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The Seer

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

Pairing: Five x Reader

Chapter: 0/1

Warnings: This fic is rated R, drugs are used and mentioned in this chapter

March 24th 2019

Sucking in a deep breath I stopped and stared at the door to the mansion, clutching a bouquet of flowers in one hand nervously. A feeling of sadness washed over my body, why can’t I see the important things? I saw this already, me standing here holding the flowers, felt the sadness I’m feeling now. I should of known, but I didn’t. Seeing the future is complex and messy, you can’t simply see it all, just bits and pieces that are vague and confusing.

Shaking my head I cleared my thoughts and prepared myself to go inside, I mean in shouldn’t be scared I live here, but I already know there’s people on the other side of this door who’ve I’ve only heard about never met, And that’s what terrified me. Pogo sent me to pick up the funeral flowers because he knew I was too nervous to be here when they arrived. Even from outside I could feel the tension, everyone’s mixed emotions, sadness, anger, loathing. And before I had the chance to open the door myself pogo had beaten me to it, opening the door wide and greeting me with a sad smile.

“Miss (y/n) your back. I see you’ve picked up the flowers.” Greeted pogo, taking the flowers from my hand he led me inside. I could feel it more now, all the mixed energy was overwhelming, almost too much.

“Pogo, whose here?” Asked an unknown voice. Rounding the corner behind pogo I was met with room full of unfamiliar faces, except one.

“Woah, (y/n) it’s been a long time.” Said the only person I knew in the room, Luther. Coming up and giving me a hug my eyes darted around the room. Everyone was looking at us, confusion evident on their faces.

“Luther, Pogo, who is this?” A man dressed in black leather spoke, giving me a weary look.

Luther turned around and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Guys this is (y/n), dad adopted her about what, 10 years ago?”

“Dad adopted another child, like he could even care for us” The man in leather said with annoyance in his voice. A women with curly hair walked up to me, holding out her hand for me to shake.

“I’m Allison, the not so nice one is Diego” she said giving Diego a stern look.

“I’m Klaus!” Said the man wearing a skirt and a furry coat not so quietly.

The other women in the room walked up fi me next, shyly smiling. “And I’m-“

“Vanya I know. I uh read your book. I really liked it.” Vanya looked surprised by that, her cheeks became a light shade of pink as she looked away from me.

“That’s a surprise” Diego huffed out, walking away from the group and away into another room.

“Ignore him” Allison told both me and Vanya before she too left the room, Luther right behind her. Klaus sauntered over my way, putting his arms around my shoulders and giving me a cheeky smile.

“So (y/n), I know this is sudden and all since we just met but do you happen to have a few bucks to spare?” He asked with hopeful eyes. I laughed at this and raised an eyebrow. “What are you trying to score?”

“You speak just my language”

Almost an hour later me and Klaus returned back to the mansion, the funeral wasn’t going to be held till later so we had time to spare. In my room I sat at my desk and began to roll me and Klaus a joint.

“What is this thing?” Klaus asked, tapping the glass to my terrarium, crouching down and staring into my geckos face.

“Stop that tapping, and thats my leopard gecko, his name is Guber.”

“Dad let you keep pets?”

“Well not really, I went on a bender one night and came home with him. We argued, I don’t remember exactly what happened but he never got rid of him and never brought him up again.”

Turning my chair around I faced the now seated Klaus, lighting the joint I sucked in a long inhale of the smoke, letting it escape my lips and inhaled it up my nose. Coughing from the strong smoke I passed the joint to Klaus who happily took it. That’s when I felt another presence in the room, a feeling of disapproval and disappointment overtook my body. Peeking around the room and seeing no one my gaze did meet where Klaus’ was and nothing was there. Focusing on the corner where the energy was coming from the most I watched and waited for something to happen. But nothing did. Instead Klaus spoke up, “Why exactly did dad adopt you?” Klaus asked.

“Well he didn’t really “adopt” me. He bought he off my parents when I was 11, but he somehow knew I had powers and found me”

“What can you do?” He asked smiling now, looking at me with excitement in his features.

“I can see and feel the future. Well not just the future, sometimes I just know things.”

