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these dreams (they have no meaning)

tsukishima/yamaguchi • wip • rated e

Tsukishima realizes that falling in love with the ghost that haunts his apartment is a bad idea.

read it here on ao3

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hiii ive been wanting to write ghost!fic for a while now and decided to start posting my tsukkiyama angst baby just in time for Halloween. have a safe spooky night, everyone! 🎃 👻

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[𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚠𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙻𝚒𝚙𝚜 : tsukkiyama]


pairing: tsukishima x yamaguchi

genre: fluff



that would probably be the first word yamaguchi would describe his first date with tsukishima.

as the freckled boy took one last glance at his message he sent to tsukki a second ago, he ran even faster so that he could make it to he and tsukishima’s planned dating spot for the day. if there was a way to describe what the male was thinking right now, it would probably be; nervousness, awkward, and excited. and there were also butterflies swirling around his stomach.

this first date plan, was actually planned by neither of them. tsukishima’s older brother; akiteru, was eventually the one who planned this date for the two because surprisingly, he thought that tsukki wasn’t that type of person who would go off planning dates or any type of exciting events. he was just kei tsukishima.

yamaguchi and tsukishima started off to become a thing after the 3rd years graduated. it was the good old type of love confession that happens. yamaguchi confesses his love to tsukki behind the gymnasium after practice, and without wasting anymore time, tsukishima accepted his feelings, and then the trial started after a long and warming embrace.

the people who only know about tadashi and kei’s relationship is of course, their brand new captain; ennoshita along with their team coaches; takeda and ukai, and obviously, their parents, akiteru, and no one else. even their other club members. the two still hasn’t decide if they can announce that just yet and fast.

for a better take, the spot that his brother chose for this occasion just for them was at the fair. scary rides, surprises, cotton candy, fake castles, and those fluffy mascots which oddly looked creepy to tsukishima. he dislikes them a lot. yamaguchi was sure that tsukishima would never change at all. except for his elementary days, he guessed.

when yamaguchi finally made it into the fair, there were a lot of families and children inside. balloons here and there like there was a huge party about to host, mascots at the entrance, colorful painted walls on the sides and most of all, yamaguchi could spot people shifting themselves at a rollercoaster.

it was definitely a fair. a loud one. yamaguchi thought that it was impossible to find tsukishima in a babbling and crowded area like this. and let’s add that tsukishima gets uncomfortable around with large crowds.

yamaguchi sighs, defifnently not the right timing for a supposedly perfect date that he had imagined going with his tall boyfriend. staring at the watch that was wrapped around his wrists, yamaguchi clicked his tongue as he carefully read the time.


“he’s late…” sighs the freckled male before letting out a sigh of dissatisfaction. whenever something like this happens to either the two of them, they knew that something odd or terrible was going on the other side. it never happened to tsukishima before, so that’s what made yamaguchi even more anxious of what could’ve happened to his partner.

it was sort of like their thing, really. whenever one is late they would both immediately text each other’s back to see if they were alright, just like the normal things couples do. but this time, yamaguchi clearly remembered tsukishima’s words like it was stuck to his thick skin like glue.

“if i run late, stay still and don’t text me until 1pm arrives. trust me, i’ll be quick.”

was that…really necessary to say…?’ yamaguchi thoughts, his grip tightening around his phone before having an urge to open his line and text tsukki faster than any animal. he sighs again, back bending down a little and his eyes searching through the entrance to spot if tsukishima already arrived. still no sign that he’s there. yet.

another few minutes passed and yamaguchi was getting a bit impatient. his lips lining up into a line and his sweat dripping down even if it was a cold weather floating around for now. it made him so nervous and anxious.

yamaguchi was starting to think that tsuksihima ditched him, oh…and that scared him a lot. his brain started to swing just with a single thought running through his mind. no, no, no, that wouldn’t be true.

it was too impossible. tsukishima would never do that, he was never like that from the start, yamaguchi knew him for too long, of course he trusts tsukishima with all his might and self confidence. yamaguchi’s breath started to grow shakey, like a rope was tied around his throat. his fists clenched close to his chest and his eyes still scanning around.

what was going on…? what was going on…?

positive thoughts. maybe, yamaguchi only needed to take a seat. yeah, sitting down would calm him down since now there was a lot entering the fair. and there was also a nearby bench standing over to the side with nobody else sitting on top of it. yamaguchi just had to relive his thoughts for a while before he heads over to the bench and wait.

