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yum3-rin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— hands ?
suna, tsukishima, akaashi x gn!r
no warnings i think ; fluff
suna my lover boy lol repost
Tumblr media
# suna
you hugged his back, chin perched on his shoulder while he played a game with the twins. you were watching his game, seriously you were, until you glanced down at his watch which rested in his lap, attached to a controller. whilst he clicked away, you couldn't help but admire the way his hands held the small object, they were so... large compared to the controller, slender, his nails painted pink from two nights before after you'd begged him to let you pain them. they were, dare you say, pretty.
you sat there watching his hands for around 15 minutes and he must've felt it because when he asked, "whatcha starin' at pretty?" you felt a heat rush to your cheeks faster than you could answer him, you were slightly embarrassed. "uhmm nothing." it came out more like a question rather than an answer which makes him let out a breath that you recognized as a laugh, "are you sure?" by now you can hear atsumu yelling at him through his headset that he's making them lose but suna doesn't seem to care as he mutes his friends, eyes now on you. "you've been quiet. what's on your mind, baby?" he cups his hand over your cheek and soothes your warm skin, running a cold thumb over the bags of your eye. "your hands... i just thought they were pretty."
you can see his eyes glance to the hand cupping your cheek before staring back into, what felt like, your soul, "you think so?" his lips curl into a grin, "thank you." he rubs the skin under your eye a few more times before raising this other hand to cup the opposite cheek and giving your face a squeeze, "i think your face is pretty." he says before kissing your lips. you can only let out a muffled, "thank you." as he laughs at you, "you're too cute, really."
# tsukishima
you sat in his lap as he helped with you your homework just like every other friday afternoon. honestly you were listening to his lesson or at least you were trying to but he was making it so hard. you'd never realized his hands were so... pretty. of course you'd held them, kissed them, seen them before, etc. you'd just never really recognized them as 'pretty' until he was writing down a math equation on the notebook paper in front of you.
finally, when you stop your 'mhms' he knows you're no longer listening to his explanation, he wraps his free arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest, "you're not listening. getting sleepy? we can take a break if you want." you're immediately snapped out of your thoughts at his words. "what? no, no! i was just spaced out, sorry." you ramble, "can you... start over? i'll listen this time." he rolls his eyes and hugs you tighter, "okay, so you start here-" not even three sentences in you feel yourself staring again and, of course he notices. "listen, if you need a break that's fine, we can-" "no no kei, it's just that... i can't concentrate. i'm not tired it's... it's your hand..." he raises a brow and moves his hand slightly. honestly you didn't even know how to describe his hands. of course you see them all the time, why were you only just noticing how nice they looked? all slender and long, they were just... pretty.
"what about my hand, baby?" he asks, tone a little teasing. you reach for his other hand which is hooked around your waist and hold it up for him to see, playing with his fingers. "they're really pretty." you sigh, pressing a kiss to the pads of his pointer finger. he fights the blush threatening his cheeks, "this is what you're so concerned about?" "mhm" and he laughs, "well, thank you for the compliment." he says, pressing a kiss to where your jaw meets your neck, "are you gonns sit here and play with my fingers for the rest of the day or continue with the lesson? i guess i don't mind either way."
# akaashi
it was normal for you to sit in his lap while he did paperwork, sitting in a comfortable silence together. you often found yourself staring at his hands, writing, typing, or even just sitting there, they always looked so pretty. though you'd never told him about this thought. currently, you had a concentrated look contorted on your face as you stared, a look he seemed to notice. "everything okay, angel?" he nudges you with his elbow which snaps you out of your thoughts, "hm? oh yeah, i'm fine." you straighten your back and give him a reassuring smile, "are you sure? you look tired, you don't have to sit with me ya know? go take a nap if you're feeling sleepy." he kisses your cheek and smiles at you innocently.
"keiji," you giggle, "i'm not sleepy, plus i wanna sit with you. i was just zoned out." you rub your eyes, though, now that you were thinking about it, maybe you were a little sleepy. "what were you so focused on then?" "your hands." you're honest and he's confused. "what you mean? what's wrong with them?" he inspects them and you shake your head, grabbing them. "nothing's wrong with them, keji. i just think they're really pretty." you confess, kissing the knuckles on each hand, "pretty?" "mhm." "how's that?" "well, i dunno. they're just nice to look at. oh! and mine fits in them really well, like a puzzle piece, look." you lace your fingers between his and show him what you mean and he realizes you're right. "see, not to big not too small, and they're super soft too." you smile and he nods. "i see what you mean, about the puzzle piece i mean."
"so you agree? you have really pretty hands." he nods "well i guess, but i think yours are nicer than mine. it's your hand that fits so well into mine, they were made for me i think." pink rushes to his cheeks as he says it, "was that weird to say?" "no! i think you're right, baby." you offer him a smile and he returns it, kissing the back of your hand which he held. "thank you for the compliment by the way." you nod and yawn, stretching your arms out, "i knew you were getting sleepy, lets go take a nap."
Tumblr media
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shoberri · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
he doesn't know what possessed him to say it, honestly.
you were just sitting down, his head in your lap, arms around your waist, body curled around you like a pretty blond koala. his eyes fluttered open and close as he listened to you talk about your day, preening, almost, at the feeling of your fingers in his hair.
you were quite surprised at the his sudden clingy behavior, but you weren't one to turn him away when he just about rarely got like this. you'd just figured he'd had a bad day at work from how he was. almost.. too quiet.
he could tell that you had questions, and he'd explain when he could come up with the right words, but he was content with just basking in your presence without talking. for once, the great kei tsukishima, the king of dry humor - sovereign of satire and sarcasm himself, was content. he could hardly believe himself.
ick, feelings. he supposed he had some, for you at least.
he snickers when you lightly smack the back of his head for that, hiding his grin when he hears a faint i heard that. apparently he'd said that out loud.
it was true, though. he sees your expression soften, and you smile at him, the kind of smile that makes his chest ache with an unfamiliar feeling. so he says the first thing that comes to mind.
“i love you.”
you jolt, accidentally tugging on his collar, which leads him to choke, and you quickly sputter out an apology. your eyes are wide, though, and it makes his cheeks flare impossibly red as he loosens his collar. damnit. too vulnerable.
“do you mean that?” you ask, and he pauses.
he sees you singing in the kitchen as he makes pancakes in the morning, making up a little dance as you do. you may think your voice isn't that good, but it's music to his ears each time. even at six in the morning. he loves it.
he sees you lean into his touch after you fall asleep, his heart swelling as your body curls into his. even in your sleep, your response is to hold him close. (and he'll take this admission to the grave, but it helps him sleep easy at night.) he loves it.
he sees you lean forward with a smile as he goes on a tangent about his interests, finding joy in his joys, and he finds himself seeking you out every time he has something new to share. he loves it. he loves—
he loves you.
so he nods, fingers intertwined with yours, and finally succumbs to what he—and now, you—already knew.
kei tsukishima was absolutely smitten with you.
(gross, he adds, as an afterthought. how did it come to this?
it’s because you can’t live without me, comes your muffled response, positions switched now leading to your face buried into his shoulder. who else is going to keep your secret about your stashed dino plushie collection?)
Tumblr media
thank you for reading ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ reblogs are appreciated!
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lovely-renard · a month ago
He doesn't tell you often 'i love you" but when he does, he means it from the bottom of his heart.
It's not that he doesn't say these three words at all or that he finds it hard to tell them. But you know these couples that say "i love you" every ten seconds like they'll die if they don't? Yeah, that's not his cup of tea.
To him, words, and especially these three, mean something strong and should be used carefully. He doesn't want to throw them like they're necessary to proove how much you mean to him. That's why, instead of repeating "I love you" like a broken record, he shows you his devotion in others ways: he cleans your workspace because he knows you're too busy to do it properly, he hugs you when you need it the most, he texts you throughout the day to make sure you're taking care of yourself. It's all his acts and attention, piling up, that prooves you he doesn't need the three magic words to show you he loves you.
But, if you're honest, nothing could beat the feeling of hearing him whisper in your ear, in the dead of the night, a raspy "I love you, babe..." before falling asleep because you know that, at this specific moment, he means it more than anything.
So yeah, he may not say "I love you" as often as others do but you know that when he says it, he means it deeply and that's enough to make you feel like the most lucky person in this world.
-> Iwaizumi, Osamu, Akaashi, Ushijima, Kenma, Suna, Tsukishima
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rinslove · 2 months ago
autumn's note: this is super rushed and pretty bad, i'm not fully proud of it. but i really wanted to write something </3
Tumblr media
"i'm so sorry."
tsukishima pauses as he pulls the crumpled t-shirt down over his head, frowning when he looks at you with tears in your lash line. your eyes are on the floor, unable to bring yourself to look at him.
he feels his heart stutter for a moment as a single thought plagued his mind. and he knows that you would never do it, never in a million years, but he can't help it — not when you're avoiding looking at him like this, something you've never done before in your four years of being together.
"what's happened?" he's nervous and it shows in his voice when he speaks up, terrified about the possibilities of what you could be so upset about.
you wipe at your eyes to dry your cheeks, lip shaking. "i lost my ring," you answer, screwing your eyes shut as you wait for him to get angry,
he tilts his head at you. "is that it?"
you finally look at him, nodding your head. more tears fall and you don't wipe them away, your hands at your sides as you play with your shirt. "i'm so sorry, i didn't mean to."
he shakes his head and sighs as he walks over to you. "dumbass," he breathes, wrapping his arms around your waist. "i don't care about the ring."
you look at him, eyes wide. "but-but it was expensive, and it shows that we're together..."
"you think we need a ring to show we're together?" he raises an eyebrow at you. "i don't. i can buy you another ring, but i don't think we need one to show we love each other."
you finally hug him back, closing your eyes. "yeah, i guess you're right."
Tumblr media
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starrybunnyarchive · 2 months ago
Tsukishima is addicted to your lipstick
since he found out your lipsticks tastes like fruits, he's always finding a excuse to steal a kiss.
sometimes he just grabs your face and kiss you quickly, saying “oh so it's grape again” with a serious face. like he's just checking which one you're using.
but, when your lipstick tastes like green apple, Tsukishima keeps stealing kisses because it's his favorite. despite the quick kisses, you can see him slightly smiling after each kiss.
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kissyomi · 3 months ago
tsukishima x gn!reader; wc: 1.9k
A/n: someone hits on tsukkiboo and you are one stubborn person. And I, support the gays.
Tumblr media
It’s not like it's the first time you’ve been out with your boyfriend and felt gazes drop on you.
You’re used to this. He’s the type to grab people’s attention and you’re fine with it because you know no matter how many people try to flirt with him, he does everything in his power to make sure they know he’s committed to you.
Once, you had received a video call from a tipsy tsukishima, shoving his phone in the face of a stranger and asking you to tell them to kindly fuck off. But today when you can feel the gaze glaring holes into your back, it’s kinda hard to ignore it.
