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unorthodoxshipping · 38 minutes ago
Chapters: 23/? Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ember McLain & Danny Fenton, Danny Fenton/Ember McLain Characters: Danny Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Ember McLain, Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Kitty (Danny Phantom), Johnny 13 (Danny Phantom), Vlad Masters, Skulker (Danny Phantom), Valerie Gray, Paulina Sanchez, Dash Baxter, Star (Danny Phantom), Kwan (Danny Phantom), Guys in White (Danny Phantom), Nicolai Technus, Penelope Spectra, Cujo (Danny Phantom), Danielle "Dani" Phantom Additional Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Existential Crisis, Canon-Typical Violence, Post-Canon, Past Relationship(s), Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Minor Original Character(s), Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net, Slow Burn, Banter, Slow Build, Attempt at Humor, Kitty Is A Romance Terminator Series: Part 1 of Fire And Ice Summary:
After encountering a dispirited Ember during a routine patrol, Danny proposes a truce - he'll help with her problems if she'll help with his.
Quite how this leads to benevolent kidnapping, demolishing buildings and Ember waving an axe around, they couldn't tell you.
Now with a TVTropes page! Check it out and give it a fiddle!
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Phic Phight 2021: Love, Vlad. :)
Prompt: Vlad decides he'd rather adopt Danny than marry Maddie... and he decides to get Danny on-board through packed lunches? Operation "Vlad tries to be a better be a better dad than Jack." Danny doesn't get the memo and thinks Vlad is plotting something.
Summary:Vlad decides to do the stereotypical father thing and pack Danny lunch, note and all!
Team Ghost: 1,629 Words, Complete.
   Vlad knew that marrying Madeline was a lost cause and he was, surprisingly, not that torn up about it. Maybe it was getting a cat and being forced to take care of someone else's needs for once. It was definitely the cat.
   Yes, Madeline would never be his and that would be alright. Daniel on the other hand was a different, more complicated story.
   Daniel was something that Vlad found was difficult to let go of. He was the only one like Vlad, a ghost-human hybrid. 
   Vlad could deal with any loneliness that came with being single but not with the loneliness that came with severing the thread to the only being like him, that could understand him.
   Vlad couldn't get Daniel to denounce his father outright (which in hindsight wasn't the best suggestion) and no longer felt quite that way anymore. Vlad could compromise with Jack existing because he was important to Daniel but he had to be slightly more important than Jack. He had to be better.
   Vlad spent many agonizing weeks trying to think what fathers did for their sons before it hit him: packed lunches!
   He knew that Jack couldn't be trusted to make one for Daniel so he could. Yes, it was all coming together…
   Danny knew something was weird. He had been called to the office right before lunch but had only been tardy once today and had felt pretty good about it. So this was definitely weird. 
   Danny entered and the assistant at the desk smiled at him.
   "Hello, Danny," Mrs. Billington said.
    Danny smiled and waved.
   "I was, huh, called, yeah?"
   Mrs. Billington nodded and pointed at the counter next to her. "Your lunch is over there."
   "My lunch," Danny repeated dumbly.
   She hummed in affirmation and Danny turned his head to see the fanciest paper bag he had ever laid eyes on.
   It was a pristine ivory color with an intricate, black floral border. The bag looked terribly out of place in a high school office.
   The whole thing reeked of Vlad.
   Danny gingerly grabbed the bag and brought it to the cafeteria for group inspection.
   As soon as Danny plopped the bag on the table Sam and Tucker asked in unison: "Vlad?"
   "Yeah," Danny said, sitting down and pulling the contents of the bag out.
   There was an apple juice box, a bag of potato chips, a plastic bag of home-made chocolate chips cookies, and a sandwich in plastic wrap with a bright pink sticky note on top.
   "Damn, Vlad really went all out, huh," Tucker said, eyeing his food in awe.
   "What do you think he's planning," Sam asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in thought.
   "I don't know but I don't think he'd poison me. That'd be a bit of a low blow even for Fruitloop," Danny said, picking up the note.
   After reading it, Danny gave a startled snort.
  "What?" Tucker stood trying to read the note.
   "Listen, listen," Danny said, gesturing for Tucker to sit down. "Dear Daniel, I hope your day is going well and that the other ghosts aren't being too much of a nuisance. I packed what your mother said you would enjoy. The cookies were made by my secretary, Claire. I hope you like them. Maddie-Cat says 'hi'. Love, Vlad."
   "What the fuck," Sam said with a shocked expression. 
   "Yeah, tell me about it. Look! Even included a smiley face at the end!!" Danny passed the note across the table and pointed at the end of the note.
   "Oh, he's definitely planning something," Tucker said.
   "Yeah, but planning what?" Danny took a bite of sandwich and hummed in apperaction. 
   The sandwich may be delicious but Danny would get to the bottom of Vlad's nefarious scheme.
   A week had passed since Vlad had started packing lunches for Danny. He thought that was going well. 
   Though he began to question himself after a lunch break with Claire. 
   "It's ridiculous how much Jamie shares her food with her friends. I might just have to start packing food for them as well," Claire said with a giggle over her greek yogurt.
   Vlad couldn't think of a time he had shared food with Jack and Madeline in college. Perhaps it was just 'in' with the kids these days. He wondered if Daniel shared his lunches with his friends.
   This brought along a new worry. If Daniel was sharing his lunches then he might not be eating enough to sustain his core! This simply wouldn't do.
   It's not like Jack would know that Daniel needed as much food as him to sustain himself because he knew nothing about ghost cores but Vlad did. Honestly, Vlad would quickly be Daniel's favorite in no time.
   First, he needed to know what Daniel's companions preferred.
   "Umm, guys," Danny said with confusion lacing his voice.
   The pair looked up from their trays nonchalantly. It was the same lunch bag Danny had recently been bringing because of Vlad and once it was ensured nothing was wrong with the food itself it had quickly lost its novelty.
   "Yeah, Danny," Sam asked.
   "I think... these are for you..." Danny said, sounding more lost than ever as he handed Sam an expensive salad and Tucker an equally expensive loaded burger.
