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lichrelly · 28 days ago
happy transgender tuesday
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fortuneaday · 7 months ago
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[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: For you, tomorrow will be even better than today. Congrats.]
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eraserheadbeaniebaby · a year ago
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musclefatboy · 6 days ago
I still can't get these pants to button up. I think they shrunk or something.
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walkingtaller296 · 6 days ago
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If it wasn't meant to be eaten , it wouldn't look like a taco.
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n0tf · 27 days ago
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I love mornings...
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the-taurean-witch · 9 months ago
helpful magickal associations for every day of the week!
source: @libramoonstone on instagram 💕
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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guugorou · a year ago
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一週間 - 1 week
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earthyaries · 21 days ago
Tuesdays according to your Mars sign 🪓
*according to the planetary weekdays.
Tuesday is ruled by Mars, so on Tuesdays we are called to spend the day achieving our goals, burning some steam, & getting in touch with our driven nature. Sex & competition are elevated on this day.
Aries Mars: Work out; go for a run. Make a hype playlist. Invite someone over or do it yourself. Place a bet. Wear something red.
Taurus Mars: Eat something spicy. Go for a walk or try pilates. Clean up your space. Write out some angry feelings and tear out the page.
Gemini Mars: Start a debate; prove your point. Stand your ground if someone interrupts you. Listen to music that gets you pumped up.
Cancer Mars: Light some candles. Wear something gold. Don’t let them cross you; pull up the receipts.
Leo Mars: Compete. Watch a contest of some sort. Wear something sexy; take hot pics. Do your hair or get it done.
Virgo Mars: Throw out the old. Try something hot or spicy for dinner. Hit the gym. Vent; release the stress.
Libra Mars: Go to a sauna or take a hot shower. Delete those texts. Forget them. Buy yourself some red roses. Get tipsy.
Scorpio Mars: Treat yourself; dinner alone. Burgundies. Leather. Put on eyeliner. Don’t ask for permission; accept independence.
Sagittarius Mars: Act on it; believe in yourself. No such thing as too much confidence. Wear rings. Try out boxing or go for a bikeride.
Capricorn Mars: Remind them of your power. Establish yourself. Wear brown or black. Don’t be afraid to spend some money; it always comes back surplus.
Aquarius Mars: Send a risky text. Go commando. Try somewhere new for lunch. Orange or yellow accents.
Pisces Mars: Establish that boundary. Put yourself first. Smile at strangers. Keep your head high.
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stephiehell · a month ago
Tumblr media
i love it so much when they do that thing where they curl their little paws over their cute little faces
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musclefatboy · 2 months ago
I would love to see a video of you trying clothes or jumping 😳😳. Or at least have more updates?. You are so big and strong 🙈🙈
How's this? Sorry I know I'm pretty bad about posting but it's hard to make videos when you live with other roommates lol.
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cypherdecypher · 27 days ago
Animal of the Day!
Mexican Alligator Lizard (Abronia graminea)
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(Photo from Smithsonian’s National Zoo)
Conservation Status- Endangered
Habitat- Mexico; Guatemala
Size (Weight/Length)- 30.4 cm
Diet- Insects; Spiders; Snails
Cool Facts- The Mexican alligator lizard is native to highland Mexico in forests. Their scales range from dark blue to bright green, allowing for better camouflage in their canopy homes. Their name ‘alligator lizard’ comes from their pointed snout and the ridged scales along their back. That’s where the alligator part ends and the lizard begins as they mostly eat bugs. They are currently threatened by deforestation and the illegal pet trade.
Rating- 11/10 (Don’t worry, it’s not a real alligator.)
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hippocampuslikethreat · 3 months ago
It has come to my attention that many people don’t know that each day of the week is asociated with a planet and in some languages you can accually see a clear connection. And so for all of you that did not know this, here is the list.
Monday - Moon
We can see the moon in Monday or Moon day, in Spanish Monday is Lunes and as you may know, Luna means moon in Latin and many other languages. Moon is asociated with the goddes Artemis of Diana the protector of maidens and womenhood.
Tuesday - Mars
In Spanish Tuesday is Martes after the Roman god of war and also the planet.
Wednesday - Mercury
Mercury is the Roman god of traveling, messengeres but also thieves. In Spanish, Wednesday is Miércoles, and the association with Mercury is also visible. In Norse mythology, Wednesday was Odin's day and when the Romans came up north, they thought that Odin was Mercury, making Wednesday Odin's day till today.
Thursday -  Jupiter
The Roman king of the Gods. The god as well as the planet are both very stormy, take from that what you will.
Friday - Venus
Viernes in Spanish, Friday has many cultural references to love, Venus is the goddess of love and sex. But the English word is also associated with a goddess of love. Friday is either named after Freya or Frigga, two overlapping goddesses of love and fertilty of the norse mythology.
Saturday - Saturn
Saturday is named after Saturn, the only titan planet. Saturn was the first ruler of the world before he was overthrown by his children.
Sunday - Sun
People born on Sunday are considered happy, it might do with the happy connotacions. The Greek and Roman god of the Sun is Appollo, one of the happiest gods as he is also th egod of music and plage, in Christian mythology, Sunday is the resting day. In Czech, for example, Sunday is called Neděle, and that litterarly means no do day, a day when you don’t work.
I hope this gave you some new informations.
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Check it out
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Photo courtesy of
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fortuneaday · 7 months ago
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[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: Tomorrow you will find the item you have been searching for.]
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