Tsukishima dragged you out of the house claiming you were hyper focusing on your work so much that you had forgotten to even breathe. Kind of an exaggeration, really. But that’s how he shows he cares, the s in tsukishima represents his two main characteristics: salty and sassy.
So here you are, sitting in a cafe, waiting for your order while tsukishima’s pinching his eyebrows, trying to communicate with the new intern at the museum 'without scaring another one off'.
The hairs on the back of your neck are practically ready to jump out of their follicles at this point and you’re growing frustrated. You don’t know what’s making you heat up, the frustration or the utter embarrassment because of the constant staring from the girl behind you. What’s even more annoying is that tsukishima is oblivious to the fact that someone is ogling him like they wanna eat him alive.
This was supposed to be your time with him, not that stupid intern’s. Okay, maybe, tsukishima was right about you being overworked because you know you’re directing your anger in the wrong direction but this time tsukishima laughs and you lose it. You are quick to rise to your feet, sending the chair scraping against the floor and move towards his side,
“Get up, kei. Switch seats with me.”
Kei looks up at you with confusion written on his face and mouths a ‘why?’
Now, here’s the thing about your guys' relationship. You didn’t get tsukishima because he liked how easy you were to pick on, in fact, he liked you because you didn’t take his shit and were, well, as stubborn as him, if not more. So, it was common for you guys to tease each other non stop and sometimes it gets a little bit too much. And one thing tsukishima picked on you for was you being jealous. But he hasn't seen your jealousy. Okay, maybe one time when you showed him, but that was just because your energy was pent up from all the bickering and you wanted to shut him up. So there is no way you're admitting it to him.
You just shrug, “I like the view from your side.”
He mutters a ‘i’ll talk to you later’ into the phone and narrows his eyes, “We’re inside a cafe, y/n. And I’m sitting against the wall. There is no view, love..”
“I like people watching.”
At that kei blinks at you with the most ‘are you serious?’ look a human being could conjure, “No, you don’t. You hate people.”
“I don’t like engaging with people- hate’s a strong word, by the way- never said anything about people watching.” You shrug with no care in the world, “- and I am offended you didn't know that.”
You tug at his arm and pull him up. He obliges with no hesitation and just lets you push him towards the outer side of the booth but kei had a weird gut feeling about it. The first thought that comes to his mind is the fact that something or someone is making you uncomfortable causing him to straighten up and run his eyes over the other customers. Now, he’s highly aware of the stares you both attracted from the commotion. When he finally sits down, he sees your gaze fixed somewhere and as he snaps his fingers in front of your face, you flinch and direct your gaze back at him.
“Is someone making you uncomfortable?” He asks with the utmost sincerity, worry dripping in his voice and the way his hand slips on top of yours, squeezing it on his own.
What you hear is: are you jealous?
“No? Pfft- why would I be jeal-” You quickly catch yourself before squeezing his hand back in reassurance, “- why would I be uncomfortable? I’m fine.” You add with a smile but your eyes drift towards the girl sitting on the booth in front of you once again.
Once eye contact is made, her eyes widen and she quickly looks at her friend, muttering something which you guess is something about kei and you as her friend turns around to look at you. You don’t know where this new found confidence came from but you don’t shift your eyes away from them. Never break eye contact. That’s Asserting Dominance 101.
The girl smiles at you awkwardly while her friend waves at you before turning back towards her and saying something that causes her to rapidly shake her head. The lion, the witch and the audacity of that bitch. Staring and waving? Wow.
“Ah yes, I knew it. It wasn’t people watching— it was the people watching me” Kei’s smug voice interrupts your little starin- your dominance assertion contest.
You gasp dramatically, “I shall never.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” He chuckles rolling his eyes, his thumb rubbing soothing circles onto the back of your hand and his eyes flicker towards your own. “You do know, I am not interested in anyone else other than you, right?”
Your gaze softens a little at his words, “Of course you’re not, you’re with me. You’d be stupid to leave this fine piece of ass.” You smile softly and take his hand in between your own, “kei tsukishima, no matter how annoying, bratty, insufferable, assholey—” with each word his face deadpans, “—you are, stupid is not one of them.”
“I feel stupid right now.”
Surprised by his words, you feel a little guilt-
“Although, I can understand because company affects people.” he adds in a nonchalant manner.
You scoff, “Yeah, right. If that was the case, I'd be a nerd.”
“So, you admit you’re stupid.”
You’re digging a hole for yourself and jumping down in it on your own at this point. But this is what you love about tsukishima. Despite the words being exchanged, his grip on your hand has not loosened even a little, instead he has intertwined your fingers with his own. He knows how to make sure you know he is just teasing you and does not actually mean those words. (He does it unintentionally, he swears he doesn’t mean to. Blushes up a storm if you tease him about his body loving you past his brain’s control though.)
So lost in teasing tsukishima, you forgot about the girl completely and didn't even notice the waiter approaching with your food.
“Yeah okay, fine, you win! Call everything that comes out of my mouth stupid.” You throw your hands up in fake defeat before hunching over the table with huge grin, “Tsukishima kei, tsukishima kei-”
“Wow, that's really mature.”
The waiter sets down your plates, “Here is your food, sir. Hope you enjoy it. Would you like anything else with it?”
Tsukishima shakes his head, “No, I'm fine. What about you?” He finds you shooting heart eyes at your food. “Huh? Me? No, I'm good for now, thank you.”
The waiter smiles before placing a plate of cake down on the table, “Oh yes, this is from that lovely lady across from you guys. Enjoy the food!”
You freeze at the waiter’s words and slowly lift your head to greet tsukishima’s amused expression with a stiff smile.
“You look like Pennywise right now with that smile.”
You don’t even bother replying to him because said lady is approaching you and stops right next to your table between you and tsukishima.
“Hi, my name is Hana!” She chirps up and tsukishima looks up at her, ready to douse the situation down before you burst a vein.
“Um, miss, I think you should-”
“I’ve been watching you for the past 20 minutes—not in a creepy way, of course, that’s weird—but I was hoping I could get your number?”
You don’t know what it is but you’re sure your ears are ringing. Is she really asking him out right in front of you? What the actual fuck. Tsukishima tightens his grip on your hand as an action of reassurance, deciding to help you out.
“As I was saying, before you rudely interrupted me-”
But Tsukishima's calm voice does not stop the thunder of Hana’s words.
“It’s just that I thought you were really pretty and I wanted to talk to you. My friend kept urging me to talk to you, even if you turn out to not be interested in me or women in general, I could always gain a new friend!”
Wait what?
You finally lift your gaze and look at the girl who was eyeing tsukishima and his grip on your hand before looking at you with a smile, “I’m sorry, what?” You blinked at her and muttered with a surprised voice.
“Yeah! Your number! Cuz i’m like- y’know-” She flicks her hand towards you and chuckles, “-fruity.”
She has been hitting on you the whole time?
Tsukishima blinks in surprise at what’s unfolding in front of him because you did not just giggle at this random ass woman who called you pretty. He calls you pretty everyday and you don’t giggle like that. Tsukishima is feeling bitter and betrayed at the way you smile at her with a chuckle.
“I thought you were hitting on him!” You laugh as you shake your head, relief flooding throughout your body.
“Oh god no.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He can’t help but grumble out indignantly with a sour expression at what seemed like a disgusted god no from Hana.
“I’m sorry, honey, I’m not single.” You smile gently at Hana who nods her head. “Yeah I couldn't exactly see the hand holding that was going on here from my seat. You switched your seats and all that intense eye contact had my head spinning, sorry!” she chuckles sheepishly, “Alright then, have fun on your date, guys! And please keep the cake- as an apology.” She adds with a wave of her hand and shakes her head, as your own inches towards the plate of cake.
“Thank you!” You wave at her as she walks away from your table, towards her friend, who is presumably having trouble breathing from the way they’re gripping onto the edge of their table.
“I’m sorry, honey, I’m not single.” Tsukishima mocks you with a high pitched voice and a stupid, stupid cute expression.
“Aw, are you jealous, kei?’ This time, you take his hand in your own, rubbing circles onto it as your laughter fills the space between you.
“So this is how you feel when other people approach me, huh.” Tsukishima is secure about your relationship, you can see that from the way he decided to engage in a conversation that doesn't revolve around how you're his and why you were giggling at someone else when they called you pretty and how he handles this situation in a very calm manner and it makes you all warm inside.
“I don’t feel jealous, love.” You deny with a threatening squeeze on his hand and squinting eyes.
“Then, I'm not feeling jealous either.”
“That makes no sense.”
“I’m feeling what you feel in this situation. If it’s jealousy you feel, then, sure.”
“You’re intolerable.”
“Yet here you are, tolerating me.”
“Oh wait, I forgot to take the pretty girl’s numb-”
He quickly lifts a spoonful of cake towards you with a smile threatening to break, “Just eat your cake.”
Tumblr media
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©️ all credits belongs to @kissyomi 2022, do not repost, modify or translate my work on any platform.
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kentolove · 5 months ago
• a slightly angsty arguement tsukishima bf piece cause I’ve been in an angsty mood lately... I haven't made anything in a while 😊 enjoy this short piece
Everything in italics is a text message in case that isn't clear!
[not proof read lol]
Tumblr media
[tsukishima] 11:37 PM: i’m still mad at you
i don't really want to see you right now
but i still love you
so don't do that stupid overthinking shit you like to do. we're not breaking up
ok? I’ll talk to you when ive cooled down. I don't want to be mean for no reason
don't skip your meals
love you more than anything
He hasn't seen you a day.
He's not proud of himself. The sharp words he used--petty, laced with the venom of a snake. He's malicious, he knows it, and he vowed to himself that he would never use that tone on you.
The tone that he reserved to belittle, to demean and enlist insecurity onto the victim of his harsh words. He's never used them on you, but he almost came close.
In the midst of his anger, his mind was clouded with bitter thoughts. But it’s you. The one whom he loves so much, the one he dedicated his entire heart to. He'll never see you as anything short of perfection. No matter how angry, you will always be his. His lover, the one that resides in his heart.
A knock sounds through your apartment.
It's nearly 12 AM, and there is no one who could come to you at this hour. You walk to the door in confusion, clad in an old pair of pajama shorts and a shirt you found deep in your closet.
You open the door and you're met with the man of your dreams. Your knight.
His armour is a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sneakers you bought for him once. He lacks a sword, but he does come with a basket of fruit in his hands. His face is expressionless, but you know him better. He is beckoning you over to him, arms wide open and ready to protect.
“Let me in?” He asks, and you comply.
He's met with a sparkling clean living room, and a new arrangement he's never seen before.
The couch is on the opposite side of the wall, the shelf you used to store all your books is re-arranged, a new configuration he's unfamiliar with.
“I leave for a day and you decide to change the interior of our home?”
You walk up behind him and cautiously place your head on his back. He doesn't move nor protest, so you take that as a sign to embrace him further.
Arms around his waist, and a soft kiss placed on his clothed back. He holds the hand that found purchase around his waist tight.
“It just looked... boring without you, I guess.”
He pulls you off him to look into your eyes.
