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why yes they are wearing matching kimonos thanks for asking

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the bnha character for you is..!!



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the kakegurui character for you is..!!



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A Sign of Spring

The time for daffodils to bloom is swiftly approaching! 💐

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Its a new day, and a new opportunity to piss off people on the internet so here it is:


The Bakusquad is a very good and valid and CANON squad (maybe not with the name but the vibes and interaction), but only if you include Sato, resident dad friend. I know what your thinking: “I dont really care about Sato and the group already has a dad friend”. Well, ur wrong! Ur super wrong!

Kirishima is the group leader, the glue that binds the group together. Bakugou is the mascot, representing the group. Mina and Kaminari are the dynamic duo, they come in pairs and where one goes, the other follows. Then theres Sero, (usually considered dad friend) voice of reason. You may think, ”but voice of reason and dad friend are the same thing”, BUT NO!!!

The prime example of this is the Dekusquad, where Iida, resident dad friend, makes terrible decision. Tsuyu is the voice of reason.

So in conclusion, include our good boi Sato in the bakusquad because its the only way the squad makes sense. Make sure to drink water babes! My inbox is open, so drop your requests, asks, and headcanons.

-Clay :3

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sooo.. my favourite snippets from the last chapter:


“what’s illegal denim?”


“um, personal space?”


and tsuyu

(bakugo stop, look at how you’re tiring everyone)

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甘チヨ つゆちゃん 」 ☆
⊳ tsuyu (my hero academia)
✔ republished w/permission
⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter

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weird-questions-from-an-infp-t said: Hello again, may I request yandere headcanons for Tsuyu, Mina, and Momo? 
A/N: Please note that this headcanons contain pretty dark yandere themes including self harm, starving, kidnapping, abuse, etc. 

Tsuyu (Credit to aquanut on DeviantArt)


If Tsuyu were a yandere and liked you she would defiantly try and get your attention and just go about the normal way of things. If she succeeds and becomes your girlfriend she will defiantly emotionally manipulate you and slowly but surely convince you that you are insane and need her to live. The more you rely on her, the less you will see your friends and family and the more you will stay inside with her. If she can’t become your girlfriend, she’ll simply kidnap you. If you try and leave her, she’ll either threaten to hurt herself or someone close to you. She has your complete family tree memorized as well as all of your friends. Tsuyu knows all your weaknesses and she is gonna use them against you. The only thing she is against is using harm on you. She would never hurt her darling.

Mina (Credit to kajinman on DeviantArt)


As soon as Mina sees you it’s basically over for you. Say goodbye to whatever family and friends you did have because she basically kidnaps you the same day the two of you meet. Mina will tie you up or chain you down in a basement with no windows or anything. She’ll come down twice a day. Once in the morning to give you a quick breakfast and then again at night for dinner. Don’t reject her touch. Mina is quick to physically punish you or won’t give you food. Sometimes, if you behave enough for her, she’ll let you come upstairs and watch TV with her and eat dinner. You’d still have to have your hands tied of course and she’d still feed you but at least you get some TV. If you try and escape, you likely won’t make it far. She has large guard dogs as well as a tracking chip she implanted into your back where you can’t reach it. She also has cameras and a tight security system. You aren’t escaping from Mina. She’ll likely physically punish you and starve you for two days.

Momo (Credit to helloclonion on Instagram)


Momo uses her money and power and abuses it. At first it starts out small. Momo buys you lunch or dinner, then expensive gifts show up and suddenly your rent spikes despite it not spiking for other people. Momo is the first to offer you a place to stay at her mansion. People start to no longer talk to you, any place you try and file to become a part of denies you. Momo is controlling every part of your life. She’s super subtle about it as well. Comforting you and soon you have to lie on her finically since you can’t get a new job. Then your boyfriend/girlfriend winds up dead and who is right there to protect and comfort you? Momo. Momo is always there. She doesn’t kidnap you but she emotionally manipulates you and people around you. She also doesn’t limit you to the mansion but it’s pretty far from any large city and do you really need to drive all the way out there when you have so many servants? Momo doesn’t physically hurt you a lot but she does threaten you sometimes but she didn’t really mean it, right? She was just angry. Still you have to take precautions around her. Sometimes it feels like your walking on eggshells around Momo.

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Posting a little wholesomeness I just finished yesterday. This was a commission for someone over on Pixiv, who wanted the girls from 1-A at the beach (switching Toru Hakagure out for Itsuka Kendo). The commissioner chose the wetsuit designs and I did the rest. (And I’m super-glad that the commissioner wanted wetsuits, rather than bikinis!)

EDIT: Finally found out who originally did the wetsuit designs the commissioner wanted for this picture: BakaNichi over on Pixiv. Go take a look at their lovely art!

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Tsuyu: Ochaco, get down from there!

