread
Stay tuned for my next Haikyuu work: Accidents-nearly losing you
Tsukishima doesn’t know how he ends up going on an outing with the group of idiots: his volleyball team. Yamaguchi was most likely the one who forced him to come, and so it was here that he finds himself sitting in a fast food restaurant “Burger Queen”. 
“It’s Sugawara-san’s treat today!” The orange-haired devil jumps up and down, raring to get his order. 
“What are we celebrating again?” Nishinoya asks, dumbfounded. 
“Does it matter? Free food!” Tanaka chimes in and elbows Nishinoya who also started grinning and putting their orders in. Tsukishima sighed, securing and fixing the headphones around his head. 
“Tsukki what do you want to eat?” He couldn’t quite clearly hear Yamaguchi but he could tell from his gesture and him pointing at the menu. “Set C” Tsukishima replied curtly. They were such a big group of people, that alone made him embarrassed about the amount of noise they were making.
“Ah! Isn’t that Y/N-chan?!” Hinata’s voice broke through his music. Tsukishima doesn’t notice it but his team members glance at you and then at him almost immediately, watching as he swiftly pulls his headphones down to his neck. “What’s she doing here...?” He mumbles under his breath, looking a little annoyed.
His team knew his little lovey-dovey relationship with you. Well, they wouldn’t really call it lovey-dovey, maybe in the most subtle ways. But Tsukishima clearly had a different demeanor in front of you. 
You hear your name being called and you swerve your head to the left to see Hinata calling you over, you jog over with a small smile and wave at the big group of people. “Ah, everyone’s here today,” then your eyes land on Tsukishima. “Oh, Kei, you’re here too, that’s a surprise,” The others grin at your casual use of his first name, while Tsukishima just stares at you with an unreadable face. “Idiot, I thought you were going straight home?” 
You laughed nervously and subconsciously walk closer to his seat, “My brother wanted me to pick up some fast food for him, so, here I am,” 
“Oh come join us then!” Yamaguchi was the one who chimed in and the rest followed in support, scooting over the bench to give you more space. “Eh? Is it really okay?” Tsukishima was about to protest. No way he was going to sit through a meal with you and his teammates. They would never shut up about it, but Yamaguchi had already stood up. “I’ll switch seats, you can sit here,” which was right next to Tsukishima. He grumbles something under his breath, and you get roped into eating a meal with them. 
So, when your order arrives along with your little brother’s takeaway, you leisurely eat and listen to their antics. To Tsukishima’s surprise the team doesn’t give him hell today and doesn’t tease the two of you to no end. Perhaps they were already used to your presence? Or were they just looking for an opportunity to attack?
“You’re so tense today, Kei,” You smile up at him while sipping on your soda, lips pursed cutely over the straw. He looks at you, bored expression on his face and flicks your forehead rather hard. “You would be too if you spent too much time with this bunch of idiots,” in truth he was just wondering when they would pounce on him. 
And then, rather automatically, he grabs your burger and deconstructs it, picking off the pickles with a plastic fork and placing it in his own burger. You smile and watch as he does it. To others it may seem strange, but it was because Tsukishima knew that you hated the pickles in your burger. “Thanks Kei,” you say and it was at this moment that everyone decided to have all their attention on the two of you.
“Awe, that’s so nice of you, Tsukki,” Sugawara says and the rest of the team have this stupid grinny and giddy look on their faces. Tsukishima realizes he’s been caught and the only way to get his pride back is to own it, but you beat him to saying anything. 
“You guys are jealous cause you don’t have girlfriends right?” You say it with such innocence, munching on your burger, but Tsukishima sees the way the faces of his teammates deflate. “You didn’t have to go that hard, Y/N...” Tanaka sulks in his corner, followed by Nishinoya and the rest of the team are wondering how DID Tsukishima get a girlfriend before all of them?
He grins. The fact that you spoke for him is one of the reasons why Tsukishima Kei adores you.
He’s been trying to call you for days. Well, it’d only been Monday and Tuesday.  It was Wednesday today but he still couldn’t wrap his head around what was happening. He tried to recount his steps again, replay if he had done something wrong for you to just suddenly go cold on him. 
He draws a blank and is confused about the sudden disappearance. To top it off, the two of you didn’t go to the same school, it was hard to get a hold of you. 
“Akaashi!” the volleyball flies right past him, he was supposed to set it for Bokuto, but he was so lost in thought that it lands on the floor instead. Akaashi’s eyes follow it, rolling slowly on the floor until it came to a stop. It was dead silent in the gym, and although they were just practicing, the fact that Akaashi totally missed the ball was unfathomable.
All the other team members are thinking “Ack, we know how to get Bokuto-san out of his emotional mode, but we didn’t think that Akaashi-san would need it too!”
“Akaashiiiii!” Bokuto whined and pouted at his friend. “Why didn’t you set it to me?” Akaashi’s shoulders slumped with a small sigh. “I’m sorry, Bokuto-san, I was distracted.” Akaashi then retrieved the ball and before they could continue playing, Bokuto gave him a thumbs up. “Don’t worry Akaashi! You’re the best setter and I’ll get any ball you set to me!” Akaashi knew that was Bokuto’s way of cheering him up. Perhaps the ace wasn’t so oblivious after all.
After practice, he tried ringing you again, to no avail. “Akaashi?” Bokuto was trying to look over his shoulder, popping up here and there like a mole popping out of the ground. “Is it Y/N? Are you trying to call Y/N?” 
“I haven’t talked to her in three days,” he looked at his phone, defeated. Bokuto laughs out loud. “Easy! I’ll call her!” Akaashi blinked and watched as his friend dialled your number. He didn’t think it would work. He was actually starting to get worried that something might have happened to you--
“Ah! Y/N! It’s me! The number one ace!”
And then he deflates. You immediately answered Bokuto’s call and yet ignored all of his. How was he supposed to feel about that? Bokuto lets out an obnoxious laugh again and then brings up Akaashi quite casually. “Anyway! Akaashi was wondering if you were okay? Hm? Yeah?”
You picked up the call knowing that Bokuto was probably calling on Akaashi’s behalf. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to answer Akaashi’s call. You couldn’t bring yourself to hear his voice and just fall deeper in love with him. So you ran. You hid and tried to convince yourself that the feelings would go away, and maybe after it did you could half-ass an excuse about not feeling well or being extremely busy with school and go on being just friends, but it was harder than you thought. 
“B-Bokuto-san, can you do something for me?” You’re dead nervous, but you just couldn’t keep it in anymore. You had to talk to someone about it, you had to tell someone and although it was a cowardly move, it was the only way you could pour your heart out, and you knew that Bokuto being Bokuto, the sweetheart wouldn’t judge you for it at all. “C-Could you tell Keiji that--I really like him, and I just don’t know how to tell him!”
“You really like Akaashi and you don’t know how to tell him...?” Bokuto repeated your phrase out loud in wonder, trying to process it and Akaashi froze. 
That’s the reason why you were avoiding him? He automatically grabs Bokuto’s arm. 
On the other line, you had your eyes closed, waiting for a reply and you could hear some shuffling going on in the other side, until Bokuto spoke up too. “He says he’s coming over to your house right now,”
“E-Eh?! Now, like right now?!”
Bokuto makes a sound of approval as he waves at Akaashi who’s leaving the gym. You’re terrified and embarrassed on the other line, not knowing what to do, but most of your worries wash away when Bokuto proudly exclaims
“Don’t worry Y/N, Akaashi likes you too! I’ve never seen him so sad at practice!”
Practically stealing Akaashi’s confession away, but you were thankful for the heads up.
“N-No way! Kenma?!”
He was just as surprised as you were, meeting at the school gates. He blinks, and his eyebrows furrow. “Y/N... You can’t be...?”
For the past few weeks Kenma had been playing this new online game he’d been so addicted to. While playing, het met someone online, who seemed to be on at nearly the same time as him, and it just so happened that the character they were playing complemented his. He ended up going on quests with this same person, nearly every day. 
At some point he went beyond just playing with the person online. He found out that it’d been a girl he was playing with and didn’t really think much about it. He talked to a lot of people online, but when he started talking to this particular person, he realized that they shared a lot of the same hobbies and seemed as if she was from the same culture, just from the way she talked. 
“Hey... by any chance, do you live in Tokyo?”
Kenma already knew that the girl was from Japan, based on the phone number she gave him. He was surprised though when he got a reply saying that she does live in Tokyo. That’s how they figured that they were actually studying in the same school, but they didn’t want to tell each other who they were for the longest time just to keep the anonymity of it. 
Still, a few weeks later and it happened. “Well, there’s no harm in just meeting in real life, right? We can meet at school, by the gates! Tomorrow at 8:30 am before the bell rings!” 
That’s how the two of you, standing in front of each other, came to know that the person you’ve been playing with was each other. And you were classmates too. Truthfully, you shouldn’t have been too surprised. Kenma was a known gamer in class. You, on the other hand, never talked about gaming at all. When the shock had passed and when it dawned on Kenma, he sighed a little. “Ah, it’s just Y/N,” He didn’t know what he was expecting. Possibly not a plain girl like you. Your face scrunched up at his statement, and you could feel the whole thing becoming weird. Perhaps you should’ve just stayed anonymous from each other.
The two of you end up walking to your classroom together, but in silence. When you reached the door and touched the handle of it, you didn’t even turn around to face him when you said. “Sorry it’s such a disappointment that it was me,” and you entered the classroom. That had been the last time you said anything to him again and he didn’t quite know what to say since he was already an awkward enough person to start with.
At first he didn’t see any problem with it. Until more and more he realized the smallest things. Like how, if you two were still on talking terms, you’d message him right about now about some meme you’ve seen. Or maybe you would’ve messaged him to ask if he was free to do a quest--which he always was after practice and after school. He got antsy at some point, when he realized that he had a lot more fun when he was playing with you. 
There was one particular night where he saw you were online, and he just couldn’t stop thinking about the prospect of messaging you. Would you ignore him? Would you be upset? Truthfully he wasn’t at all disappointed that it was you, he was just surprised. You seemed like such a plain girl who cared a lot about her grades, not someone who gamed like he did. He let out a frustrated sigh and glares at his own screen, not knowing what he was doing, but he pulled up the chatbox and said:
he paused for a moment and continued. “I wasn’t disappointed, I was just surprised,” it was like word vomit now, he kept on typing without giving you a chance to reply, even when he saw the “typing” image pop up from time to time on your side. “I still like playing with you,” 
You stopped typing at that. It’d been nearly a few weeks since the two of you last talked and you wondered why he only chose to speak up now. “Took you a while to say that?” you sent the message and only a moment later you read “I’m awkward, I think you knew that already,” and you couldn’t help but smile. He really did seem like he wasn’t good at communicating with others. 