about yamaguchi, the male would frequently have panic attacks whenever his negativity thoughts started to collide along his positive thinking. this would be one of the reasons why tsukishima tells yamaguchi to take a breather and always think positive if there was a time where tsukishima would leave him alone. even during his jump serves at the court, his negativity attacks usually start there.

however, as yamaguchi was about to walk over to the bench, he heard something from behind that sounded like a skin connecting to another, and along with a groan filled with pain and anger as the background were gasps from strangers and a look from different eyes.

and that’s where the moment where yamaguchi finally heard his voice after a long time of complete silence and loud thoughts…

“you know, if you were to snatch other people’s stuff, you should do it to someone and else. not to my boyfriend, and definitely don’t do that in front of me, noob.”

that tone… it was obvious that he was mad.

tsukishima was there, standing tall as ever as he was, his left hand holding onto a random starnger’s wrists that were close onto snatching yamaguchi’s sling bag and his right hand in his pocket. yamaguchi was startled. slowly backing away, the male froze into one place that kept his posture far away from the two, along with a dozens of people surrounding them like a wave towards an island.

it caused a lot of attention, alright. it made yamaguchi more frightened about what was going on. swiftly, the guy that tsukishima was holding snatched his hand away from the taller individual’s grip, his other hand immediately rubbing it from the tightness tsukishima gave to him. yamaguchi can spot the person getting their teeth underneath the worn down dark hoodie they were wearing. without wasting anymore time, the unknown stranger ran out through the audience who were watching the show.

as the cat got dragged away from the show, the audience went back to minding their own business. yamaguchi looked around, not much, not less, just everyone walking around the two as they walked away. the freckled male can hear the taller one sigh. he flinched.

“are you an idiot?”

“huh…??” yamaguchi answers quickly, his hands gripping right onto his bag strap. tsukishima rubs his forefinger and thumb down on the bridge of his nose, his face showing a sign of irritation to yamaguchi. he sighs.

“you’re really an airhead, aren’t you?” the tall blond mumbles.

as yamaguchi took a good look at his boyfriend, he felt a rush of crimson rise over his cheeks. damn, tsukishima was good looking right now. his blond hair was even brushed back a little. yamaguchi made sure to try and snap a pic of him later while going on their date.

shyly, yamaguchi rubs the hem of his neck, feeling embarrassed about what had happened earlier between his boyfriend and the snatcher. “ehehe…sorry, tsukki-

“don’t just say sorry…!” tsukki cuts him off, now showing a slow parted anger. “and—oh jeez, for the last time, call me kei, tadashi. that nickname is slowly giving me nerves now apparently. and it’s been a week since you kept forgetting to call me by our first name basis. but still, that’s not the point…! look! you almost got robbed earlier!”

yamaguchi’s eyes slowly looked down. “i-i’m sorr-

“you know that i worry for you, right?? your phone would’ve been a goner if i hadn’t made it and caught that ‘guy’ on time. ughhh…” tsukishima was now on full worry and anger mode. yamaguchi knew what he had to do when tsukishima enters this attitude.

however, before yamaguchi could even say anything to slip out of his lips, tsukishima cuts him off. “well, this is our first date anyways. things can happen and…you know the common errors on a first date, right?”

“oh…! y-yeah! you’re right, tsukki- i mean…k-kei…” yamaguchi stammers, his excited and pumped fists slowly lowering down before he muttered the his first name out of his tongue. tsukishima chuckled. “glad you remembered this time. and sorry if i was late. i woke up late since I forgot to set the alarm, last night…”

“ah…! i-it’s alright, k-kei…” yamaguchi replies while his finger scratches his cheek, awkwardly. there was a 10 second pause before tsukishima made the first move by holding his boyfriend’s hand, causing yamaguchi to jump in astonishment.

“then…” tsukishima began, his face looking on the other side to hide his blushing red face. yamaguchi doing the same. “shall we start our date now…?” the blond finally finishes before yamaguchi nodded in agreement, eyes still darted away from his taller boyfriend.

silently, the two couple drafted away with each other, fingers intertwined with each other’s hands.


yamaguchi was right when his thought of this first day was going to be amazing. because it was. kind of.

the fair was naturally fine and fun. for yamaguchi that is. tsukishima was never really fond of going to fairs, and the fact that his brother was the one who had this idea at the first place and set everything up for the two was sort of irritating for kei to handle.

and now that the day was close to ending, yamaguchi thought that it would be a great idea to stop by to the fair’s nearest desert cafe to end the date and call it a day.

eventually, the two did manage to find one, and it was located close to the carousel and the kid’s rollercoaster. filled with bright colors, but tsukishima wasn’t sure if he related to it that much.

as the two entered, the first thing that came out was the soothing aroma of berries and vanilla flying through the air. the pastel pink design inside was glorious. the aesthetic inside was worth digging for, and yamaguchi could even spot a couple of girls (probably around his and tsukki’s age) taking selfies with their crepes in hand along with some boba tea.

sighing in satisfaction, yamaguchi inhaled the air coming from that cafe, and breathed out in relaxation. “kei, let’s go! i wanna see what kind of desert they have!”