“Yamaguchi’s couch doesn't compare to our bed,” he smiles. He moves to embrace you, but he's suddenly reminded of the basket in his hands.
“Ah,” he starts, “I got these for you.”
It's a bouquet of fruits--apples, oranges, rasperries, strawberries, nearly every fruit under the surface of the sun. They're fresh and you can almost smell the refreshing taste of each one.
“No flowers?” You tease, taking the basket from his hands.
He grabs your cheeks and places a kiss on your nose, “don’t over-do it.”
That night, you fall asleep with a full stomach.
The man you love fed you nearly each fruit from the basket, washing them delicately beforehand and cutting them up.
He refused to let you touch the fork, placing every flavorful treat in your mouth. In exchange, you placed a kiss on his face after each spoonful, promising to love him forever.
He smiles. He’ll love you for even longer, if possible.
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ichigoromi · a month ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐨𝐧 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬...| 𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐊𝐞𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Tsukishima low-key loves it, but he's not gonna tell you that.
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning (s): none!
Tsukishima Kei
Tsuki may not look like it, but he pays close attention to fashion.
After you moved in with him, your clothes and his clothes are together in one wardrobe.
Sooner, you start wearing his clothes,, and he did not notice at all at the start.
One day, he was trying to look for that particular hoodie that he wanted to wear for his class gathering, but it was nowhere.
And at the exact moment, you walked into the room wearing the same hoodie that he was wearing.
At first, he was kinda pissed and you two argued for a while until you stripped off the hoodie and threw it straight at his face.
With just a thin shirt and cardigan, you left the apartment.
He called you many times are you were not responding to him.
You return to the apartment an hour later with his favourite, Strawberry shortcake.
After that fight, you sneakily wear his clothes,, and to the point, he is enjoying it now.
Especially his jerseys.
"Baby, you got to stop wearing my jerseys. I have told you multiple times that I need to wear those in my games."
You stopped in your tracks and realised that you wore your boyfriend's jersey. You were so used to getting clothes from his side and just slipping them on.
"Oh. I didn't know that. I'll go get change." He pulls your hand and stops you from going back to your room.
"Nah. It looks cute on you. I'll ask for more jerseys." Tsukishima cups your face and pulls you in for a kiss.
Your cheeks blushed deeply and you covered your face in your hands.
"Why are you so blunt at times? You're making me blush every single time when you compliment out of the blue..."You lean your head on his shoulders.
Tsukishima lets out a laugh and wraps his arms around you, hugging you tight in his arms.
"You're just so cute when you blush. I know you love wearing my clothes, but leave some for me, okay? I can't fit into your clothes." He pinches your cheek and kisses your lips.
"Okay...I will take note of that. I'll buy you more clothes so that you won't run out of clothes!" You declared with determination.
"Alright, I trust you to ensure my closet doesn't run out of clothes. What do you want to eat? Let's eat out today." He runs his hand through your hair.
"Hmm, let's go get some hotpot! The weather has been getting colder and it's perfect for today."
"Okay, let's get changed into something warmer. This time, wear your own clothes." He pulls you in for another kiss.
"Alright...I'll wear my own clothes out but I'm going to wear your clothes when we're back. I'll go change first!" You lightly kiss his lips and ran off to the bedroom.
Tsukishima watches you run back to the bedroom and lets out a laugh. He is looking forward to the future with you.
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Tsukishima is such a babe. I love him.
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rinphoria · a month ago
caught in 4k ! (pt. 2)
alternatively; your relationship is outed to the public.
✸ ft. tsukishima kei
✸ info + warnings: fluff
✸ a/n: whoops tsukki’s got kinda long so i’ll be posting suna’s separately—expect his next.
Tumblr media
you weren’t necessarily fond of dirt or bugs, but you were fond of picnics, desserts, and the company beside you. with the time he dedicated to school and volleyball, tsukishima didn’t have much time he could block off exclusively for you. but you never minded, after all, you did have work of your own to focus on—but moments like these when it was only the two of you were unrivaled on your list of ways to spend your time. although, a persistent distraction was making it seem like you guys weren’t truly alone.
“you can check that.” you pointed to his phone with your fork. his screen lighting up and the gentle buzzing wasn’t bothering you, but you could tell by his sneaking glances that kei wanted to know what was up. and maybe that curiosity extended to you as well.
“sorry, i thought i turned my notifications off.” tsukki wiped his hands clean with a napkin before picking up and unlocking the device. you intently watched with the fork between your teeth as your boyfriend scrolled through the many banners of notifications. 
the only reason he found himself on twitter was because the team’s social media manager suggested that all of them create profiles so they could establish their presence. and being an athlete meant that tsukki was mentioned in his fair share of posts, but the ones flooding his notifications now had nothing to do with volleyball. he clicked his tongue in distaste upon seeing what had his phone blowing up.
a photo. the people in it wouldn’t have been recognizable to just anyone, but considering that blonde head of hair was his, tsukki was positive that the couple being talked about was you two.
the picture was taken from the back, otherwise tsukishima would likely have seen who had taken it. and while he was glad your face wasn’t visible, the quote tweets and comments were filled with people playing detective and trying to figure out who you were. oh my god, is he dating someone? well, they might just be friends. no way—he’s kissing their forehead!
didn’t people have better things to do than gossip?
“is something wrong?” your voice cut through his racing thoughts, drawing his eyes away from your phone and up to your face. your eyes were wide in question but the only thing tsukki could focus on was the bit of cream from the strawberry shortcake lingering on your lip. he huffed out a short laugh before gently dragging his thumb over your lip to collect the whipped topping. a burst of sweetness met his tongue as he licked the white fluff off his finger. 
“not wrong i suppose, just... unplanned.”
“well spit it out, i can take it.” you were tempted to believe that his dancing around the topic was cause for concern, but if there was one thing you were confident you knew about kei, it was that he didn’t sugarcoat his words. still, his less than pleasant reaction left you wondering what he had seen.
“i guess a fan saw us at the museum yesterday, took a photo and posted it.”
“oh.” having a picture of you floating around on the internet taken by someone you didn’t know was slightly unsettling, but it came with the territory of dating a well-known athlete. that didn’t bother you as much as the fact that you and kei had discussed how you wanted to come out with your relationship—and this was far from what the two of you agreed on. moreover, in the time you’d been dating him, he never came off as the type to flaunt his relationships. your feelings aside, you could understand if he was frustrated with how things were playing out. “are you upset?”
“no, just mildly annoyed.” he pushed his glasses up to squeeze the bridge of his nose. “i can practically hear the questions interviewers are going to ask about my ‘secret relationship.’ it’s giving me a headache and it hasn’t even happened yet.”
tsukki laid back on the blanket, closing his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh. he knew questions would come up about his relationship when people found out about it, but he was hoping they’d be normal and natural. now that someone had beat him to the announcement, this whole blank was going the be dramatically blown out of proportion.
you leaned down to peck his forehead. “i know this isn’t ideal, but i don’t think it’s gonna kill you.”
he opened his eyes to see your clear ones staring down at him, accompanied by a small smile. “and i’m sure once they see how uninterested you are, everyone will be back to asking you about volleyball.”
your smile was contagious and he couldn’t argue with your logic. pulling you into his chest, he placed a soft kiss on the top of your head. “you’re right.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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kazuphoria · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ᥫ᭡ "𝐝𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥?"
⤷ characters: r. suna, t. oikawa, t. kageyama and k. tsukishima
⤷ summary: you gaslight them (as a prank) into thinking they're not tall based on this anon ask i got a long time ago (the tiktok link is on the ask)
⤷ warnings: typos (?) didn't proofread it and gaslighting (as a prank tho but imma put it anw lol)
haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
⤷ r. suna and t. oikawa
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ t. kageyama and k.tsukishima
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: these are kinda shit :'( I got lazy in the end lol but hope y'all enjoy anw ty to anon for the idea mwah <3 rb's appreciated!
Tumblr media
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justwonder113 · 2 months ago
Haikyuu boys when you test your transfer proof lipstick on them
Includes: Tsukishima Kei, Akaashi Keiji
Fluff with slightly suggestive themes, Reverse comfort in Tsukishima's part.
WARNING: The reader wears lipstick, bold reader, Kind of suggestive at Tsukishima's part but nothing really implied. Reader feels slightly jealous and possesive in Akaashi's part. Teasing Akaashi because no one can convince me he doesn't do that.
part two
Tsukishima Kei
To say that you were excited would be understatment. You basically danced your way into apartment building, feeling giddy to see your boyfriend. Your made many good purchases and couldn't wait to show them to him.
You put the products down and checked the time, he would return in about one hour. You could order some takeout for you two and you two could spend some lovely time together! It's been so long since you two normally spent time together.
You started preparing your little plan, you called in your favorite restaurant ordering some exquisite fast food, you tidied up the house and bought out fluffiest blankets and pillows to prepare for the night.
You then went in your shared bedroom to dolled yourself up. You even put your new lipstick on. And as you checked yourself in the mirror you couldn't help but feel proud. You were sure Tsukki would fall head over heels for you all over again. Of course, you would have to fish out all the compliments as always, but it would be worth it!
Not long after you heard the sound of the door and some heavy footsteps. You corrected your lipstick in the mirror and looked at your form for the last time to be sure everything looked perfect.
You put on a confident smile and went out in the living room only to find your boyfriend draped over the couch, his eyebrows furrowed and frown adoring his face.
"Kei?" You called out to him, he only grunted, his voise was strained and he looked beyond tired. You sat next to him and started to play with his face, Kei grunted again but he leaned into your touch, his eyes still closed. "Rough day?"
"Yeah." He opened his eyes to look at you, you gave him a sweet smile and said hey. His gaze immediately softened and he opened his arms for you to crawl closer.
You smile widened as you crawled into his lap, his hands immediately found their place on your hips and brought you closer.
"Feel like talking about it?" You pried again, your hands still playing with his soft curls, Tsukishima shook his head again.
"No, not really." He gave you a reassuring squeeze and lifted the left corner of his lips, so you decided to let it go. If you pried more he would only get more stubborn, and you were sure he would tell you if it was something serious.
"I ordered us some takeout and I was thinking we could watch some movies together, what do you think?"
He hummed in approval, "sounds good. What's the occasion tho?" His eyes scanning you carefully, you grinned.
"Just felt like it" Kei looked you up and down again and then leaned in to hug you tightly, his face nuzzling your neck making you giggle.
"Did you get a new lipstick? It looks good." You beamed at him for noticing, but then again he was really attentive.
"I did! It's such a pretty color right?" It was time to fish for compliments now!
"You know color doesn't mean anything if the one wearing is not pretty right?" You rolled your eyes at him.
"You and your backward compliments! Just say you think I'm pretty!" The corner of Tsukishima's lips lifted slightly at that.
"You're beautiful!" He replied without even missing a beat. You were not going to lie, his comment took you off guard for a second, but, nonetheless, it made you feel really giddy inside. You wrapped your hands tightly around him.
"You know the girls at the store said that this lipstick is transfer proof, want to test it with me?" You dramatically wiggled your eyebrows at him, which made him huff out a laugh. You smiled in victory he didn't seem as solemn as before.