“You can see the future?” Came another voice, causing me and Klaus to jump. Klaus dropped the joint on to his leg and mumbled little “ouches” as he scrambled to pick it up. Standing in the door way leaning again the wall was Diego, giving me and Klaus a stern stare.

“Is that really a good idea Klaus.” He asked, raising his brows giving Klaus a look of disapproval. “Chill out dude it’s just weed” I replied.

“Yeah well it doesn’t end with just weed when it comes to Klaus.” It doesn’t end with just weed when it comes to me either. And with that Diego walked out of the room and left me and Klaus to ourselves. We both laughed and finished the rest of the joint, letting the feeling of the high take over us. Reginald would shit himself if he saw us now, smoking weed in the house. I couldn’t get into the feeling as there was another energy in the room suppressing my emotions with theirs.

“So Klaus, whose your friend?” I asked him, breaking the long silence, besides Klaus every now and then saying “no I’m not asking that” to himself a couple times. Confused Klaus looked at me questioning me with his eyes. “What friend?”

“The ghost?” I clarified. His eyes widened and he jumbled his words together trying to form a coherent response “Wha- wait, you can see him?” He asked astonished, causing me to laugh at him.

“No silly, I can feel him. What’s his name?”

“His name is Ben.” Oh Ben, Mr. Hargreeves talked about him and the other boy “Five” briefly, not telling me much besides that Ben passed away and that Five went missing.

“He wants me to ask you a question.” Klaus said kind of tentatively as if the question he’s going to ask isn’t a good one.

“Go ahead” I gestured with my hands towards him as a signal it was okay to continue.

“He wants to know why your taking Xanax” asked Klaus, holding up his hand with the familiar baggie of white bars. Snatching it out of his hand quickly I put the bag in the pocket of my hoodie.

“Oh shit my bad dude please don’t think I’m fucked up or anything for taking them.” I pleaded with Klaus, hoping he’d understand.

“I was forced to take them for a long time when I was younger, after moving here I just couldn’t kick them.” Klaus made a face of what appeared to be sympathetic.

“I take drugs to you know, to get rid of the spirits” he admitted. “What’s it like? To see the future?”

“Seeing the future is like doing a puzzle. A lot of people seem to think seeing the future means you know everything that’s to come but it’s a lot more complex then that.” Re adjusting my position I sat up on my bed facing Klaus who was still seated on my floor.

“When I see the future it’s very vague, it’s just flashes of images that seem to have no meaning accompanied by very strong emotions. Reginald always told me that the emotions are my clues.”

“Classic dad never giving us all the answers”

“I feel like I should have known he was going to die, I mean I had two visions about it but at the time they were very vague and I didn’t understand them. The other day when he passed, I was on a mission, I got distracted by the news and was stabbed in the back.” I lifted up my shirt to show my lower back which had a gauze pad soaked in blood. “I rushed home as soon as I could, wanting to know what happened. But I passed out when I got to the door, Pogo and Grace found me and patched me up.”

“I saw this in my vision ya know, it was the night before the mission, I woke up after dreaming of the news and felt this piercing white hot pain in my back. I told Reginald about it but he insisted that if I really knew my power then everything would go well”

“And then daddy died” Klaus chimed in.

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened. I got distracted by the news and the guy got away.”

Pondering for a few moments I decided to tell him more about why I take the bars.

“When I feel all these emotions sometimes they are so great that I can’t push them away, instead I project them onto others. It’s never good, I suffer from panic attacks when it’s too overwhelming..that’s why I still take the xans, because it keeps all the lingering energy at bay.”

“And being sober is not fun” Klaus said falling onto his back spreading out his arms. I mimicked him falling back on my bed and placing my arms under my head. “Being sober is definitely not fun” it was in that moment a terrible feeling of uneasiness fell over me. All the lights went out and anbright blue flash lit up my window and me and Klaus shot up to see what was going on.

Running outside I was met with Allison, Diego, Luther and Vanya who all were watching was looked to be a black hole forming in the courtyard.

“What the fuck is this?!” I yelled out.

“Get out of the way!” Screamed Klaus, running past the rest of us holding a fire extinguisher, attempting to put out what looked to be a giant black hole forming. When that failed he threw it into the hole.