   "Oh wow," Tucker said joyously as he unwrapped the burger. "Did we get juice too?"
   Danny sifted through the bag before spotting three juice boxes. He handed both of them a box.
   "What is Vlad doing all this for?" Sam stabbed at her salad with a fork.
   "Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, the more that I think about it, I haven't seen him in a while." Danny eyed his sandwich and gave a tentative bite. Normal as always. 
Maybe he could wait it out a bit more.
   Vlad watched the dad in the ziploc bag commercial cut the crust off his son's sandwich. Granted the son was seven or eight years old and Daniel was very much past that age but it wasn't like Jack had done it for him at that age. He couldn't be trusted in the kitchen let alone with a knife.
   Vlad on the other hand was well adept in the kitchen if he said so himself and felt confident in providing this slice of childhood to Daniel.
   Tucker buried his face into his arms on the table and laughed like an asthmatic hyena. Sam was covering her mouth with one hand while the other slapped against the lunch table obnoxiously as her body shuddered with barely suppressed giggles. Danny glared at both of them in betrayal.
   "It's. Not. Funny," Danny gritted out, his eyes narrowing even more.
   "He… he cut the freaking crust on your sandwich, oh my God I think I'm dying," Tucker wheezed.
   Tears welled and slipped from Sam's eyes.
   "Stop, please, I'm crying," Sam said as she gingerly dabbed at her eyes, being mindful of her eyeliner.
   "That's it! I'm taking your guys' food," Danny said, pulling their portions away from them.
   "No," Tucker shouted as he lunged forward to get the burger Vlad made him. Sam was too busy laughing to care.
   "I've put it off for long enough. I have to find out what the hell is Vlad's deal." Danny firmly crossed his arms.
   Tucker looked mournfully at the burger he stole back.
   "I'm gonna miss these things," he said.
   Sam hummed in agreement as she took a bite of her salad.
   Vlad found that packing lunches were very soothing with its repetitive motions and cooking wasn't something he found himself doing much before this and it was great.
   The peaceful moment was shattered when Daniel appeared in his kitchen with a scowl.
  "What are you playing at, Fruitloop?"
   "Don't be silly, Daniel. I'm not playing at anything."
   Daniel's eyes narrowed with mistrust.
   "Then what's with the lunches?"
   Vlad washed and dried his hands.
   "I simply wanted to start branching out to you. An olive branch if you will."
   "You're not trying to kill my dad or seduce my mom?" Daniel let his feet touch the ground cautiously.
   "I've decided to stop pursuing,  Madeline and as for your father… as tempting as it is I have also quit making attempts on his life. I simply want to bond with you," Vlad said, putting things away.
   Daniel nodded slowly.
   "Fine, whatever, I'll hold you to it. But can you stop with the lunch thing? Not only is it weird as hell but it's embarrassing." Daniel started floating again, ready to leave when Vlad agreed.
   Vlad felt a little miffed that his impeccable plan had backfired. Oh, well, he'd figure something else fathers did for their sons.
   "If you want," Vlad remarked.
   Daniel's faced soften a little with relieved triumph.
   "Alright, see you around, Fruitloop." With that Daniel was gone.
   Vlad stood were he was for a moment before partly finished lunch into the fridge and walking to his drawing room to pace. What would he do know…
   Danny grinned at his friend's disappointment at his first home-lunch-free day in awhile. 
   No more weird lunch notes from Vlad with their ridiculous smiley faces at the end.
   The rest of the day finished as better-than-normal.
   Danny walked home, humming cheerfully. 
   Danny jogged up to the Fenton's Work porch before coming to a dead stop. On the floor near the door was two baseball mitts, a baseball, and a pink sticky note.
  Danny picked up the note with trepidation.
   Dear Daniel,
   I hope you had a wonderful day at school and did well in your classes. I'm inside catching up with your parents. When you can come in we can play a game of catch since the lunches didn't work out. I hope this works better instead. Maddie-Cat says hi!
   Love, Vlad. :)
   Danny wanted to scream.
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fureliselost · 17 hours ago
The Day I Got Expelled - PJO AU
No, I do not have any self control (I blame Brainy). Yes, I’m still halfway through the Prom Dress animatic. Have this anyway.
If y’all want more information on this AU you can see it here. (I give a brief sum of PJO, in case anyone doesn’t know what it’s about)
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writing-dumps · 18 hours ago
Denial Only Gets You So Far
DannyMay Day 5 - Doorway
tw: negative self talk, implied death, brief mentions of blood, injury, and body horror
Summary: Danny returns to Fenton Works, doorways are stupid, and good parents are hard to come by.
(sequel to What Could Have Been & 2nd part of the Not Your Son series)
Ao3 link
Just walk in, he thought as anxiety swam in his gut, it’s just a doorway.
Nearly three hours ago, he probably could’ve walked through no problem. An easy action when all it meant was coming over to study with Jazz or leaving to go home to Vlad’s mansion. The small uncomfortable nudge from his core was not helping the matter.
“C’mon Danno, let’s head in;” his dad said as he locked the car. “The others should be coming around in a few minutes and I’m sure you want to get changed before they get here.” Danny’s eyes trailed down to the blood smudged on the cuff of his sleeve, lingering for a few moments before moving back up to stare at the open door.
Fifteen minutes.
It had been fifteen minutes since the ring’s control had been broken, since he gave the ultimatum, since he was Vlad’s son.
So why couldn’t he enter the building? It was his house. He was on the last step. All he had to do was put one foot forward. One foot and he could crash on the couch, put the day behind him.
(He could deny all of what’s happened, could think it was all some elaborate scheme by Nocturn or maybe that someone else had gotten that ring, forcing him to experience a weird dream (nightmare, nightmare, it was a nightmare) so he’d be too caught up in figuring it out to be able to break free. If he walked through the shielded building filled with anti-ghost weaponry in the walls though, his fragile excuses would crumble to dust.
He wasn’t ready for that.