Something in Tsukishima's gaze became more possessive and lustful, resulting in you feeling heated as well. "Come here." He leaned in and captured your lips with his. You gladly reciprocated the passionate and needy kiss and leaned in even more if it was possible.
Yup the night was going to be really memorable!
Akaashi Keiji
You were roaming the shop aimlessly when you stumbled across a transferproof lipstick and it also happened to be in the exact shade you were searching for. So, of course, you immediately bought it and put it on the second you got out of the store. Now you just felt like showing it off to your boyfriend. Who by now should have been done with his work.
And now that you were done with shopping you started heading towards his work and even picked up your favourite drinks on the way. You were sure he would be excited to see you.
He had been stressed a lot lately and worked a lot so you wanted to do something for him, something small that would show him that you were there for him.
You quickened your pace, and soon enough, you saw the building, and in front of it your boyfriend. You almost started to leap at him and tackle him to smother him in kisses but you stopped yourself when you saw another figure.
Now you weren't really a jealous type, but something about this girl, hogging your boyfriend's attention really threw you off. Everything seemed friendly at first glance, but prolonged eye contact, lustful batting of eyelashes from the girl's side and slightly lingering touches she left on your boyfriends body talked an entirely different story. Yup, she totally had the hots for him.
You didn't doubt Akaashi's loyality for even a second and you would leave the situation to him to solve, but noticing how uncomfortable he looked you decided to intervene. As gorgeus as he was he was not used to this much attention, and it especially made him anxious if he had to turn someone down.
"Hey baby!" You cheered as you made your way towards them. Akaashi's face immediately lightened up. He smiled and put his hand on the small of your waist as you leaned in and passionately kissed him. Akaashi tensed for a second but he quickly relaxed into the kiss.
"What brings you here darling?" He softly asked his eyes not leaving yours, the presense of the girl long forgotten.
“I was out shopping and I just couldn't just miss the chance and not see you! I missed you so much!” You exclaimed dramatically and flung yourself at him. Akaashi only chuckled softly and pulled you closer to him. You sneaked a glance towards the girl and tried your best to look intimidating when your eyes met. She quickly muttered an apology and went her way. Victory was on your side! You grinned in triumph and turned your attention back on your boyfriend who was softly smirking at you. Yup, you awakened Akaashi's teasing side. He looked and was sweet most of the time but damn if he couldn't be snarky, sassy and sometimes even mean. He wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and you loved him for that but now, you didn't really feel like to be teased.
"What?" You asked innocently, Akaashi only chuckled and kissed your temple.
"You look cute when you're jealous love." You gasped dramatically at the audacity.
you huffed feeling annoyed "I was not jealous, I was simply helping you out of the situation, you should be glad I'm such a sweet person, someone would have made a huge scene in my place!" You pouted and glanced at Akaashi who looked amused as ever which made you puff up more.
"Oh I'm sure that was the motive, but please, did you think I wouldn't notice that you were even more possessive than usual. That was cute actually."
“I wasn't possessive!”
“Why did you kiss me that way then? Normally you get all shy on me, not that I mind tho.” This smooth bastard had you in a corner, not that you were going to back down tho.
“Don't flatter yourself too much sweetheart, I was just testing out my new lipstick. And as it turns out it is transfer proof.” You smirked at him feeling proud of the quick comeback.
Akaashi smiled shaking his head slightly, and took all your bags from you, something he did out of habit, without even thinking about it.
“As you say love, let's go home now.” He held in his hand for you to take and, of course, you immediately went in and grabbed it.
You two started heading home with you rambling about your day and adventures you had and him listening and adding comments there and there. Both of you feeling content.
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yum3-rin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— tease
suna, matsukawa tsukishima x fem!r
suggestive (?) ; my fave boys being a tease ; fluff (?)
so sorry for the absolute pain im putting suna, issei & tsukishima lovers through with this one...
Tumblr media
# suna
rintaro does not shy away from teasing you, that's for certain. especially not as his lips ghost your own, your foreheads against each other. you were so lucky it was pitch black in his room otherwise he's see the very obvious flustered look on your face, though you're sure he probably doesn't need to see it to know it's there. "whatcha thinkin' about pretty girl?" his voice is just barely above a whisper and you can barely hear it over the buzzing of his electric fan but that doesn't stop the heat from rising to your face at the petname. "thinkin' about when you're gonna hurry up and kiss me already, that's what i'm thinkin' about." honestly, you're shocked at your own old response but it's too late to turn back now. you can almost feel the smirk on his lips, "pretty baby's impatient isn't she?" he wastes little time before finally letting his lips connect with yours.
the kiss lasts only a few seconds before he pulls away resulting in a pout from you, "oh don't whine, i gave you what you wanted didn't i? you should be grateful" even in the dark his grin is obvious, "hardly." you huff, rolling over so your back is facing him. "c'mon baby don't be this way, we both know you'll never fall asleep if i'm not holding you." you hate that he's right however, you hold your ground, eyes closed body unmoving. "alright then princess, suit yourself" you feel him as he lays down properly, and its quiet for a few minutes. it's not long until his arm is snaking around your waist, his lips pressing against the back if your neck, warm breath fanning over the skin giving you goosebumps in turn. it's only until he's suckling the skin just behind your ear that you've had enough, "rin, c'mon i'm trying to sleep." you try to push him off, but he's way strong than you as you pulls you against his chest. "c'mon baby, you know i can't sleep if you're that far away."
# matsukawa
lives to tease you, really lives to fluster you but he's not too mean about it. smothers you in every compliment under the sun, especially when you're cuddling. room cold, his hand smoothing over the skin on your back, his rings giving you goosebumps. "you look so pretty today, doll." he mumbles into your shoulder and you hum, "think so?" you feel him nod just before he places a kiss on your shoulder, "'course, i always do." he replies, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck, "you're always so pretty for me, aren't you?" his words send a shiver down your spine and the heat rushes to your face quicker than the seconds can pass, "why don't you show me your face, pretty?" he fake pouts, and only bury your face deeper into the crook of his neck, breathing out a muffled "no"
"why not sweetheart? are you too embarrassed?" god you hate him, "or are you too flustered to look at your own boyfriend?" his tone is rather flirtatious, "c'mon doll, can't i have one kiss at least?" you release a rather dramatic sigh before sitting up, "ahh there she is, my pretty girl, i knew you'd come to." he smirks at you hand cupping your jaw before you can look away, "so pretty for me, hm?" he pulls you closer, his lips close you can feel his breath against yours. "can i kiss you now, doll?" he asks in a whisper, he waits patiently for your reply, though it's not like he has to wait too long before you answer with an "mhm". the kiss is honestly kind of sloppy on his part, but it still leaves you a little breathless, "see, that wasn't so hard was it?"
# tsukishima
known kiss depriver. he's so mean, evil even. leaning in for a kiss then pulling away as soon as you lean towards him. he only does it to tease you, and don't worry he'll eventually give you what you want, but today he was being extra annoying, extra mean. despite your pouts and pleads when he'd pull away he just wouldn't give in. "kei come on." you roll your eyed as he adjusts his glasses, "what are you talking about y/n?" he shrugs when you huff in defeat, turning around so your back is facing towards him, he snickers before returning back to the book he's reading. he thinks you'll turn around after a few minutes, like you usually do but he's wrong. it's been 30 minutes and nothing, usually you're begging him to go to sleep by now since you can't sleep with the light on.
tsukishima sighs as he closes his book, setting it on his nightstand and turning the lamp off before turning to face you. he knows how to win you over, kissing your neck, cold hand sliding under your shirt and rubbing up and down your side. "have i been too mean today, love?" the petname makes your cheeks heat up, it was rare that he'd call you such a thing. he sighs as you nod and look up at him, even in the dark he looked so handsome. "i'm sorry baby, can i make it up to you?" he doesn't even let you answer before he's covering your skin in little kisses, your neck, forehead, cheeks, eyelids. he pauses for a minute when he gets to your lips, letting his hand cup your cheek. his lips are gentle against your own, and just as soon as it begins, it's over. he pecks your lips once more, "is that better?"
Tumblr media
thanks for stopping by <3
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tsukishumai · 8 months ago
Certified Lover Boy
pairing; tsukishima kei x afab!reader
summary; Do you know that he can hear you from his room? That his ears perk up to the muffled sound of you sliding open your bedside drawer, and he’s nearly jumping into bed in anticipation of what comes next?
warnings/tags; MINORS DNI 18+! NSFW! timeskip!tsukki, friends to roommates to lovers, PWP, smut, male masturbation, oral f!receiving, fingering, vibrator/toy play, slight voyeurism
wc; 4.3k+ (sorry)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
The walls of this apartment were much too thin.
Tsukishima’s never really noticed this before, not in the past six months of living at the damn place.
He’d specifically chosen this unit for the second bedroom, having every intention of using it as office space, or a place for storage. He figured he’d hang some shelves, decorate the walls with a few portraits he’d picked up over the years, and imagined the kind of desk he’d have sitting on the corner beside the window (a standing one, he thought).
Apparently, you had completely different plans.
It wasn’t easy for you to get him to agree, not by a long shot. It took weeks of wearing down on his defenses, using every single tactic you could think of.
“Come on, Tsukishima! We’ve been friends for years, you know I’d be a good roommate.”
“I swear I’ll cook dinner for you every week! You’ll never have to buy takeout again!”
“Please, Tsukishima? I just don’t want to be alone.”
It was the way you had said that last sentence that truly got to Tsukishima. You’d been cutesy in all your attempts prior, always adding a dramatic bat of the eyelashes or an exaggerated giggle. But this time, you couldn’t meet his eyes, shuffling your feet as you barely muttered out the last word, and it was this that made Tsukishima pinch at the bridge of his nose and sigh.
Of course you can move in.
You were his best friend, weren’t you?
The transition was as smooth as he could have possibly hoped for. You didn’t have much, so it didn’t take long for you to fully settle into your new home.
He knew why you were in such a rush to move out of your old place, knew all the bad memories that had been tied to every nook and cranny. Your last break up had been a bad one, and though you weren’t one to admit that you were struggling, Tsukishima knew you wouldn’t be asking this of him if you weren’t desperate.
He’d done you the decency of never bringing it up, letting you fret over cleaning his apartment, eating whatever dish you thought to make for dinner. You had your own way of coping, Tsukishima knew this better than anyone. He complained when you’d come home with brand new decorative pillows for his couch or yet ANOTHER scented candle, but he actually enjoyed the subtle touches you’d leave that made his house feel like a home.
In truth, you really were a good roommate.
In truth, Tsukishima wasn’t.
He wonders if you can feel the way his gaze glides over your bare legs as you run around the place in that strip of cloth you bother to call shorts — if you could sense the way his eyes are drinking up every inch of velvety skin you were willing to display.
He’s thankful you can’t read his mind when you plop next to him on the couch to watch movies, because how can he focus on the screen when he’s imagining himself pinning your wrists down onto the cushion, nipping at the crook of your neck so he can feel the way your chest heaves against his?
