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#tsukki x reader
ichigomis · a month ago
I absolutely love your hq dads contents!! They are all so cute!☺ If you don't mind can i request a scenario where their kids got hit with a volleyball when they come to watch their dads practice? Any pro boys is fine(all of them would be great but that's probably too much lol) but i would like kageyama,tsukki and kyotani to be there. Thank you for your great writings !
Tumblr media
with: timeskip! kageyama, tsukki, kyōtani, (extra!) iwaizumi
notes: okay so this is the first time i'm writing for kyōtani so i really don't have his characterization down yet pls forgive meeee,, also i added iwa tho he's not a pro volleyball player bc we love dad iwa here —fluff!
part one - part two
Tumblr media
❊ KAGEYAMA’s eyes widen in shock as he sees his son topple over from his seat on the floor, rubbing the spot that the ball hit on his arm. he immediately stops what he's doing and runs over to his kid and checks for injuries. but his son only shakes his head and smiles up at him, "i'm fine papa," he mumbles as tears well up in his little eyes. kageyama furrows his eyebrows, seeing his son keeping his emotions to himself as to not to distract him and his work made his heart sink.
"you know what?" he speaks softly, holding his son's hand and helping him up from the floor, "coach said papa can go home early, wanna get some ice cream on the way back?" he offers and his son smiles up at him widely, tears suddenly replaced by excited nods and giggles.
Tumblr media
❊ TSUKKI drops everything he's doing and immediately scoops his daughter up from the floor. he cradles her onto his shoulder and shushes her cries, patting her back gently to soothe her. something sour in him stirs as he internally blames himself for not keeping watch on his daughter when you had entrusted her to him. he further blames himself as he thinks about how he could have skipped a day of practice to watch over his kid.
taking her favorite dinasour plushie from her seat, he excuses himself from practice and takes his daughter out of the gym. he continues to cradle her and soothe her sniffles as he whispers, "it's papa's fault, papa's sorry." and he swears, he'll never take his eyes away from her again.
Tumblr media
❊ KYŌTANI seemingly growls under his breath as he stomps towards his teammate whose serve just happened to hit his son's leg. he grits his teeth as curses find themselves on the tips of his tounge when he hears his son sniffle. and it was as if something hit him as he stops in his tracks, shakes his head and instead runs over to his son.
"i'm sorry, so sorry." he whispers as he takes his son into his arms, soothing and massaging his leg. he had almost forgotten what was important at the heat of the moment, he had almost let his anger get the best of him again. but he knows that as long as his son calls for him, he will come back and be there for him.
Tumblr media
❊ IWAIZUMI jumps back in surprise as a volleyball comes flying directly towards his daughter's arm.
"oh shit!" he exclaims as he squats down beside her, checking whether she got hurt. but his daughter only rubs her arm and looks up at her father, "dada, no bad words!" she exclaims, placing her little finger on his lips.
and he only nods obediently, zips his lips animatedly, and kisses her arm to "make the ouchy go away".
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated! *manifesting dad iwa kissing your kid's ouchies away*
» m. list
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haikyutiehoe · a month ago
im really glad we as a fandom have moved past the phase where oikawa cheats on the reader for someone prettier, where osamu sees only skinny readers as ideal, atsumu is eager to be in everyone’s cunt and bokuto is considered a himbo. it’s really refreshing to read an affectionate and loving suna opposed to frat boy and plug suna who only chases free puss and will kick you out of the room in a heartbeat. what about writers who push out content for tsukki where he is actively nice and gentle with his significant others? Sakusa? OMG??? i cannot get over how he was written as such a painful jerk germaphobe but now he’s a huge source of comfort with readers and their insecurities when originally he used to call us disgusting words? th? one of my favorite, sadist tadashi. i also very much appreciate how we are thirsting for brazilian hinata and adapting these characters to fit into our small words with new little alternative thoughts. i remember a very toxic time when these hot boys were written as complete assholes and honestly, HONESTLY thank you for being so inclusive in your writing and pushing the bounds to accept different type of writers. not sure how it happened, but i am happy we have this new era of writers with a thousand different ideas and perspectives because honestly when we all got into haikyuu, we were just waiting for hinata to get his wings and watch our boys get gold in the Olympic Games.
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katsukiflr · 3 months ago
⤷ kei tsukishima + fem!reader
warnings: soft dom kei, praise, humiliation, kei spits on your cunt (once)
Tumblr media
he would die if anyone saw him like this; knuckles deep inside your creamy cunt, hearts in his eyes as his cheek remains squished against the plushness of your thigh. with each sticky squelch, each mewl that tumbles past your lips, he’s moaning and nodding along with you.
he’d positively die if anyone heard the way nothing but soft praises fell from his lips, the bitterness to his words completely extinguished.
“feels good doesn’t it?” he knows it does, he just revels in the way your cunt flutters around him at his words. the way your thigh quivers underneath his cheek has him smiling smugly. the way you nod so eagerly, warbled cries of something akin to his name tumbling past your lips, makes him almost laugh. “i know it does, look at what a mess you’re making.”
he turns to press a kiss to the inside of your thigh, eyes locked on yours, fingers curling against the spongey spot inside of you making you keen. “kei, s’too much!” you cry, head falling against the soft cotton of the pillow as kei continues to drag his fingers against your tender walls, pumping them faster.
“hm? but you’re getting so sloppy honey, creaming all over me.” he coos. before you can register it, kei is puckering his lips and gathering salvia in his mouth before spitting directly on your cunt. your body quivers, cheeks heating up in humiliation as kei scissors his fingers inside of you with loud, messy squelches.
“k-kei, can you...?” you start, hiccups interrupting your sentence. kei already knows what you were going to say: he can see the way your hand scrambles, searching for his hand to hold.
your words shouldn’t have affected him the way the did, they shouldn’t have made his chest bloom with warmth. but, he can’t help but melt at the affectionate gesture. his hand meets yours, lacing your fingers together before rubbing his thumb along your knuckles gently. he’s grateful no one else can feel the way his heart begins beating in his ears or see the blush blooming high in his cheeks, dusting the tip of his nose.
he leans forward, cheek now pressed against the very crease of your thigh as he presses the gentlest of kisses to your clit. he peppers kisses to your sloppy folds before pulling away muttering, “such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
<3 for @saintdabi
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corporalswhore · 2 months ago
— into you (kei tsukishima)
Tumblr media
summary; your best friend discreetly fucks you on the couch in the midst of a party.
warnings; smut, nsfw. curses. kei being snarky as usual. thigh-grinding, penetration, cumming inside. mentions of alcohol. i think that’s it.
a/n; this is kinda crappy but i wanted to post something :))) okay enjoy loves <33
Tumblr media
“I didn’t bring you here to cause a scene, settle down,” Kei says as you messily plop down onto his lap. His left arm engulfs your waist as he tries to accommodate you. There’s a goofy grin spread across your face as you lazily sip on your drink, leaning back on his chest.
You shuffle a bit on his lap, your skirt riding up your thighs in the dim light of the living room. Kei clicks his tongue, hands already reaching towards the fabric to pull it down.
You gaze up at him, your head lolling back on his shoulder blade. Your intoxicated grin only receives a huff and displeased look from the grumpy male. “Come on Kei!” you groan, pouting childishly. Why was he such a party pooper?
“Give me this.” He demands, palms raising from your thigh and taking your cup away. “Hey!” you shout over the loud music as your now-empty palm encloses around a bottled water.
“Drink,” he says sternly, fingers peskily pinching the flesh of your thighs. You groaned once more but opened the bottle anyway. You might’ve been drunk but you knew better than to get on your best friend’s nerves.
You lean forward, hoisting yourself up from his chest and gulped down the tasteless liquid. It felt weird downing the bottle but Kei's grip on your thigh urged you on. You turn to him as if a parent just forced their child to eat broccoli for the first time. Water dribbled down your chin as you sulk.
“What are you? Five? I didn’t come here to babysit you.” he chided, attitude and actions not really coinciding as he wipes your chin with his thumb.
You sink your face into his neck as you close your eyes. Body twisted in an uncomfortable angle, your legs up on the couch as your upper frame rests on Kei’s chest. You can feel the cold air caressing the skin of your ass, hinting that your skirt has definitely hiked up and you know you should care but you’re too tired. The alcohol is finally taking a toll on you.
You hear him sigh into your ear. His hands on your thighs immediately find their way to your hind, pulling the hem of the fabric down as much as possible to hide what’s left of your modesty. He told you wearing this skirt was a bad idea, you were a hassle to deal with when intoxicated – and if you had been just a little less drunk, your mind would’ve understood what he meant by that.
The feeling of his hands ghosting over your ass has you burying your head deeper into the crevice of his neck. Your drunken state wants to giggle like a high-schooler but you press your lips against Kei's shirt to muffle your silly actions.
God, he was going to be the death of you.
Just thinking about his large palms grasping your ass has you feeling more light-headed than the alcohol in your system.
If you don’t get sober quick you’re gonna do something so stupid.
