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Originally posted by stevenrogered

Word count: 1600

Warnings: Knives, death threats, nothing too bad here. 

A/n: @crayjai​ / @muryjain​ had the wicked idea for a part two for this story. I think you could probably read this as a one shot, but it’d maybe make a little more sense if you read this one first. :) Also, go follow @crayjai​! They’re awesome :P Feedback is greatly appreciated xo

Summary: Y/n was forced to fake her death and leave her old life behind for the sake of the Commission. Everything was going fine, until she saw him and everything changed. 


He was the last person you expected to see here. In fact, you never expected to see him again. But here he was with a mop of long hair and retro clothes, a huge change from the all-black wearing, clean-shaven man you left behind, but there was no mistaking that this was the boy who you were forced to leave.

Diego Hargreeves.

Your hands were gripping the small table you sat at, how in the hell was he here? In this timeline? How was that even possible? You watched as he ran down the opposite end of the street after the woman you had been watching; your mother. You swore silently under your breath, quickly shoved your sun-glasses back onto your nose and looped your bag over your head. Maybe this was your fault to begin with. You weren’t supposed to be trying to find your mother, the commission had made that very clear. And it was an accident that you even stumbled across her. But now that you had, it was becoming difficult to stop ‘accidentally’ crossing paths with her. She looked nearly exactly like you did. It was like watching a mirror and you could see why everyone used to say ‘you’re so much like your mother was’ because you really were.

You left the table and hurried after them, planning a route in your head so you wouldn’t be seen by-

“What the fuck are you doing here”

“Jesus! Christ!” you jumped back, instinctively holding your hands out in front of you clenched as fists and after a second of realisation, … “Five?!” you yelled

“Shut up!” he hissed. The little boy had jumped out of nowhere. A ‘poomff’ sound and then his angry little face staring into yours.

You stared at him dumbfounded for a moment before you realised how much trouble this would get you in.

“You need to leave” you stared at him. You and he had never gotten close in the short period of time he was back from the future before you were forced to fake your death. You had no doubt in your mind Five knew you worked for the commission, but you weren’t about to spell it out for him.

“No, you need to leave” he warned, sounding dangerous, You could tell he was thinking for Diego.

“You first”

“I don’t have time for your games, Y/n. you broke him, don’t go messing everything up again. I need him to work with me, and you’ll only get in the way, so I won’t say it again but, get lost, y/l/n.”

“Watch it, Five. You don’t wanna cross me”

“Oh trust me, I know” he whispered as he flicked his wrist, flashing a watch in his view and with that he threw a threatening glare and ran off after his brother.


“We need to send you back”

“What do you mean… ‘send me back’ this is the only place I’ve ever been!”

You were angry. You weren’t supposed to be here. You had called it quits and said your goodbyes long ago. The Commission was doing fine without you, so now, after they’d smuggled you into the back seat of their very stalker-ish car, you were mightily pissed off.

“I have a life, you will not mess this up for me like you’ve done everything else”

The man stared back at you, none of this mattered to him. He was just the messenger boy, but you knew all too well that there would be multiple microphones planted inside the backseat.

“Not my problem, girly. Unless you want your brains splattered over these seats, I suggest you shut up and listen” he glared back. His breath stank. He was gritty looking and intimidating. You wondered how he was even involved with the Commission.

“Good, now. Dallas, 1963-”

“Nineteen fucking sixty-three?!” you exploded. He cocked his gun and pointed at your head. You knew he wouldn’t warn you a third time.

“1963. The Handler needs the President alive”

“You mean Kennedy?”

“You bet ya”

“Fine, I should be gone… What? A month?”

“Commission has decided you’ll need to stay indefinitely.”

The words rang in your ears.

“No… absolutely not! Shoot me dead and find someone else!”

“Sorry, girly, you’re going whether you want to or not.”


Elliot’s apartment was creepy alone. Diego sat at the kitchen table, nicking at the edge of it with his thumb. All his weird machines beeping and buzzing, it was giving him a headache. Harley’s number sat staring at him from the other side. There was no way he was going to call her. But the idea was tempting nonetheless. He was replaying the moment you first kissed. It was the strangest, most perfect, most wonderful time to have a first kiss, but that was how Y/n did everything. In the strangest, perfectly wonderful way possible.

