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inkedrings · 2 days ago
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Season 3 really just didn’t mention Dave once huh, yeah ok cool cool cool
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currentlyonstandbi · 23 hours ago
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arcadialedger · a day ago
I don’t care how bad or good you think TUA s3 is, the Footloose dance sequence alone justifies its existence.
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kahousstuff · 2 days ago
numbers | sparrow ben x fem!reader imagine (request)
Helloo! can you make a headcanon or one shot about ben x Female reader where the sparrows thought the reader didn't have any powers till they meet the umbrella academy and they start to fight the reader accidentally used her dark magic to save ben from five and after the fight, the sparrows found out she does dark magic and explained to them that she was a part of a witch cult till she was caught doing dark magic which is forbidden she was gonna get executed till she used the dark magic to escape (Basically Agatha Harkness's backstory but i changed it a little!) thank you so much also please take your time! :)))) ❤️ you are very imaginative /pos. if you write things on your own, i'd love to read your work!! (i changed things to make this more palatable to my skillset, hope you don't mind.) enjoy the viktor parallels
Watching from the sidelines was something you were used to growing up as powerless Number Eight, adopted solely for the unique circumstances of your birth and kept in the house just in case. It was never an interesting task to sit there and watch people be absolutely destroyed by your "teammates"; these strange men and women in black seemed to be getting absolutely eaten by the Sparrows.
You found it very odd that your father never had you at least trained in hand-to-hand combat. Yes, the Sparrows had stopped learning karate following the incident with Ben and Jayme in 2014, but it wouldn't have hurt for you to catch up with them in the time after. It could have been helpful to some degree.
Taking note of what was unfolding, you noticed that for the most part, this "Umbrella Academy" was pretty predictable in their combat style, their moves similar to what you had seen your own team practice at half their age.
For the most part.
You craned your neck between the railing overlooking the living room, your eyes trained on the little boy who sparred with Ben in the corner. He was right in front of him, and before you knew it he was to his left, and at his right, disappearing in quick flashes of light with hardly a sound. "You know, you might be a total asshole now, but really, it's nice to see you again, Ben."
"Is that some kind of weird smack talk?" Caught off-guard by his quick movements, Ben scanned the area after he disappeared again, his tentacles springing loose from his body. "What the hell?" He called out.
The boy was behind him now, a dangerously large... ax in his hand. You weren't sure where he got it from, but it definitely could slide off Ben's tentacles or his head if he were unlucky. "Ben!"
Your voice was meaningless noise against the backdrop of the table smashing and the sound of Christopher's whirring. The ax was close to coming down his back. "Sorry."
"What are you doing?" Ben's body writhed under an invisible hand, his frame being dragged away from him and into the air. "Sloane?"
But Sloane was nowhere to be found. He resisted the force, gasping as the kid stumbled back in confusion, his quick thinking failing him then. Marcus was in the vicinity, making a fool of the giant man underneath his feet as he looked from the corner of his eye at the scene in the foyer, the rest of the Sparrows finishing off the others.
Ben bounced onto the spot of carpet next to you, his muscles releasing from the strange grip that seemed to drag him from the fight; the teleporting child made his way to the dining room, fixing his socks. "How the fuck did that happen?" His face was a blend of disgusted and relieved; he massaged himself gently to relieve the tension. "I don't think Sloane can move me from inside, can she?"
"She wasn't even here." Shifting closer to him, you placed a hand on his knee. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine." Ben shook his leg away gently. Usually, he was the most patient with you of all the Sparrows, but right now he seemed off. He was the one who got you through the early years of being a Hargreeves before the fame went to his head and you grew apart.
"You're not fine. What happened?" You'd spent enough time around Grace to know these subtle things.
"I have a crazy idea."
"You're the worst kind of blunt, you know?" A loud crash came from ahead, prompting you to stand up and overlook the commotion in front of you. Jayme collapsed onto the floor, her hand clutching her nose as the same boy moved on, trying desperately to leave. Without a thought, her body moved similarly to how Ben's did earlier, her muscles seemingly being controlled by an internal force. Looking at Ben, your eyes widened.
"Are you doing that?"
"I don't know!" Jayme fell beside you.
"y/n, look at me." His hands on your shoulders, Ben met your eyes with an urgent stare. "You have a power."
"Shit," still holding her bleeding nose, Jayme stood, the echoing thuds of Marcus' foot on a body punctuating her steps. "What did you do?"
"She had powers, Number Six. She saved my fucking life."
"Are you crazy?"
"Listen, it's like she can control people's bodies or something." Ben smiled at you, a genuine grin that seemed out of place when talking about body manipulation, but you were always happy to see him look so radiant.
