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‫أؤمن أن الأصدقاء يبقون للأبد، لذا جميع من ذهبوا لم يكونوا أصدقاء.‬

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Size kendinizi değersiz hissettirmeye çalışan insanlar, hayatları boyunca her işi hırsla yapmaya çalışmış, kıskanç ve sinsi yaşamış insanlardır. Fakat sevgiyi de elde edememiş sevgi arsizliginin kurbanı olmuslardir. Bunlar bir amip gibi vucudunuza girer ve siz daha ne oldugunu anlamadan sizi ele geçirir. Ama merak etmeyin, bu türler kaybetmeye mahkumdur, çünkü evrendeki doğruluk, üç beş pespayeye pabuç bırakacak kadar ufak degildir, bu dogruluktan siz sapmayın yeter.

Hayat bu tür insanlarla yaşamanizi tuketecek kadar basit de degildir. Samimiyet gerceklik kazandirir, gerceklikte dogruluk, unutmayin, bu yolda dikine gitmek, temeli saglam atilmis ilişkilerle ödüllendirilir.

#bilemiyorumaltan 9.7.20

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I actually had a very bad toothache this noon.It has been haunting me since the college day,some 5 months ago.The pain was so extreme that I even cried.I hate saying it.I could do nothing that would help me forget it.I wanted to take pictures of my room with the baby pink curtains in that blue-tinted filter of Kujicam and add some dust ,to make it the bg for my next rant.More than that,I love how the room looks then-in my picture.I also wanted to listen to some podcasts on Spotify which I found today morning amidst the ED class and my killing  headache.Well,these are the things I had wanted to do ,keeping apart the usual facetimes.But guess what,My phone was dying and so it’s plugged in now.Basically,that is the reason why I managed to crawl up from my blanket and enjoy the raindrops hitting my face through the window.Well,that is the reason why I got out to the balcony to enjoy it a lil more.And yeah that’s why I have this HP in my lap,Tumblr on my screen and drizzle on my legs.So what do you infer? I am ranting right now because my phone is put on charge and I had a toothache.Wait,did I tell you ?I was trying to occupy my mind with something else when this toothache was crushing me.That’s it.It was a rant.Thanks for reading.And yeah,this is how dumb I can be at times.

PS:I learnt to balance the laptop on my lap.

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tumblr staff posts really be like ✨😍 [recent holiday] 😍✨ while the notes are their royal subjects yelling at them for site features

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you ever stalk somehow non deactivated accounts that made a controversial addition to a popular post before

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Prendo una strada che non so dove mi porta

Mille domande senza neanche una risposta

Sembra strano, ma è come un viaggio e sono solo

Non so dove sei e dove sono.

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