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#tua klave

au where dave doesnt die so klaus stays and they get discharged…. klaus goes w dave and they get an apartment together in a gayborhood, and ofc i firmly believe dave is a stoner so they smoke weed together and dave is one of the early slash fic writers, writing spirk fic in 1968 w a pencil and paper so klaus can read it and klaus is just like 👁👄👁

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Song that reminds me of them: sex with a ghost by teddy Hyde (I’m serious)

What they smell like: in canon he probably smells really bad but I’m gonna say the power of downy unstoppables

Sleeping position: all of him is underneath the blanket except his toes

An otp: klave

A notp: any sibling ship 🤢 you guys are not valid 😻

Favorite platonic relationship: klaus and five. I call it be gay do crime.

Popular headcanon that I disagree with: I know a lot of the fandom headcanon klaus to be some sort of secret genius and personally I think he is running on spinal adrenaline alone and not brainpower

Crossover au id love: I want him to meet the klaus from ASOUE because both of them would be like what the fuck are you wearing

Favorite outfit: academy uniform with a French tuck when he was 13 💀

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So in this episode of little change makes big impact we’re going to make a slight change to the scene where Klaus open the time travel briefcase. In this variation the hits to the head were just hard enough the Klaus had a moderate concussion when he opened the briefcase along with a pothole that jolted the bus. 

The jolt causes Klaus to lose grip on briefcase just as he vanished, meaning that while he landed in 1968, the briefcase did not.  The concussion combined with the time travel to cause amnesia. In fact he lost all of his conscious memories. His subconscious still remembers but the ability to access that information is spotty at best. 

His wounds and sudden appearance already had the 173rd thinking that he was a POW. When he is asked for his name he answers with out a second thought and gives the one name that has been his for his entire life. The one name carved into his sense of self.

“My name is Number 4.“

This does nothing to dissuade the 173rd that he had been a POW, nor does the immediate confusion and his admission that he does not remember anything up to and including why he thinks his name is a number. It does however make them hesitant to bring the man who arrived in a flash of blue light, to the attention of their superiors. A man in their unit by the name of Robert Johnson, who reportedly had no one outside the 173rd had died in the attack. The Unit decided to slip Number 4 in as Robert. They felt that his name living on would be the best tribute they could offer their fallen comrade. 

Now even though Klaus, now Robert, may not know the root of his many, many issues this does not mean they have gone away. This leaves him with two serious issues in the short term and at least one serious issue in the long term that he has no idea are about to smack him in the face. 

Of the two short term problems, the most serious is that he is in the middle of withdrawal. And though it is obvious that he is coming off of something the various dealers in the unit are not willing to give him anything when they don’t know what he was fucked up with in the first place. 

The other short term problem is that the nightmares don’t cease. He wakes with unfamiliar names spilling from his lips begging someone not die, others to leave him alone, to let him out. Please let him out.

 Incidentally Dave and Klaus getting together was delayed by nearly two months because Dave believed that Ben was Klaus’s lover and didn’t want to have a little of Klaus only to lose him when his memories returned. 

The longer term issue was, of course, the ghosts. Now the soldiers of the 173rd were not stupid. It did not take long for them to realize that their ‘Robert’s’ hallucinations gave him information that he could not have. Actual ghosts took a bit longer to believe but it still was fairly easily accept. Once they did they were even more glad that they had not reported their fired to the superiors. Because it was not hard to make the jump to human experimentation and it was not the VC that had that kind of medical training or equipment. 

Without the briefcase, or even the knowledge that he was not supposed to be in the Vietnam war, life continued for Klaus(who now bore the nickname ‘Lucky’). The 173 became a dumping ground of misfits, people without family who made their family each other. Even the ones with family on the outside grew connected. When the war ended it 1973 the 173rd(both living and dead) decided they would find peace, together.  A few parcels of land in farm country is easier to get if there are 15 people pitching in. Even the ones who had enlisted rather than be drafted were sick of fighting. 

Fast forward 2 years, their little commune was thriving. Families have moved in, all with a connection to the 173rd. This is where Five drops Klaus’s siblings, in a flash of blue light trying to stop the apocalypse. Ben, though unseen by the rest, finds Klaus. No one is more relieved the Dave when Ben tells them he and Klaus are brothers. The ongoing bet of Klaus’s real name is won by the wife of their Sargent, who guessed Kevin. And the Hargreeves as a whole are flabbergasted when Klaus casually makes Ben visible and solid. 

