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magicandstitchcraft · a day ago
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Stock Update!
The "Hero of Love & Justice" dice bag has been restocked to the store!
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redtallin · 4 months ago
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A little collection of sketches I’ve done over the last few months of my Tiefling Barbarian Riza! I love her so much and can’t wait to play her again!
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linguist-breakaribecca · 9 months ago
I just found a trove of D&D valentines, but the day is almost over so now these are Lupercalia cards for you all!
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utilitycaster · 2 months ago
The vibe I get from TTRPG players who hate D&D is the same vibe I got in college from guys who were like "this top 40 music you and your friends are actively enjoying at this party is terrible, you should listen to my DJ friend who screws and chops horror movie sounds and overlays them with slowed-down game show themes" and it's like, you can enjoy what you want but this recommendation was not made with any good faith, it's just you trying to seem superior to people who enjoy popular things without considering what they like. Also we don't enjoy your company and we're going to kick you out when you seem like you're about to throw up in the laundry room.
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got-geek-vibez · a year ago
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"The void" ... lol! Art by Drakthug, awesome job!
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eternalgirlscout · 4 months ago
running a tabletop game with a bbeg is just making up a guy for your friends to get mad at
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theworldbrewery · 4 months ago
ever done a mini-campaign?
When most of us think of a ttrpg campaign, it’s fair to say that long-form campaigns are the prototype. Playing with the same group of players in the same world, following multiple plotlines for a very. long. time. The iconic examples of The Adventure Zone Balance, Critical Role, and Rusty Quill Gaming span out-of-game years in the making. And plenty of folks hold those up as the ideal way to play the game.
Have you ever considered...not doing that?
A short-form ttrpg game might be for you and your friends if your schedules are tight; playing a one-off, single-session game may work better when you never know when you’ll have the chance to play again. Some ttrpgs are also simply designed for shorter gameplay, with natural breaks built in where you can end a campaign.
But at times, you still want the character arc, the delight of building character relationships, and the sense of growing tension across multiple “episodes.” Or maybe you prefer the D&D or Pathfinder system and don’t want to learn to play games that have shorter timelines built in.
Enter: the mini-campaign. Spanning anywhere from five to twenty sessions, it can last as long as you and your GM want. Examples include Dimension 20′s games, as well as the Exandria Unlimited series by Critical Role.
To run a mini-campaign, all the GM needs is a few simple elements.
A contained setting.
A problem endemic to the setting.
An antagonist involved in making the problem worse or better.
A defined end-point that will occur in the near-ish future.
For the first, just come up with a specific setting as normal, then have a pretext to keep the party from leaving for too long.
A simple setting could be a single town, sizable enough that the PCs don’t know literally everyone, and the pretext could be the PCs lack the resources to pay for travel. Or they have homes and family ties in town that they don’t want to leave behind.
More complicated settings could be a snowy mountain range where the PCs are stranded after a zeppelin crash, a tropical island resort where they are on vacation, or a polar research station. The world is truly your oyster here, and the more wildly specific your setting, the more wild the storyline can become.
For the second element, a problem endemic to the setting simply means that this place has a problem that is unique in some way. If I leave the tropical resort, the problem likely will not follow me. For example, the tropical island could have issues with their power grid that lead to frequent blackouts, ruining countless vacations. It’s important to understand that the problem doesn’t have to be this major, systemic issue like speciesism or climate change.
The third element, an antagonist involved somehow, means that either the antagonist wants to deliberately make the problem worse for their own gain, or who thinks they’re solving the problem but it has extremely bad consequences in another way.
In a polar research station setting where the problem is that they’ve lost contact with the outside world, one researcher might be trying to kill their coworkers, having accidentally made contact with a chthonic being from the Fantasy Arctic. The researcher thinks they’re saving the world by preventing the group from drilling any deeper and freeing the being--but it’s only chthonic madness encouraging the violence. In reality, the survivors are the world’s best chance at keeping the entity from rising.
In our tropical resort setting, perhaps a scheming tourist is trying to take advantage of the outages to revenge himself upon his annoying in-laws, frame the PCs for the murders, and sue the resort for emotional damages.
The fourth element makes this into a mini-campaign. The story has a win condition and a lose condition, and the campaign ends with one of those two options. In the tropical resort, catching the murderous tourist and clearing the PCs’ names is the end of the story--or failing to do so, and being arrested or murdered themselves. In the polar research station, either the PCs stop the rise of a chthonic entity or they don’t. Win and Lose.
Essentially, the whole campaign has a ticking clock attached to it. Waiting too long to act means the bomb goes off. Failing means the bomb goes off. And you can’t drag the story out for too long, because one way or another, that bomb has to be dealt with.