And you’re so kind, so sweet to cook him his favorites, even though he knows you’re also tired from work when you get home. You force him to sit across from you at the dinner table, and you absentmindedly chat about your day, completely unaware that Tsukishima is envisioning himself bending you over and showing you his appreciation through the harsh thrust of his hips.
It was a testament to his self- discipline, really.
It also doesn’t help that it’s thanks to these thin walls that he’s gotten to know you that much better.
Do you know that he can hear you from his room? That his ears perk up to the muffled sound of you sliding open your bedside drawer, and he’s nearly jumping into bed in anticipation of what comes next?
Are you aware of the fact that he palms himself through the thin fabric of his boxers as soon as the continuous buzzing of your vibrator filters through the shared wall, stroking against the dark stain formed by his leaking tip?
He can’t stop himself, can’t help but slip his fingers beneath the loose waistband of his underwear, can’t help but grab at his pulsing dick when he hears your breathy moans and strangled gasps from just a few feet away.
He pumps in tune with each groan, his own slender fingers wrapped around him tightly, going faster and faster as he listens to the way you whimper and whine.
“Please…” he barely manages to catch your voice, his stomach fluttering at the sound of one single word.
Are you… Are you begging?
Tsukishima stifled a groan, his eyes clenched as he fucks hard into his fist and he imagines — imagines he’s the one making you sound like this, drawing out such needy little sobs, how pretty you would look fucked out beneath him and —
He barely manages to avoid the spurt of hot white that shoots fast at his eye, moving his head in time for his cum to land on his cheek.
Just then, he could hear your final moan, sitting there pathetically covered in his own arousal as he listens to you finish, oddly disappointed that you lasted longer than he did.
He figures he should be ashamed of himself, thinking the post-nut clarity will bring down upon him the embarrassment of jacking off to his roommate.
But he does it again the next night. And the next. And the next.
Just the thought of you being so starved, so desperate makes his cock twitch in his pants. He briefly wonders what kind of porn you watch, or if you’re reading one of those books instead, he wants to know what it is you’re looking at, what you’re thinking of when you press your little toy up against your clit. He’s dying to know what gets you off, what makes you so needy to have something between your legs every night, and he’s absolutely aching for it to one day be his tongue.
Fuck. He came again.
Though, as often as he thinks about splitting you wide open, Tsukishima would never cross that boundary, no. He’s determined to keep his facade of the aloof and disinterested roommate, the one who only hangs out because you force him to, like he’s the one doing you the favor.
But sometimes, he has to wonder if you’re testing his will on purpose.
Sometimes the timing is too perfect for him to not notice.
He could maybe ignore the fact that you always shuffle into his line of vision before bending over to clean or whatever the fuck it was that you were doing, he could never tell. Tsukishima could feel his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth as he tries not to stare at the crease of your ass barely covered by your shorts. He always turns his head to look the other way, but you always manage to assure that you were in his line of vision.
He could also ignore you walking around the house in nothing but a towel barely draped over your figure. It’s your place too, he reasons, you should be able to feel comfortable, and maybe Tsukishima should feel a little flattered that you feel safe enough around him to do this. And Tsukishima could never jeopardize that security, so he just grits his teeth and turns back into his room. Except, if he didn’t know better, he would swear you only do this when you know he’s around.
But this.
This he can’t ignore.
Admittedly, he got home pretty late this particular evening. The museum had a private event, an unveiling of an exhibit Tsukishima had been working on for the past few weeks. He texted you he was going to be late, and you replied that you’d put his dinner in the microwave.
He called out a greeting to a dark and quiet apartment, and he figured by now, you’d be asleep. He sighed out a long day, kicking off his shoes haphazardly and looping a finger through to loosen his necktie. He needed to get out of his clothes, wanted to change into something comfortable before he ate the meal you prepared for him and —
He froze as he walked past your door, the sickeningly addictive sound of your vibrator coming through the crack of your open door.
Immediately, Tsukishima could feel the blood rush down to his dick, feel it beginning to fight against the constraints of his jeans. He should keep walking, get into his room and change out of his clothes just like he intended.
But then he hears it so clearly, the noise of your desperate little keens no longer muffled by the ply wall separating your rooms, Tsukishima instantly feels like a depraved man. There’s no way he could walk away from this.
Slowly, quietly, he inches towards your bedroom, standing just outside the frame with his hand already on his throbbing length, trying to quell the twitching it was doing beneath the fabric of his pants. His eyes slip closed when he hears the sharp way you gasp, hearing the vibrations get stronger and faster.
It’s horrible, it’s wrong, Tsukishima is reminding himself of this as he’s rubbing at the painful bulge against the fly of his pants, desperate to quell the ache that was building in his balls.
You were whimpering, quietly begging to whoever would listen. Were you having a hard time getting there? Maybe your fingers weren’t reaching deep enough. He could probably help with th—
Tsukishima completely stilled, hands frozen on top of his throbbing boner, rooted at the spot with his heart beating wildly against his chest. He held his breath, silently cursing at all the thoughts that were beginning to flood through his brain. Damn, was he being too loud? Had he been caught? Fuck, you probably think he’s some kind of —
“Oh, Tsukki… Tsukki…” your voice was breathless, light and soft as mingled in with the air.
He briefly wondered if you were doing this to him on purpose. It was the last thought that entered his mind as his hand pushed on the doorknob, nearly tumbling over his feet and into your room. The clambering of his limbs nearly drowned out the sound of your surprised squeal, your eyes widened in surprise as Tsukishima catches you with two fingers knuckle deep into your soaking wet cunt. His mouth hangs agape as he watches you hastily detach your cute little blue vibrator from your puffy red clit, his mouth nearly watering at the way you trembled from the sudden absence of your pleasure.
“Tsukishima!” you gasp in surprise, forehead sweaty and blankets thrown forgotten to the side. Your shirt had been bunched up to your chest, slightly exposing the underside of your breast. He can see your underwear and shorts pooled down by your ankles, and the only thing separating Tsukishima from the object of his desire was nothing but a few feet.
Tsukishima felt just as shocked as you looked. His body had moved before he could even think, so drawn to everything you were exuding, like a moth to a flame. It didn’t matter if walking in here meant walking into his own undoing, he just knew he needed to get to you now.
Though, admittedly, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing now that he was in here. He was waiting for you to scream at him, to throw whatever you could grab at his head, maybe even begin to pack your things and claim you were moving out.
Instead, hastily grabbed the edge of your blanket, attempting some semblance of modesty, unable to meet his gaze as you quietly asked him, “How… how much of that did you hear?”
Now Tsukishima knows you were doing this to him on purpose.
He takes an experimental step forward, still giving you the chance to kick him out, to call him a pervert and curse at him. But you said nothing, staring curiously through a half-lidded gaze, bottom lip trapped between your teeth as you waited for his next move.
Tsukishima looks at you and he smirks.
“Do you need some help?” He asks, taking another step as he quickly loosens his tie and pulls it over his head and off his neck. He throws it randomly to the side, smiling when he sees your jaw drop.
“I— You— What?” You ask, dazed and confused as your eyes dart from Tsukishima’s hands unbuttoning the top of his shirt to your bare legs peeking out from beneath the corner of your sheets.
You shriek lightly when Tsukishima tugs your blanket off your body and tosses it to the floor, your body shivering instantly as the cold air hits your skin.
“I said,” Tsukishima says slowly, his knee dipping down the edge of your bed, “Do you need some help?”
Your eyes widened, eyes tracing slowly from the slight bit of his chest peeking out from his shirt down to the wet spot along the bulge of his jeans. You gulp loudly when Tsukishima coughs, your gaze quickly flitting up to his golden brown eyes, the smile never leaving his face as he towers over you from the foot of your bed.
You swallow thickly, unwilling to break eye contact as Tsukishima simply crosses his arms, eyes raking over your entire body so slowly, you could feel his eyes burning into your skin. He cocks his head to the side, one eyebrow raised in question.
“Well?” He asked, “I need to hear you say it, princess.”
Tsukishima’s hard on painfully twitched against his zipper as he watches you clench around nothing, could practically see the way you’re already dripping on the sheets from your previous efforts.
Your eyes glisten mischievously as Tsukishima’s focus flickers from your sopping pussy to the little blue toy still clutched in your hand.
“Just tell me,” he says softly, holding his hand out expectantly, “Tell me what you need, and I’ll do it.”
Your mouth went dry. Was this really happening? Tsukishima Kei — notorious asshole, resident grumpy cat, and current object of all your desires — was really kneeling in front of you right now and offering to get you off?
Even if you had the capacity to think, even if your mind wasn’t completely hazed over with the heady scent of Tsukishima, you wouldn’t dare let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
You slowly sit-up, eyes never breaking contact with Tsukishima’s, wrapping your fingers around his wrist and dropping your blue vibrator into his open palm, still sticky and coated with your slick.
“I need your help…” your voice was so demure, the shyness of it not a match to the boldness of your actions, laying your head back down on your pillow as you batted your eyelashes up at him, “…Kei.”
Tsukishima fights the groan building in the back of his throat, fighting the urgency flooding through him as he almost clumsily climbs between your legs. You try to ignore the heat slowly spreading all over your body as he settles his face just mere inches from your sex, his arms hooked underneath and pulling you embarrassingly close to him.
He ignores the way your body quivers as he dips his fingers between your folds, soaking them completely with your dripping arousal.
He uses his thumb and index finger to push back the hood of your clit, licking his lips when he finally sees the swollen bud, practically pulsing in his hands. He could feel his mouth watering, could feel his dick soaking the front of his boxers, and he knew he couldn’t stop himself.
“Just a taste…” was all you heard before you felt Tsukishima drag his velvety, soft tongue slowly against your slit, your body nearly convulsing against his mouth after just one stroke.
“K-Kei,” you stuttered out, his hands instantly flying up to keep you pinned down on the bed.
“I’m sorry, princess, I couldn’t help it,” you could feel him smirking against your inner thigh, twitching slightly when he nibbled at the skin before looking up at you, waving your blue toy in the air, “But this is what you wanted right?”
You could feel him pushing you apart once more, and your body flinches at the sound of your vibrator suddenly filling the room. It was a lot louder than Tsukishima realized, the buzzing of it causing tingles to spread throughout his hand. The device itself was slightly curved, with a small opening that seemed to suction as it vibrated.
Tsukishima smiled almost devilishly as he looked up from between your legs.
“Ready?” he asks.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to answer. Your entire body nearly convulsed against Tsukishima as he swiftly attached the suction to your puffy, red clit, holding it steady no matter how much you thrashed against him.
Your moans were no longer breathy or muffled, no longer suppressed by the need to be quiet, though Tsukishima wonders if you ever really tried to be.
He watches as your eyes roll to the back of your head, desperately clawing at your already rumpled sheets as Tsukishima rubs the vibrator in circles, playing with the different settings, testing to see which ones made you cry out his name. Tsukishima could hear every strangled gasp, each heavy pant, every whimper so clearly, he thinks he might just cum in his pants.
