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#tsumu x reader
dragonslayer-5fanfiction · 5 months ago
Who and How they Steal Your Gum
I was listening to Marina's Bubblegum Bitch, and this popped in my head. I think it's cute, and might make more.
UPDATE: Part 2 Part 3
Tumblr media
You popped a piece of gum in your mouth deciding you needed something to occupy your mouth. It was hubba bubba bubble gum, bright pink. It kept you busy while you were studying with ‘Tsumu for an upcoming test. You were focused on the book in front of you, but ‘Tsumu, was focused on you.
“Y/N.” He said drawing your attention to him. You were mid bubble, when suddenly you weren’t. He bit the bubble and stole your gum.
“What? Tsumu!” You lightly slapped his shoulder, when he held the gum between his teeth.
“Couldn’t help myself, it looked so sweet.” He said blowing a bubble. “But you're sweeter.”
Tumblr media
You were on your way to class after lunch, when you heard your boyfriend coming from behind you.
“Y/NNNNN!” He yelled running up to you. “I missed you baby!” He pulled you into a tight hug before pressing a kiss to your lips. You smiled into the kiss, before giving a light yelp when he pinched your side. He deepened the kiss and licked inside your mouth. He pulled away out of breath.
“Thanks for the gum.” He chuckled.
“Bo! If you wanted gum, you should have just asked!”
“But I wanted yours.” He pouted and blew a bubble. You shook your head, and pulled out another piece to chew.
Tumblr media
“Whatcha’ got there peaches?” Suga asked coming up behind you.
“Just a book. Why?” You asked, turning over your shoulder, blowing a small bubble.
“Just wondering why all your attention isn’t on me.” He hummed. You rolled your eyes, shutting your book and turning to face him.
“Is this better?” He just hummed and tilted your head up to give you a kiss. You smiled, and chased his lips when he pulled away. He smirked and kept leaning away watching you pout. Finally he relented, and gave you a deep kiss, pulling away with your gum in his mouth.
“Koushi.” You chastised.
“What, do you want it back?” He asked innocently. You shook your head, and went back to your book.
“I don’t really want joint custody of a piece of gum. You can keep it.” You said not looking at him.
Tumblr media
Yaku had been training Lev, when you stopped by to drop off a bento. He heard the doors open, and seemed relieved to see you. He told Lev to keep going while he took a quick break.
“Hey, you alright?” You asked when he walked up to you.
“Yeah, I’m good. Lev’s just not listening.” You hummed in acknowledgement, and held the bento out.
“Well, I brought you food, for when you take an actual break.”
“You’re a lifesaver. Thank you.” He pulled you in for a quick kiss. “Is that mint? Do you have gum?”
“Uh, yeah. But just the piece I’m chewing.” You said.
“Can I have it?”
“Can I have your gum. It would really help me get through working with Lev.” He gave you puppy dog eyes.
“Fine.” You huffed, holding it between your lips. He smiled and took it with a kiss.
“Thank you.” He yelled while jogging back to Lev.
Tumblr media
You were waiting outside the gym while Noya hurried and got ready to go. Practise had ended, and he wanted to spend every possible minute with you that he could. When he walked out, he saw the first years gathered around you.
“What’s going on here?” Noya asked standing behind you.
“Y/N-san’s giving us gum.” Hinata said, popping the piece in his mouth.
“Ooh, I want some.” Noya said, making grabby hands.
“I’m sorry, but I gave my last piece to Tsuki.” You said turning to see him pout.
“Okay.” He sighed, “Let’s head home now.” He was pouting, and grumbling to himself about not getting any gum.
“Noya, wait.” He stopped and turned to you. You smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips, pushing your tongue, and the gum, into his mouth. Once you were satisfied, you pulled away. “There, now you can have some gum.” Noya.exe has stopped working.
Tumblr media
You were on your way to meet your boyfriend before he had to go to practise. On your way you popped a piece of gum into your mouth.
“Ryu!” You called waving to him as you turned the corner.
“Y/N! I missed you!” He said pulling you into a hug. You just laughed at his antics.
“Ryu, you saw me an hour ago.”
“An hour’s too long.” He gripped you tight, and held on. You stood there rocking back and forth, just enjoying being in each other’s embrace. Finally, you checked your watch, and saw that he had to go.
“Ryu, you need to go to practise.”
“No. I don’t want to.” He whined. You sighed and pushed him away.
“If I give you a kiss now and after will you go?” He nodded eagerly. You laughed and leaned forward to kiss him. You caught him in the middle of his laugh, which gave you the perfect opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth. He groaned, and your tongues danced back and forth. Finally, you pulled away. “Time to go.”
“Okay…” He trailed off, looking confused. “What’s this?” He asked, placing something between his lips. You looked at it and covered your face.
“My gum.” Your face turned even redder, as he looked at you. “M’sorry. I forgot it was an accident.” He just stood there staring at you, before he was pulled away by Noya, to go to practise. After he started breathing again, he decided he liked it.
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sleep3deprived · 6 months ago
Haikyuu!! Boys Reaction to S/O Removing Glasses Prank
Pairings: Tsukishima Kei x GN!Reader, Atsumu Miya x GN!Reader (Separate)
Genre: Crack, Humour, Fluff?
Warnings: None, badly edited
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This mf
Honestly, this is more of something he’d do
So it can go both ways
He definitely said something to piss you off
After giving a comeback, you figuired now’s the perfect time to try it.
And you did :)
“Tsuki, I’m just trying to study-“ you gave him a look for him to stop bugging you. You hoped it would work but unlucky you, Tsukishima was in a mood today, and you were the lucky person.
“Why study? You’re just going to procrastinate again, right?” He looks at you with a knowing face while you were typing at your laptop.
You slowly turned your head to look at him, putting on your most “excuse-me-face” to see if he said what you presumed. I mean, he’s right, but he didn’t have to attack you like that.
After the silence being your answer, you decided to try a trend you saw awhile back and thought that right now was the perfect moment.
“I don’t even wanna look at you right now.” After taking off your glasses.
He stood there like 🧍
He really didn’t know what to say to that
Saltyshima just doesn’t know how to express his emotions.
Like a log 🪵
He does say sorry and makes up for it
Because you haven’t worn your glasses through the night to the evening of next day
This boy genuinely thought you didn’t wear your glasses. As if you don’t own contacts
He would never admit that you got him pretty good.
Ofc he started using that on other people tho
Kageyama wanted to drop kick him after he said that to him so bad.
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This bitch istg
I love him, I do but he was so shocked when it happened
Over a very petty argument too
Cause yk
You like pushing his buttons :)
“ATSUMU, IT DOES!” You yell at your boyfriend from across the couch. You really don’t understand how someone can be so dense.
“Babe, I love ya, I do, BUT IT REALLY DOESN’T!” Atsumu tried hard to keep it in. He really did. But hearing this ridiculousness spew out of your mouth was something that his brain is having trouble comprehending.
“No, ‘tsum. Listen. Pineapple is pretty good! I don’t know how you ate it, but if you make it JUST RIGHT, then YES IT DESERVES TO BE ON A PIZZA!” At this point in the argument, you are trying so hard to convince him that it does. But alas, he has a thick skull and one too many timed bleach hair.
“Uh-uh, not listening, la la la,” Atsumu puts his hands to his ears, singing a rather annoying and out of tune song to keep from hearing you.
“Omg, I can’t believe you. You know what, I don’t even wanna look at you.”
The minute you take your glasses off you really can’t see much
Just a blurry image of your boyfriend who really looks like a log with a yellow blob at the top
Nothing new really
But when you did that, when I tell you this man SCREECHED
he really stood there looking at you like
“This girl did NOT just say this to me”
He thought it was a good one, but not when it’s towards him
Did not hesitate to take your glasses and put it back on you saying “THIS CONVO ISNT OVER”
You late got ‘Samu to make you guys some pizza with pineapple
The PROPER way
Atsumu liked it.
May or may not have bought fake glasses to try it on other pple too
Tumblr media
Note: hey lovelies!! Here’s a random prank that I thought of doing to these boys after I’ve done it to my brother before he broke my only pair of functioning glasses. Anyways, hope you enjoyed and let me know if something wrong with it!!
Tumblr media
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sugako · 8 months ago
c+k: atsumu
atsumu x f!reader
cw: 18+ minors dni, nsfw, smut, fluff, (v light sorta) angst, daddy kink, toy use (tongue vibrator), oral (f!receiving), implied sex, spanks (just one), maid costume mention (not worn), goofy valentines cards, implied/mentioned marriage proposal (just atsumu to himself)
wc: 1k
a/n: obv atsumu had to be a lil spicy for c+k, but i wanted to make him a little soft as well..pls enjoy <3
Atsumu and you were crying a little too hard over the fact that you had bought the same, awful card for one another. Your tears and wheezes resumed every time you looked at the identical 'Thanks for the Orgasms' tied up in a neat little heart on the pale cardstock. He clutched your thigh as he tried to catch his breath. 
"Okay, okay…" he gave you a messy kiss, "Thank you." He shoved a delicate bag into your hands. "Gift time." 
You handed him his as well before preening through the pale pink tissue paper. Biting back a small gasp you slowly pulled out the beautiful garment. It was lingerie, of course, but it was intricately made with little embroidered flowers accenting the gauzy lace and fabric, the color of which you had told him complimented your skin tone best. 
"Tsumu, this is so pretty. I can't believe...I," you threw your arms around him, "Thank you." 
He simply nodded, obviously proud of his decision, and went to open your present. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't get you something as nice." You muttered as he opened the gift. In the past, you had agreed on smaller, not too serious gifts for one another. After the set, you were feeling a little uneasy about your 'present' to him. 
"I don't care wha-" He cut himself off with a smirk when he saw the packaging. "This is more of a present for yourself, huh?" He chuckled, opening the cardboard and pulling out the tongue vibrator. 
“Maybe, but I figured you wouldn’t mind.” You shrugged. 
He handed you a mailer that looked as though it had arrived that day. “That’s okay, baby girl, this is for me.” 
Swallowing, you pulled the tab to open it, revealing cheap black fabric. Before you laid out the maid outfit, you already knew what it was. You couldn't get a word put before his hungry lips came crashing down on yours. 
"Sorry, baby, been waiting all day, just want you now." He murmured against your mouth, sliding his tongue past your lips. When he pulled back again you spoke up with a small laugh. 
"All day? What about this morning?" You hum and think about his sweet little gravelly moans. 
"Yer one to talk. Bet you've been thinking about this little thing all day." He held up the vibrator. "Or maybe my cock?" He scooped you over his shoulder and stumbled toward the bedroom. 
He did this whenever he could, but your hands still dug into the back of his shirt every time as if you might fall. One of his strong hands came down on your ass just before he dumped you into the covers. 
"Tsumu!" You yelped, squirming as he pushed between your legs. His eyes narrowed as he pushed up the short, flouncy skirt you had worn today. 
"Let's use my other name tonight, hmm, baby girl?" He nearly groaned when he saw the damp patch between your legs. Almost missing your answer, he tore them down. 
"Yeah, okay." You said quietly, too tied up in thoughts of pleasure to respond well. 
"Yeah, okay?" He mocked back when the words registered. 
"No, no, I mean yes. I meant yes, daddy." You stammer out. The cool air breezes against your exposed cunt, sending a shiver down your spine. His hands are firmly planted around your knees and keeping them spread wide. 
"Good girl, I know you just needed a refresher, but don't do it again." Atsumu breathed, pulling the vibrator out of his pocket where you hadn't even realized he had placed it. "You're always such a good girl to me and you're just so pretty. I think you deserve a little reward just for that. What do you think?" 
Your eyes widen as he places the device over his tongue. 
"I trust you, so if you think so, daddy." 
With your answer to greenlight him, he dove between your thighs and turned the device on at once. His tongue immediately landed on your clit, your hands wrapped in his bleached hair with the need to be grounded to something. The gushing slick between your legs made it easy for him to lap you up. 
The vibrations felt as though they were coming directly from his skilled tongue. It was overwhelmingly easy for the coil in your stomach to tighten and tighten within minutes. Your hips gently rutted against his mouth. Any other time he might be a little more stern, but tonight he was being soft. 
"D-daddy, gonna cum, gonna cum!" You called out, desperate he wouldn't deny you. 
"Cum, baby girl." His muffled voice came up from between your thighs and he pressed a little harder against your clit. 
