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#tsukishima x you
tsukishumai · 2 days ago
Certified Lover Boy
pairing; tsukishima kei x afab!reader
summary; Do you know that he can hear you from his room? That his ears perk up to the muffled sound of you sliding open your bedside drawer, and he’s nearly jumping into bed in anticipation of what comes next?
warnings/tags; MINORS DNI 18+! NSFW! timeskip!tsukki, friends to roommates to lovers, PWP, smut, male masturbation, oral f!receiving, fingering, vibrator/toy play, slight voyeurism
wc; 4.3k+ (sorry)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
The walls of this apartment were much too thin.
Tsukishima’s never really noticed this before, not in the past six months of living at the damn place.
He’d specifically chosen this unit for the second bedroom, having every intention of using it as office space, or a place for storage. He figured he’d hang some shelves, decorate the walls with a few portraits he’d picked up over the years, and imagined the kind of desk he’d have sitting on the corner beside the window (a standing one, he thought).
Apparently, you had completely different plans.
It wasn’t easy for you to get him to agree, not by a long shot. It took weeks of wearing down on his defenses, using every single tactic you could think of.
“Come on, Tsukishima! We’ve been friends for years, you know I’d be a good roommate.”
“I swear I’ll cook dinner for you every week! You’ll never have to buy takeout again!”
“Please, Tsukishima? I just don’t want to be alone.”
It was the way you had said that last sentence that truly got to Tsukishima. You’d been cutesy in all your attempts prior, always adding a dramatic bat of the eyelashes or an exaggerated giggle. But this time, you couldn’t meet his eyes, shuffling your feet as you barely muttered out the last word, and it was this that made Tsukishima pinch at the bridge of his nose and sigh.
Of course you can move in.
You were his best friend, weren’t you?
The transition was as smooth as he could have possibly hoped for. You didn’t have much, so it didn’t take long for you to fully settle into your new home.
He knew why you were in such a rush to move out of your old place, knew all the bad memories that had been tied to every nook and cranny. Your last break up had been a bad one, and though you weren’t one to admit that you were struggling, Tsukishima knew you wouldn’t be asking this of him if you weren’t desperate.
He’d done you the decency of never bringing it up, letting you fret over cleaning his apartment, eating whatever dish you thought to make for dinner. You had your own way of coping, Tsukishima knew this better than anyone. He complained when you’d come home with brand new decorative pillows for his couch or yet ANOTHER scented candle, but he actually enjoyed the subtle touches you’d leave that made his house feel like a home.
In truth, you really were a good roommate.
In truth, Tsukishima wasn’t.
He wonders if you can feel the way his gaze glides over your bare legs as you run around the place in that strip of cloth you bother to call shorts — if you could sense the way his eyes are drinking up every inch of velvety skin you were willing to display.
He’s thankful you can’t read his mind when you plop next to him on the couch to watch movies, because how can he focus on the screen when he’s imagining himself pinning your wrists down onto the cushion, nipping at the crook of your neck so he can feel the way your chest heaves against his?
And you’re so kind, so sweet to cook him his favorites, even though he knows you’re also tired from work when you get home. You force him to sit across from you at the dinner table, and you absentmindedly chat about your day, completely unaware that Tsukishima is envisioning himself bending you over and showing you his appreciation through the harsh thrust of his hips.
It was a testament to his self- discipline, really.
It also doesn’t help that it’s thanks to these thin walls that he’s gotten to know you that much better.
Do you know that he can hear you from his room? That his ears perk up to the muffled sound of you sliding open your bedside drawer, and he’s nearly jumping into bed in anticipation of what comes next?
Are you aware of the fact that he palms himself through the thin fabric of his boxers as soon as the continuous buzzing of your vibrator filters through the shared wall, stroking against the dark stain formed by his leaking tip?
He can’t stop himself, can’t help but slip his fingers beneath the loose waistband of his underwear, can’t help but grab at his pulsing dick when he hears your breathy moans and strangled gasps from just a few feet away.
He pumps in tune with each groan, his own slender fingers wrapped around him tightly, going faster and faster as he listens to the way you whimper and whine.
“Please…” he barely manages to catch your voice, his stomach fluttering at the sound of one single word.
Are you… Are you begging?
Tsukishima stifled a groan, his eyes clenched as he fucks hard into his fist and he imagines — imagines he’s the one making you sound like this, drawing out such needy little sobs, how pretty you would look fucked out beneath him and —
He barely manages to avoid the spurt of hot white that shoots fast at his eye, moving his head in time for his cum to land on his cheek.
Just then, he could hear your final moan, sitting there pathetically covered in his own arousal as he listens to you finish, oddly disappointed that you lasted longer than he did.
He figures he should be ashamed of himself, thinking the post-nut clarity will bring down upon him the embarrassment of jacking off to his roommate.
But he does it again the next night. And the next. And the next.
Just the thought of you being so starved, so desperate makes his cock twitch in his pants. He briefly wonders what kind of porn you watch, or if you’re reading one of those books instead, he wants to know what it is you’re looking at, what you’re thinking of when you press your little toy up against your clit. He’s dying to know what gets you off, what makes you so needy to have something between your legs every night, and he’s absolutely aching for it to one day be his tongue.
Fuck. He came again.
Though, as often as he thinks about splitting you wide open, Tsukishima would never cross that boundary, no. He’s determined to keep his facade of the aloof and disinterested roommate, the one who only hangs out because you force him to, like he’s the one doing you the favor.
But sometimes, he has to wonder if you’re testing his will on purpose.
Sometimes the timing is too perfect for him to not notice.
He could maybe ignore the fact that you always shuffle into his line of vision before bending over to clean or whatever the fuck it was that you were doing, he could never tell. Tsukishima could feel his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth as he tries not to stare at the crease of your ass barely covered by your shorts. He always turns his head to look the other way, but you always manage to assure that you were in his line of vision.
He could also ignore you walking around the house in nothing but a towel barely draped over your figure. It’s your place too, he reasons, you should be able to feel comfortable, and maybe Tsukishima should feel a little flattered that you feel safe enough around him to do this. And Tsukishima could never jeopardize that security, so he just grits his teeth and turns back into his room. Except, if he didn’t know better, he would swear you only do this when you know he’s around.
But this.
This he can’t ignore.
Admittedly, he got home pretty late this particular evening. The museum had a private event, an unveiling of an exhibit Tsukishima had been working on for the past few weeks. He texted you he was going to be late, and you replied that you’d put his dinner in the microwave.
He called out a greeting to a dark and quiet apartment, and he figured by now, you’d be asleep. He sighed out a long day, kicking off his shoes haphazardly and looping a finger through to loosen his necktie. He needed to get out of his clothes, wanted to change into something comfortable before he ate the meal you prepared for him and —
He froze as he walked past your door, the sickeningly addictive sound of your vibrator coming through the crack of your open door.
Immediately, Tsukishima could feel the blood rush down to his dick, feel it beginning to fight against the constraints of his jeans. He should keep walking, get into his room and change out of his clothes just like he intended.
But then he hears it so clearly, the noise of your desperate little keens no longer muffled by the ply wall separating your rooms, Tsukishima instantly feels like a depraved man. There’s no way he could walk away from this.
Slowly, quietly, he inches towards your bedroom, standing just outside the frame with his hand already on his throbbing length, trying to quell the twitching it was doing beneath the fabric of his pants. His eyes slip closed when he hears the sharp way you gasp, hearing the vibrations get stronger and faster.
It’s horrible, it’s wrong, Tsukishima is reminding himself of this as he’s rubbing at the painful bulge against the fly of his pants, desperate to quell the ache that was building in his balls.
You were whimpering, quietly begging to whoever would listen. Were you having a hard time getting there? Maybe your fingers weren’t reaching deep enough. He could probably help with th—
Tsukishima completely stilled, hands frozen on top of his throbbing boner, rooted at the spot with his heart beating wildly against his chest. He held his breath, silently cursing at all the thoughts that were beginning to flood through his brain. Damn, was he being too loud? Had he been caught? Fuck, you probably think he’s some kind of —
“Oh, Tsukki… Tsukki…” your voice was breathless, light and soft as mingled in with the air.
He briefly wondered if you were doing this to him on purpose. It was the last thought that entered his mind as his hand pushed on the doorknob, nearly tumbling over his feet and into your room. The clambering of his limbs nearly drowned out the sound of your surprised squeal, your eyes widened in surprise as Tsukishima catches you with two fingers knuckle deep into your soaking wet cunt. His mouth hangs agape as he watches you hastily detach your cute little blue vibrator from your puffy red clit, his mouth nearly watering at the way you trembled from the sudden absence of your pleasure.
“Tsukishima!” you gasp in surprise, forehead sweaty and blankets thrown forgotten to the side. Your shirt had been bunched up to your chest, slightly exposing the underside of your breast. He can see your underwear and shorts pooled down by your ankles, and the only thing separating Tsukishima from the object of his desire was nothing but a few feet.
Tsukishima felt just as shocked as you looked. His body had moved before he could even think, so drawn to everything you were exuding, like a moth to a flame. It didn’t matter if walking in here meant walking into his own undoing, he just knew he needed to get to you now.
Though, admittedly, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing now that he was in here. He was waiting for you to scream at him, to throw whatever you could grab at his head, maybe even begin to pack your things and claim you were moving out.
Instead, hastily grabbed the edge of your blanket, attempting some semblance of modesty, unable to meet his gaze as you quietly asked him, “How… how much of that did you hear?”
Now Tsukishima knows you were doing this to him on purpose.
He takes an experimental step forward, still giving you the chance to kick him out, to call him a pervert and curse at him. But you said nothing, staring curiously through a half-lidded gaze, bottom lip trapped between your teeth as you waited for his next move.
Tsukishima looks at you and he smirks.
“Do you need some help?” He asks, taking another step as he quickly loosens his tie and pulls it over his head and off his neck. He throws it randomly to the side, smiling when he sees your jaw drop.
“I— You— What?” You ask, dazed and confused as your eyes dart from Tsukishima’s hands unbuttoning the top of his shirt to your bare legs peeking out from beneath the corner of your sheets.
You shriek lightly when Tsukishima tugs your blanket off your body and tosses it to the floor, your body shivering instantly as the cold air hits your skin.
“I said,” Tsukishima says slowly, his knee dipping down the edge of your bed, “Do you need some help?”
Your eyes widened, eyes tracing slowly from the slight bit of his chest peeking out from his shirt down to the wet spot along the bulge of his jeans. You gulp loudly when Tsukishima coughs, your gaze quickly flitting up to his golden brown eyes, the smile never leaving his face as he towers over you from the foot of your bed.
You swallow thickly, unwilling to break eye contact as Tsukishima simply crosses his arms, eyes raking over your entire body so slowly, you could feel his eyes burning into your skin. He cocks his head to the side, one eyebrow raised in question.
“Well?” He asked, “I need to hear you say it, princess.”
Tsukishima’s hard on painfully twitched against his zipper as he watches you clench around nothing, could practically see the way you’re already dripping on the sheets from your previous efforts.
Your eyes glisten mischievously as Tsukishima’s focus flickers from your sopping pussy to the little blue toy still clutched in your hand.
“Just tell me,” he says softly, holding his hand out expectantly, “Tell me what you need, and I’ll do it.”
Your mouth went dry. Was this really happening? Tsukishima Kei — notorious asshole, resident grumpy cat, and current object of all your desires — was really kneeling in front of you right now and offering to get you off?
Even if you had the capacity to think, even if your mind wasn’t completely hazed over with the heady scent of Tsukishima, you wouldn’t dare let this opportunity slip through your fingers.
You slowly sit-up, eyes never breaking contact with Tsukishima’s, wrapping your fingers around his wrist and dropping your blue vibrator into his open palm, still sticky and coated with your slick.
“I need your help…” your voice was so demure, the shyness of it not a match to the boldness of your actions, laying your head back down on your pillow as you batted your eyelashes up at him, “…Kei.”
Tsukishima fights the groan building in the back of his throat, fighting the urgency flooding through him as he almost clumsily climbs between your legs. You try to ignore the heat slowly spreading all over your body as he settles his face just mere inches from your sex, his arms hooked underneath and pulling you embarrassingly close to him.
He ignores the way your body quivers as he dips his fingers between your folds, soaking them completely with your dripping arousal.
He uses his thumb and index finger to push back the hood of your clit, licking his lips when he finally sees the swollen bud, practically pulsing in his hands. He could feel his mouth watering, could feel his dick soaking the front of his boxers, and he knew he couldn’t stop himself.
“Just a taste…” was all you heard before you felt Tsukishima drag his velvety, soft tongue slowly against your slit, your body nearly convulsing against his mouth after just one stroke.
“K-Kei,” you stuttered out, his hands instantly flying up to keep you pinned down on the bed.
“I’m sorry, princess, I couldn’t help it,” you could feel him smirking against your inner thigh, twitching slightly when he nibbled at the skin before looking up at you, waving your blue toy in the air, “But this is what you wanted right?”
You could feel him pushing you apart once more, and your body flinches at the sound of your vibrator suddenly filling the room. It was a lot louder than Tsukishima realized, the buzzing of it causing tingles to spread throughout his hand. The device itself was slightly curved, with a small opening that seemed to suction as it vibrated.
Tsukishima smiled almost devilishly as he looked up from between your legs.
“Ready?” he asks.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to answer. Your entire body nearly convulsed against Tsukishima as he swiftly attached the suction to your puffy, red clit, holding it steady no matter how much you thrashed against him.
Your moans were no longer breathy or muffled, no longer suppressed by the need to be quiet, though Tsukishima wonders if you ever really tried to be.
He watches as your eyes roll to the back of your head, desperately clawing at your already rumpled sheets as Tsukishima rubs the vibrator in circles, playing with the different settings, testing to see which ones made you cry out his name. Tsukishima could hear every strangled gasp, each heavy pant, every whimper so clearly, he thinks he might just cum in his pants.
“Oh my god,” you manage to groan out, “Oh my —“
Tsukishima could feel you grind your hips against the toy, jutting yourself harshly against him, your needy pussy begging for him to give you more and more.
“Kei, please, I — ahhh!”
It was too easy for him to slip his fingers in, already able to fit in two without any resistance. You took him so well, sucked him right in all the way to his knuckles. Your mouth hung open in a frozen scream, too shocked by the sudden sensation to be able to form any coherent sentence.
“Please, what?” He says, using one hand to keep your vibrator steady against your clit as he pumped into you with his other, his pace quickening with every second.
“P— pl—“ you pant out desperately, your tongue nearly lolling out the side as Tsukishima curls his fingers up into you. He fills you up so much better, could reach further into you than you can even imagine, and all you feel all across your body was heat heat heat.
“Please, Kei!” Your body nearly folds in half, your hands flying down to grab Tsukishima’s wrist, feeling the tension in his tendons as he angles up into you even further.
He just smiles as he listens to your distressed little pleas.
“Please, what, princess,” he murmurs, not once breaking his rhythm as he presses into that spongy spot over and over, “Right there? Do you like it right there?”
He questions you as if his fingers are hooked deep within you, pumping and curling in time with the pattern he’s set on your vibrator. You could feel the tightness coil low in your belly, could feel the weakness in your legs as they shook beyond your control beneath the work of Tsukishima’s long, slender fingers.
“Kei, I — I think I’m gonna —“
With a push of a button, Tsukishima bumps your vibrator up another level, and then another, and your eyes clench tightly as white hot stars burst in your vision.
“That’s it,” Tsukishima coos, unrelenting in his rhythm as the vulgar sounds of him pumping into you fill the room, “Just like that, that’s my good girl.”
It only took one more second before you cum— so hard as your body seizes against Tsukishima’s hands, body convulsing as you feel yourself squirt all over Tsukishima’s wrist, nearly soaking the button down he still hasn’t deigned to take off.
Tsukishima removes the vibrator, and finally you feel like you could breathe — taking in deep, gasping breaths as you try to chase after the air he had stolen from right out of your lungs. He quickly retracts his fingers out from inside of you, flicking the wetness from his wrist to splash little specks of your cum onto your stomach.