“Oh my god,” you manage to groan out, “Oh my —“
Tsukishima could feel you grind your hips against the toy, jutting yourself harshly against him, your needy pussy begging for him to give you more and more.
“Kei, please, I — ahhh!”
It was too easy for him to slip his fingers in, already able to fit in two without any resistance. You took him so well, sucked him right in all the way to his knuckles. Your mouth hung open in a frozen scream, too shocked by the sudden sensation to be able to form any coherent sentence.
“Please, what?” He says, using one hand to keep your vibrator steady against your clit as he pumped into you with his other, his pace quickening with every second.
“P— pl—“ you pant out desperately, your tongue nearly lolling out the side as Tsukishima curls his fingers up into you. He fills you up so much better, could reach further into you than you can even imagine, and all you feel all across your body was heat heat heat.
“Please, Kei!” Your body nearly folds in half, your hands flying down to grab Tsukishima’s wrist, feeling the tension in his tendons as he angles up into you even further.
He just smiles as he listens to your distressed little pleas.
“Please, what, princess,” he murmurs, not once breaking his rhythm as he presses into that spongy spot over and over, “Right there? Do you like it right there?”
He questions you as if his fingers are hooked deep within you, pumping and curling in time with the pattern he’s set on your vibrator. You could feel the tightness coil low in your belly, could feel the weakness in your legs as they shook beyond your control beneath the work of Tsukishima’s long, slender fingers.
“Kei, I — I think I’m gonna —“
With a push of a button, Tsukishima bumps your vibrator up another level, and then another, and your eyes clench tightly as white hot stars burst in your vision.
“That’s it,” Tsukishima coos, unrelenting in his rhythm as the vulgar sounds of him pumping into you fill the room, “Just like that, that’s my good girl.”
It only took one more second before you cum— so hard as your body seizes against Tsukishima’s hands, body convulsing as you feel yourself squirt all over Tsukishima’s wrist, nearly soaking the button down he still hasn’t deigned to take off.
Tsukishima removes the vibrator, and finally you feel like you could breathe — taking in deep, gasping breaths as you try to chase after the air he had stolen from right out of your lungs. He quickly retracts his fingers out from inside of you, flicking the wetness from his wrist to splash little specks of your cum onto your stomach.
“Look at you,” he whispers, switching your vibrator off and tossing it somewhere to the side. He sits up from his position slowly, grabbing the hem of his button up shirt and pulling it over his head, “You look like an absolute fucking mess.”
You could hardly appreciate the smooth planes of Tsukishima’s body, hardly had the time to admire the strong lines that danced along his chest and abs. He didn’t bother to give you the opportunity before he’s dipping his head back down, nudging your legs open again with a shove of his elbow.
“Kei,” you whimper, threading your fingers through his hair when you feel his hot breath against your cunt, “What are you —“
“Do you have any idea how badly I’ve wanted this,” you feel him mumble into your skin as he leaves a wet trail of kisses along the seam of your leg, “How many times I’ve imagined you just like this?”
He looks up at you, eyes glazed over like honey eliciting butterflies all over your stomach.
“Can you give me one more,” Tsukishima says this right before he dips his tongue into your soaking pussy, “Please?”
You drop your head back onto the pillow, groaning slightly as you jut your hips into his face, and Tsukishima knows he’s got his answer.
His arms are hooked around your thighs, hands pushing your puffy lips apart before he dives in, flicking his tongue gently against your sensitive bud.
It doesn’t take much to have you crying out, not when he flattens his tongue against your clit, drawing languid circles before sucking you in between his lips. Not when you taste so fucking good in his tongue, your nectar so sweet as he drinks you in with each velvety stroke.
He’s eating you like a man starved, like your cunt is the only thing keeping him alive, each twitch and shake from the pump of his tongue into your entrance just as important as the air he breathes.
It doesn’t take long before you’re cumming again, this one more intense than the last. Tsukishima didn't seem to mind that your nails were tugging hard on his scalp, didn’t care that his head was nearly crushed by your shuddering thighs.
All he cared about was the way you looked when he resurfaced, chest heaving so hard, hair matted on to the sweat of your forehead, looking so perfectly fucked out beneath him.
This is all he’s been dreaming about.
And suddenly, it’s ripped away from him, your grip on his shoulder pulling him up and away from you so violently, he’s worried he might have done something wrong.
Until you’re pulling him up to crash against your lips, your tongue running along his, drinking up the sweet taste of your arousal on his lips.
“Fuck me,” you whisper harshly against his kiss, Tsukishima pulling away to meet your clouded gaze, “Right now, Kei.”
You didn’t have to tell him twice, pulling away from you for just one second to stand and finally free himself from the painful constraints of his jeans.
The front of his boxers were absolutely soaked, his dick slapping his stomach with a wet smack, leaving a spot of precum in its wake.
He gives one second, one moment to gape at his length before his finger close around your ankles, and pulls your legs flush against his chest.
You could already feel his tip poking at your entrance, Tsukishima softly rubbing his throbbing cock between your folds as he rests your ankles on each of his shoulders.
“You ready?” His voice deep and husky, watching your head fall back as he rubbed his tip against your clit.
“Just fucking put it in, K—“
Your words had been interrupted by a strangled gasp, Tsukishima giving you no more warning as he sinks himself into you completely, his hands gripping tightly on your thighs to keep you in place.
“What were you saying?” Tsukishima was desperate to keep his voice calm, to pretend like he didn’t nearly just cum from the feel of your tight cunt wrapped around him like a vice grip. He pulls himself out slowly half way, but only so he could slam his hips harder into until you're a garbled mess underneath him, “I couldn’t hear you, baby, you need to speak up.”
Your thoughts were a jumbled mess, unable to focus on anything but the way Tsukishima was fucking into you, his hips thrusting in an angle that reached deep into your belly.
“Hnn, fuck, this pussy’s so tight,” he keens, his hands sliding up from your thighs to grab your ankles, suddenly pushing them forward to pin against your chest, “Maybe I should have, ahh, used your little toy more, hmm?”
Every time you tried to open your mouth, Tsukishima was fucking you into your mattress, the head of the bed slamming unceremoniously into the wall.
“K-kei,” you managed to garble out, arms reaching out to claw at his chest, nowhere to go with you pinned right under him, “I— ‘s too much, Kei, I —“
“It’s alright, princess,” Tsukishima grunts, rolling his hips cruelly into that spot that has you creaming, “Told you I’d help you, didn’t I?”
You could hardly notice the strain in his voice, not when his palm smacks perfectly onto your ass, the stinging on your cheek only amplifying the way he’s fucking into your needy little cunt.
You knew you didn’t have long, not when Tsukishima has you pinned down exactly how he wants you, not when he’s thrusting so hard and so deep — your head was spinning from at the sound of his skin moving against yours, of his balls slapping against your ass each time he bottoms out.
“‘S what you wanted, wasn’t it,” he coos down at you, bringing his own thumb up to his mouth, and dragging it down his tongue, “Wanted me to fuck you stupid — ahh — wanted me to make you feel this fucking good?”
He places his thumb down to rub at your clit, and instantly, you came undone.
Your body thrashed against Tsukishima, his name tumbling from your lips like the devil’s prayer. Sparks begin to fill your vision as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, eyes rolled all the way to the back of your head as the scorching heat in your belly explodes into shards.
“O-oh fuck… fuck, you look so,” Tsukishima attempts to mumble out through his erratic thrusts, his rhythm broken as he feels his whole body clenching.
“F-fuuuck,” Tsukishima pulls out, his white hot cum spurting out in threads all over your stomach. Tsukishima pumps his fist on his dick as unloads on you, his palm soon covered in both yours and his cum.
Tsukishima collapses beside you on the bed, breaths coming out in heavy sighs as he tries to regulate his heart rate. He turns to face you, lips lifting up into a smile when he sees your blissed out face, eyes closed and chest heaving as you try to catch your breath.
“Why are you out of breath,” Tsukishima comments, standing up from his position to go find you a towel, “I’m the one that did all the work.”
You throw a pillow at his head.
“Just go get me a towel, Kei.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated (:
a/n: this is dedicated to everyone that told me “I’m sorry I just don’t like tsukki”
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rinslove · 2 months ago
thanking hq boys for flowers they didn't get you
Tumblr media
featuring: iwazumi hajime, tsukishima kei, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto koutaro, oikawa tooru, ukai keishin
warnings: use of pet names ("love" x1 kiyoomi, x2 iwa; "angel" x2 atsumu; "princex" x1 oikawa), strong language in tsukki's
autumn's note: i came up with this last night and thought it was incredible im back in my smau era <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taglist: @tetsunova @sakusaww @sexyandcringe @ri-days @gunnedrobin @loyenne
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moontsuki · 3 months ago
Love me till it hurts
Summary: Haikyuu boys argue with you, then you get into a near death experience
Ft: Tsukishima
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
You don't even know what you two were fighting about.
But whatever it was it was bad right? It escalated to the point where it was a screaming match.
As if you both were challenging each other who could scream the loudest and say the most hurtful and degrading shit to each other.
It was personal attacks, he started off smart and snarky but resorted to throwing your insecurities in your face.
Kei usually is one to keep things to himself but today, both of you were pissed and weren't giving each other any type of pity
"What's wrong with me? You're the one loosing your shit over something so small." You say in more a taunting tone.
He starts to laugh, "fucking hell y/n, you're so difficult to love." He stops and starts again "have you ever gotten the picture that I want to leave?"
Your cheeks turn red, from the anger and frustration building up. "YOU KNOW WHAT! I'll make it fucking easier for you, ill fucking leave. I don't have to deal with this shit. "
You slammed the door with a 'fuck you' following behind you.
You walked out the apartment complex, trying to get some fresh air to clear your mind. Thinking the best idea was to walk around town to calm down. Hours went by and you stopped by you and Kei's favorite boba shop, passed by the little stores you would always go with Kei and just began to miss him.
You just wanted to be in Kei's arms, to hold him, to love him. Time for everything to be resolved. Time that you feel you're wasting just standing here pissed off. You have every right to be pissed off, angry and hurt.
You deserved time for yourself, to feel all the emotions you are feeling. Of course you're not going to immediately forgive him, but its not exactly like you were 100% innocent.
You decide to walk back, walk back to your home. Pushing through crowds with only one goal to get back home. You walked through crowds until you were left with a few people around you.
You weren't lost but you didn't exactly know where you were, and you weren't alone either. Someone was following you, someone that didnt look familiar. You were unaware of this until just now, when you came to your senses.
You began to become nervous and scared. Turning corners and entering a alley. Quickly pulling out your phone to call Kei.
He declined, you called again. Straight to voicemail..
You leave a message, whispering " tsukishima kei, I swear to god. S- someone's following me, I don't know who and I don't even know where I am. KeiKei, he's getting closer please I don't know what to do."
The man grabs you from behind, grabbing your hand with the phone. Your dumbass drops the phone but the call doesn't end. He's bigger than you, his shoulders are broad and he towers over you The man spoke in a threatening tone "If you scream I wont hesitate to shoot you." He slowly pulls out a gun and presses it against your stomach.