“I forgive you,” he read aloud, there was relief pooling in him and he was about to reply when you followed up “Only if you help me beat this boss I’m having trouble with,” he smiles and types,
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neddono · 2 days ago
miss you
[tsukishima kei x fem reader, fluff, sfw]
Stupidly, because there was no way Tsukki was going to reply with a similar statement. In fact he was probably going to delay the reply. Just to tease you. Or maybe he was dying of laughter at your lousy weakness -- how could one miss a boy who was studying in the same uni and lived in a dorm not even three blocks away?
"I hate to break it to you, Y/N," murmured your husband after a while, "but we saw each other at lunch."
"Yeah, for a millisecond. When was the last time you flicked me on the forehead or pinched my nose or--"
"That's called bullying."
"I know."
He sounded confused. "Why would you miss such sadistic behaviour?"
And you perked up slightly. "Because... I'm your masochistic partner for life?"
"Right. Forgot I married a freak."
You grinned. "I know you're thinking of me wearing panties."
Even though you were calling via phone, you were 100% certain that he rolled his eyes. "I don't even want to know why frog panties turn me on."
"I'd wear dino ones if you want."
"Normal women wear lace and stuff."
"You're the one who said I was a freak."
"Hmm," he said. "You're getting quite clever."
You blushed. "My professor said I'll make an excellent veterinarian."
"Mm? Sounds nice. I pray for the day you can heal a frog's fever, cure the cancer of a pitiful toad."
"Very funny."
There were a lot of shuffling sounds coming from his side, so you waited. "Are you busy?" you asked when they cleared -- he must have gone somewhere emptier.
"Not really," he said, "the boys want me to play Call of Duty or something."
"Oh, oh okay. Go join them."
He didn't hang up.
"Next time I see you," he murmured, "you're getting more than just a finger flick."
And you shivered with happiness, because this was his way of telling you that he too, slept with the dream of holding you in his arms, that he longed to hear your voice every now and then. That he felt like kissing you when he glimpsed you in the hallway.
"Looking forward to it, husband," you confirmed.
"Go get some sleep, wife. Please put some pants on if you're not wearing any."
"Why? My roommate says it's sexy."
"You're lucky it's a girl and not a boy. Sleep. With pants on. I'll see you in the morning."
"Fine, fine -- good night, Kei."
A smile graced his voice. "Good night, Y/N."
It was midnight when you received a message. The light from your phone screen made you groan, rubbing your eyes as you lifted your face from the pillow.
From: tsukkei_loml_♡
i miss you, too.
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i2boku · a day ago
Tumblr media
ꕀtsukishima being ur study buddy 😓
youre sitting at the desk inside of your room, re-reading the same instructions and still not being able to pick up what was being stated. tsuki, recognizing your struggle, chuckles a small bit. “huh? why are you laughing?” you question him, in which he responds with “it’s easy, y/n, just do this”, taking his own work and handing it to you. you read over it, and simply, it still doesn’t make sense.
he’ll never fail to make fun of you for not understanding something- until your hair is covering your face, hovering above the paper with fresh tears on it. he hushes his harsh remarks, seeing how you simply wanted help- not to be made fun of. he won’t apologize, but he will rub your back and push your hair to the side- planting a gentle kiss on the temple of your forehead. “i’ll help you,” he whispers.
tsukishima staying up late with you, ordering food for a big end of year exam you’re studying for. he steals most of it, relishing in your little pleas for ‘at least something’! tsukishima when he sees you get sleepy- hell, he’s getting sleepy himself. when he’s explaining something to you (which never happened earlier in the night), you end up passing out on the desk. your hair scattered about messily and your mouth slightly open. in this moment, all he can do is stare at you. he’s been working you too hard. you’re doing so good for him.
sighing, he closes up his books and cleans up the desk. seeing that you’re still sleeping, he wraps his hoodie over your shoulders. your back will for sure hurt because of sleeping all hunched onto the desk, it’s just that he couldn’t bare seeing you without sleep- but hey, you also look cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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all-tsukishimakei · 2 days ago
omg hi! i saw you're taking requests for our beloved kei 🥺
can i request some hurt/comfort? maybe reader is having a hard time with inner demons? can be about insecurity or feeling like a burden/disappointment. idk i just want to know how kei would help reader out of it :') thank youuuu💞
There it is.
Another morning in which you wake up before your alarm clock, restlessly waiting for sleep to come back, even if that's just ten minutes until it actually rings you back awake.
It sucks. It really does.
You're tired, no matter how much you get to sleep (or not).
You keep turning and tossing around in the big bed you share with your boyfriend, worried that you might wake him up. And it only adds up, to the point that you wonder if the anxiety of being an inconvenience (again) is keeping you up.
And you feel like crying. But it makes no sense.
Can you believe? Feeling so tired, so not-there that even crying seems to have no point to it?
Somedays it gets better. It really does. Sometimes it's easier to get up and do your chores, study, keep up with your work. Sometimes you're strong, but days like today drain everything from you.
Because the day hasn't 'officially' begun, but you're done with it. You know it's gonna be a bad day.
And you don't know for how long.
Once more, you decide you're gonna try to sleep, a last try. So you turn your back to Kei sleeping next to you, so your tossing won't bother him as much.
The only thing you can feel at the moment is frustration, and plenty of repressed emotions that are somehow managing to make their way out in the form of a headache.
You sigh, but it kind of comes out strangled, from trying to keep it quiet.
It sounds like sobbing.
And maybe it was the familiarity of the action, or the warmth in the hand that reached out to your shoulder, but that was enough for you to curl up in a ball and break down.
It was quiet, with you holding your breathing, and shivering. You weren't cold, but you were aware of how cold your skin felt to the touch, because when a pair of strong arms tried to coop you up, you could sense them tense up.
It wasn't long until Kei slowly prompted you to turn around to face him, so he could properly embrace you.
He didn't ask.
Actually, Kei didn't talk, at all.
The sweetness and warmth in his embrace helped you keep your thoughts in place. You were not alone. Kei was right there, with you.
But then, what if he's not anymore.
He knows now.
How miserable you feel at times, how pathetic you look; holding onto him, like you couldn't make it on your own.
Your clouded mind could only process one thought at the time, and you wondered why it always had to pick the worse.
Kei hates when you're clingy.
You know that, but you are not clingy. You try hard not to be.
Could it be possible that he'd leave you because of his one time you're holding onto him?
So, when you try to pull back, he's a bit surprised. He's been quietly wondering what's wrong, but he knows better than to ask right now, when you could barely talk. Maybe a nightmare? Or... are you feeling sick? Is there something he should do?
This is the first time he's seen you like this, you're almost never vulnerable this way in front of him. You are always smiling, with that annoying smile he loves so much.
After you pulled back, you tried to turn around again, to cover your face, the last bits of dignity that may still lay upon you.
"Did- Did I do something wrong?"
And that you didn't expect, his choked question and retreating hand had you frozen.
"Hey, look at me," his voice was firm this time, "did something happen?" his body was partially hovering over you, not crushing you, but you could feels the warmth of his body. His hand reaching forward to cup your face gently. "Are you sick?"
You could make out the worry in his voice this time, and that help you turn off the increasing worry that your thoughts had set up in your mind.
"I might be," you chuckled dryly, but it came out almost desperate. "I'm sorry, Kei." You started between sobs. "I'm just feeling terrible... I don't feel like... existing? Not today at least."
You couldn't see his eyes widening in the dark, but what you did feel was his arms tightening slightly around you. His head leaning forward, so he could plant a caring kiss at the top of your head.
Soon, he began to draw tiny circles in your bag, you drifting off to sleep.
Today, both of you had college classes, but they were certainly not a priority when you're feeling this bad, so he let you sleep in. Making sure you could rest for what was left of the morning, watching over you.
After a few hours passed by, he got up, carefully, and walked to the kitchen. Kei didn't always cook, but it certainly was a way for him to show you how much he loves you, as he did with many other things.
By now, you knew already how complicated expressing emotions through words was for him, so when you woke up and caught the faint smell of food from the kitchen, you realized that bad days could get better sometimes, specially if you have such a sweet boyfriend as you do. The feeling of numbness creeping up right after you woke up suddenly melted away when you saw Tsukishima, in an apron, standing in front of the oven.
"You cooked us breakfast?" You asked with a soft chuckle.
"I cooked us breakfast"
"It's smells nice, Kei," you approached him slowly, almost as if you had to ask attentively each of your feet to move.
"I know, I'm a great cook..." You wrapped your arms around him. "I know, love. Thank you".
"Are you feeling better?" He looked at you under his arm, almost shyly.
"I am," he could make out the dried tears still staining your face, his face softening for a second. "Good, we didn't skip class for nothing," Kei smirked, pulling a soft laugh from you, who was now burying your face on his chest.
Maybe, you've had to deal with pain and doubt for years in the past, and you felt oh so alone. It's been complicated at times, to the point where you're just exhausted. Definitely, some days are just harder than others. But you're not alone anymore. He's here. With you.
AAA it was taking a really dark turn, but i tried to stop myself and keep it not as angsty, so im sorry if the flow is a bit broken in this one. Feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you for your request, sweetheart. I'm happy to meet more Tsukki enthusiasts uwu <3
Also, I'm not sure if this is exactly what you asked for 🙈but i hope it works for you ;u; but do feel free to request more scenarios!
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✧...Broken Bonds : Haikyuu
Tumblr media
warnings // Angst, Self-Blaming (Characters)
summary // break-ups aren't always easy, aren't they?
featuring // Tsukishima, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Sugawara, Ushijima, Oikawa, Atsumu, Osamu, Sakusa
masterlists // genshin impact + tokyo revengers + haikyuu
✧ rules and guidelines ✧
✧ like // comment // reblog if you enjoyed! ✧
Tumblr media
[Tsukishima, Kageyama] didn’t cry when you ended things with him under the tree in the park that cool afternoon, not even when salty tracks trickled down the cheeks of your face, scrunched up in pain, or when you walked away from him on unsteady legs down the darkening path. 
the weight of it all only came crashing down on him in the privacy of his room when he remembered to remove the red heart emoji next to your name in his contacts, and the blurriness in his eyes from tears he wasn't sure he would even shed made it so much harder to recognize and comprehend the wide smiles on your faces in his gallery - gosh, when was the last time you two had been as happy as the people in the images?
he can’t help but wonder, as he gazes out into the dark night sky, ignoring the knocks and concerned voices on the other side of his bedroom door: where did it all go wrong?
