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jakeperalta · 11 months ago
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long live all the magic we made, and bring on all the pretenders, i’m not afraid... tell them how the crowds went wild, tell them i hope they shine, long live the walls we crashed through, i had the time of my life with you
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revengeoftheswift · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
This is the story we're going to be telling over and over again!
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thisselflovecamebacktome · 3 months ago
My Taylor Swift inspired playlists masterpost.
“[album]... but not by Taylor” series:
(all compilations of songs that Taylor has never worked on that give me the same vibes as Taylor’s did on a song by song basis)
Debut deluxe version
Fearless platinum version
Speak Now deluxe version
RED deluxe version
1989 deluxe version
Folklore deluxe version
Evermore deluxe version
Folklore song inspired series:
The 1 (When you can’t forget that one person from your past)
Cardigan (knowing your worth when someone comes back to you after wronging you)
The Last Great American Dynasty (the highs and lows of finding yourself)
Exile (male/female duet songs I like)
My Tears Ricochet (fuck Scott Borchetta)
Mirrorball (breaking free of needing validation)
Seven (songs with an age in the title)
August (first teenage heartbreak with someone you thought was your person but who didn’t love you back)
This Is Me Trying (picking yourself up after a depressive episode)
Illicit Affairs (being the other, younger woman)
Invisible String (everything will turn out okay)
Mad Woman (feminist songs)
Epiphany (societal based songs)
Betty (accepting you have to move forward after hurting someone)
Peace (songs that make me feel a sense of peace)
Hoax (holding on for far too long)
The Lakes (wanting to escape from reality with your partner)
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