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number5theboy · 23 hours ago
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➤ Vanya & Five + parallels
[ID: An 18-piece-gifset of Vanya and Five Hargreeves from the TV-adaptation of the Umbrella Academy. The gifset showcases 9 story beats both siblings hit in their similar character arcs where them being isolated, incredibly powerful, and taken advantage of pushes them to become the most destructive, most reckless, most deadly version of themselves - a version that is both abhorrent and liberating to them. End ID.]
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Tumblr media
Me whenever The Umbrella Academy posts an “announcement”
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 21 hours ago
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celestial---devil · 2 days ago
Vanya: Five? Are you alright? You look like you didn’t get any sleep at all.
Five: I got a solid five minutes.
Five: Not consecutively, but I’m fine. You’re not even as blurry as I predicted.
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I think I finally worked out what gives The Umbrella Academy it’s bizarre slightly mad aesthetic. It’s filmed almost entirely in liminal spaces or out-of-context places
Empty motels
Shopping malls at night
A Victorian-style house in an intensely modern neighbourhood
Stopped in the middles of roads
The basement of a gym
Empty diners
A bowling alley
An apocalypse long after it’s been and gone
A vaguely threatening cabin in the woods
Etc etc. Not only this but most of the characters also dress entirely out of context with their surroundings. Klaus I’m looking at you (you rock) but also Five in his schoolboy uniform, The Handler in her outrageous amazing Cruella-De-Vil styles, Luther looking like he lives in some hardy northern mountain range expecting sleet, Grace straight out of the 1950s. And there’s also a monkey. And a mannequin. They look like they’re all about to attend a costume party and wildly misinterpreted the invitation instructions.
This medley of out-of-context-ness and nowhere spaces comes together to create the most awesome bizarre aesthetic and I for one am a huge fan.
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hargreevcs · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“everyone changes the world [...] everyone! and it’s scary, but that’s kinda the deal.”
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c0ffeeb1ack · a day ago
do you guys think vanya might have girlbossed a little too close to the sun?
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ancientstone · 19 hours ago
Netflix: We love all our children equally! The Witcher, random documentary number 183, *squints at hand* the...rubella anchovy.......
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umbrellas-be-falling · 20 hours ago
luther : we need to distract these guys
klaus: leave it to me
klaus: centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. discuss.
diego, five, and allison : *immediately begin arguing*
vanya, watching in horror: oh this. i don’t like this. i don't like this at all.
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aye-of-newt · 2 days ago
the umbrella academy as things I’ve said to my roommate
Luther: the only deity to which I will debase myself by worshiping is our divine mother, the moon
Diego: if my partner doesn’t propose with a sword I’m saying no
Allison: there are only a total of maybe six good men in the world and they’re all on thin fucking ice
Klaus: god really is homophobic
Five: existence is a prison
Ben: in my next life I want to be a mushroom so that I no longer have to experience consciousness
Vanya, directly after a full mental breakdown about work and how stupid/inadequate she feels and while still actively crying: but the milfy butch manager came in at the end of my shift and she looked really hot
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cries-in-espanol · 2 days ago
real talk: imagine allison and klaus starting an instagram account for mr pennycrumb and five objects to it but that doesn’t stop them from posting pictures of pennycrumb in a beret
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black-coffee-beats · 2 days ago
Allison: Do you have feelings for Y/N?
Five: No, she's just important to me and I worry about her.
Allison: ...So, you have feelings.
Five: Feelings of concern.
Allison: Those are still feelings!
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simplyso-spooky · 2 days ago
coffee date
Tumblr media
five hargreeves x gender neutral! reader
warnings: pure fluff, sweet five <3, mentions of apocalypse & end of the world
word count: 393
(sorry its so short lol)
For once, everything seemed to be calm in the Hargreeves’ siblings life. No one was hunting them down, there was no apocalypse, and the world wasn’t ending.
You and your boyfriend, Five, decided to go for some coffee. After all you had been through, a date sounded nice. The both of you settled on Griddy’s Donuts, since it was Five’s favorite spot.
When you arrived at Griddy’s, you opted for a booth, wanting a bit more privacy than the counter could offer. You ordered your preferred drinks, Five going for black coffee and you going for your favorite beverage.
You sat in silence while waiting for your drinks, deciding that the calm, quite atmosphere was nice. You can’t remember the last time you had a silent time like this, it was much needed.
“Here’s your coffee.” The waitress spoke, interrupting the silence.
“Thanks.” Five responded. The waitress gave the two of you a smile before returning back behind the counter. “This is nice.”
“It really is. It’s so,” You said, pausing trying to find the right word.
“Yeah.” You agreed with a laugh. Some may find it odd how two of you thought a run down coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon was the peak of peace. But after all you had been through, it really was the most calm you have felt in a while.
“I’ve really missed this,” Five said. “I’ve really missed you.” You giggle at him, not too sure what he means.
“What do you mean? We’ve been together for, what? Four years?”
“Five years.” Five corrected you. You and him had met when he joined the commission, the both of you being assigned as partners. The two of you were the best assassins that had ever existed, so when you left all hell broke loose.
“Has it really been that long?” You laughed.
“Yes,” Five leaned over the table looking in your eyes “and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Heat quickly rose to your cheeks, your facing buring out of love for the boy sitting across from you.
Quickly, you returned to your drink, not wanting to look Five in the eyes. You gaze out the window, watching all the different people going about in their separate lives. You suddenly feel Five reach for your hand from across the table.
This coffee date was perfect.
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*ೃ༄  © simplyso-spooky 2021. all rights reserved.
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