Your orgasm hit you in waves. Little jolts of electricity sparked through your body as he held your hips so they wouldn't thrash too much, keeping his tongue firmly against you. The delicate vibrations moved you through the feeling until there were tears pricking the corners of yours eyes and he finally pulled away. 
He tore the device away and shut it off before looking over you. With his damp mouth, he pressed a breathless kiss against you, making you taste yourself. 
"Good girl," he panted, "Let's see you do that around my cock now." 
Hours later Atsumu was watching your chest rise and fall with even breaths. You had been asleep for nearly an hour now, but he was held awake by his own thoughts. 
His own anxieties getting the better of him he quietly reached into the drawer of his bedside table and pulled out the little box. The plush black velvet in his palm felt as though it were mocking him. Today was so perfect, he thought, everything had gone so right, but he was still just a little too afraid. 
With shaky fingers he clicked open the tiny box just enough so he could look inside, glancing over to make sure your eyes were still shut tight. The gem atop the ring glittered even in the darkness of the bedroom for a moment before he closed the box and shoved it back into the drawer. 
He took a deep breath and moved to hold you closer. Even in sleep, you curled up into him with a little, happy noise. 
"Soon, baby. I love you so much...soon." His almost silent whisper heard by only himself was the last thing he said before he drifted into sleep. 
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mindfulvenus · 8 months ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐲𝐩𝐞
𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
Atsumu was a man of many things. Being romantic, not so much. I mean the guy is terrible at that type of stuff, yet you're dating him. Osamu constantly reminds you to just break up with him because he’s the scum of the earth. You always nervously laugh it off because you actually like Atsumu for who he is. But sometimes you even question this whole relationship, but you love him too much to ever break up with him.
The whole week during practice, Atsumu had been telling you how much he wanted to go on a date and that he planned one for this weekend. He also told you that you couldn’t refuse or tell him you were busy so you were trapped but a weekend date with Atsumu sounded excited.
Now here you were at the beach sitting on a small, bright colored towel. In addition you were in a bikini that Atsumu surprised you with the day of your date. It was a coal, black color and somewhat revealing. You wanted to punch him when you saw it, so you did. He just told you how hot you look in it and how it compliments your curves.
Atsumu was wearing cool black shades with nothing but black and gold swimming trunks that somewhat matched your own solid black swimsuit. You expected this out of him though, but didn’t realize the whole date was just a scheme to get you into a bikini of his choosing.
While you were sitting on the towel, you made Atsumu go get you some shaved ice. You made it his price he had to pay for getting you into that swimsuit. He has been waiting in that ridiculously long line for an hour now but you could see him approaching you with the frozen delicacy.
“Hey babe, here’s the shaved ice!” He piped up handing it to you. You grabbed it and started to eat it shamelessly. Atsumu was expecting for you to say that you guys would share it, but you just started slamming it down. His lips pouted outwardly, and his eyebrows furrowed.
“Wait, babe..? Don’t you want to share it? It’s more romantic that way!” He went to grab the small white spoon but you just tugged back on the dessert keeping it out of his reach. When you pulled it out of his reach though, a bit of the shaved ice landed on your chest, slipping down into your bikini top.
Atsumu just watched and then he started to have this long stare on your chest. You literally just looked at him and rolled your eyes.
“You just wanted to see me in a sexy bikini, didn’t you…” You grimaced, and then started to get up and walk away until Atsumu spoke.
“Listen, that’s not it. I just really wanted to hang out with you and learn to be a bit more romantic, y’know? Life’s been busy for the both of us and I thought this might be fun? I just want to make it up to you, for acting like a bad boyfriend at school...” Atsumu looked down at the sand his foot making circles in it. A small frown appeared on his face as his eyebrows quirked up.
You instantly got soft for him, you always have been. That’s why you’ve never had anything against the way he’s acted towards you because it may be true that he’s not phenomenal at being a boyfriend but he tries. You can also tell he cares because you know him too well.
“Don’t think you can lie straight to my face and get away with it.” You start to laugh, grinning at the way his whole expression changed. You begin to tell him how you knew he mostly wanted to hang out with you but how he also just wanted to see you in a revealing bikini. He’s just such an open book.
“Did I ever tell you how attractive you are, like other than your body?” Atsumu smiles at you gazing into your eyes.
He’s trying, and you love him for that.
Tumblr media
✧ A/n: I’m back with a story! Thank you @akaashi-bby for giving me this prompt and for writing with me! It was super duper exciting!
Tumblr media
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rintxro · 10 months ago
atsumu x reader + angst
you stepped off the plane into the freezing airport. the air was icy, your bones shivered in response. you paid no mind to it as the excitement in your heart acted as a furnace for your whole body. you couldn't wait to see your boyfriend, miya atsumu. you left months earlier for an unexpected business trip, although you were upset that you hadn't seen tsumu in so long you were happy the trip ended a little faster than expected, meaning you could surprise him. your two year anniversary was in a couple of hours. you were supposed to miss it due to the trip, showing up at midnight would be a perfect surprise.
on your way home you stopped at multiple stores, buying candy, flowers, even a giant teddy bear. you wanted to go all out. tsumu never disappointed with gift-giving and you didn't want to be outdone. you sat in the parking lot of your shared apartment looking at the time:
you had just enough time to complete the final part of the gift. a letter. a love letter that was written straight from the heart. as you wrote, you teared up a little thinking about everything you two had been through. you loved him with your whole heart, and you were certain he was the one were going to marry. as you were finishing up the letter you looked at the clock once again:
you needed to hurry. you grabbed all the presents, leaving your suitcases in the car. the elevator ride seemed to take longer than ever, the soft music filling up your burning ears. once you were on your floor you jogged down the hallway stopping in front of the door and looking down at your watch :
you took deep breaths as you waited for the minute to pass. it felt like an eternity but it was finally 12. two years since you and atsumu started dating. you stuffed your keys in the door struggling to balance all the presents in your hand.
" baby, im ho-" you dropped everything. your mouth hung open, while your brain tried to decipher the situation.
atsumu was on the couch ... with another woman ... having sex. on the couch you shared, in the apartment you shared, under a blanket you got him for his birthday, on your two year anniversary.
you stood there frozen in time. atsumu's eyes met yours. he pushed the girl off before scrambling to put his clothes on.
" wait! (y/n), wait baby it's not what it looks like " atsumu yelled tripping over the gifts. you were already down the hallway making your way towards the elevator tears flowing down your face. you felt so stupid. you were out buying presents for him while he was on the couch fucking a random girl.
you stepped in the elevator rapidly pressing the " close doors " button wishing they would shut before he reached you. atsumu stretched his hand in front of the closing doors causing them to open again.
" (y/n), please. please don't leave. i need you i promise it’s not not what it looks like" as pleads left his mouth tears glided down his red cheeks. you wanted to hold his face in your hands telling him you would never leave and you would always love him while wiping his tears, but you didn't. the image of him cheating was burned in your brain. the few seconds before he realized you were there played in your head over and over again.
"tsu- atsumu just leave me alone please. " you avoided eye contact knowing you would break down on the spot if you looked in his eyes.
" but baby, im- "
" you've done enough already j-just go " your voice was stern leaving atsumu no choice but to listen. the damage was already done. as soon as the doors closed atsumu fell to his knees holding his face in his hands. his cries could probably be heard by other people who lived on the floor but he wasn't thinking of that. all he could think about was how he lost you, the love of his life all because he wanted to " fulfill his needs ". he stumbled back to the apartment stopping at front of the door. your presents were sprawled out on the floor. he picked each one of them up crying even harder as he looked at them. then he saw the letter. it was in a light pink envelope. he opened it slowly tears still falling
happy two year anniversary my love! can you believe it's been two already? im so happy i met you, you really are the love of my life. you make me happy every single day and i can't picture my life without you in it, i don't even want to think about that. thank you for everything. when i first met you i never imagined you would be the person i want to marry, i want to start a family with you, my love. can you imagine it? little tsumu's running around all over the place. anyways, i love you so much miya atsumu. happy anniversary, i know there will be many more to come
your future wife ♡
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saudade-mayari · 2 months ago
Hi Luna! I’m ks, 21, she/her. Can I have a non-platonic reading with Miya Atsumu? Congrats on your milestone babe!! ♥️❄️
thank you, sweetie! here’s your reading with tsumu. you have really nice cards!💓
-selene a.
tarot reading event: closed || masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: this is prolly one of the beautiful cards I have ever drawn. the reversed card definitely depicts that it is normal for your relationship to have quarrels. the mentality of this relationship is low so you both need to work that out. the long term potential card embarks a new adventure and new beginnings. this relationship is so supportive on each other’s career hence, tsumu will be ultimately happy and contented with you & his volleyball career. this relationship is filled with positive curiosity but with limits & boundaries. you both hold the strongest card and for sure you & tsumu will be happy in the future. it shows that both of you never knew what lies ahead, but you and tsumu will always greet it with positivity and joy. it’s the purest and sweetest relationship i could ever see.
Tumblr media
physical connection- upright three of pentacles
—physical connections goes in the three founding pentacles. teamwork, collaboration and effort. you and tsumu actually have the skills to go through hardships and naturally show a successful beginning of your goals. you both appreciate each other’s talent which means you do tons of hobbies and chill outs together. both also supports each other’s career amidst of having long term goals and this leads to a very solid foundation of trust and love. sex life with tsumu is exciting & prolly active. you are both into trying new things that you both find pleasurable.
mental connection- reversed queen of swords
­—although the curiosity is always around the relationship as said by the physical connection card, reversed queen of swords means one of you may have an underlying trauma. however, this only happens because one of you (or both) are thinking too much with your heart. this could tire you out mentally. you or/and tsumu may be too overly critical which somehow shows to be cruel. be careful of the words you both say to each other when fighting because this could make further damage on your relationship and cause more trauma. hopefully no breakups. i would suggest you both learn how to self-isolate or value personal time because both of you may have gotten used to working together and you both forget that you still have your personal lives. find, identify and talk about the trauma because if this is not fixed, it may lead to a toxic manipulation.
spiritual/emotional connection- upright ace of cups
—this card can be one of the resolve of your mental connection card. if you & tsumu are able to resolve the said underlying trauma, this could lead to a deeper intimacy. meaning, your relationship could be more solid and your physical connection and sex life would be more sensual and intimate. compassion and understanding can be reached & this shows a great opportunity of healthy growth in your relationship both emotionally and spiritually.
long term potential- upright the fool
—the strongest card of all. a major card that naturally says it’s okay for you and tsumu to have a new beginning & this time you both make decisions that is in favour with your feelings, opinion and intuitions. this definitely shows a new adventure. surprises are stored in your long term relationship. rejection and failures may still happen but you both have each other’s back to tell that none of you should hold back. you’ll also realize that there are people supporting this relationship (e.g your family, samu and your friends). the innocence and purity of this relationship will definitely lead to an evolved long term goals & plans.
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hankuto · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is in love with you.
hopelessly, mindlessly, stupidly in love with you—and it took this little coffee shop to realize that.
he knew he liked you before—knew your smile was pretty and your laugh was bright and there was something about you that he couldn’t quite get over—but now, as you sit beside him, if you told him you put the stars in the sky he’d probably believe you.
“you’re kidding,” you say, elbows on the table, swirling your mug between your fingers. “there’s no way you’re on the top bunk.”
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“you just—“ you hum, tilting your head to the side. “you strike me as a bottom bunk kinda guy.”
“a bottom bunk kinda guy?” he looks hurt—betrayed even.
“yeah, you know.” he doesn’t. “you just look like you’d be on the bottom bunk.”
and he laughs, “that’s definitely an insult.”
“now i never said that. i just think it’d suit you.”
he opens his mouth to respond, but at the twist of his features, you laugh. it’s warm and pretty and something so much like home that it makes him want to rip the sheets right off that top bunk just to hear it again.
“you’re funny ‘tsumu, you know that?” you draw your mug towards your lips, painting your cheeks in steam and if his mind wasn’t so drawn in by the sound of your voice, he’d ask if he could kiss you.
“so i’ve been told,” he muses.
“oh really, by who? all the other girls you take out?”
“yep,” he grins. “every one of ‘em.”
you eye him, a devilish little smile drawing across your face.
“do you tell all of them that you sleep in a bunk bed?”
and he can’t contain his laughter anymore—soft breaths spilling from his lips. “only the ones i like.”