Tumblr media
for [Sugawara, Tadashi], regardless of the reason the two of you decided to end the relationship, always, and I mean always finds a reason to put the blame on himself, his faults, his problems, what he lacked, and no amount of reassurance can completely wash away those feelings.
he smiles, nods and says, “I know it isn’t my fault,” but behind his eyes, you can see the cogs in his mind twisting and turning, morphing a thousand and more scenarios and reasons as to why it was exactly his fault.
tge world is cruel, he thinks to himself as he hugs you flush against him one more time, the last farewell before your path diverge until the higher powers above decide that it’s time for you to meet again.
Tumblr media
people like [Ushijima, Oikawa, Atsumu], his dreams have always stood just a little higher than everything else, and there’s a steady buildup of distance menacingly growing between you both before the decision to cut things off permanently with you is made. 
there’s a ‘mutual break’ as he makes promises to come back from the distant land he had to travel to for his training and finally fix things properly between you, flowery words and declarations that were intended to be fulfilled, excitement and anticipation for that day to come filling you both.
but the phone calls get shorter, messages half-hearted and your and his two very different dreams and plans for the future pushing the ravine separating you both more and more, and so, oceans away, he apologizes, chest clenching painfully despite already expecting it, and maybe you do too, heart heavy with all the what ifs.
Tumblr media
[Osamu, Sakusa] sits in silent contemplation for the first few weeks following your separation, his routine of texting you good morning and good night, asking you about your itinerary for the next day (even if he already knows what it is), or reminding you to sleep and eat isn’t disrupted easily.
he stares at his phone, itching to tell you about how Atsumu managed to send his day spiraling into chaos just to hear your laughter, but the lack of a name on the phone number he memorized by heart has him sighing, “right,” before he stands up and throws his phone back on the bed.
it leaves a strange itch in his brain and a dull ache in his heart at first, but he still greets you on your birthday, through a mutual friend, and congratulates you on the victories you’ve achieved in your life, from a safe distance away.
Tumblr media
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mochababez · 7 hours ago
HQ boys seeing they´re crush with their mask off for the first time
including: Tsukishima, Suna, Bokuto
warnings: None
˚₊· 🅃🅂🅄🄺🄸🅂🄷🄸🄼🄰 was bickering with you once again this time about volleyball, ¨I could beat your ass in volleyball if i wanted to!" The blonde rolled his eyes, ¨Sure, and Hinata is going to magically get taller tomorrow.¨
You scoffed taking your mask off to get some air, not that you noticed but Kei´s cheeks tinted pink seeing the rest of your features. Noticing him staring at your lips, you looked up at him. ¨What?¨ He adjusted his throat and flicked your forehead, ¨Nothing dumbass.¨
Little did you know, Tsukki wanted to memorize your face for him and his memories alone <3
˚₊🅂🅄🄽🄰 curiously looked over at the box of pocky you had in your hand, ¨Since when did you eat pocky?¨ ¨Since I realized they come in f/f flavor." Taking off your mask took a stick and bit half of it off, Suna´s eyes slightly widened noticing how pretty you actually were under the mask.
¨Yknow its rude to stare Rin.¨ He rolled his eyes before stealing a pocky stick, taking off his mask to eat it. ¨Not my fault your pretty.¨
¨Wait what-¨
🄱🄾🄺🅄🅃🄾 eyes lit up seeing you spike with such skill, ¨You could go to Nationals with skills like that y/n!" You shook your head, ¨Nah..i..i´m not really into sports like that eheh.¨ He pouted slightly, ¨Well then, could you atleast come down to the gym after your c/n club so you can practice with me?¨ Taking off your mask to breathe, you gave the owl a soft smile. ¨I´d love to!¨ Bokuto´s face darkened with blush.
¨Woa Kou you ok?¨ You asked in a worried tone, ¨Y-yea! Just u-uh youlookprettywithyourmaskoff.¨ You giggled, ¨Thanks Kou, your quite cute yourself~¨
Its safe to say Akaashi had to revive Bokuto after that.
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chatterbox73 · 2 days ago
Kinktober 2021.
Day 20 - Degradation.
Kei Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This story is a smut story for kinktober, I’ll be writing more characters x reader one shots for kinktober and if you want to see a character please let me know...
You must be 18 years or older to read this...
Summary: you want to have your first time with Tsukishima, however he is convinced you’re not ready. Though after you acting like a brat Tsukishima loses his temper and you like it, maybe a little too much and so he decides to show you how mean he can be to brats like you.
Word count: 1k
CW: NSFW and adult content, degradation, unprotected sex, rough sex, first time (reader), mention of masturbation, oral (m!receiving) and daddy kink.
Tumblr media
You had been with Tsukishima since high school, so for about three year and in that time you and Tsukishima have never had sex… well Tsukishima did have sex once before with someone else before your relationship, which you didn’t mind of course. However you had wanted to try it with Tsukishima for a while now, so you had decided to asked Tsukishima about having sex.
“Hey Tsukki, can I ask you about something?” You asked as you sat down at the floor table “yeah, what do you want?” Tsukishima asked in a blasé tone, you felt your face go red as you slowly built the courage to ask him about sex. “I was wondering… I want… if we… maybe we can…” you stammered and Tsukishima just raised a brow at you, “maybe we can what?” He smirked while you just shrunk back into yourself. “I just thought…” you mumbled and Tsukishima sighed in annoyance, “you just thought what? I could finally fuck you” he chuckled.
Tsukishima knew you weren’t ready, however he also knew about how desperate you were getting and the late night pleasure sessions in bathroom when you thought Tsukishima was asleep.
Your face went bright red and your eye as wide as dinner plates, Tsukishima instantly stopped chuckling when he caught your expression, “no, you’re not ready” he stated flatly and you were shocked, “what… I… I’m an adult, I can do it if I want” you muttered. “Oh you’re an adult huh?” Tsukishima quipped as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “you could’ve fooled me” he crossed his arms, at this point you were so annoyed with him… who was he to tell you, you’re not ready… “well it seems like you’re easily fooled and besides if you won’t give it to me, I’m sure someone else will” you huffed and got up to make your way to the bed, Tsukishima felt an uncontrollable rage twist in his stomach.
Tsukishima followed after you, he grabbed your arm and slung you onto the bed, before climbing on top of you and grabbing your face, “who’s foolish?” Tsukishima snarled in your face, “who’d want you? You’re a disgusting whore” he spat venom, however you couldn’t help but moan at his words, “what you like this? Truly a horny skank” Tsukishima hissed but realised that maybe you were ready for sex. “You really want this?” Tsukishima looked you dead in the eyes, with a stern expression and you whined out a ‘yes please’, “tell me a safe word you’ll remember” Tsukishima sat back on his legs and continued to hold his stern expression, you looked around the room and noticed Tsukishima’s dinosaurs book. “Dinosaurs” you said with a smile, “good choice” Tsukishima smiled back, “now remember it and use it as soon as something is beginning to feel uncomfortable, because I won’t stop for ‘no’ or ‘stop’” Tsukishima grabbed your arm and pulled you off the bed.
You sat naked on the floor looking up at Tsukishima, who was sitting comfortably on the bed, “why did I ever start dating a girl like you? You’re so ugly” he said as he pulled off his shirt and then pushing off his pants and underwear, “get up slut” Tsukishima demanded and you instantly stood to your feet. Tsukishima spat on his already painfully hard member, rubbing his saliva over it, he then reached out and grabbed your hand before he pulled you onto his lap. You moan as Tsukishima rubbed his tip against your lower lips, “oh please Tsukki, put it in me” you ground on his tip but before it could slip in you he pulled it away, “firstly you dumb whore, you call me Kei… or Daddy, but only if I’m desperate to cum… and Secondly I’ll put it in when I’m ready” Tsukishima snarled. “I’m sorry Kei, I just really want it” you pout and Tsukishima laughs out “ha, you’re such a needy slut… well seen as it’s your first time having cock, I’ll indulge you this once” he brushed a hand over your cheek before pushing you down onto his cock without warning, you screamed out at the unbelievable stretch. Tsukishima was far more thicker and longer then your fingers, “tight slutty cunt” Tsukishima hummed as he began thrusting up into you, you whined and moan as the more he thrusted into you the better it felt. You learned forward and rested your head on Tsukishima’s shoulder, however this didn’t last long as he grabbed a fist full of your hair and pulled your head back so you were sitting up straight, “if you’re going to whine like a little cock hungry slut, then you’re going to ride like a little cock hungry slut” he growled in your ear, you moaned and squeeze around him, getting ready to reach you peck. “You fucking whore, all ready to cum on Daddy’s cock” Tsukishima moan and licked up your neck, “fill me daddy” you cried and slipped over the edge, Tsukishima grunted as he released his seed in you. Tsukishima lifted you off him, “suck it clean my little slut” he grabbed the base of the cock and held it steady for you, you got down on your knees in fount of him and began licking his tip, before you took his cock in your mouth. You slowly took Tsukishima deeper and deeper until you knew you couldn’t anymore, soon you clean of his member completely, “good girl” he sighed and helped you up to your feet, before walking you into the bathroom to bathe and clean off all the traces of pleasure from moments before.
You sat in the bath with Tsukishima resting against his chest, “do you really think I’m ugly?” You questioned with a hint of sadness in your tone, “no I think your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, it was just heat of the moment” he racked his fingers through your hair. “Thank you for letting me take your first time” Tsukishima hummed and kissed the top of your head, “thank you for making me feel good” you smiled and pressed further into his chest.
Tumblr media
Masterlist (coming soon)
Day 19 - Cigarettes /// Day 21 - videotaping 
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bubblebeemie · 2 days ago
HELP I forgot to put my age in the last ask, let me resend with my age (I’m 25!!)
I’m ordering a peach margarita + Haikyuu
1. It took my 7 years to graduate college because I kept changing my major oops
2. I’m American but I lived in Australia for a while.
3. I grew up in a small ranching community but got tf out as soon as I could and have lived in cities since then
4. I cried when Matt Amodio lost on Jeopardy
You got Kita's attention, he's a simple man who can recognize a person full of passions and seems like you're the diamond he was looking for
End up dragging you to the dance floor: Kuroo Tetsuro, babes need a time alone with you been if it was on the dance floor
Stole you a kiss when you're in the way of the WC after left the dance floor: Iwaizumi Hajime, he sees, he likes, he wants, he gots, and oh pretty baby, be careful with the hickeys
Thought you're cute and paid you a drink: Tsukishima Kei
Make out with you (but no one find out ): Iwaizumi Hajime, man just didn't get enough of you, he feel almost obligated to take you home a make sure you had a good time, but this time hickeys wouldn't adorn just your neck. Babes would make sure that you will not be able to walk in the morning.