Final Notes:
A mini-campaign is best run at lower levels--anywhere from 3rd to 9th, in my opinion. Any higher and the PCs have too much power. Any lower and they’re functional disasters. I encourage a loose level-up structure based on milestone leveling rather than XP, since mini-campaigns don’t have the structure for several high-XP boss battles.
You can add additional plot threads and antagonists as much as you like, but keep in mind they will make your campaign longer accordingly.
Let the campaign be silly, or break out of the usual genre of swords-and-sorcery. Having a secondary genre, like a murder mystery or cosmic horror, can really make a mini-campaign stand out to your players.
You must run a session zero. This is nonnegotiable. The reason? You will need to establish the relationships between PCs before starting, or they will spend too long in the “getting to know you” phase. It’s also just more fun for your players to have established grudges, inside jokes, and so on. Additionally, since you will not be running a sandbox campaign here, you will need to be sure your PCs are buying in to the setting’s premise.
What I mean by that is, if the party is at a tropical resort, they most likely are there because they like tropical vacations (or got dragged along by someone who does). A PC who isn’t built for a world where they take tropical vacations, or who has no vested interest in enjoying their vacation, is unlikely to care about someone else ruining their vacation. Some things need to be established pre-game to make sure everyone is on the same page. I recommend you also discuss the genre: if it’s going to be a murder mystery, the players shouldn’t act like it’s a slash-and-burn total war environment, or what’s the entire point? Good players will respect the genre they’re told they’re playing in, and avoid being too genre-savvy or too genre-stupid.
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fjordfocused · 4 months ago
i love thinking about DnD parties from the perspective of some rando NPC. imagine you’re just some guy who owns a little tavern in Ye Bumbfuk Noewere when in walks five strangers, three of whom are of the rarest cultures/races in the world and two who are glowing with arcane energy granted by their unseen godlike allies. they all have a +1 Giantspine Greatswords and +3 Shields of Counterfuck. like, if that were me, i would move because i am clearly in the path of some kind of dracolich or whatever.
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kimabutch · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
[ID: two memes. The first is the no-take-only-throw dog meme, edited to read: “pls GM??/ no prep!!/ only GM.” The second is the Marie Kondo sparks joy meme, where what sparks joy is “Daydreaming elaborate music videos about our campaign” and what does not spark joy is “Actual prep.” End ID.]
I made these instead of prepping for my session that’s in [checks watch] two hours.
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magicandstitchcraft · 8 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's the dice bag of the day!
"Astral Shards" is in store now!
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paint-lady · 7 months ago
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A D20 for every crit. Sketched and colored in 4 hrs!
Available on Redbubble
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compelledduel · 7 months ago
D&D Character Ask Meme: Scenarios from My Friends’ Games
Sitting in the middle of a circle that appears to be magical is a chair emanating strong necromantic energy. The circle itself seems to have a connection to the astral sea. When a familiar tried to cast Identify on the chair, it died instantly. Would your character touch the chair?
A powerful warlock has assassinated a group of important people, including your friend’s father. However, she is your childhood friend, and is clearly not in control of her own actions. How does your character treat her?
Imix, the prince of Elemental Fire, a CR 19 monster, is attacking your character while they plummet through the air on meteors. It is made clear that all the party has to do is survive for a certain number of rounds, after which they will be healed. Would your character try to fight Imix, or focus on healing?
Your character rolled two nat 20s in a row to flirt with a goddess they weren’t really interested in, and the goddess gives them her number. Does your character call her?
Your character is in a city that is under siege and may be attacked at any time. They haven’t seen their friend who they’re in love with in months, and don’t know when they’ll see her again. Third level spells are the most powerful they have, would you character use a spell slot on Sending?
Your character is at a party. It would be super lame to go home early, but in order to get a long rest before a tournament they’re in starts tomorrow, they have to leave at 9. When does your character leave?
When attempting to return home to the Fey Wild, your character accidentally got sent to Shadowfell. Would they drink from a chalice by a pool in the bottom of a system of caves that they were told held the only source of magic in Shadowfell?
After killing a giant murderous worm, you learn that it has a baby. Does your character attempt to adopt this baby and risk being attacked by Furies who don’t want them to bring it out of the Underworld, or leave the baby worm to fend for itself?
Your party is shipwrecked on an island where anti-magic experiments are taking place, because magic is illegal. There seem to be people captured here and being experimented on. Does your character attempt to rescue those people, putting themself and their party in danger?
Half of your party has been in prison for several sessions. You have a potential plan for escape that involves kidnaping a member of the royal family and framing someone else, possibly causing an international incident. How does your character feel about this plan?
Your character sees a hologram pressing holographic buttons. Do they follow along?