All he wanted to do was turn around and hop right back in the RV, ignore the world for a little while longer and wait until the real Vlad showed up. The vicious, lying, and manipulative one that constantly mocked his intelligence and hated his jokes. The one that had no problem beating teenage half-ghosts into a pulp. The one he hated so much he got the government’s incompetent ghost hunting division to blow up his stupid cheese castle in Wisconsin.
It was just a short hop, jump, skip to the car; he could put the doorway behind him and indulge in this one harmless little temptation, couldn’t he? Let himself live in denial until the crazed up Fruitloop appeared with his latest murder plot?)
His dad put his hands on his shoulders, shoving him through the daunting doorway and making the decision for him.
The couch held him close as he was bombarded by worried family and friends and ...Valerie?
(“You’re out of your mind if you think only Jazz and your friends noticed your new chummy-chummy attitude with Vlad, moron,” she said, punching his arm lightly, a smile on her face.)
Even Elle was around, crushing him in a hug and refusing to let go the entire time they all talked.
He learned Sam and Tucker confronted Vlad on a Monday, three days after the dance and the day before a big science project was due. The three had walked to Vlad’s mansion to work on it, Sam and Tucker joking and asking what Danny managed to do to blackmail the guy this time.
“What? Why would I blackmail my dad?” Danny asked, confused as he reached through the door to turn the lock. He groaned in annoyance. “Did he try to sell you stock in his company or something? Because if he did, I’m gonna set up buckets of gravy and feathers in his room and you guys are welcome to join.”
They turned down the offer, worried, and made up some excuse to wander the large mahogany wood halls alone. Tucker needing to rub prescription cream on a ‘super embarrassing back rash’ that he can’t reach and only Sam’s seen before garnered sympathy and a grimace from Danny and he left them to it. (He remembered how indignant Tucker looked while Sam said that. He remembered wondering why his friend looked so badly like he wanted to deny it. It made sense now.)
Vlad was listening in just around the corner.
Apparently his friends tried threatening, cursing, and actually fighting him at some point, all without the younger halfa hearing a damn thing. Sam was particularly miffed recounting the event.
“No matter what you say or do, Daniel’s secret will still be at risk should you expose me and- Charcoal biscuits! Did you just try to bite me?!” He turned to Tucker with a fearful look. “Is this one feral?!”
In the end, nothing changed. Danny still went to school, still went out on patrols, still hung out with his friends, and still acted, overall, normal.
Then he learned that when Jazz got back from her weekend getaway she nearly stormed the place, armed with the Fenton Peeler and only stopped by his friends physically holding her back. The image brought a smile to his weary face.
Next, his parents were going to explain why they didn’t look for him, but he shook his head; even with different parents, he still thought of Jazz as sister to him since the ring only tweaked his memories a bit. He still spent a lot of time in Fenton Works, studying with her a few days a week after school and staying late at night for other things, so it made sense they didn’t notice. And in those three weeks, his sister was always inviting him to hang out or sleepover, Sam and Tuck too, but the constantly unlocked Fenton Portal was what really kept him coming back almost everyday.
(“What kind of idiots don’t lock their own Zone portal?!” he complained, pacing the air in the center of the library. “I mean, what, did they think the ghosts would knock? Float into their lab with a smile and a fucking plate of cookies?” Vlad resisted the urge to snort.
“Language, Danny.”)
All that time spent in Fenton Works, his parents’ usual lack of perception, and the mysterious destruction of their more dangerous weaponry every weekend completely explained why they didn’t notice their only son not living with them for almost a month.
Yup, everything checks out.
Over time, Danny learned to readjust to his new normal. He held off on casually using his powers for a while and just focused on helping his parents understand him better and how he became the way he is.
A hero. A half-ghost. A boy with more intimate knowledge about ghosts than either of them combined. He even told them about the importance of his name, Phantom, and what it meant to him.
His parents listened intently and were eager to look over their old research papers with him, but, at Jazz’s insistence, they decided to hold off for a while until Danny felt back to normal. As the boy tried adjusting to living with his family again, however, time started to become more and more of a blur as the days passed.
He thinks at some point, his friends apologized to him. Said they wouldn't have outed him and continued looking for a solution on their own if he hadn’t gone radio silent one weekend. He sheepishly admitted he broke his phone in his Vlad’s training room while testing the durability of his new handmade Phantom sweater; a gift from Vlad made of a thick black fabric with white and green detailing and able withstand ghost rays, electric shocks, and extremely cold temperatures no problem.
(it’s the best piece of clothing he’s ever had)
(he shoved it in the trash the first chance he got)
He wished they ignored it was thankful he was so forgetful, otherwise he might’ve been stuck being all gross and friendly with Vlad for who knows how long.
(they would’ve left well enough alone if you weren’t so stupid, a voice hissed, you could’ve avoided this; could’ve stayed blissfully ignorant in your own little world while everyone else moved on with their lives, as they should, but no, of course you had to ruin it with your stupid little damsel-in-distress routine. Some ‘hero’ you are.)
He stared blankly into his bedroom.
It’s just a doorway, he thought again, just a stupid fucking doorway.
There was a non-existent film in the space between the hall and his room. A thin, staticky little thing that prickled Danny’s skin when he got too close. It leered at him, poking at him and saying to leave, to fly away and never come back.
No one wants you here, it sneered, your parents didn’t even notice you were gone, didn’t even care until the famous ghost menace was involved. Why would now be any different?
He stayed silent, keeping his unblinking eyes trained on the perfectly made up bed sheets.
“Whoops! Sorry there, Danno, forgot to turn off the Mini-Fenton Ghost Shields around your room,” his dad said, popping out of nowhere and making the boy jump. He knocked against the wall in a specific pattern and Danny could hear the sounds of humming machinery powering down. “There we go. Have a goodnight, son!” his dad said, waving as he returned to his own room.
The film was still there, mocking him.
Danny tore his eyes away and leaned against the railing. Maybe he could try again tomorrow night. Yeah, it’s not a big deal—he’ll just stay up to get ahead on homework. It’s not like anyone actually died from a lack of sleep.
He eyed the couch.
Fire. Lots of fire. An explosion, one big enough to send him flying through the air, nearly knocking him out as he landed on asphalt. There was a small group of people nearby, phones out and recording. One was smart enough to call the fire department. Good.