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bokubear · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing; tsukishima kei x reader
genre; friends to lovers
Tumblr media
tsukishima frowned.
“halloween parties are so dumb.”
obviously displeased.
“really? but you agreed to come. and you look good in the doctor outfit.” you smirked, bumping his shoulder teasingly.
he wrinkled his nose. “thanks but no thanks.”
“kei, we’re besties.. chill it.” you pouted, gripping his elbow lightly.
“you’re the only one allowed to call me that.”
“of course~” smiling happily, you took his hand, leading him outside.
“where are you going?” tsukishima hissed, the chilled air stinging his skin.
“to somewhere beautiful!” you stated.
turns out the top of rather large hill was the ‘beautiful’ place. both of you heaving once you made it to the tip.
“screw you.. this isn’t beautiful at all.” tsukishima cursed, ragged breath.
he was surprised of no reaction, and when he looked up he fell silent.
not only the sky being such an iridescent blue, the way the clouds framed perfectly like paintings.
but you. the wind whipped your hair. that adorable laugh echoing in his eardrums. the way your costume flickered against your skin.
so beautiful.
so this is what she meant by seeing something beautiful.
“kiss me.”
“please.” kei finished. you ran up to him, holding his face in your hands.
it was a soft kiss, not necessarily long. so much emotion flew into the air. it was messy.
so beautiful.
Tumblr media
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prettyboykatsuki · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
put me in your mouth, baby, and eat it 'til your teeth rot
➳ tags ;; afab!reader, reader wearing a dress in atsumu's part, public sex / exhibitionism, getting gagged w ur panties (also in atsumus part..), established relationship, mirror sex in omi's part, oral (f!recieving), use of petnames like "baby" "beautiful" and "darlin'"
➳ wc ;; 6.8k
➳ a/n ;; my bias for atsumu n iwa are showing so hard. esp atsumu sorry LMAO also tumblr please dont nerf me for using the horny banner <3 pwease <3 thank u kai @/kisseswithkai for the manga cap. and thank u to @katonshoko for beta-ing this nightmare
title is from doja cat song, candy! happy reading <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime always catches you off-guard.
It’s nothing major. He’s not the grand gesture type to begin with, so you’re never knocked on your ass by any of his choices or random decisions. He’s never off-guard in a way that would upset you or disrupt your average and daily routine. You think, for the most part, the way Iwaizumi makes decisions is standard. He’s a little strict about it even, certain things about himself unchanged in the most comforting way.
But, sometimes he does things, and they strike you as almost out of character. Sometimes, he buys you little trinkets, or acts a little unusually affectionate with you. It’s always the briefest gestures that make your heart race the loudest. Confessions about how long he’s actually liked you versus when he told you, or even what things he’s strangely sentimental about. His normally aggressive features softened out and well-lit, looking like the second male lead in a shoujo manga. It’s the little things that remind you that he loves you, in a soft way and not just a tough one.
Iwaizumi Hajime always catches you a little off-guard, though most days you know what to expect to come out of his mouth, others he hits you with something just a little out of left-field. It’s enough to make you do a double take, at the very least. Most of the time, you just giggle and tease him a bit. Other times you stare at him in disbelief before breaking out into a grin.
Today, it makes you stumble a little. Coming home after a long day and even longer hours, you kick off your shoes and plant yourself into your couch, face buried in pillows while you take a long deep breath. You’re exhausted, half-way between tense and dead. When Iwaizumi finds you, he can’t help but laugh a little.
“Welcome home, baby,” are the first words out of his mouth, a raspy chuckle attached at the end. You lift your head up, face smushed into a frown with your arms held all the way out. He stares at you then laughs again. Leaning forward, you wrap your arms around his neck and he picks you up, just briefly before sitting himself down on the couch with you in his lap. You give him wide eyes, tired ones - a groan leaving your mouth as you settle in the crook of his neck. He smells like home - a little like deodorant and sweat. It makes you feel dizzy.
“Rough day?”
Another groan makes him chuckle as you cling to him, sighing.
“Yeah. Work was weirdly busy,”
“That so?”
“Mm.. yeah,’
It’s quiet for a few seconds, and Iwaizumi already has his hands under your work shirt - just resting on your waist. He’s got calluses all over his hands, from the pads of his fingers down to the palms and you can feel the friction. It makes you warm all over, everything about Iwaizumi tends to do that to you.
“I need to force myself to relax a little,” you muse, slumped in his arms.
“I could help you with that,”
You pull back to meet his eyes, green and pretty, staring back at you. They look low, curious even. You squint, putting your hands on his chest.
“Huh.. how's that?”
Suddenly his hands travel down the expanse of your back, around your ass and thighs. He grabs a handful, and you squeak, catching onto the fact he wants to do something lewd. You shift your weight a little, pulling back more but he holds you there - your arms on his shoulders to keep you steady.
“Kinda want you to sit on my face,” he murmurs, voice dropping impossibly low as he leans forward, kisses landing on your throat. You gasp - distracted by the warmth of his mouth on your skin. You want to push back but he’s strong enough to hold you there, impossibly close.
“I’ll crush you,”
“And I’ll die a happy man,”
“Hajime,” you protest, voice weak.
This time he kisses you, searing hot. His tongue slips against yours and you melt right into him. Falling into his trap so easily as you moan and kiss him, letting yourself grind a little on his lap. You think he’s too dangerous for his own good.
“C’mon baby,” ― he sounds clear, concise ―”It’ll help you destress,”
“After my shower, maybe,”
He’s stern about this, wrapping his arms around your midriff and holding you.
“I wanna see how your day went, don’t shower. Give me all of it,”
Your lack of further protest is enough to ignite him. He’s already repositioning - moving all the pillows off of your couch until there’s enough room. He lays flat on his back and then pats his stomach, watching with great interest as you strip yourself of your day clothes. Nothing but flimsy cotton between him and his prize, he watches as you crawl over his lap. He seats you over his bulge, his hard cock pressed between your folds. A little shiver runs through his body while he watches you take your top off. Everything about you is so pretty, chest soft and nipples hard. He grinds into you a little harder.
You crawl over with hesitance and you can feel his arms, strong and big around your waist, pulling you down. You’re still hovering, just barely above him but Iwaizumi is wordless, pulling your panties to one side before forcing the rest of your weight down on him. You can feel it. His nose pressed right into your navel and how far his tongue reaches, the edges and the details of his face. You’re trying to move but he won’t let you, nails deep in your thighs as he pokes his tongue out and lays it flat against your clit.
You moan, loud and unruly, as you feel the heat of his tongue. The heavy muscles drags once, then twice over the nub before he sets a pace. Not too fast or too slow, just right, enough pressure to make you out of your mind. He’s always been good at everything, almost without trying. You figure this is no different, but you’re still caught off guard. In a new position and he has you bent over the side of the couch, praying to a god who’s name you can’t remember. It’s not sloppy but careful, almost precise how fast he gets you to unravel.
Your fear of crushing him disappears from your psyche as he brings you closer and closer to the edge. Knuckles curled around the arm of your couch, turning white as you hiccup a moan, his name.
“H-haji, Haji, Haji. ‘m gonna..c..cum!”
The words come out incoherent, nothing but a ragged breath inside of your lungs as your whole body spasms and you cum all of his face, on his tongue and chin. He shows no signs of stopping even as your whole body jerks. A soft swallow sounds underneath you and a loosened grip is enough to know he’s giving you a breather, as you scoot back to observe him and the mess all over him. His green eyes peer up at you, a harsh hit landing on your ass.
“Fuck.. do you have work tommorrow?”
You shake your head.
“Good.. I’m gonna need you to get back here,” ― he wipes his chin, licking the back of his hand ― “I know you can give me a few more than that,”
Above all else, you would consider Sakusa Kiyoomi an aloof character.
That isn’t meant with any malice. You don’t really resent him for it and you’ve never found any reason to resent him either. It’s not like he’s incapable of being good to you or anything else extreme. He’s considerably blunt, and some would call him brutally honest. But, really, you think he’s more compassionately honest than he is brutal. He’s sarcastic when he wants to be but it’s always pretty charming, mostly observational comments here and there. A surprisingly good sense of humor.
He does most things with a predictable attitude. He likes the things he likes, dislikes the things he dislikes - same as always.. He’s had the same favorite song since he was in highschool, doesn’t like his eggs too runny (“They’re best if they’re a little jammy in the middle, and fried on the edges”) and he likes to take things slow. You didn’t kiss him for the first 6 months you were dating. Everything he does takes practice, takes time - even getting him to open up. You consider it a feat, seeing sides of him no one else gets too.
There’s nothing bad about it, really. You think the stability of his very being is grounding, and you like the way he does things precisely. No cut corners or frayed edges but practice, patience. When you find your temper lost or your frazzled, Omi is always there. He likes to think things through for you when you feel like you can’t, mind scattered one million and one directions. He’s not very verbal about his feelings.
He’s a little bit aloof, a little stand-offish the first few times you speak to him but you think that’s to be expected. It’s his default, that standard and clean slate. You like it and you find he rarely strays from it.
So you consider yourself lucky, when you do see him stray from it. You hate to admit it but there’s something about seeing him frustrated that gets your gears turning. A subtlety to it like he’s trying to hold his composure together, an eyebrow furrow. His tongue in his cheek, a little huff leaving his mouth. Sakusa has a set of tells that you’ve learned to look out for. He paces around a bit more, and his hands stay in his pockets instead of resting at his sides. If his mask stays pulled over his face the whole night instead of coming off every now and again, to kiss you or take a drink.
All kinds of things can make him irate, so after a long gala - you’re not expecting his mood to be peachy. You know he’ll want some alone time to decompress for a while, so you give that to him but retreat to the bathroom in your hotel. It’s big and spacious, comfy for you to just hang out in. You’re expecting to be in there until he feels better and eventually seeks you out with a cool-head.
So it surprises you, really, when you see him pull through the bathroom. The doors still open, and he’s only half undressed. His shirts unbuttoned to reveal a strong chest, and his hairs pushed back. The only that’s off are his shoes, ties, and blazers - but his pants are still on and snug. You glance at him, halfway through the mirror. More confused than anything.
“...Hey, Omi,” ― you hesitate. pausing as you take off your chain ― “Did you need something, my love?”
He looks uncomfortable, agitated. The way he steps into the bathroom a little more and leans on the counter, facing you with his arms crossed. It doesn’t lend you any hints to what he’s feeling, and he can feel it - your concern growing with every passing second. He looks at you and maybe it’s because he’s a little tipsy. The liquid courage in his system might be making him feel like this, all prickly skin under his collar and high with the adrenaline of a long night.