“ok, ok…chill out, we’re going in…” tsukki answers calmly as his shorter boyfriend pulled him along inside the cafe. when they entered, a nice lady leaded them to their seats and handed them a pink covered menu titled; ‘pastel cafe.’

excitedly opening the menu, yamaguchi’s eyes scanned every desert, drink, and meal listed down up and down. tsukishima on the other hand, smiled a little behind his menu page. watching yamaguchi act like a kid on his first trip towards disney land. it was cute.

tsukishima could feel like his heart races whenever he stares at yamaguchi. he was like an angel that fell from heaven down here on this ridiculous planet. he was glad he went out with yamaguchi today.

“kei? do you hear me? i said what would you like to order.”

“huh?” tsukishima snapped back into reality. yamaguchi laughs softly, “order now, silly…! do you just want a beverage? a take out?”

“oh—uhhh…i’ll just take a strawberry shortcake…two of them. one take out and one to eat here…”

yamaguchi chuckles. “that’s tsukki!”

“shut up, yamaguchi- wait…we both forgot to use our first names…”

the both of them looked at one another before laughing out like kids on a playground. yamaguchi had to wipe a single tear out of his eyes while his right eye was staring at his date.

tsukishima was smiling—no.

he was laughing.

when the two finally stopped, and their laughter dissolved down, yamaguchi quickly calls over a waitress and handed out their orders. and surprisingly, it arrived as quick as ever. yamaguchi ordered a small caramel macchiato along with a small slice of cranberry pie, tsukishima got his order with just a cup of water with him. it was delicious. the two thought that the deserts were part of the biggest feast god made in heaven.

after eating their meals, tsukishima payed for the food, and the two headed home.

it felt like a long day, but to be honest, it wasn’t at all a little. the two only had been together for 6 hours for the day, and they thought that this wasn’t long enough for them to satisfy themselves enough for the day. but if they wanted to say the truth, they could do this date planning forever. the ride home using the train was long. yamaguchi even took a small nap inside with tsukishima blasting his music through his white headphones. the ride felt like the rides tsukishima rode in the fair with yamaguchi. the cup spinning ride almost made him vomit. but yamaguchi enjoyed it.

like the old line says, as long as he’s happy and smiling, tsukishima is also happy.

as the train stopped for miyagi, tsukishima woke his adorable boyfriend up from his shoulder (now with a little drool) so they could get home quick. it was 7pm, and the tsukishima decided to walk him home.

the street lights were already on, and yamaguchi eyes felt a little dropsy since he was tired from the trip the two went. when the two made it to yamaguchi’s home, the freckled male turned to tsukki and smiled.

“hey, thanks for today. i had a lot of fun with you. so…i’ll see you at practice?”

tsukishima didn’t answer.

yamaguchi curiously rose a brow at this weird action of his. “kei? are you ok- guwah!”

the boy wasn’t able to finish when tsukishima took advantage, pulled his arm and pressed his lips against Yamaguchi’s without warning. it was calming, and even gentle. tsukishima’s lips tasted like strawberries. it was nice.

the two were heating up a bit. tongues dancing around inside their caverns, before yamaguchi quickly pushed his boyfriend away. yamaguchi looked away, his arm covering his red cheeks and his eyes darting to the side.

“o-ok…t-thats enough…”

tsukki licked his lips with a smirk. “oh? alright, if you say so. then, i’ll see you tomorrow at practice. good night, tadashi…” tsukishima says with his usual expression and walked away before pulling his headphones back on his ears. yamaguchi waves, “good night…” he mumbles before immediately running inside the house, take his shoes off and run towards his room.

jumping towards his bed, yamaguchi grabbed a pillow, covered his face, and squealed out all of his voice. ‘today was the best day’…he thought as he looked above the ceiling. he couldn’t stop himself from smiling so much.

the day really was amazing. and tsukishima’s lips…the strawberry lips he had. yamaguchi’s hand held his own, but before he could even continue….he squealed, his feet kicking the air. what a day…


[an]: new blog! sorry for the late post ^^’ MODULES ARE KILLING ME :,))

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does anyone know what happened to @/agaassi?? their account has been deleted, and when i click on their tags that i follow all the posts are gone. they wrote the haikyuu “daddy diares” series, with that one bokuto smau where the reader got pregnant and they called the baby like “little bean” or something like that. they’re pretty prominent here on haikyuu tumblr? she had like 3k or so. idk. she just had really good content and i used to send her asks and stuff. a very nice person.

i’m gonna use a bunch of haikyuu tags so that hopefully some people see this. please like / reblog or dm me if you know what happened to her.

