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[ possibly coming soon ] ── CEMETERY DRIVE, klaus hargreeves

❝Being born on that fateful day of October, 1st, 1989 had royally screwed Briar Bagley over. But, perhaps not as much as it had the seven Hargreeves children. Briar Bagley, at the age of twenty-seven, had reached out to Reginald Hargreeves and finally made contact with him in regards to her deadly powers. Under his strict and watchful eye, Briar learns to control her powers for the next three years but then Reginald Hargreeves has a sudden heart attack which results in his death and Briar Bagley is left without a teacher, barely manageable powers, and five severely emotionally stunted young adults. As if things can’t get any worse, their missing brother suddenly shows up to claim they’ve got eight days to save the world and she has to help them.❞

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The Seer

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

Pairing: Five x Reader

Chapter: 0/1

Warnings: This fic is rated R, drugs are used and mentioned in this chapter

March 24th 2019

Sucking in a deep breath I stopped and stared at the door to the mansion, clutching a bouquet of flowers in one hand nervously. A feeling of sadness washed over my body, why can’t I see the important things? I saw this already, me standing here holding the flowers, felt the sadness I’m feeling now. I should of known, but I didn’t. Seeing the future is complex and messy, you can’t simply see it all, just bits and pieces that are vague and confusing.

Shaking my head I cleared my thoughts and prepared myself to go inside, I mean in shouldn’t be scared I live here, but I already know there’s people on the other side of this door who’ve I’ve only heard about never met, And that’s what terrified me. Pogo sent me to pick up the funeral flowers because he knew I was too nervous to be here when they arrived. Even from outside I could feel the tension, everyone’s mixed emotions, sadness, anger, loathing. And before I had the chance to open the door myself pogo had beaten me to it, opening the door wide and greeting me with a sad smile.

“Miss (y/n) your back. I see you’ve picked up the flowers.” Greeted pogo, taking the flowers from my hand he led me inside. I could feel it more now, all the mixed energy was overwhelming, almost too much.

“Pogo, whose here?” Asked an unknown voice. Rounding the corner behind pogo I was met with room full of unfamiliar faces, except one.

“Woah, (y/n) it’s been a long time.” Said the only person I knew in the room, Luther. Coming up and giving me a hug my eyes darted around the room. Everyone was looking at us, confusion evident on their faces.

“Luther, Pogo, who is this?” A man dressed in black leather spoke, giving me a weary look.

Luther turned around and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Guys this is (y/n), dad adopted her about what, 10 years ago?”

“Dad adopted another child, like he could even care for us” The man in leather said with annoyance in his voice. A women with curly hair walked up to me, holding out her hand for me to shake.

“I’m Allison, the not so nice one is Diego” she said giving Diego a stern look.

“I’m Klaus!” Said the man wearing a skirt and a furry coat not so quietly.

The other women in the room walked up fi me next, shyly smiling. “And I’m-“

“Vanya I know. I uh read your book. I really liked it.” Vanya looked surprised by that, her cheeks became a light shade of pink as she looked away from me.

“That’s a surprise” Diego huffed out, walking away from the group and away into another room.

“Ignore him” Allison told both me and Vanya before she too left the room, Luther right behind her. Klaus sauntered over my way, putting his arms around my shoulders and giving me a cheeky smile.

“So (y/n), I know this is sudden and all since we just met but do you happen to have a few bucks to spare?” He asked with hopeful eyes. I laughed at this and raised an eyebrow. “What are you trying to score?”

“You speak just my language”

Almost an hour later me and Klaus returned back to the mansion, the funeral wasn’t going to be held till later so we had time to spare. In my room I sat at my desk and began to roll me and Klaus a joint.

“What is this thing?” Klaus asked, tapping the glass to my terrarium, crouching down and staring into my geckos face.

“Stop that tapping, and thats my leopard gecko, his name is Guber.”

“Dad let you keep pets?”

“Well not really, I went on a bender one night and came home with him. We argued, I don’t remember exactly what happened but he never got rid of him and never brought him up again.”

Turning my chair around I faced the now seated Klaus, lighting the joint I sucked in a long inhale of the smoke, letting it escape my lips and inhaled it up my nose. Coughing from the strong smoke I passed the joint to Klaus who happily took it. That’s when I felt another presence in the room, a feeling of disapproval and disappointment overtook my body. Peeking around the room and seeing no one my gaze did meet where Klaus’ was and nothing was there. Focusing on the corner where the energy was coming from the most I watched and waited for something to happen. But nothing did. Instead Klaus spoke up, “Why exactly did dad adopt you?” Klaus asked.

“Well he didn’t really “adopt” me. He bought he off my parents when I was 11, but he somehow knew I had powers and found me”

“What can you do?” He asked smiling now, looking at me with excitement in his features.

“I can see and feel the future. Well not just the future, sometimes I just know things.”

“You can see the future?” Came another voice, causing me and Klaus to jump. Klaus dropped the joint on to his leg and mumbled little “ouches” as he scrambled to pick it up. Standing in the door way leaning again the wall was Diego, giving me and Klaus a stern stare.

“Is that really a good idea Klaus.” He asked, raising his brows giving Klaus a look of disapproval. “Chill out dude it’s just weed” I replied.

“Yeah well it doesn’t end with just weed when it comes to Klaus.” It doesn’t end with just weed when it comes to me either. And with that Diego walked out of the room and left me and Klaus to ourselves. We both laughed and finished the rest of the joint, letting the feeling of the high take over us. Reginald would shit himself if he saw us now, smoking weed in the house. I couldn’t get into the feeling as there was another energy in the room suppressing my emotions with theirs.