“I want you to sit on my face,” ― he says, with no pause or breaks or even any warning ― “Please. I’d appreciate it,”
There’s something especially Kiyoomi about the last part, the burning desire masked underneath too much honesty and a little bit of shame. You drop whatever's in your hands to look at him and he gives you this look of what can only be despair. It makes your core clench, your whole body shivering.
“...Can I ask what brought this about?”
“You looked good tonight,” is his short reply, as if that’s enough reason for the sudden and abrupt question. As if that explains everything perfectly. For Sakusa, it does. You shift a little, clit suddenly preening for attention.
“Is that all you wanna do..? It’s been a long night but,”
“Yeah. I can.. I don’t need to… I just want you on my face,” ― he says again, even more quietly than before ― “Please,”
“It’s..I don’t mind. I just wasn’t expecting it so I’m not ready, so if you wanna give me 15. I can shave and -”
“Don’t do that. I’m impatient. C’mere,”
It’s only a few words and Kiyoomi is dragging you by the hand, to the big king-size bed in the middle of the room. He motions for you to sit first and you do, on the edge of the bed towards the headboard. You criss-cross as Sakusa lays on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor with the rest of his body on the mattress.
“Sit this way.. want you to face the mirror,”
Your eyes go wide as saucers, and you stare at him. He looks generally unfazed but there’s an impatience to his actions, arms reaching up and back. You scoot forward too far and he ends up dragging you until your lower half is hovering just over his face. Your hands are splayed on his thighs to hold yourself up. But you’re not like that for long.
He takes your panties off, a soft groan leaving his mouth at the sight of your cunt. Pretty and perfect for him - soaked. The visual is enough to make his mouth water and it only takes a few seconds for one of his arms to circle your waist. He hugs your middle tight, forcing the weight onto him.
You can’t help yourself but squeak, voice gone high at the way Omi’s tongue makes contact with your clit. You can feel the way he snakes around it, hitting the most sensitive angle. Your whole body shakes, hand cupped over your mouth at the way he goes for it so quickly. Sakusa does most things, almost everything, so carefully but he’s lapping at your clit like it’s ambrosia. It feels like he’s getting drunk off of it, tongue dipped carefully between your folds, focused on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
It’s addicting, the feeling of it pulsing on his tongue. You help him unbutton his pants and slide his cock out, readying yourself to return to the favor but just as you get ready, he stops and pulls away.
“Don’t touch me, this is about you. Just need your spit on it,”
You whimper, loud at the way his voice shifts. It makes you feel sticky inside, and you lean forward to do as he asks, spit on it. You watch the way his hand wraps around the base of his cock, jerking himself off while he sucks the soul out of you through your clit. You feel like the airs been knocked right out of your fucking lungs, burning hot between your thighs. It’s almost torturous, not being able to touch him. The steady crescendo of your impending orgasm is enough to distract you from it, and you cum. You cum and you cum hard. Shaking as you catch glimpses of yourself in that big mirror, practically collapsing.
Sakusa pulls away, if only to get a lungful of air, before stroking your pussy with his fingers. He kisses it too, like it’s for good measure.
“I still feel restless. Gonna take more.. okay?”
You whimper, limp. Whatever plans you have out of the window.
Atsumu Miya is one cocky bastard.
This is.. kind of true. To a degree, you think when it comes to things he cares about - he has this tendency to be a little cocky about it. He gets in over his head a lot, bites off more than he can chew. He’s good at making sure things work out regardless of whether or not they should. This is what makes him one of the best setters in all of Japan, and overall a good player. Not only is he willing to take the risk, he almost always manages to execute it.
You think he has, for the most part, good reason to be so cocky. You like that attitude in him, a certain kinda fire lighting up in his eyes when he has some impossibility or plan that he wants to set up. You’ve seen him on the court more times than you can count on your fingers and toes - you know exactly the face he makes when he’s gonna do something extreme. To you, he’s almost screaming it with his actions. He’ll bend forward with his hands on his knees, and his whole body will get a little tight. His tongue slips over his lips and he grins, big with all of his teeth. He’s telling the whole world in that moment - just fucking watch me.
Outside of the court, you think Atsumu is a bit of a dweeb. Between the two brothers, he still has that overzealous confidence but he doesn’t really come off as a jerk. He just has an excitement, like he’s bursting at the seams to show you how cool he is. He doesn’t always fail miserably. You do think he’s cool, most of the time. You think he’s good at talking and he’s charming, and a little dorky in a hot way. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, to begin with. You like that about him, too , always have.
Sometimes, and rarely, you see Atsumu really, really want something. He’s not someone who often yearns. He’s too goal oriented for stuff like that, too precise. Everything that Atsumu Miya does or says normally comes with at least a little planning. He thinks a lot, more than he needs too but that has more net positives than net negatives.
So, it’s true that it’s rare to see him want something in such a way, that he’s yearning. But you always know when he does because he has such obvious tells.
It’s a Sunday and Atsumu Miya is in a park with you. You’re all the way in Kyoto - and the seasons are in between so the leaves are pretty colors. It’s still warm enough to be outside without a coat on and the warm breeze slides against your skin. It feels nice out - and you’re having a picnic outside. You spent a while planning today's venture, wanting to get some cute pictures together since you haven’t taken any since before Atsumu went on tour.
That’s all fine and good. It’s been nice so far - you have a little charcuterie board of cheeses and fruits and crackers and deli meat. You’ve taken some cute photos too, the best ones being saved in your phone with the outtakes being welcomed on your story. You’ve even got some handsome outtakes of Atsumu fixing his hair, where he’s smiling. It’s been a good day.
For better or for worse, you know Atsumu Miya like you know the back of your hand. You know his tells, when he wants something. His hands get a little sweaty, fingers curling at the base of his jeans and he moves around more. Shorter sentences and more intense eyes. It’s been a few hours and you’ve mostly managed to ignore it, but you want to stay out a little longer. And you’re not sure if you can do that if you don’t take care of whatever emotion he’s displaying. You breathe a deep sigh, putting your phone down and giving him a tired look.
“What is it,” you say more than ask, like a statement. You already know it’s something. His eyes go wide, and he has the audacity to look surprised. His mouth goes agape.
“Whaddya mean -,”
“Atsumu Miya,”
“What do you want,”
It’s silent for a minute, just a while. Atsumu looks guilty, and he swallows. Opens his mouth a little and then closes it and so on and so forth. Finally after giving it some contemplation, he says something.
“Don’t get mad,”
“I’m gonna kill you. Say it again. Slower.. clearly,”
“I want ya to..sit on my face. Yanno.. like now,”
You pause.
“...Right now?”
He nods his head sheepishly, clasping his hands together with a desperate plea. You stare at him, mouth agape.
“‘tsumu, baby - we’re outside. In public. You are a pro-athlete. You know the answer,”
“An emphatic yes?”
He scoots a little closer to you and you scoot back. Atsumu gets you before you can, slipping a hand between your thighs with a smile. He almost looks innocent, the way he presses his cheek to your shoulder like this is the most casual in the world has you considering a divorce.
His voice does that thing it does where it gets a little soft, a touch lower. Enough to make all the hairs on your neck stand. You curse all setters and their stupid fucking hands - the ones with nimble fingers that drag up the inner most part. You can feel him press into the flesh, and he’s mumbling something.
“C’mon, baby,” ― he coaxes, index finger pressing against the soft spot of your panties ― “If anyone sees well.. wassit matter, right? ‘s what lovers do,”
You tell him, weakly, to shut up. The use of the word lovers has you reeling, stomach singed with heat. You turn to him and he perks up, smiling. It’s like he reads your mind, immediately placing leftovers in the basket and pushing it to the side. You sit on your knees on one end of the blanket but Atsumu pushes you to sit on your ass. He lifts your legs up, hands sliding carefully underneath your skirt and hooking into your panties.
He gets them off in one smooth motion, holding the fabric up like some kind of prize. He folds it carefully, setting your legs down, and opening your mouth. His thumb rests on your bottom lip as he shoves the fabric in your mouth. You whine a little and he kisses your cheek, full with fabric.
“Bite on it if ya wanna make a sound, ‘kay beautiful?” he tells you. You watch, biting on the fabric with almost spite, as Atsumu lays on the ground. He taps his cheek with two fingers.
“Hop on,”
You leave your skirt on and do what he tells you, looking around anxiously to see if anyone is around. It’s empty, you’ve chosen a spot far out enough that there’s no one within a few hundred feet. You seat yourself, not sure how to hold your skirt, but Atsumu pulls it down so he’s trapped. He pats your thigh a little, almost like he knows you’ll panic. In a few seconds, he’s got a hand on your thigh. You’re facing forward and Atsumu kisses the hood of your clit before he takes initiative.
This is ridiculous and unbelievable and fuck - Atsumus mouth feels so good. He eats you with so much confidence, his tongue diving between your folds to lap at everything soaked between your thighs. You can’t help but bite down, drooling down your chin as the makeshift gag garners more teeth marks. Your clit is sore with how harshly throbs, blood pumping through and making your body go as hot as the sun. You can’t do anything but choke, hands curled into fists as your head tries to make sense of everything it’s feeling. All you can feel or think about is Atsumu and the little circles he’s drawing in your thigh while he sucks your clit into his mouth, tongue flicking to add a layer of pressure. It feels good, like the heat does after a cold night of winter, that burning sensation permeating through your whole body.
You’re going to cum and you’re going to cum soon, and Atsumu has to know because he goes faster and harder. In what feels like a matter of your seconds your whole body convulses and you go limp, like everything in you has been squeezed. You hang on by a thread as you cum, replacing the gag in your mouth by cupping your head as you moan his name.
When you feel like you can breathe, you lift your skirt up to look at Atsumu, hot and sweaty. When you lean back, he smiles, biting your inner thigh.
“Good right?”
Right. He is a cocky bastard indeed.
There is nothing Suna Rintarou enjoys more than doing fuck-all.
He likes a lot of things, though. He likes Travis Scott, and Batman, and playing video games at ungodly hours. He likes being awake at dawn and sleeping in public places because for some reason that’s super relaxing. He really likes playing volleyball because he’s been doing it for more years than he understands and he hardly ever gets tired of it. Suna likes to appreciate things for what they are, so rarely will he ever pretend to like something. If he’s gonna partake in something, he’s gonna go all in
There are things he doesn’t like, like sneakerheads on Twitter, and any weather that’s too hot. He’s also not really a fan of super oily lotions, and has a shitty relationship with certain barbershops on the west-end of his city. For the most part, Suna Rintarou likes to keep things.. consistent where he can. He’s a man who’s willing to change and he’s really good at admitting when he’s wrong about something. He needs to be good at that to strike a good balance within himself. Regardless, he’s pretty consistent with his taste.