“HUH? IS SHE SLEEPING? TSUKKI WAKE HER UP -- WE’RE GONNA DO SHOTS!” Kotaro’s voice bellows through the music from afar. Kei flinches upon hearing his voice and props you up properly against his lap so your ass isn’t in full view to passersby. The living room is fairly dark, save for the light emitting from the kitchen nearby and the cheap strobe lights.
His hands encircle your waist once more and you grumble at the way he manhandles you.
“Don’t blame me, you’re dressed like a fucking whore. I’m just trying to help you out.” He taunts, fingers coming up to tuck stray strands of hair behind your ear.
You hum tiredly, “Y’know Kei, for a complete dick you sure are awfully nice.” Your words are like honey to his ears. Yes he was a dick, but he’d do anything for you – not that he’d ever admit that.
He scoffs, “Be grateful.”
And you were. He was your best friend. Second to none was the hot-headed arrogant asshole.
Kotaro finally makes his way to you both, his hyperactive self is doubled with the amount of alcohol he’s ingested. “C’mon, Kuroo is already downing the bottle of vodka! There’s gonna be none left if we don’t hurry!”
You’re about to speak up when Kei cuts in, “I think she’s had enough for the night.” He says flatly, left palm gripping your knee.
Kotaro’s palm reaches up to his face and he quite literally, slaps himself as he squeals. “Ooh I see, you lovebirds want some time alone.” He concludes with a lop-sided grin.
You feel Kei stiffen behind you, glancing back you see him rolling his eyes at Kotaro.
Kei’s about to quip back when Kotaro takes your hand in his and pulls you away from Kei's embrace. You’re still very much drunk so the sudden movement has you falling onto the owl-haired man.
He grins, arms wrapping around your wobbly figure as Kei seethes in his seat. The hem of your skirt is merely bunched up underneath your ass and both men seem to realize that at the same time.
Kotaro’s hands innocently travel to fix it for you but Kei's quicker. He abruptly rises from his seat and closes the distance between the two of you, fingers gently fixing the fabric. Like hell, he was going to let another man touch you (when you were drunk). Something territorial overcame him, but the man just chalked it up to the thought of you being more comfortable if it was him that fixed it.
Sneering, Kei plucked you away from Kotaro’s embrace and sat back down in his previous position, pulling you onto his lap once more. “She’s only drinking water for the rest of the night.” He decides and Kotaro shouts choruses of boo’s in his drunken state before stating, “More for me!” and goes about his merry way.
“But I really wanted to shot tequila!” You whined into Kei's shirt. Hands clutching the fabric at his chest. You don’t need to look up at him to know he’s rolling his eyes at your antics.
“Can you handle tequila right now? Huh? No, you can’t. So behave.” He reprimands, voice laced with annoyance. You huff, removing yourself from his lap. “Where are-“ he starts but is cut off when you turn around and plop back down onto his thighs.
But this time your cunt rests flatly against his left thigh. Both of your legs are on the floor as your back arches to lean against him. The familiar ache in your cunt throbbed at the sudden pressure.
“Is this really appropriate?” He mocks, as you wrap your hands around his neck and bury your face into his chest.
“Would you stop being a buzzkill for one minute?” You grumble into him, tiredness seeping over you. Along with trying to rid yourself of your lewd thoughts.
“Why don’t we just head back to my place if you’re so tired?”
“No!” You were planning on sobering up enough to reach the tequila table. “Once I get ahold of myself ‘m gonna do shots!”
“You’re fucking dumb,” he stated matter-of-factly, flicking the side of your head. You yelp into his shoulder.
Mindlessly, he starts to slowly bounce his leg. Earning a quiet fuck from you because what the fuck? Thankfully Kei didn’t notice, too caught up in the sight of Shoyo and Tobio trying to outdrink each other.
He suddenly picks up a pace, softly chuckling to himself at his teammates' foolishness. So unbeknownst to your dilemma. You were trying your best to restrain yourself but the pressure just felt so good. The heat of your cunt grew with each upthrust of his thigh.
Raising your head from his shoulder, a soft gasp escapes your lips. Kei stares down at you incredulously, halting all movements. His brain short-circuits for a second at the sight of your redden face, plump lips sucked between your teeth as you stare at his shirt.
“Fuck. I didn’t mean to — sorry,” You don’t know what else to say. The situation sobers you up immediately and you’re about to remove yourself from him when he grips your waist tightly.
His leg bounces once more and you whimper loudly at the friction. Kei smirks, “You’re so sensitive, sweetheart.”
Sweetheart? Fuck you’re about to cum.
Your wide-eyed expression must have been amusing because he laughed softly and ran his hand up your shirt-covered spine, shaking his head in amusement.
“You act like a bitch in heat, rubbing your desperate cunt all over me — it’s pathetic,” he teases, grinning like an asshole. “Want me to help?”
Fuck yes.
You only nod in response, afraid your voice might betray you.
“Wanna hear you say it, just nodding doesn't count. How would I know that you actually mean it if you don't humiliate yourself a little in the process?” He taunts.
Typical Tsukishima. That sadistic little prick.
You groan, palms coming up to your face to hide your blush. “Please,” you beg.
“That’s my girl,” he mused. Kei’s hand lay on your thigh, gently caressing the soft skin beneath your skirt and you hum in pleasure, eyes drifting half shut.
Delicate fingers grip tightly to Kei's shoulders, you rolled your hips so your cunt ground down on his thigh. It didn’t feel like much, not at first, but as you wiggled and circled your hips, you soon were gasping in surprise at the aching tingle in your cunt from how your clit was being pressed against the hard muscle of his thigh.
“So desperate, it’s embarrassing honestly.” Heat shivered through you at his quip, his lips parting as his gaze fixated on your mouth. In your hazy mind, you noted the way he hesitated for a moment before pressing his thumb over your bottom lip.
“Such a pretty little slut.” He murmurs, pulling on the skin gently as he bowed his head, entranced by your clothed-cunt grinding on his jeans. Your mouth parted a little more and on some instinct you didn’t even know you had, you moved a bit closer and closed your lips around his finger.
His eyes widened, breathing growing heavier. Flicking your tongue across the pad of his thumb, you let out a soft, involuntary noise at the taste of his skin.
There’s no time to react when he pulls you firmly into his chest and his lips find yours. Your groans fell to deaf ears over the loud music. Kei’s lips are firm and demanding and some distant part of your brain wondered where your best friend had learned to kiss like this.
You furrowed your fingers through his blonde locks, tugging on them to pull him even closer. Kei moaned into your mouth and his lips left yours to trail down the column of your throat, burning a path across your skin.
“So,” nip “fucking,” nip “dirty.”
By the time he had finished his assault on your neck, a sheen of sweat had broken out on your forehead and you were panting and moaning, close to your release.
“Fuck, Kei!” you moaned into his ear. He chuckles deeply, “You’re really pathetic y’know? Getting off in a place like this? I turn you on and like a fucking whore you’re ready to pounce on anything.”
Like a masochist — that’s all it took for pleasure to blind you and for your body to slump onto Kei's, a broken wail slipping from between your lips.
“Good girl,” he says as his fingers run through your hair, giving a quick kiss to your head as you try to catch your breath.
Shifting against him, you could feel his hardened cock against your cunt. Your hand lazily finds its way to his jeans and is about to palm him until he grips your wrist.
“You’re drunk,”
You shake your head, jutting out your bottom lip in a pout, “’M not! Please! Let me help you!”
He raises his eyebrows at this, but releases his hold on your wrist anyway. His fingers pull the flowy fabric of your skirt over his crotch and cover his hands under as he unzips his pants — he doesn’t miss the chance to slip your underwear to your side as well and the contact was enough for you to whimper. It’s so dark in here that the fabric of your skirt isn’t needed to hide his actions but Kei Tsukishima is nothing but cautious in everything he does.
His cock springs out, hard and already pulsing under your skirt. “Turn around princess,” and you shift slightly in his lap, body blocking his naked area to others.
Kei momentarily falters the moment your ass touches his dick, almost jolting in his seat. “Lift your hips for me, love.” He mutters in your ear, and you’re putty in his hands. You oblige - raising your ass in the air for a few seconds before you slowly plop down into his dick. Your orgasm from earlier gives him an ample amount of slick to easily slip into you - it gives him shivers to think he had made you that wet.
You almost topple over on his knees from the unfamiliar contact but Kei immediately wraps his arms around your waist as he fully sinks into you.
“Oh fuck,” he groans into your ear, face nuzzling into your neck as you bring your hands to your face. It’s too much.
Neither of you moves for a few seconds; you feel so full that the thought of breathing itself seems meaningless right now. You’re still dazed from your recent high and the alcohol in your veins threatens to wear you down even more.
“Look at you taking me so well, who would’ve thought? My pretty little whore,”
You whimper, grateful for the dark atmosphere because you know you’re beet red as of now. Head dizzy as he jerks his hips once, a moan leaves your lips.
“Go ahead, ride me,” he whispers, breath fanning your ear.
Immediately your head turns to his, astonishment written all over your face.
“It was your idea, wasn’t it? What — the feeling of me in you makes you dumb? I wanna see how greedy you are when given a chance so, ride me.”