Surveying the area, it seemed no one was too badly burned. None of the larger debris seemed to go past the empty parking lot and despite the tipped over oil tanker, no one looked physically hurt either. Relieved, he set his head down on the pavement and breathed deeply. Even though he was exhausted and in a lot of pain, at least no one got hurt.
The sound of something small falling to the scorched pavement caught his attention.
A watch. Dad’s watch, he thought to himself numbly. The sky was clear of ghosts and his ghost sense wasn’t going off so-
Slowly, Danny lifted his head to look directly into the flames.
Vlad’s burning body was laying atop a large piece of debris, metal rods and shards of glass littering his bloody back. His melting face stared at the boy and despite the smoke partially blocking his vision, the halfa could make out an apologetic look forever etched into it.
Danny woke up screaming.
“Danny?! Danny, what’s wrong?!” Vlad burst into the room partway through a transformation. Locking eyes with the crying child he let his rings revert him back to human. The boy furiously wiped at his eyes and turned around, pulling the blanket over his head and sniffling quietly.
“Nothing,” he said, voice muffled. “You don’t have to strap me to some crazy machine or anything.” Silence answered him, but there were no sounds of retreating footsteps, to Danny’s dismay. He ventured a glance over his shoulder.
Vlad had a myriad of expressions cross his face before he took a deep breath and moved to sit on the floor beside the bed. He spoke in an even tone.
“Strapping a child to a dangerous machine is not something I make a habit of doing.” Danny scoffed, resting his head back on the pillow and missing the man’s stiffening posture.
“I know that, but...”—he frowned—“I dunno, ‘seems like something parents would do.”
“I assure you, little badger, that is not something parents do.”
Again silence answered him, but it was more comfortable this time, the empty void filling with an understanding that it was late and nothing more needed to be said. And while the boy didn’t turn back, he knew the older halfa stayed by his side, long after he fell asleep.
(Which, duh, of course he knew. How could he miss the huge puddle of drool on the edge of his sheets? Danny griped at him for it the next morning; it was his turn to do laundry and the load was gonna be light and easy before this. Vlad offered to do it for him, but Danny denied it with a dramatic sigh, citing that he didn’t want his sheets to catch fire.
Vlad sputtered excuses and denials and an “It was only one time!”, missing the teasing smile Danny was sporting. Honestly, 42 years and the man still had no clue how to work the dryer, he chuckled to himself.)
There’s one thing Danny couldn’t deny as he clung to the memory, drenched in sweat and digging the balls of his hands into his eyes.
He missed Vlad.
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danny-phangirl · 21 hours ago
DannyMay 2021. Day Seven
Danny smiled as the people around him clapped and cheered him, even his parents.
No one hated him, no one wanted to strap him down to a table and vivisect him. They cheered him. They loved him.
Some more than others.
Sam threw her arms around his neck, looking at him with soft eyes and smile. They were so close, and this… this was…
This was wrong.
He laughed awkwardly, putting his hands on his friend’s shoulders, taking a step back whilst the crowd kept on cheering and clapping and smiling.
“So, ah, we should go back home. Where’s Tucker, anyway? We gotta celebrate this! What about some Nasty Burgers?”
Sam –what the fuck– giggled, and now he could see a blush in her cheeks. “He’s probably busy, what with now being the major and all.”
“The- the major…” He said slowly, remembering that development, and wondering how could he have forgotten THAT. “Yeah…”
He looked around them again, at the people still cheering, clapping, smiling.
His gaze fell on Valerie, going along with the others, and saw in her eyes that there was no fire in them.
That should have been good. It meant she wasn’t angry with him, that she didn’t hold any resentment towards him for… everything; her home, her dad’s job, lying, keeping secrets whilst they were together.
And here she was, smiling, forgiving, so, so easily, the fire in her eyes gone, her drive and determination with it. She was happy for him, the ghost that ruined her life.
This was all wrong.
Sam almost kissed him.
What the hell was going on?
Tucker was major at… fourteen seventeen, they already were seventeen
“This isn’t right.”
Valerie accepted him being Phantom, no questions asked, not even a punch thrown.
“What’s happening here?!”
The people cheered and clapped and smiled at him, their hero, their saviour-
“This has to stop!” Danny yelled, unexplainably overwhelmed all of a sudden, and everything froze. And then there wasn’t anything.
And Danny was falling down
 Danny woke up with a jolt, gasping for air he didn’t need as he looked around himself, trying to assess the situation, what had happened.
He found metal pieces scattered where his head had been a second ago, and began remembering, and grew angry.
- - -
This could be a direct continuation of this
or not ;]
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danny-phangirl · 22 hours ago
DannyMay 2021. Day Six
Danny sat down next to his friends under Sam's giant beach umbrella next to the beach, watching as they sighed in relief and moved closer to him, wanting a share of his lowering body heat, making him chuckle.
"So, did you get the popsicles?" Tucker asked, resting his cheek on Dannys fresh shoulder, ignoring the sniggers they heard somewhere close.
"Eh, sort of." He said, showing them a container with colourful, sweetened water. "They ran out and only have cold candy water. I took it." He produced three small wood-sticks out of a small plastic bag. "And these."
"Oh, my! We are doomed to consume only candy water! Whatever shall we do about it." Sam said in a monotone voice, with her arm pressed against Danny's.
The halfa smiled, putting the three sticks on the fresh, blueberry water, barely even touching the surface with a knuckle, and made it freeze as he desired.
He finally showed his friends his creations, three perfect popsicles, one in the shape of a Venus-flytrap, the second looking like a PDA, and the last one in the shape of a cartoonish ghost.
Each of them took one, enjoying the blueberry and shoving at their dead friend.
- - -
I hope it's understood that he was showing off his cryokinesis from his ghostly CORE... yeah, I had planned to make something different, but in the end got stressed and quit.
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bookeatingworm · a day ago
(Danny Phantom prompt): “Oh, so it’s not okay for him to be the girl who gets her head bitten off, but it’s okay to make him the girl who turns into a mermaid monster? I don’t think so.”