“What is that going to do!” I screamed at him.

“I don’t know you have a better idea?” Asked Klaus, Luther snatched him back away from the electric blue mass. Looking up at it I could see what appeared to be an old man reaching through it, but as he made it through a young man dropped to the floor and the hole closed. We all stared in silence at the person who just fell through the hole.

“Does anyone else see little number 5?”

“I’m too high for this”

I might delete this chapter because I’m very tired while writing this, but I’m going to post it for now and come back and make changes later or I’ll never remove it from my drafts. Enjoy!

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word count:1222

summary: Reader accidentally let’s it slip that she’s in love with her best friend Klaus.

warnings: Probably bad grammar, it’s not my strong suit I’m sorry guys! a curse word or two! Angst??

Your head rested in your hands, then ran through your hair. Klaus voice rang out and you looked up to give a small laugh at his antics. He was currently sitting on the floor of your room with multiple sharpies all different colors. He sat there scribbling the most randoms things that came to his mind. Your walls were slowly being taken over by the doodles, and thoughts of your best friend. 

“(y/n), what’s on that beautiful mind of yours?” Klaus asked. You broke your stare at the wall to look at him. “Oh nothing I was just trying to find my favorite thing you’ve done. It’s very difficult seeing as I love it all.” you say. Getting up from the spot on your bed you move to the wall that your observing. you heard a shuffle and turned to see Klaus crawling along the floor to sit in front of the wall. You looked down at him and laughed. he looked up at you with his beautiful green eyes. “c'mon sit next to me. show me your favorite. I know you said you can’t choose but I know you too well to know that the only reason you’re saying that is because you want it to be fair, and don’t want just one to stand out to you, out of all the rest because you think it’s rude.” he said, almost out of breath. Sitting down next to him, you turn away to blush softly. “Ok, Klaus.. you’re right.. I’ll tell you which one is my favorite. ” you say and look up at him once more. “that’s my girl, alright now tell me which one!” he exclaimed. 

you blushed when he called you his girl.To be honest you had fallen in love with this crazy eccentric yet vulnerable man.  

you scanned the wall looking for the little sketch of you and him, that said next to it: “KH +(y/i)” (y/i= Your initials) 

He also put a little heart next to it. It gave you butterflies every time. sitting up slightly you pointed it out to him. A smile formed on his lips and chuckle slipped out. “I remember that one, It was the night your ex dumped you; and you called me crying. Wow, that was a long time ago. ” he traced over the sketch gently. You just turned to admire him as he admired the sketch. His jaw was sharp, and his brow furrowed in concentration. His lips slightly parted as he put his focus on the art on the wall. The sun hit him perfectly, and bounced of his shiny curls. The sight was perfect. 

“I love you Klaus.” You blurted out. Your eyes grew wide at what just escaped your thoughts, and became words. His hand instantly dropped into his lap from its place on the wall. his shoulders tensed and he said nothing. 

“Klaus, I’m sorry just.. uh.. just forget it ok. I didn’t mean to say it..” You said swallowing thickly, begging your body to move away from him.  “(y/n),wait.” he mumbled. You whipped your head around his words giving you a sinking feeling but the slightest bit of hope. “Did you just say you loved me?” he asked. This time he slowly stood and looked at you. his eyebrows even more furrowed in confusion. It took a moment before you finally spoke. “Yeah.. I did.. I love you Klaus, and i have for a long time now..” you trailed off staring at your hands as you played with them. not daring to meet Klaus’ gaze, in fear of coming undone. 

Silence, that’s all that was left, and that was the only sign you needed to know that he didn’t feel the same.  Finally you gathered the courage to lift your head up to look at him. his eyes were wide in shock, but that shock slowly melted into this look of fear.  Seeing this you let out a breath you didn’t have any clue you had held. Hearing no response after almost a minute of the silence your eyes began to sting. he opened his mouth about to speak finally until you interrupted him. “No, Klaus. You don’t have to say anything. I get it, you don’t feel the same. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.” You said. Your voice was surprisingly calm, but you felt your lips tremble.  

