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#tua incorrect quotes

Allison, drunk at target: The floor is lava!

Klaus, also drunk: *jumps in the air* Not today satan!

Vanya, also drunk: *slides a mattress on the floor for Klaus to land on*

Klaus: *misses the mattress entirely and lands on his ass* OW FUCK—

Random store employee: *to Luther, Diego, and Five* do you know them?

Luther, Diego and Five: *all say no in unison while Five shakes his head violently*

credit to @letsgoravendors because i’m not smart enough to come up with my own lmao

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Destiny’s children: prophet! Any Nuggets of wisdom u can share with us today?? 😩😌🥺

Klaus: [sighing loudly]  Sing it out.. boy you’ve got to see what tomorrow brings..!!👦🏻🗓 sing it out.. girl, you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs !! 👩🏻✨ for every time… that they want to count you out  😖❌ use your voice… every single time you open up your mouth 👄 🗣

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i posted this some time ago on pinterest but im now bringing here cause of netflix’s the umbrella academy season 2:

i have a feeling that Vanya only freaked out and exposed the whole family of hers cause Five was not there anymore to show her the support she always deserve and never got for someone else

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[Luther and Diego about to go fight The Swedes]

Luther: How are we even gonna defend ourselves? Those guys are insane, what if they just pull their guns?

Diego: That’s why I brought… this.

Diego: [pulls out knife]

Luther: What’s that supposed to do?

Diego: Well you know what they say about bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Luther: That it’s bad?

Diego: Shit, is that what that means?

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