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katiekatebishop · a month ago
Hi. So I accidentally deleted my blog! Which has been an emotional rollercoaster considering I lost TEN YEARS worth of posts, followers….everything. Everything is gone.
I was trying to delete a sideblog that I ONLY created to see if the username was available, then I went specifically to that profile and hit the delete blog option at the bottom, thinking I was just deleting that ONE blog. Instead, it deleted all three, including my main and @getawaycartocorneliast. I have reached out to support, but I know how unlikely it is that @staff will help me.
I’m pretty devastated about this, considering ten years of my life are attached to this blog, and that all of my edits on @getawaycartocorneliast are gone. Obviously I have them saved on my computer but I can’t ask you guys to reblog a bunch of posts that you’ve already reblogged once or twice from me.
I have lost all of my followers. I will try my best to follow as many people as I can remember, and all I ask is please, if you can, signal boost this for me so I can find my friends and mutuals again. I’m gonna tag a few people and I would greatly appreciate it if you could signal boost.
@kingpepperony @deehellcat @yesmooshoe @lanalikesnobanana @suchababie @stolenxkissess @heydorothea @ramonapest @jadewestgf @shameshewentmad @depresseddisneyprincess @themagnacarla @likedaylighht @aintmyjewelry @itsmellslikeinfidelity @followingsnotreallymystyle @sunbeambuck @thefallenbibliophilequote @ungrateful-bitch
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