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Thank you so much @alpacaparkaseok for tagging me!!

make a moodboard based off of your icon

I’ve never done a moodboard so this was fun! My icon is Five Hargreeves and it has been for a while, TUA has been my escape for a good while all throughout when covid started and even before I absolutely love the show and the characters. He may be really chaotic but he brings a sense of peace to me because that’s just the vibe he gives off despite being a complete mess in the show.

I’ll tag @anapocalypseinmymind but don’t feel pressured to do it!

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Five: Ok so I’m back in the normal world.

Five: What did I miss?

Vanya: Books.

Five: Uh huh

Five: Tell me the one that will make me cry the most.

Vanya: Besides my autobiography?

Five: I-

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So the steampunk AU

  • Five is an actual 13 year old, insanely intelligent but still 13, having ran away from home cause his dad was an ass, bringing with him the mechainical dog he built to give him some company
  • After traveling around in the discarded zeppelin he found and has maneged to restore somewhat for months, he is very happily suprised to run into his oldest and best childhood friend, Klaus, now in his 30s,who used to live next door to him and took Five under his wing once he understood the boy´s home life wasn´t great
  • The reunion is very happy, but a little awkward, especially when Klaus immidiatly tries to get back into guardian role of his found family baby bro and Five´s first reaction is to harden up and pull away, “I´ve been alone for months, Klaus, I don´t need anyone babying me“
  • Klaus is not gonna leave a child to fend for himself in the big world for another day, however, literaly trailing after Five as the kid angrily stomps back on board the zeppelin. Five lets him tag along, cause Klaus is still his closest non-mechanical friend, and Klaus doesn´t want to push him further so he agrees to let Five keep piloting the ship, just happy to have him back and being there to protect him if he should need to
  • Despite his intelligence, and despite trying to be hard and tough, Five is just a child, and if he falls asleep by the ship´s steering levers and wakes up in his cot with a blanket over him and his boots and goggles beside him he´ll smile and curl up into a comfy ball, occasionally even whispering a “thank you“, to Klaus, and every now and then when they reach a new destination successfully he will release the levers to throw his arms around Klaus in triumph, Klaus holding him really close to his chest
  • Maybe Five doesn´t have to be all tough and hard all the time, not when he has Klaus there
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I can and will and am prepared to get shit for this but I can’t not talk about it for any longer so I’ll just spit it out: the fact that there is miles of content for a ship where one of the characters is dead and had one line of dialogue in the first season and about three scenes in all of season 2, meanwhile Vissy is right fucking there and has borderline no content is the single fucking funniest, most ridiculous, most bullshit case of fandom lesbophobia I’ve ever seen and I haven’t seen a lot but I’ve never heard of anything worse than this what the fuck

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Steampunk AU where mr Pennycrumb is a mechanical dog with visable cogs and all those cool things, and Five is the pilot of an old, rusty, but very trustworthy zeppelin named the Hermes, almost constantly wearing a pair of goggles pushed up to his forehead and clothes often stained with oil and dirt from their travels and adventures

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So as I write my English Essay, I come across the slang term ‘drunkorexia’ and I manage to correlate that with Luther’s ARFID (the practise of drunkorexia is eating less to compensate for alcohol calories, Luther is already restricting his calorie intake as hinted throughout the show he’d only properly eat liquids [other than s1ep6, but that can be disregarded as that day didn’t happen] and the cause of his ARFID is trauma-induced OCD [as implied from 'SEND MORE FOOD!!!’]).

Can I just get an angsty fanfic of this? PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEE? I can’t do this my deadline’s too many

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People in debates about the hargreeves siblings not being “actually related”, so therefore the incest is okay… pretty sure they kinda are as whatever got all the ladies pregnant at once is probably the same thing, but even so, I’m a firm believer on it still being incest if you grew up together as literal siblings, lived together, everything, then that counts for the same thing. Therefore, the thing with Luther and Allison, is the worst thing lmao, I hope that doesn’t come back. Grossies.

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them 💞💕🌺🌼💘

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rp is kinda slow at the moment so i’m thinking of getting back and writing some good ol fanfic….if anyone has any suggestions or even little requests that i can write drabbles to for a warm up… drop ‘em in the replies or my ask box! (You can also check out the tua fics currently on my ao3)

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Idk why but for some reason before watching Tua I thought Luther would have a thick Russian accent💀

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Fandoms are a group of people getting together to bond over shared interests, and adding rules to how entire fandoms can conduct themselves is a strange concept, unless it’s to protect the safety of marginalized groups or minors. That being said, I think we could be more careful about how simply we think about our characters. I could talk about how Percy Jackson’s goofy nature overshadows his intuitiveness and intelligence in (some, not all) fan content, which actually affected his portrayal in hoo, but I’d rather focus on Luther Hargreeves. Tua is a show about different people reacting to trauma, and it makes sense that a short text post or meme wouldn’t accommodate each characters complication, but the way Luther was seen in black-and-white terms as a whiny, stupid villain was really weird, and seeing how dumb he’s made in s2 was kind of sad. A show about trauma shouldn’t have to sacrifice the nuances of its characters just because the fans pick and choose which characters’ flaws to acknowledge. Lmao idk 

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my playlists are meant to be listened to IN ORDER. if you jump around klaus’s and wind up listening to four by sleeping at last followed by mcr’s mama i am NOT responsible for whatever happens to your brain

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