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#tua allison
golden-redhead · a year ago
honestly, one of the funniest things abt the Hargreeves siblings is that good old Reggie educated them well, probably in every way possible, meaning that they have at least some basic knowledge abt most things, from ballroom dancing (as confirmed in canon) to physics and yet, despite all that, they are all complete and total dumbasses anyway
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boomthemoon · a year ago
I love that Allison says she knows 7 different languages, Vanya unwittingly speaks Russian to the FBI guy and Five speaks other languages in the show. But when Luther and Diego saw Öga for Öga written in the floor their first thought was it was a name.
What the f*ck these two were doing during their language classes?
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axemanhargreeves · a month ago
Ben: If I took this knife right now and I stabbed you, what would you do?
Klaus: I saw something online that said most stabbings are a crime of passion. So to be honest, I'd be quite flattered that you cared that much.
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sunsetsintandem · 10 months ago
Five: What does that say?
Allison: Öga for öga
Klaus: Öga for öga
Ben: Öga for öga
Vanya: Öga for öga
Five: And what do you think it says?
Luther and Diego, mumbling: Olga Foroga
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Vanya: *trips balls on LSD while being electrocuted for half an hour, regains all of her memories, loses control of her powers, and sees her dead brother die again*
Allison, Klaus and Diego: You good?
Vanya: yep, completely fine
Vanya, internally:
Tumblr media
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kudos to whoever put together the soundtrack for season 2 of the umbrella academy because it is Pure Chaos™ and absolute perfection. i mean come on. a fight scene with the backstreet boys? unbelievable. an unironic swedish cover of hello? brilliant. there's zero consistency in genre or time period, but the vibes always hit the mark perfectly. it's exquisite.
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axemanhargreeves · 4 months ago
Five: I’m never donating blood again.
Five: The second you walk in the door, it’s just one invasive question after another!
Five: “Where did you get it?” “Why is it in a bucket?”
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askmazarin · a month ago
The timeskip was one of the most annoying things about S2 because it robbed us of the opportunity of seeing the characters working through their trauma. I don't want to know how they coped; I want to see them coping and how they shifted from the people at the end of s1 to those in s2.
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golden-redhead · a year ago
I honestly don't know what would be worse, the fact that Reginald treated the Sparrow Academy the same way he treated the Umbrella kids or the fact that he might have actually raised them to be functional adults and was a good father figure to them
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vaticancameows · a year ago
allison literally told ray that she and all her siblings have powers and that the world is about to end... and he just went wE hAd a bLaCk pReSiDenT?
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bitch-you-heard-me · a year ago
The entire dynamic between Klaus, Allison and Vanya was so sweet and pure andI loved it so much. Like first of all, the way they smiled when Klaus and Allison finally saw each other again, with Allison running into the pool, still in her clothes and then laughing with each other about how much their lives changed. Then we see Klaus rush over to get Allison out of the riot the second he figured out she was in danger and Allison welcoming him in her house when he was drunk off his ass and even tucking him in on her couch. They went on a bender and tried to forget the seriousness and have some fun and being adorable while they did it. 
And then they added Vanya. 
Little Vanya who can't really remember much but is so happy to see her sister, who got taken to this strange apartment with people she doesn't recognize and told all of this terrible things she did and had to apologize over and over just to get them Diego to put the knife away. Vanya walks down the stairs to meet her sister, who looks so happy to see her. She even looks a little nervous, like she doesn't want to offend her.  And then they hug and she gets to meet her other brother, who smiles at her and giggles and kisses her head and calls her Vanny.
Like I adore that entire bit with the hug because its so warm compared to the cold stares from Diego and guilty looks from Luther. She saw a little bit of that softness with Five but then Doomsday took over and he went back to trying to save the world. And now, she gets to truly feel it.
I truly love how Allison bends down and scoops her tiny body into her arms and holds her close. The way Klaus’ gangly, long arms stretch over the both of them as he joins. Vanya’s small laugh and the little “hi” as Klaus’ kisses her head. And, omg, the “Hi Vanny”.
I just can't right now
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