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Hihiiii thank you! Also @ the anons who asked Suga and Kags, I already did those the previous time even though that was yeeaars ago ^^;; tbh the Kageyama one was what attracted my attention in my notes and inspired me to do it again. 


Originally posted by sugawaras

  • NOTP: ~~
  • BROTP: YamaHina + YamaYachi! The adorable brotpness. 
  • OTP: TsukkiYamaaaa yessss classic haha.
  • second choice pairing(s): OiYama uwaaaa.
  • fluffy pairing(s): BokuYama + Sugayama would be all fluffs and good vibes~~  
  • hottest pairing: KuroYama!
  • angsty pairing: TsukkiYama again actually:). Angsty childhood lovebirds.
  • favorite poly ship: No surprise here: OiKuroYama*w*  -gawks at art-
  • weirdest pairing: KENYAMA.

[Send me a character]

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tsukishima: did you tell anyone we’re dating?

yamaguchi: yes, tsukki, i have no self control and i told the team we’re dating.

tsukishima: okay, no need for sarcasm.

yamaguchi: no seriously, i have no control and i told the team we’re dating.

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━ Mod Mocha Here!!!

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━  But Before we get Started


What is this Blog

━  To put it Simply, Its a Tsukkiyama Ask Blog

━  Ask questions to your favorite Haikyuu Boyfriend

 Probably FAQ

━  How many Questions can I request at a Time?

As Many as you want they would be happy to here from you

━  Can i talk to one boy in Particular

Of course but before Asking if you want to do this make sure to put [ For : Tsukki/Yamaguchi ] Depending on which boy

━  Are those two the only ones I can Speak to?

Yes but If you want to find soem blogs just ask me here or at @icouldcarebutno

━  Can I talk to Mod Mocha only

If you have a question not answered here that pertain to this Blog you can ask with the same format you would use for Singling out the boys exept this time my name is used [EX -  For:Mocha], If you just want to talk to Mod mocha go down to @whaterverthe​ and if you have more than one question you can go to @icouldcarebutno

━  What do we talk about here

You ask questions for Tsukkiyma but I also do write Headcanons if thats what you want!!, I’m not picky

━ How long will it take to Answer questions?

Honestly it depends, I have to get in character and find out the best way to answer

━  If I’m an ask blog can I interact in character?

this would mean so much to me if you did do that so please do!!!! [I’m looking at you Oikawa anon ]

━  Will there be other mods? , are you accepting?

Unfortunately no I am not, Its just Me myself and Mocha

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With Pride just make sure to specify which one



◯ Nothing Inappropriate please and thank you

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“Thanks for Visiting” Tadashi waves his arm whole holding on to the Taller males right one, Pulling on it as to say ‘you should wave too’, Although You think he got the message when he lifted his Unheld arm and looked sideways pushing up his glasses “Yes what Tadashi Said, Thanks for coming…” 

And then you were gone, But they hoped you visited again so and honestly so did I.

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Kagehina: Poking fun at each other. They literally call each other dumbass and idiot. I’m not even joking that’s what they’re doing in real life. But they spend hours, literally hours, calling the other, having Netflix parties, just TALKING, ASK EACH OTHER OUT ALREADY

Daisuga: flirting with each other through group chats. They’ve beEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. Everyone knows they like each other. Ask each other out already. But nooOOOO they’re still flirting.

AsaNoya: Person A is panicking every time Person B texts them, because Person B just SHAMELESSLY FLIRTING with them at every chance they get.

TsukkiYama: Families are in the same bubble, they might as well be living together. Want to do a zoom call with them? No worries, they’ll be on with matching pajamas using the same computer.

EnnoTana: Person A is loudly proclaiming their love to Person B every chance they get, in zoom calls, group chats, anything.. Person B pretends to hate it but is privately panicking to person c because “oh my god they’re doing it again”

KinoNari: call each other pet names. “Are you dating already?” Person C asks. “Definitely not, right sweetie?” “Of course not, darling.” They’re dating already and judging everyone else for not getting their shit together.

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