“Look at you,” he whispers, switching your vibrator off and tossing it somewhere to the side. He sits up from his position slowly, grabbing the hem of his button up shirt and pulling it over his head, “You look like an absolute fucking mess.”
You could hardly appreciate the smooth planes of Tsukishima’s body, hardly had the time to admire the strong lines that danced along his chest and abs. He didn’t bother to give you the opportunity before he’s dipping his head back down, nudging your legs open again with a shove of his elbow.
“Kei,” you whimper, threading your fingers through his hair when you feel his hot breath against your cunt, “What are you —“
“Do you have any idea how badly I’ve wanted this,” you feel him mumble into your skin as he leaves a wet trail of kisses along the seam of your leg, “How many times I’ve imagined you just like this?”
He looks up at you, eyes glazed over like honey eliciting butterflies all over your stomach.
“Can you give me one more,” Tsukishima says this right before he dips his tongue into your soaking pussy, “Please?”
You drop your head back onto the pillow, groaning slightly as you jut your hips into his face, and Tsukishima knows he’s got his answer.
His arms are hooked around your thighs, hands pushing your puffy lips apart before he dives in, flicking his tongue gently against your sensitive bud.
It doesn’t take much to have you crying out, not when he flattens his tongue against your clit, drawing languid circles before sucking you in between his lips. Not when you taste so fucking good in his tongue, your nectar so sweet as he drinks you in with each velvety stroke.
He’s eating you like a man starved, like your cunt is the only thing keeping him alive, each twitch and shake from the pump of his tongue into your entrance just as important as the air he breathes.
It doesn’t take long before you’re cumming again, this one more intense than the last. Tsukishima didn't seem to mind that your nails were tugging hard on his scalp, didn’t care that his head was nearly crushed by your shuddering thighs.
All he cared about was the way you looked when he resurfaced, chest heaving so hard, hair matted on to the sweat of your forehead, looking so perfectly fucked out beneath him.
This is all he’s been dreaming about.
And suddenly, it’s ripped away from him, your grip on his shoulder pulling him up and away from you so violently, he’s worried he might have done something wrong.
Until you’re pulling him up to crash against your lips, your tongue running along his, drinking up the sweet taste of your arousal on his lips.
“Fuck me,” you whisper harshly against his kiss, Tsukishima pulling away to meet your clouded gaze, “Right now, Kei.”
You didn’t have to tell him twice, pulling away from you for just one second to stand and finally free himself from the painful constraints of his jeans.
The front of his boxers were absolutely soaked, his dick slapping his stomach with a wet smack, leaving a spot of precum in its wake.
He gives one second, one moment to gape at his length before his finger close around your ankles, and pulls your legs flush against his chest.
You could already feel his tip poking at your entrance, Tsukishima softly rubbing his throbbing cock between your folds as he rests your ankles on each of his shoulders.
“You ready?” His voice deep and husky, watching your head fall back as he rubbed his tip against your clit.
“Just fucking put it in, K—“
Your words had been interrupted by a strangled gasp, Tsukishima giving you no more warning as he sinks himself into you completely, his hands gripping tightly on your thighs to keep you in place.
“What were you saying?” Tsukishima was desperate to keep his voice calm, to pretend like he didn’t nearly just cum from the feel of your tight cunt wrapped around him like a vice grip. He pulls himself out slowly half way, but only so he could slam his hips harder into until you're a garbled mess underneath him, “I couldn’t hear you, baby, you need to speak up.”
Your thoughts were a jumbled mess, unable to focus on anything but the way Tsukishima was fucking into you, his hips thrusting in an angle that reached deep into your belly.
“Hnn, fuck, this pussy’s so tight,” he keens, his hands sliding up from your thighs to grab your ankles, suddenly pushing them forward to pin against your chest, “Maybe I should have, ahh, used your little toy more, hmm?”
Every time you tried to open your mouth, Tsukishima was fucking you into your mattress, the head of the bed slamming unceremoniously into the wall.
“K-kei,” you managed to garble out, arms reaching out to claw at his chest, nowhere to go with you pinned right under him, “I— ‘s too much, Kei, I —“
“It’s alright, princess,” Tsukishima grunts, rolling his hips cruelly into that spot that has you creaming, “Told you I’d help you, didn’t I?”
You could hardly notice the strain in his voice, not when his palm smacks perfectly onto your ass, the stinging on your cheek only amplifying the way he’s fucking into your needy little cunt.
You knew you didn’t have long, not when Tsukishima has you pinned down exactly how he wants you, not when he’s thrusting so hard and so deep — your head was spinning from at the sound of his skin moving against yours, of his balls slapping against your ass each time he bottoms out.
“‘S what you wanted, wasn’t it,” he coos down at you, bringing his own thumb up to his mouth, and dragging it down his tongue, “Wanted me to fuck you stupid — ahh — wanted me to make you feel this fucking good?”
He places his thumb down to rub at your clit, and instantly, you came undone.
Your body thrashed against Tsukishima, his name tumbling from your lips like the devil’s prayer. Sparks begin to fill your vision as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, eyes rolled all the way to the back of your head as the scorching heat in your belly explodes into shards.
“O-oh fuck… fuck, you look so,” Tsukishima attempts to mumble out through his erratic thrusts, his rhythm broken as he feels his whole body clenching.
“F-fuuuck,” Tsukishima pulls out, his white hot cum spurting out in threads all over your stomach. Tsukishima pumps his fist on his dick as unloads on you, his palm soon covered in both yours and his cum.
Tsukishima collapses beside you on the bed, breaths coming out in heavy sighs as he tries to regulate his heart rate. He turns to face you, lips lifting up into a smile when he sees your blissed out face, eyes closed and chest heaving as you try to catch your breath.
“Why are you out of breath,” Tsukishima comments, standing up from his position to go find you a towel, “I’m the one that did all the work.”
You throw a pillow at his head.
“Just go get me a towel, Kei.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated (:
a/n: this is dedicated to everyone that told me “I’m sorry cam I just don’t like tsukki”
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weapxnsleft · a day ago
Author's note ; I was bored and had brain buzzes but it was on math, and as a disgrace THAT was i went the the attractive 😩 @rumi-core for ideas, and they came up with First Kisses^tm ty bestie<3
Warnings ; slightly suggestive in Kageyama's, just sitting yerself in his lap lol
T. Kei x gn!reader ; S. Daichi x gn!reader ; K. Tobio x gn!reader
Tumblr media
— Tsukishima Kei
His first kiss would be on accidental impulse ; he was feeling erratically hyper and you tried to calm him down, and he kisses you by accident, since he’s tall and when he tries to be face to face with you, he has to lean down far, and thus fell, on your lips😩
Tsukki never cared for love, I mean, why should he if it’s going to end in heartbreak? So yeah, no love for him.
Until Yams introduced you to him, and he became really wary of you.
“Hi! I’m y/n!”
After that, you three stuck like glue, but with Midterms shudder coming up, you asked Tsukishima to help you study and he agreed, since he really wanted to leave Kageyama and Hinata. He, nervous because he didn’t study much due to helping Kageyama, and Hinata he became stressed, leg bouncing, flicking his pen and biting his pencil, and pulling at his hair.
He doesn’t want to have lower grades than the two losers, so he’s distressed and becoming hyper, since he stole a few energy drinks, (which he paid but didn’t say)
Noticing that Tsukki was becoming a little hyperactive, you tried talking to him, which resulted in him huffing in return, so you grabbed his face, which was hard because even sitting down he’s very tall, so when you did grab his face, you knocked him off balance
Thus him falling on your lips
“Tsukki, listen to me—hmph!!”
You both fell to the floor, thankfully opting to study at Tsukki’s place rather than in public.
“I’m.. So- sorry, this never happened okay?” His glasses are lopsided, his lips a little tinted from the red chapstick you used, not to mention,, it’s smeared a little
“Tsukishima I’m so—”
He kisses you now to calm you down :)
Great. I fell in love with them.
— Sawamura Daichi
His is the mutual sleepy kiss
You two were already friends or best friends before you both started to date, from helping one carry books, to giving them your lunch so the other can eat
Or even brushing hair out of their face, or cleaning their face when it got dirty, or giving them their sweater when it got cold out and many would say you two would already be dating, but it always ended in you both looking away and hiding your face with a hand, while the other is HOLDING THEIR HAND
Yeah, not to mention a few times where a player would hit a volleyball too hard and it would hit you, Daichi’s first instinct would be to run over to you and help you, and before he runs back to the court, a kiss to the forehead would in order, smiling and saying “Go to the nurse, just in case okay hon?”
You would bite your finger to hide your smile, but it would always shine through
“He loves you, y’know ;)” Suga would always elbow your ribs enough to go to the nurse for it >:/
“We’re just friends! I promise!!” Leaving to the nurses office, you think back to what Suga said, he’s right in a way… and the fact that he’s right, makes you giddy :)
Your parents call later during practice, saying you need to stay over the Sawamura’s since they’re going to be out of town leaving the keys somewhere on the porch. You tell Daichi, in case he didn’t hear from his parents. He blushes a little, probably from practice or from how attractive you are. You brush it off as practice as he nods, saying he got the message when he had his water break
After a timeskip bc i'm a lazy shit
Daichi says you can have his bed, since they didn’t have a spare room, saying not to worry about him sleeping on the couch, as he doesn’t mind.
Upset, you offer to sleep together in the same bed, moving the covers to make room for him. “Really, you don’t have to, I’ll sleep on the couch, I’ll be fine; it’s not the end of the world.”
“Sawamura.” “Okok I’m coming!” shuffling into bed, he worms his way under the covers, placing his hands under his head, looking at everything except you, you shiver involuntarily, and finally Daichi notices you, his brows furrowed and moves to pull the covers up to your nose to keep you warm. “Y’know, I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable, but snuggle up into my side if you want.” his ears tint red and so do the apples of his cheeks, as he opens an arm for you to snuggle into.
“Thanks hun,” You whisper as your eyelids begin to droop, you go on a tangent before you can fully knock out.
“Hey Dai’? Thank you for taking care of me, spoiling me, and liking me. It means a lot to me.” You stumble over a few words, but Daichi fully understands what you’re trying to say, because he was about to say the same thing. Both of your faces inch closer, his arms wound up around your waist, yours around his neck, and nose to nose. And finally lips to lips. And again, and again, before you both finally succumb to sleep, lips to lips.
— Kageyama Tobio
His first kiss would have been from asking you, his girlfriend, “How do you kiss?”
This dumb mf doesn’t know a lot of things other than volleyball, but when he started dating you, aka a week ago, he didn’t know how to initiate affection nor kissing, so he goes to the person he knows he can fully trust.
“Hey, boke. How do you kiss?”
“How do you kiss?”
It takes a full minute of him venting to you about his major insecurities in the relationship and you sit next to him, rubbing his back and reassuring him he’s doing just fine. You didn’t say much before because you were shy yourself (unless you aren’t lol) and you simply kissed his cheek. Stopping his tangent you turn to him again, grabbing his shoulders, looking him in the face, and tell him, “It’s fine if you don’t want to kiss, but I will be more than happy to teach you.” He nods immediately, completely ignoring the blush on his face and saying “I do!” before mumbling a boke.
Situating yourself in his lap, you grab his face, slightly squishing his cheeks together, puckering his lips together, if only you can take a picture now
“Okay, you’re going to want to do this…” and after a few seconds of telling him what to do, you tell him that he can give it a try. Hesitant and embarrassed, he slowly leans in, grabbing your cheek first, and using the other, planted on your hip, leaning in tilting his head, his lips bumping with yours, opening up a little more, teeth clashing. There was nothing perfect about the kiss, but to you, it was everything. Kissing back, his lips find ground, and Kageyama, worried he’s not doing well enough, presses deeper, making your head go back, his hand on your cheek moves to the back of your head to stabilize you.
Pulling away, you gasp, lips kissed swollen and pupils dilated, you smile at him
“That’s! How you kiss.”
《 SUPER ! 》
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datingdonovan · a day ago
ohhhh noooooo I just realized Tsukki would absolutely be the type of s/o to interrupt you when you’re telling a story about something you two did in high school and be like “well actually, it didn’t happen exactly like that” and then proceed to tell his side of the story with this absolutely smug grin on his face. you two get into these heated debates about what you did or did not say when you wanted him to ask you to prom and half an hour goes by before you’re finally like “hello??? this was seven years ago??? Why are we arguing about this????”
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tetsvhoe · 4 months ago
hi!! i've just read the seeing your toxic ex with kuroo and i was wondering if you could do a version of it with suna and tsukki?
kuroo's part
bokuto, atsumu, and sakusa's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama’s part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: tsukishima kei x f reader ; suna rintaro x f reader
genre/s: fluff, comfort
warning/s: toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive ex. mentions of cheating, not by reader or the boys!
gwen's notes 🤍: y'all this is my first request, i am so honored! tbh, i didn't really expect my first post would do as well as it did. i hope you like what i came up with mwah! 😭🤍
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
you've been dying to see this new movie at the theaters, mostly because you missed the oddly comforting experience of going to the cinema.
you basically had to drag tsukishima out of the house to watch it with you (he loved going to theaters with you and having you cuddled up close to him while completely engrossed in the film, but he won't tell you that).
he had been in charge of acquiring the tickets and picking the best seats, you were in charge of the snacks.
you were struggling to balance the drinks, candies, and excessively huge tub of popcorn in your arms, intently focused on not spilling anything that you didn't notice your ex approaching you.
"all for you?" the voice caused your head to snap upwards, shocked written on your features even before you looked to see who it was. you already knew.
it took a moment for you to collect yourself, masking your surprise, and albeit a bit of fear, with a scowl. "actually, for me and my boyfriend," you spat, trying to swerve around him.
"aw c'mon. you couldn't have possibly replaced me that quickly." he took a step to block your way just as quickly, a wicked smirk on his face. "besides, i don't see anyone here."
"that's because he's getting us tickets dipshit get out of my–" you intentionally cut yourself off with a gasp that escaped your lips as he grabbed your arm, yanking you close.
"remember, no one could love you like i do, baby. you'll come running back to me soon enough when he breaks your heart."
you were struggling to wriggle out of his tightening hold, reeling away from his face much as you can. his words echoed in your mind, you tried to shake them off. you couldn't let him get to you, not again.
tsukishima's presence behind you put you out of your trance when you heard him tsk. your ex finally let you go and you stumble backwards to your boyfriend's chest. you let out a sigh of relief.
"she could have spilled those you know, she can be a bit of an idiot sometimes," he casually chimed, taking most of the snacks away from you. you frowned up at him, only to be met with a dismissive chuckle. "especially when she decided to date you as long as she did."
despite his teasing and nonchalant behavior, you didn't miss the way tsukishima stood taller than he usually did, shoulders broad, eyes narrowed, and his smirk menacing.
"are you trying to pick a fight?" your ex, fumed by tsukishima's daunts, took a step forward which only caused him to look smaller, funnily enough.
looking down on him, tsukishima muffled a 'pfft' to suppress his laugh. "you seriously do not have the facilities to try and act tough being built like that, you're not as intimidating as you think you look," he teased, pursing his lips to prevent a huge smirk forming on his lips.
"and you think you do?"
there was a moment of silence before your boyfriend bent down to his level, his voice low and cold as he said, "yes, if i wanted to. now if you excuse us we have a movie to catch."
he took your hand in his, the other one clutching your snacks and led you into the theater as your ex was left frozen in place.
"you better not let that ruin your whole mood for the day after you dragged me all the way here," he playfully remarked but when he noticed how your eyes were glued to the ground, he gave your hand a light squeeze. "i picked the best seats for us. oh and you won't make the same stupid mistake of dating idiots like that because you're stuck with me from now on," he grumbled, annoyed before kissing your cheek. yet when you finally looked up at him, he was hiding half his face over the collar of his hoodie. the bright tint of red at the tips of his ears gave him away.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
suna has been swamped with school work and training recently. you finally had a day to yourselves to catch up.
it was a lovely day at the park and he finally let you have an aesthetic picnic together. (he told you to lay off the tiktoks because you barely touched the frog cake you bought and all the other food, after taking a bunch of pictures).
he loved that you were so excited over it though, and thought the whole set up you prepared was cute. he also stocked on a new set of cute photos with you. definitely gonna post those on his highlights.
suna was rambling on about the latest gossip in his team, occasionally showing receipts of pictures and screenshots. you sat and listened intently, amused by your boyfriend's stories.