Your party all has a level of exhaustion. Do you do cocaine with the knowledge that it will get rid of that exhaustion, but might have other side effects?
Your character draws from the Deck of Many Things, and gets a card that lets them choose to have any first or second level class feature from a different class. What do they take?
Your character has an ability that lets them touch a person and learn about their past. However, if they roll badly, the DM will change the story so that what happened in their past is worse than it otherwise might have been. How would your character use this ability?
A pack of devil bounty hunters is chasing one of your party members from town to town. In the newest town the party has fled to, they acquire the deed to a small run-down inn. Does your character continue to flee the bounty hunters, or do they stay in town and start running a bed and breakfast?
Your character is about to go try to rescue two party members from two of the BBEGs of the whole game. They have reason to believe they might not make it out, but are also on a time crunch. Their partner texts them that they need to talk. What does your character do?
Your character’s girlfriend is magically frozen, and the only way to free her is for your whole party to work together. You have to roll a d20 at triple disadvantage, and be demoted from level 20 to whatever you roll. What do you do?
Your character’s level 20 polycule is being forced to fight to the death by a god. There's an incredibly incredibly annoying wizard who's also here. He trapped two of your party members in a prismatic wall. You can kill him easily, but he keeps insisting his spells are useful, and you’ll probably have to fight this god eventually. What do you do?
Your character, who has political importance, is given a letter to deliver to your teacher. However, when they open the door to her study, all they see is her apprentice lying on the ground, having clearly been recently attacked. They enter the room and are stabbed, noticing more assassins. Does your character try to help the apprentice or do they run?
Your character’s country is at war. They are given the option to sacrifice themself to bring down an important bridge, potentially delaying the attacking army by a week. This will buy time for people to evacuate, but also mean your side is left without a powerful wizard. What do you do?
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chronicdelusionistsart · 23 days ago
Let me show you my Pokeymanz! I’ve been working on this for the better part of several months, and I finally polished up the PDF enough to release.
If you like Pokémon and tabletop RPGs, and don’t gel well with the mechanics-heavy stuff like PTU and its ilk, I encourage you to take a look. Also, I shitposted furiously in the margins so maybe take a look anyway if you like jokes.
Pokeymanz: - Is relatively rules-lite - Is easily moddable for homebrew content like fakemons and custom moves and abilities - Is customizable with optional rules to add in complexity if your group wants it - Encourages players to be creative with their Pokémon and abilities Enjoy!
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stonegiant81 · 23 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The collection of dungeon maps I’ve done so far this year. All of them in the last month or two. I like the look of the stippling but it is so time consuming.
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theladyspanishes · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of my favourite things is memes that are super specific to a D&D campaign that make little to no sense without context 
Here’s an offering of some from my group, please share your own if you have them, they will make my heart warm
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explorerspack · 6 months ago
asking questions about one character at a time is DEAD everyone mentally make a list of characters you’ve played/are playing/are gonna play/really want to play and tell me which one(s)....
(written with dnd characters in mind but if you wanna do them for other systems/other ocs just go with vibes for some of these)
1. have the highest and the lowest strength score?
2. have the highest and the lowest dexterity score?
3. have the highest and the lowest constitution score?
4. have the highest and the lowest intelligence score?
5. have the highest and the lowest wisdom score?
6. have the highest and the lowest charisma score?
7. is the fastest?
8. is the tallest? the shortest?
9. is the oldest? the youngest?
10. is the hottest?
11. is the biggest flirt, or has had the most romantic stuff going on? 
12. is the best singer?
13. is the best dancer?
14. lies the most?
15. lies the least?
16. has the most scars?
17. has killed the most?
18. needs the most therapy?
19. would be the best therapist?
20. has the most siblings?
21. is the best cook?
22. would be the best to get a beer with?
23. is the most likely to start a fight?
24. would win a battle royale with all the others?
25. is the most likely to charge right into battle?
26. takes the most risks?
27. is the most careful?
28. is the most competitive?
29. is the most girlboss?
30. is the biggest jock?
31. has the most theatre kid energy?
32. is the most likely to be a twitch streamer?
33. is the most likely to be an instagram influencer?
34. would have the most fun playing a ttrpg?
35. is the funniest?
36. is the most emphathetic?
37. takes the least shit?
38. is the best with kids?
39. is the best with animals?
40. is the best at making Hard Decisions?
41. is the best leader?
42. is the worst leader?
43. would you most like to be friends with?
44. is the most like you?
45. is the least like you? 
46. would you most like to trade places with?
47. would you least like to trade places with?
48. do you consider the most sterotypical/classic example of their class?
49. is or was your favorite to roleplay?
50. is or was your favorite to play in combat?
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