“Kei- how? There are so many people here,” your voice almost raises to hysterics as you frantically look around, hoping no one can deduce that your best friend's dick is inside you.
He shrugs, “Not my problem, you wanted to help, remember?”
He’s a sadist, the realization hits you once more. A prick in other terms. You hate him.
Slowly, you lift your hips - hands pressed onto his thighs to steady yourself. The movement is so minute, could easily be mistaken as you drunkenly swaying on your best friend - how cute - but you’re reminded with each lift when his dick threatens to slide out of you that this is far from adorable.
You hear a few grunts from behind you, Kei's hands now rest firmly on your hips. Soft wails leave your lips as they part with each movement and your head bows to hide your ditzy expression.
“Hmm? Acting all shy? Isn’t this what you wanted? To be fucked in front of everyone here — fitting for a whore like you, to be honest,” He rasps behind you, right arm wrapping around your neck. He pulls your back flush towards him.
“Kei,” his name falls like a prayer, like you’re begging for something, you just don’t know what. His fingers, it’s so fucking risky, he thinks, but he can’t help but slip them under your skirt and add pressure to your sensitive bud. The action would’ve had you doubling over but the grip he has around your neck is rigid.
Your hands flail around your lap to try to hide the vulgar scene of his fingers in your cunt but it’s no use — tears prick at the corner of your eyes, you don’t care anymore. There’s something building in the pit of your stomach and suddenly you’re gripping his forearm around your neck as you grind yourself against him.
Heavy breaths fan your neck as your best friend's lips find solace on your skin. The situation is the same for you as you nip at the skin of his forearm — the pleasure is getting overwhelming, heat builds up once more and you’re unable to hold back as you lose all your senses. You shake slightly in Kei's embrace as stars dance in front of your eyes as your lids close. His hands move rapidly to cover your mouth — he knows. Your second orgasm for the night overtakes you — and shortly after, Kei's first settles deep inside you.
His grip on you loosens, both of you panting as you lean on him. Kei gives you an once-over — deems you fucked out as he takes in your parted lips and heaving chest, you lock eyes with him and he realizes there’s not a thought behind yours. Still, he can’t help but softly tilt your head and bring his lips to yours, endearingly brushing his thumb across your cheek.
“Hey! What’s going on over there?” He breaks apart from the kiss and is suddenly very aware that his dick is still in you when he hears Kotaro's voice boom over the music.
Kotaro has his hands wrapped around a tequila bottle as he stands in the kitchen, downing the liquid like water as he points at you two.
And oh my god he’s marching towards you both.
“I’m gonna need you to get up baby. Let’s go home,” Kei offers but he doubts his words register in your worn-out state.
“Nuh-uh,” you mumble, almost yawning as you start to lean forward, “Time to get drunk!” You shout happily, all tiredness disappearing as your eyes fall on Kotaro making his way to you with two bottles of tequila. “Kotaro!” you beam at him, ready to stand up and meet him halfway, until you’re being gripped down by a palm around your arm.
“Don’t be a fucking dumbass,” Kei hisses at you, “you’re done for the night and in case you’re ditzy brain has forgotten, my dick is still inside you. Don’t fucking move unless you want him to know my cum is dripping down your thighs.” He reprimands — and all you can do is nod meekly because what the fuck.
He’s right but holy hell you’re just realizing your best friend is inside you along with his cum — and oh look, Kotaro.
“Give me this,” you snatch the bottle from Kotaro's hands and take a large gulp — you need something to steel your nerves. “I’m keeping this,” you inform and all he can do is shrug, walking away whilst chugging the other bottle.
Thank god he didn’t mention that kiss, Kei thinks, he doesn’t think he can handle all that commotion right now.
Fuck, it’s been a long night.
Kei watches as Kotaro hollers something incoherent at Kuroo before the rooster’s eyes fall on the both of you, a smirk gracing his lips.
He snatches the alcohol from you (much to your displeasure), takes a swig, and rests it aside.
“We need to go home now.”
Tumblr media
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risumu · 2 months ago
how haikyuu boys drag you to sleep
Tumblr media
characters: various
eris’ notes: ty mel for the prompt <3
warnings: none
Tumblr media
grabs both of your hands and literally pulls you off of the couch, just grinning at you as you complain over and over under your breath about him tugging at you like this. leans in to give you a few kisses along the way
asahi, DAICHI, aran, lev, semi, YAMAGUCHI, kita, AKAASHI
tries to persuade you at first, maybe even nuzzles into you a little, but when you don’t listen he pulls at your shirt/pants until you finally get annoyed enough to give him what he wants and follow him to bed.
hinata, SAKUSA, aone, GOSHIKI, kageyama, shirabu, kunimi
one hundred percent does not ask and gives you absolutely no warning before he’s picking you up and literally carrying your ass to bed. he deadass throws you down on it too, smiles when you bounce from the impact.
ushijima, IWAIZUMI, kuroo, yamamoto, kyotani, tendou, tanaka
no no, you’re the one that’s dragging him to bed. seriously, does this man not have any sense of time? he’d stay up all night if you didn’t shove him down the hall and into your room. you might have to kiss his pout away tho.
KENMA, bokuto, NOYA, atsumu, kogane, suna, komori, hoshiumi
he’s pretty smart, i’ll give him that. he might try to convince you to come to bed once or so but if it doesn’t work then he just says something to piss you off and have you chase him so he can trap you in bed. sneaky.
osamu, MATTSUN, tsukki, yaku, terushima, OIKAWA, sugawara
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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bokunt · 2 months ago
how they react when you whisper dirty things in their ear in front of their friends
Tumblr media
character(s): multiple
warnings: suggestive (obviously)
notes: first post let’s play it safe ig lmao
Tumblr media
immediately stiffens in his seat, eyes blowing wide, swallowing the saliva in his mouth down. he’s looking around to make sure no one else heard. avoids eye contact with you for the rest of the night but other than that he acts pretty normal.
aran, kageyama, KENMA, aone, akaashi, bokuto, YAMAMOTO, komori, asahi
he just smiles as he listens to you, acts as if it doesn’t phase him but fails miserably at it. the tips of his ears turn red and he either pulls you into his lap to hide the tent in his pants or excuses himself to the restroom for a few minutes.
SUGAWARA, oikawa, matsukawa, TENDOU, kita, kuroo, semi, NOYA
oh god, poor boy. he is red red. jumps out of his seat instantly and is running to the bathroom. locks himself in there for a good twenty minutes just trying to calm down enough to walk out. you better be sweet to him later.
tanaka, YAMAGUCHI, kyotani, LEV, koganegawa, hinata, goshiki
literally does not even make him blush? you could be saying the nastiest shit and the most you might get out of him is an “okay” before he joins back in the conversation with his friends. absolutely terrible reaction, a total let down.
ushijima, SAKUSA, osamu, kunimi, SHIRABU, daichi, yaku
a menace. you wanna whisper dirty things into his ear? he cups the back of your neck and whispers out things ten times worse so now you’re the one blushing. he doesn’t let you run away either, you get to squirm beside him the rest of the night.
tsukki, ATSUMU, suna, IWAIZUMI, terushima, hoshiumi
Tumblr media
reblogs are hot!
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kabuukicho · 3 months ago
character: tsukishima kei words: 500+ tags: fingering, mentions of cunnilingus, first time. notes: read here first.
Tumblr media
tsukki presses a warm kiss to your neck. “how does it feel?”
“nice,” you breathe. you lick your lips as kei adjusts your panties further to the side so his fingers press further into you. you groan. “really nice.”
“always wanted to do this, you know,” he murmurs against your skin, and you bite back a whimper when he starts pumping his long fingers in and out of your slick heat. “but you were too busy looking at other guys.”
“i’m—ah—i’m sorry, kei,” you whine, scrambling to touch his skin. the arm you had trapped in between your bodies grips the sheets. 
“sorry for what?” he asks softly against your ear. the hand not on your cunt snakes behind you, curling over to push your shirt up and over your breasts. he slips his fingers beneath your bra to tweak your nipples.
“sorry i was—ohmygod—sorry that i wasted our time.” you shut your eyes. “holy shit, you’re really good at this.”
“spent so much time thinking about it,” he whispers, licking at your neck, and the well-placed suck he presses against your skin has you clenching. “i touch myself to you, you know.”
“oh my god, tsukishima,” you gasp.
“kei is fine.”
you can’t even think of a decent response, so you grunt and adjust your legs, your thigh brushing against the bulge steadily growing between his legs.
“do you feel that? do you feel how hard i am for you right now?” he asks lowly. “it’s troublesome, but i want to take it slow with you.” he kisses your jaw. “i waited too long for you to see what was right in front of you—”
“kei, kei, i think i’m gonna—”
his thumb brushes over your clit and your back arches off the bed as you unravel in a silent scream. tsukki twists his torso so he pushes you down with his chest, letting you ride out your first orgasm on his fingers.
you settle eventually, chest heaving, forehead dotted with sweat. you turn to him, pulling the hand from in between you and kei to reach up and touch his face as you slot your lips against his, kissing him long and deep.
you part with a breath. “your turn?”
this time he moves so he hovers fully over you, gently pulling out his fingers out of your soaked slit. he brushes his shiny fingers over his lips and licks at your arousal. you watch, mesmerized. he kisses you again, and you feel a stirring within you as you taste yourself against his mouth.
