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beeduo-updates · 3 minutes ago
Tubbo is live on his alt!
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mossycrimeboi · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
flower shop and tattoo artist (/p ofc)
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prettyboydream · 6 minutes ago
i want qnf to play 'keep talking and nobody explodes' but quackity can give instructions only in spanish... please that would be so funny and george understands surprisingly a decent amount of spanish so they could stand a chance at winning :]
oh my god that would be so fucking funny although i fully believe that even in english they would fail skdfjhkgjh
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raisans-art · 8 minutes ago
Dream SMP Characters as Physical Art Mediums because I had Literally Nothing Better to do than Think about This.
Tommy: Crayons
Tommy wants to insist that he is a real artist but he couldn't be arsed to put any more effort than necessary. No one will buy him anything but a 12 pack of Crayolas.
Tubbo: Good Crayons.
Tubbo accepts his childish nature and just upgrades himself so that he can be a kid but with style.
Ranboo: Charcoal Pencils
Ranboo just likes working in black and white and the shading aspects that come with charcoal. He uses specifically pencils to keep his hands and, by extension, his suit cleaner than they would be otherwise.
Wilbur: Print
Wilbur enjoys the boldness of prints and the variety of techniques that are needed to make them look genuinely good. Of course, no one ever knows he does print making because the broke bastard doesn't have enough money to buy half of the materials for it. But whatever pictures he has on his flyers and documents were all printed by him.
Philza: Watercolour
Phil works well with the flow of watercolour. He is willing to let the colours do what they need to and work with any mistakes made. It's natural, easy-going, and fun. He doesn't hang up his works, just keeps them stored in bins at his old house.
Dream: Vector Art
Dream needs max control over his art. He needs to know exactly how everything blends, moves, forms, and bends right down to the tiniest point. He aims for perfection and cleanliness in his pieces.
Technoblade: Calligraphy pens
Techno would insist that he doesn't do art, but anyone who receives a letter from him would beg to differ. He's mastered the precision of cursive letters with help from his steady hand. He started because he heard it was good for sword practice from Phil.
George: A blue pencil
George doesn't work with colour and he mainly only does sketches of drifting thoughts. He keeps it simple and loose and finds the satisfaction of capturing an idea or a feeling over rendering pieces.
Sapnap: Woodburning
Sapnap calls it art but it's just an excuse for arson. However, he did begin to gain an appreciation for the artform and got rather good at making signs and pendants.
Niki: Ceramics
Niki started doing ceramics because it was somewhat similar to baking. She mainly does handmade things rather than using a wheel, but she did learn how to use the wheel. She will occasionally make a bowl or cup on it. She does it more often now because firing the kiln warms up the meeting room nicely.
Fundy: Mechanical pencil
Fundy works with whatever is on hand (always just a mechanical pencil) and just goes for it. The rendering depends on how he's feeling that day. He likes the ease of using a mechanical pencil with how cheap it is and how there is virtually no mess involved since he doesn't have to sharpen it.
Eret: Oils
Eret really enjoys making portraits of people on the SMP. He is more than willing to spend weeks on an oil painting and is a stickler for detail and realism.
Foolish: Marble sculpture
Foolish has had centuries to perfect the craft of sculpting and found that marble was the one to yield the best results in the end. He can and will spend months on a single sculpture if it means it'll enhance the mood of one of his builds.
Puffy: Whittling
Puffy never has the time to sit and focus on a craft so she whittles. It started as a stress reliever when it was just a random hunk of wood and her pocket knife but she really grew a knack for carving little trinkets and figures for her to set on her or other's shelves.
Ok peace
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beeduo-updates · 19 minutes ago
CG5 teased his and Tubbo’s song!
(Or the process of making it, at least.)
Tumblr media
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beanthebagellord · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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aceof-wands · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
.. i like cottagecore alright it’s just cute
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hjonkkk · 35 minutes ago
🐝 T U B B O S T I M B O A R D 🐝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made this for my friend clover
I hope you like it my man
Always credit your fellow stimmers
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anestofwasps · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For whatever reason, my brain got the idea, “what if Revivebur spends a large chunk of time trying to orchestrate c!Tubbo and c!Ranboo’s divorce,” and I had to draw it. 
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baka-monarch · 39 minutes ago
Do you want writing prompts?
Maybe, Giant mer!Philza saves the SBI + Tubbo and Ranboo from a shipwreck during a massive storm, then basically adopts them?
Or Giant mer!Ranboo (probably an Orca) encounters and falls in love with a normal human!Tubbo?
(I really wanna do the second one- but also I'm not gonna do romantic Bee Duo- because no- they're minors I don't ship minors- but I'm okay with platonic and loving a friend)
Ranboo was hunting. He was hunting and wasn't finding anything. Ranboo couldn't find any food, no matter how much he swan around his hunting grounds there were no fish in sight- and he was now beginning to understand why his parents had told him to rotate his hunting grounds when he was a kid. Darn it kid Ranboo, why didn't you listen to your parents? As the sun was begging to set, Ranboo was finally loosing hope and was about to give up when he heard something and looked up.