"Sam think about it, the entire town is going to watch this play as a break from all the ghost fights thats been going on, and to actually enjoy something while the theater gets rebuilt."
"Danny i don't think your seeing the point," Sam gestured to him, "they are going "hey let's make the trans boy play the girl part in a play" and not even considering the idea that thats a completely bad idea!"
Tucker butted in, "She has a point Danny, thats kinda fucked up."
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lalamyfootupyouraft · a day ago
More Danny Phantom doodles :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hitchell-mope · a day ago
Oh Tucker
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noctilucid · a day ago
DannyMay Day 5: Doorway
"Are you guys seeing this?"  Danny's voice sparked through the background distortion of their Fenton Phones.  
"What is it?"  Sam craned her head in his direction, but her driver's ed training refused to let her release the steering wheel of the Specter Speeder.  Across the seat from her, Tucker shifted to lean against the window.  
"Not from here dude," he replied.  "What's up with those doors?"
"They've got a plaque between them.  Seriously, you've gotta see this.  I think the island's big enough to land on."
Tucker looked back at Sam, and they exchanged a shrug.  
"You heard the man.  Adventure calls!"
Sam circled around to approach the tiny landing ground, chewing her bottom lip as she delicately maneuvered to set them down on the slab of rock which was barely larger than the Speeder itself.    When she felt the landing gear dig its retractable claws into the stone, sending vibrations through the carriage, she un-tensed and remembered to breathe, smiling to herself.  She'd gotten good at this; there was no way she wasn't passing her driver's test come April.  
She popped her door open, Tucker scrambling out behind her, and they shuffled sideways along the available ledge to where Danny was hovering in front of the two doors mounted at the edge of the bare island.  A plaque floated between them, carved in dark wood.  
"Woah."  Sam traced a finger over the florid raised border.  There was an embossed image of a woman in a long dress and a snarling tiger, with text below.
"What?" Tucker squeezed in behind her.  She scooted a little further down to make room for him, Danny floating up above the two of them.  
"Can you believe it?" Danny asked, looking down on them with a lopsided grin, wide enough to border on manic.  
"The Lady or the Tiger," Sam read.  "In instances of unknown guilt, the accused shall select one door of the twain to receive justice."  
"Wait, like that short story we just had to read?" Tucker pulled out his PDA and tapped something in.  "Stockton, 1882."
"Do you think I could get extra credit if I took a picture of it?"  Danny's grin stretched a little farther and became a little toothier.  Ghost mouths had a tendency to do such things.
"So he based his short story on a place in the Ghost Zone?" Tucker mused.  
"Or the story became so popular that it manifested out of the ether," Sam said.  "I mean, it was influential enough that it's become a figure of speech."
Danny tipped over so that he was floating upside-down.  "So would you say that ‘The Lady or the Tiger’ could be a chicken or egg scenario?"  
Tucker groaned.  "God, Danny."
"No, no," Sam said, "this is an improvement.  His puns are getting cleverer over time."  
"There's also a third option," Danny added.  "Stockton became a ghost and his lair pays homage to his most memorable achievement."  Sam considered it and nodded.  
Tucker snapped a photo and saved it.  "Well, if you're getting extra credit, so are we.  I had to rewrite my last paper after Cujo drooled on my first draft."  
"Sorry," Danny said, righting himself.  Tucker waved him off.
"Not your fault.  But blaming you makes me feel better."  Sam snorted and knocked shoulders with him.  Danny stole his beret and shoved it on his own head.  
"So… you wanna open the doors and see what's behind them?" Danny asked, sinking down between them.  
"I don't think that's a good idea," Sam said.  "I prefer to avoid situations where I might get eaten."  
"Tuck?"  Danny flopped his head on Tucker's shoulder.  Tucker took the opportunity to grab his hat back.  "There might be a pretty lady."  
"I thought we weren't expanding this trio without a full consensus."  
Danny reeled back in fake shock.  Sam slung an arm around Danny’s shoulders.  "He's matured so much!" she joked.  
"Hey," Tucker put a hand over his heart.  "I'm a family man."  
"Fine, we'll leave the doors unopened.  We'll never know the answer to the mystery that has haunted the past two centuries.  If you guys are cool with that."  
"And how are we supposed to finish our mission before school on Monday if you get mauled by a tiger?"  Sam gestured Tucker back towards the Speeder door, following in his wake.  
"I can put a beacon on the island if you want to come back," Tucker suggested.  "We could try to trick Walker into opening one."  
"Ooooo, yes please."   Danny floated up over the Speeder pod as Tucker climbed in and dug something out of his backpack.  He handed it out to Sam, who kneeled at the edge of the island and pressed the device into a crag on the underside.  She brushed off her hands as she stood up.  
"Alright, no more distractions.  We've got a book to return."  
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unorthodoxshipping · a day ago
Chapters: 22/22 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: T Characters: Maddie Fenton, Danny Fenton Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Suspense Summary:
Locked away in a secret government lab with Phantom as her sole object of study, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth… except, perhaps, herself.
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coffeecakecafe · a day ago
Tumblr media
dannymay 2021: day 5 - doorway
these kids need time to goof off! although it might be cheating to put your friends who can levitate up top
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fureliselost · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Danny Fenton & Vlad Masters, Danny Fenton & Jazz Fenton, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley & Sam Manson, Danny Fenton & Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley, Danny Fenton & Sam Manson Characters: Danny Fenton, Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Jazz Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, Vlad Masters, Maddie Fenton Additional Tags: Dad Vlad AU, AU, Alternate Universe, Vlad is Danny's biological father, Jazz's POV, Danny's POV, Maddie's POV, Vlad's POV, shifting pov, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, danny needs therapy, Jazz has some development that didn't belong here but is here anyway, mentioned Savant Par, mentioned Danny/Tucker, implied Danny/Tucker, Underage Drinking, it's an accident tho, danny still misses vlad, but his aim is getting better Summary:
Dani: update: Danny just punched Vlad in the gut. He also threw a plate at Vlad's head, but sadly it didn't hit. Tucker: isn't that the 2nd time this week? Jazz: third Sam: what did vlad do? Dani: he existed Dani: and he also admitted to having been snooping in Danny's school records Sam: how did that even come up? Dani: yk what, I'm not entirely sure, I think he offered to tutor Danny?