“oh, so you like me?” you hum.
and maybe it’s the whisper of your voice or the hum of the air or the swirling scent of this coffee shop—but atsumu wants to tell you that ‘like’ isn’t quite the word. that maybe there’s something more to this and something more to you—and maybe he wants to hold your hand and walk you home and let him see his stupid little bunk bed because he knows it’d make you laugh.
but he bites his cheeks and holds his tongue, pretty white teeth flashing with the pull of his lips.
“i do, actually. a lot more than you’d think.”
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
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terrakiyo · a month ago
Tumblr media
“i lost my keys.”
you blink sleepily at atsumu. he bashfully smiles at you, a soft pink hue dusting his cheeks.
you rub your eyes, “huh?”
atsumu bounces on his feet. “i lost my keys.”
“so?” you yawn.
he looks at you, “so i wanna crash here for the night.”
you blink at him. he blinks back. you stare at him, then blink again. he hides his face in his hoodie.
“why here?” you ask, voice laced with curiosity.
“because,” he trails off. he looks away from you, biting the inside of his cheek. his brows furrow as he thinks of an answer.
and you lean towards him, “because…?”
and he takes a step back, “you know.”
your brows quirk in confusion. atsumu groans, rubbing the back of his neck.
“‘cause you’re the only one who hasn’t banned me from stayin’ at their place,” he mumbles.
you snort, “‘samu banned you?”
atsumu’s face turns a bright shade of red. he waves his hands in front of his face, sputtering nonsense like ‘samu didn’t deserve me there to begin with’ or ‘like i wanted to go stay with him anyway’.
you take a step to the side, gently beckoning atsumu to enter your apartment.
he quickly takes his shoes off. “ya got any food?”
“for you?” you grab his cheeks, playfully squishing then together. “never.”
(you can see why his brother doesn’t want him in his place anymore, if the way he hungrily looks at your fridge is any indication of the hell osamu had to go through).
“so mean.” he whines, gently rubbing his cheeks.
that doesn’t stop him from grabbing a banana from your fruit bowl. you sigh when he reaches out for an apple.
his head whips in your direction. you laugh when you see his cheeks puffed out, a small smile on his face as he bites the apple. he makes a small noise of acknowledgment.
and you smile at him, “if you eat all my food i’ll kick you out.”
and he frowns, quickly sticking his tongue out at you.
so you laugh, tugging at his sleeve. you drag him to your couch. his gaze flickers from it to you, a disgusted look makes its way to his face.
“‘m not sleepin’ in that.” he deadpans.
“hey!” you cross your arms.
“look at it!” he points at your couch. “that’s gonna break my back!”
and you give him a look. “it won’t.”
so he shakes his head. “maybe to you it won’t!”
(you’re starting to really envy osamu right about now).
“you’re gonna sleep on that damn couch, atsumu.” you glare at him.
so he glares back, “like hell you’re makin’ me sleep there.”
and maybe that’s when you should’ve realized you’d find yourself with atsumu laying in your bed, soft snores leaving his lips as he turns to his side.
you turn your head to look at him. a small smile makes its way to your lips when you see how peaceful he looks.
a yawn escapes your mouth, drowsiness finally kicking in again. you blearily blink, gently patting atsumu’s head.
and when you wake up next morning, with a sleepy atsumu clinging to your side, nuzzling his face into your neck, you can’t help but entertain the idea that atsumu should lose his keys more often.
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 4 months ago
taking them to the nurse's office | kuroo, atsumu, sakusa, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
in which they refuse to go to the nurse's office despite being obviously sick, so you /force/ them to. just some soft, pouty, sick baby boys.
Tumblr media
❊ KUROO slumped down on his chair, burying himself deeper into his jacket. he woke up with the worst headache this morning but he brushed it off as a common cold. he got sick and it was normal, there was obviously no need to make a big deal out of it all the time. unfortunately, you and he thought quite differently.
"you're going to the nurse's office with me, right now," you demand as you force him up his seat.
kuroo struggles to stay seated as he scoffs, "it's just a fever, y/n. it's a natural phenomenon, no need for all that." he says with a tinge of whining. "my body's currently fighting off the bacteria and possible virus by raising my body temperature enough to cook them alive, leave my fever alone." he says matter-of-factly as he crosses his arms in front of him.
you roll your eyes and place your hands on your hips, "which is exactly why you should be resting right now. your body's working hard to kill those viruses so might as well give it time to do so, am i right?" you smile, knowing you made a very very good point.
kuroo stares up at you knowing well that he's been defeated, but as usual, he refuses to admit it, "i'm resting just fine here." "no, you're not." "yes, i am." "no. you. are. not." "yes. i. am." "kenma?"
you call and kenma looks up at you and then at kuroo, "you're not, kuroo." he mutters before getting back to his game.
kuroo winces at the sudden betrayal, "stop teaming up against me!!" he complains but you're not having any of it.
"get up," with a pout and some pleading puss-in-boots-type of eyes, he finally gets up and leans against you as you make your way to the nurse's office.
Tumblr media
❊ ATSUMU sniffles, not even bothering to hide his sickness. osamu sighs, what ticked him off was the fact that his brother wasn't doing anything about his condition.
"go the nurse's office," osamu says out of a balanced mix of annoyance and concern.
atsumu sneezes and shakes his head, "i don' need to. em fine." he points out, barely audible from his clogged nose.
osamu scowls at him, "i don't care if yer fine or not, yer gonna get the rest of the team sick!" he argues as atsumu only continues to change and get ready, not paying his brother any mind. osamu rolls his eyes and brings his phone out, "fine, then i'll call y/n." he mutters as he dials your number.
"i cannot believe you wouldn't go when samu already told you to!" you exclaim as you spot atsumu getting ready to do some wall drills. atsumu stops what he's doing and lets out a big smile as he sees you approach him.
"y/n! what are you doing here?" he coos, pretending not to hear what you just said.
"samu texted me, you're sick! let's get you to the nurse's office." you say as you try to drag him by the sleeve of his jacket.
"noooooo em not sick!" he complains like a little kid as he presses his feet firm to the ground. "he is, y/n. take him away," osamu approaches you with his hands covering his nose and mouth, "he'll get the rest of us sick."
atsumu grumbles at his brother's words and whines, "em not! see i can do my drills just fine." he tries to pick up a ball but you stop him. you shake your head and gesture for the door, sometimes ordering him around was just the easiest way out. atsumu pouts and slumps down, "b-but..." he looks over at his team and brightens up as an idea pops into his head, "aha! no, kita-san will get angry if i suddenly leave like this! we're in the middle of practice!" he pumps his fist in the air, relishing in his smart argument.
"no, go get some rest at the nurse's office." kita suddenly appears behind you, staring at atsumu whose whiney pout quickly returns to his face.
"yeah, get him outta here!" suna joins in and atsumu only whimpers more.
"well, you heard them. y/n, take him away." osamu delivers the final blow and atsumu just straight up starts throwing a mini tantrum.
weirdly used to this, you roll your eyes and take his hand, "let's go, time to get you to the nurse's office," you take atsumu away from his team, but not before teasing him just a little bit, "you big baby."
atsumu lets out a dramatic gasp and pouts even more, "not you too..."
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA huffs from behind his mask, his warm breath doing nothing to ease his headache. he would rather be stuck in a room with a spider than admit he was sick. thinking that he took all those extra precautions and still ended up in this situation just makes him furious. he leans his body on his locker, trying to get a hold of some paracetamol he had tucked away when he just crashes, no energy to even stand up. lucky for him, you were coincidentally passing by.
"kiyoomi!" you shriek, getting a hold of his arm to balance him. "what happened? are you alright?" you ask.
he looks up at you with crimson cheeks and beads of sweat on his forehead, you let out a small gasp but he just shakes his head, "i'm fine y/n. i just needed to get-"
"you're coming with me!" you announce guiding him to lean onto you. without giving him any time to reject you, you close his locker with your elbow and start walking towards the nurse's office.
"let go, i'm fine." sakusa mumbles under his mask but makes no effort to push you away. "i'm fine..." he whispers hoping to assure you and himself at the same time.
"okay, i'll let the teachers know you're here so just rest up..." you say as soon as you finish filling up the form the school nurse handed you. "oh also, i texted motoya to come pick you up later."
sakusa finally turns to look at you, revealing his flushed cheeks. you give him a small comforting smile, "get some rest, omi."
you stand to take your leave but his warm hand suddenly reaches for you, "y/n, can..." you look down at sakusa who was now blushing over his fever, "can you... pick me up... later?"
you bite your lip, forcing down the smile creeping on your face. you bend down and gently swipe away loose hair from his forehead, he flinches at your cool touch. "if you promise to get some rest, i will." sakusa nods like an obedient puppy and you let out a smile. sick omi is a cute omi please
Tumblr media
❊ IWAIZUMI groans as he tries to fight back his headache. he knew something was wrong with him, he's been practicing for longer hours and the pressure of the upcoming matches did nothing but stress him out. still, he didn't want to admit that he was feeling sick, he thought that it meant he wasn't looking out for himself enough. that's why during lunch, he fought to keep the same calm expression he always had. unfortunately, you saw right through him.
you knew iwaizumi would never admit he was feeling sick, so you had to get a little creative.
"haji," you tap his shoulder lightly, getting his attention.
he turns to you and you see the hint of a fever on his cheeks, "what?" he asks a bit too snappy than usual, he notices his tone and avoids your gaze.
"uh," you scour your brain for an excuse, "can you help me get to the nurse's office? my cramps are killing me."
iwaizumi looks you up and down then stands from his seat, "do you need help standing up?" he asks offering his hand, and when you shake your head he tucks them in his pockets, relieved you wouldn't notice the growing warmth in his body.
"you tricked me." iwaizumi accuses you with furrowed eyebrows as you write his name down the sign-in sheet. you pay him no mind as you jot down his temperature, which showed he definitely had a fever. "i'm fine, y/n. i'm not sick."
you glare at him and sigh, "38.7 °C screams fever to me, hajime. you're not getting out of this."
iwaizumi pouts and looks away. he ponders on how you saw right through him when he suddenly remembers why he accompanied you to the nurse's office in the first place. "your cramps, what about your cramps?" he looks up at you with worry written all over his eyes, you open your mouth to speak, feeling just a little bit bad. you decide to shoot him an apologetic smile instead and iwaizumi immediately frowns, "you're not leaving me here." he half commands and begs. you nod, you weren't planning to anyway.
Tumblr media
a/n: waaaaah these turned out better than i thought! my random 2 am creativity boosts really don't let me down :D
» m. list » request + ask here
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sunamour · 2 months ago
one and only
Tumblr media
+ fluff, atsumu x f!reader. established relationship, timeskip!
+ ok so my suna angst turned out to be a little longer than i thought so here, have my atsumu fluff djdkksks. disclaimer: i’ve become very rusty at writing, proceed with caution!! rbs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Starstruck girls fawning over a renowned athlete; you should’ve gotten used to this by now. Frisky hands and attention-grabbing dresses within less than an arm’s reach away from your boyfriend, desperate eyes pleading to catch his attention. You almost want to crush the glass in your hand because despite being together for what seems to be like the longest time, you don’t particularly like it when they get especially touchy.
A quick gaze down at your boyfriend’s arm shows that even with his hands in his pockets and his attention on his captain, the bodacious blonde still can’t help but run her fingers up and down the sleeve of his business suit.
Having to watch multiple ladies try to shoot their shot with your boyfriend was not what you had in mind when he invited you to the volleyball world championship’s afterparty.
“You look mean as fuck right now.”
The familiar voice doesn’t need any introduction—just one of your boyfriend’s teammates who happens to be yet another lady’s man. (But at this point, you feel the entire Japanese national volleyball team can be considered lady’s men.)
“What are you filming me for, Rintarō?” You narrow your eyes when you catch the video camera in his hands.
Suna chuckles, video camera still pointed straight at you (and he makes sure he hits you at a flattering angle because otherwise you might actually hit him when the video comes out). “Can’t miss out on catching you beating up those girls on tape,” he half-jokes, sharp eyes catching when you stiffen up at being found out. “Didn’t know you still get jealous after all this time.”
A fair statement; you’d been together with Atsumu for the past five years, ever since the both of you graduated high school and sustaining all the way even now, when he’s an accomplished volleyball player and with you making equally big advances in your own career. Screw all those people who told you it’s just a high school fling that you’d outgrow in no time.
You get it; Atsumu didn’t really seem like the committed-to-his-girlfriend type especially when he had important volleyball commitments from an early age, but you never once doubted that he’d try his absolute best to be with you and to keep being with you. He never once failed to assure you of your importance even when those tabloid articles liked to spout nonsense and speculate otherwise.