He likes to do things with assurance, so when he likes something - he really likes it and vice-versa. There’s probably some universe where Suna isn’t a volleyball player but some sort of advertiser. He can justify almost everything he does, even if he doesn’t have too. It’s not really that he talks in circles but that he wants to make sure people have it clear. That everything he partakes in, he enjoys immensely and thoroughly, and that the things he hates are objectively bad. He likes to argue with subjective things just because it makes him laugh.
Of all the things Suna Rin enjoys doing, he enjoys doing fucking nothing the most of all.
There is precisely 0 sarcasm in that statement. In fact, it’s maybe the most honest thing he’s said since his career started. Suna busts his ass when he needs you to optimize “doing nothing time,” which is any and all time that has a net zero productivity. Where he lays into his couch and watches Tik Tok. He likes this time the most, in part, because he knows you’re a working part of his “favorite things'' playlist. Doing nothing means he can be with you and Suna likes you a lot more than he knows what to do with half the time. It’s weird for him because normally in relationships, he has a tendency to be aloof. He’s not super expressive about his feelings but with you, it’s different. With you, Suna tends to nudge and worm his way into your presence, your view. He likes you, he can say this with the utmost amount of confidence.
You have to admit that you like doing nothing with Suna, too. You don’t think there’s anything like spending time just laying next to each other, conversing every few minutes with long moments of silence in between. When he comes home from practice early, you don’t bother moving from your spot. You’re sure he’ll waltz into your shared bedroom with a yawn and invite himself into your space.
After about 15 minutes, you can almost feel his presence before you hear him. The door clicks open, and you turn your head a little to catch a glimpse of him. A black t-shirt and basketball shorts, all of his hair pushed back since it’s wet. He dries it with a towel, shaking it out.
“Hey, baby,” you hum. Suna looks at you, about to say hey back when he catches a glimpse of you. Laying on your stomach with nothing but some panties, and a big shirt that rests right above your ass that you haven’t bothered to fix. He’s trying not to be distracted but he fails miserably, gaping.
Instead of saying anything more, Suna strides towards you and spreads your legs apart a little farther. You’re moments away from questioning him, a little gasp leaving your mouth. He lays between your legs, facing the ceiling, his hands reaching up to squeeze your ass.
“Well hello to you too,” you chuckle. Suna doesn’t say anything for a while.
“You should get on your knees and sit on my face, I think. For all my hardwork in practice,” Suna tells you, informs you, incredibly amused. You feel a flutter pass through you, squirming.
“You’re so annoying, Rin. No hello? No,’how was your day?’”
He pauses.
“Hello. How was your day? Good? Great, me too. Anyways, you should -”
You can’t help but laugh at him, it’s so on-brand. You sit up on your knees and scoot back until you’re hovering just over his chest. Your hand reaches up to cup his cheek and he smiles, fingers finding your thighs with new-found confidence. You roll your eyes.
“You’re the worst,”
“Give me 10 minutes and I can change your mind,”
He says it as his fingers curl into the waistband of your panties. All it takes is a few seconds, and Suna slides them down your thighs. He pushes you up, gently, until you’re hovering over his face. You lift your leg until the fabrics out of the way and Suna sighs right against your thigh, teeth sinking into the flesh as you whimper. Suna can’t keep his hands off of you, massaging your thigh with strong palms as he drags your sex closer and closer to his face.
His breath is warm and minty, hot over your core. It makes you shiver, hands reaching for his hairs as you whine out. A small “Rin,” leaves your lips and that’s all it takes for Suna to dip his tongue out and over. There’s not anything precise to it, it’s a messy and wet stroke, with the hardened tip of his tongue, grazing over sensitive folds. Suna is confident about the things he likes, and he loves to do fuck-all, but when it comes to making you feel good - he never cuts any corners.
Another stroke but this time with flattened tongue, he makes sure your clit is angled perfectly on his mouth and let’s his hands do the rest of the work. He guides your hips and rocks you against his own mouth, lets you grind into his face as he gets face-deep in your cunt. The pleasure is slow at first, almost gentle, like he’s massaging your clit with his mouth. Your whole body feels like it’s being pulled apart, soft and sticky - warm like pastries from the oven. Your thighs clench at the sensation, moaning as Suna hardens his tongue. You’re riding his face but Suna makes sure he does all the work, the fat of your thighs dimpling under the grip of his fingers. Your clit goes back and forth on his mouth and your insides go molten - arousal dripping into his mouth.
The sensation is too much, like it’s gonna swallow you up along with it. It comes the way a wave hits the tides and your whole body starts to go so tight. Your core and your thighs all tensed, as you fold over, gripping the headboard until your knuckles turn white. You want to warn him, and you try but Suna can tell you’re coming much earlier than you do.
“Oh.. oh please,” and you cum, hard, right into Suna’s mouth. A whole tremor moves you and a silent scream has your mouth dropped in an O. Too much, too much, too much. Fuck it feels so good.
You lean back, breathless, to look at Suna who gives you a happy smirk.
“Still the worst?”
You throw your head back and laugh, struggling to breathe.
“Yeah. Definitely,”
Tsukishima Kei is mean.
If you tell this to someone, they probably wouldn’t even think twice before agreeing with you. In fact, you think they’d pause to ask you why you’ve bothered saying something so painfully obvious. Water is wet. The sky is blue. Grass is green. All of these things are obvious statements, with no point to reiterating them because yes.. obviously these things are true. Some things aren’t subjective, like the qualities of a human being. It’s like saying Tsukishima is tall, an objectively true statement. Tsukishima Kei is mean - among other things, sure, but mean above all else.
For you, at the very least, it’s pretty easy to see through Tsukishima. It’s true that to a degree, he has a complex about his intelligence. But there’s a lot of other things, more vulnerable things, about him that exist too. He hates putting in effort because he’s deathly afraid of embarrassing himself. His self-worth is strangely low for someone so capable, and he hates when he’s not good at things right away. You think most of the things he says that come off as mean, while mostly true, simply exist because he projects a lot. The older you both get, the more he grows out of it, but old habits die hard. Tsukishima Kei is mean, that’s not exactly wrong.
But he also has kind of a dorky sense of humor, he laughs a little hard at things he’s not supposed to. He likes playing Magic The Gathering, and he has bad fashion taste. He would never admit this, but he also enjoys cutesy things. When he sees stuffed animals in the store, or decorated notes and pens - he buys them for you because he can’t justify buying them for himself. He likes the sound of your voice over the phone, and sometimes he knows he’s being callous - so he gives himself a 20 minute breather so he doesn’t freak out on you. Tsukishima Kei is well aware that he’s hard to get along with, smart as he is - he’s not good at feelings. Not good at saying what he wants or what he needs.
So, it’s true that he’s mean. His version of flirting with you is teasing you, messing with you, making fun of you. But, no matter what he says, he always tells on himself with what he does. When he tells you that you’re an idiot, but he leans down to tie your laces anyways. So on and so forth - you think Tsukshima Kei is just.. bad at being honest. With himself and with you, so he says the opposite of what he means, hoping he can throw you off of his tracks.
You’re probably one of the only people who sees through Tsukishima with such an alarming amount of ease. Other than the obvious Yamguchi, and even Yachi - everytime Tsukishima opens his mouth with a teasing comment or aggravating word, you’re the first person to call him on his shit. Tsukishima fell for you begrudgingly, after calling you all sorts of things - it was followed by a stupid confession. He bought you a rose and made you a card (that Yamaguchi forced him to make) and told you how he felt about you.
Lucky for him, you liked him back. And now you’re here, deep into a relationship, and still in the process of trying to get him to tell you his feelings. You’ve learned it now, the meaner he’s being - the harder it is for him to say what he thinks. It catches you by surprise when you two are out on a date, later in the evening, and you hear Tsukishima comment on your outfit with a soft blush painted on his face.
“With your legs out like that, you’re gonna go and get yourself sick,”
You know he doesn’t actually give a shit what you wear, but his comment makes you pause anyway.A soft breeze passes by. The two of you are meant to be heading home soon but you turn to look at him under the street-lights anyways. He’s burning red, up to the tips of his ear and down to his chest. He looks at you weakly before looking away.
“You’re terrible at this,” you comment, amused. He scoffs at you but can’t argue in the end - but you pull down your shorts over your thighs anyways. After that you keep walking with Tsukishima in tow. Your apartment is a few minutes away, but you decide to tease him anyways.
“Whaddya want, Kei? You know I’m not gonna say no,”
It’s not like he can tell you, directly, that he wants you to sit on his face. He can’t even tell you that it’s embarrassing, so his mouth is snapped shut. It’s quiet the whole way home, into the elevator, the first floor, and all the way until you’ve unlocked the door. Only after all that, does Tsukishima take a shaky inhale when he gets inside the door and you turn to glance at him. He looks nervous, unsure.
“I want you to..”
You turn around, and coax him - a soft look of curiosity in your eyes. As fun as it is to tease him, sometimes you just want him to be straightforward. You don’t wanna push him into a corner.
“You want me too?”
“I want you to sit on my face,” he says, clumsy and awkward. Your eyes go wide at his request, and you stare at him. His hands stuffed in his pockets, looking at everything but you - huffing as if he’s getting ready to defend himself.
“..Right now?”
His mouth falls open and he stumbles a little, as if he wasn’t expecting you to say no.
“Yeah. Yeah.. right now,”
As if the opportunity might slip him by, he weaves past you and goes to the couch in your living room. You follow him curious, watching as he sits on the floor with his head back onto the couch cushion. He takes his glasses off with a soft sigh, running his hands through his hair to push it back.
“You sure that’ll be comfy for you?”
“I want it to be.. this position is.. yeah. Just do it before I embarrass myself more.. please,”
Tsukishima watches briefly as you take your shorts and underwear off in one swift motion, the bare sight of your skin making him swallow all the saliva in his mouth. You crawl towards him on the couch, settling yourself over his face. You thread your fingers through his blonde locks with a soft sigh.
“Okay.. tap if you can’t breathe,”
“I promise you I’m not tapping,”
You laugh a little at the joke he cracks, before settling yourself right over his mouth. You’re not sure what you’re expecting from him - it’s the first time you’ve done it in such a position. It’s Tsukishima, so you know what he’s like when he gives head. He does almost everything with efficiency, and you figure this won’t be any different. It’s like you forgot what you knew, that Tsukishima's actions tell on him before his mouth ever could. It’s why you let out a loud gasp at the feeling of his tongue, the way his skinny fingers drag the entire weight of you down onto his face. You’re not sure what you planned for it to happen.
