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#tua memes
c0ffeeb1ack · a day ago
the umbrella academy writers/producers, dropping a single s3 promo with "2022" and pretty much nothing else in it: that's enough information for today i think
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mcrisbackbaby · a day ago
Klaus: I can’t believe they’re all wearing black. Look at them! Stealing my style!
Vanya: Klaus, we’re at a funeral
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kakakuroo · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
My entire dash all day
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apocalypse-gang · a year ago
When the umbrellas go to the academy idk i never watched the show before
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c0ffeeb1ack · 2 days ago
me, about to fall asleep:
my brain: allison's daughter claire probably doesn't exist in the sparrow timeline
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mcrisbackbaby · 2 days ago
Five: oh my god look at this headline “local man wrestles octopus at aquarium in front of horrified families”
Luther, covered in ink: well maybe the octopus was being a little bitch
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pastelmochas · 6 months ago
Vanya: I'm gonna need a human skull and I can't have you ask any questions why.
Five: Only if you also don't ask why.
Five: [Pulls out 7 pristine human skulls] Take your pick.
Vanya: This one's fine.
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theumbrellaaacademy · a year ago
the cult: speak your wise words
klaus: im never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you
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