Which is why you have the strongest trust in him but it isn’t exactly a heartwarming moment to see other girls trying to get intimate with him. Especially not when it’s right in front of your face, her seemingly coy eyes flirting with him, long lashes wanting to sweep him off his feet. The worst part is, you’re sure she’s aware you’re standing right here—she just wants to make you watch as she tries to nab your man and prove to you that you’re just simply not it.
It’s happened way too many times for you not to notice.
“If she keeps doing that you won’t have to wait long,” you say, through gritted teeth, in response to Suna’s comment, and he shoots you an amused smile as the camera pans over to the blonde setter, who now realises he has some hopelessly bedazzled girl dangling on his arms.
Atsumu stares pointedly at her, eyes narrowed because frankly, he doesn’t know what the fuck she’s after. When her luscious red lips come up to his ear in a whisper of “let’s get out of here,” it tells him all he needs to know. One would think these kinds of things only happened in high school (it did, to your dismay). Her left arm latches onto his biceps, nails almost digging into his suit, and Atsumu knows this game all too well.
In a show of friendliness, he lets her properly loop her arms under his as he starts escorting her across the room.
From a few feet away you glare as she has the audacity to stroll towards you with her head held high as if she hadn’t just tried to steal your man. The look on her face is just one of pure triumph. Atsumu beside her, though, doesn’t betray his usual mirthful expression. He walks towards you as he always does—a mixture of sexy and excited at the same time, eyes locked completely on you.
Since when do girls like that exist? You thought that they only manifested in teen romance movies and not actually in real life because you find it hard to believe that anyone real would actually be this bold. (Or dumb, depending.) High school was a different thing—you expected people to be immature, given that everyone you knew had been young and foolish themselves.
“Hey baby,” he greets you, while simultaneously shoving the girl’s hands off of him. “Sorry I had to leave you alone here for a while, captain had something to say to me.”
Trying your best to maintain your composure, you shake your head, fully aware of the girl’s beady eyes staring straight at you, observing your every move. But all the tension leaves your body when Atsumu places a soft kiss on your forehead, his right arm pulling your shoulder close to him.
“Sorry, I don’t know who you are but,” Atsumu addresses the lady in front of you—the kind of woman you’re sure every other guy would find insanely hot—and then turns to you, “I love my wife.”
Beside you, Suna snickers as the girl stomps away in a feat of humiliation. You click your tongue, fully focused on Atsumu because what did he just call you?
“That’s not funny, ‘Tsumu,” you chide, your mind already racing at his declaration. It really isn’t fair how he has you wrapped around his palms and he’s barely aware he’s doing anything at all.
“It’s not a joke,” Atsumu retorts, smirking down at you—because he knows. He knows how much you imagine of a future with him, he knows how your eyes twinkle whenever he speaks of that same future with you, he knows how absolutely envious you are whenever you watch your friends getting proposed to or even married.
Before you can even start bickering with your boyfriend, Suna captures your attention with the questions that Atsumu had asked him to pester you with earlier, all the while recording your every answer. It had taken a lot of convincing, but Suna had agreed to help him film the video—one that would hopefully be playing at your wedding reception, because right now, as you’re busy entertaining Suna, Atsumu is grinning ear to ear behind you, flashing the diamond ring without you seeing it.
Atsumu had been at this for almost two months now, taking pictures of you while you’re completely unaware, diamond ring in the same frame. He has an album dedicated to it—to the surprise proposal, just to surprise you with his collection on your wedding day. And now his heart is beating out of his chest because he’s actually about to do it; he’s about to propose to the love of his life in front of everyone.
This time, when you turn around, you find Atsumu already down on one knee, and your eyes catch the glimmer of the ring for the first time, fresh tears falling down your cheeks. This time, when Atsumu looks into your eyes, he sees the happiest they’ve ever been; he sees how they shine even more than usual though he doesn’t even know that was possible—he sees them searching his own for answers, even though you’re probably the one who should give them to him.
Because after exactly eight years, seven months and three days, Atsumu finally gets to make you the happiest you’ve ever been. After being together for that long, he finally gets to tell you what he’s been feeling for you all along, always have and always will.
“Y/N,” and Atsumu’s own tears blur his vision, yet he thinks you’re still just as beautiful, “I want to take care of you my whole life. I want to be the one who you come home to every day. I want to be the only guy in the world who is lucky enough to have you, to call you my wife, to be the one you count on.”
Visions of you being his pillar of support since he first met you come rushing to the forefront of his mind. The way you would nag him when he trained so much he forgot to eat, the way you were there at his every game no matter how busy you were, the way you once held out your pinky to him and made him promise to keep playing until he was satisfied.
He loves every fiber of your being; you’re just a warm ray of light in his life and he can’t imagine ever having gone this far without you. The amazing thing is, Atsumu thinks you don’t even know of your own effect on him.
“‘Tsumu,” you murmur breathily, because out of all the outcomes that would happen tonight, this was never a possibility in your head.
Atsumu chuckles and you giggle when he does, because even though he hasn’t asked, and you haven’t said a thing, both of you can see the same future, as you always have.
Ever since he got together with you, for the first time in his life, he could actually see himself giving up everything just to see your smile. For the first time in his life, his confidence falters just slightly in the face of you, because you’re that much of a special person that he thinks you deserve much better. For the first time in his life, Atsumu thinks that he’s struck the lottery without even intending on participating. For the first time in his life, he finally found someone he doesn’t ever intend on letting go.
With a shaky breath, he lets out the words he’s been saving for a long time.
“Y/N, will you marry me?”
Besides from your periodical declaration of love for him, your response must be the best thing he’s ever heard in his life.
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spikesbimbo · 7 months ago
Three's trouble
Tumblr media
Pairing: suna x reader x atsumu
Tags: face fucking, praise, dirty talk, threesome, exhibitionism at first, teasing, choking, oral sex, finger sucking,  idk reader has an oral fixation, lowkey eiffel tower, spit/drool, crying, spanking, daddy!suna, masturbation
wc: 1.8k
a/n: Feeding yall until my dilf fics come out. Iowkey insp by this 
Minors dni 18+
“C’mon lemme touch her...please rinnie” He teased, copying you, knowing all you had to do was bat your eyelashes and mumble those words and you'd get what you wanted.
“Call me that shit again and i'll kick you out.” suna said. Freezing in place, dick almost going soft after those words. Lucky your pretty face drooling all over his cock brought him back.
“Go ahead...” he sighed, knowing this was gonna happen after he ‘invited’ him to watch yall fuck after he walked in on you two, knowing he was insatiable as you, and that stroking his cock wasn't enough.
“I-,  you sure…?” he asked. “This okay with you, hmm?” Only caring what your answer was, knowing your boyfriend would go along with it if it made you happy.
“Dont get me wrong its hot as fuck, been dreaming about this for so long, but...” He continued waiting for you to put out an answer, an opening as you responded by breaking your head from sunas cock enough for you to mumble a soft, sweet “yeah”. Expression hidden as your boyfriend drags you back onto him, greed overriding him, wanting to be only one to see your face like this.
Physically responding by arching your back more, rocking your hips as the friction of the air wasn't enough, humming out while your lips were wrapped around his cock once again, nodding your consent again as suna wrapped his hand around your head, leaning back with a groan.
“Fuck baby.” he muttered out. Pride rising in your chest, taking all of him like a good girl. His tip hitting the back of your throat, hands sneaking up his thighs to grab his balls in between your fingers. 
“Don't be rough at first, she doesn't like that.” he said, eyes half closed watching his every movement, looking at your body and expression for any signs of discomfort.
“Got it, got it. Don't worry.” He complained, placing himself behind you. “You're acting like i've never touched a girl before.”
“Wouldn't doubt it.” he said under his breath. Turning his vision back to you, stroking your cheek as his face was getting more tinted by the second.
You let out a whine, needy moans getting their well-needed attention back on you. Body feeling so neglected as tears started forming in your eyes, your boyfriend quickly calming you down.
“shh baby s’okay, ignore him. Just keep all your attention on me.” He cooed cupping your jaw, distracting you by doing the work for you, bobbing your head up and down with his hand on the back of your head.
Your noises getting higher and higher as atsumu moved his hand to your cunt, sliding his fingers down your slit up and down a few times before stopping to rub your clit. Sliding his finger in, so tight but you gave way so easy, curling his finger pushing the build up of slick out of you, dripping onto the floor beneath you.
“So fucking pretty.” he mumbled out, barely getting the words out before he put his lips on your thighs, placing harsh open mouthed kisses on them. Squirming at the feeling, suna’s hands locking you in place while his hands were grabbing your ass, fingers digging into the flesh as he spread you open. “So wet, wanna taste you.”
Moaning at the words, all shame leaving your body as you presented yourself more, just wanting to feel good already, hearing a chuckle followed by a slight smack landing on you. The shock, letting out a cry laced with pleasure, disconnecting your mouth from him, a gasp of “tsumu” falling from your lips, face contorting with embarrassment as your body does the same.
“You like it pretty girl? You like when your daddy spanks you when you're being bad, hmm?” 
Tears pooling in your eyes as the words left his mouth. “Aww, sweetheart. You love when he makes you cry like that, what an angel.”
His hand comes down onto your skin again, jumping at the contact, ashamedly getting you wetter and wetter. ”Fuck, you get this everynight? Lucky bitch.”:
Suna just chuckled, loving how you caught everyone's attention but at the end of the day you were his, no matter who touched you. Every nerve ending was tensing up as he entered you, his hips slowly meeting your ass at first. Watching himself slide in and out of you as he started to move, shallow strokes turning into deeper ones. “God damn baby, your tiny little cunt’s already swallowing me up.” thrusting into you harder and faster, cries leaving your throat as you already made a mess.
“Fuck baby, you already cum?...”Poor little thing, should've known that when i walked in on you creaming just from your daddy playing with your little cunt.”
“C-cause you were teasing me” you softly sobbed out in protest, needing him to move or you would breakdown.
“Was I? M’sorry pretty girl, dont worry ill make you feel good.” Hearing his grunts as you clenched, not stopping but getting rougher. Thrusting into you as his balls were hitting your sensitive clit, walls throbbing around him as you cried out incoherent words.
Watching himself slide in and out of your tiny little cunt  as he starts to move, slow and shallow strokes sliding into deeper ones. “You’re just fucking swallowing me up, fuck.”
“D-daddy” escaping from your lips in a moan, as his hand was wrapped around your neck, forcing you to look your wet sloppy face in his eyes as you were getting fucked. You blurry vision making out his deadpan face, but you felt his gaze on your body, ass bouncing after every thrust, only being held up by him.  
“Daddy?” tsumu questioned, his grip on your hips growing tighter, letting out a little squeal as his thrusts get shakier. “Fuck, youre so lucky.”
Suna just chuckled, knowing what he had, making sure you knew it too. Tsumu leaning back against your body watching you catch his thrusts halfway. Hips rolling, gasps barely having time to escape before they’re knocked out of you again.
Your boyfriend not being able to fight the groans that spill out of his mouth, thumb swiping over your lips, smearing his cum and spit there. Rocking his hips back into your mouth, eyes hooded watching tsumu make you crumble and cry under him.
“He making you feel good baby?” he asked. Whimpering at the way he’s grabbing your jaw, already so sore. “C’mon, be a good girl and tell daddy.”
Being patient with you was one of his specialties, letting you take all the time you needed, eyes focused on you waiting for you to be a big girl and use your words.
“Y-yea, rinnie.” you stuttered out, voice displaced by his thrusts.
“Good girl.”
The way he's speaking to you, so sweet and soft, but so dominant at the same time. Kissing you on the forehead before moving down to your lips. Wet eyes being rubbed by his finger as his other hand is stroking his cock.
Tsumu’s moans are background noise as you drag your tongue down his hand, grabbing it with the hand that isn’t currently on his dick, wrapping your lips around his digits. Not reacting besides letting you do what you want, as usual; breath hitching as you take it down to his knuckle.
“Fuck,” tsumu groaned, flicking his hips up into yours, getting off to the both of you looking like the sight of a porn clip in front of him.
“daddy, i-, im gonna” you whimpered, lips hovering over sunas, a line of spit connecting you two, how romantic. Your sentence not finishing as he dragged you back into a kiss, sloppy and messy, all while tsumu is bruising your cervix, the pain dulling at this point.
