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Never seen her like this Klaus and Diego Hargreeves x Sibling Reader

word count:2016

summary: You’re always there for your brothers and they don’t know how much you need them. 

Platonic relationship, a little bit of Five x Reader

warnings: a few curse words, sort of sad, nothing too depressing. and i think it’s a bit OOC as well so sorry about that. 


Diego and Klaus were your best friends. Klaus would tell you everything, and so would Diego. 

Yet you had no one to talk to.. you felt like you had to be strong for them. You felt like you needed to be a pillar to lean on, open arms to fall into without crumbling. 

You were there for Klaus when he came back to the present.. when he lost the love of his life. You were there for Diego when he lost Eudora and your mom. They let their walls down and trusted you to be their security. And you were. 

It had been a couple of days since Klaus and Diego confided in you, and you were beginning to break. You did your best to keep in your heartbreak, but it wasn’t breaking for the things you were going through. No, that wasn’t all of it. Just because you were dealing with your father’s death and reliving the heartbreak you felt after Five disappeared and just suddenly came back. You were also dealing with Klaus’ heartbreak at how he lost the only one he truly loved to something so brutal and he could do nothing to stop it.. You were dealing with Diego’s heartbreak getting to the woman he loved a little too late, being with your mother as he pulled her plug. And you see, Five was the love of your life and you suffered his loss, never really stopped grieving. Then he showed up out of nowhere and all of these feelings came rushing back. You never let it show though. 

There you sat in your room, knees pulled up to your chest and tears falling from your eyes. Choking sobs back as to not alert anyone else in the house. When you closed your eyes all you saw were flashbacks of your moments with your brothers, the moment your lost love flooded back into your life. The end of the world was coming and all you could do was sit there and cry. 

All of a sudden you let out a loud whimper and that’s when you began to let your sobs fall from your lips. You were loud enough that you couldn’t hear the two pairs of footsteps rushing down the hall. 

The door was locked when Klaus and Diego tried to open it, but Diego easily picked the lock and they burst through the door. There you sat on your bed face buried in your knees and sobs shaking your body. 

“(Y/n)… sweetheart what’s wrong?” Klaus asked slowly making his way over to you. You jumped at his voice and your head snapped up. Seeing both of your brothers standing there you wiped your tears and gave them a weak smile. 

Diego closed the door and came to sit with you both. 

“Nothing, nothing’s wrong. I’m alright.” You gave them both a smile. 

Looking at both of them and seeing how broken they were made your lip quiver. 

“Don’t bullshit us (y/n). We saw you crying, we heard you sobbing so hard you shook. Now spill.” Klaus looks at Diego with a glare. As to say be nice. 

“It’s ok (y/n), I know I’m not great at this comforting thing.. but you can talk to me. To us.  About anything.” Klaus said, sounding sincere as he ever has been. Diego nodded in agreement. 

You looked between the two and and your eyes welled with tears and sobs started to get caught in your throat once again. Diego looked at you, he’d never seen you like this. So broken and looking so scared. 

“I love you both with everything I have. Everything. Seeing you so broken and so hurt.. seeing everything you love in life being ripped away from you in such a cruel way. Both of the people you love being taken by the same weapon and so quickly. Hearing both of you cry over not being able to stop it, and not getting to say a proper goodbye.” You cry loudly to them, grabbing both of their hands to kiss them hoping to bring a sense of comfort to them even if you were hurting. Both of the boy’s eyes were glossing over at your words. 

“(Y/n), it’s ok..” Diego said quietly squeezing your hand and trying to look into your eyes. 

“Really (y/n)..” Klaus followed up. 

You shook your head and felt the tears dripping on your lashes spatter across your cheeks. 

“No.. no. I know it’s not ok. I’m here for you. I’m being strong for you, because I love you and I want to help lift you up and keep you from falling. You both deserve so much more than life gives you. You deserve love and happiness and a steady place to rest. I want to be that for you because you’re my brothers, my best friends and I never want you to feel broken. I’m sorry about this. I’m ok though, ok it’s over. I’m ok.” You said and sighed. Your hands began to get sweaty and so you pulled them away wiping them on your sheets before wiping your eyes. 

Klaus looked at you with tears now falling from his eyes and Diego swallowing the lump in his throat. They had never seen this side of you and they never knew you felt like this. Didn’t know you were so dejected.

Seeing you wipe your tears  they knew you needed to get this off of your chest and just cry. 

“C'mere (y/n), you need us now, and we’re gonna be here for you. You don’t need to be so  strong right now.” Diego said reaching for your hand once again. You looked at him with red puffy eyes, and a red nose. Klaus then moved around so he was sitting next to Diego so that he was facing you as well. “Oh, sweetheart.. please don’t hide from us. We want to be here for you. It’s not a need, it’s a want. Now c'mon tell us what else is wrong.” Klaus raised his hand to brush his thumb over your cheek. 

You stared at them before practically throwing yourself towards Klaus. He caught you and sat you on his lap so your legs laid across his and Diego’s. 

You sat and let out a small whimper before sighing trying to control your breathing. Your head was buried in his chest as you tried to settle down. 

