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Me, every day. I am Shimarin. 🍕

Also…row row fight the pizza!

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Since Nia is my favorite character in anything ever, I’ve cosplayed as her for as far as about a decade back now and I’ve been looking for her contacts desperately this whole time, so I can’t express enough how delighted I feel to finally have contacts for her! Now I’ll move forward to her later outfits and make a new wig for her to compliment these contact lenses.

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No Christmas tree? Use a lava lamp! And lights. Tons of lights.

Happy Holidays! Have a great time and stay safe!


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kamina to team dai gurren before the siege on dai gunzan: alright everyone now let’s get out there and bust a nut!

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I got a new ring light for christmas and my contacts came in so I decided to do another shoot in yoko 🥺👉👈

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Simon: Sir, are you familiar with Jupiter?
Avant: You mean like the planet?
Simon: Yeah.
Simon: Well it’s that big sir.
Avant: Hmm, that sounds pretty big. 
Avant: I have a question
Avant: Is it Jupiter?
Simon: Yes sir, earth is literally under siege by planet fucking Jupiter. 
Avant: OH SHIT!

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Viral: Listen, human-
Simon: Please, call me Simon.
Viral: I’d really rather not.
Viral: If I named you, I could get attached.

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Simon, reading a fortune cookie: If you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world stays the same.
Viral, with a mouth full of takeout: Kill two.

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