Jazz laughed, that had been a fun week. When Vlad and their mother came forward to tell Danny the truth about his parentage (that he was a product of one of their parents' many almost-divorces), Danny did not react to it with smiles. The first three months were very long for Vlad, what with the object-throwing on Danny's part (if he didn't already know that Danny was a fast learner, he was sad to find that out as Danny's average aim improved in the span of a few months), and even after he agreed to trying to see Vlad frequently, it was very tumultuous.
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teamfreewill56-blog · a day ago
Can we just talk about the fact that in episode 3 of Danny Phantom "Parental Bonding" Danny picked up on Sam's cues that she wanted to go to the dance even though she kept saying that she didn't and that he not only explicitly pointed out to Tucker (who was oblivious) that Sam did actually want to go but took steps to ensure she went? I mean yes, ideally Danny should have asked her to go himself but that episode was focusing on his flaw of being attracted to Paulina, and yet in spite of that Danny still found a way to make sure Sam went. Better yet instead of overshadowing anyone he chose Tucker whom he and Sam both trust and know and could therefore trust that one way or another Sam would make it to the dance. And even though Tucker is completely confused when he comes to when he sees Sam standing in front of him he doesn't try to leave or complain, he gets excited! He verbally admits his awe at how Sam looks and as she runs with him down the stairs he is excited. I love how this show constantly focuses on the flaw of people being unaware but the characters work on it. It's such a regular thing in our lives and although they don't do it every time it's at least there and more often than not addressed.
Show: Danny Phantom
Characters: Sam Manson; Danny Fenton; Tucker Foley
Director: Butch Hartman
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dannys-phantoms · a day ago
DannyMay 2021 Day 5: Doorway
Read also on AO3
Sam and Tucker are directed to a special place in the ghost zone, and told to look around. They would never have guessed the things they see.
AKA Danny gets a lair
(Everlasting Trio)
To say that Danny got detentions often would be an understatement. Normally it was something that he could have probably avoided, like by actually doing his homework or not playing on his phone in class, but this time it was different. He’d fallen asleep on his desk – again – because he’d stayed up all night chasing Johnny 13 and his shadow all over Amity Park until all three of them were too tired to continue. And then, of course, when he was finally getting ready to tuck himself into bed, his ghost sense had gone off again. It’s a wonder that kid ever got any sleep.
Lancer had taken one look at him drooling on the desk and that was it, Danny Fenton would be staying late. It made sense, really, because he had an obligation to teach a certain syllabus, and it was obvious that Danny needed something a little more... fine tuned. Even so, Sam and Tucker both were in agreement that it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.
They loved hanging out together even just as a duo, of course. They did it all the time. Three was never a crowd with them, but two was nice as well. When there’s only two, they’d never have to vie for attention, or wonder if they’re somehow third wheeling in their three-way love story.  The reason they were missing Danny was for something else entirely. It was probably something to do with the eight-foot wolfman that had appeared in the middle of Tucker’s room.
He’d just been showing off his latest PDA (she’s called Norah, in case you were wondering) and Sam had been sufficiently engaged (enjoying seeing him happy more than she was actually following the conversation) when three jagged gashes had opened up between them, green and shimmering in the air and tempting a glimpse into the ghost zone. Then, the rift expanded and the creature swung through, landing heavily on his paws.
“Hi, Wulf,” said Sam, hesitantly.
He put a paw on Sam’s shoulder, and Tucker tensed as though he was ready for a fight. They were all friendly enough, of course, but it’s difficult not to be wary with those claws so close to someone’s face.
“Saluton, amikoj,” Wulf greeted, before pushing both of them through the portal he’d just made. “Vi volos ĉirkaŭrigardi antaŭ ol li revenos!”
They landed hard, and before they could look up to ask what exactly he meant, the portal was closed again. If only they’d put more effort into their Esperanto.
It was a wonder they weren’t both sinking through the floor, humans that they were, but Tucker decided not to dwell on it. There were unquestionably going to be weirder things going on here than that.
The hallway itself looked perfectly normal. Green, of course, but normal. They’d been deposited near the top of a set of stairs, and ahead of them were a series of wooden doorways. Under their splayed fingers was soft carpet.
It wasn’t a house they recognised but it quite easily could have belonged to a neighbour, or a schoolmate. It looked so laughably ordinary that they weren’t quite sure what to do with themselves.
The door closest to them creaked back on its hinges, opening a fraction to let a gust of warm wind through. It wavered for a few seconds before gliding almost to a close again.
Sam got to her feet with a sigh and offered a hand to Tucker. After she’d pulled him to his feet, neither of them let go.
The doorway was wooden and grained, looking more like her own kitchen door than one to a ghost realm. She squeezed Tucker’s hand and pushed it open.
She didn’t know what she’d expected, not really, but she knew it wasn’t this. Despite not having been for years, she still recognised the streets of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, deep in the throes of the Mothman Festival.
Nobody knew how much she’d treasured her memories of this place. Nobody except her boyfriends, that is. Even her own parents didn’t know that she dreamed of it almost every night.
It wasn’t a perfect replica of the place. It was as if the architect had merely been told about it, rather than having seen it themselves. Nevertheless, it was enough to have her mouth hanging open. There were pairs of red eyes everywhere, staring at her from every shop front, every costume, every street decoration and even from the foods in the signature Mothman pizza stores and bakeries. The live band was playing eerie music and, when she really stopped to look, she could have sworn that something was watching her from the trees.
If Sam could have chosen a heaven, a place to let her soul spend an eternity, she would have chosen here.
Tucker blinked owlishly behind his glasses. “Sam,” he said, in awe. “Is this...?”
“Yeah,” she replied. “It is”.