"Give me all your fucking money." you hand him your purse with a wallet holding 24 dollars. "That wont cut it sweetheart." he says, running his free hand down your waist centering above your core.
You kick him from behind and punched him in the face. The man was pushed back due to the sudden impact, you take this time of vulnerability and begin to disarm him. Grabbing his hand in attempt to throw the gun. Unfortunately for you your efforts had failed. "You little slut" he slaps you and grabs you, holding you at a grip that you know will leave a mark.
You push him off, thrashing out of his grip, and that's when the world went silent. A shot, two to be exact, somewhere on you. All you remember is falling on the ground, reaching for your phone. "I love you"
That's all you remember before blanking out.
While all this was happening, Tsukishima was laying in your shared bed pissed off. His phone lights up the room, he declines, silence fills the room again but is broken with another ring.
He looks at his phone, his favorite photo of you lights up the screen. His face softens and he's reminded of the hurtful words he's said to you. He declines the call once again to think, to think about how to fix what he's broken.
Few minutes later, he gets a notification. (1) New voicemail.
His face turns pale, he grabs a jacket and runs runs to find you. Bolts down the apartment stairs, running out of the complex. Calling 911 and telling them your situation. Sweat sheen on his forehead he tracks your phone to find your location. Running around looking insane he comes across an alley way, then. You.
Running to you with 911 still on call, holding you in his grasp. Pulling you onto his lap.
"PLEASE SEND HELP" he says while holding back sobs "SHE WAS SHOT, PLEASE!" he draws his attention back to you, trembling words leave his mouth "Y/n, p-please. You're going to be okay, Were going to be okay. " Holding pressure to your wound in hopes for help coming soon..
Your eyes slowly open, coming back to your senses. Monitors around you, small tubes attached to your weak body and you quietly say groggily "Tsuki.." A trembling figure at your side, holding your hand. "I'm here my love." he says. You begin to say "I'm s-" he cuts you off "shh. I'm so sorry my love, this is my fault. If I- "
You heart squeezes at the words but you knew it wasn't fully his fault so you interrupt him once again "You're okay, and were okay."
He stands up, moving closer to you, You slowly turn to look at him. His hand trembles as it slowly meets your face. Kei is shaking, he looks pale and scared "I'm sososo sorry, I love you so much." Placing a kiss on your neck and a carefully above your wound. "I know we fought but your wounds are my wounds, and ill do whatever I can for us to fully heal. I love you."
Tumblr media
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kissyomi · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Husband! Tsukishima X Fem!reader
TW: 16+, contains mentions of baby making process (mature science stuff, kids DO NOT read if you don't understand what this means), swears, nicknames (ugh happy couples).
A/n: here you go tumblr,, since only my text posts satisfy the algorithm. Take it as an offering and pls put me back on people's feed 🧎‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
reblogs, likes and comments are appreciated!
©️ all credits belongs to @kissyomi 2022, do not repost, modify or translate my work on any platform.
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kentolove · 3 months ago
Yeah stoic and rude boyfriend Tsukishima who's mean to everyone but you... but what about stoic n rude bf who changes the way he sees the world because of you
Tumblr media
The sun that seeps past his windowsill no longer disturbs his sweet slumber, but rather gives him a new chance to love you (all over again). He strokes your cheek as the morning sun falls on your skin, highlighting all the beauty you hold in you. It pains some part of him to wake you up, but the baritone of your voice acts like a lullaby meant to soothe his soul.
(He thanks the heavens that you are wholeheartedly his.)
He whispers your name three times, coaxing you out of the far-away land you found yourself in.
“Kei?” You ask, your voice so deep and hoarse he feels as if he could faint.
“Wake up,” he pats you on the cheek three times, “or I won't make you any breakfast.”
The world shines brighter.
He finds himself on a sidewalk and on his knees petting dogs, for he knows how much you adore the creatures. He walks to parks only to pick flowers from the ground, sitting down on a bench to make you a flower crown. He finds himself smiling, thinking of your face and the sweet smile you'll adorn once you see the array of flowers.
You complain that the weather has been cool lately, and he sits down for hours and hours on end, crochet and yarn in his hand, learning how to make you a sweater. His fingers hurt and he feels as if they might fall off, but it's all worth it when he sees tears roll down your cheeks in pure admiration.
He doesn't quite know how to comfort you—physical affection was foreign before you—but he pats your back and whispers in your ears not to cry. You push him off you with a smile on your face and salty tears on your tongue, telling him that it's okay. That you're not actually sad, just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of love you feel for him.
He can't believe he's here.
On a Saturday—on one of his off days, nonetheless—sitting aside his old high school classmates.
They were all too loud and too naive for his liking, yet here he is, sharing a coffee and reminiscing on a past he once knew.
And on his way home, he finds himself clutching the steering wheel in anticipation, itching to hold you in his arms once again and tell you all about the day he’s had.
He opens the door, finding you sprawled out on the couch with your eyes closed. He walks up to you carefully, afraid you might be asleep, but soon falls atop your body.
“I know you're not asleep.”
He hears your breathing pattern, memorizing the constant ups and downs. He feels you stir under him, groaning at his weight, yet you hold him. Wrap your arms around his body and bring his body closer to yours, molding yourselves into one.
“Missed you,” you start. “How was the coffee date?”
“Hinata said I got soft.”
A small laugh escapes your chest, “and what did you say?”
He pushes himself further into you, his head resting on the juncture of your neck. It's where he finds his comfort, his home. It is all in you.
“Told him ‘maybe.’”
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ven7s · 2 months ago
 time is infinite and so are we
Tumblr media
— tsukishima kei x gn!reader ; wc. 1.0k ; genre fluff, comfort (?), minimal angst if you squint really really hard
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei isn't fond of the concept of time.
when he visits his grandparents every weekend or so, he notices their age in the wrinkles of their skin. he notices their age when he looks at their hair, his grandmother's long hair in a black and white picture taken long before he was born is now gray with a few white strands, much shorter in comparison.
he noticed their age when he was a kid, lending a helping hand for his grandfather as he tried to stand up, but his grandfather would slap his hand away gently, saying that he’s still as healthy as he was when he was tsukshima’s age.
tsukishima compares his grandparents to his parents then, finally, to himself. and he comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t like the idea of getting old.
but it's you who show him otherwise.
he looks forward to the morning where he wakes up to the sight of you and to that morning rush where you’re panicking from sleeping in a bit too late. you're running all over your shared apartment to gather your things and tsukishima always has a cup of coffee ready for the both of you, knowing your habits all too well.
you’re distressed over where you placed your car keys when tsukishima sighs, places his mug down, and walks over to the couch and digs in between the cushions before pulling the exact object you were looking for. really, he knows your habits all too well. you run over, kissing tsukishima all over his face — to which he grimaces (but you both fully know it’s in amusement) — then taking the keys.
he knows you take your coffee ‘to go’ so he watches as you hurriedly leave, work bag in one hand and your keys and coffee in the other, while placing a chaste kiss on his lip that leaves a warm sensation.
he’s alone in the apartment now and he knows he needs to leave for work in a few minutes as well. and as he leaves your shared apartment, he feels content to know that he’ll come back to a home with you, and an eagerness to start the next day.
so yeah, lately, tsukishima kei doesn't mind the passing days.
and the realization makes him decide to get a ring. it's been a few years since the two of you started dating and it's been far too many years since the two of you became friends.
he thinks that it'd be nice to grow old with you as he picks out the ring and when he checks out, the cashier comments with a beaming smile, "i hope you and your partner will be happy forever."
so, as quickly as he decided to buy the ring, the sooner fear soaked into him from the comprehension that maybe you would fall out of love with him in due time.
but when tsukishima visits his grandparents with you one weekend, it’s then that it hits him fully how he's been worrying too much about the concept of time.
you ask his grandparents, “how long have you two been married?”
they look at each other and smile, their wrinkles ever more present.
his grandmother sighs, “i believe its been about 54 years now.”
you smile, watching as the elderly couple hold hands, eyes representing crescent moons.
“it doesn’t get old?” tsukishima asks.
your eyes widen slightly before looking over at tsukishima. he glances over at you, remembering the engagement ring hidden in his suitcase, a last minute object he brought because of the just in case ringing in his mind.
tsukishima’s grandparents laugh.
his grandpa takes a sip from his cup before looking tsukishima in the eye, “kei, don't you ever wake up and wonder about all the boring tasks you have to do?”
tsukishima furrows his eyebrows, “yeah, but i don't see how that answ-"
his grandpa cuts him off, “but doesn’t the thought of those boring tasks get better when you realize you do them with your lover?”
you and tsukishima remain quiet, letting his grandpa continue.
“it’s been like that for the past 54 years with your grandma and me. i wake up and remember that i have to start the chores around the house. i'm old and admittedly i don't have as much strength in me as i claim i do. but when i go to the kitchen to start on the dishes, i see your grandma already working on the side dishes for breakfast. she's waving for me to come over and taste her food and that's all it takes for me to feel better. we help each other and it just makes the remaining days much more bearable.”
his grandma chimes in, reaching for your hands, “if you’re afraid of the unknown, that’s okay. but keep in mind that you have the option to explore the unknown together.”
his grandparents finish and it leaves tsukishima with a panging in his heart while it leaves you smiling.
“you two must be happy.”
tsukishima looks over at you again and he cant help the smile on his face, amusedly asking, “what are you smiling about?”
you shrug your shoulders, looking at his grandparents then locking eyes with tsukishima, “it’s nice to think about how we will be like them one day, isn't it?"
he doesn’t say anything for a moment, but as if it’s automatic, he says yeah.
because when he's with you he finds himself wanting to grow old with you. he wants to see the gray and white strays of hair that come along with aging. he wants to eat food that's been cultivated through years of cooking with you.
he wants to continue to wake up by your side and brew coffee for you; he wants to watch as you run out the door to catch the bus, and he wants to come back home to see you greeting him in the place he feels safest, your arms.
so yeah, maybe time isn't as evil as he thought it to be as a kid.
and yeah, with the engagement ring in mind, tsukishima comes to the conclusion that he does want to go into the unknown with you.
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tetsoorou · 3 months ago
♡ pairings: timeskip!tsukishima kei x f!reader
♡ warnings: 18+, MDNI!!!, fingering (f!rec), a little light teasing, enemies to lovers kind of implied ???, nothing else really, this is v vanilla
♡ wc: 1.1k
♡ a/n: ahhh so this is my v first drabble ? fic ? whatever this is! please go a lil easy on me as i'm still getting the hang of all this :') any kind of feedback is v much appreciated !!
!!! 𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖔𝖗𝖘 𝖉𝖔 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖎𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙 !!!
Tumblr media
it’s infuriating really – how well your body responds to him. despite your increasingly ridiculous attempts to hide it, your body always betrays you – always shows him how you really feel.
and that’s how you ended up here, back against some cheap hotel mattress, tsukishima looming over you with an irritating smug plastered on his face and long, slender fingers shoved deep in your cunt.
