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johnadraws · 4 months ago
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MAG 86: Tucked In
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blondebrainpower · 5 months ago
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kirikiri1 · 9 months ago
Hoop for Episode 86 - Tucked In, for @marks.b_ who kindly donated to the Palestine Children Relief Fund. Thank you!!
"Last night I woke up like before. I sensed it there, but as I raised the covers over my head, I realised that I wasn’t worried. Fear had given way to routine. I lay there, warm and protected, and simply waited to fall back to sleep. But this time, what I felt instead was a sudden weight pressing down on the end of my bed. Whipping tendrils began to smack and grasp against my flimsy fabric barrier. I could see that shape of absolute darkness looming over me, quivering with triumph. Then I heard a voice, crisp and clear, whispering.
And it said, “The blanket never did anything.”
Fabric is hard, y'all.
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the-doctored-pepper · a month ago
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Tucked in
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youthful-windz · a month ago
Can i interest anyone in this
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pineappleprincess0604 · 5 months ago
"Tucked in Teddy"
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Ver. 1
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Ver. 2
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demonofnoontide · 3 months ago
The shirt touches his neck and smoothes over his back. It slides down his sides. It even goes down below his belt— down into his pants. Lucky shirt.
The Shirt by Jane Kenyon collected in From Room To Room
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thedalektables · a month ago
Chapters: 28/28 Fandom: Doctor Who (2005) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Metacrisis Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Metacrisis Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor Summary:
COMPLETE. A subtle exploration of friendship, of affection, of promises made and intended to be kept, of mistakes and apologies, of Rose and the Doctor, of falling in love, and of going to bed. [Rose/Ninth Doctor, Rose/Tenth Doctor. A series of one-shots primarily filling in the gaps of the season one and two canon. Canon compliant.]
(Moving over from FF.net and cleaning up as I do so)
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southwestwhitiesguy · a year ago
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Fix yourself a cup, pull out a chair, get comfy. I don’t mind if you’re stripped down to your tighty whities too 😉☕️
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nonbinaryeye · a year ago
MAG 86 Tucked in (also known as "The blanket never did anything" episode) always annoys me so much!
The guy talks about a monster which hurts him and says it will arrive again tonight and is like "well guess I die?"
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He doesn't try sleeping in a one room with some other person. He doesn't try not sleeping at all at night and sleeping during day. He doesn't try to prepare himself and take some weapon. Hell, he could ask at Magnus Instute if they won't send researcher with him to witness it as did that old man haunted by Spiral in MAG 27 A Sturdy Lock. He just accepts his fate.
Anyway in conclusion Benjamin Hatendi has completely opposite energy than Joshua Gillespie.
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westsidelachick · 6 months ago
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My night owl hubby tucking his "early to bed, early to rise" sweetie into bed for the night. ❤️
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andys-candies · a month ago
That one tma episode with the dark and the blanket was so stupid like bro!!! Just sleep with the light on!!!
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blondebrainpower · 11 months ago
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euesworld · 7 months ago
"I couldn't go to bed without seeing you smile one more time, so kiss me with a smile my dear and I shall breathe you a goodnight so beautiful that the moon will fall in love with your smile too.. for she sees beautiful stars every night, but never a star like you. Goodnight my love.."
Let me tuck you in with the softest kiss placed upon the tender skin of your forehead so that the moon will glow upon the kiss and keep your dreams safe - eUë
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antpilled · a year ago
it’s very important to me that the pulsating pile of rotting meat from that 2nd floor flat and the bristly monstrous embodiment of darkness that goes around killing people in their sleep are dating
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skirtmag · a year ago
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trappedrat · a year ago
You're laughing. The blanket never did anything and you're LAUGHING.
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