“So Klaus, whose your friend?” I asked him, breaking the long silence, besides Klaus every now and then saying “no I’m not asking that” to himself a couple times. Confused Klaus looked at me questioning me with his eyes. “What friend?”

“The ghost?” I clarified. His eyes widened and he jumbled his words together trying to form a coherent response “Wha- wait, you can see him?” He asked astonished, causing me to laugh at him.

“No silly, I can feel him. What’s his name?”

“His name is Ben.” Oh Ben, Mr. Hargreeves talked about him and the other boy “Five” briefly, not telling me much besides that Ben passed away and that Five went missing.

“He wants me to ask you a question.” Klaus said kind of tentatively as if the question he’s going to ask isn’t a good one.

“Go ahead” I gestured with my hands towards him as a signal it was okay to continue.

“He wants to know why your taking Xanax” asked Klaus, holding up his hand with the familiar baggie of white bars. Snatching it out of his hand quickly I put the bag in the pocket of my hoodie.

“Oh shit my bad dude please don’t think I’m fucked up or anything for taking them.” I pleaded with Klaus, hoping he’d understand.

“I was forced to take them for a long time when I was younger, after moving here I just couldn’t kick them.” Klaus made a face of what appeared to be sympathetic.

“I take drugs to you know, to get rid of the spirits” he admitted. “What’s it like? To see the future?”

“Seeing the future is like doing a puzzle. A lot of people seem to think seeing the future means you know everything that’s to come but it’s a lot more complex then that.” Re adjusting my position I sat up on my bed facing Klaus who was still seated on my floor.

“When I see the future it’s very vague, it’s just flashes of images that seem to have no meaning accompanied by very strong emotions. Reginald always told me that the emotions are my clues.”

“Classic dad never giving us all the answers”

“I feel like I should have known he was going to die, I mean I had two visions about it but at the time they were very vague and I didn’t understand them. The other day when he passed, I was on a mission, I got distracted by the news and was stabbed in the back.” I lifted up my shirt to show my lower back which had a gauze pad soaked in blood. “I rushed home as soon as I could, wanting to know what happened. But I passed out when I got to the door, Pogo and Grace found me and patched me up.”

“I saw this in my vision ya know, it was the night before the mission, I woke up after dreaming of the news and felt this piercing white hot pain in my back. I told Reginald about it but he insisted that if I really knew my power then everything would go well”

“And then daddy died” Klaus chimed in.

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened. I got distracted by the news and the guy got away.”

Pondering for a few moments I decided to tell him more about why I take the bars.

“When I feel all these emotions sometimes they are so great that I can’t push them away, instead I project them onto others. It’s never good, I suffer from panic attacks when it’s too overwhelming..that’s why I still take the xans, because it keeps all the lingering energy at bay.”

“And being sober is not fun” Klaus said falling onto his back spreading out his arms. I mimicked him falling back on my bed and placing my arms under my head. “Being sober is definitely not fun” it was in that moment a terrible feeling of uneasiness fell over me. All the lights went out and anbright blue flash lit up my window and me and Klaus shot up to see what was going on.

Running outside I was met with Allison, Diego, Luther and Vanya who all were watching was looked to be a black hole forming in the courtyard.

“What the fuck is this?!” I yelled out.

“Get out of the way!” Screamed Klaus, running past the rest of us holding a fire extinguisher, attempting to put out what looked to be a giant black hole forming. When that failed he threw it into the hole.

“What is that going to do!” I screamed at him.

“I don’t know you have a better idea?” Asked Klaus, Luther snatched him back away from the electric blue mass. Looking up at it I could see what appeared to be an old man reaching through it, but as he made it through a young man dropped to the floor and the hole closed. We all stared in silence at the person who just fell through the hole.

“Does anyone else see little number 5?”

“I’m too high for this”

I might delete this chapter because I’m very tired while writing this, but I’m going to post it for now and come back and make changes later or I’ll never remove it from my drafts. Enjoy!

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I just love so much that one of the kids in the Sparrow Academy is cube, I mean literally a freaking cube!! I have so many questions…

First of all does he has a name? Because If he does I hope it really is Christopher the Cube.

Does he speak, like with a normal voice like any human being or idk he sounds like a robot?

And like why he is a cube?? Did he died and they put his soul inside the cube? Is it just his brain bc he lost his body or something? Or maybe he can actually turn himself into a cube and he does it just for fun. And if he can turn into a cube can he turn into something else? Is he like made of metal and can transform into whatever he wants? And if so why a cube?????

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Choose your fighter:


I’m a grownup man

- thinks, that every man who’s older than him is his daddy

- still not over his first love

- terrible liar

- awkward smiles in every situation

- always polite



I don’t have daddy issues

- still waiting for his dead dad approval

- fall for a mentally ill woman

- put a knife to your throat, then become your best friend

- threaten an old lady over the phone

- Mom?

- made that machine his BITCH!

- JFK!!!


I don’t need no power

- married, but still in love with her first love

- though but hot

- woman rights

- mom friend

- Still want it all

- can kill you just by words



Destiny’s child

- “my cult makes me claustrophobic”

- 90s R&B fan

- trying to help his closeted lover

- start drinking (HARD) after 3 years of sobriety

- fashion icon

- a broken soul

- has a sugar mommy



Coffee bean

- over all this killing

- an old soul

- haven’t had a good day in the past 45 years

- surrounded by idiots

- haven’t slept in 2 weeks

- doesn’t trust in himself




- done with Destiny’s child bullshit

- in love with someone who doesn’t even know he exists

- lonely

- still in his emo phase

- sarcastic on the outside with a heart of gold

- backstreet boys




- farm nanny

- in love with a married woman

- cutest thing on earth

- most dangerous thing on earth

- believe that all those people are her siblings even tho they don’t even look alike


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