"oh i remember this one time when kita put the twins in time out that was hilarious," he recalled your chaotic friends from high school with a fond laugh.
he was scrolling through his loaded gallery when he noticed the sudden shift in your mood. suna caught the way your eyes skimmed behind him for a brief second, and your features instantly changed to a look of... anger? disgust? fear? he couldn't quite put a finger on it, but based on your reaction, he had a bit of an idea on what or who you saw.
your ex approached the two of you, and when he called out your name, suna's guess was confirmed even as he refused to turn around and look at him.
"ah! found it. look at this they were sat like this most of the training because–"
"can we talk in private?" your ex cut suna off, completely ignoring his existence and the way you shyed away from his gaze. you couldn't look either of them in the eye as you wanted to get out of there more than anything.
suna finally turned to look at your ex, an unimpressed look on his face. "excuse you i was talking can you not." he turned back to you, shoving his phone into your hands. you noticed how he scooched closed to and placed an arm behind you. "anyway as i was saying, tsumu was whining for hours–"
being interrupted for the second time, this time with a hand on his shoulder prying him away from you, suna glared up at your ex, heaving himself up from the ground and dusting himself off.
"i just wanted to talk to her," your ex reasoned, eyebrows raised.
"well i was talking to her first. say whatever it is you have to say right here and now and get lost." he comically faked a yawn, fanning a hand over his mouth and rolling his eyes.
your ex bitterly chuckled. "alright, whatever you say." he peaked over at where you were sat, blankly watching the scene unfold in front of you. "i was just wondering if you're the guy he cheated on me with."
your features instantly contort to that of pure shock and disbelief, mouth agape at his accusation. “excuse me you know damn well i never cheated on you, neither would i on anyone for that matter!” you exclaimed, furious.
he had a triumphant smirk as he mumbled to suna, “careful, man. she fools around with a lot of guys, based on my experience.”
you quickly jumped at your feet and stomped over to both of them, suna’s arm gently held you from getting any closer to your ex and gave you a semblance of calmness. “you mean my friends, genius? and don’t try to pin this on me you were the one cheating on me with multiple girls the whole time!” you were exasperated. to both your surprise, suna simply let out a low chuckle, shaking his head.
“do you usually project your own issues onto your partner? really, you were cheating the entire time and with that face?” suna began cackling uncontrollably, swaying your emotions. you held your own laughter back as he added, “man, i wish i had your confidence.”
finally letting out your own burst of laughter, you lightly slap suna’s arm while your ex stood there like a deer caught in headlights. he was utterly speechless and humiliated at your boyfriend’s taunts. being on the receiving end of suna’s insults, a cool, charismatic, attractive, and accomplished guy, was a huge blow to his ego. furious and embarrassed, the next best thing your ex thought to do (what he always did in your relationship, really) was to try and pick a fight with your boyfriend by shoving him, causing both your laughter to halt.
suna paused, when he finally looked up at him his eyes were cold and narrowed towards him. you cursed yourself for finding the way his tongue poked the inside of this cheek hot, given the situation. you anticipated his next words, the suspense he created was almost unbearable. instead, he only glanced at you and pulled you closer by the waist.
“come on, angel. let’s get out of here. the park suddenly smells a lot more like dog shit than it did earlier.” he glared at your ex as the last few words dragged out of his mouth.
“i would never give that prick the time of day,” suna scoffed and rolled his eyes as you both walked back to his car, blankets and baskets in your arms. “you shouldn’t either. i trust you and i know he put you through a lot of shit which makes it hard for you to trust me the same, but i’ll always be willing to reassure you as much as you need.”
there was a brief look of sincerity in his eyes making you want to tackle him to the ground in the middle of the park and smother him with kisses. it was short lived though as he quickly looked a way, a blush creeping on his cheeks. “...or whatever,” he mumbled trying to play it off, which only made you smile wider.
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kageyuji · 8 months ago
crawling into his lap
Tumblr media
⤷ atsumu, suna, tsukishima, kyotani, tanaka, tendou ; gn!reader — part 1 here
tags: fluff, a little crack, minor sexual innuendos if you squint hard enough, one swear in tsukki’s and one in tendou’s
notes: you’re so cute when you reblog
Tumblr media
he doesn’t exactly know what you’re doing when you pull one of his arms away from his desk, but he lets you nonetheless
a smile crosses his face immediately after as he you start crawling in his lap
of course he’s seen the tiktok trend, the man spends an unholy amount of time on that app
he moves a little to make it easier for you, a boyish grin spread on his face the entire time
you lean onto him, tucking your arms between your chest and his, and hooking your chin over his shoulder
he wraps his arms around you, holding you against him like he wasn’t planning on letting you get up any time in the near future
and then the grin he had on his face shifts into something more sweeter. his face relaxes and his eyes close slightly, his lips pulled in an in subconscious and subtle but fond smile
he knows what you’re doing the second you walk over to him, although he’s not making it easy for you to get into his lap
no, you will have to move his arms which have seemingly gone limp and maneuver your legs over his without any help from him
(that is, unless you act like it’s too much trouble and you can go sit somewhere else, in which case he suddenly seems happy to help you get settled in his lap)
it’s peaceful with him; he’s not holding you tightly, but his hand rests lazily on your thigh while the other one writes the notes he needs for class
and his chin isn’t hooked over your shoulder, instead his face is half buried into the crook of your neck, but not completely since he needs to finish his work before he can probably cuddle with you
he won’t admit it, but he knows exactly what you’re doing
he acts annoyed, what with his his nose wrinkled up a little and the tone he used to ask, “y/n, what the hell are you doing?”
“sitting on your lap,” you say simply, putting your arms over his shoulders and settling down
he doesn’t say anything in protest to that, he just lets you settle down and goes back to what he was doing
of course, he acts like he doesn’t care that you’re there, that it doesn’t make a difference
but the way he quickly asks, “what are you- hey, where are you going?” whenever you get up to use the bathroom let’s you know that he cares more than he lets on
he’s watching you much like a predator watches prey, although you know he won’t push you off of him
he lets you do whatever you’re doing, moving a little to let you, despite the (fake) grimace on his face
he doesn’t say anything, you notice, but he doesn’t complain or tell you to get up either
the truth is he likes it — he likes being that close to you, likes being able to hold you
he doesn’t exactly hold you tightly, but his hands are rested on your waist as he buries his face into your neck
he’ll deny it if you ask him later on, but you could have sworn you heard him mumble “i love you” as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder
tanaka is very physically affectionate; he likes being able to hold your hand and hug you, and isn’t immune to laying beside you and putting his head in your lap after a long day
which just added to the appeal of you crawling into his lap, he loved being that close to you
he knew what you were doing the second you pulled at his arm, trying to move it a little. he happily obliged and raised his arms so you could easily crawl into his lap
he will die if you lay your head on his chest, but if you want him to combust, hold his face and press little kisses all over
unless you have to get up for some reason, he wants to stay there for hours, doesn’t mind (actually, prefers) when you fall asleep on him
tendou is also very physically affectionate, but he’s very verbal about what he wants and he’s good at communicating
even if that communication was just him asking you to sit on his lap because he wants to hold you, but still has to do his work
you obliged, of course, and he thanked you with a content hum
he has to use one hand to write, but the other is resting on the small of your back, but it eventually travels up to wrap around your waist and hold you just a little closer than he knows he is
also he’s the type pull you closer by lifting your ass if you start slipping off of his lap
his thumb is rubbing little circles the entire time though, his head resting tilted on your shoulder, the steady rise and fall of his chest enough to lull you to sleep
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sivlai · a month ago
tsukishima k. | scum
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
desc: tsukishima kei's not as stoic and snobby when it comes to you.
dyanmics: perverted!tsukishima kei x yamaguchi's cousin!reader // college au
warnings: dark content. tsukishima taking advantage of you, unsolicited pictures, groping, noncon, dubcon, beach sex, oral (f), blood, spit, bulging, slapping, dacryphilia, somnophilia & baby trapping.
word count: 2,528 words | silas' rules.
Tumblr media
everyone thinks tsukishima is vain and cocky. well, that's because he is and he's proud of it! but his calm nature disappears when it comes to you, how can he help it though when you're that cute?
tsukishima kei's so disgusting that he purposely walks into your room whenever he's in yamaguchi's house, hoping to catch you off guard. he even memorized what time you take showers, just so he can steal a little glance at your drenched body.
he adores your skirts too, always taking glances at your soft thighs when you sit down. god bless the yamaguchi's for having such a big house. kei even took a picture of your ass peeking under your skirt that one time you walked a few steps above him on the stairs. but, he'll never tell that to anyone.
he's grown to love using the "can you show me where the bathroom is?" line, and you're either stupid or a slut for showing him every time. even though, you both know he's familiar with your house. he's been there for years.
kei's so perverted that he can't see you licking popsicles without getting himself hard. it's not difficult for him to imagine that it's his thick cock between your plump lips, or that the squelches and pops was his doing. not when you seem so acquainted with the act, you're basically bottoming it all down your throat.
he does thinks you're a bit stupid for being too comfortable around him, didn't your parents teach you that boys will be boys. but you don't seem to complain when he's in your house, although tadashi or his parents aren't home.
you don't seem to complain either when he asks you to sit on his lap while you play a game with him. how perfect that you're like his little play thing.
you're not clueless, but kei is tadashi's best friend, you've known him since fifth grade! he wouldn't do anything to you. in fact, he's just doing all these because he's comfortable around you.
you ignore the tight coiling warmth between your legs whenever he rubs you down his lap, you know what the hard thing poking your ass is but you'll ignore that too. you ignore the warm hands gripping on your hips too, it's cold after all and kei is keeping you hot.
when tsukishima kei first knocks into your room when he's sleeping over, you thought of it as nothing. he was just getting lonely or bored as he does, so he wanted to hang out with you. but after a while, he's sat you on his lap yet again and told you he wanted to try something.
kei leaned down and kissed you. it was awkward and his back hurt from leaning down, even when you were sitting on his lap, you still weren't close to his height. he fell asleep with you atop him but neither of you talked about it again, it was just something that teens do. right?
and tsukishima kei loves summer, but only for one reason. you and your cousin has always invited him for roadtrips to the beach, now you three are finally old enough to go without tadashi's parents. why wouldn't he take advantage of that?
did you pick your swimsuit with kei in mind? of course not, but that's what he thinks. because you'd always have done anything for him, you're just like your cousin. stupid.
obviously it worked, kei could barely take his eyes (and hands) off of you. you'd believe anything he's day, wouldn't you? he'll tell you that your boobs are a little bit to heavy for your back, and you'll let him press your back plush against his chest as he gropes your tits. you could've said no, but you whined his name lovingly everytime his fingers ghosted over your stiff nipples. he'll tell you there's a fly on your ass and he'll just smack it off! the sound that came out of your mouth as you winced was a blessing to his ears. maybe his hand even stayed longer than needed.
he's never enjoyed his height as much as he does now (apart from when you wear such skimpy tops that he can look down on your cleavage), offering to put you on his shoulders was a good idea.
the only difference is, kei's not as scrawny as he was in highschool. he can easily lift you with one arm now. you struggled as he hid you both behind a questionably placed boulder, has the resort gone tired of complaints from people fucking in the beach?
your back aches against the hard, barnacle littered rock and your thighs ached around tsukishima's neck. you've tried pleading, bawling even. "wait, kei, i don't— i'm not sure yet!" you screamed but he ignored it, opting to push your little bottoms to the side and peppering kisses to your thighs.
you must have been so stressed out from uni, he's going to help you. kei continues on instinct, doing what he thinks would make you feel good. curiosity plays with him and he brushes his fingers up your slit, stopping to your clit and ever so slightly pressing into small circles. he doesn't miss your body lurching over, or the the cries of his name that falls off your mouth. you wouldn't mind if he did a little more.
he delvs right in, sloppily licking between your folds. kei's fingers are too long for you, he just has to make you more of a mess before he fucks them into you. kei teases you a little bit more, tongue prodding into your hole that's clenching around nothing.
he thinks he's going crazy from your shaky moans, all he wants to do is make you gush all over his mouth. "i'll help you more." he mumbles over your pussy and the cold breath makes you shiver. kei pushes his middle finger in, curling it just at the right spot that makes your toes curl.
just a little more and you're almost forgetting that you begged him not to touch you. he's eating you all up, the lewd wet squelches that comes from his mouth make you more light-headed. you're clutching his wrist that's on your waist so tightly that it might break but it's worth it.
his eyes are glued to your face, entranced at how lewd your expressions are. wouldn't you make more cuter faces if it was his dick pumping you full? the heels of your feet are digging between his shoulder blades, thighs squeezing the air out of his throat and he's as faint as you are. it means he's doing a good job, right?
his scalp aches at your fingers digging in so roughly around his hair but he continues to jerk his fingers into you. kei's fingers reach places that yours haven't. he's abusing your insides, tongue swirling around your clit and with a trembling groan out of you, he laps all over your gushing mess.
kei lets you rest in his arms as he carries you back into shallow water, he's a nice guy after all. he'll take care of you.
jobs at museums certainly pay well enough that he's volunteered to pay for your rooms in the hotel, even booking one room each. not that he was planning anything apart from that, kei has just never been accustomed to sleep in a room with another person. or that he just wanted you alone! that's all.
you were still half asleep when you heard the rattle of your doorknob, but you were definitely almost woken up when you felt fingers ghosting over your body.
"kei?" you slurred but he only replied with a kiss on your neck. it wasn't supposed to hurt but your skin was too supple, then he had to have a bite. "kei!" you yelped but his hands were faster, shoving two fingers down your throat.
"shh, you don't want to disturb others, don't you?" your cousin's best friend shushes you while he rubs his hard cock all over your ass. you shouldn't have created the habit of wearing panties and just a shirt to bed.
"fuck, you're warm everywhere." he groaned as he slid his hard cock between your soft thighs, why were you crying when you're leaking all over your panties? his free hand was everywhere, squeezing on your thighs, playing with your pussy through your panties, everywhere.
what would your uncle think? he trusted you in the hands of tsukishima kei but here he was, making your pussy weep all over his bare cock. but you love it, don't you?
you're making a mess all over his cock, grinding down to get more of his warmth. and your thighs are rubbing in a vice around his cock, matching the rythmn of his thrusts, of course you like it. you've gone straight up blubbering in kei's arms, sticky stears and saliva making his hand a mess and he enjoyed that.
your spit drips down his fingers, almost choking you. your cheeks hollowed out around his fingers and swallows, he'd love to feel that around his cock. his dick twitches to his thoughts of defiling you. you'd love it if he fucked your throat dry, wouldn't you?
kei shifts you to your back, trapping you between his arms and that's the only time you realise how big he actually is. how naive of you to not be scared of him. now, you kind of are.
"please, kei." you plead again as he gently pulls the shirt that barely covered you, so contrast to the bruising gropes he give to your bdoy. he finds it cute that you think begging would make it stop, it only makes him harder. you're as weak as he thought you were. "god, keep crying, you look so pretty like that."
the confession that you're beginning to like his not-so-unwanted attention is what he's waiting for. he already knows that. otherwise, why would you be letting him split you open on his fat cock? but, you don't know that you like it. he wants to make you admit that you do.
kei pushes your head deeper into the pillows with a tight hand around your neck. it's an assault to your senses that he's doing all of this at once. kei's hot breath is tickling you, but he makes it a bit better by suckling on your nipples.
your back arches to the feeling of his teeth closing around your sensitive nipples, biting a bit too hard that makes you yell too loudly for his liking. although, he won't shut you up. it's part of the fun that someone could potentially hear him making you dirty.