“Yeah baby, you gonna cum on my cock? Already doing such a good job.” he said, trying to look back at him before suna grabs your head again, looking into your red teary eyes as you pant out. Dry mouth open as he’s fucking your fist, rocking into you like you were a toy.
“You gonna be a good girl and take it? Gonna be a good girl?” he muttered out, sliding his flushed cock back into your drool covered mouth. 
“Our good girl.”
Suna rolls his eyes as he cups your face again, spit sliding down it as he pushed it in, not wanting to cum again after looking down into your spaced out eyes. The sound of his balls slapping your chin, obscure words leaving his mouth as your nose was now at his crotch.
The pain of your dry lips growing, the ache in your jaw only adding onto it but you were gonna make him finish. Hiccupping out whimpers as astumu gets rougher, picking up the pace. 
The sound of your wetness leaking onto his thighs and balls, every slap sounding lewd as possible the vibrations coming from your mouth is enough to have suna shove himself down your throat more, fucking you there until he cums down it.
A dazed smile appearing on your face as you licks up what slipping between your lips, looking like hes about to pass out at the sight of your lips licking it off of him, leaning his head back as the thinks hes about to blow again.
Another moan leaves your lips as you feel so close to your climax, not having anyone to pay attention to anymore but yourself as you feel your orgasm building up. Selfishly moving your boyfriends dirty hands to you, already catching your drift as he starts lazily rubbing your clit almost instantly making you cum.
Atumu chasing his as soon as he feels yours, rolling his hips deeper as he pushes your back in an arch. Seeing black for a minute as he lets himself go. Getting faster, hips stuttering as your body is limp under him resting on suna. Sobbing at the overstimulation as he continues to abuse your poor cunt as he drains his balls dry, making the most of his orgasm.
Mind going bank, not even realizing that he pulled out of you, and that you were laying in your boyfriends arms. Wrapped in the thin sheets, him coming down from a high just as much as you.
 “You good, baby?” suna whispered, wrapping his arm around you kissing beneath your ear as he rubbed your back. Nodding as you dozed off into him, sleepiness overtaking you at the feeling of being in his hold as you did every night.
“ So…” Atsumu started breaking the silence, suna already giving him a side eye, not wanting to wake up your pretty face squished into his shoulder. “Maybe ne-”
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sleep3deprived · 7 months ago
2:32 AM - Drabble
Warnings: cheating, somewhat toxic relationship, intrusive/self-deprecating thoughts, mentions of sex
Word count: 526
Tumblr media
“You don’t love me!” You scream at your boyfriend with hurt coating your voice.
“Yes, I do! It was one mistake! Just let me explain…” Atsumu begged you. 
Maybe you did something wrong for everything to end up this way. Maybe you were the issue. You should’ve done better, been more involved. 
Well, whatever it was, you didn’t expect to be cheated on by your boyfriend, recently fiancé, since your second year of high school.
“No, Atsumu, you don’t. Because if you did, you would not have been in bed with someone else! What’s there to explain?” You screamed back at him. 
No, you refuse to put negative thoughts in your head. You did everything right. You were supportive of his volleyball career while you sacrificed your own. You stayed by his side, came to his games, came home and made him food. You thought of your future when he didn’t. “Get out.” You say to him.
“What?” Atsumu stared at you, panic filling his eyes at the realization of his mistake. Or maybe even mistakes. You don’t know. 
“I said, get out. I can’t bear the sight of you right now. Leave.” You speak loudly, making sure your voice doesn’t falter to show your vulnerability. 
“You can’t mean that...I live here too. C’mon babe, let’s talk this out. Please…” Atsumu continues trying to reason with you.
You look at him in disbelief. How could he say that after what he’s done? You can’t just beg your way for a relationship after destroying it in the first place. 
You stared at Atsumu, noticing he wasn’t going to budge. “No, we can’t. You cheated on me, Miya,” Atsumu felt weird when his last name left your mouth. It was a stinging feeling in his heart when he heard it come from you, oddly enough. This is for real. “You know what? Fine, if you won’t leave, I will.” 
Atsumu noticed you moving and quickly protested. He didn’t want to risk you getting hurt so late at night and figured it’s better he leave than you. “Wait! No, I’ll leave.”
A few moments later, Atsumu left you. This led you to some peace and quiet to your own thoughts. 
Slowly by slowly, everything started to sink in. The argument, finding him in bed with another, him constantly hiding the fact he was cheating, the toxic behaviour both of you got accustomed to, the kind words he told you, his comfort, him. Everything. 
You walked into your, or what was once your shared room, and over to your mirror and stared at someone you couldn’t recognize. This wasn’t you. Their hair was messy, mascara running down their face and red and puffy eyes. Is this how you always looked? 
You thought back to how you acted in your relationship. You were no different from him. You were probably just as distant. Sometimes you did neglect him. You just never cheated, that was your only difference. You guess you can’t really figure he cheated, it was bound to happen with the way your relationship went. 
Everything started to make sense. Your insecurities took over your mind along with the mistakes and holes that were once in your relationship.
Now, standing in front of the mirror, staring at yourself, you understand why.
Tumblr media
Note: Hello loves! Here’s a litte angsty Atsumu drabble. I couldn’t think of any of character to do this on, so I settled for ‘Tsumu baby. 
This is also poorly written and edited, so don’t mind it.
This was based on a Tiktok of opening and ending lines to use in a story and got inspired. For those who don’t understand, the final sentence refers to the first dialogue in from the drabble. I would show the Tiktok where I got the idea, but for some reason won’t let me upload. I’ve never written a drabble or time stamp before, so if there is an issue, please let me know and I will be happy to fix it! Also, this does contain self doubt and insecurities and I actually don’t like writing that kind of stuff and this somewhat makes no sense, but that’s the only way my brain worked to get the story to end that way. However, if you ever do feel this way, don’t be shy to let someone know, or DM me and I will gladly answer to help you out! You’re never alone and are valid.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading! 
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heichoe · 2 months ago
mascara & eyeliner
miya atsumu x reader
wc: 0.6k
“that doesn’t hurt does it?”
you give atsumu a side glance from your spot in front of your bathroom mirror, “nah, it only catches my lashes, so it’s not pinching any skin,”
he nods, leaning over the bathroom counter as if to get a better view, “huh”
it’s cute. he has his brow furrowed, plush lips in a pout, and eyes trained on how you angle your eyelash curler against your eye. he’s like a confused little kid.
once you’re done, you turn to him, blinking widely for added effect, “see? they’re curled now”
atsumu still looks as if he’s trying to complete einstein’s theory of general relativity, including taking into account the quantum effects of it, but he nods nonetheless.
you smile to yourself, “do you wanna try?”
atsumu’s pulled from the complications of quantum mechanics at that, eyes lightning up, “can i?”
you pat the counter in front of you, signaling for him to take a seat. you stand in between his thighs once he’s settled. atsumu takes this as the perfect excuse to bring you closer to him, hands at your waist.
your hands settle at the sides of his face, you can’t really help it when you gently thumb the apple of his cheek and steal a quick, sweet kiss. honestly, you’d stay like this forever, but you’re supposed to be leaving in 20, and you still have to finish your makeup, but you can’t really bring yourself not to entertain him.
“look directly at me,” you instruct, binging thr curler to his eye. it’s involuntary, you know, but you still playfully glare at him and huff when he lightly, hesitantly, flinches away and closes his eyes, “don’t move,” you mutter.
you hold his face in place as you work, a satisfied smile on your lips once you’re happy with your craft and atsumu’s ridiculously long, curled, lashes.
“you can look now,” you kiss the tip of his nose, “can’t believe you have such nice lashes, and for what” you ramble on as atsumu turns to look at himself in the mirror, taking out your mascara to apply to your own lashes to lock in the curl.
you feel atsumu’s heavy stare and you side eye him again, “yes?”
he’s no longer solving quantum mechanics— not that he really could— but more like eyeing a kid that's eating a cone of his favorite ice cream flavor. he even licks his lips.
“say, angel,” you’re already smirking at his words, “and what’s that?”
now he’s just playing dumb; he’s gone with you to buy mascara countless times before. still, you entertain him— mostly because you love him,
“it’s mascara, baby,” you say, not giving him the satisfaction to accept an offer to using it. it’s nothing against him; this is just really nice mascara, and you’re almost out.
atsumu must really want ice cream, though, because once you’re done applying it to your lashes he speaks up again, “could i-? uh- can i have some of that?”
you bite your bottom lip to hide both your grin and your endearment towards the man before you. who are you, really, to say no to him?
“yes, ‘tsumu, you can,” you settle between his legs again and brush the pigmented wand against his lashes, “gotta buy me a new one, though,” you tease.
he nods and you almost end up smearing your work and poking his eye, “sorry, angel,” he says sheepishly, “i’ll buy us each one.” your heart squeezes, and you have the urge to kiss him stupid. it’s whatever.
you sigh, finally done, “you’re so pretty ‘tsumu,” you tell him, sincerity in your voice, “such pretty brown eyes” you hum, and he grins, cherry coloring his cheeks.
you wait out in the hallway for atsumu to lock the apartment door. once he pockets the keys, he takes your hand, batting his eyelashes for good measure. you snort..
“say angel, can we try eyeliner once we get back?”
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Atsumu loves mornings he has the day off, loves the way you insist on taking care of him the one day he gets to sleep in, the one day he’s not busy on a hectic schedule doing one thing and then the next.
He loves waking up to fingers smoothing his hair back, loves the tender kisses on his face, loves the way you rub his back and hum quietly to him while he buries his face into your chest and relaxes.
He loves how you smile down at him, whispering sweet little praises, telling him about all the things you love about him—all the little things he barely notices about himself, trivial and forgotten, but you see them and you make room for them in your heart.
He loves being reminded that he’s just as wanted, that you love him just as much as he loves you, that he’s in the forefront of your heart and mind, that he’s special to you, that he’s all you’d want if you had to pick one thing—because he’d always pick you, and he wants you to pick him too.
Atsumu loves being loved by you.
Tumblr media
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strawberriebunn · 2 months ago
Sugar daddy atsumu who spoils you so so much (they all do), he loves seeing you in stuff he bought, or hearing you brag about something he helped pay for whether it be classes or a new laptop. He also loves when you sink to your knees at the end of the night to give him your thanks, by taking him so far down your throat he’s seeing stars, and you’ll top it off by climbing on top of him and straddle him so you can have him give you one more thing that day, his warm cum. Which he happily gives you, making sure it’s deep in your cunt no matter what, makes him feel cocky as shit when he remembers that you’re walking around with his cum running down your legs.
Sugar daddy Toshi who appears so stoic to everyone only to have you hanging off his arm, all smiles and giggles. He spoils you so much, he hardly ever says no to you, but if you throw a fit when he does? Good luck getting anything out of him for the rest of the day, he’ll ignore your requests for things, he won’t actively cuddle or be affectionate with you (he will let you sit on him and kiss on him if you want, he’s not completely heartless). He only speaks to you when you come to him babbling out apologies and how you’d be good for him now, to which he smiles and whisks you to the bedroom, praising you for being a big girl and apologizing. Then he’ll spoil you all night while you sob and babble on his cock <3
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tsumooo · 2 months ago
You got it all wrong
Character: Miya Osamu x GN reader, Miya Atsumu & GN reader Genre: childhood enemies to lovers, idiots in love, miya atsumu has had enough of yer bullshit, best friend atsumu, suggestive themes A/N: osamu fluff, come get yer osamu fluff! GN reader!
“W-where are ya going?” He pushes down on your shoulders when you try to stand. “I’m going home because I’ve got early practice tomorrow. You are gonna stay here and sort yer shit out because frankly it’s disturbin’ having to watch ya eye fuck ma brother every time we come here-“ “It’s not every time!" "It's definitely every time"
Ever since you were young you and Osamu had been in a weird love-hate relationship. It had all started the afternoon you declared Atsumu to be your favourite twin. Even then Osamu had simply shrugged with his face neutral, exercising great control for a 9 year old, but it obviously got to him because he spent the next 14 years teasing you. As children it had begun with the typical stuff; hair pulling, hiding your favourite pens and stickers, stealing food from your bento when you weren’t looking, jumping out at you from around corners. Into adolescence he stopped the physical irritants and turned to relentless bickering and insults that carefully never crossed the line.
You weren’t sure at what point that your feelings of annoyance toward him changed to feelings of wanting, but it was overwhelming how drawn to him you were.