“don’t want to ruin it by being selfish,” he admits when you part. “you always told me i tended to act like an asshole.”
“i’m okay with it if it means i get to touch you, too,” you tell him honestly, and his signature composed demeanor crumbles in the slightest when he presses his forehead to yours.
“i’ve liked you for so long,” he mumbles, “all i thought about was what i would do to you.” he presses his lips against yours, then drifts down your body, leaving kisses as he goes.
your eyes follow, and heat rises to your cheeks when he settles in between your thighs and tugs off your underwear. “kei, wait—”
“shut up,” he says affectionately, kissing the inside of your leg. his eyes close behind his glasses when he settles into the apex of your thighs, and your fingers grip the sheets.
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c0rncheez · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ TimeSkip!Iwaizumi, 3rdYear!Tsukishima, TimeSkip!Osamu [PART 1]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil Angst, Lil Fluff, Crack if u Squint, hurt&comfort?, BossBitch! Y/n, Fem Y/n, They’re mean to you for like 2 seconds, Strong Language, Slight Manga Spoils, You got them wrapped around your finger sis, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ @sakusasbitch thx for the request! And I ended up adding Tsukki as well 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Iwaizumi were at the mall per your request. You noticed his stress had been building up lately and wanted to pull him away from his work for a bit.
You held onto his arm dearly while maneuvering through the shops. He was pretty quiet the whole time, only giving slight grunts to any of your questions but you didn’t want to pry nor did you really mind.
Apparently one of his clients tore their ACL again... right before the Olympics. You honestly understood why he was so stressed out but if he kept it up at that rate his face would be stuck in a permanent frown.
As you guys exited Pacsun his phone suddenly began to ring in his pocket.
“Shit” He cursed under his breathe once he checked who it was.
You pouted a bit as you peaked over his shoulder. Why was his job calling him on his scheduled day off?
“Babe-“ You tried to hold his hand from answering the phone.
He sharply shook you off of him before sneering—
“Oi, get the fuck off of me, you know I need to take this!”
You were left stunned in the middle of the mall as he stomped off to some secluded corner to answer the call. You felt your chest tighten at the whispers and gawking from the passerbys before you found a bench to sit down on near by.
The whole 6 minutes he was on the phone you did not move a single inch. Sure you might’ve crossed his boundaries from trying to police his own phone but still...
“H-hey Y/n…the call wasn’t that important just some scheduling stuff…” Iwaizumi stuttered as he sat down next to you with a sigh.
But you didn’t respond; nor look at him.
You could tell he was itching for you to say anything as his foot tapped the ground anxiously. But you kept your lips sealed tight.
“Y/n, babe… I didn’t mean to speak to you like that. I-I was just-“
“Take me home” you whispered before collecting your belongings.
This time he tried to hold your hand desperately to stop your movement.
“Babe, look at me... please” He begged uncharacteristically.
You snatched your arm away before standing up and glaring down at him.
“You expect me to stay here and fro-lick around on your arm after how you just spoke to me? I’ll be damned before I act like some desperate teenage girl. You’re stressed? Well then let’s go home, you’re not about to start talking to me like you do Oikawa. Get up and take me home.”
Iwaizumi was shocked to utter silence at the finality of your tone. He digged around in his pocket for his car keys before following your already exiting body.
He bit his lip in self loathing at the noiseless trip to the car.
Once in his vehicle he started the car but chose not to drive off just yet. You stared out the window impatiently before you felt a warm hand grasp your knee.
“Y/n, I know you were just looking out for me… I respect you way too much to ever yell at you like that. I’m so sorry, I mean that… me being stressed was no excuse” He strained out.
You still didn’t answer but you softly caressed his knuckles as he drove off. You noticed he was slightly shaking as well.
Later that afternoon he cooked your favorite dinner and kissed sweet everythings onto you. Once you were finally out of your funk you gave him a nice body massage as well.
He thought you were scarier then him when mad LMAO
Tumblr media
You idly cleaned up Tsukki’s room as he gamed with Yamaguchi on his PC. He was still quite prickly despite being in his 3rd year but you loved him nevertheless.
He definitely wasn’t the type to go about proclaiming his love in public so barely anyone even knew you guys were dating. Not even his best friend.
As you went about picking up the clothes around his bed you stumbled across a pair of briefs with green dinosaurs printed all over it.
“Aww Tsukki look!” You giggled as you ran over, teasingly showing off the boxers to him.
At first he simply frowned at your antics but once he heard Yamaguchi’s inquiry “Wait, is that Y/n?! Omg what is she doing in your room?” through the headset his embarrassment quadrupled.
He stood up and snatched his underwear from you sharply before hissing—
“You’re so annoying. Just get the hell out…I knew this was a bad idea”
He threw the boxers somewhere close to his hamper before returning back around to his game and promptly ignoring you and Yamaguchi’s questioning.
You felt your lip quiver slightly as you stared at the back of his head before turning around and following his words.
You grabbed your bag and your phone and promptly went home.
About 30 minutes later once Tsukki was out of his poor mood he finally quelled Yamaguchi’s thoughts.
“…Me and Y/n are together,” He stated.
“Well, probably not after what just happened,” Yamaguchi sweat dropped.
Tsukki paused the game and went out into the living room, suspecting you to be there but instead all your things were gone. He clicked his teeth before calling you— but it went straight to voicemail.
He power-walked back to his room before ending his game session with Yamaguchi without any explanation. He haphazardly threw on a jacket and some slides before heading over to your home.
10 minutes later you heard a knock on your front door. With a sigh you trudged over to answer only to reveal the source of your headache.
You simply stared at him, not offering any sort of greeting. You leaned on the side of the door with your arms crossed while peering up at him unimpressed.
“Uh, can I come in?” He scratched the back of his head.
“Okay well... I’m…sorry” he struggled to conceive.
He couldn’t even meet your eyes during his little…apology. You waited patiently until he finally lifted his head before you let your words spill.
“You’re an adult Tsukki, that little tsundere boy act is tired and old. If everytime you are in an uncomfortable situation you resort to lashing out on me then I don’t want to be apart of this. If something makes you uncomfortable you tell me, that’s how relationships work.”
He gnawed his lip during your verbal lashing. It was hard to hear but everything you spoke was the truth. He wasn’t the best at articulating himself but what he did know was that he didn’t want to lose you and he never meant any of the cruel things he said.
“I… I’ll be better...” He side glanced again, “so how can I make it up to you?”
You already knew what you signed up for once you fell inlove with his emotionally constipated self so you weren’t expecting a five paragraph essay of how much he loved you. That’s just not how the both of you worked.
So you smirked as a satisfying plan emerged into your mind.
The next week you guys made your relationship very public—
As Tsukishima walked down the school hallway with his shirt filled with dozens of your pictures and hearts he learned very quickly not to cross you again.
“This is for Y/n” he chanted in his head as he scowled at Hinata crying on the floor laughing.
Tumblr media
It was close to closing time for Onigiri Miya so you decided to drop on by your man’s establishment so you could head home together.
Once there you were surprised by how busy it was. There was still a long line despite the place closing in just an hour.
You decided to nab a table for yourself as Osamu and his employees handled the influx of customers. You didn’t want to disturb them as they worked quickly to satiate everyone.
Thankfully about 30 minutes later the restaurant was finally starting to bustle down so you decided to head to the counter to get yourself dinner.
The cashier greeted you happily as you were her bosses significant other and asked for your order.
Before you could even utter what you wanted Osamu came out from the back with an upset disposition.
“Really Y/n? Ya just sat around as yer saw how swamped we were ‘nd now yer addin’ to the load?”
The cashier nervously looked between the both of you before you responded.
“Well I didn’t want to disturb you guys since the last time I tried to help you yelled at me.” You rolled your eyes.
“Well get some damn food some place else, ya see us tryin’ to clean up.” He shot back as he closed the cashier’s register so you couldn’t order anything.
You really had to hold your tongue from cussing him out in front of everyone. He always got like this whenever he was busy. So instead you pulled your phone out and dialed in the number you needed.
“Who yer callin’?” He crossed his arms as his cashier scurried to the back.
Once your call was picked up Osamu’s eyes widened at the voice on the other side.
You held you phone to your shoulder as you replied to him.
“Your replacement is on the phone, so I suggest you talk to me with a bit more respect than that.”
He tried to grab your phone but you held it out of reach.
You gracefully flipped your hair over your shoulder as Osamu furrowed his eyes at your games.
“ Atsumu, what do you want to eat? I’m at your brother’s place right now.”
“Fine Y/n, fine,” Osamu surrendered, “I’ll make you yer damn food jus’ hang up on that bastard.”
You sweetly smiled up at him, “Say sorry and say please!”
He rolled his eyes not being able to stop his smile in return before turning to the kitchen.
“Please nd’ sorry… yer lucky I love ya,” he chided softly before heading to the back.
You quickly hung up on a confused Atsumu as you stared lovingly at your man’s retreating silhouette. In all actuality the only man for you was Osamu but sometimes that mouth of his needed a checkup.