"ow! kei, that stings!" you jolt forward when kei sends a slap to your clit. "aw? it stings, baby?" he mocks and that's when you realise he's just playing, he doesn't really care if you like what he's doing to you. in fact, he's enjoying that you're unsure if you like it.
you take a peek where kei is pressing his tip in, he's way too big for you. he'll fucking rip you. tsukishima shoves all of his dick in you before you could even protest. your eyebrows scrunch up in a frown, lip bitten raw between your teeth. "god, it's so cute. your fucking panicking." he hisses.
"hurts— feels so good, it hurts—" you cry, hands flying to go grab onto something to anchor you to reality and it lands around his shoulders. "yeah? you're feeling so good?" he punctuates every word with a thrust so deep, his tip is brushing your womb.
"i'm making you feel so good?" kei almost bursts into laughs when you mindlessly nod. he pushes your thighs to your chest, putting you in such a position that he can see his cock bulge over your cute litte tummy.
for a minute, you think his cock really is in your insides. kei should really hold back, you're tiny compared to him. but you're already gushing all around his cock, lips agape and moaning his name accentuated with loud sobs. you can't expect him to stop can you?
the room is freezing cold, but your skin is on fire. kei's skin is so hot and almost scalding that you push yourself closer to him. your mewls ends in pathetic sobs when he pinches your tits harshly and pulls. kei watches your flinches as he slaps your hickey-covered tits and generously gives another to your snotty face.
"baby, aren't you so fucking good to me." he throws his head back and groans, feverishly fucking you open on his cock. kei's addicted to your pussy, slipping his dick out to the tip, just to shove it all back in to see your pained little face.
it doesn't help when the reflex of your body is to arch your back, kei just sits in you deeper. he's folded you over yourself so much that you feel his weight resting onto you. every move you make presses kei's throbbing cock into you deeper, you're not even sure if it actually feels good or if you just like how it hurts.
kei kisses you for the first time in a while as he fucks you so dumb and cock-drunk that you could barely keep up with his tongue slithering down yours. he drinks up all your sobs, flicking your tits repeatedly and groping, tugging mercilessly. your pussy's sputtering all over his cock and your tongue all over his and he just laps it all up to quench his thirst.
tsukishima's shudders over the feeling of your nails you're breaking the skin on his back. he almost cums from that. he repays you with the same, teeth biting on your lip. he's as much of a bloody messy as you are. "fucking— you're going to make me cum, y/n." kei spits against your mouth.
"k-kei, 'm gonna cum!" you whimper into his neck, creaming all over his cock, but he pistons into you the same. his large hands are bruising the underside of your thighs, desperate to keep you spread for him. his head is hazy, too busy on feeling the clenching of your tiny little pussy all wet and messy just for him.
he replies with a cocky, "hmm?" almost laughing at how broken and hoarse your voice is. "cumming just for me?" he hisses.
tsukishima's such fucking scum that he's fucking you without a condom on, letting his precum coat your weeping pussy.
"gonna give you a fucking baby just so you're stuck with me." and when you shake your head no, begging him not to, he cums into you balls deep and twitches at the sight of the twisted cry of pleasure on your face.
tsukishima kei is such fucking scum that he chuckles while you weakly cry, although your arms are wrapped around him and his the same. he holds you close to him in such a loving embrace that you think you wanted what he did to you. he wouldn't do it if he did love you, kei loves you. now, he finally gets to keep you.
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nishiannoya · 6 months ago
𝕀𝕟 𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝔽𝕣𝕠𝕞 𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕥𝕠 𝕄𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝔻𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕖 𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕀𝕥 ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝔹𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 ℍ𝕠𝕣𝕟𝕪
Tumblr media
ft. Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Noya, Ryuu, Kageyama, Hinata, Tsukki, Yamaguchi (not in order)
18+ only - Minors DNI
f!reader, time skip/college au ages, smut, 'princess,' 'baby,' 'baby girl', lots of dirty talk (2.2k wc)
۞ exactly as the title says. is your man tuned in to you? or is he dumb? find out where he falls on the list. 
Tumblr media
1. Tsukki
Can tell just by looking at you before you even say anything or approach him
Is a huge asshole about it
Kind of just assumes you’re a horny little slut all the time 
Will smirk at you and send you a teasing text if you're in public, or straight up pretend to ignore you when you're alone.
Tone it down, I can practically see your pussy leaking from over here.
If you weren't so goddamn worked up, you'd roll your eyes at the text from Kei. You're studying with your friends at the library and keep looking up at the second floor to see him working on homework by himself. You should be concentrating, but all you can think about is dragging him behind the rows of books and shoving his cock down your throat.
I bet everyone around you knows. You're so obvious when you're feeling slutty.
You nervously look at your friends and surrounding peers who are all focused on their books and notes. Maybe you were squeezing your thighs together just a bit, and you'd let out an occasional small huff, but maybe you were just working through a difficult math problem. Kei is such an asshole.
Meet me in the biography section in 10 minutes. Better keep quiet or else I'll make sure we get caught.
2. Suga
If he can’t tell just by looking at you, he knows instantly by the subtle way your knee and shoulder brush against his, or your fingertips gently touching his arm
Can be a bit of a tease
Totally pretends to not get it, knowing exactly what he's doing
Loves hearing you say that you're needy
"Oh? Do you want something?" He asks with a cheeky smile as he looks to you sitting next to him. All you were doing was drawing your fingers in short slow lines on his thigh.
You pout at him, knowing that he knows he's teasing you. You rub your cheek into his shoulder and grumble something unintelligible.
"You just want to cuddle?" He teases as he wraps his arms around you in a suffocating squeeze.
"Koushiii~" You coo through giggles, a little huff escaping your lips as you clutch onto his shirt. His affection only makes your chest feel like it's burning even more than before.
"What is it, princess? Just ask and I'll give it to you," he coaxes and brushes your hair out of your face so he can see your dilated pupils and parted lips. You think it's too embarrassing to say, but you feel yourself starting to squirm in his hold.
"Want you to suck on my nipples while I ride your thigh," you say shyly as you look up at him with your best pleading eyes, knowing that his cock just twitched against your leg.
"Good girl," he praises, his fingers are already working their way up your shirt. "I think I can do that for you."
3. Daichi
Sometimes he's a little too focused to immediately register that you want him
But as soon as he realizes it, he's pretty keen to take care of you right away.
Very rarely do you ever have to whine or beg
"Hm? You want that right now?" He laughs as you drape you arms around his neck from behind and kiss him behind the ear. He didn't notice you hiking your skirt up more and more as you switched reading positions on his bed, too immersed in his police academy handbook, so you forced him to pay at least a little attention to you.
"Just want you to notice how cute I look," you murmur into his skin. He chuckles at you and beckons you to come around and sit on his lap.
"Who let you be so sexy, hm?" He purrs in your ear and wraps his arms around you, hands resting between your thighs and fingers subtly feeling your soft skin. His words have you clutching at his hoodie and squeezing his hands with your legs. He nibbles your ear as his hands move up further and further until you let out a cry when his finger brushes against your clit through your underwear.
"Looks like someone really is in the mood," he teases in a low voice that usually would have you feeling shy, but all you can focus on are his fingers spreading your juices and soaking your panties.
4. Ryuu
Will wonder a little why you're being so touchy with him, but it clicks pretty fast if you put your hand on his knee or thigh and give a gentle squeeze
Might get a little embarrassed, but he's eager to please you after he quickly makes sure he's not reading into it wrong
Gets kind of quiet because he's afraid he'll say something to kill the mood
"Heyy- what's up with you," he laughs as you climb into his lap on the couch and straddle his lap to face him. You grab his face and plant a short and sweet kiss on him before wiggling your hips just a little bit.
"Oh! Okay," he says with a sharky grin as his hands grab your ass with a loud SMACK!, making you yelp in surprise as you feel a jolt of pain and something else tingling through your skin. 
"Sorry, I thought you're in the mood!" He cries as his hands fly up above his head.
"I am, dummy. You just surprised me," you giggle as you grab his wrists and pull his arms down, looking into his eyes with a mischievous smile. "Do it again. But harder."
5. Noya
It's not that he really knows when you're horny, but moreso you have no choice but to give in to his horniness
Like all it takes is a kiss or touch on his arm to get him riled up, so if you give him any kind of signal, he's on you within a second 
But not because he actually noticed
All you did was sit down next to him on the couch and curl up next to him, and now you're underneath him pinned to the cushions with his hands holding your wrists above your head as he bites at your lips.
"Yuu~" You whine when he moves his hungry kisses down the side of your neck. You'll definitely be full of marks tomorrow.
"Shhhh," he shushes you by pressing his thumb into your lower lip, which you instinctively lick with the tip of your tongue.
"I need you so fucking bad baby girl - I'm sorry," he apologizes as he throws off his shirt and works to get yours off as well. His mouth immediately finding your mounds, lost in his want for you and blind to how much you need him too.
6. Hinata
Thinks you're just being really affectionate and honestly is totally down for some cuddles
Will get a little excited when you start tracing your fingers over his clothes, but doesn't even imagine that you're doing it on purpose
A kiss will do it for him, but only if you go in deep
You climb into his bed and immediately snuggle up to him, throwing your arm and leg over him and squeezing him right. He laughs and flips around to wrap himself around you as well.
Your body feels flush as you're held against his warmth, drawing little hearts with your fingertips over the fabric of his hoodie and poking at the sunspots on his neck.
"So cuddly tonight," he sighs happily and rubs your back affectionately. You purse your lips, unsatisfied with just cuddles and pull his face to yours, making sure to fully capture his lips and slowly roll your body against his.
"Oh?" He says with smirk when your lips pull away from his. A dusting of pink sits in his cheeks as he looks at you through hooded eyes. He doesn’t want to assume...
"Please Shoyo," you whine as you run the side of your foot up his calf and look at him with big, needy eyes.
You don't have to beg him twice. He grabs the back of your thighs and flips himself onto his back you that you're straddling his stomach. He seductively squeezes his bottom lip and smiles lazily at you.
"Get those shorts off and come sit."
7. Asahi
Thinks you're teasing him even when you're being direct
He knows, he just has to know for sure in order for him to feel good about giving in
Responds well to vocal affirmation paired with physical affirmation
You're cuddling in bed trying to take a nap, but all you can focus on is the heat of your boyfriend's spooning embrace on your back. His strong arms are wrapped around your waist and all you want is for him to grab your flesh and just take you from behind.
You shimmy your hips back into his and sensually roll your ass into his groin, making sure to let out a small moan to bait your shy man.
"Baby..." He groans as his large hands hold your hips still. "You can tease me after a nap."
"Not teasing," you pant as you force his hands up to your breasts that he squeezes instinctively, making his dick twitch against your bottom.
"Is that so?" He says. You can hear the restraint in his voice as his hands stop massaging your boobs.
"Asahiii~ please don't make me beg. I need to feel you inside me," you whimper, making sure to sound pathetic as possible, though the tightness in your stomach is actually starting to get painful. You smile when you feel his hands drop down to your hips and pulls your ass back into his growing hardness. A shiver crawls up your neck when you feel his breath in your ear.
"Sorry baby, I just want to be sure. It feels so good when I know you really want it."
8. Kageyama
This mf is so dense
Zero response to you stripping right in front of him. Dumbass thinks you got too warm and offers to open up a window
Direct and concise verbal communication is key
"Tobio," you call softly from the bed. You're laid out in nothing but a cami and undies, though your man doesn't even look back from watching volleyball videos at his desk. "You should come to bed."
He sighs and shuts his laptop. Blue eyes flash wide for just a moment when he turns around to see you, but then quickly look for somewhere else to focus on.
"Aren't you cold like that?" He mutters as he strips off his shirt, unknowingly giving you more fuel for the fire burning in the pit of your stomach.
"Well you can always keep me warm," you say coyly and wrap your arms around him from behind when he sits on the edge of the mattress.
"Hm? I don't have a fever," he says with a confused frown on his handsome face. Part of you wants to smack your face against the wall, while the other wants to cover his face in kisses for being the absolute cutest.
"Tobio," you sigh and then grab his face to force him to stare directly into your eyes. "I want you to fuck me until I'm crying and unable to speak."
You smile as you watch his pupils bloom open and an attractive smirk pulls at his lips. In an instant you're being pushed onto your back with his muscular form looming over you.
"Should have just said so."
9. Yamaguchi
Jesus Christ even when he KNOWS this man still needs a fucking flashing neon sign and a 25-page contract just to be sure
Like you could point blank say "babe I'm horny" while pawing at his dick and he's like "wait, really?!"
Is he being a tease or his he serious?
But he's so cute you don't mind begging
"Tadashi," you say in a low voice as you lean over and brush your hand over the crotch of his shorts. You bring your face just centimeters away from his, giving him your best wanton look with parted lips and heavy lidded eyes.
"y/n, y-your hand," he gasps with a blush. He's too cute, acting all flustered even though sexy time is a pretty regular occurrence for you two.
"Need you so bad, Tadashi," you whine knowing that the virtue of patience goes unrewarded in this regard.
"Are you sure?" He asks even though you're fully grabbing his hardening cock through his clothes, making small strokes as you feel a jolt of need run through you just from touching him.
You whimper his name again and slump your face into his neck, burying your breath into his sensitive freckled skin.
"I don't want to be pushy," he says even though you're the one swinging your leg over his hips to straddle his waist.
"Tadashi, please," you beg as you begin to roll your hips against him - a moan escaping your lips when you feel his bulge through your panties.
"I'm not sure if you're thinking clearlyy~ahhh!" He moans, clearly just as turned on as you are.
"You're so cruel," you cry as you lean into him and wrap your arms around his neck. You grind yourself into his lap more, hoping that you can both last long enough to get your clothes off this time.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
love interests :: k. tsukishima x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, short and sweet, 690~ words
Tumblr media
“Please, Kei.”
“No, Y/N.”
You’re currently splayed over top of your boyfriend on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and chin propped up on your wrist. Tsukishima lays beneath you, annoyed expression etched onto his features and bored eyes staring back at you. The two of you had previously been sleeping when you had disrupted him to ask a supposedly important question.
For the past five minutes, you’ve attempted and failed time and time again to convince him to let you try his glasses on. Every plead and promise is quickly shut down as he does his equal best to ignore your insistent pestering.
“I’ll be really careful! Just for a minute, then I promise to give them back.” You flash him your best set of puppy eyes as an extra attempt of convincing.
He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “How many times do I have to say it for you to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’?”
Lips pushing out in a pout, your once soft gaze turns sour. Tsukishima is hardly deterred, shooting back his own glare.
“Why won’t you let me try them on?”
“Because you’ll break them and I can’t see out of cracked lenses.”
“I’ve already promised I won’t!”
“I have no way of proving whether or not that’s true, and before you say it, no you trying them is not an option.”
Mouth dropping open, you scramble through your thoughts for a retort only to come up empty handed. Stumped, you click your mouth shut and bury your face in his shirt in defeat. His eyes bore into the top of your head like he’s waiting for something to happen. The longer he waits, the worse he feels for denying you something so trivial.
“Hey.” When you don’t pick your head up immediately, he nudges at your shoulder, grabbing your attention after a few pokes. Avoiding your sad gaze, he looks off to the side and mumbles almost too softly to hear, “You can wear my glasses.”
You instantly perk up, eyes wide and corners of your mouth stretching into a grin. “Really?” He doesn’t miss the cheery tone to your voice; it almost brings a smile to his face - almost.
“Only for a few seconds, and if you promise to never ask again?”
After getting a confirming nod, he reaches up to take his glasses off then hands them towards you for you to take. You gently pinch the temples between your fingers and flip the pair of glasses around. The earpieces slip behind your ears as you carefully push the glasses onto your face.
A delighted smile breaks across your cheeks. “How do I look?”
They don’t fit perfectly, as expected for not being yours. The bridge slides a small bit past the top of your nose, and the lens make your eyes look odd. And yet, with how mildly goofy you look with his glasses, he also can’t help but find you absolutely adorable.