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GUYS what if Klaus finds Dave in the 60s and they fall in love before they meet in vietnam. BUT then Dave gets drafted or enlists of whatever and Klaus is like “next time you see me I won’t know you” So like when Klaus first meets Dave in Vietnam Dave already knows who Klaus is and when Dave first meets Klaus in the 60s Klaus knows who Dave is. Which is why Dave approaches Klaus on the bus. Wouldn’t that just be wild?!

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Ok I’ve seen the whole theory about someone from the commission killing Dave but couldn’t it have technically been five? Or no because when five was working for the commission they didn’t know that Klaus had time trave…. Wait no because it’s time travelling right so …… Also what am I even talking about five wasn’t really working for the commission at a certain time at all, I mean he was recruited in a future that (so far) didn’t even happen. My head hurts

What I’m asking is - is it possible that five killed Dave?

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according to Cody Ray Thompson (the guy who played Dave), Dave was born in Wisconsin in 1940, making him around 20-23 by the time Klaus gets stuck in the 60s and 28 when he died. And given that the average age of a soldier during the Vietnam War was around 22, more than likely Dave has already entered the military or is in training when Klaus arrives. 

Other than maybe explaining why, in the released pictures, Klaus appears to want the car keys that Ben is holding away from him, I can’t really see Dave being a major part of Season 2 other than as a distraction or reason for Klaus to leave Dallas while Ben wants him to stay and/or search for the rest of the Academy.

Maybe Klaus wants to find Dave and somehow try to stop his death but Ben stops him because that would disrupt the timeline and erase Klaus and Dave from ever meeting in the first place? That would definitely be a source of conflict, especially if someone else, like Vanya, was to get a love interest this season while Klaus can’t interfere with Dave’s predestined death.

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First there is progress…


Then there is completion!

Dave Katz and Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy. Done in colored pencils. Not perfect by any means but I am pretty dang proud of this 🙌🏻

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It was coming up on two months now. Two months Klaus had been away from his family. Two months he’d been fighting in a war he knew next to nothing about. Two months he’d known Dave Katz.

He’d clicked with Dave immediately, and the man never seemed to get tired of him, something Klaus wasn’t really used to. They’d gotten close over the last couple months, and Dave had patiently taught him everything about this new place he was stuck in. But, also, he *listened*. He listened to Klaus’ late-night, practically nonsensical ramblings. And he listened when Klaus told him the whole story about where he had come from. They’d stayed out late together, one night, and Klaus, drunk and finally sure he could trust Dave, had told him the whole story.

Everything from him and his siblings’ powers, to the death of Reginald and their odd family reunion, to the murders he’d witnessed, to the kidnapping, and finally to the time traveling briefcase he’d used to get there. He couldn’t tell if Dave really believed his story, but if he didn’t, he never said anything.

It had become a more common occurrence, after that; the two sneaking off together, and Dave listening intently to Klaus’ stories of the future. One topic that came up a lot was Klaus’ siblings. Dave found the family very interesting. Dave had brothers, as well, but the most interesting thing about them was that one of them was missing a toe.

Klaus’ brothers, on the other hand, were extremely interesting. One of them was apparently fantastically strong, and could almost lift a truck without breaking a sweat! Dave thought that amount of strength would be pretty useful on a battlefield.

Another one of Klaus’ brothers was even stranger, though. Although he’d been born the same time as the rest of his siblings, he still looked like a teenager. Klaus had told Dave that he could teleport, and travel through time. Apparently the latter of those explained his appearance, but Dave hadn’t yet worked out how.

Klaus hadn’t gotten to telling Dave about the rest of his family, yet, and the man looked forward to hearing about more of these amazingly interesting people Klaus called family. He was happy to listen, always, and he hoped that Klaus knew how much he cared.

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Here’s some fanart for @veteranklaus ‘s amazing fanfic, Hold On Hope’s lattest chapter!!! If you know mw irl you know I’m obssessed with their works! I really recomend reading this if you haven’t so far.

(also fanart is kinda shitty but i tried ok?)

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

First chap:

Latest Chap:

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