Later that night you shared your onigiri with Osamu while he playfully pinched your cheeks for being so bold.
But he wouldn’t lie— he liked the sass... a lot.
Also Atsumu still thought he was getting food LMAO
Tumblr media
A/n ~ I’m not as confident in these characterizations 😭😭 but I hope you guys enjoyed them
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johnsrevelation · 27 days ago
why am i suddenly thinking of absolutely pussy drunk, whipped tsukishima, who's obsessed with you and can't stop hoping you'll return his feelings. when you kiss him after the first date he almost explodes, rubs his cock raw that night with whimpers of your name. After date number two you pull your skirt up in the dark halfway of your apartment and beg him to stuff your cunt. You've been wet all through the stupid blockbuster movie, since he gently took your hand. His hard, snarky persona is mauled by your antics, all he can and want to do is obey and make you cum.
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lazy-azie · 5 months ago
hands off.
pairing: tsukishima kei x f!reader
warnings: NSFW, minors do NOT interact, all characters aged up 18+, tw!stepcest, tw!dubcon, swearing, lots and lots of teasing, degrading, use of “little one”, use of “onii-chan”, use of “slut”, brat play/brat taming, fingering, spit, oral f!receiving, oral m!receiving, deepthroating, gagging, cum swallowing
a/n - this scenario is my part of the everything-cest collab made by the lovely @dilfhub​! i really got into this one...em...yeah. enjoy! (wc: 2.2k)
my masterlist | wanna make a request?
“And what do we have here?” You sneer. “Porno magazines still exist? Wow, onii-chan, you really are lame.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima was usually the type to sport a scowl and keep to himself ninety-nine percent of the time. He wasn’t like that with you, though. No, you were his perfect little subject to tease. And he made sure he reminded you of it everyday. 
Partly because it was fun, but also partly because you turned him on. Unfortunately you never picked up on that last bit. But now that your parents are going out of town, he figures it’s time to make things crystal clear.
“I hate you!” You yell at your stepbrother. “You walk around like you’re tough shit, but you’re the absolute worst, Tsukki!”
“Do me a favor, Y/N, and keep your pretty little mouth shut. You’re wasting my oxygen.”
“Mom!” You wail, stomping to the living room. Your brother follows behind.
“Can the two of you get along for once?” She sighs, swinging her purse over her shoulder.
“Take me with you, mom,” You plead dramatically. “Don’t leave me here with this... this asshole!”
“Language,” She warns, raising an arched brow at you. You pout. Turning on your heel, you find yourself face-to-face with the presumptuous blonde.
“Yeah. Language, Y/N.” He mimes.
You roll your eyes. “I can’t believe I have to spend the whole week alone with you. This is hell. Actually, no, this is worse than hell.”
“Go on, little one. Get it all out of your system. Feel better yet?”
Honey eyes peer down at you from thick frames. You ball your fists up as the front door opens. You turn around to see your parents wave goodbye.
“See you both on Saturday.” Your mother says, before averting her eyes to you. “And Y/N, don’t be a brat to your brother, please. Keep your hands off of him. It’s only a week.”
You scoff as the door quickly shuts. Flipping back around, you’re met with a cocky smirk as your lanky sibling towers over you.
“Exactly. Hands off.”
“As if I would ever wanna touch you,” You say, pushing past him and heading to his room.
“Ouch. That hurts my feelings.” You hear his voice echo through the hallway. Entering through his room door, your eyes scan over the room before landing upon a plastic drawer cart next to his bed that’s slightly cracked open. You drop to your knees, sliding the bottom slot open and being met with numerous magazines.
“Hey, what are you doing?” He calls out, noticing your unusual silence. You rummage through the pages as heavy footsteps approach.
“I need pictures for my art collage.” You explain, flipping through each magazine. You’re almost at the bottom of the drawer when you come across an ‘adult rated’ one.
“And what do we have here?” You sneer. You lift the booklet up by the corner, pinching it between your thumb and index finger.
“Don’t touch that!” He says, quickly reaching for it from behind you. You hug it close to your chest as he fumbles to gain control of it.
“I could use this, you know. Maybe even do a nude portrait for my project, instead?”
“Y/N, quit it. Give it back.” He says, voice dropping an octave.
“Porno magazines still exist?” You question. “Wow, nii-chan, you really are lame.”
“You are so fucking annoying.” He grumbles. “Give my shit back.”
Satisfied by how quickly the tables turned, you sigh. “Nope. Hands off.” You mock proudly.
“If you don’t stop, I’m gonna make you, Y/N.”
“Is that supposed to scare me?” You tease as all struggle comes to a halt. “You don’t scare me, Tsukki.”
Within seconds, your skirt is bunched around your waist, the cool air circulating the room now blowing over your ass. You gasp, dropping the magazine instantly.
“What’s wrong?”
“T-Tsukki!” You exclaim, blushing. “W-Why would you do that?!” 
He had lifted your skirt like it was nothing. You can feel his hands roam your thighs, coming up higher and higher.
“Go ahead and get those clips you need for your art project. You were so stubborn about taking them just a minute ago. Why stop now?”
“C-Cause,” You speak falteringly, feeling heat rush to your core.
“C-C-Cause what?” He pokes fun at you, running a slender finger up your slit. “Is it ‘cause your brother has you distracted now, hm?”
You’re at a loss for words. There had been some sexual tension since you became part of Tsukishima’s family, sure, but nothing like this. It hasn’t even been thirty minutes since your parents left the house, and he’s ogling over your bare ass!
“I can’t believe you.” You whisper.
“Really?” He snickers. “All of that misbehaving. You really thought I wasn’t gonna punish you, slut?”
“You’re my stepbrother.” You argue. He adds another finger to the one that was currently rubbing your clothed clit.
“So that makes all of your little games justified, now, right?” He spanks it lightly, and a whimper escapes your lips.
“Don’t act so innocent, little one. Calling me ‘onii-chan’ in that whiney voice, prancing around at night in those cute little undies. Moaning while you touch yourself, knowing damn well I could hear you in the next room over. You were taunting me, Y/N. For months. You’re a fucking tease. This was long overdue.”
He shifts, leaning down to bite lightly at the wet spot of your thong. You shiver.
“You were just begging me to do this. As soon as mom and dad left for vacation. You wanted me to put you in your place, didn’t you?”
He pulls at the thin fabric before letting it go. The impact stings the delicate skin there. “Didn’t you?” He demands.
A weak “Y-Yes,” is all you can manage. He sighs.
“You don’t even deserve it.” He mutters, removing his hand. “Maybe I should leave you alone to take care of yourself. Fucking brat.”
“No,” You beg, wetness practically pooling in your panties. You grab onto his forearm, pressing your cleavage upon it. “Make me feel good.”
“You want your brother to make you feel good?” He asks, grabbing your chin and forcing you stare up at him. “Why should I, huh? When you’ve been such a bratty little slut?”
“I won’t be that way, Tsukki.” You moan as he gently fondles one of your breasts. You knew that your brother stayed true to his word, and the last thing you wanted was for him to stop. So you tell him what he’s been dying to hear. “I promise, onii-chan. I’ll be good. For you.”
He pauses, merely looking down at you while his erection grows. It made him so hard, knowing he’s reduced you to this obedient little plaything. Especially knowing that just moments ago, you were acting like a self-absored little brat.
“Fine.” He murmurs. “But you better listen to what I tell you. You got that?”
You nod, flipping over and leaning your back against the wall. You grab the inside of your thighs, spreading them apart as your slick begins to run down to your asshole.
“Fuck yes. Let me see that pretty pussy.” He breathes, steady amber eyes focusing directly on your seeping cunt.
“For me, huh?” He says under his breath. “You’re a naughty little sister, you know that?” He swallows. “So fucking naughty.”
You begin growing impatient, unable to stop what you say next. “Well then don’t just sit there, Tsukki...”
Your heart skips a beat once you realize it. His eyes turn dark as he locks them with yours, tilting his head slightly.
“What was that, Y/N?”
“I-I mean-”
“You’re such a fucking brat, you don’t even know how to be patient.” He growls. He slips his middle and ring finger inside of you easily. Before you know it, he’s getting rough. Knuckles deep, with no remorse.
“A-Ah!” You moan, absent mindedly spreading your legs even wider for him. He spits, saliva dripping directly onto the top of your clit.
“Look at that. Your pussy is begging for me.” He states, using his thumb to collect the lubricant on his finger as he presses on your raw nub. You inhale sharply. “Since your body knows how to play nice, I’m gonna let you try to say that again.”
You whimper in an attempt to catch your brother’s attention.
“Yes?” He hums, rubbing quick circles while simultaneously pumping skilled fingers in and out of you.
“Please,” You gasp. “Taste me.”
He looks at you over his glasses.
“That desperate, huh?” He gloats. “Don’t even wanna take it slow with...” 
He leans down to your lips. “...your onii-chan?”
“Tsukki!” You mewl restlessly, clenching tightly around his digits.
