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Mkay so imma write a lil brief but ab what my fic is bc I feel like it :)

So it’s gonna be about Ben and his friend before he dies and how Reggie takes advantage of his death to use her and make her part of the academy while Ben just watches as a ghost suffering while his friend is emotionally manipulated and abused by his father

It might not be exactly that bc I’m still sort of deciding but so far that’s my idea for it

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Tua season 2 episode 10

what an ending! I hate that Ben is dead, and that Ray and Sissy and Harlin couldn’t come back with them. but I am excited to see what’s next. I hope that Klaus is allowed to be happy, and that we get to see Lila some more. I also hope that Luther x Allison Does Not Happen

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A Poison Tree


Originally posted by mayanangel

I was angry with my friend

I told my wrath, my wrath did end

I was angry with my foe

I told it not, my wrath did grow.

Many things led to your bitterness in adulthood. Voicing your issues with your siblings helped. Not voicing your issues with your father broke you. Enable to show sympathy and compassion left you utterly alone.

“Back again?” Terry asked from behind the bar as you took your seat, “I swear you and Klaus finance this place.”

“You know us Hargreeves,” You said she placed your usual in front of you.

“Want the TV?” Terry asked and you only nodded as she turned it on. The news was playing, you and your siblings’ faces displayed on the screen. Sipping your drink you froze as you realized your father was dead. Ordering another bourbon anger rose in you at a painful realization. He would never hear all the pain he caused you.

And I watered it in fears

Night and Morning with my tears

And I sunned it with smiles

And soft deceitful wiles

In the academy being Allison’s twin she was Three A and you were Three B. You weren’t even given your own number. Like your sister your power was verbally imitated. You could make people see whatever you wanted. Your phrase was seeing is believing. The power of the mind being so strong that if you made someone think they were on fire they would believe it. Externally they would be fine but internally their body would be in sensory overload. This usually ended fatally for the victim. It wasn’t always as easy as you made it, at first though you could only make them see a little at a time.

“Number Three B focus. Alter my mind to your will,” Reginald said watching as five year old you stood before him during your private training. A small frown on your tiny face, you were confused. Closing your eyes you made an attempt to focus.

“Seeing is believing,” You muttered as you envisioned a rainforest. Reginald showed you a photo and instructed you to make him think he was there. As a few trees and bushes appeared the academy training room was still visible. As they disappeared and the blood dripped from your nose, you looked up at Reginald with tears-eyes. A stern expression on his face he took a few notes in silence as he ignored you.

“More time in isolation should focus your mind,” Reginald concluded and you squeezed your eyes shut.

“Father please!” You cried but it fell on deaf ears as you cried.

Your siblings were always kind when you would return from days of isolation. Sneaking out to Griddy’s was the best part after being isolated.

“Five stop showing off!” You laughed as he continued to spatial jump behind the counter and steal donuts.

“We should only use our powers to help people,” Luther said, earning an eye roll from Five and Diego. Looking around at them you noticed Allison staring at her donut.

“Ally you’re quiet,” You said but there was a frown on her face.

“I hate when father locks you away,” Allison admitted and frowns passed like a contagion through your siblings. As you became teary-eyed you tried to smile but it crumbled as a tear escaped you. They all pulled you into hugs.

And it grew both day and night

Till it bore an apple bright

And my foe beheld it shine

And he knew that it was mine.

With Five gone and Ben now dead a dark cloud casted over your family. You blamed your father for all of it. Staring at Ben’s casket you were the only one who stood without an umbrella. Snowflakes built in your hair as your father spoke, “the world is full of injustice good people die along with the bad the cosmic equation won’t change unless evil is wiped from existence thankfully there are powerful forces pushing back against the wicked and iniquitous individuals who have the strength to pull together against insurmountable odds to face adversity with unblinking courage and not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for another unfortunately none of you are such people despite years and weeks of training you allowed number six to die on this mission.”

As Allison attempted to defend you all as she cried you scoffed. Looking in your directions all eyes were on you.