Tsukishima lays speechless beneath, mouth slightly agape. How could something as simple as you wearing his glasses leave him this tongue tied? And even better question, why hadn’t he let you sooner?
“Tsukki?” A minute passes and no response. Sitting up slightly, you raise a hand and wave your palm in front of his face.
His eyes blink shut a few times like he’s snapping out of a daze. Clicking his tongue, he swats your hand away with a grumbled, “Stop it.”
“You blanked out on me. Are you not able to see without these?” Before he can say anything or stop you, you’re already sliding his glasses back into their place against his nose. You smile softly to yourself like you completed some big task. “There.”
Content, you place a quick peck to his lips, then drop your head onto his chest to resume your nap. He waits for your breathing to even out before whispering softly for only himself to hear, “You look perfect.”
Tumblr media
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Don’t forget to drink your water & ilysm
For more haikyuu
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69bitch-cafe · 20 days ago
Soft Spot
Tumblr media
Timeskip!Tsukishima Kei x Manager,Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings!! : !! MDNI !!, slapping, mentions of overstimulation, degrading, aftercare, hair pulling, Tsukishima being a (big) dick but having a soft spot for reader, (the cliché) fucking in a locker room :/
Summary : Tsukishima realizes that he likes you, his manager.. In a not so innocent way that friends would normally like each other. So he decides to tell you his feelings, and what better time to tell your crush after fucking them dumb in the janitor's closet? He does deserve your love... after all, he started feeling attracted to you ever since highschool.. he may not have known it back then.. but you should still be grateful for his loyalty towards you. He's never looked at any girl other than you.
Tumblr media
"F—Fuck, you like that? Like being a little bitch for me?" He snarled as he pounded into your abused cunt harder, all red and swollen from overstimulation.
"Mm~ Yes Kei! Just for you!" You whined, holding onto the shelves tightly as he thrusted his hips in and out of you, keeping a steady rhythm and a fast pace which had your eyes rolling back into your head and your tongue lolling out of your mouth.
He groaned as he grabbed your hair, pulling you back into him; his chest pressed against you as he fucks up into you, kissing your cervix with the tip of his long dick as it tugs against your tight gummy walls with each time he retraces his cock to thrust into you again.
"Fucking whore. You love being my cute little bitch, don't you?" He growled into your ear, watching the way that your tits bounced up and down while he pounded into you from behind.
His practice game finished a few hours ago, and both of you were about to head home, but fortunately unfortunately... Tsukishima had other plans for the both of you ,which ended up with you being fucked dumb in the janitor's closet of the training gym which I should remind you— is where the Sendai Frogs (oml, the team) train.
You squealed as his slender hand lands on your ass, a stinging sensation burning on the spot of the impact where his hand came in contact to your ass.
"Sorry pretty girl~ Couldn't help myself, your sounds are just too cute to resist. Y'know?~" You mewled, melting under his touch as his words distracted you from the pain his hand caused.
You gasped as you suddenly felt a knot in your stomach. Knowing what was coming, you warned Tsukishima in hopes that he'd go faster so you could reach your orgasm, with the chase making you eager to cum.
"K—Kei! I... I'm close!" A sweet moan left your lips, dancing in the air before ringing through Tsukishima's ears, encouraging him to go even rougher so that both of you could reach your highs.
Both of you let out your own moans, the dirty sound of sloppy wet skin slapping against each other bouncing off the walls and into your ears playing in the background. The lewd sound making you clench your thighs together in excitement as you look at Tsukishima with lidded eyes.
Tsukishima gently, as he could, pulls you off his dick, cleaning you up and carrying you bridal style as both of you walk out the janitor's closet. Tsukishima wraps you up in a bundle using his jacket, making sure that you stay warm even when both of you walk out into the cold night.
"So Kei~ When are you gonna confess your feelings to me?" You ask, wiggling your eyebrows at his annoyed expression as he shut the gym door behind him.
"H—Hey Y/N... I... I like you. If it isn't obvious already." He mumbled with a flushed face, looking away as you continue to tease him with loving, sweet words.
"Hey Kei." Tsukishima looks at you, his name catching his attention as he continues to carry you in his arms, deciding to bring you to his house for the night.
"Does this mean we're official?" You ask, your eyes lighting up in hopes of him saying yes.
Tsukishima just scoffs, looking away and whispering a quiet, "Of course you idiot, we can go out on a date tomorrow if you want..." You barely heard it, but it was loud and clear enough for you to understand his meaningful words.
"Yes please Kei. I'd appreciate it very much."
Tumblr media
(If your username is in bold, it means I unfortunately couldn't tag you, apologies to those people)
@yamaguchis-17th-freckle, @0nc33, @kenmadni, @kikitxt, @churrokoo, @lonelybruh, @baby320, @thedevilsmybitch, @coldponywobblersuitcase, @kthmybutt, @obsessed-420, @faith-linnea, @hanaseispeach, @fallin-4-ya, @godtieruwu, @toyas-wife, @kaz-therat, @yerinrou, @thoughtfulhoagiemuffinlamp, @itakehotshowers, @babalynn, @jeanbabygirl, @ensaymadamn, @alovese, @st4rgirlsheh, @ittybittyblackgirl, @ttaecrackers, @mayhoons, @kyleebleh, @sz5l1u4t, @wuyaiscrow, @kyharreaaa, @someonelostagain, @flwnie, @losingitstarlight, @verycoolgirl4, @kirislilrock, @1ittlebee, @ilostcloud, @773-n, @xxxtanaxxx, @thenameisrin, @unabashedfriendherovoid, @ariniri, @crappy-senpai, @amyastarr, @notevenemily123, @welcomingabyss, @depressedbuthavingfun, @corvid-of-wren-fell, @sua-prizing, @bakugous-brat, @daphneisdead
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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ariaki · a month ago
timeskip! slight suggestive! fluff — tsukishima, kenma, osamu, nishinoya, oikawa | part one
notes: I thought about doing it with most of the haikyuu boys so expect a part three!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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haikwritings · a year ago
Haikyuu Boys / No Nut November - Part One
Part Two
Character Mentions: Ushijima, Atsumu, Bokuto, Tsukishima & Kuroo.
Warnings: Definitely Smut
Wakatoshi Ushijima
Tumblr media
It has been a week since he started the No Nut November challenge along with his teammates; The Schweiden Adlers.
“Babe?” Y/n called as she got out of the bathroom, seeing her boyfriend in their shared bed reading a book about vegetables.
She was a bit annoyed and stressed about the challenge her boyfriend had accepted, but who was she to stop him from winning?
“What movie do you want to see?” Y/n asked sweetly.
They didn't really watch movies, but since sex was forbidden this month—there wasn't much of a choice.
“Anything.” Ushijima answered a little desperately.
‘Wow, he’s really taking this challenge so well.’ Y/n thought.
But what she didn’t knew though...
He was living a hell inside of him.
‘Cucumber, Carrots, Lettuce—’ Ushijima kept thinking.
He was trying to distract himself from her.
‘Kale, Broccoli, Spinach—’ Ushijima kept thinking.
He missed having sex, he missed being able to cum as much as he wanted.
‘Asparagus, Cabbages, Brussels—’ Ushijima kept thinking.
He had been hard and horny for days—
He didn’t knew how much he could resist.
“Babe?” Y/n asked confused.
He hadn’t notice, but he was too focus focusing on naming every vegetable in the world— that he didn’t notice his girlfriend calling him.
“Yes?” Ushijima asked confused.
“A-Are you okay?” Y/n asked worried, seeing him lost in his own thoughts.
His plan was failing, he was now focusing on her.
“Babe?” Y/n asked again worried, laying next to him.
He suddenly didn’t remember any vegetables—
“Babe?” Y/n asked as she touched his hand.
He felt his skin bristle at her sudden innocent touch—
“T-Toshi?” Y/n asked as she felt his body tense.
He felt like he could cum just right there and now.
“Babe?” Y/n asked worried as she stroke his hand softly.
‘Why isn’t he answering me?’ Y/n thought.
His heart was beating rapidly, he was having trouble breathing—
He was reaching his high and he didn’t knew how.
“I- I—” Ushijima managed to grunt.
Closing his eyes as he came from his high.
Cumming just from her touch.
“I—” Ushijima managed to say.
“D-Did you just—” Y/n was going to ask surprised but was interrupted by his sudden answer.
“Yes.” Ushijima answered bluntly.
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
She knew what was coming when November came.
“No sex for a month.” Atsumu said proudly.
Not Nut November—
He was excited for this month, as he felt like he had control of himself.
“Well, if that’s what you want, babe.” Y/n whispered calmly.
Which, he didn’t.
“He won’t last an hour.” Sakusa whispered to himself.
Everyone was aware of how little self-control Atsumu had with himself. Everyone knew unfortunately how horny he was—especially his girlfriend, Y/n.
‘I guess he’s kinda right.’ Y/n thought to herself.
She knew he wasn't going to last, they both fucked like rabbits.
24/7, No Rest.
“It’s been six hours, ‘Tsumu.” Y/n whispered as she saw him standing on their window.
“I-It feels like a month.” Atsumu answered poetically.
She wanted to be supportive but Atsumu made it hard for her.
Specially if he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat.
“‘Tsumu...” Y/n warned as he stared at her a little more deeply, almost drooling in the process.
“W-What?” Atsumu asked innocently.
Again, it was difficult.
“You’re already hard?” Y/n asked in disbelief, seeing his hardened member throbbing in his pants.
Again, he had no self-control.
Is safe to think that sometimes he thinks with his dick.
“Wanna fuck?” Atsumu asked flirtatiously.
“Thought you'd never ask.” Y/n answered sweetly.
At least he made it through the middle of the day.
Kōtarō Bokuto
Tumblr media
“Bo?” Y/n called as she came in with the grocery bags.
She had gone out to buy meat for her sad boyfriend.
“I bought steak and meat strips, your favorite.” Y/n said as she put them in the fridge
Reason for his sadness?
No Nut November.
“Y-You did?” Bokuto asked sweetly with puppy eyes.
Ten days had passed and he felt that he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Of course, I did.” Y/n answered sweetly.
What is the prize for the winner?
A BBQ party.
“Thanks babe.” Bokuto answered sweetly.
A BBQ party sounded awesome for him...
But he missed sex.
“So?” Y/n asked innocently as she sat on his lap, thinking that it would make him feel better.
But her innocent move— wasn’t doing him any good.
“I- I—” Bokuto stutter flustered.
He felt his hard member pressed against her ass, and his brain stopped working.
“What did you do when I left?” Y/n asked innocently.
He needed her to move, to make a friction— anything.
He needed to feel her somehow, otherwise he would go crazy.
“Babe?” Y/n asked worried as he saw him looking at her ass.
Immediately flinching as she felt his hand on her hips, moving her body slowly.
“Babe?” Y/n asked confused.
“I- I need to cum.” Bokuto managed to whispered.
She knew he couldn’t take it anymore and she knew well enough that he was going to feel bad afterwards.
“You wanna cum?” Y/n asked sweetly, almost teasingly.
So, she knew she needed to bring the best of him.
“Let’s see if you’re a good boy.” Y/n said sweetly, moving her hips against his cock just the way she knows he likes it.
“I- I’m a good boy.” Bokuto pouted, as he felt his breathing getting heavier.
“Show me.” Y/n teased sweetly, moving her hips a little bit faster.
She knew he was close, by the way he closed his eyes—
By the way he was muttering and moaning nonsense,
He couldn't form complete sentences.
“Prove it.” Y/n said sweetly.
She just knew him too well.
“I- I’m cumming.” Bokuto managed to moaned as he grabbed her and kissed her.
Immediately feeling his big load on his pants.
“T-That’s it babe.” Y/n preached sweetly.
“I- I—” Bokuto stutter, coming from his high.
“Such a good boy.” Y/n whispered in his ear.
Immediately jumping when his phone started to ring.
‘Who the hell is calling?’ Y/n thought.
“Yeah?” Bokuto answered his phone, trying to catch his breath.
“You fail didn’t you?” Atsumu asked on the other line.
He looked at her and smirked.
“Hell yeah, I did.” Bokuto smirked happily.
Kei Tsukishima
Tumblr media
“What’s your problem?” Y/n asked confused and annoyed.
Annoyed by her boyfriend’s shitty attitude.
“Nothing.” Tsukishima answered annoyed.
Since the challenge of No Nut November had started, he had been colder and more unbearable.
“Tsuki. Is been two weeks.” Y/n said annoyed.
“So? I’m not loosing.” Tsukishima answered annoyed.
She wasn’t having it with his attitude.
“So, you better get that through your head.” Tsukishima warned.
And what better way to show it?
“Okay, Daddy.” Y/n answered sweetly but teasingly.
He felt his heart stopped as he heard his special nickname.
“Stop.” Tsukishima said annoyed.
She knew she had a lot of effect on him.
“Or what Daddy? Are you going to punish me?” Y/n asked as she smirked.
He was already feeling like cumming, just by her words.
“Don’t be such a brat.” Tsukishima warned.
“Brat? Oh. I didn’t know Daddy, why don’t you come here and punish me?” Y/n teased again.
He hated how she knew how to turned him on.
And he hated the brat she was being.
“Daddy?” Y/n called nervously as she saw him standing in front of her with lust in his eyes.
“Such a little brat, can’t even let me win a fucking challenge. Is that’s how needy you’re?” Tsukishima asked.
Because she knew how to push his buttons.
“On the bed. Naked. Wide for me.” Tuskishima command.
Making her heart flustered.
Tetsurō Kuroo
Tumblr media
“Ku—” Y/n moaned at his rough and hungry kisses on her neck.
It had been fifteen days since Kuroo had decided to follow the No Nut November challenge.
“M- More—” Y/n pleaded softly as she felt his hand down her arousal.
It had been really hard for him— he was used to doing it ALL THE TIME.
“Where are your manners?” Kuroo whispered softly, teasing her.
So, it was hard for him not to get off.
“P-Please—” Y/n pleaded softly.
But that didn’t mean he couldn’t get her off.
“Please what?” Kuroo asked teasingly.
“P-Please touch me.” Y/n whispered as tears slipped from her eyes.
“Anything for you baby.” Kuroo whispered as his fingers toyed with her panties—slipping them down slowly and teasingly.
He loved seeing her desperate.
“Baby, you’re so wet.” Kuroo teased as he touched her arousal.
And of course she was...
She was desperate, she haven’t felt him in fifteen days—
All because of that stupid challenge he was following along with Kenma.
“P-Please.” Y/n pleaded softly as he inserted his two fingers.
“Someone is desperate.” Kuroo teased, moving his fingers faster in that special spot of her.
“I- So good.” Y/n managed to moaned, feeling her body trembled.
She didn’t knew how he was surviving. She thought he wouldn’t even last five days, but here they were.
“I- I— wait.” Y/n moaned feeling something weird building up in her tummy.
She didn’t knew how to tell him, but her building orgasm was feeling a little different this time.
“K-Kuroo.” Y/n moaned, she couldn’t warned him since it felt so good.
“What got you so turned on?” Kuroo smirked.
He didn’t knew what was up with her,
She was a moaning and a blushing mess.
“Come on, just like that.” Kuroo teased, taking his thumb and pressing it to her clit, which make her go feral.
“Fuck.” Y/n moaned as she came immediately, grabbing unto his hair.
Her orgasm was definitely different.
Her turned vision white, she was dizzy— she was lost completely in the pleasure.
“I- I—” Y/n moaned, trying to catch her breath.
Suddenly noticing the mess that she had made thanks to his powerful fingers.
“Fuck.” Y/n said.
She had never squirted before.
“Babe?” Y/n said nervously as she looked at Kuroo who was perplexed—
“Fuck.” Kuroo smirked.
Suddenly looking down at his pants, seeing a big wet patch on them.
‘I-It can be.’ Y/n thought.
Could he had just cummed from seeing her cum?
“D-Did you just—cum?” Y/n asked seeing him blushing.