Uraraka *on the roof of the school, wanting to see if she can float herself to the roof of the dorms*: No way!

Tsuyu: I’ll call a teacher!

Uraraka: Go ahead! I’ll fight them!

Tsuyu: …

Tsuyu: I have cookies!

Uraraka: *gets down and takes a cookie*: I totally would’ve fought them.

Tsuyu: I know you would’ve.

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✨~All edits are made from @imonly5feet on Twitter~💅


Mha…… BUT BLACK Y'ALL, Look at these edits omg, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOOOD BRO!!! I LOVE THEM ALL~💖😍

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Midoriya: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life

Uraraka: Self-esteem, haven’t seen you in years!

Todoroki: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!

Tsu: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!

Iida: My moral code, is that you?


Midoriya: I was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me but do you guys need a hug?

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Midoriya: What if the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything?

Iida: Pregnancy tests are Maybe Babies

Tsu: Socks are Feetie Heaties

Uraraka: Forks are Stabby Grabbies

Iida: Defibrillators are Heartie Starties

Tsu: Nightmares are Dreamy Screamies

Uraraka: Stamps are Lickie Stickies

Todoroki, annoyed: You are disappointments

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Now Available: Shinso Hitoshi

Currently Seeking: 

A Students: Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochaco, Ashido Mina, Asui Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu Momo, Sero Hanta, Ojiro Mashirao, Aoyama Yuga, Sato Rikido, Koda Koji, Mineta Minoru
B Students: Setsuna Tokage, Kinoko Komori, Kosei Tsubaraba, Reiko Yanagi, Juzo Honenuki, Tsunotori Pony, Kendo Itsuka, Ibara Shiozaki, Yui Kodai, Jurota Shishida, Shihai Kuroiro, Kojiro Bondo, Rin Hiryu, Nirengeki Shoda
Pro Heroes: All Might, Eraserhead, Present Mic, Endeavor, Hawks, Miruko, Best Jeanist, Kamui Woods, Fatgum, Rock Lock, Cementoss, Gang Orca, Mt Lady, Thirteen, Ryuku, Edgeshot, Midnight, Snipe, Ectoplasm, Hound Dog, Vlad King
Big Three, League of Villains, and more! (check Available Characters page on our blog)

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Originally posted by eijirouu


A/N: i’ve been on class-1a brainrot (yes, all of them. collectively) for SO LONG and honestly? I love it here. romance is all good and dandy but FRIENDSHIP? good shit. 

on that note, these pairings are all platonic! just little things i like about their dynamics or things i think they’d do when they hang out :) feel free to see them as romantic though, not like i can stop you :P

p.s sorry for dipping??? for like months???


genre: fluff

warnings: minor situational angst


Denki & Izuku

❑ These two boys are the other’s hype-man, totally. Kaminari absolutely does not mind sitting through Izuku’s ravings about the fluctuating hero rankings, or even just the times where Izuku mutters on and on. 

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Izuku is the oldest out of the 7 of you and Tsuyu is the youngest.
Izuku and Todoroki were the first to date, Uraraka and Tsuyu were the second people to date, you and Momo dated and then eventually Izuku, Todoroki and Iida were a pair before the rest fell into place and the 7 of you began to date.
All of you know how to drive though most of the time its either Todoroki or Iida driving.
Uraraka and you tend to do the most cooking out of everyone in the group.
You guys don’t argue a ton though when you all do it can get pretty aggressive and nasty. Tsuyu is usually the first to apologize and try and make up, even if she didn’t do anything. 
Uraraka has huge baby fever a lot, especially after being around Eri so much and defiantly wants to have kids.
 Izuku and Uraraka are defiantly the most affectionate ones out of your poly group and instigate most of the PDA.
Momo or you probably say I love you the most out of the group.
Iida tends to be the first one awake most mornings followed by you so the two of you often make breakfast together.
Momo takes the longest to get ready in the morning.
Todoroki was actually the first to bring up marriage.
Iida and Tsuyu tend to be the ones who clean and do most of the chores.
Tsuyu tends to take the longest showers out of the 7 of you.
If anyone gets sick you better bet they get babied by the 7 of you. They aren’t allowed to get out of bed or lift a finger.
Todoroki and Iida tend to open the doors for the group.
Izuku and Uraraka can not hold alcohol well and are both super light weights.
Todoroki has the highest alcohol tolerance. 
Tsuyu gets the ox cord 9 times out of ten. 
All of you have super different schedules but you all take Sundays off to have a relaxing day and also so the 7 of you can spend time together as a group 

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Uraraka: ITS TIME

Tsuyu: for…?

Uraraka: HALLOWEEN! *throws decorations everywhere*

Tsuyu: But its only sept-

Uraraka: *sets witch hat on tsu’s head* Halloween time.

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leaving jirou out of the bakusquad is the same as leaving tsu out of the dekusquad :(((

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