“what’s the matter princess,” he whispers in your ear, his mocking tone grating on your every nerve, “got nothing smart to say today?”
“don’t fucking call – “ you start, but your response is cut short as a loud moan is ripped from your mouth in its place when he curls his fingers inside you and finds a spot that makes your mind go numb.
“tch, such a filthy mouth,” he scoffs, “fitting.”
for a moment, his words cut through the pleasure that clouds your mind and you consider how satisfying it would feel to smack that smug look off his face. and right on queue, almost as if he could sense what you’re thinking, he starts flicking his wrist and rubbing his thumb harshly on your clit in the way he knows you like with such calculated precision, the only thing you can do is claw at his forearm and whimper out a slurred string of “please, please, please.”
“so tight,” he mutters, more to himself than you, words lacking the usual bite you’ve grown accustomed to. your eyes flick up to his, only to find his brows pinched together in an unreadable expression, eyes cast down between your bodies to admire the mess you’re making of his hand. he suddenly slips in a third and quietly groans at the way you clench down impossibly tighter around him. “fuck.” it’s barely more than a whisper, the only sign, besides the outline of his cock sitting painfully hard in his pants, that he’s just as affected as you.
he experimentally angles his fingers upwards, causing your eyes to flutter closed and hips to rise off the bed in search of more. with your eyes squeezed tightly shut and ears ringing with the fast approach of your orgasm, you neglect to hear the sheets shift beneath you, or feel the way his lips brush uncharacteristically gentle against yours, hesitating for only a second before giving in and crashing them against you.
“mph!” a surprised squeak escapes you and tsukishima takes advantage of the way your lips part to sneak his tongue into your mouth.
if you could think right now, you’d think that his lips are so much softer than you could have ever imagined – not that you’d ever admit you’ve imagined it. and if tsukishima, ever cautious and pensive tsukishima, could think right now – he’d think that this is the stupidest thing he’s ever done. then, he’d think how divine – how perfect – your lips feel slotted against his and forget he ever thought that.
the kiss is aggressive, a little clumsy even, with your tongues slightly out of sync, but it ignites something in you that has you breaking the kiss only to pant into his mouth a breathless “tsukki, m’ gonna cum.”
he curses under his breath, mind so distracted that he can’t bother feigning annoyance at the nickname and pulls back just enough to move his lips to the shell of your ear. “c’mon,” he whispers in a low, gravely, wrecked tone, “cum for me.”
it’s all too much as your eyes roll to the back of your head and you feel the string of tension in your body snap violently, orgasm crashing over you with such intensity that tears start to collect on your lashes. he lets you hump his fingers, continuing to draw light, barely-there circles around your clit to help you ride it out; marveling at the way your walls flutter so enticingly around him.
as your breathing calms and your grip on his wrist loosens, you open your eyes to meet his piercing gaze, pupils blown wide with desire and something else, that already has heat starting to pool between your thighs again.
“god, you’re…” he trails off. intoxicating, gorgeous, angelic, are some of the words that cross his mind and dance on the tip of his tongue. but, of course, this is tsukishima, so what comes out is a deadpan: “noisy.”
your face scrunches up in irritation at that and you attempt to shove him away from you – to which he unsurprisingly doesn’t budge. he thinks your little display is cute, a barely noticeable smile tugging at the corner of his lips. however, much to your displeasure, all that looks like to you is another smirk creeping it’s way onto his face.
“shut up, tsukki,” you try to taunt him, unbeknownst to you that it doesn’t get under his skin in the way you hope it does. but he’s not ready to let you know that yet. so before you notice the fond glint in his eye and the absence of some cunning comeback in the air, he huffs in mock frustration and dips his head down to nip and suck at the base of your neck, making sure to suck hard enough to distract you – and hard enough that the evidence of it stays etched into your skin well into the morning.
he feels your chest seize beneath him as he uses one hand to prop himself up and the other to ghost over your chest, taking one nipple between his fingers and tugging harshly. whatever insult you were going to throw at him is long forgotten now, distracted by the way his hands set your nerves on fire in a very different way.
one of your hands tangles in his soft blonde hair and pulls, the other scratches lightly down his chest, leaving angry red marks in its wake. your hand dips lower and lower until you’re teasingly running a finger beneath the waistband of his pants, then boxers, pleased when he instinctively ruts his hips into your touch.
but instead of indulging him and moving lower, you snap the waistband against the firm flesh of his abdomen, looking to shift the dynamic in your favor for once. he sucks in a sharp breath at the sting, momentarily stilling his lips against your neck.
“oi,” he starts, but the rest of the words get caught in his throat when you trace your index finger along the outline of his cock over the fabric and run your palm along the length. you keep your touch light; just enough to give him a taste of what he wants, but not enough to satisfy the arousal bubbling deep in his chest.
“what d’you say, kei,” you drawl. the use of his first name sends a shiver down his spine. “why don’t we find out how noisy you are.”
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prodshima · 7 months ago
when you forget to give them a kiss
genre: fluff ft. timeskip! oikawa, tsukishima, nishinoya x f!reader
warnings: none
𖥻 anon’s req: may i pls rq oikawa w/forgetting to give him a kiss?
note: my first ever req omg thank u sm anon <3 i hope i met your expectations! also, tysm for 100 followers! im actually shedding tears rn <3
part one
oikawa tooru
the door creaking followed by thuds of leather shoes falling one after another and clothes rustling had never failed to make your heart swoon once again, the familiar sound letting you know that your husband has came back to the comfort of your home— “Y/NNNN” a loud whine breaks the once silence room as you let out a fake disappointed sigh “wow what a way to ruin the mood tooru” he erupts in giggles, making your own curve into a smile, he comes up behind you, caressing your sides “y/n? y/n? love? honey? sweetheart? darling? my hotheaded wife? can i have some kisses please “ he pouts at you, the expression that always make you give in to him, you nudge his arm lightly, still careful not to actually hurt him “go away tooru you’re sweaty and stinky” you turn around, facing him with a disgusted expression and glaring playfully at his pouting lips “y/n is this who we are? i came home tired and i don’t even get a breadcrumb of my wife’s attention?” “oh fuck you. go take a bath first and i’ll give you as much as you wa— tooru?” you blink, dumbfounded, your eyes roamed around the room, looking for the brown haired man child who had disappeared in a flash, only to hear his loud footsteps coming from the second floor, you shake your head as you laugh at his usual behavior around the house. all of your attention was now drawn to the video playing in front of you, a youtube tutorial about how to make your husband shut up homemade milk bread that you didn’t even notice the fast pace of footsteps heading towards you, making you jolt up from your feet when he rests his chin on top your head “tooru! can you at least give me a heads up?! you’re gonna give me a heart attack on one of these days” you sigh heavily before relaxing back to his touch, his fingers rubbing circles on the center of your tummy, “you said you’d give me kisses when i finish shower” he reminds “fine but wait, let me finish this vid—“ no, he doesn’t let you finish as he pockets your phone and plops you to the couch, caging you between his arms “do that later y’know i can’t sleep peacefully without your kisses” you look at him with adoration on your eyes, you decide not to tease him further, figuring out he’s need for some rest for the rest of the night as you kiss his forehead, his temple, his rosy cheeks, his nose, and his lips, the bottom jutting out in a pout you swear you saw a small smirk appear on his lips
tsukishima kei
midterms were right around the corner, the fourth semester finally coming to an end. your boyfriend had texted you earlier he’d come over to study with you for the upcoming finals so here you were, slouched against the bed with your laptop placed on your lap and papers laid all over the bedside table while tsukishima was seated beside you, phone on his hand. however, you could feel his eyes on you every minute ever since he plopped himself beside you, you shrugged it off at first, thinking he was just bored, but you were concerned on how it happened again, and again, and again, though every time you switch your gaze to his direction, he would whip his head away from you, he takes a glance and you take it as an advantage to ask him “okay tsukki what is it?spit it out” you move the laptop away from your lap, causing him to swallow audibly “it’s n—“ “don’t even try to deny it, the second we got here you kept staring at me like a prey looking out for its predator” he nips on his bottom lip as he thinks of a reason to cover up his real intentions, but you know him too well for that, every time he nips his bottom lip, he’d be forced to spill out how he wants something from you, however, this time, you want to hear it directly from his mouth but if he’s not gonna say anything then he’s not getting anything, is he? “you’re really not gonna say it? suit yourself then” you tell him, no emotion on your voice as you place your laptop back to the small breakfast table that you had used for variety of things. meanwhile, tsukishima was having a debate with himself whether he’d wait for at least six hours for you to finish or he’ll lower his ego for you to give him his kisses. he stares at you hesitantly before nuzzling his face to your neck “you didn’t give me any kisses today y/n” his voice mumbled but still remains stoic and rough, your eyes widen slightly on his confession, not expecting him to say that he wants kisses even though he acts like he doesn’t like it every time you initiate something intimate “aw my needy baby wants some kisses?” “fuck off y/n” you shush him up, threatening him how you wouldn’t give him the kisses you had forgotten to give him earlier because of tired you were. he finally gave in after minutes of teasing and of course you showered him with kisses for that! you don’t complain though as you can also take this moment as your rest from all the studying you did for the past two hours.
nishinoya yu
you stand up, clapping your hands together loudly as karasuno spikes the ball down once again, winning with a two point gap for the last set. your eyes brimming with tears when your eyes land on noya who has a big grin stuck on his face despite the tears falling down to his shoulder. nishinoya quickly scans the crowd, and when he finds you staring at him, he stares back at you with love, jumping up and down with a medal clinging on his neck, you smile back at him and wave your arms above your head as you mouth him congratulations and i love you’s. the crowd soon decreases, the gym left filled with cries and squeals of the winning team. nishinoya jumps off the chair when he sees you together with yachi, both hers and yours hands occupied with food and drinks for the whole team. you rub off your hands together when you finally finish putting down all the food you bought. like usual, you make your way to place yourself on his lap, muttering a “congratulations” and he flutters his eyes close, nestling himself on your clothed chest while you run your hands through his hair. he soon wakes up when you shake him off to get him some food, he shakes his head, tightening his hold on you “c’mon baby let’s get you some food so we can go back sooner” you pat his forearm “fine but give me a kiss first” he demands “pft no thanks you’re sweaty” “you say that now when you basically clung yourself on me earlier?” he immediately apologizes though when you glare at him. it’s afternoon now, you both bid goodbyes to his teammates and head towards the car to drive back to your house. you arrive around six pm and both of you showered (together/j) straight away when you arrived as to not dirt off any part of the house. he sees you sitting on the couch and sits down beside you as well, you look at him, beaming him a smile before glancing back to your phone, he looks at you intently and waits.. and waits.. and waits  “y/nnnn” he whines and grabs your phone in annoyance, tossing it on the opposite side of the couch before hoisting you on his lap “baby give me some of your magical powers please” you smile in knowing before peppering him with kisses <3
© all works belong to @rrintaro — do not plagiarize, copy, modify, or claim my works as your own
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