“Maybe.” Kuroo answered nervously.
A minute of silent for this loser.
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araragomennnn · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
i love you so<3
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x reader
genre: FLUFF with a dash of angst, silent pining, SOFT TSUKKI.
warnings: swearing and yn cracks one cringe dirty joke lol.
a/n: no pronouns used but implied female reader. ive made it my personal duty to feed tsukki simps, I kind of bully Kageyama in this so Kageyama simps, sorry about that. I didn't put much time into this so I apologise if this is shit anyways enjoy.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima was many things.
But what he was not, was a liar.
Or so he thought.
The words were stuck in his throat not daring to come out, mouth agape but only drawing in air.
So all he did was roll his eyes in response, feigning amusement.
What are you in love with me or something? You had asked mockingly, it was a joke and he knew that. Nevertheless, he wished he had answered.
Technically, he didn’t really lie to you but with the regret trickling into the chambers of his heart as he watched you pick out dresses for your date, it really felt like he did.
It’s selfish, how badly he wanted to reel you back in as you left his grasp when he flat out told you not to go.
Breaking him out of his train of thought, you looked at the dress in your hand, head tilted in scrutiny.
“Would this look good on me? I heard kageyama really likes black,” you asked, holding the dress in front of your frame,
“what do you think?”
You’d look beautiful even if you wore a pillowcase he wanted to say but then again it wasn’t him that was taking you out on a date.
“I think my arms don’t have the strength to hold another dress” he deadpanned, gesturing at said arms that were clad with heaps of clothes that you hung around his elbows like he was some sort of hanger.
What was supposed to be a small shopping trip for a single dress as anticipated turned into a humungous shopping spree as he being a whole ass athlete failed to keep up with you as you scurried from one aisle to another.
The universe was exceptionally cruel to him today for making him stand here to help you pick out clothes you were going to wear for another man.
But then again though it hurts to say it, he was your best friend.
And like any good best friend does, he stood patiently with your purse in hand, as you handed him clothing after clothing, following you around the store like a lost puppy and occasionally feeling a couple of heartstrings snap as you mentioned Kageyama’s name, bringing him back down to his pathetic reality.
“Ah” you perched your lips, raising your brows as you looked at the clothes tsukishima was carrying, “I forgot about that” you stated, which earned you an unamused stare.
Tsukishima stared at his ceiling as the sound of the clock ticking filled the room. He had more time than he knew what to do with.
His saturday nights were usually spent at your place, cooking pasta and watching movies but well since you were occupied with something or more accurately, someone else. Here he was lying on his empty mattress in his dimly lit room, left to his own devices,
leaving his mind to wander to thoughts about you.
Were you having a good time? Was he treating you well? Did you really like him?
The last thought made his heart sink and somehow hurt more than it already did.
Sighing into his hands, he decided to spare himself the pain and take a nap.
Only 30 minutes into his nap, his phone started to ding violently on his nightstand, the screen lighting up to show a string of notifications.
His eyes snapped open, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance as he groggily reached for his phone, waking up immediately when he read the sender.
Weren’t you on a date? Worry plagued his mind as he unlocked his phone in a haste.
Were you okay? Did something happen?
Mind spinning with the worst case scenario, he gulped thickly as he scrambled to open your chat.
Until he read your texts,
“I’m kinda nervous we don’t really have anything in common”
“shit he’s here“
“He compared the texture of the onigiri to a volleyball?”
“He talking about volleyballs now”
“He’s explaining to me the difference between his mikasa and molten volleyball for some reason”
“He keeps talking about the ‘heaviness of his balls’ I’m barely holding in my laughter”
“Shit I laughed”
“I coughed real quick so he thinks I just choked thank god”
“I’m outside, it’s freezing in this dress open the goddamn door”
He blinked once, then twice. The words slowly starting to register as his lips tugged into a smile, chest bubbling with laughter at your antics his feet picked up pace as he bolted towards the door, swinging it open.
God, you looked fucking beautiful, especially in that dress.
It hugged your body perfectly, your curves on full display.
You were absolutely stunning.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on your date?”
“I told him something came up and left early”
“Why did you do that?”
“Well as I told you the date was kind of a disaster and anyways I’d much rather spend my saturday with you”
He couldn’t hide his smile anymore, stoic facade crumbling almost instantly, his lips curved into a full blown smile as his heart did little flips in his chest.
“Is that so?”
“Yeah yeah shut up” you rolled your eyes, lips tugging into a fond smile.
Letting yourself into his apartment you tossed your coat onto the couch as you made yourself comfortable on it, switching on the television as you skimmed through what to watch on Netflix.
Shutting the door, he turned to you, smile still evident “what about the 4 hour long trip ‘to find the perfect dress’ that you dragged me on?”
You stretched your arms across the top of the couch, leaning your head back as to look at him.
“I kind of just wanted an excuse for you to take me shopping” you stated, lips curved into a toothy grin.
Sighing at your antics, he plopped onto the couch next to you, ignoring the warmth in his chest the way he’s learnt to.
20 minutes into the movie that you picked, you were out.
Slumped against him, your head rested on his shoulder with your arms wrapped around one of his.
He could never get used to how beautiful you were, no matter how many years that passed he was yet to find anything as ethereal as you.
With the light emitting from the tv screen gracing your features, you looked serene he thought, a sight for sore eyes.
It was unfair, the effect you had on him.
Gazing at you with doe eyes, he slowly detached himself from your grasp, accidentally stirring you awake.
Your eyes fluttered open, orbs half-lidded as you incoherently mumbled something.
“Shh go back to sleep” he whispered as your eyes began to shut, returning to your slumber.
Wordlessly he wrapped an arm around your back and the other under your knees, gently lifting you as he made his way to the bed.
He tenderly placed you down, snuggly tucking you in with a sickeningly soft smile, a smile that reaches his eyes and lights up his face as he slowly leans closer, kissing your forehead.
“What are you in love with me or something?” you had asked.
The answer is yes.
Yes, he was.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings.
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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duino · 6 days ago
"SAY IT WITH YOUR HANDS" for A Series of "I Love You's"
Pairing: Tsukishima x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen, this is SOFT BOY HOURS
Word Count: 2.9k
Summary: Some things feel impossible to say aloud, at first. Good thing words aren't always needed.
Note: Fluff. God, nothing gets me more than soft Tsukki.
Tumblr media
You hadn’t known what to expect when you and Tsukishima first started dating. He had asked you out so casually, without preamble or pretense. Just a short question, in between your college lectures, in between the spaces of friendship and the careful beginnings of something more. Part of you had half expected to wake up the next morning and realize you had dreamt it all. (The other part of you thought he had been teasing you in some cruel way. You had almost tripped on thin air when you realized he was being serious.)
In a lot of ways, it’s easy, because nothing has changed. He still competes with you for the higher grade, still has a parry ready for any of your smartass remarks. He still taps you on the forehead with his pencil when you start zoning out. He still walks you to your dorm room after classes.
In a lot of ways, you feel at a loss, because everything has changed. Of course it has. Because now he punctuates every quick comeback with a peck on your forehead. Now, he pulls you in by the loops of your pants, kissing you goodbye, with you shoulder blades pressed against your room door. Now, every moment is full of new meaning (a hand brushing your lower back, a glance that softens from across the room), and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t in slight disbelief sometimes.
It felt like he was in slight disbelief sometimes. You’re as surprised about receiving his affections as he seems to be giving them. Like he’s shocked to have tenderness pulled out of him like this, like it happens against all his better judgements. You happened, against all his better judgements.
And he wants to be good for you. He doesn’t say it, and you don’t mention it either, but you can tell. He’s more careful now. There are times you can see him struggle for the words, for the right action. And you want to be good for him, too. So you never push.
Even though there are times you really, really want to. Like now, kneeling on Tsukishima’s dorm room bed, waiting for you boyfriend –Your boyfriend. When will you get used to that?— to meet your eyes.
“Okay, what’s been going on? I feel like you’ve been off all week.”
The blond’s eyes flicker up from his phone, the glint of his glasses concealing and reflecting. “Nothing’s been going on.”
You narrow your eyes. “Your words say ‘nothing,’ but your tone and behaviour say ‘something.’”
Tsukishima’s lips press together. You used to think, in the early days of knowing him, it meant his displeasure, but now you know it means he’s trying not to smile. “I feel like you haven’t said a word to me in like, a week,” you say.
His brows raise, just a touch. “We were on the phone for an hour last night.”
“Not the point, mister.”
The corners of his mouth twitch, despite his flat voice. “It’s nothing.”
“So there is something,” you exclaim, pointing a finger at him.
He rolls his eyes, but the hidden beginnings of his smile break through. “I just said it was nothing.” He places his phone down, patting the slice of space beside him. “Are you going to come pick a movie, or what?”
You gnaw your lip, eyes roving over his face. “Is it me?” You ask, instead of moving. “Did I make you mad?”
A brief flit of confusion and then a line between his brows. “No,” he says. And then, “Of course not. Why would you think that?”
You stare at him, the keen lines of his beauty, his face that is somehow simultaneously so familiar and so impossible to read. It’s a strange thing, to be so comforted by him and so hesitant of him in the same breath. You thought being friends first would make everything simple, but a relationship has sharpened certain emotions. Made you sensitive and intuitive to things you might have previously shrugged off.
Slowly, you lay yourself down next to him, hands stuffing into the pockets of your sweater. You’re immediately shuffled around, Tsukishima’s large hands grabbing onto you, tucking you underneath his chin in a loose spoon. His fingers slip beneath your top, tracing delicate circles over your skin. “I’m warning you now,” you say, instead of answering his question. “I’m choosing a romance.” His laptop is half-hidden under his bed and you bend over and grab it, his hand slipping from your body.
“Of course you are.” Tsukishima’s voice is on the edge of amused, though a line still sits between his brows. He waits until you’ve clicked on a regency drama before placing his hand back on you. A soft pull of violin and piano burrs from the laptop speakers, and he blindly watches the camera pan over fogged greenery. You curl into yourself a little more, getting comfortable in his arms. “What is with you and period pieces?” He asks. He can feel your starry eyes taking in the movie without even seeing them.
“I’m sensing you’re about to tease me, and I reject it in advance.”
Tsukishima smirks into your hair. “I’m just saying this is the third time you’ve watched this with me.”
“It must be because I like pretentious people.” You reach behind to pat him on the arm. “That’s why I’m with y—ow!” You give a laughing little yelp when he pinches your waist. He smooths it over with delicate touches immediately after.
A few minutes pass as you both settle into the familiar patterns of the movie. You try to let the thought of his strange, distant behaviour from the past week slide. It’s true, there have still been long phone conversations and moments of new wondering sweetness. But you know him, and know him well. You can tell when his mind is preoccupied or distant, when he withdraws from you. You can see when his eyes linger on you, face indiscernible. And despite being in his arms now, with the easy banter between the two of you, you can just feel something’s up. There’s something he’s not saying, something he’s hiding. You know it. You can’t be this close with someone and not know it.
“Hey,” he says, squeezing you slightly. “Why would you think I was mad?”
“I dunno,” you say. You can see the barest traces of his expression reflected off the screen of his laptop, just his eyes, concerned, looking at you.
He tsks, reaching over you to tap the lower volume button.
“Hey,” you protest playfully, “it’s my favourite part.”
“It’s literally the beginning sequence. Nothing’s even happened yet—”
“Shhh, they’re about to meet.”
You’re avoiding his question. Tsukishima sighs but acquiesces, turning the volume up again. He can hear the whisper of you mouthing the lines of dialogue along with the actors and it makes him smile in earnest, from behind you. “You’re a dork,” he mumbles, affectionate.
“I might be a dork, but you’re a dork-lover, so whatever Kei.” Your words are casual, distracted as you watch the movie. You’re only half-aware of what you’re even saying. Despite this, Tsukishima tenses behind you. You almost don’t catch it, the shift in his body language. You almost let it go. But then you hear him huff and he turns away from you to lie on his back.
You hesitate, and then click pause.
Rolling over, you see Tsukishima with a hand rubbing at his eyes, glasses perched on his chest. He's frowning, frustrated and annoyed. Your brows pull together at his expression, his sudden change in mood.
“What’s up?” you ask, voice tentative. Tsukishima slings his arm over his eyes like a light is blinding him.
“Nothing. It’s fine.”
“Okay,” you sigh, sitting yourself up. That only seems to frustrate him further, which in turn frustrates you. You hate not being able to read him. “This is why I thought you were mad at me. You’ve been all over the place, Kei. One second you’re sweet, the next you’re clamming up. What’s going on?”
He lifts his arm from his face just enough to peer at you. “You think I’m mad right now?” It’s a genuine question that forces a baffled laugh from you.
“Uh, yeah? Or annoyed.”
“I’m not annoyed,” he says, annoyed. You can’t tell if it’s directed at you or not. He sees your reaction and covers his eyes again, like he has a headache.
You’re skeptical. “Really?”
His voice is a mumble. “Am I that difficult to read?”
“Are you kidding me?” You give another little helpless laugh. “You’re being damn near impossible right now.” Your voice is equal parts exasperated and amused.
He drops his arm completely to his side, but before you can catch his eyes, he looks away. You watch his jaw flex as he grinds his teeth, his fingers absently grabbing at his shirt to wipe at his glasses. You give him a minute. You give him two. He doesn’t say anything, seems to be struggling for words which is so unlike him. You’ve only ever known Tsukishima to be quick-minded, always ready with the last word. He flickers his eyes to your face only to see that your gaze is already trained on him. He blinks, arrested by you, caught in you regarding him. His lips part, as if to speak.
Then he looks away again. You almost groan in frustration at his refusal to communicate but then you see it –the rare splotches of pink on the top of his cheekbones. He’s blushing. His hands are fidgeting, looking for something to do. He’s being shy, you think, in incredulous realization. He’s gone shy, looking at you. You stare at him with the beginnings of wonderment. You give him a slow smile.
“Shut up,” he murmurs. He’s struggling to look at you for more than a few seconds at a time. The tips of his ears are going red. Your frustration leaves you. Somewhere in your heart, you are beginning to understand.
“I didn’t say anything,” you counter softly. The more flustered he gets the wider your smile grows. “What’s wrong, Kei?” you ask. He shakes his head slightly, biting his bottom lip as though to keep words from spilling out.
“Nothing’s wrong.” He’s trying to be resolute.
Your brows flick up gently. “You’re really going to make me dig this hard every time you’re scared to say something?”
“No,” he says immediately and then frowns. “Maybe.”
You almost laugh. “God, you’re a baby sometimes.”
He lets out a breath through his nose. “I’m bad at this.” It’s hard for him to admit.
You’re gently amused. “Apparently. Who would’ve thought? Mr. Cool Calm and Collected, brough low by a measly girl.”
Tsukishima snorts, rolling his eyes, blush deepening. You think he’s about to tease you back, but when he looks to you again, you’re stricken by his solemnity. “But you’re not, are you?”
You tilt your head. “Not what?”
He gives you a tilted smile. “Just any girl, I mean.”
It’s your turn to grow flustered, but you refuse to let him distract you. “Oh, you’ve got lines, do you?”
He shrugs slightly. “I’ve got to have some, after all the romances you force me to watch.”
“You know, sometimes I think you should be a regency romance hero.”
“Oh?” He’s dry. “I’m flattered.”
You match his tone. “Because you absolutely refuse to be straightforward about your feelings.”
He goes quiet again, which ten minutes ago you would’ve thought was irritation but now you know to be shyness. He really does belong in Victorian England, you think to yourself, fighting a smile for your boyfriend’s sake. You can almost picture him as a surly bachelor, in a waistcoat and cravat, always with the clever quip –until it’s time for some honest emotion, that is. Those have always been your favourite characters, though, you admit to yourself. And the scenes where they say everything but what they mean to are the scenes you always look forward to the most.
You purse your lips together and take one of his hands. Despite himself, Tsukishima laces his fingers with yours instantly. “You know why I actually like regency romances so much?”
The blond raises a brow at your tangent. “Why’s that?” he asks, wary.