He felt heart broken as he looked at you crumbling before him. Feeling as though it was his fault for your pain. “Please (y/n), you have to understand.. Your my best friend and I do love you but we could never happen. I can’t even picture it. Me and you would just not be good at all, it would be so weird to be seen with you as my girlfriend. ” He said. 

Your eyes stung and the tears fell at his words.  Your heart shattered like ice falling from a stain-glass window. he couldn’t even picture being seen with you as his girlfriend?

“It would be weird to be seen with me? You can’t even picture us, what? With you holding me in public. I’m that ‘weird’ that you wouldn’t even want to be seen with me?” you asked.  At this point tears poured down your face.  Hearing your words he realized what he said. he didn’t mean it like that, but that’s the way it came across. 

“No, that’s not” he didn’t get to finish “let me guess. that’s not what you meant? It didn’t come out the way you wanted it to?” you snapped back. Klaus stared at you in horror and panic. “Well, guess what. All you had to say was that you didn’t love me back. But you crossed a line and you’re so far past it that it’s invisible now. All you had to fucking say was that you didn’t feel the same. then maybe we’d be ok. But you didn’t.” you state. Your voice shook, as you looked at him through teary eyes. 

He stayed silent, as if unable to speak or move one bit. You scoffed as you looked at him. “Klaus, I need you to leave.” You said pointing to the door. He snapped out of his weird state of mind to rush towards you throwing apologies at you. Trying to grab your hands and explain. 

“You’re my best friend (y/n), the only one who has ever understood me.. please don’t leave me. I love you so much. I love to be seen with you. You’re my witty, smart and beautiful friend, that I love. I’m sorry it’s not the way you love me.. but please know that I love you. ” He pleaded with you. 

“Klaus I’m not leaving you. I’m asking for you to leave, I need to be alone right now. I need to figure myself out before I can see you again.” You said. He placed his lips to your forehead before nodding silently and walking through the door. you closed your eyes, and fell apart. Thinking to yourself 

“I just ruined everything.. Things will never be the same, that is, if we ever come back to each other.” You sighed and just sat there. swimming in guilt that you just broke not only your heart but his as well. 

All you had to do was keep it to yourself. 

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Klaus Hargreeves Playlist:

  • Witchblades by Lil Peep
  • Sobriety by Shakewell
  • Highest in the room by Travis Scott
  • Mood swing mysery by Pouya
  • Chlorine by 21 Pilots
  • Lampshades on fire by Modest Mouse
  • Monica Bellucci by RIN
  • Bad habits by Shakewell
  • Tongue tied by Bloodywhite
  • Not to blame by Jon Marco
  • Ghost by 6obby
  • Pumpkins scream in the dead of night by Savage gasp
  • Afraid by the Neighborhood
  • Hurt by Oliver Tree
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The Seer

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

Pairing: Five x Reader

Warnings: This fic is Rated R, mentions of sex, drugs, blood and violence

Preview: chapter 0/1

In October 1989, 43 women gave birth even though none of these women had been pregnant right before. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of the super powered children. You were not one of them.

In 1999, 10 years later another infant was born, not to parents who weren’t expecting, they very much were ready to introduce their new bundle of joy to their family. A baby girl named (Y/N) (Y/L/N), weighing 8lbs and 7oz.

(Y/N) lived a relatively normal life until the age of five, when her powers started to peak, she had discovered she had the powers to see and feel the future, mimic others emotions and project her own onto others. And because of this little (y/n)’s parents locked her away, terrified that their child was a “witch” as they put it.

In 2009, Sir Reginald Hargreeves caught wind of another child with extraordinary abilities, and sent out to search for the child. With four of the surviving Umbrella Academy children long gone out of the nest he was fully ready to take in one more.

2010 Phoenix, Arizona,

Standing in front of a door as big and intricate as his own Sir Reginald Hargreaves knocked upon the great oak door. With his umbrella in one hand and a briefcase in the other he waited patiently for someone to answer. When the heavy door opened he was met with a small women, wearing a dress and apron, her hair was disheveled and she held a broom in her hand.

“Oh hello?” The women said in a meek voice staring at him with confusion.

“Are you Miss (Y/L/N)?” He asked bluntly. The women’s eyebrows scrunched up in a way he would think she was disgusted with his question.