He was driving, or maybe she was… but at one point along the highway, in the middle of Hanson’s MMMBop, she leant over and kissed him until the car swayed and another honked at them.

He kicked himself for not remembering if he was driving or not. One of the best moments in his life, and he couldn’t remember the entirety of it. 

Suddenly, he heard something creak.

And it wasn’t those stupid machines. Someone else was in the apartment.

“Luther?… Klaus?” Diego pushed himself out of the chair and walked to the stairs, “Five? You back?” no reply.

He tentatively made his way down the stairs, he was sure that was where the noise came from when he heard the chair legs skid upstairs.

“Shit…” he uttered, turning and running up the stairs again.

The chair was now facing the other way, accidentally knocked on the way out. But the front door was left wide open, outside in the hallway, he could’ve given up so easily and gone back inside. Nothing was stolen, at least nothing important, and he didn’t really give a damn… except he felt like he should. And he could feel somebody watching him.

He turned in a circle and looked up and down the stairwell before-

“Hey!” he yelled as someone dashed past him in an attempt to escape. But he kicked out a foot and tripped them down the corridor. “Alright, now what the fuck do you wan-”

He froze.

He froze on top of you.

His eyes wide, his mouth open, his knee heavily sinking into your hip in an effort to pin you still.

Five was right. Goddamit. You knew this would happen, but you’d been so careful around not being seen by your mother, you figured this would be fine too. You should have known better. You should have known him.

His hair dangled in front of his eyes, you doubted he could even see you well. His breathing was fast, but he still crouched, dumbfounded over your body. You didn’t know what to say… ‘oh hey! By the way, sorry I broke your heart, faked my death and moved to a different timeline’’

No. definitely not.

So a “Hey, Diego” would have to settle.

At the sound of your voice, he scrambled off you quicker than you could blink. He backtracked until he was standing in the doorway of the apartment. You moved slowly off the ground as if he were a creature you could scare away.

“What… wait, no! Who the hell are you?!” he yelled, jabbing a finger toward you.

This was not good.

“I… It’s me?”

“Nope, nuh-uh. Sorry lady. I don’t know who you’re tryna impress here but it’s not funny.”

“Diego! Lemme explain-”

“Stop it! Stop saying my name..”

You bit your lip and back up a little. This was bad. Very bad. How could you do this to him?!

He stared at you for what seemed like forever. No words seemed to work for either of you.

An ‘I’m sorry’ would never be enough. You would never be forgiven for this. He’d never want you back. Not after this. This was torture. For you and him both.

His breathing slowed, but you eyed his fingers hooking around a knife.

Him and his stupid knives!

“Woah… okay… I get it, you’re upset. Obviously! I’m a terrible human being and I know you’ll never forgive me… But Diego, Please! It’s me!” you panicked as he closed in on you and the wall. He held the knife between him and your stomach, pressing hard enough so you could feel it pierce. “Diego!”

“Hey! No, okay. You can tell whoever the fuck you’re working for that this” he waved the knife in front of your eyes, “Stops now. My girlfriend died in my arms… she died and left me and you’re not fooling anybody!” he was close enough you could see his eyes were teary and his bottom lip quivering. You breathed in deeply, he still smelled the same, even in 1963.

You couldn’t remember the last time you’d been this close to him. Your arms seemed to ache and your stomach felt hollow. All you wanted was to curl up against him.

But he didn’t want that, you didn’t know what to say. He didn’t look angry. He didn’t look dangerous. He just looked so confused and you could tell he was collapsing on himself.

“Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. Dieg- I’ll leave” you whispered, gasping in a breath, hoping to God the tears in your own eyes wouldn’t spill over.

“She died…” he repeated, searching your eyes for an answer. But it was one you didn’t know how to give him. He let in a shuddering breath and you heard the knife clatter to the ground, his shoulders hunched insecurely, “Who are you?”

You sighed, gave a small smile and tried to tense against your now rolling tears, “I had to fake it, Diego. Otherwise, they would have killed us all.”

