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#tua season 2

I just had a dream that Klaus was skateboarding except his board got stuck on a ramp, but instead of stopping he used his levitation powers and so was just skating around a half inch off the ground on the ramp.

Also my brain made up a series 3 spoiler where Klaus was talking to Dave on a moody cliff edge, except Dave was just a skull wearing sunglasses and when Klaus took them off so they could speak seriously, Dave was just wearing another pair of sunglasses.

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I just love so much that one of the kids in the Sparrow Academy is cube, I mean literally a freaking cube!! I have so many questions…

First of all does he has a name? Because If he does I hope it really is Christopher the Cube.

Does he speak, like with a normal voice like any human being or idk he sounds like a robot?

And like why he is a cube?? Did he died and they put his soul inside the cube? Is it just his brain bc he lost his body or something? Or maybe he can actually turn himself into a cube and he does it just for fun. And if he can turn into a cube can he turn into something else? Is he like made of metal and can transform into whatever he wants? And if so why a cube?????

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Ahsdklakl uuuuhm not me walking into the Lila Pitts fandom and only finding 5 other people omg I truly hate it here. She deserves way better than this but what exactly did I even expect? Chile, anyways, Lila stans how y'all vibing while the world is ending? Hope y'all are staying safe and good. I’m gonna try to flood the tag with daily content cuz it’s what this queen deserves.

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