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My dudes…

I had a dream where someone had asked me out, they were sweet but they weren’t my type, and I told them I was taken and showed them a screenshot of Five on my phone…

And the person was like, “Aight, that’s cool, I just figured I ask.”

And then we just chatted until I woke up.

I guess even in my dream I am no cheater. Lol

Like that person was really nice and like respected my choice of being with a fictional tiny old man. XD

Now when I say screen shot. I mean it. It wasn’t like a photo where it was like “Yes, this is a picture I have taken of my boyfriend, which shows he exists, he’s actually real, and I can just call him up.” It’s was a screen shot like “I watch this show and I have chosen him.”

Oh my goodness 🤣

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Five came into the house under the conver of silence, little did he know you had been waiting for him to come home on the couch and was stirred awake by the sound of his jumping. A sound you had become very conditioned to.

“Mm…Five?” You sat up with a small squeaky yawn and made your way over to him out in the foyer. Your eyes were wide as you stopped in front of him. “Five, my God, what happened…?”

He couldn’t bring himself to look at you let alone look you in the eye. His eyes were downcast as he kept his hands in his pockets. He had blood splattered all over his face, clothes, hands, and hair. His whole exterior seemed stiff, rigid, and his jaw was twitchy and clenched. The look in his eyes broke your heart. You knew that look… It was the look he always had when he felt trapped in an internal battle with himself and couldn’t get free.

“Five…?” Your voice was soft as you went to reach a hand out to him, to comfort him, but he quickly slunk away and disappeared.

He didn’t want you to touch him.

Even though he desperately wanted to hold you.

Five didn’t want you to set your loving hands on a killer.

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Wtf is that? It’s a bingo!!! Fill whatever applies to you with scribbles/stickers!! Or don’t!!! You can also just look at it, it’s pretty neat either way!!

(side note: bless @the-aro-ace-arrow-ace for basically being responsible for 50% of this and @uninvited-eon for stopping me from overthinking my ears off y'all are real ones ♥)

Click for a better quality!!

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It’s really hard to sort the Hargreeve siblings into Hogwarts houses because, quite frankly, they’ve all showed traits over the course of the series that could put them in multiple houses. Mainly, they could have all been in Slytherin, full stop. But, for posterities sake, here is my breakdown:

Slytherins: Ben (manipulative, greedy), Five (vicious, unrelenting), Allison (ambitious, vindictive), Vanya (lethal, angry)

Hufflepuffs: Klaus (sexy trash, lazy), Diego (soft hearted, stubborn), Luther (naive, rigid)

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I used to wear my father’s hat…

I used to wear my father’s hat…

I used to wear my father’s hat…

I used to wear my father’s hat…

The words spiraled in your mind as images of little Five out in the apocalypse swirled around your brain. You started to panic as a sudden wave of sadness hit your heart. You couldn’t move and you couldn’t speak. You were frozen in place as your eyes welled up with tears. All you could do was watch all over again. Seeing Five in that hat set something off inside you. Five’s smile faded after seeing your state and took the hat off quickly and then made his way over to you. “Y/N, are you okay? You know I’m not there anymore, I’m okay and I’m with you. You don’t have to feel so broken up about it, Y/N…”

He thumbed your cheek and held you close. “I didn’t mean to make you feel this way…fuck…” Five stroked your hair and you held to him burying your face in his shoulder. “I shouldn’t have put the stupid hat on…”

“Why do I have to be so fucking weird, Five…? I wasn’t there. I was never there. I don’t have your memories. I just have vivid images my mind has made up based on the things you’ve told me. Why do I get so sad and broken up…? It’s not normal…” You clutched to him tightly never wanting to let go. “Right…?”

“It’s because you love me…” Five gave you a tight squeeze and rubbed your back. “I guess we share each other’s pain now.” He lightly laughed and kissed your temple.

“I just wish I could have done something… You were so alone…” Your voice was so quiet and sad.

“I was alone, Y/N, emphasis on the was. I’m with you now and I’m happy. That’s all that matters now.” Five presses a tender kiss to your forehead. “Let’s try to put my past behind us now and think about our future, okay?”

You sniffed as you hugged him. “I’ll try.” You nuzzled into his shoulder. Having his hands rub your back helped calm you. “I guess you did you pretty cute in that stupid floppy ass hat…” You let out a tiny laugh and smiled just a little.

“Oh? Should I put it on again?” He pulled away to look at your face with a smirk. His brows went up when he saw you glaring up at him.

“No. Absolutely the fuck not, Five.” If looks could kill Five would have been a dead man.

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