“Could you two jus’ hurry up and fuck?” Atsumu huffs as he observes you, leaning back in his seat across from you. You snort at his vulgarity, cheek resting against your propped up hand. “I’m trying,” you mutter solemnly.
He bites into his onigiri with a raised eyebrow that reads ‘are you serious?’ and you poke out your tongue petulantly in response.
“Starin' holes into his back is not trying,” he smirks. “Yer such a coward”. Leaning over the restaurant table you lightly smack him upside his head to shut him up, but you knew he was right.
Osamu has always been pretty observant and aware of those around him, or at least you always thought he was. Perhaps his volleyball skills did not translate to real life interactions with other people. Because you had been very obviously flirting with him since you got here and he hasn’t cracked once.
Maybe he noticed and doesn’t reciprocate so he’s not acknowledging it. Maybe he noticed but he’s teasing you. Maybe he really is dense.
Surely not, you think, as he rolls his work sleeves up his thick forearms. No. This is definitely on purpose.
“Do ya blame me? He barely even tolerates me,” you mumble, picking at the rice ball in your hand. Even now as adults your relationship with Osamu hadn’t evolved much, he still took pleasure in winding you up and poking fun at you and you never really spent time alone with him without his brother present. There really was no indication that he reciprocated you romantic feelings.
“Why do you think he puts so much effort in to gettin’ a reaction out of ya?” Atsumu muses, genuinely curious of your answer. In his mind you were both as blind as the other, and frankly he was getting sick of having to sit back and watch the two of you dance around each other.
Gaze unmoving you watch another customer come in and press their chest up against the front counter, batting their eyelashes at the attractive young restaurant owner. When it's anyone but you he's obviously aware when he's being flirted with.
Atsumu clicks his fingers in front of your face after a few moments of you ignoring his question, startling you. "Oi, would ya stop starin' and listen to me? He's not going anywhere you know, he works here".
Narrowing your eyes you slump back into your side of the booth with reluctance, anxious about what was going on on the other side of the room. "Fine, am listening," you tut, tongue clicking against your teeth.
"Just hear me out, and a know you might think it's ridiculous but it's the truth," Atsumu declares, crossing his arms together in a theatrical show of 'seriousness'. You mentally prepare yourself.
"Osamu is jealous," he hypothesises. "He is jealous of me".
"You're right," you scoff, shovelling the rest of your food in to your mouth, "that is ridiculous". Your best friend rolls his eyes so hard in response his head hits the back of his chair.
"He's jealous because I get all yer attention and the only way he'll ever have it is if he messes with ya," Atsumu explains with a proud expression, as if he had cracked a nuclear code. "Now because you've both been at it so long he has no clue how to pursue an actual relationship wit' ya' so he just sticks to what's familiar".
“Since when were you an expert in psychology?” You ask mockingly, too scared to take his analysis as truth. If he was wrong and Osamu truly didn’t like you then confessing to him would only lead to an incredibly uncomfortable situation for all three of you.
“Whatever,” Tsumu huffs, licking the flavour from each of his fingers after finishing his final onigiri. “If ya don’t believe me then I think ya should just ask him if he really dislikes you. Cause I know you’ve never hated him even when we were kids but still, ya provoked him”.
Mouth agape, you watch him rise from where he’s sitting and pull on his jacket. “W-where are ya going?”
He pushes down on your shoulders when you try to stand. “I’m going home because I’ve got early practice tomorrow. You are gonna stay here and sort yer shit out because frankly it’s disturbin’ having to watch ya eye fuck ma brother every time we come here-“
“It’s not every time!”
"It's definitely every time," he reaffirms impatiently. He takes in your anxious expression and sighs, running a hand through his dyed platinum hair.
“Look, yer one of my favourite people. Do ya really think that I’d leave ya here and encourage ya to do this if I knew he’d just reject ya?”
You shake your head no. You know that underneath his sarcastic hard headed exterior, Atsumu is an overwhelmingly caring and attentive person. You trusted him with anything and everything and you knew deep down that he wouldn’t put you in a situation that would leave you hurt.
Even if Osamu did reject you, Atsumu was atleast certain that his brother did not hate you and you could live with that.
Your best friend leaves you with a light flick to the forehead and calls out to his brother that he’s going home. Exhaling shakily you scan the room and study the few people left sitting at their tables. It was very nearly time for Osamu to close up.
You fiddle uncomfortably with your remaining onigiri, debating whether or not you should just make a run for it. Even if you were to let this discussion happen you weren’t sure that you wanted it to happen here.
Amid the quiet atmosphere of onigiri miya you sit internally scrutinising any and all of the interactions you’d had with Osamu, the ones you could remember anyway. Truthfully you never did detect any kind of malice from the dark haired twin, and he had never said anything sincerely hurtful to you. Maybe Atsumu was right.
You jump when a familiar hand comes in to view, placing another 'giri in your dish. Peaking up at Osamu you find yourself glaring suspiciously out of habit, wondering what his motives were behind his actions.
He snorts a laugh at your familiar expression, black work cap covering his eyes. “Ya know, sometimes I just want to be generous without any evil hidden agenda,” he teases.
Typically you would send an equally sarcastic comment back to him but today your best friends words bounce around your mind vigorously, attempting to attach to anything Osamu says as proof that it’s true.
“I’ll see it when I believe it,” he suddenly mocks, imitating your voice. You stare at him, affronted.
“Sorry but I’m a bit weirded out by yer lack of response so I’m just filling in the gaps here,” he jokes as he pulls out the seat next to you.
Taking in his tired appearance, you recall the day you’d admitted to Atsumu that you had feelings for his brother. Straight away he had asked if you also found him attractive, to his relief your immediate answer was no, but that was still something many people wondered after you told them.
The truth is, to you Osamu and Atsumu look completely different. A persons outward appearance isn’t the only thing that makes them, well, themselves. Osamu and Atsumu may have the same face, minus the current hair colour, but they have complete opposite mannerisms, senses of humour, facial expressions, body language, voices, likes and dislikes. It’s all of those things that add up and create an attraction to someone.
You loved Atsumu as a brother but you had not once found yourself attracted to him the way you were attracted to 'Samu.
“Ya in there? Do I have to be worried?” 'Samu pulls you back to reality, squeezing your cheek between his thumb and index finger. Blinking into focus you bat his hand away and pout, plucking the new warm onigiri from your plate and taking a bite.
To your surprise it is your favourite flavour, and freshly made. Usually Samu’ stuck to his menu pretty strictly and this was not on there, which meant he had made it for you specifically.
‘Is’ good,” you say, words muffled by the food in your mouth. Osamu gives a small grin in response, tilting his head forward to hide his expression with the tongue of his cap.
“And, m’alright. Thanks for asking. Just got a bit lost in my head there,” you admit shyly, hoping he’ll look you in the eye so you can see what he might truly be trying to tell you. He doesn't.
“Was surprised that you were still here, thought you’d leave with ma brother”.
“Nah, he scurried off somewhere with an excuse about practice but am pretty sure he’s seeing someone new,” you share. He shoots you a curious, but cautious expression.
“Doesn’t that bother ya? Since ya like him and all,” he stammers, appearing to be very weary of your reaction. As if he’s truly expecting you to be upset.
He was not ready for you to burst into fits of laughter.
“Jesus, no, ‘Samu. Sure he’s got a pretty face but I don’t like ya brother, not in a million years. He’s told me far too much about his bowel movements and his sexual fantasies for that to ever happen,” you snivel, voice trailing off into a quiet giggle.
Once he’s processed the realisation that this entire time you haven’t actually been pining for his brother, he latches on to the first part of your statement. “Ya think I’ve got a pretty face huh?”
Not even bothering to deny it, still amused by the fact that he’d had entirely the wrong idea this whole time, you simply hum in agreement. “Might just be one of the only things ya have going for ya, ‘Samu”.
The teasing was familiar ground and thus it relieves the tension in his shoulders slightly. “So a man with a pretty face, his own business and good cooking skills isn’t enough for ya?”
You might be starting to understand where ‘Tsumu was coming from when he complained about you and ‘Samu flirting. Restaurant now void of customers it was just the two of you, testing the waters and scrutinising each other’s reactions.
“Does this dream man also happen to be 6’3?” You ask dryly, eyes widening when a pink stripe paints itself across Osamus cheeks.
A few moments of silence pass.
“Why’d ya pick him as ya favourite?” He finally probes, dodging your question.
“Oh my god,” you groan, “you’re still holding that over me?”
“Ain’t nice to pick and choose favourites,” he taunts. “I’m just curious”.
“I guess it’s because you tried too hard ta’ be nice,” you explain with a small shrug, wringing your hands together. “You were known as the better twin, the friendly twin, but I saw right through ya. Ya were always instigating fights, startin’ trouble, breaking stuff, an’ poor Tsumu took the fall for ya every time. Sure he was an ass and still is but at least he was honest about it. Guess I wanted to provoke you in to showing your true colours”.
“An I proved ya right by continuing to be an ass for over a decade,” he chuckles self depreciatively, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. You frown, knocking your shoulders together playfully. “Ya weren’t that bad. It was fun, wasn’t it?”
His eyes glint and narrow under the helpless grin that spreads across his face. “Yeah,” he murmurs under his breath as he gazes down at you with such fondness it makes your chest tight. “It was”.
The air seems thinner after that, and you can’t look away from each other. Nervously you wet your bottom lip and watch him follow the movement of your tongue. You remember what you’d promised Atsumu.
“Did you ever actually hate me, ‘Samu?”
Inching closer to you he cautiously cups his hand against your jaw, pleased when you don’t flinch away from him. His fingers delicately graze the apple of your cheek.
“S’impossible to hate you,” he admits earnestly. “Just wanted ya to look at me more, is all”.
“You’re an idiot,” you breathe, overwhelmed by the warmth radiating from him and the smell of his cologne washing over you. In quiet amazement he glides his thumb along your bottom lip, inhaling sharply when your mouth falls open. Slowly he leans toward you, eyes half lidded in want.
“Excuse me, are you still open?”
You jolt away from each other abruptly at the sudden intrusion, turning to see a couple standing sheepishly at the entrance. Osamu, to your disappointment, gets to his feet and approaches them to bow politely.
“Sorry to tell ya but we closed about five minutes ago. My fault, I shoulda put the sign up”.
The two look so embarrassed to have walked in on your intimate moment, and even from this distance you can see that Osamus ears have taken on a bright red hue. Covering the sound of your laughter with your hands, not wanting to humiliate anyone any further, you watch as they scurry out and ‘Samu quickly locks the door behind them.
“Can hear ya laughing over there!” He growls, flipping the switch for the shutters to come down. Thankfully the loud harsh metal sound covers your spluttering.
He approaches you again, this time with a bashful expression and his hand open for you to take. ‘Come on, I’ll drive ya home”.
Accepting his offer you push your fingers into the spaces between his own and press your palms together. You guess you’ll have to kiss him when he walks you to your door.
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housewife-of-asakusa · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title: Inari Blessing || Atsumu Miya x fem!Reader a/n: yeah ok ig it’s my husband’s birthday and ig I love him or something word count: 4.2k tags: fem!Reader, fantasy/spirit au, kitsune!Atsumu, hybrid!Atsumu, soulmate au, alluding to death/suicide, plot that leads to porn, oral (fem receiving), soft sex, mating press, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, knotting, creampie, unedited  character(s): Atsumu Miya (hq) synopsis: Every time you ran away from home, the man with the tawny hair and black kimono could be found sitting a top the mountain.
Tumblr media
Seven was the first time you ran away. 
If there was a fight at home over dishes or maybe you just didn’t want to do homework anymore. What it was, you weren’t sure. But the drive to run up the hill as fast as you could never ceased. You intended to run as far as you could until someone stopped you.
When someone did stop you it was all but an unfamiliar face.
“What are you doing in my shrine?” Cladded in a black kimono with hair as lightly colored as the dead August grass. The man before you didn’t look familiar at all, “Well, you just going to stand there huh, squirt?”
You sniffled and tried to suck up the dripping snot from your nose, “…I- I was just-”
“Blah blah blah blah-” He waved his sleeve covered hand around mocking you, “Little humans turn into big humans. Just scum, all of them.”
Was he threatening you? Was he just- Actually you weren’t sure what he was doing. His little mocking voice and quick little gestures made a smile blossom on your face. 
“Heh, you’re funny.” You pointed at his head, “And I like your hat mister.”