Lifting your face Diego rested his hand on your calf rubbing soothing circles across it. Klaus just held you.. You felt yourself release a sigh of relief in finally being able to show your feelings and get out what was hurting you. "F-f-five.. is back. He’s back, after 17 years.. 17 years.. I loved him.. he was and sadly still is the only one who I’ve ever been in love with. He left me.. and I- I didn’t know what to do. I waited for him for so long. Now.. he’s here, and I don’t know.. what to do.. I’ll never not love him and he never looked my way.. he said he loved me, he left, he came back 17 years later and has never bothered to look in my direction. The end of the fucking world is in days and I’ve never even gotten to spend days with a person that loves me. I’ve never gotten to lie next to someone and feel like I was the most content and safe I’d ever been. I’ve never gotten to kiss someone who wouldn’t leave. I never got to have the life that I dreamed of having with the one person I loved the most.“ You said. Finally being able to get out all of the things that have been eating away at you, slowly and agonizingly tearing a piece of your soul away day by day. You had people to lean on.

 *Klaus’ POV*

 I’ve never seen her like this. So broken and scared. She’s never been this vulnerable in front of me.Her eyes were red and puffy and her usually rosy cheeks were tear stained. 

There she sat clinging to me and spilling her heart out. How could I not have seen her hurting like this?Hearing her talk about me and Diego. I never knew that she cared about us like that. Don’t get me wrong I know she cares but I had no clue it affected her this much. She hears us out and still stays strong enough to love us like she does.

 Hearing her talk about Five, I can hear her heart breaking through her speech. It kills me to hear my sister, the woman who has never faltered to be there for anyone that needs her; quickly toppling over like a paper house.

 I just hold her close and stroke her hair hoping to give her some sense of the peace she gives to me.I look to Diego and see that tears are glistening in his eyes. Who knew we would all be here today holding each other like our lives depended on it.

 *Diego’s POV*

I look over at Klaus and see tears on his cheeks as well as on (y/n)’s cheeks. Seeing my strong beautiful sister shatter right in front of me  is hurting me more than I ever thought it could. Her hair is messy, her voice is hoarse from crying so hard. I had no clue that she was feeling so crippled by this damage we never even knew she was harboring. And like she needed to carry the weight of our baggage along with hers. I don’t understand why she never told me. "Why didn’t you tell us (y/n)?” I asked keeping a firm grip on her calf. She looked up at me shamefully, as if she was scared to tell us. "I didn’t want you to worry about me when you already had and have so much that is weighing on your hearts. I-i just wanted you both to have your minds clear enough to grieve your own losses.“ She said looking away from me and Klaus. I shook my head and took a shaky breath.

 *3rd person POV*

Diego took a shaky breath before grabbing your hand and squeezing it. Klaus moved hair away from your face that was sticking to your damp cheeks. "Honey, we have room in our hearts for you and we have the strength enough to carry you just as much as you do us.” Klaus whispered planting a kiss on top of your head. "We are here for you. You can cry, or scream. You can punch and kick. No matter what we’ll be here when you need us most.“ Diego said clearly moving your legs off of his so he can pull you into his lap from Klaus’. “I adore you boys, and I could never imagine my life without you. Seeing you hurt is shattering, and I’d do anything for you. I really can’t believe you’ve seen me like this and I’m sorry.. But I can’t even begin to explain how much this moment means to me. It’ll be a landmark in my life, even if my life will only last a few more days. Unless we can stop this. I just love you boys and I can’t express how much I will always carry you no matter how I’m feeling.” You said and wrapped your arms around each of them. You all hold each other close.You all had tears in your eyes once again just embracing the feeling of love and support that was resonating in that moment.

"You know, I think Five needs to take that stick out of his ass. He really is a cranky and rude little guy.” Klaus said. You all start to laugh and you pull away. You sit on the bed in-between them and sigh. "Five really is just a cranky old man-child.. but I can’t help but love him.“ You said and shook your head before looking down. They chuckle and you lean up to kiss their cheeks. 

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The Future is Shit Chapter 1

First Chapter Next Chapter

Summary: Number Five was an assassin android, made specifically for killing human beings. That was his sole purpose, until one day it wasn’t. Escaping from The Commission was a nearly impossible feat. And what does one do after succeeding in a task of that difficulty? More nearly impossible feats, of course. Five decides that the next logical step is to get rid of The Commission once and for all. Alongside a group of accidental companions tasked with killing one of the most dangerous people on the planet, will they find that they’re in over their heads?

Pairings: (Eventual) Background Klave and Diedora

Word Count: 3,718

Author’s Notes: Here it is! The new project I’ve been hyping up for a few weeks now! It’s an Umbrella Academy fic, which probably surprises no one. It will be focused on Number Five, which also surprises no one. I’m excited for this, so I don’t really mind if anyone was expecting something else.

Quick Heads Up: This series will be a bit more violent than my previous ones! It makes sense given the source material, but I just thought I’d say this anyway.

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I don’t even remember why I decided to watch umbrella academy, usually, I’ll watch the trailer/preview, but this time I just decided, fuck it, and watched it. It was an amazing decision. Umbrella Academy is one of my obsessions, and I will fight for it until the day I die.

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