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//Happy Halloween Ghouls and Banshees.

Anyway first of two,maybe three costumes I will finish of her today depending on my mood.

So I always wanted to do something like: “Sleeping beauty instead of saved by prince ,raises from dead sleep like a cursed maybe undead vengful knight and starts to cause shit on her travel to avenge herself as part of Maleficent magic is thetered to her..

Or in short you can call this edgey  Aurora to keep it simple. And yes this is how Vesna will wait for you to give you candy and sword is just in case a certain Halloween slasher wants to cause shit.

This both works as her bodypainting for hours and also making Sleeping beauty wig more , messy.

ok to reblog.

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Belated Day 29! I took a break yesterday and earlier today after months of working really hard to meet midterm deadlines, and I’m FINALLY done!!! Now I gotta work on my end semester work lmao 😭 Another unnamed spoiler character today that I have very high hopes and ideas for [REDACTED] project lol. This isn’t her actual monster form (this is my first time drawing her and I’m still figuring out what she looks like), but it’s a nice first step to developing her more. Also yes: I did base this art off of “The Nightmare” and “Saturn Devouring His Son”, both terrifying pieces of art that somehow are memes now LMAO 😂 Tomorrow’s Halloween, and I can’t wait to close this years art challenge and watch Halloweenie movies~~~ 🦷🧠🥩

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