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starlightshore · a day ago
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some highs-chool hi-jinks with my Dani
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wastefulreverie · 21 hours ago
this has been on my mind for a bit
“I can’t believe I just gaslit my favorite body piercer for you.” Sam rolled her wrist, shaking the contents of her iced coffee before taking one long sip. “We’re close.”
“I mean, to be fair, I didn’t know that would happen.”
“Look, out of all parties here, you’re the one that should probably know the bells and whistles of your own super healing, Danny,” Sam pointed out. “I should have figured, but you really had no clue?”
“No! No I didn’t!” He groaned. “And I really wanted that piercing.”
Tucker, lounged in Danny’s beanbag chair, looked up from his DS. “You know, you can always get clip-ons.”
“Clip-ons,” he deadpanned.
Tucker pulled at his earlobes. “Yeah, clip-ons.” He pinched his ears. “Bam, problem solved. Earrings galore.”
“It’s not the same, Tuck,” Sam pointed out.
“Yeah, but what else is he gonna do? We saw it happen. Even if the needle goes through, his healing kicks in before they can even jab anything in there–”
“I wouldn’t say jab–”
“Whatever! You get what I mean!”
Danny rolled on his stomach and groaned again into his pillow.
“It’s just my fucking luck that I can’t do anything normal, huh,” he lamented.
Sam and Tucker exchanged worried looks. Before they could say anything, Danny’s bedroom door slammed open. Jack Fenton barreled into the room and raised a triumphant fist.
“Danno, you’ll never guess what! Your Mom and I just made a groundbreaking discovery.”
Danny didn’t bother rolling back onto his back. “Let me guess. You punched a hole into another dimension.”
“Even better! We discovered an element that seems to repel all ectoplasm. Seems like our probes into the Ghost Zone have been a worthy endeavor. Right now, our running name is Ectoranium, but I’m thinking something more like Kr-ecto-nite. Get it? Like Kryptonite, but for ghosts?”
If possible, Danny sagged even deeper into his bed. “Sounds great, Dad.”
“You kids should come down into the lab to see it–”
Tucker cleared his throat. “Hard pass, Dr. F. We’re working on some super important homework right now. Could take all night.”
Sam nodded. “It’s uh, fifty percent of our grade.”
“Ah, I see. Keep up the good work, kiddos! If you get done early, you know where to find us!”
Just as turbulent as he arrived, Jack bolted out the door and fled back to the lab. Tucker kicked out his foot to shut the door.
“Well,” he started, “that was uh, some news.”
Sam, against all reason, beamed. “I know! Isn’t it great!”
Danny lifted his head from his pillow and met her with a blank, confounded stare. “What.”
“The Ectoranium! It’s the answer.”
Tucker frowned. “Uh, I don’t know about you Sam but ghost kryptonite sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Especially since it’s yet another thing in this nightmare of a house that can hurt Danny.”
“Wait, nightmare is a strong word–”
“Shush, your house is a nightmare, Danny.”
“That is true,” Sam agreed, “but the Ectoranium repels ectoplasm, right? So, say you theoretically stabbed Danny with it. Would he heal?”
“Uh, probably not,” Danny said. “Why am I being stabbed in this scenario?”
“You can get your ears pierced! We can do it a la Parent Trap style, good old at-home piercing.”
“I don’t know, Sam,” Tucker said. “Isn’t that kind of risky? What if he gets some kind of ghost infection?”
Danny snorted. “I don’t think dead people get infections, Tucker.”
“We don’t know that!”
“I think it’s a safe bet,” Danny said. “I’m down if you are. My parents are going out tomorrow, something about petitioning for less stringent ecto-weapon regulations.”
Sam grinned. “Perfect. I’ll brush up on piercing tonight. Meet here at noon?”
“Sounds good.”
Tucker sighed. “And I’ll be here to film you dumbasses when something goes wrong.”
“Famous last words,” Danny laughed.
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atomicspicechick · 2 days ago
Hello! I finished the WIP of the danny phantom image! I got lazy to post the png of the jacket fix. I have an instagram for more stuff like this and if I get more followers I will make more Danny Phantom content.
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49saltpeppershakers · 2 days ago
I finally made my own trio meme.
Now to make even more (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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sarasanddollar · a day ago
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A surprise for @ectopusses involving her DP AU! 
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bunnyxbeanie · a day ago
“You can’t do this!” Maddie Fenton yelled as she looked at her son who was staring at her in disgust. “You can’t leave us Danny!”
Danny looked at his mother and scoffed, “isn’t that what you did to me?” He started the crown on his head glowing brighter with his rage. “I was electrocuted, and you and dad didn’t even bat an eye.” His voice boomed, shaking the room as he glared at the woman again.
“Danny-o.. my boy please!” Jack pleaded, holding his crying wife.
“No. I’m NOT your son. He died in the accident.” Danny said, his eyes flashing a bright green, and ectoplasmic green as he glared at his parents. “They were only people who cared.. Jazz.. Tucker and Sam.. they were the only ones who noticed.”
Danny looked horrifying, his skin slight blue, the start of fangs showing, and the look of utter hatred on his normally soft face, it scared his parents.