The music was pulsing around her, lulling her into a dance. Arms and legs and wings spun from every side as the crowd moved towards the bronze cryptid statue in the centre of the square. She’d not smiled like this for years. It was as if she was delirious. Someone offered her a Mothman lollipop, and she took it without hesitation.
Tucker took it from her gently as she began to wrestle with the wrapper. “It’s too dangerous. We still don’t know what’s going on. This could all be a trap.” He winced apologetically and, even though she tried to argue, she knew he was right.
She steeled herself and took his hand, marching back into the green hallway and pulling the door shut behind her. As soon as the latch clicked, it was silent again.
“Come on, let’s keep going.” Her voice was shaky.
Behind the next door was a meadow lined with trees. Here, it was the middle of spring. The pollen tickled both of their noses, and they quickly retreated before the hayfever could truly set in.
On the other side of the hall was a bright red door. Tucker reached for the handle, but Sam held him back.
“Red means danger, smartypants.”
“Awe, you do care,” he replied jovially. Then, he quirked an eyebrow and sent her the finger guns. “Red also means love.”
She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help her lips quirking in a smile. “I’m being serious, Tuck.”
“As am I.”
He reached forward to open the door, and then immediately stepped back again as he got a wave of vertigo.
They were at the top of a huge drop slide, which was the same shiny red as a circus big top. There were a queue of ghost children lining up, but they all stepped aside, beckoning Tucker to go first.
“Don’t you dare.”
“Sorry, Sammy,” he replied, “but this is just too awesome.”
He sat down on the side and then launched his body forwards, sending it into the oxymoronic state of controlled freefall that left him feeling as light as a bird. It was as though all of his worries were flying from the top of his head. He felt a laugh bubble free and crossed his arms over his chest, equal parts Egyptian mummy and child at a water park.
The drop gradually began to round off, until he slowed down and crashed into a ball pit at the bottom. He’d been falling for what felt like forever.
Sam slid to a stop next to him. “Never, and I mean never, do that to me again.”
Her hair was mussed and her breathing was heavy. He declined to point out that she’d followed after him, even though she’d thought it unsafe. It left a warm fluttering feeling in his belly.  
“I won’t.” He smiled.
The ballpit took off, zooming high into the air until they were at the top of the dropslide again. The sudden motion would normally have made them queasy, or at the least lightheaded, but it didn’t. One second they were at the bottom and the next they were at the top. It was more like the space had moved around them.
Tucker looked longingly at the slide, wanting to go again, but Sam grabbed his hand and pulled him back through the door. It would do no good to linger too long in one place.
The door right at the end of the hallway was glowing around the edges, as though there were nothing but lamps on the other side. Sam made a move towards it. What could this one be? A beachside paradise, perhaps? The light room of a photography studio?
She was inches away from the doorknob when she heard a familiar whoosh. A ghost portal. From the look on Tucker’s face, he’d heard it too.
They looked towards the stairway behind them as it was illuminated in a green glow, gone as quickly as it had arrived. Then, there were whisper-quiet footsteps.
They were both rooted in place. Every instinct suggested they should run, but where to? You can’t hide from a ghost in it’s own lair.
Soon though, a shock of white hair appeared over the banister, then a pair of slouched shoulders clothed all in black.
“Danny?” Tucker said incredulously.
The ghost whipped around, immediately at high alert with an ectoblast ready to go. He only fractionally calmed down when he saw who was there.
“Shit, Tucker? Sam? What are you doing here?”
“I could ask you the same question,” Sam said dryly.
“I’m not ready for you guys to be here yet. I was waiting for the right time... have you been following me?”
“What?” Tucker said. “Danny, no, of course not. Wulf brought us here. Said something about looking around before ‘he’ comes back.”
Danny slumped, hand on his forehead. “Dammit, Wulf. That’s the last time I trust him with a secret. How much did you see?”
“Not enough for it to make sense,” Sam said, arms crossed. “Where the hell are we?”
Danny sighed, then looked her in the eye. He looked defeated. “Its my lair. Its not done yet, not by a long shot, which is why I didn’t want to show you –”
“Wait, what? I thought only full ghosts could have a lair.” Tucker’s brow creased.
Danny let out a hollow laugh. “Who knows what halfas can do, really? It’s not like there’s enough of us to study. This place is half ghost, like me, so I can touch stuff and walk about , no matter that mode I’m in. I’m guessing you can too. It helps, because it means I don’t fall through the bed.”
“The bed?”
“Yeah, it’s just through there.”
He looked between them to the glowing door, which he pushed open with one finger.
They were standing on the edge of open space. A million stars twinkled around them, piercing the blackness like twinkling diamonds on a velvet curtain. A red carpet rolled out in front of them, connecting the hallway to a larger rug, also floating. Below it was a deep chasm, the void never ending.
Danny floated down the carpet, which was rippling in an invisible breeze, and the others followed. It was surprisingly solid.
The rug at the end was covered with bean bags and blankets, and the biggest bed any of them had ever seen, big enough to fit ten people easily. Danny threw himself on top of the plush quilt.
“This is... I didn’t want you to see it, because I didn’t know what you’d think. I didn’t want to scare you off.”
Tucker laughed. “You’re a ghost. If we were going to get scared off, I think it would have happened already.”
“I guess,” Danny smiled sadly. “But... If you’d known my lair was adapting to the wants of all three of us, you could’ve thought maybe it was getting too weird.”
“Are you kidding me? This place is awesome!” Sam flopped down onto the bed next to him.
“I was thinking of asking you to stay here with me. Not all the time, obviously.”
“That would be cool,” Tucker said, trying to hide how excited the prospect made him.
“Think about it, Tuck,” Danny groaned. “You guys don’t belong here. You’re humans.”
“Okay, so maybe it needs a kitchen and a bathroom fitting, but other than that it’s pretty sound.”
“One of those doors opens into a Tomahawk Steakhouse,” Danny smiled.
Sam put her hand in his supportively. “We love you. We’d follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond, you know that.”
Tucker sat down next to his partners and took Danny’s other hand.
Danny made a mental note to send a ‘thank you’ postcard to Wulf when he next saw him.
