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Hey there, long time no see!

Congrats for watching it! What did you think about it? I’ll try to summarize my thoughts briefly - overall I really liked it, despite the discrepancy between s1 and s2.

I’m both wary and excited for s3, I have a feeling that I’ll either hate or love it or just lose interest altogether depending on how they handle it. I’m really curious about Sparrow Academy too, even though I’m afraid they’ll handle it… in a not so good way. I’m really just here for Five/Vanya, Lila and Allison at this point. Also Sparrow Academy!Ben…

The way some characters were handled in s2, mostly Vanya, made me ambivalent about the show but the Five/Vanya content in s2 was just *chef’s kiss*. Five is my fave character and the one who carried the entirety of s2 in my opinion. I just wish Vanya got a better treatment - I hate it when a female character’s trauma gets swept under the rug and instead she gets thrown into a relationship to “heal” from instead of properly getting to address her trauma with the people involved in it. That is my biggest issue w/ s2. Vanya didn’t need a girlfriend just yet, she needed a family and an identity.

Lila’s story compelled me and I am so curious to see more development between Lila and Five (I never understood the appeal of enemies-to-enemies or enemies-to-friends until I saw them sharing a scene and discovered the minimal fandom, but did I get hooked? yes. I have a lot of conflicting emotions about them.)

So I’m just hoping s3 will be good and do the characters justice, but I’m a bit wary about it.

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Something I ADORE about the show but never see people talk about is how Diego, Klaus & Five react to Reginald. Mainly the contrast between how the talk about him VS how they talk to him.

Diego is always (rightfully so) shit-talking him, calling him out for everything he’s done and how he’s treated them, after he died. But when he gets to talk to him again in the 60s he finds he still craves his validation (also shown through his actions throughout the show, but made clearer then), and gets very affected when it’s not what he gets.

And Klaus is obviously very loudly mocking and insulting Reginald when he comes back for his funeral. Every chance he gets. But then he talks to him in the heaven barbershop or wtv and you can see the switch being flipped. He’s not nearly as confident anymore, he tries to speak up to him and call him out but he can’t. He tries to be angry but he’s just hurt, he’s a hurt kid all over again.

And lastly Five. Mature, apathetic Five who recognizes Reginald’s abuse and doesn’t show any love towards him, dread to talk to him again in the 60s, both before they met again and after he called him to speak in private, and feeling the need to apologize for being a “difficult kid”.

My point is David, Robert & Aidan acted out these contrasts so well and I love this detail and yes thank you for coming to my ted talk

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Because I’m partial to autistic!Vanya I see her trance as kind of a sci-fi version of a meltdown: She goes completely nonverbal, displays out-of-character levels of aggression, wants to stick to her routine by attending her concert, and only shows signs of self-awareness when Alison is nice to her instead of trying to attack her like her brothers. I think internally it may have been a similar experience to the one they showed us in season 2 when she’s being electrocuted. The cataclysmic power just adds some  *✧・゚:*spice.・゚: *✧

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just the way you are - diego hargreeves x reader


Originally posted by zayniepottah

this is kind of on the short side but still fluffy and good nonetheless! have a good day everyone :)

anon said: hello! i was wondering if you could write a one shot with diego hargreeves the umbrella academy? my idea involves a plus size reader. she is super self-conscious and feels diego wouldn’t be into a woman like her. maybe diego says something he didn’t realize is very rude and upsets her. so he goes to apologize. something fluffy? thanks!

  • pairing: diego hargreeves x plus size!reader
  • warnings: mentions of weight insecurities, angst with happy ending
  • word count: 600+
  • fandom: the umbrella academy

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“What the hell was the point of that story?”

“The point is… frogs are bitches… and we do not negotiate with terrorists.”


*mysterious rift appears in garden*

*chucks fire extinguisher into rift*


“Cult is a very negative word… we prefer the word ‘alternate spiritual community’”

“Nope, you definitely started a cult.”


“Wait… but she can’t be our sister, she’s not biological.”

*adopted siblings seconds away from shooting him in the background*


*Five glaring at Lila*

“So much anger in such a tiny package.”


“You don’t know everything about me-”

“Oh, I know everything about you. You are an open book written for very dumb children.”


“Hey dad, can you stop playing tennis with Hitler for a second and make a quick call?”


“The apocalypse is coming, and all you can think about is getting high?”

“Well, I’m also quite hungry.”


“Hey, get up. We’re going.”


“To save the world.”

“Oh, is that all.”


“Is that my skirt?”

“What? Oh yeah, this. I found it in your room. It’s a little dated, I know, but its very breathy on the bits.”


“42 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, and not a single drop of coffee.”


“You are depriving some village of their idiot!”


“You killed one of ours, Olga, now we’re coming for you. You’ll be dead by nightfall.”

*walks into room*

“It’s oga for oga idiots. It’s Swedish for eye for an eye.”

*stares at phone*

“Sorry, wrong number, have a nice day.”


“Klaus! Is Ben here?”

“No, unfortunately ghosts can’t time travel.”

*Ben sitting in the corner* “Are you kidding me?”


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