But you do know that you’re not expecting him to be so sloppy, the muscle of his tongue running on every inch of your skin as he sucks your clit right into his mouth. It’s messy, more than it’s anything else, the lewd sound of sucking and slurping making your whole body convulse. It’s nothing like what you’re expecting, the sudden frenzy of pleasure - merciless as it fries each of your nerves. Every part of you feels sensitive. Your hairs on your neck stand all on their own as Tsukishima moans between your legs, keening for you to give him more. The vibrations strike you like a match, heat pooling inside of your cunt. You’re dripping and reactive, every movement driving you into the edge. You aren’t sure what to do with yourself.
“Kei.. Kei - holy shit,”
Your orgasm is too sudden for you to warn him, all you know is that your eyes get screwed shut and your whole body stops, and you cum with everything you have. You cum and you cum and you cum and Tsukishima doesn’t show any signs of stopping until you’re tearing himself from your face.
You step off completely, sitting on the couch with your body slumped into cushions. He wipes his face with the back of his hand, sighing.
“I didn’t say I was finished, you know,”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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215-luv · 24 days ago
OPENING YOUR MOUTH INFRONT OF THEM (Tiktok Trend) // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: holds your jaw and stuffs his tongue in your mouth, full on make out session with you before pulling away with a smirk. “is that what you wanted?”
SAKUSA: stares at you in confusion and disinterest, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at you like what’s he supposed to do?
KAGEYAMA: blinks in thought before gently moving the tip of the straw of his milk carton on your bottom lip. “do you want some?”
KUROO: looks at you in curiosity, leaving you open-mouthed before he caught you off guard as he shoves a ballpen on top of your tongue. the action immediately making you jump away as your boyfriend cackles out loud. “do you need attention? is that what you want, kitten? hm?”
KONOHA: dips two of his fingers into your mouth, lips turning into a smirk as his facial expression screams ‘suck my fingers.’
TSUKISHIMA: looks at you in question before turning away to ignore you, eyes focused on the manga he was reading as his hand reaches to your chin to close your mouth at the same time. “just what the hell are you doing? a fly could go in your mouth, dumbass.”
BOKUTO: tilts his head in confusion. “are you hungry?” he asks, earning no answer from you as you look at him as if to usher to do something with your mouth open. though, the only thing he did was slowly tap your tongue with his pointing finger in confusion. “kotaro!” “what?! baby, i didn’t know what to do!”
AKAASHI: was eating a piece of candy when you opened your mouth out of nowhere infront of him. he looks at you curiously before holding onto your neck gently, leaning down to connect his lips with yours, shocking you when he used his tongue to push the mint flavored candy into your mouth with force. he smiles as he pulls away. “how does it taste, love?”
IWAIZUMI: is half confused as he raises an eyebrow at you. “what are you doing?” and a few seconds passes by before he decides to raise his hand to close your mouth gently, peering at you suspiciously as you go on your day as if nothing had happened.
OIKAWA: “what?” your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at the sight of your open mouth, before morphing his lips into a smirk. “ooh, is that it? do you want me to put something in there?” he coos, “tell me, darling. what do you exactly need?”
USHIJIMA: “y/n..??” he stares at you stoic. kinda just stares at you waiting patiently if you wanted him to do something cause; following his motto in life - whatever y/n wants, y/n gets.
KENMA: quickly shoves a piece of chip on your mouth, assuming you were hungry cause his eyes were pierced through the screen, continuing his game as if you aren’t next to him shooting daggers at his side profile.
KITA: he’s.. i don’t know.. his nonchalant expression takes in sight of your open mouth, eyes raking over your figure as if he’s telepathically asking what’s up. he just stays like that the whole time to wait for you, no questions asked. your boyfriend is a patient man.
SUGAWARA: you open your mouth, and he gets the tingling signal that you’re hungry. and so there he goes, opening a bag of your favorite snack and feeding you just the way you like it. <3
TENDOU: goes all giggly like, “what are you doinggg??~~” before slightly lifting your chin to close your mouth a bit, giving him a much comfortable position to kiss you tenderly.
TANAKA: blinks at you, confused as hell though a million thoughts were running to his mind. unfortunately, some of those thoughts weren’t so innocent. he instead closes your mouth in an immediate. looking away from you as he scratches the back of his head. “w-would you look at that babe! i gotta finish my homework now before it gets late- haha…”
YAMAGUCHI: “why? what are you doing? are you hungry?” he inquired genuinely, eyeing your expression as if he’s looking for any sign of hunger from you. he pats your head with a look of sadness on his face. “i don’t really have any food with me right now.. would you mind if i leave you for a while to go buy your favourites?”
ATSUMU: “huh? what’s this?” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, looking at you suspiciously before he’s finally got an idea. lips turning into a smirk, he leans down to your level, nose in touch with yours as he lowly mutters. “now, what’s this all about babe?”
OSAMU: also one to raise an eyebrow at you. “are ya hungry?” he tilts his head in confusion. letting out a sigh when you don’t reply, he gently shuts your mouth with a hand under your chin. he kisses your forehead as he says. “fine, i’ll cook ya up somethin’ okay? just wait here and lay pretty.”
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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jinkicake · 3 months ago
That Boy Is A Real Pussy Pleaser
Matsukawa, Atsumu, Tendou, Tsukishima, Ushijima when their s/o sits on their face. 
Matsukawa Issei x Reader
Miya Atsumu x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
A/N: This is all I have to offer today,,, I was just in a silly goofy mood and thought hmmm hmmm! Face-sitting with the besties!!! This is sooo much crack bc I wrote this during a thunderstorm while being scared shitless so.... muah, pls try to enjoy! 
WC-3,339 (I cannot believe how long I made this)
Matsukawa Issei
Now,,, I had already written for other four earlier but as I was staring at my wall I thought to myself… why the fuck don’t I add my favorite pussy eater of all time, the hottest man on this planet and in this universe: Matsukawa Issei. Thank you, genius idea, I know. 
He was born, placed in this world, to eat pussy…. You can’t tell me this boy isn’t a real pussy pleaser?
Matsukawa would treasure his s/o, treat them with such care and be the softest sweetest boyfriend and then fuck them like he hates them! This man is nasty
He’ll eat you out any time that you need like you want a good distraction? Sit on his face. You’re anxious about something? Sit on his face. You feel like shit? Sit on his fucking face!
Facesitting is one of his favorite things ever because he gets to watch you, he can stare up at you as he eats your sore cunt out, and watch how you shake for him
I just think that he would love to see you cry too, he’d be super into that so literally overstimulating you or edging you would be his go-to things
Getting his poor baby so fucked out to the point of tears would be his everyday mission,,, his goal if you will~ He knows you enjoy it and he enjoys it,,, he’s giving more head than receiving and tbh he wants it to be that way!!!
I just like the whole big man who would treat you properly then fuck you like he doesn’t respect you at all….. bitches got issues!! 
Anyway,,, I put massive daddy kink in this so enjoy, I love Matsukawa and he is a daddy and I want to be his cheese-filled hamburger steak!!!
“Let daddy see that pretty pussy, baby.” Matsukawa’s thumb gently brushes against the inside of your thigh, coaxing you into crawling up even further on his chest. 
“I’m not going to ask again.” And you know that to be the end of it. The knee-high stockings on your thighs pair so nicely with the short skirt you have on, the white material just barely brushes over the curve of your ass. 
The skirt with no panties is Matsukawa’s favorite combination. 
The large man audibly groans when he sees your bare cunt glistening from his previous teasing, he can’t help but sit up and gently kiss your clit. 
One small kiss then turns into a small lick, once Matsukawa has had the slightest taste he isn’t finished until he’s completely full. His kisses and licks turn passionate, it’s as if he is making out with your cunt the same way he does with your lips. 
The feeling of his two fingers gently stretching your hole causes you to instantly clamp down on them, squeezing your thighs around his head. 
“Relax, be a good girl for daddy,” Matsukawa coos into your thigh, biting gently on your skin when he is finally able to stuff his fingers knuckle-deep inside of you. He quickly busies himself with sucking on your clit, lapping at the bundle of nerves as he curls his fingers and caresses your walls. 
Your hands tightly grip onto the sheets beneath you, pulling and tugging as you try to keep yourself stable. Each rock of your hips against his face causes your knees to grow weaker and weaker. 
Matsukawa’s fingers curl just behind your clit, finding that spongey spot that always has you gushing over him. That, with his tongue lapping and drooling all over your cunt, turns you into his perfect little cry baby. 
Tears pool in your eyes and you bitterly try to push them away but, to no avail, the sob that leaves your throat causes Matsukawa to start fucking you with vigor. His fingers scissor inside your cunt while he teasingly bites down on your clit. 
“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” You whine and Matsukawa doesn’t let up his intense pace once. 
“Let daddy have it.”
Miya Atsumu
He is an avid pussy eater like literally his twitter handle is @/pussyeater69, he told me himself!!! I follow him on twitter, okay! 
Atsumu will never shy away from oral or anything about it, he adores it. All he does all day is think about having his head between your thighs so honestly, he will never turn you down if you ask~
Having you sit on his face will probably be the hottest thing that has ever happened in his life and he might just cry! Once he gets you to do it once it will become a regular thing because he becomes soooo obsessed
He just loves using his tongue on you and he knows how much you love having his tongue in you so it’s like…. </333 ya know? Perfect compromise!!! 
Atsumu will hold you so tightly against his face, so closely that he gets the best position to satisfy the both of you. If he can’t get his tongue deep in your cunt, like his whole nose pressed against your clit then you aren’t close enough for him, babe~
As much as I hate to admit it, Atsumu is just so skilled. Like this man might be a mega dork virgin but he knows exactly what he is doing all the time. He prides himself in listening to your reactions and figures out how to give you exactly what you need so like… 
He doesn’t need the pussy eating practice! Atsumu is simply the master! 
However, you know he will always want it. Please sit on his face at least every other day, his lifeline will deplete if you refuse to do so! We can’t have Atsumu desiccating on us!
Didn’t you know? Miya Atsumu runs on pussy! 
“You’re so fucking hot, come on, babe.” Atsumu grins underneath you as his hands run along the curve of your spine, gently pausing just above your behind before grabbing a handful of your ass. 
Needless to say, your boyfriend is excited. 
“I’m gonna fuck you stupid with my tongue, you ready?” It’d be a lie if you said that you didn’t know just exactly what Miya Atsumu’s tongue could do. If anything, you would have to blame your dirty thoughts on whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to have your boyfriend pose with his tongue out in an official photo. Maybe Atsumu already knew what he was doing, he knows you like the back of his hand. 