“Hmm,” He wonders, leaning in and enclosing your lips between his own. You can feel your heart rise in your throat as the kiss becomes messier and sloppier -- just like your pussy. It felt so incredibly wrong, letting him do this to you, but just as incredibly good.
He pulls away, leaving a thin string of saliva connecting the two of you. Squelching sounds of your fluids fill the room.
“You’re so fucking wet,” He mutters, speeding up the pace. You’re close -- really close -- when he stops what he’s doing and dips down. His big hands grab hold of the tops of your thighs as he slowly licks a stripe up your clit. His glasses begin to fog and a rosy blush appears on his cheeks, and for some reason, he looks even sexier that way.
You’re moaning louder now as he goes over the same area again and again. Your back arches as he takes all of you in his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue over your clit vigorously. 
You come undone soon after, grinding down on his lips and pulling harshly at the roots of his light hair. “N-Nii-chan!” You squeal, thighs pressing against both sides of his head.
You’re practically dripping, and being the good brother he is, he makes sure none of it goes to waste. He immediately laps up all of your mess before coming up for air.
“So fucking tasty, too,” He adds, grabbing your jaw and holding it open. You compliantly stick out your tongue as the clear liquid collects from his mouth and drops on your tastebuds. You promptly gulp it down.
“Wanna return the favor for your nii-chan?” He taunts, releasing his long cock from his briefs. It springs and hits his happy trail as you stare in awe.
“I-I don’t know if I’ll be able to take all of that.”
“C’mon, Y/N. Don’t make me blush.” He jokes, stroking it a few times. “Or are you just that inexperienced? Fine, little one. Start with the tip and work your way down.”
“I know how to give head.” You retort. He puts his arms up in false surrender as you wrap your small hand around his length. He’s not too thick, but he’s long. Gagging is definitely a possibility here.
Sweat drips down your neck as you quickly assess the situation. Your parents left the two of you alone, their last sight being their innocent children arguing. And now you’re about to go down on your stepbrother. How is the rest of this week gonna play out? How the fuck are things gonna be from now on? 
“Is it too big for you?” He purrs, cupping your face and squeezing your cheeks. He feigns sympathy. “If it’s too big, you can tell me.”
You discreetly roll your eyes as you shake away your thoughts. Tsukishima was a cocky fucker, but that’s what also made him so damn hot.
Starting with a few kitten licks, you devour the head of his cock soon after. He’s quiet as your head bobs up and down. When your nose hits the fine hair lining his stomach, however, he jolts.
“S-Shit,” He says through clenched teeth. Taken aback, you look up at him, allowing the tip of his dick to hit the back of your throat again.
This time, his grunt is quieter, but you’ve already figured it out. He’s into deepthroating.
From then on, you make sure to take him down as far as you can. You’re even willing to go as far as choking on his cock, which turns him on immensely. His legs quiver as he pushes your head up and down.
“God, Y/N.” He groans, bucking his hips to fuck your throat better. “Taking all of this cock so well. Open your mouth a bit wider.”
You try to give a delighted moan in response to his praise, but with him stuffing your mouth, it comes out more as a gargle. He chuckles, and keeps thrusting into the back of your throat. “Fuck yes,” He moans, cock thickening as he quickens his pace. “Maybe you do know what you’re doing, little one.”
Within a few more minutes, he’s swelling in your mouth even more than you thought possible.
“I’m close,” He pants, golden eyes searching for yours with lust. “Where do you want it?”
You do nothing, except continue to gag.
“I bet you wanna swallow it, huh? You wanna swallow my fucking cum?”
“Mhmmm.” You babble, drool sticking to your shirt as he fucks your mouth without stopping.
“Do it then. Swallow it all, but don’t you waste a drop, you got that? Don’t you fucking waste it. Drink that fucking cum. Fuck! Fuck—“
He groans at the sight of your throat bulging under the pulse of his cock. Warmth floods into the back of your mouth, as he lets out a deep moan. You swallow his semen with ease. You rotate your tongue around the pink tip before pulling away. Some of the white, milky liquid remains on the corners of your lips.
“You taste really good, onii-chan.” You drone, using your pinky finger to collect the remnants. You suck it off seductively as he sucks on his lower lip.
“Sheesh, Y/N.” He utters, running his fingers through his thick locks as he stumbles. “You’re such a slutty stepsister.” 
You giggle, sliding your panties back on and standing on your tippy toes to wrap your hands around his neck. “That’s a good thing, though, right?” You chirp. “Right, Tsukki?”
“Yes,” He replies, taking his glasses off to wipe them clean with the underside of his shirt. You place a needy kiss on his lips before he places them back on his face.
“But keep your hands off of my shit, you brat.”
Wanna read part 2?
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araragomennnn · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more than a crush
pairing: tsukishima x gn! reader
genre: FLUFF!!
warnings: swearing only
author's note: I needed to write something to get my gears turning before I start posting regularly again and for some reason I have not posted anything about this fine ass man yet??? I haven't seen many soft tsukki fics so writing this was a necessity.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima’s heart was racing, looking anywhere but in your direction when you sat at your desk, finding a white envelope.
Stupid, embarrassing almost.
Since when did tsukishima write romantic poetry? Or even poetry for that matter.
And since when did he go from being careful and calculated to writing sappy poems at 3 am
for you?
It could be worse, he told himself, he could have chosen a pink envelope instead of a white one taking this situation to a whole new level of disgusting.
Like the colour of the envelope changes the fact that he wrote a lovesick poem for you at 3 am in the morning.
He valiantly controlled the urge to turn on his heels and make a run for it when you picked up the envelope, eying it suspiciously like any normal person would.
He thinks his soul left his body when he watched you open the envelope from the corner of his eye.
“Oh my god is that a love letter?” a friend of yours asked, chirping behind you.
“Yeah, but it’s not signed though”
Leave it to tsukishima to lose his shit over an unsigned love letter.
This was the perfect solution to the massive problem at hand.
The problem being his feelings towards you.
Being the rational person he was,
Every problem had a solution, right?
The love letter that was supposed to diffuse his feelings for you backfired completely when he saw the way you smiled reading the poem he put hours into.
When warmth blossomed in his chest instead of cold indifference,
He knew he was fucked.
Tsukishima had always been popular with girls, not that he cared though.
But he couldn’t help but wonder how you weren’t even the slightest bit swayed by him or when he received gifts and boxes of chocolates from all of the girls in his class on valentines day and yet not a single one from you.
So, of course, he came to the perfectly logical conclusion that what he was feeling wasn’t something ridiculous like a crush or unrealistic like love because god forbid something like that plagues him but was actually just plain old curiosity. idiot.
However, his heart skipping a beat every time you smiled and the giddy feeling he was encompassed with every time you spoke to him clearly said otherwise.
I’m not interested in dating he told Yamaguchi
I couldn’t really care less he said.
Oh if only he could have seen himself now.
Hands dusty with flour as he kneaded dough.
Why was he kneading dough you may ask?
He volunteered to partner with you for extra credit in home economics.
Extra credit that he didn’t need.
He has not the slightest clue as to what possessed him to do something like this because he absolutely detested unnecessary work
but he did
and now here he is kneading dough in your kitchen while you prepare the frosting for the strawberry shortcakes you were making.
But what perplexed him the most was not his sudden eagerness to work his Saturday away but the feeling of contentment and almost excitement replacing his standard irritation in a situation like this.
It was the fact that he didn't mind this, that he liked it which confused him the most.
Catching himself staring at you with doe eyes as you battled with your share of dough way too many times for it to be shrugged off as just curiosity.
“Here let me help” you offered, glancing at his unattended blob of dough that he hadn’t made much progress with because he was too busy staring at you.
“Oh um it’s alright”
“shh move over”
“Really its fi-”
You didn’t give him time to finish as you ducked under his arms such that you were encased between them, your back resting his torso and head against his chest as you placed your hands on what was basically some wet flour.
Tsukishima swears he’s forgotten how to breathe,
A full-blown crimson blush erupted across his cheeks, his golden orbs blown wide.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked, mustering the power to not stutter.
You turned, looking at him like he asked the most blatant question ever, quirking a brow “kneading dough, obviously” you said gesturing towards it.
He fiercely debated in his head whether he should stay like this with you or move away just in case he was making you uncomfortable and also because he was afraid that you may hear how loud his heart was beating.
Deciding against moving away, he joined in on the kneading.
Safe to say the dough got extremely over kneaded to the point you had to throw it away and make a fresh batch.
Sometimes, tsukishima thinks the sun was made just for you, with the way its rays fell ever so gently against your skin illuminating you as if you were a god.
But that was not the only thing he was focusing on, his chest felt fuzzy and his heartbeat raised as your hand took his, leading him to the infirmary when he hurt his hand during a practice match.
His skin was on fire where your hand met his as you tended to it, concern evident in your eyes, eyebrows furrowed.
“You need to tape your fingers tsukishima, it’s really bad this time” you said, a frown on your face.
He knows he shouldn’t be this hopelessly giddy considering you’re this upset with him, he knows his chest shouldn’t be feeling this warm and head this fuzzy but with your hand in his, in this quiet room away from everyone the penny finally drops.