"You don't have to believe it, but something, like, kicked in when I saw you guys in danger." Holding your legs to your chest, your feelings swirled inside you. "Did it hurt?"
"A little."
"I didn't mean to,"
"It's okay," Ben softened at the sight of you curled up in yourself, scared by what this power could potentially do. "We're going to help you." Heaving, you were caught between a sob and a scream.
"You know it's a dark power, right?"
"And you don't think spitting poison and spawning eldritch tentacles don't count as dark powers, y/n?" Jayme rolled her eyes, her callous nature coming to a disadvantage. "I think that bitch with the bangs is still moving, so I'll let you two work this out."
"Ignore her and just breathe, okay? You're going to be fine." It was unlike Ben to be this warm, his arms catching you in a side hug before flipping off Jayme. "It's going to be alright," you hadn't realized that you'd started crying. "I don't know how I'm supposed to repay you for saving my life, y/n."
"What if I accidentally use it to kill one day?"
"Maybe you will, god knows how many times I have." Holding your body, he hugged you harder as he tried to guide you into a more natural breathing pattern. "You. saved. my. life."
"Thank you, Ben."
"Thank you." Kissing your forehead, Ben continued to snuggle you against him, ignoring the chaos beneath you.
"I didn't know you cared that much," you whispered, leaning your head against his chest.
"Why else do you think that I used to skip training to play with you when we were little?"
"I just thought that after a while I didn't matter anymore,"
"I'm sorry for that. I love you so much, you know?" he buried his face in the crook of your neck, the sounds fading from the surroundings. "I've always cared too much is all."
"I don't know what I'd do without you, to be honest." Smiling to yourself, you enjoyed his company, your heart calming down.
"What matters is that we're both here and we're both safe."
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umbrellas-be-falling · a day ago
allison: don't worry, i got a plan.
viktor: alright.
allison: traitorsaywhat?
harlan: Excuse me?
allison: what?
allison: No wait-
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toothy-writes · a day ago
surprise! I can draw. kinda.
Inspired by @humuhgod 's post! Clothing swap =]
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williambyler · 21 hours ago
just finished the umbrella academy season 3... what the hell did they do to my allison hargreeves
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lila-pitts-apologist · a day ago
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god this is so late but here you go
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beeistrying · a month ago
everything klaus does is so intricately and vitally intertwined with every single major plot point in the show and yet he is always on some bizarre side quest. simultaneously the most and least plot involved character.
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icedqueen · a month ago
you're ALL WRONG the umbrella academy can never be riverdale because they have 30 year olds playing 16 year olds and tua has an 18 year old playing a 58 year old
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gatorinator · 3 months ago
I was kinda sick of the “ahh the world is ending and we gotta stop it…again” in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy but honestly at this point? It’s hilarious. I hope TUA has 15 seasons and every single season they have to stop an apocalypse of their own making.
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r3yofsunshine · a month ago
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i have nothing more to say
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boomthemoon · a month ago
We don't talk enough about how all the siblings were like "our Ben was so good, and sweet and pure, definitely the best of us", but when was Klaus talking about his Ben, was like "he was an annoying asshole who made my life a living hell and I loved him so much"
He knew Ben better than the others, he knew all the bad sides of Ben, and those were the ones he loved the most.
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delicateavenuenacho · a month ago
Klaus is the absolute most accepting sibling of the Hargreeves and you can’t convince me otherwise. Finds out Ben is falling for a living member of his cult that he doesn’t know the name of? Sure Ben, you can possess me to hang with her. Finds out Allison got married to a guy from the 1960s that he met earlier that day in jail? Gets him out of jail no questions asked. He’s family. Finds out Viktor is in a situationship with a married housewife from the 1960s who he first met while she was aiming a gun at him? He’ll do everything possible to help her and her son. They’re basically family. Finds out Diego is dating a woman who tried to kill them multiple times that he met in an asylum who’s actually another magic kid from 1989? Would do anything for her. Come to family meetings, he says. She’s basically family, now. Finds out Luther is dating another Hargreeves (alternate) who also tried to kill them all at first meeting? Klaus is officiating their wedding! And finally, Five is still mourning his coping mechanism mannequin-wife? That’s rough, pal. All the love.
I love Klaus.
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kahousstuff · 9 hours ago
ben jayme and sloane all used to play dollies together as little kids but stopped because jayme would always make them die in various gruesome ways
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circumstellars · a month ago
the only thing funnier than sparrow Ben and Diego arguing in Spanish and Korean simultaneously, would be if they starting arguing in languages that are in no way connected with their perceived ethnicities (since Hargreeves children are all (alleged) polyglots)
outta nowhere Diego starting to yell in Croatian
Ben gettin up in his face growling in Portuguese
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supervisorkenadams · a month ago
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