“No Sir I’m the help, let me get Mr. And Mrs. (Y/L/N)“ Scurrying off to the stairs she called out that there was a man here for them. And before he knew it a women in a long robe like dress and a man similarly dressed like himself now stood in the doorway.

"Hello Sir how may we help you?” Said the man, raking his eyes up Mr. Hargreeves stopping at his briefcase with a wondering stare. “May I come in? I have a great deal to discuss with you” lifting the briefcase up and shaking it he walked in past the couple without waiting for their response.

“You want our child?“ Said Mrs. (Y/L/N) in a hissed tone, complete disapproval in her face. Mr. Hargreeves didn’t particularly like the way she said “our child” as if they’ve cared about her, when they’ve locked her away, doped up and left to care for herself.

"You don’t understand, with me she’ll be able to explore her powers, do extraordinary things and even save the world.”

“But you can’t just buy our child, she doesn’t have a price" said Mr. (Y/L/N).

“You are abusing her, keeping her locked away when she can do GREAT things. Suppressing her powers will only make them stronger. She needs me”

"We said NO”

“How about 2.2 million dollars”

“Sold” Mr. And Mrs. (Y/L/N) said in sync.

Upstairs, (y/n) sat upon her bed, waiting patiently for the man to come and get her. She knew this was coming, she saw it already. Well pieces of it, seeing the future is like putting a puzzle together, you only see bits of pieces of the most crucial parts, vague images, leaving you to put it all together. Feeling the future is another thing, being able to just know something is going to happen was an entirely different feeling. As her bedroom door open (y/n) was greeted by her parents who looked at her nervously, they however were greeted by a mostly bare room and packed bags. By the way her parents faces fell they had already figured out she saw this coming and with that she left.

I hope you liked my preview chapter of my five x reader series coming up! Like I said this fic will be rated R, Five will not be 13 in this fic, instead coming back as an 18 year old. I’m warning again that this fic is rated R, I’ll add trigger warnings at the top of each chapter that is relevant to the chapter so their is no surprises. Each chapter will be linked at the top. Enjoy!

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Tua season 2 episode 10

what an ending! I hate that Ben is dead, and that Ray and Sissy and Harlin couldn’t come back with them. but I am excited to see what’s next. I hope that Klaus is allowed to be happy, and that we get to see Lila some more. I also hope that Luther x Allison Does Not Happen

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That scene between Klaus and Dave in the store made me love them so much more, bc they must be just so stupid together, it’s adorable.

I mean Klaus literally entered the store and tough “well I guess I’ll just buy some paint” and the color he goes for is Eggshell, that was really the first color to come to his mind?

And then Dave is like “wtf is eggshell?” and Klaus had to actually explain to him it was white, like it wasn’t obvious, and Dave looks at him with that “couldn’t you just have said white?” face.

But the best part of it all was Dave saying they were out of white, but they had pink. Pink was literally the closest thing to white that Dave could think of, and Klaus just goes along with it like “oh pink is great”.

The amount of stupidity energy this two shared was so big, and I think it was so adorable it makes me sad. I love them.

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A Poison Tree


Originally posted by mayanangel

I was angry with my friend

I told my wrath, my wrath did end

I was angry with my foe

I told it not, my wrath did grow.

Many things led to your bitterness in adulthood. Voicing your issues with your siblings helped. Not voicing your issues with your father broke you. Enable to show sympathy and compassion left you utterly alone.

“Back again?” Terry asked from behind the bar as you took your seat, “I swear you and Klaus finance this place.”

“You know us Hargreeves,” You said she placed your usual in front of you.

“Want the TV?” Terry asked and you only nodded as she turned it on. The news was playing, you and your siblings’ faces displayed on the screen. Sipping your drink you froze as you realized your father was dead. Ordering another bourbon anger rose in you at a painful realization. He would never hear all the pain he caused you.