His fingers curl into yours as a warm smile adorns his features “call me kei”
Shit, this might just be more than a crush.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii
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ovurtime · a month ago
𖧷 hq boys + "im breaking up with you" prank
with: t. kei, m. atsumu, o. tooru, b. koutarou x gn!reader
tw: one use of the word bitch
ollie's notes: my first post + my first smau all in one its like christmas;; also just now realizing i forgot the t in atsumus nickname?? but i dont want to redo it
pt two : k. tetsurou, s. kiyoomi, u. wakatoshi, s. rintarou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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amjustagirl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Best friends to lovers with Tsukishima - 615 words of fluff 
Tumblr media
“Your mother called again.”
Tsukishima just hums in acknowledgement, doesn’t even bother looking up from his emails. You huff an indignant breath through your nose, reach over to yank the wire to pull an earbud from his ear. 
“You’re not even going to ask me why she called?”
His eyes curve into half-moons, irritation washing over his features. “I’m going to visit her this weekend already. She can tell me what she wants then. If it’s truly important she’d drop me a text if I don’t call back.”
“Kei!” you cry, scandalised. “That’s your mom.”
He rolls his eyes, tugging his ear bud away from you. 
“Look, she probably called to talk about three things.” He raises a finger. “To make sure I’m eating and sleeping well - I’m not a child, I know how to take care of myself”. He raises another finger. “To remind me that I’m due home this weekend, which I already bought train tickets for”, he wriggles a third finger - “and to nag me to find a girlfriend, which is never going to happen, so she can forget about that.”
“Did I miss anything out?” 
He didn’t - these are exactly the things his mother chattered your ear off about this morning when he was out at work, and his smirk when you slump in defeat infuriates you, makes you want to tease him and wipe that satisfied expression off his face.
“Well, she did mention about setting you up on a blind date with some neighbour’s daughter -” 
“Never going to happen” he interrupts dismissively. “She should know by now to leave me alone, I’m busy.”
He is busy juggling work at the Sendai City Museum whilst fighting to maintain his spot as a starting middle blocker on the Sendai Frogs, balancing both his obsession with dinosaur bones with his no longer secret love for volleyball. You knew this when you met him in university, drawn into his orbit by Yamaguchi and Yachi, an unwitting addition to their trio once the sunny duo started dating, a fact that his mother has lamented about to you so many times after you’ve moved in with him and Yamaguchi after university. 
“You’re going to be left old and bitter and lonely if you don’t put yourself out there while you’re still young”, you tease. 
“I’m already old and bitter”, he deadpans. “And as if I’d ever be lonely with you and Yamguchi pestering me for the rest of my life.”
“I should occupy myself by going on more dates then”, you muse, tapping your chin. “That way I won’t be home so much to bother you.”
“Please don’t”, he snaps immediately. “Your taste in men is awful. I’ve had enough of you moping on the sofa when your dates don’t work out, it spoils my mood.” 
“Aww Kei”, you sing song, leaning over to flick his nose. “Are you jealous?” 
He doesn’t reply, swivelling his chair sharply back to his laptop, his typing increasing in volume and frequency. You know him well enough to recognise his tells. He’s frustrated - why? 
“Tsukki - “
“Look - you could do so much better, okay?” He states plainly, the tips of his ears turning pink. “You deserve better than those lying, cheating scumbugs you’ve been stupid enough to waste your time on and I don’t understand how you can’t see what’s before your very eyes, you blind bat.”
Typical Tsukki. You have to sieve through insults and complaints to unearth what he truly means, read between the lines to figure out how he truly feels. You’ve never thought you’d ever have a chance with your best friend, assuming he’d only see you as a friend and nothing more. 
You’re wrong. 
“Kei”, you say softly. “Would you say my taste in men is still awful if I ask you out instead?” 
He stops typing. 
“Maybe”, he says, trying to remain nonchalant, as he shoots you a shy smile. 
Tumblr media
a/n: written for @kohi-zeri​, hope you enjoy it bb!!!!
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swellsweaters · a month ago
Tsukishima with a fierce but sensitive s/o... They like teasing him back with witty remarks but he suddenly struck an inscurity of theirs (like not being smart bcuz they are having trouble in classes) and they try to play it off as if it's nothing
accidentally bringing up an insecurity of their s/o's
Tumblr media
ft. tsukishima x reader
[ warnings : insecurity+misunderstandings | hurt/comfort+angst to fluff ] a/n : i love ur brain vv much. <33 thank u for ur services — i also changed up my theme a lil, and i plan on adding more soon ! lmk what u think :)
Tumblr media
To say he was used to your quick-witted rebuttals was an understatement - you were well known for your competitive demeanour.
Granted, being rather harsh himself, Tsukki was grateful for your ability to shove an insult right back in his face rather than shy away.
You weren't one to back down from a provocation, and he welcomed that about you, considering it habitually required him.
Thus, he loved the non-stop banter. It was all in the spirit of fun and games, neither of you worried about inadvertently hurting the other's feelings.
Well, at least on the surface.
Classes had been hard for you, assigning homework left and right, offering you no room to catch a breather. You completed the homework to the best of your ability, knowing full well that the questions that had been formatted and selected were meant to examine your knowledge, not hinder it.
You let a loud bout of laughter ring, and not wanting to worry your boyfriend, you kept to yourself, hiding your struggles as well as possible.
It was one day after yet another exam, where you had finally had met your breaking point, after having received a grade that much to hinder your overall average for the subject.
And having that Tsukishima was in the same class, there was little you could do to elude him.
"Y/n," you heard him call, causing you to involuntarily flinch at the sound.
You turned to face your boyfriend, his face adorned with his trademark, cocky smirk, his own paper in hand, and hoped that he hadn't noted your unexpected behaviour change.
Somewhat gulping, you returned his smirk with one of your own, "Hey, get a failing grade yet?" You asked, not so discreetly flipping your own exam over.
He gave you a questioning brow, observing your odd response to his presence. "I'm not the one hiding my score right now," he inquired, watching as you faked a scoff for him, "And no, I didn't, this test was painstakingly easy if you studied. It takes a certain talent to fail that, I mean, unless you tried."
Of course.
How was he, of all people, going to understand?
Tsukki had never gotten a grade below a B - as far as you were concerned - let alone fucking flunk a test. You knew he felt strongly responsible for his grades, and you also knew he worked hard for them.
Who was he to know how this felt?
A sad, unheard chuckle softly breathed past your lips: you should've known.
Of course, it was easy for him.
Trying to ignore the sudden flash of heat licking behind your eyes, you quickly got up and swung your backpack over your arm, making a bee-line for the classroom exit.
Of course, it was easy for everyone else.
You muttered an unintelligible, half-hearted compliment of praise as you shrugged past him, ignoring his alarm when he called out for you.
'Don't cry, don't cry, don'tcryDON'TCRYDON'TCRY.'
You picked up your pace as gentle tears forced their way from your eyes.
The mantra was deafening in your head, almost becoming too overbearing when it blended with the already loud hallway, overflowing with people.
A low sob escaped your mouth when you finally pushed past the horde of students, locking yourself away in a stall, sinking against the bathroom wall to hug your knees to your chest.
How could've lost control so easily?
'Pathetic,' you thought solemnly, a pathetic whimper bubbling in your mouth, 'So pathetic.'
Your quiet sobs instantly ceased, caught within your throat while a new panic took its place - he had followed you. And worse, he had seen you, he must've otherwise-
"I know you're in there... C'mon, get out."
Your silence, you heard, made him sigh audibly loud.
"Are you really going to make me come in?"
Understanding he was merely testing you, aiming to make you return back to class with him, you remained silent and rapidly wiped away at the wetness that coated your cheeks. He wouldn't actually enter, at least, not until you said something to acknowledge him.
Knowing him, he would probably leave you be.
Footsteps could be heard entering the washroom, and you dismissed them, knowing that the people outside would mostly assume that your stall was taken.
You sniffled, heaving out a breathe to re-regulate your shuddered breathing, watching the shadows move underneath the door with little care.
A loud knock on your stall was sounded and you responded with a plain "Occupied", hoping and wishing them gone at your reply.
Though, you noted, that the footsteps did not move from their place by the door, and instead you heard them slide down in front of it.
You froze, unsure of what to do. Had they not heard you? Or maybe they were ignoring you? Mustering up the courage to speak, you cured your legs closer to your chest.
"It- uhm," you stuttered, cursing the shakiness in your voice, "This stall is occupied-"
"I told you, I knew you were in here."
Due to the strange yet comforting familiarity of the voice, your brain quickly pieced it together, "Tsukishima!"
"Surprise," a scoff was muffled from the other side of the door.
"What're you...?" you began carefully, immediately relaxing at the sound of your boyfriend's soft tone.
He shuffled, "I'm- Well, I am-"
You heard him groan, causing you to chuckle at his dismay.
Tsukishima's heart twinged at the sheer amount of sadness that rang out in your small burst of laughter.
"I really did a number on you, huh," he muttered, just loud enough for you to pick up.
You smiled to yourself, "So, that's why you're here?"
"Shut up," he snapped, glad that you weren't in front of him to see the embarrassed flush on his face.