You give him a patient smile. “All the best scenes, when they’re trying to say something important or romantic? And they don’t have the words?” You squeeze his fingers. “They camera always zoom close to their hands, like their gestures explain everything they’re feeling. Everything they can’t say aloud, they say it with their hands.”
You watch his expression go from unimpressed, to wry, to hesitant. You bat your eyes expectantly, unlacing your hands to flip your palm up, resting it on his abdomen. His fingers circle around your wrist, keeping you close. “I see,” he says, trying to be indifferent.
You squint at him, unrelenting. “So, are you mad at me?” you ask again, with purpose.
Tsukishima sighs at the question, but you tap your knuckles against him, insistent. He shakes his head slightly, like he can’t believe himself, and then with his free hand, draws two letters from the English alphabet into your waiting palm. N-O.
“Okay,” you nod, thinking. “Are you upset about something?”
His mouth twists down. His index finger presses into you firmly. N-O.
Your brows furrow. You look at him, trying to discern his expression. “Are you scared?”
A pause. When he draws on you again, it’s slow and light. Y-E-S. His face is red again.
“Why are you scared?” you murmur.
Tsukishima shakes his head. “That’s too many letters.”
“Okay, fine.” You turn thoughtful. You think of how strange he’s been acting the past little while, his new shyness. You look at him now and see the flicker of openness in his face, just a moment of it. Moment enough for another piece of understanding to enter you. “Is it something to do with me?” You’re nervous, suddenly.
Tsukishima moves his finger. Y-E-S.
You fumble with your words for a moment, but you have to ask, “Is it…do you regret that we, uh…do you not want to—”
Tsukishima squeezes your wrist lightly, silencing you. When you look at him, he eyes are firm. “I could never regret anything between us,” he says. He’s so serious he’s stern. “Okay? So don’t even let your mind go there.” The look of relief in you softens him. He squeezes your wrist again. “And…” He breaks off, cursing lightly. “I’m sorry I’m shit at talking about my feelings sometimes. I don’t want you to think I’m mad at you, or hurt. I’m…I’m not mad. Not even close.”
Your words are quiet. “Then what is it, Kei?”
His eyes shutter again. You see his instincts kicking in, his long-standing habit of hiding his feelings beneath a veneer of indifference. You know it well, and for a moment you think you’re about to resign yourself to those habits of his. Some things just needed more time, you suppose. But then he sees your imploring eyes, your sweetly parted lips. You care so much and he hates, hates that he can’t say some things easily to you. But he needs to make you understand that it’s not because he cares less, not at all. The complete opposite in fact. It’s because he cares so much more than he wants to let on.
The thing –this feeling—that he’s been grappling with for the past while (longer than he would ever care to admit) comes rushing in, a force he never thought he would feel, not like this. To his own surprise, he’s trembling, just a little. Little enough to hide. He lets you see it though, his nerves, as he moves to sit up, glasses thumping onto his mattress. He grabs your hand again in both of his, gentle as can be. You grow still as he raises your hand to his lips, pressing featherlight kisses onto the tips of your fingers. Your eyes are wide. He always shocks you with affection when you least expect it.
And then, with ceremony, he brings your hand down to his lap and turns it palm-side up. His breathing is shallow, you can hear it. His eyes are trained on your fate lines. You feel your heart knocking against your chest so hard you’re sure Tsukishima can pick up on it. He brushes his fingers over your palm so faintly you break out into goosebumps. You catch his faint smile at this. And then, slowly so that you don’t miss a single letter, he begins to draw on your skin.
It’s three words, eight letters. You close your eyes to try to stave off tears but that only makes them fall. Tsukishima takes a long while to look up at you again, but when he does, he’s a completely open book, no pretense, no metaphor, no armour. He looks younger, vulnerable. He looks helpless, almost, at the feeling that’s taken hold of him now.
You close your hand slowly into a fist, like his words are somehow a physical thing and you can hold onto them and keep them close. He’s written his heart into the palm of your hand. You want to protect his heart, forever.
Slowly, you reach down for one of his nervous hands and you bring it into your lap. Tsukishima closes his eyes when you start to trace letters onto his electric skin, like he wants to remember the feel of them. When you’re done, he pulls you into a kiss that melts the afternoon into the evening, and then into the night.
I L-O-V-E Y-O-U T-O-O.
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erenisms · 9 days ago
haikyuu boys reacting to you asking them to come with you in a concert
> ft. miya, tsukishima, sugawara, kuroo, ushijima, oikawa, iwaizumi
im planning to write a part 2 to this where they're in the actual concert but idk yet
♡ atsumu
“it's a date!”
“it's not a date, atsumu.”
“i knew you like me, too! what should i wear?”
“atsumu, it's really not a date— wait, ‘too’?”
“what kind of concert is it? is it orchestral? orchestras are romantic, right?”
“atsumu, please—”
you had to sit him down and explain that osamu wasn't available on the scheduled date
and that no, it's not an orchestra
samu just told you that he likes monsta x, too
slightly sulks inwardly when he found out he wasn't the first choice
but on the brighter side, he still gets to go on a not-date with you!
relieved that you didn't know he only listens to mx only because you listen to mx
brags about it to osamu
later finds out that his twin set him up
you have no choice anymore, it's a date
♡ kei
“please? they're a good band!”
“i don't want your bad taste in music to ruin my eardru—”
“it's one ok rock.”
wasn't actually going to deny your invitation
he just doesn't want to seem to eager, yknow?
and then he heard ‘one ok rock’ and his mind went brr
to be fair, it could be oli london's concert and he'll still go if it's with you
but going to the concert of a band he likes with the person he likes?
kei would be a fool to say no
♡ koushi
“really? you want me to go with you?”
“of course!”
“sure, i'd love to! when and what time is it?”
“three weeks from now, 6 pm—”
“what type of seats do we have? how long is it gonna be? we have to bring water and snacks! wait, are those even allowed?”
“koushi, calm down—”
“do they have shirts?! what merch should we bring?! actually, what merch should we buy?!”
he's prepared to overprepare
but doesn't know ateez
so he asks you song recommendations
then their names
and then their discography
buys a lightiny
steals your bias
manages to become as much of a fan as you are in three weeks
♡ tetsurou
“no way...”
“eh? you don't wanna go with me? but it's resonance!”
“what? no— wait, yes— oh my god, that's not what i meant.”
“dude, breath.”
“i mean, i obviously i'd love to go with you but—” /whips out v.i.p tickets of the same concert/
e x c i t e d, couldn't help but grin all day
you both have always liked nct
feels so giddy that you thought of him
he was planning to ask you first!
you two decided to sell your tickets cause he's got v.i.p's lol
you used it to buy concert shirts
♡ wakatoshi
“...uhh, is that a no?”
“i'm not sure if i'm a good company for things like this.”
“that's okay! don't worry, you don't have to force yourself if you don't want to. i can just ask—”
“no, i'll go with you.”
“are they the band who sang end of spring?
“yes, they are!”
hella confused
but also hella flattered
because you?? want?? him?? to go?? with you??
searches the band immediately so he can relate
tries to memorize their whole discography
fails to memorize their whole discography
makes it a reason to call you
he just wants to know more about onewe, okay?
totally not about you
♡ tooru
“are you finally asking me out~?”
“i just have a spare ticket, i didn't think i'd win a giveaway.”
“excuses, excuses~ i can't believe you beat me to it!”
“fine, i'll just ask iwa instead.”
“wait, no! don't go! i wanna see day6!”
shocked but he's gotta hide it
he doesn't want to seem like a middle-schooler with a crush, okay?
still manages to seem like a middle-schooler with a crush
super excited, not only to hang out with you, but to see jae, too
probably screams on his pillows later
♡ hajime
“concert, hajime. you and me. we watch.”
“i know what i heard!”
“you looked like you didn't.”
“just— are you sure you want me to go with you?”
“absolutely! why else would i ask you?”
a little flustered and shy but is super HAPPY
feels stupid because a part of him wants to think that it's a date
has no knowledge about stray kids except a few japanese songs so he asks oikawa
gets teased that what if it is, in fact, a date
now he's overthinking if it really is a date??!?!!!?
memorizes a few of their songs so he can sing along
also to impress you
mostly to impress you
that, and he thinks the changbin guy is cool
requests are open<3
- love, zari
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kageyuji · 8 months ago
his teammate has a crush on his s/o
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, atsumu, akaashi, tsukishima, tanaka, kenma ; [gn!reader] — part 2
tags: jealousy, fluff(?), a few swears, the teammates had to be mischaracterized a bit for the plot, and a little sprinkle of threats as a treat
note: you’re so cute when you reblog <33
Tumblr media
oikawa was always protective of you, though he is terrible at swallowing his pride and will never admit to being jealous
but he couldn’t deny it to himself
not when he saw how mattsun laughed whenever you spoke to makki, how makki always seemed to have his eyes on you
then again he knew how much he could read into things, how whenever an idea got planted in his mind he’d overthink it
so he brushed it off and tried to ignore the bitter feeling he got very time you interacted with the other guy
it wasn’t until he overheard mattsun and makki talking that he realized he was right
“you can’t deny that y/n is cute, mattsun, look at them. probably cuter wearing my t-shirt though, hm?”
when i tell you he froze
he literally stopped, volleyball in hand. it seemed like he was frozen in time, holding his breath and eyes staring at nothing, but seemingly at something that scared him
then he blinked, turning his head to offer makki a confused but hostile look
“come again? i don’t think i heard you right.”
now it’s makki’s turn to freeze
eventually he’ll offer a nervous, apologetic smile and say it was nothing, but he also won’t look oikawa in the eye anymore
oikawa doesn’t walk away then, instead opting to walk over to the two of them
“y/n is my partner. not yours, ok?” “ok!”
oikawa then makes a point to have you wearing either his extra jersey or hoodie around the team, especially around makki
atsumu is another thats already protective of you, except he doesn’t mind showing it
he’ll deny that he’s doing it, but no one misses the way he puts an arm around you and pulls you close his chest, or the glares he sends the other person
he especially gets worried around other guys that you’re close with. he knows he can’t contol your friends and it’s not like he wants to
but he just wishes you wouldn’t seem to have more fun with them than with your boyfriend
what really bothered him though was the way you and suna seemed to get along — suna had always been the type to tease the people he liked and atsumu hated how he did that to you
he trusted suna though, trusted that even if suna did have feelings for you he wouldn’t do anything about it
atsumu had written off his jealousy once again, though he hated the way his teammate had made you laugh
that was until he heard suna say something like “they’re cute”
atsumu turned around quickly, jaw set and something like betrayal written on his face
“are you talking about y/n?” he says, as though he doesn’t already know the answer
suna doesn’t respond, just turns to atsumu and looks as though he’s trying to find some sort of excuse without actually having to lie
“i can’t control whether the two of you talk, but don’t you dare fucking flirt with them again.”
if you thought he was touchy before, he’s even more so now
he always makes sure that you’re either wearing something of his or that he’s touching you in some way — he’ll hold your hand, hug you, press kisses to the side of your face
though he hates it, he tends to get insecure
and he’s insecure about literally everything, but he’s especially worried that he’s not good enough for you
so him being jealous on occasion is in the package deal
he hides it well though, usually calming himself down enough by holding your hand or looking at a photo of the two of you
usually he’s good at communicating whenever he gets like that, he’ll tell you later whenever it’s just you and him
but he didn’t really know what to do about the fact that konoha had seemed to be getting more and more flirtatious with you
you were always at his practices and his games, he couldn’t expect you not to talk to konoha so much
besides, it was probably just his insecurities again... right?
he kept telling himself that, at least until bokuto had mentioned it nonchalantly
“what did you just say?”
“uh, the part about konoha liking y/n? or the other part?”
his heart drops, eyes quickly scanning the room to find you and hoping konoha wasn’t talking to you
but of course he was talking to you and cracking some dumb joke that made you laugh
and then suddenly there was akaashi beside you, wrapping his arm around you and staring at konoha with hostility in his eyes
he won’t say anything to konoha in front of you, the last thing he wants is to make you uncomfortable
but the second you’re gone akaashi won’t hesitate to confront him, digging his nails into his palms to keep himself calm
“i don’t control y/n or their friends, but keep in mind that you’re their friend. and i’m their boyfriend. and i get that feelings are uncontrollable but if you flirt with them again i might just feel like hitting you.”
tsukishima actually wasn’t the type to get jealous a lot. even when guys openly flirted with you, there was a feeling more like pride then jealousy
he only really got jealous when the guy posed an actual threat, and even then he played it off with a cocky smile and pitying look at the guy
but this time it was different
he never got along much with kageyama, so he wasn’t completely sure why the setter had taken to talking to you of all people
hinata was the only person that kageyama usually talked to; it was logical for tsukishima to wonder why kageyama had been starting conversations with you
so he watched the other boy with a careful eye for a while and made sure he wasn’t getting too comfortable around you
it wasn’t until he overheard kageyama and hinata talking that he had confirmation
“kageyama, you don’t have feelings for y/n, do you?”
“well... i don’t know, i mean they’re cute and they’re really nice, don’t you think? maybe if tsukishima w-”
without missing a beat, tsukishima turns and smiles at the setter, “yeah i agree. the difference between you and i though is that y/n is mine, know your place, king.”
kageyama didn’t say anything in response, just wrinkled his nose, grabbed his bag, and left the gym
tsukishima knew that you liked him as opposed to kageyama, so he wasn’t exactly worried about it
but he did try to smoothly mention that maybe you shouldn’t talk to kageyama as much (spoiler: it was not smooth and all, you ended up asking why and tsukki had to admit what happened through red-tinted cheeks)
the king of getting protective and jealous
he doesn’t mean to be, he just doesn’t understand why you chose to be with him of all people
he’s grateful that you did though, he honestly doesn’t know what he’d do without you
on the bright side though, he isn’t one to hide his jealousy either. if he deems someone to be getting a little too friendly with you, he’ll step in and let them know you’re taken
obviously if his protectiveness makes you uncomfortable he’ll tone it down, but unless you tell him that he’s going to make sure everyone knows that you’re dating
so it only takes once for someone to get what he deems flirtatious and he’s letting the other person know that they’re crossing a line
except this time it was nishinoya, and tanaka was a little torn
he trusted his best friend obviously, but then again he knew that nishinoya showed off and bragged to you a lot more than he did with other people
he watched as nishinoya grabbed your hand, kissing the back of it and then smiling
and then in no time, there was tanaka, holding the other boy by the collar of his shirt
“what the hell man?!” he says, then finally let’s go of nishinoya
“sorry...” nishinoya says quietly, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. instead of saying anything else, he looks at the ground and starts walking away
“i’ll deal with him later,” tanaka says, voice much softer than it had been
he wraps you in a hug, burying his face into your neck and leaving gentle kisses there. he won’t let go for a while unless you ask him to
kenma didn’t get jealous a lot either, he could easily tell whenever someone was flirting with you as opposed to when someone was just being friendly
the only time he actually got jealous was when people flirted with you. and even then he’d just walk over to you and grab your hand, giving the other person a bored look
however, it was harder for him to tell if you were close to the other person
which was why he was a little skeptical whenever yaku seemed to be getting a little too close to you
he tried to believe it wasn’t; yaku wouldn’t flirt with someone he knew was in a relationship. especially not if the person was dating his teammate... would he?
except whenever he saw yaku blush and smile at something you’d said, then said something to make you laugh, that was his confirmation
“so what are you talking about?” kenma said, walking over to you and yaku. he wrapped his arms around you, hooking his chin over your shoulder so he could see the other guy
he saw something like concern appear on yaku’s face now
kenma couldnt help but smile, not when yaku said they were talking about nothing, though their was panic lacing his words
“hm,” kenma hummed, pressed a quick kiss to the side of your face, and then turned his eyes back to yaku
“well maybe the next time you try to flirt with my partner, invite me next time.”
“i-i wasn’t... that’s not it-“
“i’m not dense, just understand that y/n is my partner, and i’m their’s. step off.”
