crow-jam · 2 days ago
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You can’t convince me this didn’t happen
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27-umbrellas · 2 days ago
I love how Five started out in season one asking for coffee and people were always like who is this kid????? And now he just gets blackout drunk and nobody bats an eye
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circumstellars · 2 days ago
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Klaus, Luther + afterlife realisations
↪ S03E10  || {TUA} {cast+} |  ☕
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 2 days ago
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The Umbrella Academy: 3x04 | “Kugelblitz”
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justaleapoffaith · 2 days ago
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#ben can’t escape the reginald comparisons in any timeline
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thehandl3r · 21 hours ago
Klaus every night in the shared hotel room:
Tumblr media
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eloisecore · 2 days ago
lets be honest is it even the umbrella academy without the🕺🏻dancing 🕺🏻
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number5theboy · 15 hours ago
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➤ Reginald & Number Five + like father, like son
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squixc · 2 days ago
wounds n kisses || five h.
pairing: five hargreeves x healer
Tumblr media
stepping out of the car, you covered your eyes from the sunlight as you stared at the house of harold peabody.
“be careful, okay? we don’t know what peabody’s capable of.” warned allison.
“he didn’t look dangerous when i first saw him.” diego said. “looked kinda scrawny.”
“yeah, well, so are most serial killers and mass murderers. i mean– look at them.” allison tilted her head towards you and five.
rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms. “thanks.” you mumbled.
allison headed to the other side of the house before diego could even tell the instructions.
“look i’m gonna burst through–” diego paused as he noticed that allison was gone. “you know what?” he sighed. “it would be nice for people to just stick to–”
five teleported the both of you to where allison was, cutting diego off. “that was a bit rude, don’t you think?” you asked him, slightly concerned for diego.
“nah.” five shrugged and followed the entrance allison entered in.
hearing glass shatter, you all immediately headed to where diego was and saw him lying on the floor. “subtle.” you sneered.
five opened the door that diego just busted through and said, “you do know that the door was open, right?”
“yeah well my way works just fine.” diego said, getting up from the floor and limping away. “yell if you uh.. you know, you’re in trouble.”
“ah, inspiring leadership.” five said. “one of the greats!” allison added as you chuckled.
you all separated and went to different rooms to investigate. following five to the living room, you noticed his tense actions and how he was moving slower than usual.
“you okay?” you asked as he nodded. “never better.” he replied as you looked at hin worriedly. sighing, five turned to you with a reassuring smile. “seriously. you don’t have to worry.”
you eyed him for a moment before nodding. “alright..”
“guys, you’ve gotta see this!” allison yelled from upstairs. you and five looked at each other before rushing to her.
“all our faces are burnt off.” diego said as you all stared at the miniatures in shock. their faces were even scratched off on the posters.
feeling pain on his abdomen, five quietly gasped and placed his hand over his abdomen.
“this was never about vanya..” diego said. “this was about us.” allison finished his sentence, looking at diego.
five fell to the floor as he breathed heavily, “five!” you yelled, kneeling beside him.
“blood.” allison said as you slightly pulled his shirt up to see a bullet wound on his stomach. “oh my god.”
“jesus five..” diego whispered, “why didn’t you say anything?” he asked as five struggled to breathe.
“so close..” five breathed out before passing out. “five?” you lightly slapped his cheek, “five wake up!” you panicked, tears forming in the corner of your eyes.
you looked at allison and diego, “we have to get him back. quick!” you exclaimed. “but you can heal him though, right?” diego asked as you nodded.
sitting beside five on the bed, you gently placed bandages over his wound that you healed as you waited for him to wake up.
you couldn’t help but feel pissed at five for hiding this from you. you could’ve easily helped him heal and it wouldn’t have gone this far.
five grunted as he slowly woke up, weakly sitting up with your help.
he looked at you with tired eyes, “what happened?”
“you passed out, you bastard.” you glared at him. “why didn’t you tell me?” you looked at him, feeling slightly betrayed.
five sighed, “i’m sorry, okay? i just didn’t want to become a distraction. our top priority should be saving the world.”
“five hargreeves, you idiot.” you held his hand. “how can we save the world when you’re not around, huh?”
five was supposed to say something before you cut him off, “before you say some dumb shit about your health not mattering– it does. i came back here with you to help and i’d seriously be so pissed if you just die on me like that.”
[five and y/n met at the commission.]
chuckling at your words, five nodded in understanding. “i’m sorry, alright?” he squeezed your hand. “it’s fine. just please promise me that you’ll tell me if something’s wrong. we’re supposed to be in this together.” you looked at him worriedly.
“i will, i will.” he smiled. you smiled back at him sweetly as he leaned closer to you, placing his lips against yours. closing your eyes, you ran your fingers through his hair as you deepened the kiss.
five smiled and pulled away, resting his forehead on yours as you stared at each other with a loving smile. “i love you.” you whispered. “love you too.”
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27-umbrellas · a day ago
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And you know what we support all of them
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alexzajfert · a day ago
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commission info / instagram / prints
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 2 days ago
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But what is family? What is it? It's like some kind of giant… ball of twine that can never be untangled.
The Umbrella Academy: 3x02 | “World's Biggest Ball of Twine”
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benerrino · a day ago
Sparrow Ben’s reaction to you getting injured HCs
The Umbrellas reaction to you getting injured
Tumblr media
-Ben is in general very protective of you, he won’t let a bad guy look at you for too long without taking them out
-He tries so hard not to let you get hurt during battles, he’d take a bullet for you any day, so this is his worst case scenario
-He’s actually on the verge of a complete and total breakdown when it happens, he’s capable of anything
-Somehow he manages to keep up the appearance of strength long enough to attack the enemy
-If he doesn’t get the chance to kill them this time, he’ll make it his life’s purpose to come back for revenge later
-Under the best of circumstances he’ll be furious at himself for not protecting you, so if you get hurt because of him he’ll pretty much never forgive himself
-While getting you help he alternates between viciously lashing out at everyone that crosses his path, and going dead silent, locked in the darkest part of his brain
-He would do literally anything to ensure you get better
-He hates it but he can’t help the vulnerability pouring out of him afterwards
-On top of that you get to see a nurturing side that even you didn’t know he had, as he’s dedicated to taking care of you in this time however he can
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lilapittss · 15 hours ago
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salvador-daley · 20 hours ago
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“Be everything I was afraid to let you become.” 💀👻
Robert Sheehan in The Umbrella Academy
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number5theboy · 2 days ago
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[Luther] Whatever we're doing, it's not working. All we ever do is save the world for a day, pat ourselves on the back, and then everything goes to shit again.
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id-be-home-with-you · 2 days ago
Reggie: This is the sparrow academy-
Tumblr media
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letsjustbeekind · 2 days ago
Seeing some of the most insane and fucking racist Allison takes???? If she was a white man going through a “villian era” y’all would be posting fan edits and talking about how attractive you find her, calling her your blorbo or some shit. Every character on that show has done insane fucked up shit and yet I only see horrible posts about Allison. Take some critical thinking skills and apply it to the show bc Jesus Christ y’all cannot be serious rn??
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atealiers · 2 days ago
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NUMBER FIVE and the death of his future self 
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27-umbrellas · a day ago
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They’ve got it down to an ART
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