All but appalled, the tawny haired man looked aghast as he smashed the set of ears down on his head to hide them, “A hat?! A hat?! Yer callin’ my precious ears a hat?! What are they teaching you kids now a days huh?! Do you have any idea who I am?! The disrespect you’ve brought to a sacred place?!”
You shook your head. Very clearly stating the obvious. Leaving the stranger to sigh and rub his hand down his face.
“This is what happens.” He shook his head and turned away, “First it crumbles. Then we leave, one by one. Until no one even remembers us.”
You peek around his side with a concerned look, “Are you running away from home to mister?”
“Running away? What-” He scowled down at you, “This is my home.”
His gesture towards the blanket of never ending forest before you two confused you more. There was no home. There was no family to be seen. Not even something that could be called a hut. All you saw was late summer heat affecting the plants. This wasn’t a home.
“…why do I even try,” He sighed beside you. Pinching the bridge of his nose and waving you away, “Why are you even up here. Go get. Let me be at peace human.”
For a moment you had forgotten what brought you up here. And when you were shoed away to go back to it all. You huffed with pouty cheeks and sat right down on the dry grass under foot. In turn confusing the stranger beside you.
“I said go home human I won’t have-”
“I’m not going home.” You huffed, “I ran away and I won’t go back.”
His golden eyes blinked at you. Stalled by silence between cracking a small smile on his coy lips, “Not going home huh?”
You shook your head with arms folded. Stubborn in your conviction.
“Ya know, I heard a wild Inari spirit roams these woods. Viscous and alone. Without a real home.” He tipped a inquisitive look down at you, “You might be in danger if he catches you.”
For all the good folklore did. It didn’t rile a response from you. Only a deepening to your frown as you shook your head and looked forward at the expanse of forest, “I don’t care. I’m not going home. I’ll fight him if I have to then.”
“You!? Fight a spirit?! Bwauhaha! You are all but full of yourself aren’t you little human?” He knelt down next to you. Head resting on his knees with the pool of his black kimono at his covered feet. Ears twitching and tipping you off quickly that it might not be a hat. Golden eyes half lidded with a smirk on his lips, the man’s voice dropped to a whisper, “And…what if I told you I was that same spirit?”
There really was the first glimpse of thought crossing your young mind. Perhaps processing danger. Or less likely processing the fib he might be telling you. What he expected though was for you to want to leave and go back home to allow him his solace.
“I could take you.” You pointedly state.
“Take me?!” His eyes lit up with a belly clutching laugh ripping through him, “Yer gonna take me huh?? Things must be real bad at home then, ya? Willing to fight a spirit in the woods. What do ya got? A death wish?”
Your brows pinch together, “No. Why would you say that?”
“Because you’ve walked into the foxes den tiny human. Seems kinda obvious.”
“I don’t have a death wish I just-” For all your wisdom you held when you ran away from home. Now with only seven years to draw on. You struggled to find what it was you wanted to say, “…I just want to be happy.”
Once on his face, his smile never diminished. Though it softened around the edges as he reached out and ruffled your hair, “What would make you happy then huh? Ya know, I’m the god of luck so I might have something for you.”
Looking over at the thing beside you. Finally letting it settle in that maybe this wasn’t a human. As his ears twitched. And you saw his smile reveal teeth sharper than you’d ever seen. His words still seemed kinder than any human you knew. You thought hard. Drawing up anything possible when there was really only one thing that came to mind.
“…I want to stay out here with you.” You answered honestly, “I want to stay out here and be a run away forever.”
There it came. The laugh like the first time. But now it seemed less derogatory. Certainly directed at you but he softened his expression and you could feel his thumb rub gingerly against your temple, “Sweet human, you remind me of someone. Someone I lost a long time ago.”
“Does that mean I can stay?!” Your face lit up accepting that as a yes.
It came crashing down though. The second he shook his head and his touch lifted from your head, “No.”
“No?! But you said I-”
“Remind me. Yer not them though. You have more growing to do tiny human.” He reached into the pleat of his kimono and drew out a beautiful gold and orange charm. Pinched between his long black nails he looked at it with a tender look before hanging it front of your face, “Take this. When the fabric looses it’s depth. And the gold becomes clouded. Perhaps then. We will meet again. And perhaps then you may run away.”
Eight years would pass. 
You would visit that same spot in the woods. Without a name. Or a place to recall. Only the charm clutched to your chest each time you ventured out. Stories of days in and day out of your life. 
Explaining to the empty trees how you felt you grew enough. How you were ready. And how you tried to reason that the charm looked how he meant it to be. Even though the gold clasp remained shimmering. And the orange woven fabric looked as good as new. You swore to the empty forest that it had worn and that you had aged. 
Those eight years fell on nothing though. Daily trips turned to weekly. Which melted to monthly. Until suddenly you were in college and you couldn’t recall the last time you saw the hillside. 
Still though the vivid picture of the man who’d given you the charm stuck. A dream that never faded. 
It would be another seven years before you ventured up that hill again. This time as distraught as you had been the first time you ran away. Perhaps at twenty two it couldn’t be called running away. But as you stomped up the hillside in the middle of August. 
Consumed in your thoughts and nothing else. It felt exactly like it had when you were seven.
Tears streaming down your face. A thud in your chest that felt like your heart cracked each time it would beat. You made it as far as you could before the blurred tree line got too hard to decipher through tears.
Dropping to your knees you covered your face. Palms wet with the tears you wiped away. And now even wetter with the ones dripping into your hands. You sniffled and tried to dry them as you looked at the same stupid charm in your grasp.
Orange vibrancy long gone. Golden clasp smudged and never wiped clean. It spent so long at the bottom of bags and purses. You couldn’t recall the last time you even held it.
For as lucky as your lucky charm had been. You wanted to tear it to shreds with the woe allowed in your life. A never ending cycle. You clutched it in your fist. Raising it above your head ready to toss it back into the forest that once gifted it to you.
“Are ya gonna throw away something I personally gave you?”
Curled around your closed fist was a hand. Startling you enough to make you jerk away and whip around. An unwelcome intruder until you saw the twitch of those tawny ears and sly smirk.
He waggled his finger at you and tapped your fist containing the old charm, “You were gonna throw that away weren’t ya?”
A crossed expression written on your face. You open your palm to look at the old trinket before feeling nothing but anger towards the mysterious man, “You! I looked for you! Day after day! I came back up here looking for you! Now you show up?! Now you care to humor me?!”
The fox man gave a shrug. His smile settling off his face as his golden eyes looked at the charm in your hand, “You didn’t need me those times.” His golden eyes narrowed on you, “You weren’t running away like you were now.”
Tightness returning to your chest with vigor. You couldn’t stop the quiver to your bottom lip as you tightened your fist around the stupid old charm you were about to huck into the forest. No chance you would throw away the gift. Still you couldn’t hold back the tears. Wiping at them with a closed fist as he settled in front of you on the ground.
“…what makes now different?” You asked through shaky breathes, “I’ve come up here crying before. Why now?”
He tilted his head curiously, “Really? That’s what yer gonna ask? Not, how was your day? How’s the weather holding up these days?”
The clear un-amusement on your face told him what he needed to know. Though he kind of figured that would be the case.
Looking up longingly up at the tree line above the both of you. Dusk settling into a mixture of beautiful colors to be painted across the late summer sky. He stayed quiet for a while as he still felt the burning of your eyes on him. Finally the creature exhaled.
“…you want it now.” He answered softly.
Only adding to your confusion you frown at him, “Want it?”
A nod. He reached out and touched his blackened nails down your temple to cup your cheek, “I couldn’t take you away if you didn’t want it with everything in ya. Even if I wanted to.” A genuine smile crossed his pale lips, “Trust me when I say I’ve missed ya.” His thumb swiped over your cheek and felt the tackiness of your dried tears, “Missed ya since the last of us left.”
Unlike seven year old you. It had sunk in over the decade plus since the fevered dream of meeting the funny hatted man happened. Some days you thought it was a dream. Others it was the only reality you would stick to. Leaving you somewhere in a feverish reality between the two of them. Nothing having felt as real since that day. Even when you told yourself it was a dream. It simply was a dream you wanted to return to.
Swallowing the lump in your throat. And looking down at the death grip on the charm. You hand slowly relaxed to reveal it’s worn throughout the years. It no longer looked the part of a beautiful luck charm. Instead it was but a dingy woven piece of fabric that had seen better days.
You extend the charm out to him and look across to him, “Your luck charm sucked.”
Opposite hand coming up to touch the old trinket he gave you. The fox man smiled as he felt the emotional turmoil of the years through it, “…it was never a luck charm I made. It was always yours. I was just holding onto it until you came back.”
“…mine?” You stole a glance from him to stare down at the thing in your hand. How out of place you always felt. How things always fell through or seemed to be nothing but bad luck. You had hoped at some point meeting the spirit meant you had a fruitful life ahead of you. But as the years drug on it only seemed like you were more and more out of place in your own story, “…this is mine?”
He nodded, “Thought you’d remember that sooner but-” He shrugged with a half cocked grin, “Guess human brains take a while to grow too.”
The hurt made sense. The fevered dream you lived for twenty two years. Suddenly felt like you woke up but only on the hillside with the unknown monster in front of you. Why seven year old you had never been scared puzzled you. Only to leave you realizing why would you be scared if you belonged up here.
“….Atsumu.” The name slipped past your lips when your eyes met the golden stare across from you.
Perhaps now it was his turn to shed even the slightest tear. His smile extending more than just his lips. It felt like his eyes were alive with a smile as he nodded, “Took ya long enough.”
What was once tight in your chest gave way to a deep breath. Cold extremities fueled by adrenaline lulled back into a warmth you hadn’t felt in years. You can’t help but crack a smile while feeling insane at the same time, “…you could have just told me ya know?”
Atsumu shakes his head with a shaky laugh bordering on tears, “Couldn’t tell ya anything you silly human.” His palm flush against your cheek as he feels your touch against the back of his hand. Only leading the fox spirit to lean into you and press his forehead to yours, “Ya had so much growing to do. Just didn’t think it’d take you this long.”
“Heh, shut up,” You nuzzle your nose against his feeling the tears threaten your lashes once more, “Yer a shit guardian.”
“I couldn’t leave.” He laughed softly between the two of you, both hands on your cheeks now as he held his forehead against yours, “Not when I knew ya would come back.”
You could feel his breath against your cheek. Closer than ever before. The softness of his kimono brushing your arms as he held your face gently in his palms. Your own hands resting a top his own as you let out a shaky laugh and shook your head, “Take me back please. I’m tired of running away.”
Atsumu had to lift his head up. Line of sight meeting yours once more. With his hands dropping from your face to rest in your lap with your own touch holding his, “…you’re still a human. If you do anything with me-” He bit his tongue at the words, “…you can’t go back. You’ll be stuck here. The rest have long gone. The others left when the temple was gone. If you do then-”
“Then I’ll be with you.” You spoke over him. Atsumu looked surprised at you, “I’ll keep coming back until you take me back. Over and over again. I’ll run away until this is my home again.”
“Damn,” Atsumu’s face grew into a smile all over again as his golden eyes twinkled, “Guess I really am stuck with ya in any lifetime huh?”
Simply laughing at him wasn’t enough. Lips curled up into a smile you lean into him. The brush of your lips not enough. Pressing them fully against the fox man’s as your hands traveled up his forearms. Crossing his shoulders just so you could loop them around his neck and hold him close to you. In no time the kiss deepening. 
Gentleness turned to greed. Atsumu’s arms curled around your chest with the scrape of his nails against your clothed ribcage in his tight embrace. The kitsune spirit clutching you to him as you swiped your tongue along his bottom lip. Tasting him for the first time in a new lifetime.
Who moaned first wasn’t clear. Though it didn’t matter. As the two of you fell back into the grass underneath the thoughts subsided to only a craving need. Atsumu quick to help you push his kimono from his shoulders. Just as prompt he was to tear at your shirt until both of you were left bare chested.
Hovering above you Atsumu smiled as his eyes traced over the familiar lines of your bare body, “…how I’ve missed you so much.”
Reaching up to brush his golden waves back you can’t help but pull him closer to you for a brief kiss, “I’m not going anywhere this time.”
Kisses trailed down your neck. Dancing along your collarbone and shoulder. Fluttering and light until his warm breath was felt against your nipple. Causing a hitch in your breath the second he took the sensitive bud between his lips.