“If you really loved me, you would have noticed that I died. GoodbyeJack. Maddie.” With that the ghost king turned and looked at his friends and sister who all waited for him by the ghost portal. “Never come looking for us.” He said finally before the four of them disappeared into the ectoplasmic portal.
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sansxfuckyou · 2 days ago
Sam: Danny.
Danny bringing up banana: Would you like, a bAnaNa?
Sam: Why you gotta say it so...
Tucker: sensually?
Paulina: Arousing?
Dash: Sexually?
Sam: No, I was going to say weirdly.
Tucker, Paulina and Dash in tandem: Fuck.
Danny: Do you guys have a crush on me or some shit.
Tucker: No homo bro!
Dash: N-No!
Paulina: No way ghost boy!
Danny: Am I really that.. Irresistible?
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ghostboidanny · 2 days ago
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QPR Everlasting trio (or alternative title: Sam and Tucker has heart eyes for Danny) 
Also the qpr flag creating (almost) the pan flag behind Tucker and the ace flag behind Sam was a very happy coincidence!
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alifeofred · 7 hours ago
So hear me out. Sam dressed up as a guy was pure gold. Like she looked hot.
I mean, when genderbend Sam comes up in our minds, it's usually this:
Tumblr media
And hats off to @amethystocean-adr for creating THE perfect fanart of Danny Phantom that I keep going back to her channel to get my daily DP dose.
Anyway, there were two episodes where we got to see Sam in drag and mind you, this works for me.
Tumblr media
Look at her. The confidence she exudes!
This, paired with...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All of this is suave and hot. Imagine Danny seeing her like this. Oh wait. He did!
Tumblr media
Give the guy some time to admire his girlfriend wearing his shirt, will ya! In a moment of crisis, with him RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE. He stops and goes:
-Is that my shirt?
Yes, Danny. You're girlfriend borrowed your shirt. You're never getting it back. She stole it from your room in Girl's Night Out and kept it at her place. For keepsake? Who knows, right?
Anyway, the best part no doubt about her look is probably here.
Tumblr media
Look. At. That. Smirk!
She looks amazing and I want no objections on this one.
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ghostgothgeek · a month ago
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Tucker Foley ghost wrote this
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we-serve-spirits · a month ago
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those meddling kids
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starlightshore · 2 days ago
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my take on Dani Masters!
She’s Danny from a different timeline instead of being a clone. In her world, the Fenton parents succeed in becoming world renowned scientists and hold a government funded lab. they were working on a portable ghost zone gun (saying portal gun just makes me think of Portal). In this timeline, jack and maddie are outright bad people, and used the portal gun on Dani. Vlad was her protector, her parents (and GiW) are after her.
Now back to Danny’s world. Vlad decided to kidnap a Danny from a different timeline, grabs Dani on accident. Instead of rejecting her, both parties are on board. Dani is quick to be spoiled by riches and power.
In school Dani is the opposite of Danny Fenton: she’s social, charming and fun to be around. Just as Danny is more confident and heroic in his phantom form, Dani is now the opposite in her’s. She’s closed off, distrustful, and downright angry at the world.
Basically, I wanted Dani to be the “what if Danny sided with Vlad?” scenario while still being in the shadow of Danny for being visually the same. While I like the Clone angle, the logical part of my brain can’t get over how Dani is like, 5 months old, so different timeline nonsense works for me instead.
There’s lots of comedy potential with Dani being around. Dani is the Cooler Danny.
Tumblr media
Everyone in school is like “wow Dani is so cool” and Danny is like ??? me??? and they’re like. No. And then the gags get more specific, when Dani does cool shit like skateboards to class, pulls pranks, and Fenton gets into trouble. Dash says Dani is hot. Dani teases Danny that she’s going to date the jock. Danny decides right then that they’re mortal enemies.
tucker and sam are on the side just eating popcorn
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 8 months ago
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DannyMay Day 21 - Teeth
Danny: "We match!" :D
Tucker: "Now Sam needs to get bitten by a vampire so we're a complete set." 
Sam: "I'll stick with my fake ones.  At least one of us has to be immune to monster hunting tactics."
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pbeltarts · 4 months ago
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Danny Phantom!!! one of my fav childhood cartoons. First pic is my own interpretation for new-age designs of the main 3 and then we have some doodles.
DP inspired so many aspects of Seekers so i just love this cartoon
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breakfastatmiles · 2 months ago
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WIP that I may or may not finish 💀
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ceciliaspen · 2 months ago
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Damn now they gotta reenact scenes from twilight
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1princessbeast · 2 months ago
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Made a tumblr just to post this comic I made! Danny phantom has consumed me, I’ve been lurking in the phandom for a couple of months now, but I’ve finally made something for it! If you want to see more art I’m way more active on Instagram!
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coffeecakecafe · 13 days ago
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what was it I said last year? new year new dp redesigns, ‘22 edition lol
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asyl-ym · 5 months ago
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"Oh! It comes with the lighting too!"
Tumblr media
With any luck i will be able to write a one shot i had in mind for these :)
Inspired by:
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thingsaday · 24 days ago
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This was a lot of work to basically say “paint ur nails if u want” lmao 
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