And I watered it in fears

Night and Morning with my tears

And I sunned it with smiles

And soft deceitful wiles

In the academy being Allison’s twin she was Three A and you were Three B. You weren’t even given your own number. Like your sister your power was verbally imitated. You could make people see whatever you wanted. Your phrase was seeing is believing. The power of the mind being so strong that if you made someone think they were on fire they would believe it. Externally they would be fine but internally their body would be in sensory overload. This usually ended fatally for the victim. It wasn’t always as easy as you made it, at first though you could only make them see a little at a time.

“Number Three B focus. Alter my mind to your will,” Reginald said watching as five year old you stood before him during your private training. A small frown on your tiny face, you were confused. Closing your eyes you made an attempt to focus.

“Seeing is believing,” You muttered as you envisioned a rainforest. Reginald showed you a photo and instructed you to make him think he was there. As a few trees and bushes appeared the academy training room was still visible. As they disappeared and the blood dripped from your nose, you looked up at Reginald with tears-eyes. A stern expression on his face he took a few notes in silence as he ignored you.

“More time in isolation should focus your mind,” Reginald concluded and you squeezed your eyes shut.

“Father please!” You cried but it fell on deaf ears as you cried.

Your siblings were always kind when you would return from days of isolation. Sneaking out to Griddy’s was the best part after being isolated.

“Five stop showing off!” You laughed as he continued to spatial jump behind the counter and steal donuts.

“We should only use our powers to help people,” Luther said, earning an eye roll from Five and Diego. Looking around at them you noticed Allison staring at her donut.

“Ally you’re quiet,” You said but there was a frown on her face.

“I hate when father locks you away,” Allison admitted and frowns passed like a contagion through your siblings. As you became teary-eyed you tried to smile but it crumbled as a tear escaped you. They all pulled you into hugs.

And it grew both day and night

Till it bore an apple bright

And my foe beheld it shine

And he knew that it was mine.

With Five gone and Ben now dead a dark cloud casted over your family. You blamed your father for all of it. Staring at Ben’s casket you were the only one who stood without an umbrella. Snowflakes built in your hair as your father spoke, “the world is full of injustice good people die along with the bad the cosmic equation won’t change unless evil is wiped from existence thankfully there are powerful forces pushing back against the wicked and iniquitous individuals who have the strength to pull together against insurmountable odds to face adversity with unblinking courage and not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for another unfortunately none of you are such people despite years and weeks of training you allowed number six to die on this mission.”

As Allison attempted to defend you all as she cried you scoffed. Looking in your directions all eyes were on you.

“Speak with conviction number Three B,” Father said and you could feel yourself crumbling beneath his gaze.

“Why do you hate us?” You cried but he ignored you announcing in honor of your brother training was cancelled.

And into my garden stole

When the night veiled the pole

In the morning glad I see

My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

Standing around your siblings it was now raining. Once again you lacked an umbrella. As you were drenched you stared off blankly.

“Whenever you’re ready dear boy,” Pogo said as Luther held the urn containing the remains of your father. Stepping forward as he released the ashes it was more so dirt and crumbs. The look on Klaus’ face indicated the culprit. Falling pathetically in a pile on the ground the energy was flat.

“Probably would’ve been better with some wind,” Luther said awkwardly and you all were silent.

“Does anyone wish to speak?” Pogo asked but you all stayed silent. As Pogo spoke highly of your father you scoffed. Going to belittle your father but your brother beat you to it.

“He was a monster,” Diego spoke without care, “He was a bad person and an even worse father. The world’s better off without him.”

“Diego,” Allison spoke trying to diffuse the tension. Shaking your head you glared at the ashes.

“I hope he burns,” You spoke surprising your siblings. None of them knew your new personality. Always being kind and wearing your heart on your sleeve. As all your siblings stared at you the girl they knew was long gone. Five watched you curiously as he was still newly returned to his family. It was odd for him seeing his sweet sister as an angry exhausted woman.

“My name is number two. You know why? Because our father couldn’t be bothered to give us actual names. He has Mom do it. Hell he made Allison and (Y/n) share a number,” Diego explained and for a moment you blocked them out. Recalling a poem he made you all read. You never understood until now.

“I can’t help but think about that poem father made us read. A Poison Tree. He patronized me for not understanding it.” You explained before reciting it aloud. The rain continued to fall and you spoke slowly. It was haunting as you finished, “-my foe outstretched beneath the tree.”

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