“Speak with conviction number Three B,” Father said and you could feel yourself crumbling beneath his gaze.

“Why do you hate us?” You cried but he ignored you announcing in honor of your brother training was cancelled.

And into my garden stole

When the night veiled the pole

In the morning glad I see

My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

Standing around your siblings it was now raining. Once again you lacked an umbrella. As you were drenched you stared off blankly.

“Whenever you’re ready dear boy,” Pogo said as Luther held the urn containing the remains of your father. Stepping forward as he released the ashes it was more so dirt and crumbs. The look on Klaus’ face indicated the culprit. Falling pathetically in a pile on the ground the energy was flat.

“Probably would’ve been better with some wind,” Luther said awkwardly and you all were silent.

“Does anyone wish to speak?” Pogo asked but you all stayed silent. As Pogo spoke highly of your father you scoffed. Going to belittle your father but your brother beat you to it.

“He was a monster,” Diego spoke without care, “He was a bad person and an even worse father. The world’s better off without him.”

“Diego,” Allison spoke trying to diffuse the tension. Shaking your head you glared at the ashes.

“I hope he burns,” You spoke surprising your siblings. None of them knew your new personality. Always being kind and wearing your heart on your sleeve. As all your siblings stared at you the girl they knew was long gone. Five watched you curiously as he was still newly returned to his family. It was odd for him seeing his sweet sister as an angry exhausted woman.

“My name is number two. You know why? Because our father couldn’t be bothered to give us actual names. He has Mom do it. Hell he made Allison and (Y/n) share a number,” Diego explained and for a moment you blocked them out. Recalling a poem he made you all read. You never understood until now.

“I can’t help but think about that poem father made us read. A Poison Tree. He patronized me for not understanding it.” You explained before reciting it aloud. The rain continued to fall and you spoke slowly. It was haunting as you finished, “-my foe outstretched beneath the tree.”

Feedback Pleaseee :)

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SPOILER WARNING for TUA season two

Ben fans after season 1 of TUA: I love Ben but he’s in the background too much, just tagging along with Klaus, trying to stop him from doing stupid things, I want to see more of his character.

Me: Agreed.

Ben fans after he “dies” in season 2: Ugh. Ben still exists only to serve others, to make sacrifices, he has no real autonomy.

Me: Okay, I don’t totally agree but I see where you’re coming from.

Ben fans at the end of season 2, when it’s revealed that Ben lives in the alternate timeline and is clearly going to exist entirely separate from Klaus and the other siblings: Oh my god no! Bring back the old, nice, self-sacrificing Ben who was stuck being dead! This one seems like an asshole!

Me: The fuck do you people want???

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(via Justin Min’s Instagram ☂️)

[ID: A picture of two chairs on the set of The Umbrella Academy, labeled ‘Vanya’ and 'Ben.’]

[Transcript of Justin’s post: ok. let’s talk about it. never before in my life have i been subject to so many photos and videos of people around the world crying, sobbing, and occasionally on-the-floor weeping. so for the distress we’ve caused, i’m…relieved we did our job. lol. this moment could only belong to the two of them. ben was the only sibling who could reach vanya in her darkest hour — not only because of his obvious ability to possess her but also and more importantly because of his capacity to understand her. ben has the clearest insight into who vanya is and how she feels because he knows firsthand what it means to be ignored, forgotten, isolated, and estranged from one’s family. and it’s only after vanya feels truly seen, heard, and accepted for the first time in her life that she allows herself to begin the process of healing and reconciliation. it’s a timely and poignant reminder for all of us. thank you to @/amandamarsalis for directing us with such grace and care, and, of course, to my sister @/ellenpage for being the most incredible scene partner ever. there’s a reason why she’s *the* ellen page, everyone. #hugmeasigo]

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The Umbrella Academy but every season the writers make one of them gay (pan, bi, etc)

First season we had our lord and savior Klaus

Second season we had Vanya (which wasn’t really a surprise)

Who are you guys betting from season 3? I was thinking about Ben, you know, now that he is no longer a ghost.

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