It was a human.
That's... Not exactly something Ranboo was willing to eat. What started worry him though as he continued to look was that the human was splashing and flailing around, which explained the noise he heard but also meant that something was wrong. He knew he wasn't supposed to reveal himself to humans but... One human couldn't hurt, right?
With that, Ranboo swam up to the surface and scooped the tiny human up safely into his hands. He smiled down at them to show they were safe, but not a moment the later the human began screaming... Which made Ranboo scream... And now they were both screaming. Great.
"What are you doing here!?" The human asked.
"Well I was just hunting when-"
"So you're going to EAT ME!!!!??" The human cut off Ranboo's explanation as they screamed that and tried to jump out of his hands.
"What!?" He sputtered. "No! No, I don't eat humans- hey!" In the middle of explaining the human had jumped from his hand, but Ranboo-was quick to grab them again. "Look. Calm down. You're safe."
"And why should I believe you?" The human asked, giving Ranboo a glare. "You did just say you were hunting-"
"I was hunting fish!!" Ranboo cut them off. "Gods I didn't know humans could be so annoying..." He mumbled that last part to himself, but based off the offended gasp he got in return, the human obviously heard him.
"Humans are not annoying!!" They argued.
"Really? Because so far you've done nothing but scream." Ranboo pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand, slowly getting a head ach.
"I'll have you know that I'm the least annoying human I know!!"
"Uh- huh" Ranboo nodded, clearly not beleiving them. "Are you now?"
"YES!" The human hissed. "I can even prove it, I'll stay with you for a week and then you'll see how much of a pleasure I am."
"What!?" Ranboo sputtered, "Don't you want me to take you back to shore!?"
"Of course I do!!" The human explained. "But obviously I have a point to prove!"
"You're an idiot." Ranboo finally understood what was wrong with this human, and was now questioning- why him? Why did he have to be the one to save this human?
"That's another thing to prove- that I'm smart and that adds another week-"
"OH COME ON!!!!"
Mcyt g/t tag list:
@nomynameisanon @trashpumped @loriepoptale @encaos @i-am-a-weeb @wyforyu-gaming @shy-septic-dragon @5unfl0writ3r @colorfulsiren @moonmwah @iwasgoingtohellanyways @echoslime @wilbur-simp @trouble-off-grid @the-misfits-system @lilsyxx
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dauntless-dragayn · 40 minutes ago
things about shatter (the newest late-august animatic)
the use of ycgma album cover colors at the end, especially in the frames of the lmanberg crater just before revivedbur is revealed
the INCREDIBLE use and timing of dialogue clips
most especially the desperate scream of “SAM?” when the beat of the music drops
the way the music track entirely changes for the sequence of tommy’s death and revival, which i’ve already talked about, but fuck, man
use of contrasting frames to convey fraying mental health (see: tommy with the shatters, and tubbo and ranboo’s scars)
the entirety of how death and the dead were depicted. the way they seemed non-corporal with the use of the shatter and dust effect.
the song choice is so delicious
lots of new designs actually!
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screaming-eternal · 47 minutes ago
should we write the entire bee movie script on a whiteboard
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beeduo-updates · 47 minutes ago
Tubbo is on Jack Manifold’s stream!
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despairkxtten · 49 minutes ago
CW for drowning-
This is amazing but also fucked up
It hurts my soul 💔
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isaacsnfld · 52 minutes ago
One of my favourite AUs has always been the Tangled AU and while watching the movie, I was thinking about all the different dSMP character combinations that could fit, all platonic of course. There’s the classic, George as Rapunzel and Dream as Flynn/Eugene but may I also present: 
(1st name: Rap, 2nd name: Flynn/Eugene, 3rd name: Mother Gothel)
Tubbo & Tommy with Schlatt (another classic idea)
Tommy & Tubbo with Wilbur (this just hits differently than the first one)
Ranboo & Tubbo with Dream (the platonically married boys deserve a fic like this.)
And the ones without Mother Gothel as a dSMP character: 
Wilbur & Schlatt (THE SASS and the nearly drowing in water scene is just like the “Every 5 Minutes the Sea Level Rises” video... big brain)
Foolish & Eret (Eternal duo for life but...)
Karl & Sapnap (People already draw Sap as Eugene, why not go one step futher... also fanon Karl is already as innocent as Rap /lh /j)
Niki & Puffy (this just makes sense, also women are just ✨✨✨)
Ranboo & Tommy (this would be adorable, also the allium duo dynamics is just amazing)
As you can see, I’ve thought about this for a while... 
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dauntless-dragayn · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“oh, fuck..” “what the hell have you done?”
favorite shots from Shatter 
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daily-tubbo · an hour ago
hi. submissions and asks are open which means requests are open
so like. send tubbo requests preeety ple
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