A moan rippling through his chest as the fox man moved his tongue over every inch of your tit. His opposite hand coming up to cup and squeeze the other. Pinching playfully at your nipple as his lips vibrated with the little moans leaving him amidst it all. 
“Atsumu-” His name hitched in your breath. Skin on fire with his attention. Unsure if this is what he meant by you couldn’t come back. Or if you simply craved him this bad.
Responsive to your words. He unlatched his lips. Peppering your chest in kisses as he moved down. Kissing the marks on your very human body. Each fold and stretch mark. Adoring it as much as he’d adored your first body. Leading his touch down to the top of your underwear. Something he didn’t even have to ask to remove as your own fingers hooked in the waistband to peel them down. Atsumu doing what he could to help. Revealing to him the delicious sight of your soaked slit. More than just ready to taste you.
Pressing his lips against your core. He inhaled deeply before swiping his tongue along your cunt lips. Earning a moan from you above him as he felt your hands curl themselves in his hair. Atsumu lapped at your juices with his tongue brushing your clit often. Ignoring the death grip on his hair as he delved between your folds.
“You still taste amazing,” He murmured against your pussy. Unable to take himself away from you.
“More-” You gasped when his tongue swished over your clit, “Atsumu more-”
Hands gripping your hips. He devoted every life he’d ever had to eating you out. Hungrily lapping up your juices. Flicking his tongue over your throbbing clit until your hips were shuddering and bucking up against him. None of that stopped him though. Not until the fox spirit heard your final gasps leave your parted lips in desperation.
“ ‘m cumming! Atsumu- Fuck Atsumu I’m cumming! I can’t- I can’t-” Voice choked up in your chest. Nothing short of bliss washed over your body. Walls fluttering around nothing but the ache to your clit sending shivers up your spine. Atsumu’s tongue never ending as he worked you over through the entire endeavor. Face smeared in juices as you held him down there and rode out your orgasm until your hips collapsed under him.
Drawing his tongue up your slit one last time. Flicking his tongue just against the tip of your clit to earn a meager moan. He looked up at you between your legs with juices covering his face. Even as he licked them up he stared at you with a tender look laced with hesitance, “…if we do this…you can’t go back.”
Opening your arms wide, a sweet blissful smile comes across your lips as you look at the man above you, “I don’t want to go back. I want you.”
Atsumu felt his bottom lip quiver. Even with the taste of your musk on his tongue there was no stopping the way he felt, “…I want you too.”
Crawling back up to you. No concern for your juices that clung to his cheeks. You hungrily kiss him as your hips relax to accommodate his own. The clear bulge in his robes coming to life when he ruts against your core. Sending a tingle throughout your body even after such an orgasm.
It doesn’t take long. Between heated kisses. To free Atsumu from his robes. Freed from its loose confines. His cock twitches against the cool forest air but not for long.
Hips lining up together. You allow him to swipe his tip along your slit. Moaning when he brushes your sensitive clit. Covering himself in your juices before positioning himself at your entrance. 
With savoring ease Atsumu slips himself inside you. Girth of his cock filling you up and leaving you moaning against his lips when he leans back down to you. Warmth like nothing you’ve ever felt before. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as the fox spirit finally slips all the way inside you. Bottoming out with your hips meeting one another.
Panting ever so lightly Atsumu brings his head up just enough so he can see you. Beautifully under him as his eyes soften and he presses his forehead against yours. Words at a loss when he feels you tighten around him and your fingers glide through his hair.
Soon lewd noises fill the quiet forest around the two of you. The slapping of your skin together. Along with the muffled moans as neither of you can keep your lips together. But be damned if you stop kissing. Atsumu’s cock feels even bigger in you with each thrust. His hips falling heavy onto yours each time as if he can’t get close enough to you. 
Sensitivity after your orgasm only making your walls flutter around his cock. Leaving his thrusts feeling nothing short of heavenly. Twisting and turning your insides into mush as your legs are brought up. Atsumu’s tender touch hooking the back of your knee to press them into you. Allowing his cock to slip deeper in you as he groans against your lips.
“I- I can’t help it-” Atsumu mumbles against your lips. His own orgasm approaching faster than he could ever imagine. 
Grabbing his face once more you pepper his lips in kisses that are broken up by moans. Drawn out by him hitting your deepest spots and the lewd noises of your cunt growing wetter and wetter around him, “Want it- Want you- Please- Please take me back.”
“Fuck-” He growls against your lips. Grip on your legs tightening because there’s no returning from this. Atsumu snaps his hips into yours with feverish intent. Fucking you with all his weight behind it as he lays on top of you and smashes his lips to yours, “I love you.”
Fucked out of any coherent thought. You can hear and feel his words against your lips as the growing size of his knot occurs to you only in passing. No turning back you nod with moans slipping against his lips, “I love you too.”
Snapping his hips into you once more. Atsumu buries himself as deep inside your cunt as he can. Overwhelmed with the first gush of cum that leaves him. A gasp being stolen from his lungs as the kitsune spirit pushes his cock deep inside you. Knot popping past your entrance in that very second. Filling you past anything you know. Leaving you gripping his shoulders and hugging him close to you.
Warmth of his cum. Each pulse of his cock inside you. Your walls clenching around him and milking him for every last drop. As his cum pours into you it’s the moment that suddenly every thing feels real. Like you’ve woken up from something suddenly. Eyes opening to see the familiar face above you.
Loosening your grip on his shoulders. A tender touch comes down to his cheek. Pressing your palm flush to his cheek you smile up at him, “…I’m home.”
Atsumu closes his golden eyes and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. Knotted deep inside you as the two of you felt each spurt fill you up even more and more, “I knew you’d come back.”
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hankuto · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
you’ve decided that you cannot stand miya atsumu.
and you don’t mean that—at least not entirely—but he’s standing in front of you, bag slung over his shoulder and a stupid little smile dragging across his lips, and you’re sure if you had a little more faith in your fighting ability you would punch him.
“i’m just asking for one chance—and if you hate it you’ll never have to hear from me again.” he raises a brow and both of you know that’s more than a lie.
“not to be dramatic but i’d rather be caught dead than on a date with you ‘tsumu.”
“oh c’mon, you’re breaking my heart,” he hums.
and you’re sure you could kill him, “good.”
he laughs—breathy and warm and a little more appealing than you’d ever care to admit. and if he hadn’t asked you out three times this week—if he hadn’t brought flowers to your locker and insisted on walking you home and showed up at your door in a thunderstorm—you’re sure you would find him much less endearing.
“what about that coffee shop you like? the one downtown?” he raises his hands in the air, as if that’ll make his offer any more appealing. “i’ll buy you anything you want.”
“and if i order the most expensive thing on the menu?”
he grins, “i guess i’m buying the most expensive thing on the menu.”
oh, and you cannot stand miya atsumu. you can’t stand the way he smiles and you can’t stand the way he stands at your locker and you absolutely can’t stand that now, as he stands at your door in the pouring rain, he still has that pretty little smile on his face.
“and if i hate it i never have to hear from you again?” you ask.
“only if you hate it,” he replies.
you shift on your feet, eyeing him as he stands in your doorway, and you decide that the only thing you can’t stand more than atsumu is the fact that you’re so tempted to say yes.
“i’m gonna hate it.” he shakes his head.
“you think i’d let that happen after all this? not in a million years, angel.”
you sigh, hoping he doesn’t notice the smile that crawls up your cheeks.
(he does)
“you seem a little too sure of yourself right now.”
“it’s confidence. you should try it sometime.” his gaze falls over your face and you already know you’ve set yourself up. “start by having some in me maybe.”
oh, how you hate him.
“one chance, miya.”
and he smirks, “one chance.”
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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kissingsamus4head · 4 months ago
✻ — tsumu just wants to sleep !
Tumblr media
atsumu peers angrily at you from his side of the bed, brows furrowed and brown irises swimming in aggravation. he should look intimidating, an irate atsumu was a scary thing, but his left cheek is smooshed up against his pillow and his hair is tousled with sleep so really he just looks so ridiculous you find yourself having to cover your mouth to conceal your laughter.
the bedroom is dark, all sources of light having been turned off long before the man had even left practice for the evening— and it should be silent. tsumu thinks that he should be peacefully curled up against you with his own snores keeping you up for an extra hour(his usual post-shitty-practice-ritual); but karma has successfully bitten him in the ass as the job had been taken over by two far smaller sets of lungs.
there’s a knee, or maybe an elbow, dug into his own, and a pair of finger nails that feel more like talons digging into his skull— not that you’re faring any better, with two tiny arms wrapped tightly around your neck and your daughters sleeping face pressed right up against your temple.
that should be me, the blonde grumbles internally, but instead he’s been separated from you by two little bodies that have their own beds in their own rooms and got to see you for the entire day. it’s utterly ridiculous and he feels totally betrayed that you’ve let parent time bleed into atsumu and y/n time. **
** he will not be acknowledging that he’d spent the previous night sleeping in a disney princess bed as opposed to his own.
“so,” you start in a soft whisper, overly conscious of your sleeping children as your mouth begins to curl into an excited smile “is now not a good time to tell you that I’m pregnant again?”
and just like that, any trace of discontentment disappears from your husbands face.
Tumblr media
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aleksblue · 19 days ago
8:17:12pm — PRESS PLAY
Tumblr media
type: fluff + atsumu finds her playlist
feature: atsumu
note: rp + edited
Tumblr media
Atsumu always wondered why she wore such over-sized hoodies, but now, he can’t really complain. It’s literally been pissing rain since early morning, as much as he wants to stay late and train, nothing is worth getting drenched during Satan’s hissy fit. Even Osamu ran off before he can hitch an umbrella with him.
He grits his teeth.
She had given him an extra hoodie – how many items of clothing do girls even keep in their locker anyway? – just when the bell rang. Honestly, he could always count on her to be prepared, he liked to roll with the punches, but still, still he wonders if bothers her just a little too much.
He thought about it for at least a split second.
Then he shrugs; he really doesn’t care.
Atsumu will bother her until the day he dies.
He slips on the hoodie, tugging the heavy white cotton over his head and is immediately engulfed in her scent. The faint hints of perfume remain and he can almost feel the lingering heat from her person. He can’t rationalize why exactly he inhaled her hoodie like an addict.
Tugging the hood over his head, he grabs his sports bag, pulling it over his shoulder and shoves his hands into the pockets.
That’s when he feels it.
The glass screen, plasticky wires and soft buttons. He frowns and pulls out the iPod connected by earphones. He stares at the piece of electronic with a blank face; who the hell still uses an iPod in this day and age?
Her, apparently.
Switching the power button on, Atsumu clicks the home screen and clicks the library.
Well, it’s not like he’s snooping. He just wants to know what types of music she listens to, maybe they can go to a concert just after midterms; he’s getting tired of listening to the same songs over and over again.
Atsumu slips on the earphones and scrolls down to playlists.
His fingers freeze when he comes across a certain title and his mouth parts.
She made a playlist with his name on it.
There’s a sudden twist in his chest, painful and wonderful. The world tilts, leaving the hot rush of blood in his ears as he stares down at the kanji printed on the screen. There’s a playlist with his name on it. He can repeat the same words, the same tone and syntax a thousand times but that will still not change the fact that it exists.
Atsumu doesn’t know why his thumb shakes when he clicks on the play button.
He doesn’t know if he’s cold or if he’s hot when he takes his time walking home in the rain.
There are so many songs, and maybe—maybe he’s overthinking everything. Atsumu listens to the words of each song, carefully. From the upbeat pop, to the slow R&Bs, to the random touches of classical piano music, to the sensual slow synth beats, to the ballads and raw heartbreak. The theme is intertwined with hope, angst, pining, and love. So much love, that he can’t tell if it’s tears in his eyes or rain.
He skips around because there are way too many songs to listen to. He adjusts the settings to most plays and leaves it there.
Atsumu walks and walks until he’s in front of her door.
He’s on autopilot now—the edges of his vision blur in a haze of silver and blue.
He doesn’t know when or how he reaches here because his fist is already reaching to rap on the front door. He tugs off the earphones, his hand is shaking as he grabs the iPod in one hand, the music still playing and muffled by the splatters of rain.
She opens the door – all normal, with fleece pajama pants and sweater big enough to swallow her form – and she frowns when she sees Atsumu all wet—he’s going to get sick like this, and just as she’s about to open her mouth, to scold him for his carelessness—
—Atsumu cups the back of her neck with his free hand and kisses her before he has time to think.
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