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13thdoodle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ Dannymay Day 4 : Stars ]
Where was I when the rockets came to life And carried you away into the alligator sky? Even though I'll never know what's up ahead, I'm never letting go, I'm never letting go!
May I offer you some sof savant par in this trying time?
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noctilucid · 2 days ago
DannyMay Day 4: Stars
"And this is the tide pool room," the tour guide said up ahead, her voice almost lost in the sound of 45 fifth graders muttering and snickering to each other as they basked in the novelty of being out of their desks for the day.  
"I bet this is the part of the tour where they try to get us to touch something slimy," Tucker whispered to Danny while he played with the novelty watch his aunt had gotten him back in September.  It had a small digital face that showed the time in standard or military time based on a toggle button, but ever since Tucker had pried the face off with a screwdriver to see the inside and then shoved it back together, it had decided that every day needed to have 52 hours. 
"You don't want to?" Danny asked.  
"Can't," Tucker said.  "The watch isn't waterproof anymore."  
Danny nodded, although he wasn't sure if Tucker had seen him.  "Do you think it would hurt to touch a sea urchin?"  Tucker gave a non-committal grunt.  "They wouldn't put them in the tank if they could poison us, right?"  
They filled into the room with the rest of their class, Tucker putting himself on the other side of Danny to block the closest chaperone's view of him not paying attention.  The tour guide was standing behind a folding plastic table with several shallow plastic tanks.  Whatever she was saying was lost when she lifted some blobby sea creature up out of the water, and Paulina shrieked.  
"Que asco!" The closest chaperone tried to shush her, but her outburst did cut through the side conversations and focused the rest of the class on the commotion.  "Keep it away from me!"  
The tour guide smiled.  "You don't have to touch anything if you don't want to, but nothing in here will hurt you.  We have some starfish you can pick up, and some horseshoe crabs you can pet.  Please don't pull on the crabs though; their tails are delicate and we don't want you to injure them."  She set the starfish back in the tub on the table, and with the teacher's help, she started organizing the kids into a queue to look at the animals.  Paulina sniffed and sat on the faux rock wall that edged the tide pool display, casting a leery glance into the shallow water behind her at a collection of colorful polyps.  
Danny and Tucker were ushered into line.  Danny played with the straps of his drawstring bag as they waited, thinking about his lunch, which was resting cool and solid on the small of his back.  "Do you think we'll get to eat after this?"  
"Dunno.  My watch says it's 34:22."  
The line crept forward slowly.  Tucker remained focused on his watch, pushing the handful of buttons in different combinations as he tried to set the watch for the hundredth time.  Danny tried to look into the display they were filing past, but he was too far away to see anything clearly.  
Suddenly, Paulina was screaming again.  
"Eeeeeee!"  She scrabbled backwards across the ledge for a few moments while some other girl in a red shirt and hiking boots held a starfish out to her.  It took Danny a minute to place her— her strawberry blonde hair was cut in a bob, but there were dark streaks mixed in where she had tried to color her hair black with a sharpie last week.  
Paulina launched herself off the retaining wall and ran towards the teacher, Sam Manson chasing after her starfish first.  
"It's gonna lay eggs in your face!"  Sam yelled over Paulina's continuous shriek. 
Danny and Tucker watched, entranced, as the two of them dodged around parents and looped around the display table.  Finally, the teacher managed to snag Sam by the arm, nearly causing her to drop the starfish.  The guide hurried to collect the animal and place it back in the safety of the tank.  
"You're such a FREAK!" Paulina yelled, her voice pocked with an unevenness which suggested she was about to cry.  Sam wrenched her arm in the teacher's grasp but was unable to break away.  She bared her teeth at Paulina, but said nothing.  
"Samantha Manson!" the teacher snapped as she continued to struggle, finally turning Sam around and breaking her death glare away from Paulina.  "Do I need to have another talk with your mother?"  
"I DON'T CARE!"  Sam shouted back.
"Man, what is her deal?" Tucker asked, watch momentarily forgotten.  
"Do you think people will stop calling me and Jazz freaks if she keeps acting out?"  
"I don't think it works that way.  Sorry."  
"Hmm."  Sam continued to fight until the teacher passed her off to a chaperone— Kwan's mom, Danny thought— at which point Sam settled down to a sulk.  As the parent dragged her to the back of the room, she looked up and caught Danny staring and gave him a scowl that could kill as she passed.  But as she finally looked away, Danny thought for a moment it looked like she was trying hard not to cry.  
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cornerverse · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Round 2 of DP art! The rest of the Team!
Design notes under the cut!
Very little changed from her Canon design, but like. I wanted to have her and Danny look more like their parents. Jazz takes more after Jack in face shape and base build(though she eats a lot healthier).
Despite the fact that she’s the least trigger happy of the Fentons, she can still drop kick your ass into next week.
Oh this was so much fun! Gotta love the Hot Topic Vibe. That said, I could not get her stupid triangle bangs to work for the life of me so I just changed them.
I’m debating on her jacket(and her boots though you can’t see them) being fake leather or not. Sam in Canon was all “vegan activist” but tbh? She’d be into all kinds of activism. She’s still probs vegan from her initial dive into it and not wanting to change her diet back, but she’s more of a “make sure to get meat from cruelty free sources” type than a “meat is murder” type, especially as she matures. So leather jacket and boots that last decades vs. Fake leather that falls apart quickly and pollutes the enviroment?
The buttons on her jacket are from other causes she supports.
And she’s wearing colored contacts!
I love her so much.
Anyway, as much as I liked the orange/yellow combo, I wanted her to have more red because. Ya know. Red Huntress.
I also change her eye color to brown because dang why does no one have brown eyes in this show? She does have hints of red in them that are a side effect of her suit.
Speaking of the suit…. I like the idea of it having kind of stange effects on her since she can just. Summon it at will. She can also just summon parts of it or the weapons, which are displayed her with the glove and gun.
God I had to make him look like less of a loser. Like yeah he is a loser but boi. Love this idiot.
Very few changes though. Just going for a hoodie and changing his glasses shape. Also brown eyes because damn it he deserves to look cute with brown eyes!
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