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here we all are…………trapped at home………nowhere to go…….sure would be shame if someone were to………perhaps……………………..drop season two of umbrella academy on netflix

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this is haunted but at least five looks like a spud still

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Luther is worse than vanya because vanya’s abuse was more direct and explainable whereas luther’s was less deep seated and he was much less of a bitchbaby(excuse my language) in the comics

I think they all got abused, just Vanyas was on-screen while we can only guess at Luther’s experiences.

Notice when he talks to his dad in the few flashbacks we get. He doesn’t seem sure of himself, which is unusual compared to him talking to his siblings. He never questions his dad but maybe that’s because he was taught very quickly that he shouldn’t.

Maybe he’s tough on his siblings because it’s the oldest child whose usually blamed for siblings’ mistakes.

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Unpopular TUA opinion- luther may be the one who locked vanya up, but Klaus and Diego probably could have worked harder to free her. Also, Pogo's an enabling ass who deserved what he got.

Oh 100 percent. I was expecting Diego and Klaus to sneak back downstairs to help her and they just…. Didn’t…

There should’ve been a reason why. Like maybe they get attacked at that moment by someone and Vanya thinks they’ve forgotten about her.

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Its so interesting to see someone HC allison as ace, both bc I always thought she was aro, bot ace, and also that vanya WAS ace

I could see Vanya as more aro in denial.

She was used to not searching for a relationship. I mean Leonard wasn’t particularly subtle and when she finally got it she threw herself at him fully.

She didn’t really show her own signs of interest. She only went to his shop because Allison was mean to her and she wanted to prove her sister wrong.

And when things ended, she wasn’t particularly heart broken. Just betrayed.

She only accepted the romantic relationship because of her desire for companionship.

Aka what she felt was friendship and she’d never experienced it before.

Plus she seemed find with the sexual stuff, but was awkward around the romantic stuff.

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hey guys! This isn’t a quote but my mom surprised me with a custom jean jacket based on Klaus and I thought I would share it with you in case the idea inspired anyone to make their own

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Tw; cursing

Netflix!Diego; angry, loves him mom, respects women, has a girlfriend, wants to be a cop, is a nice boy with some issues

Comic!Diego; angry times 2, doesn’t love his mom, a fucking tsundere, is in love with Vanya, didn’t have a girlfriend, hates cops, is blond, is left handed, is missing his right eye, a bastard

Common; they can fight, they both have a rivialy with Luther, they care about their siblings, they both have the Batman-like personality, both can hold their breath, can throw things, both are idiots that jump out of windows

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What are their ages for your Au?

Luther is 19

  • has been with the hargreeves since he was an infant

Diego is 18

  • has been with the hargreeves since he was one and a half

Ben is 17

  • has been with them since he was 4 years old

Klaus is 17

  • came when he was 4 as well (both him and ben came from the same foster home)

Five is 15

  • he’s grace and reginalds biological son

Allison is 13

  • came to the hargreeves when she was two years old

Vanya is 9

  • she’s grace and reginald’s biological daughter
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let’s play a fun game called “i physically restrain myself from fighting for luther’s honour in youtube comments, bc it pisses me tf off when people blame him for the apocalypse and not, yknow, reginald or leonard or the commission, bc doing a couple bad things in a week isn’t the same as doing them repeatedly for years, but my youtube profile pic is a pic of comic!luther and ik if anybody recognises it they’ll immediately discard my argument, and also i’m really bad at being coherent”

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