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I’m so happy to see Hazel back. I honestly didn’t expect it, I was thinking about it but didn’t actually think they were going to bring him back, also he’s old! He got to live his life, that’s so cool! He’s honestly an amazing character and while I don’t think he’ll play a huge part in this season it’s still cool to see him.

Okay so, Hazel found out the world was going to end in 1963 as well, after living in the past and reaching the date (November something) so I’m guessing he and Agnes kept time travelling back so they would grow old and didn’t face the apocalypse again. Agnes was already old, she was 60 I think, and Hazel looks ancient now so I’m guessing she died of old age. Which… Really sucks, but we all go at some point.

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I’ve been in love with carmichael ever since he showed up in the comics, I think he looked so fucking weird and cool and unique and funny at the same time, you guys have NO idea how happy I am to see him in season 2. I was hoping he would be and the tua gods heard me.

Now the question is whether he’ll have a really, really deep voice or a squeaky mousey one. Both sound like great ideas honestly.

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Hi! Thanks for the ask; totally fine to be freaking out, I’m literally shaking myself.

I think Luther just needed to find a job and do what he does best (fight) to earn money and try to live. He hasn’t really had that need before, he had lived as an outcast in the academy and on the moon, so he doesn’t really know how to… Be, if that makes sense. So he puts his abilities to use, gets himself in a sketchy place so he has a place to stay, food to eat etc. I’d like to see the whole underground boxing thing link to the Commission and/or those milkmen people (??), maybe something is tied there or something I genuinely don’t know but I’m really excited!

Diego! In an insane asylum or psych ward as you said; I was tweeting about it earlier, I have no idea. But surely someone as emotional unstable (and violent honestly) as him would get himself stuck in a place like that, wrongfully or rightfully so, I’ll let you be the judge. Maybe because of the stutter, or maybe once he lands on the 60s he’s just wondering around lost and looks insane and confused and dazed, not sure where his siblings are, and people find him and think he’s mental so they take him in. I’m also interested to see why Lila is there! What did she do to get herself in that place? How do they get out?

Whatever the case is, we’ll find out soon! It’s so close yet so far and I can’t wait.

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I absolutely love it. It’s such a Klaus thing to do, y'know? He finally has people who listen to him (maybe that’s not the best way to deal with being ignored as a kid), but it’s so… KLAUS. Also who wouldn’t want a cult in the 60s? Especially when you look like Jesus.

Ben getting more lines! And being all the more done with Klaus’s shit! Them hitting each other like three year olds is something I never knew I needed, also more corporeal Ben for that matter! Does that mean Klaus is clean? Who knows!

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Oh my gosh!!!!!.. I had a feeling that Netflix is gonna drop the trailer soon but it drop the bomb itself.

Ok my initial reaction after watching this trailer

Apocalypse again!!!!!!!

Fucking Klaus started a cult!!!!!!!.. Look how everybody is worshipping him!!


Okkaayyy apparently everybody is busy doing something in this era


Klaus and Ben, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oooh soo the Commisoner is Minion from MegaMind. That sneaky little fish!!

Wtf!!! Wtf?!!!! Thats fucking Reginald Hargreeves aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

I am blown away by this trailer. I cant wait for the series and i cant wait to share my thoughts with all you… See you on july 31st.

Also if anybody dont know or forget who Minion is its this guy

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“I heard a rumor you punched yourself in the face.”


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