Tumblr media
© kageyuji 2021. do not copy, modify, or otherwise plagiarize in any way.
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dilfsunaluvr · 14 days ago
Tsukkishima Kei - Degradation + Mirror
Tumblr media
“Look at you,” your blonde boyfriend laughed as he held your chin so you couldn’t divert your eyes from your messy reflection. “Look at what I did to you. Look at how easily you fell apart.”
Your cheeks were bright red, hair matted and stuck to your sweaty skin. You were shaking so easily, despite his hold on you. “Kei-”
“I didn’t say you could speak,” he tutted, letting go of your face to instead wrap his hand around your throat. Your head tilted up on instinct, already feeling your skin get tingly once again as he pressed on your pressure points. “Maybe that’ll shut you up, yeah?”
While he muttered his tease into your ear, his fingers starting working on your already spent clit; two fingers shoving themselves into your hole. You whined, despite his hold on your neck, and he squeezed harder.
“You look so pathetic,” he scoffed, almost as if he were annoyed at your reaction. “All I’ve got to do is touch you, now? Is that it? I haven’t even done anything yet, and you already look like you’re going to cum again. I thought you knew better than to be a disgusting little slut.”
“I-I’m sorry,” you managed to choke out. Kei’s fingers loosened the slightest bit, allowing you to gulp in a breath of air.
“You’re what?” he asked, knowing full well what you said. “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”
“I’m sorry!” you cried, rutting onto his fingers now. He fucked you back with as much force as he could. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
He listened to you babble on and on, telling him you won’t be bad anymore, you won’t speak out of turn, that you’ll stop being a disgusting whore. Finally, he couldn’t help but rut his cock into your ass, moaning as you continued to cry out for him.
“You want more?” he asked, sitting up and shoving you onto your knees. “I thought you just said you were going to stop being a whore. Now you’re begging like a bitch in heat; you want my cock that badly? You’re so sick.”
“Yes!” you shouted, fisting at the blankets as he teased his cock at your hole. You tried pushing back onto it, but he held you still. Once again, he ripped your head up by your hair to look at yourself in his mirror.
“Yeah,” he moaned, nipping at your earlobe. “Look at yourself; you’re my pretty bitch, aren’t you?”
You nodded, tears streaming down your face, mascara running, and lips bruised bright pink.
“That’s right,” he shoved himself inside you, finally letting out a theoretical breath he was holding in. “That’s right. My pretty fucking slut.”
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hops-hunny · a month ago
A Girl I’d Fall For
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Chubby!Reader
Pronouns: She/Her
Word count: 1.7k
Request: N/A
Summary: (Y/n) doesn’t bother troublesome boys but they sure do bother her.
Warnings: none, fluff! 
A/N: Tsukishima might seem a little OOC for some but this is just how I picture him sometimes. I wanted to write for him bc I love him so enjoy^^
(Y/n) wasn’t the type to fall deeply for guys she found attractive. For starters, she lived in Japan, where the population was mostly thin and if you weren’t you were practically ostracized. So she always watched from afar Making heart eyes at the guys she found attractive over the years. It was easy to do so when a lot of people spent their energy pretending she didn’t exist. All because what? She had a little extra flesh?
Besides, anytime she had made an attempt to pursue the feelings she had for guys it only went one of two ways. One, they’d publicly humiliate her. Making fun of her size and laughing at the thought of being with her only to come to her later and admit they felt the same. They wanted to love her in private and ridicule her publicly? Not a chance. Just because she was chubby didn't mean she was insecure. She knew her worth very well and wasn’t going to stand for being loved in private like that one stuffed animal you kept even though you were too old. 
Or two, she’d get led on. Weeks and weeks of grey lines, blurring the spot between classmates and dating. It’d get to the point where eventually just ask and they’d act confused. “Dating? Why would we be dating? You know I only see you as a friend (L/n)-san.” men were the first one to point the finger and claim women were complicated. But if women were complex individuals, they ascended that!
It was tiring, really. (Y/n) was a kind girl but if she had to deal with one more confusing and immature man, she feared she’d lose that never ending well of kindness. 
Last period. It was a Tuesday afternoon like every other day. After it was gaining news that the school’s volleyball team was becoming skilled, the girls all went insane for the players. A few of the upperclassmen, Tanaka and Nishinoya as she had heard them called, loved to come into their class and soak in the attention that the girls would give them while simultaneously annoying their younger teammates. Killing two birds with one stone. She never really paid them any mind unless Tsukishima was talking. Although she tried to ignore how her heart would race when looking at him, it was undeniable. 
It was almost like because she knew she couldn’t have him, she wanted him more. Tsukishima had never been spotted with any girl nor had any girl who confessed to him been successful. Perhaps those were the very same reasons she found herself falling for him. If no one could have him, including her, there would be no mess or web of feelings to untangle and solve. He was simply nice to look at, nothing more and nothing less. Well, except for the rare times they’d share notes when the other missed a day of school.
“What kind of girls do I like? Well, that’s easy! I love pretty girls who can cook.” Tanaka stated, causing the girls to squeal looking between one another. The group of girls had been asking them all sorts of questions, their favorite color, movie, trying to rack in any points they could get for when the eventual confession came.
“Tch. Typical.” (Y/n) looked up at the sound of the tsundere’s voice. It was the first words he had said despite sitting within the group of people. They all quieted momentarily, the girl’s turning their attention to Kei.
“Well, what kind of girls do you like Tsukishima?” one of them asked. Her friends gasped at her boldness, preparing for the onslaught of insults that were sure to come from the man. “What do you think is the prettiest type of girl? Someone like me?”
“What about me! What about me!”
“Or me, Tsukishima-”
“Well if you’d all shut up for a second perhaps I’d actually tell you.” the girls zipped their lips, looking at him with wide eyes. (Y/n) felt on the edge of her seat as well. It was very rare for Tsukishima to participate in silly topics like this. Peering over her book, she focused her attention on him as well. “I like fuller women, with soft tummies, thick thighs. Sure other women are nice, but I think bigger women are the best. The kind of woman I’d be interested in is a plus size woman with a more reserved nature.”
(Y/n) had to practically stop herself from passing out onto the floor. Was she dreaming or had the blond actually just said that? The girls were less than pleased with his answer, grimaces and frowns on all their faces.
“Why would you want that?” one of them asked in a disgusted manner. The middle blocker slammed his book shut before glaring up at the girl causing her to back away slightly.
“What’s wrong? Can you not handle that someone doesn’t want you for once? Get lost.”
“Hey now, let’s be nice to the girls, Tsukishima. He didn’t mean that, right Kei?” Nishinoya urged, eyeing the man in a hinting manner. However he stayed quiet, glaring at his upperclassmen before opening his book once more, returning to reading.
“So the kind of girl you like is someone like (L/n)?” (Y/n) squeaked, trying to look as though she hadn’t been eavesdropping for the entire conversation. They all turned to look at her, Tsukishima included. At the feeling of all the eyes the girl looked up, her eyes locking with Kei’s momentarily before she broke it, looking down at her desk. The blond’s cheeks tinted pink but his demeanor remained the same.
“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”
After that day, all (Y/n) could do was replay the end of that conversation in her head over and over. Did he mean like her or her specifically? The thought of either made her light headed just imagining. However after that, the man’s attitude towards her changed.
“ ‘Scuse me.” a deep voice rumbled from behind her. Turning her head, she saw the man on her mind behind her, motioning his head towards the bookshelf. How long had she been standing there? More importantly, how long had he been waiting?
“Sorry.” she whispered, trying to ignore the heat in her cheeks. Whether he noticed her coy nature or not she couldn’t say. However his next actions made it worse. Leaning forward, his face was directly next to her, the peach fuzz on his cheek flush against hers. He grabbed a title, scanning the words before letting out a hum of approval.
“You smell nice. Strawberry is a cute scent for you.” and with that he was gone again. Looking around, she scanned the library for an awaiting crowd or to see if anyone had put him up to it but surprisingly, no one was there.
The other time she grew suspicious was the next week during lunch period. (Y/n) had been sitting at her desk alone, getting started on her lunch time snack. It was a slice of chocolate cake from the bakery on her route to school. Greta, the old lady that ran the shop, had given it to her for free and as most people know, free things always taste the best. The scraping of the chair in front of her caught her attention as she pressed pause on her music. 
Once again the blond was there, looking at her with the same blank look he usually wore. “Can I have a bite?” she watched his lips as the words came out, focused on the way they formed them.
“H-huh?” the girl stuttered out, caught off guard by his request. Tsukishima always ate lunch with Yamaguchi-san, shooing away even his own teammates! Not to mention, he didn’t seem like the type to eat from other people.
“Your cake, can I have a bite of it.” he repeated, motioning from the cake to himself.
“O-oh! Sure. Help yours-” her eyes widened as he leaned forward, taking a bite directly from the piece that was still on her fork. She blinked in bewilderment as he stood up, patting her head.
“Thanks. Later.” the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch period and the beginning of the spiraling thoughts in her mind. Just what was up with him? He was acting strange, in a way she’d seen guys act before but she couldn’t figure out what! Was he...flirting with her? Shrugging she stood up, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.
“Only time can tell at this point.”
It was now Friday of that same week, everyone preparing for their weekend activities. A lot of people had been whispering throughout the day about a girl, Lavender, who had been planning on asking out Tsukishima that day. No one doubted her success at all, how could they? She was beautiful, long brown hair and hazelnut eyes. He’d be a fool not to say yes.
“So as I was saying Tsukishima, do you wanna go get ramen with me today? Like, as a date?” There was barely anyone left in the class but a few noisy stragglers, (Y/n) included.
“No. I’m busy today.” the girl’s face dropped momentarily before a soft smile found its way back onto her face.
“That’s okay! Maybe I can help you with whatever you're busy with. As in, you know, tag along?” Kei took an earbud out of his ear, standing up from his desk. (Y/n) took this as a sign of agreement and began to gather her own things.
“It’d be really weird if you tagged along on my ramen date with (L/n). Sounds like you’re taking the term ‘third wheel’ way too literally.”
“Your ramen date with who?!” Lavender and (Y/n) locked eyes as they spoke in unison. The girl squeaked before looking back at Tsukishima who still looked unphased.
“Are you an idiot? I’m taking you out.” he held his hand out for her, locking eyes with her as he did so. “Come on before they close.” she took his outstretched hand gladly, goosebumps shooting up and down her arms. As they walked she couldn’t help but notice how nice their hands looked together. Kei’s slender pale ones interlocked with her chubby (s/c) ones. An unlikely but well appreciated fit.
“Oh and Tsuki? I-I like you.”
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 29 days ago
calling haikyuu boys pretty pt.3 
a/n: AAA I LOVE YOU ALL. thank you so much for all lovely 400 of you!! thank you to those who’ve been here since the beginning and to those who are new :)) hoping we all stick around for a while yanno. so here’s my usual present for every milestone! 
-also i feel like some of these are steadily getting longer lmao
includes: bokuto, tsukishima, kenma (been having fun writing about him recently hehe) 
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
one word: BABY
you two were kind of just chilling on the couch, tv playing something you weren’t paying attention to  
you were sitting on his lap because he refuses to let you sit anywhere else 
mans lets out such a loud whine if you try to shimmy off of him 
“but bAbe your seat is right here!” he whines as he gestures to his lap
so at some point you untuck your head from his shoulder and you sneak a glance at him 
his hair was relaxed as he watched the screen 
you could see all the curves of his handsome face and every part of it you adored 
from the bridge of his nose to where creases were starting to form at the corners of his eyes 
you loved how much he smiled 
you gently cupped his cheek and he instinctively leaned his head to your touch 
“you’re so pretty kou,” you told him 
he quickly turns his head to you, the corners of his mouth already turning up 
“really babe?” he grins 
“of course!” you smiled, bring up your other hand now to cup his other cheek too
“i love these,” you say, tracing the roundness of his cheeks with your thumbs, “and these too,” you continue, bringing one finger to gently trace the small indents at the corners of his eyes 
“what else?” he asks adorably, closing his eyes and even tilting his head different ways to give you more angles 
“hmm,” you thought out loud, “your eyes,” 
they opened instinctively, looking into yours, almost overwhelming you with how they were golden and how they were bright like the sun
“i could look into them forever” 
“what else?” he asked again, cocking his head to the side
“hmm, i love you too,” you smiled
somehow his smile got wider as he engulfed you in your favorite kind of hug from him- the one that engulfed you and all you could breathe and feel was him 
ofc tsukki deserves to be told he’s pretty 
but he also for some reason can’t take a compliment and it’s annoying lmao 
he was working and typing away on his laptop 
he usually pointed out when he’d catch you staring but in the moments where he was focused, you could get away with it 
you moved to sit next to him, resting your chin on his shoulder
even during something mundane you adored him 
“hm?” he replied, typing slower, but still going 
“you’re pretty,” you told him 
“i’m petty?” he asked, pausing his typing, “what’d i do?” 
you chuckled, “no. kei. i said you’re pretty”
“oh,” he sighed, “not really but thanks i guess,” returning to typing 
“hey!” you whined, giving his bicep a small pinch, “i meant it” 
he was still typing away but you could notice the slightest way his ears were turning pink 
“kei,” you repeated, nudging him again, “look at me” 
he sighed again but complied, momentarily closing his laptop. he took off his glasses for a moment, cleaning them with the hem of his shirt 
“you’re so pretty babe,” you said softly, noticing how he wasn’t looking you in the eye, putting most of his focus on his glasses 
“why can’t i call my boyfriend pretty!” you exclaimed, “is it too much to let him know i adore him!”
you surprised him with this tiny shove against his arm before standing up
his ears were getting pinker and a flush began to creep up his neck too, so you were smiling inside amidst your “outburst” 
you stood in front of him, between his parted legs, with your arms crossed 
“do you even know how much i love the way you smile? it’s so pretty!” 
your mini rant kept going, “it makes my stomach backflip and tumble when you smile! it makes me happier when i remember you’re mine!” 
by then you could see the small smile he had 
“gosh!” you huffed, throwing your hands up, “i spill my heart, telling you what i feel inside and you have the audacity to say no! you look like that just typing! it’s a crime! and you won’t even accept how good you look!” 
“i can’t believe this-” you tried, but as soon as you hands came down he reached out and suddenly pulled you towards him, making you fall onto him 
tsukishima just tucked his face into your neck, pulling you close, chuckling in that adorable way he does 
“okay okay, i get it,” he murmured into you, “you think i’m pretty, iloveyou” 
kenma makes me so soft lately ngl idk where these feelings suddenly popped out from 
he was taking a break from streaming, but he was sitting in his gaming chair as you came into the room 
he was scrolling on his phone, not realizing you were in the doorway
the room itself was relatively dark, his face was primarily illuminated by his pc screen 
what you couldn’t miss was the way his hair framed his face
loose strand of hair that made it out of the also loose tie gently rested on the sides of his face
with so much of it falling out of the loose bun, he just decided to let it all down
you couldn’t figure out how such a simple gesture could do so much
when you finally walked in, he automatically turned his chair slightly to you
he beckoned you to sit on his lap after you set the drink in your hands on the table
as soon as you sat down he nuzzled his cheek to yours, telling you a soft, “thank you”
“love, you know you look so pretty right now?” you asked
he always got a bit bashful at sudden compliments
something about the way those words left your lips made him not know what to do
you gently tucked one strand of hair behind his ear since he ducked his head down a little, hiding more of his face
“you know my jaw almost dropped seeing you from the doorway,” you said, “couldn’t believe my boyfriend looked so pretty without even trying”
you felt his hands link together around your waist, giving you a slight squeeze
he let out a small chuckle, “now you’re just exaggerating”
you shook your head, “not at all,” then placed a kiss to his cheek, “i think you’re very pretty and i’m very lucky”
you ran your hands through his hair, watching him close his eyes and let you
you did that for a bit, knowing it relaxed him and that he liked it more than he let on
“hm, well i think i just fell a little more in love,” he repliedeventually, eyes still closed, “can’t believe someone sees me the way you do”
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