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my character for a call of cthulhu module!! he is làm hei-wáih, a travelling taoist priest/occultist/medicine man from hk. he is a recent arrival to america and is curious to learn about western spiritualism and how it compares to chinese tradition.

he received a letter from an old friend in boston inviting him to come live with him in chinatown. before he commits he is getting a lay of the land – and what better way to get the feel of a new place than to learn about its ghosts and spirits? haunted mansion, here we come !!

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It’s been going good! I graduated college, so that’s something cool, and it means I’ve had way more free time to dedicate to putting this thing together. So far the adaptation of Masks to GameSnared is going smoothly, and the only things I’m going to add are mechanics for gear and Sburb enemies. Masks is about playing superheroes, and gear in that game is almost totally abstracted away. Armor+2 vs +3 doesn’t really factor into how good superheroes are at punching each other.

Instead I’m giving gear 2 qualities: Tier and effects. Tier is just the abstracted “Item Level” of the gear. where Tier 0 is the sledgehammer John found in the laundry room and Tier 6 is the Pop-a-matic Vrillyhoo Hammer.

Effects are the thing that the weapon can do in-fiction, like how John’s pogo-hammer lets him bounce around, or how Fear No Anvil freezes enemies in time.

Enemies also have Tier. An imp would be Tier 0, whereas Bec Noir would be Tier 6. If an enemy is too outclassed by the tier of the weapon, they just lose, no rolling required. Players get a little more leeway in that they are able to fight high-tier enemies with low-tier gear, but at a greater risk than if they were properly geared up.

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New project alert!

Okay so as some of you may know, I’ve spent the last half 6 months working on a taz musical! And then I finished it.

I’m editing and making adjustments and plans to send it off to 3 particular podcast brothers and their podcast father really soon. (It’s not like I can exactly rush over to the post office right now)

But now that I find myself with extra time, I have been struck with the need to make my own tabletop rpg based on Jane Austen books where the players play as the numerous chaotic forces that make the life of the plucky heroine a living nightmare. The chattering, chaotic gossipers, roguish rakes, and unconscionable villains that exist in the book to make it “interesting.”

Players may delight in purposefully playing The Worlds Worst People, and those like myself, who suffer from Perpetual GM syndrome, can have fun eventually overcoming the players’ actions.

But beware, if the players go too far and disrupt the story’s plot momentum, they must quickly and clandestinely correct their actions, or Jane Austen will rewrite key aspects of their character, or maybe even write them out of the story altogether.

Its working title is A Matter Of Principle and my inbox is open for questions!

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I’m going to be participating in my very first tabletop game (virtually, of course). I know absolutely nothing about TTRPG, so I’m equal parts thrilled and very nervous; let’s hope I don’t botch things up.

I decided to make a teifling version of my monster boy, Elden, and I could not be more happy with the results. He’s so damn pretty, I love himmmm

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okie dokerson so im looking for a few group members to gm!

the game system is masks: a new generation (PBTA). same base system as monster of the week and stuff, pretty easy to learn.

the game will be a modern setting with a lot of different superhero and villain tropes, and the tone wont be too serious.

the days are undecided, but as long as you can play starting 7:00-8:00 EST, we should be good. sessions will be around 2-3 hours and will probably be twice a week if we can manage it. im mostly doing this cause i got nothing to do, so if your schedule is super open right now, thats perfect

requirements: be nice and encouraging to everyone, be lgbt+ friendly, and preferably be over 18 or at least close.

the game will be voice based over discord, and seeing as its my first it’s def open to beginners. i have two players already, im lookin for 1-3 more

we’ll have one setup session before we get started and after that the game should go on for maybe a month or two, depending on our pace, we’ll see

DM me if you’re interested or if you have any questions!

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Episode 5 | A Darkened Wish | Passage home? Never.

Watch Episode 5 of A Darkened Wish

Cast: Mayleigh Damage (she/her) - Helene, @mayleighdamage D'Artagnan Mattaliano (he/him) - Xander, @damatalliano Alcuin Gersh (he/him) - Rayonde, @different_Elves Gini Benson (they/them) - Karrin/Kerrin, @MxGiniInABottle Sam de Leve (they/them) - Aiden, @ChaiKovsky   B. Dave Walters (he/him) as DM, @BDaveWalter

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my hobby is making characters for ttrpgs ill probably never play :] 

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So, decided to make tonight movie night and I’m watching “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”. It’s one of my favorite movies.

(Shorty’s my favorite, just sayin. Love the whole “what are you gonna do, knock my block off” scene)

And I was just thinking how cool it’d be to have a Killer Klowns themed one shot. Like maybe it’s years later, they’ve come back to Earth for another shot. People mistake it for another creepy clown scare. Or it’s around Halloween and haunted houses are popping up everywhere, and this time around the tent is like a haunted house(like those dark light 3D haunted mazes).

Seriously, imagine how much fun the maps and figures would be for that. And the kickass synth you could play for atmosphere.

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The Adventurers have attacked!


Ranger Penguin is dealing with the fleeing itty bitty teeny tiny penguins.


Barbarian are going to handle the big PENGTHULU while Wizard is thinking about something. Some of the itty bitty teeny tiny penguins have already been sacrificed to the great PENGTHULU’s hunger.


And Swordmage is fighting the smaller but no less scary PENGTHULU by itself!


What will happen next!?!?!?!?!?!

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