Upon hearing you sniffle, he sighed, running a hand over his mouth, "I'm so sorry, Y/n."
"Hmm? I didn't quite catch that," you teased, trying to lighten the mood, wincing at the sincerity of his voice. The last thing you wanted to finish your breakdown, no less in front of him.
"Then open up the door, idiot."
You let a loud, emotional bout of laughter, "Smooth, real smooth, Tsukki."
He pouted slightly, leaning impossibly closer into the door.
"You don't - and shouldn't - feel inclined to fake a smile, a laugh, or emotions just to appease me, Y/n... I know I'm not the best with this, but please understand that I was totally out of line back in the classroom," he let out a shaky breath, fiddling with his hands and let his head rest against back on the entrance between both your forms. "You're not stupid, and I don't know why I said that to you. But I promise- I promise, I did not mean a word of it."
"..." You opened the door, allowing yourself to smirk at his surprised yelp when he fell back into the stall.
"Yeah, you're forgiven... you klutz."
Tumblr media
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risumu · 2 months ago
where they have stretch marks
Tumblr media
characters: various
eris’ notes: idk i just find stretch marks rlly attractive and pretty so i wanted to do this
warnings: none
Tumblr media
around his waist. they scatter all the way over to the small of his back, slightly up his spine, and along his stomach. they’re more thin, but there’s a lot of them.
asahi, USHIJIMA, kenma, yamaguchi, tendou, TSUKKI, suna, akaashi, SHIRABU
on his arms. you can see where the skin has stretched to accommodate the muscle growth in his biceps, runs to his shoulder blades too. visible in t-shirts.
goshiki, IWAIZUMI, tanaka, KYOTANI, yamamoto, semi, KONOHA, kageyama
the insides of his thighs. years of jumping and running has made his body grow in order to supply power, and it shows in the many marks on his legs.
BOKUTO, aran, SAKUSA, hoshiumi, atsumu, kuroo, hinata, yaku, noya, KANJI
all on his chest. they stretch over from ribs to ribs and are more abundant closer to his sternum. more faint, but dipped so they’re noticeable.
daichi, OSAMU, aone, KITA, matsukawa, terushima, oikawa, LEV, sugawara
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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solarchuu · 3 months ago
HHHH tsukki making you help him get off
him trying to break you <3
painting your face with his cum after he got jealous
him fucking you like this after he missed you:(
also you didn’t even ask but
issei having sex for the first time after a while, completely losing himself in the way your cunt milks him sir everything
bo not wanting to lose the feeling of your thighs around his head and your taste in his mouth, so he gets himself off while tongue fucking you
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heichoe · a month ago
“y’know, i bet that if a pretty girl kissed tsukishima, he’d still have that ugly scowl on his face.”
you hear hinata continue to mumble to himself after said tsukishima rejects his offer to throw some balls for him to practice his blocking.
“you think so?” and hinata looks like a deer caught in headlights at having been heard. it’s pretty funny.
“w-well, yeah,” he seems to regain his composure, “not that any pretty girl would kiss him with that frown— he’s scary and mean.”
you hum, he has a point. tsuki can be mean— but not scary, not to you, at least.
“hey! tsukki!” you call out to the subject of your conversation and hinata looks absolutely mortified,
“(y/n)!,” he whisper-yells, “what are you- don’t tell him i said that!”
and you give him a knowing smile— knowing of what, he’s not sure— but you wink and mouth at him, “watch”
tsukishima looks positively bothered and inconvenienced as he makes his way towards the both of you, “what?” he spits out. his eyes never look down at hinata.
you smirk up at him as your hand settles on his shoulder and your other curls as the back of his neck, “nothin’” you look up a him with big, starry eyes, wetting your lips, and you know you’ve got him as you notice his adam’s apple bobble at his throat.
you stand on the tips of your toes to press your lips against his, gently. around you, the squeaking of shoes against the gym floor goes quiet.
the kiss only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it’s enough to bloom a cherry blossom pink on his cheeks. you sigh, and he lets out a quiet tch but you notice that his hand doesn’t really leave your waist when you both part, breaths mingling.
“was that really necessary, (y/n)?” he’s pulling away now, adjusting his glasses; if it was anyone else, you’d say he was almost shy.
“nope,” you pop the ‘p’ and give him your best smile, “just felt like it.”
he shakes his head as he retreats back to the courts of the gym, and, incredibly, there’s the likes to a small smile on his face.
hinata’s jaw is on the floor.
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hinatawa · a month ago
please do Tsukki: stealing his glasses + running off with them 😈
"oh! are those new, tsukishima?"
before he can think of responding, the pressure against his nose vanishes and the manga he was reading over the lunch break goes blurry. kei sighs and closes his eyes. "hey. give them back."
you grin, grabbing the chair by the desk next to him and twisting it, resting your arms on the backrest and stradding the seat. "nope."
he sighs and reaches into his bag, pulling out a glasses case. he unfolds it and takes out another pair.
"oh, wait. i thought these were new?" you ask, confused.
"they are; these are my old ones," kei responds calmly, fitting in his old glasses. his eyes slide to meet yours. "my grade went up."
"you should really stop reading in the dark," you say, twirling one of the temple tips between your fingers.
tsukishima gives you a light glare. "hey. be careful."
"i wonder if i'll look cute in these," you ponder, lightly grabbing the temples as you shut your eyes. you slip them over your ears. "holy shit. tsukishima, you're blind."
"if you're quite done," he says in an irritated drawl.
you slide off the glasses with a grin, handing them over. "here. these probably don't look good on me, anyway."
he closes his eyes as he slips off his old glasses with one hand, and slides on the newer pair with his other. his eyes blink beneath his lenses. "you look good just as you are, anyway," he comments nonchalantly, and your grin vanishes.
you press your face into the grain of his table. "don't say embarrassing things," you mumble.
kei goes back to his manga with a hum, and you feel his hand gently pat your head.
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
# tsukki as the supportive college bf !
requested by: eris bby <3 @woahsamu
college bf master list !!
Tumblr media
✫ doesn't let you feel bad about a low grade
fear and nervousness fills your mind as the rustling of papers becomes louder and louder. your professor is calling each student up for their graded exams, and the look on each face walking back amplifies your fear. playing with your hands, you look over to your boyfriend who looks as unbothered as ever. knowing him, he isn't nervous about receiving his grade. your row finally gets called up to the front.
with your graded exam in your hands, you can't help but tremble as your eyes blur. the red marks on your paper are alarming.
tsukki has already put his exam away, yet you're still standing there wondering where you went wrong. you studied, did every practice problem available.
"how'd you do, y/n?" he asks you, walking up to your still figure. you simply show him your paper, hands shaking and all. looking up at him, you notice that his expression remains neutral.
"i studied so hard for this. we studied together, too! where did i go wrong?"
he simply wraps his arm around your shoulder and tells you, "first of all, you didn't do as bad as you think you did. the kid next to me got the whole first page wrong. that's 30 points right there. second, maybe we just need to go over these types of questions again."
you look over to the student who usually sits next to tsukki. he's in tears, too.
"yeah, can we?" you ask him in a whispered voice, and he nods. as you two walk out of the lecture hall, he nonchalantly slips your exam out of your hand and into your backpack in an attempt to get it out of your view and mind.
✫ plans study dates regularly so he can see you
"we're supposed to be studying, you know?" you look over to tsukki, who has his headphones on and is scrolling on his phone.
“hm?” he takes his headphones off and looks over to you. somehow, he still looks pretty after a long day of classes. his hair is tousled and his glasses are slightly slipping off his nose.
“didn’t you say we were having a study date? i don’t wanna study alone,” you whine lightly, annoyed at the fact that you could be napping right now. he smirks at your expression, and then slides over next to you. placing one of his headphones in your ear, he puts his phone on the desk. a playlist called ‘studying w stupid’ is open. you roll your eyes at the title and he laughs — at least it’s catchy.
“okay, now we can study,” he says, pulling your book closer to the two of you. with your favorite song playing in your ear and your favorite boy, despite his annoying antics, beside you, you’re content.
✫ never allows you to pull an all-nighter before an exam
“hey dumbass, why are you still awake?” is the first thing you hear when you pick up his call.
“hello to you, too, kei,” you say with a yawn. “to answer your question, i’m still studying for my exam tomorrow.”
you hear him sigh through the phone, one that shows that he’s just as tired as you are
“just go to sleep. you’ll mess up tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep,” he tells you. although his voice is stern, his words are threaded with sincerity.
“yeah, yeah. how’d you know i was awake anyway?” you ask him. he called you out of nowhere amidst your draining study session.
“your spotify listening activity, stupid. go to sleep, you’re gonna be loopier than you usually are,” he says. he’s right — you aren’t retaining any information at this point, and mindlessly underlining words as you yawn isn’t going to help you pass the exam. you hum into the phone, packing your books up and tidying your desk. as you climb into bed, you say a soft ‘goodnight’ and he says one back. you can tell he’s smiling, his voice gentle and laced with love.
and after he ends the call, tsukki reminds himself to pick up your favorite drink for you after your exam. you deserve it, he thinks.
Tumblr media
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