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i love you for telling me this, thank u!! and I KNOOOOOOOOOOW they literally reset our whole minds like this. they’re just Everythingi love them so much.

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Okay- theory time?

Their numbers are after how easily Reginald assumes he can control them and their powers

Which is basically based off of that the most powerful is Vanya, but also that Vanya and Five both lost control over their powers, just in different ways. We know that Reginald attempted to control Vanya’s powers and pretty much succeeded by making her forget about them and we know that he could’ve helped Five practice by telling him about the seconds thing, but never did. We also know that caffeine seems to be pretty great fuel for Five’s powers, but he was never allowed to have any sooooo… seems like he was making an attempt at controlling his too, he just thought he was doing enough and he clearly wasn’t.

Basically, Reginald’s need for control became both Five and Vanya’s downfall at one point, because they were never taught how to be in control themselves. But wait- what about number 6? Ben? Well, he’s dead. Died on a mission-

The inscription on his statue says “May the darkness withing you find peace in the light.” Soooo, did he too lose control of his powers?

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The AU///Crossover thing that no one asked for! The Umbrella Academy but with Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet. (I need to redraw Phineas, it might be a day or so.)

So just theoretically, what if the PnF kids were born on the 12th hour on first of October, 1989 and Reginald adopted THEM instead.

Their hero nicknames are above them, if you have any better suggestions, I would appreciate them.

Their powers:

Phineas - Metal manipulation (Can bend and move metal to his will.)

Ferb - Hypno stare (Entrances people if they look into his eyes.)

Isabella - Storm Summoner (Can conjure storms at will.)

Buford - Earthquaker (Can cause small-medium tremors [Or really big ones if he’s super mad])

Baljeet - Keen photographic memory (He can remember literally anything as long as he’s seen it and hone in on details in memories.)

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(if there was anything in this headcanon that was insensitive/offensive, please let me know. i obviously can’t write this headcanon out of experience, so i hope it was okay!!)



Originally posted by dailyhargreeves

  • When you and your siblings moved out of the Hargreeves mansion, you didn’t really keep in touch with any of them
  • You were going through your own issues, as you knew all your siblings were
  • You didn’t tell any of them about your transition just because you weren’t talking to them in the first place, and even if they were your family, you didn’t want to reach out to them
  • Interacting with your siblings just reminded you of all the trauma Reginald brought you, and you didn’t want to relive that
  • But then, of course, the bastard eventually croaked, and you all had to reunite for his funeral
  • You were so incredibly nervous to see your siblings for the first time in years, mainly because they didn’t know about your transition, but also because you just felt like a family reunion was not going to go well
  • All of you branched off and started leading such separate lives, it felt weird to all come together again
  • Half your siblings almost didn’t recognise you at first when you showed your face, but Klaus, Vanya and Allison knew it was you
  • Everyone was shocked, and you were beginning to regret showing up
  • Klaus was the first to speak, pulling you into a hug as he immediately relieved all the weird tension in the room
  • “Well, don’t you look fantastic!”
  • Him asking you about your name and new pronouns so he knows how to address you, and also to help your siblings out
  • After Klaus, all your siblings begin following suit and it feels a bit more comfortable with them
  • “It’s good to see you again, y/n.” “Thanks, Allison.” “So… what have you gotten up to all these years?”
  • You know all your siblings have questions about your transition, just out of curiosity, but you’re grateful that for the most part, they keep it to themselves
  • Luther or Five might ask you something here and there, but they’ll recognise if they hit a topic you might not be ready to talk about
  • Your siblings want to be as supportive as they can of you, and you’re grateful that the whole experience went a lot better than you expected it to be
  • “I can’t believe how much has changed.” “Well, not everything has changed. Luther and Diego are still fighting like children.” “Yeah… yeah, you’re right, y/n.”

tag list@egg2k16 / @cnco-babes / @floup-doodles / @batfam16 / @redbullchick / @fangirlsarah16

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Hot take but the people Five thinks are the dumbest (Klaus and Diego) are actually the ones with the biggest heart, the most empathetic ones and the ones with the greatest emotional intelligence, but Five can’t understand that this is a strength because he had to grow up in an apocalyptic world where having feelings and creating bonds get you killed

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