“Just eat me out, ‘Tsumu.” You groan and finally lower your core to his face, impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to meet your cunt in blind pleasure. Much to your surprise, none of that happens and, you’re met with nothing. 
“Is that any way to ask?” You can see his lips curled up into a shit-eating grin, his eyes light from his teasing and all you can think of is how you could suffocate him right here and now with your thighs. 
“I’ll just go get my vibrator then-”
You had never seen Atsumu move so fast, shove his tongue so quickly up your folds to then swirl around your clit. 
“Stupid fucking vibrator,” He murmurs into your skin, flattening his strong muscle before flicking the tip of it against your clit. His hands dig into your thighs, lowering you even further onto his face. Atsumu truly cannot get enough, not as he runs his tongue through your slit and sucks on your folds. If there was one way to describe Atsumu and his need for eating you out, it would be messy and intense. 
But, damn, does it feel so fucking good. 
He truly eats you out like a man starved, groaning into your cunt whenever your thighs tighten around his face. His tongue begs and begs for you to cum so he can finally get a taste of all that you have to offer him. 
Knowing Atsumu, he’ll get exactly what he wants much quicker than you would ever expect. 
Tendou Satori
Omg, Tendou, my baby….. This man is literally a chocolatier, he loves sweet things, and his favorite sweet to eat is right between your thighs
He has been dreaming about this one for AGES, all of his wet dreams include you sitting on his face…. It’s just that neither of you are bold enough to say anything about it
You have to voice your desires, ya know!! Neither of you are mind readers!!! 
So when you finally show interest, Tendou has to literally hold himself back like grip onto the sheets to refrain from throwing you on top of him
He tries to act all cool and collected like it’s no big deal, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!!! It is a big deal, he’s just as nervous as you are but tbh he’s hornier so the horny has victory over the nerves!!!
Oh! Tendou loves when you tug on his hair so don’t be afraid to do that!! Kinda dumb that he shaved it but whateverrrrr,,,, the feeling of your nails against his scalp will have his eyes rolling to the back of his head
He likes to take his time with you, tease you slightly until his cock practically bursts from nothing, and then he will completely devour you,, like tongue-fuck you until your legs start to shake!!!!
This is just my mind dump Tendou thirst post, please…. bear with me….. I will get this man some coochie okay! 
Oh also,,, his pretty ass nose- omg that skinny bitch will literally be the best for grinding against when you’re riding his tongue like literally…. 
Tendou simply has the best face for sitting on,, it is scientifically proven and I have the research and the labs done right here in my brain,,, cover sheet done and all
“Don’t be shy,” Tendou coos as his hands gently tug on your hips, he’s so close to finally getting to live his ultimate wet dream. “sit on my face, pretty girl.” 
He’s so determined for this, you can see it in the way his red eyes have glossed over and how his wet tongue hungrily runs over his bottom lip. Desire swirls in the pit of your stomach as you impatiently squirm on his lap. His cock twitches against your thigh and you’ve decided that you’re done torturing the both of you. With your heart in your hand, you timidly crawl up his body, gasping lightly as his large palms run up the sides of your thighs. You bunch up his shirt that you have on, gathering the material so that it rests just below your stomach and gives you the perfect view of your playful boyfriend. 
The grip you have on the material is all but lost when his tongue makes its way along the inside of your thighs. A soft moan is ripped out of your throat at the heat of his smooth muscle tracing random shapes and patterns until he meets your lower lips. 
The first stroke of his tongue through your folds catches you off guard, it throws you into a new sense of pleasure. The new angle provides all the opportunity to feel his tongue in a new light. Your hands tightly grip his red hair, pulling on the strands as your stomach lurches at each euphoric turn. 
However, nothing compares to the bridge of his strong nose. It grinds against your clit the deeper his tongue explores your folds, licking and sucking to gather every drop you have for him. His tongue is not nearly as big as his fingers, or his cock, but he still fucks you roughly. He pumps the muscle in and out of your core, purposely rubbing his nose intensely against your swollen bundle of nerves. There is nothing that your boyfriend doesn’t do on purpose, each of his movements is meaningful. 
Tendou’s fiery passion can be felt in each stroke of his tongue and you know better than to believe that this is all he is going to do with you tonight. 
Tsukishima Kei 
Tsukishima is a bitch, so naturally, he is going to be good at pussy eating LMFAO 
Like you can’t tell me this man who banters with everyone and has insults that can cut someone’s confidence in half wouldn’t have the skill to back it up
He’s another one who lives for eating his s/o out,,,, tbh it’s mostly because it’s the easiest way to get them to shut up!!! Like all he has to do is one little kiss, one little flick of his tongue and you’re putty in his hands
Why wouldn’t he enjoy all the little moans and gasps that leave your cute lips, it’s better than when you’re talking his ear off!!!!
Okay, I’m kidding… sorta…. Tsukishima loves hearing his s/o talk he just likes eating them out better!
Anyway,,, he’s a natural. During his first time, he’ll literally be eating pussy like a pro! Tsukishima hates being wrong, he’s a big nerd so of course, he is going to know just exactly what to do and how to make a bitch purr!!!
It’s his pride, really! You’re trying to tell me this libra bitch doesn’t spend his nights looking up how to eat pussy, because he has! Especially if he knows how much you enjoy it, wow!
I just really think he would like the position of having his s/o on his face, it gives him more of an opportunity to fuck them senseless with his tongue, ya know?
He’d love to do shit like suck on your clit gently and kiss it with his pretty ass lips and then fucking bite on it and pull it between his teeth because he is an asshole!
You cannot tell me Tsukishima wouldn’t be the absolute worse when it comes to teasing, he’d laugh into your fucking cunt like, he sucks!
“If you break my glasses-”
“Then take them off you fucking dork.” Your sneer causes Tsukishima’s eye to twitch, how the hell he got underneath you is beneath him. He’ll never complain about it though. It’s always worth seeing a bratty bitch like you melt under his touch, his fingers, his cock. 
He takes off the thick-rimmed accessory and tosses them onto one of the other chairs in his living room, focusing on yanking you up from above his chest so he can finally -forcefully- shut you up. 
“Awe, are you sure you’re even going to be able to see now?” You tease him, grinning down at his irritated eyes. The bright color of his iris nearly makes your heart skip a beat but you easily squash the feeling with hostility. “Oh, now you definitely won’t be able to find my clit. Shit,”
Tsukishima finally gets what he wants, silence. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan as his tongue traces your clit, softly circling the nerves before gently pressing his lips to it in a kiss. 
Serves you right to get fucked speechless, you never shut up. 
His teeth gently nibble on your clit and provide a hint of pain after such a sweet amount of pleasure. It’s enough for your thighs to slightly shake as they tighten on either side of his head. 
Tsukishima slowly glances at you as he runs the pad of his tongue over the same area, he has to hide his grin as your brace yourself against the armrest of his couch. You’re holding on for dear life and he hasn’t even started with you yet, you’re a fool to think this is all Tsukishima has to offer.
Who knew that the smart-ass from your environmental science class could be this delectable? 
Truthfully, you did. It wasn’t hard for either of you to get tangled up in one another after being at each other’s throats for all but three classes. 
“You’re so fucking good at this, baby,” You praise and nearly sing as he starts to suck on your clit. If either of you noticed the nickname, no one said a thing. “you’re now as good as mine~”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Okay,,,, my favorite m*n ever like omg, does he ruin my ‘I cannot stand men agenda’ but fictional men don’t count,,, Ushijima Wakatoshi!!! Pussy eater #1!!!! 
In this corner, coming in at 197cm (6’3 *blushes*) and 90kg (199lbs *faints*).. my favorite pussy eater…. Miracle boy Wakatoshi!!!!!
He would literally eat ass heheheh okay anyway
Ushijima is not a patient man…. We see the Leo characteristics, he will not be able to remain still if you’re hovering above him literally ready to be devoured. Ushijima will sit up with no remorse and bring you down with him so he can eat you out
Does Ushijima know what he is doing? Yes! He is not dense, he knows exactly what you like and don’t like but,,,, he was trained…. You gotta train him to become the best pussy eater ever!!!! No pressure though~
I 100% believe that Ushijima could and would cum from eating you out, hips bucking into the air as his poor cock begs for any kind of stimulation,,,, and he will keep eating you out until he is shooting blanks
THAT is how much this man loves pussy eating,, he becomes the nosiest he has ever been when his head in-between your thighs 
If you’re not riding his cock or his thigh, chances are you’re gonna be on his face and grinding down onto his tongue and his beautiful ass nose until you lose feeling in the lower half of your body!!!
I’m sorry I just went light-headed thinking about his big ass fingers…. anyway…..
Ushijima could make a bitch cum in less than three minutes I am certain of this, I know it to be true because my brain is smart. His entire presence just screams panty-dropper, sorry!!! Like yes, even blunt canon Wakatoshi,,, he knows what he is doing! 
Large hands run along your sides, caressing and squeezing your skin which only adds to your pile of nerves. Having such a large man underneath you always sets ablaze to your belly, want and desire swirling around until you can no longer think straight. 
You have a sneaking suspicion that Ushijima doesn’t have a single clue of what he is doing to you. 
His eyes had darkened the moment you hovered above him, his gaze is now serious and intense as he memorizes every inch of your bare skin. Your boyfriend does not know patience when you’re dangled in front of him like this, it can be seen in the way he roughly tugs on your hips and pulls you toward his face. 
He just looks so big beneath you, splayed out with his cock aching against the confines of his boxers, chest rising and falling with each one of his breaths. 
For Ushijima Wakatoshi, his patience had just run out. 
A sharp slap to your ass has the impact of your body lurching toward the headboard and, just as your hands grab out to hold it, your boyfriend’s tongue finally meets its sweet release. 
Ushijima groans loudly at the first swipe of his tongue, letting out a messy ‘ah’ as he slowly gathers your wetness before swallowing it whole. He’s soft with your cunt, treating it as kindly as he does with you, by absolutely fucking devouring it. 
His jaw doesn’t let up once, continuing to work generously to swipe his tongue along your slit before thrusting the muscle inside of your cunt. 
Each powerful stroke along your walls causes your stomach to contract in pleasure, you’re completely and utterly weak for Ushijima’s touch. You’ve never been able to last long with it either. 
You grind down on his face, rolling your hips, tossing your head back when the bridge of his nose deliciously stimulates your clit. The bundle of nerves grows swollen under his rough care, you’re going to cum no doubt before the minute is up. 
It’s all too easy with a view like a focused Ushijima underneath you, eyes closed in concentration and a completely blissful look plastered on his face, your orgasm always comes quickly. 
Your boyfriend never leaves you unsatisfied. 
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