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#tumblr experience
invioletswithyou · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
As I near 200,000 followers here at fishingboatproceeds, I just wanted to to say…
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storyweaverofgondor · 16 days ago
Does anyone else have these mutuals you just feel so lucky you’ve gotten the chance to know? Cause there are people on here i just feel so lucky I’ve gotten the chance to know!
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burningblake · a month ago
as much as you refuse to accept it, tumblr etiquette is a thing.
let me clear out a fact for you, tumblr isn't twitter, posts aren't necessarily an invitation for debate and argument.
tumblr is first and foremost fangirl land, which means most people come here seeking a safe haven to immerse themselves in their favorite things and forget reality for a second.
now when you, with your ignorance and stupidity, go and tag the wrong things, that post is going to breach someone's safe haven. people are forced to look at stuff they didn't ask for because you shove them in their face by using the tag they would supposedly browse for comfort. no it's not "the internet experience" and no, no one should "learn to accept criticism and look past negative posts". this ain't met gala, someone's taste and favorite piece of media is not something that's up for you to criticize here.
there's a way to use this website and if you can't understand that, twitter is right there, go and flex that energy and come back when you've learned to play nice with the other kids at this playground
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cloverhighfive · 4 months ago
Actually posting on tumblr is not like screaming into the void.
It’s like screaming in a dark af room full of ppl (- or not? Schrödinger crowd?)
What you said was heard. By everyone? By no one? By a few? And you don’t know who.
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eden-dum · a month ago
having moots who are also moots is rereading the same post in your dash a million times
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Look block people, blacklist their blog or common tags, do it
I honest to god have black listed a blog name in my filtering because the image they use as their pfp freaks me out and I have bad anxiety/paranoia at night
I’ve black listed a blog name for a single post because the content scares me
I’ve blocked entire blogs because they have had one post that’s rude or annoying to me
Sometimes I block people because I don’t like the content they like but don’t reblog because it seems iffy
And you know what? I genuinely enjoy my tumblr feed. Like I can come on here and enjoy what comes on my dash pretty much every time and I save myself from the anxiety at night
So do it, block those tumblrs even if they haven’t “done anything wrong” or blacklist that name because they have one post that bothers you. Enjoy your tumblr experience, this site is voluntary and it shouldn’t stress you out
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local-seraph · 6 months ago
I diagnose us all with Stupid Sundrome.
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hilli98215 · 2 months ago
Not to sound dumb, but is anyone else having trouble with the quick reblog and quick queue on mobile?
Considering everything else with this hellsite, I'm not surprised at this point.
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seeyouonswings · 7 months ago
Dead inside of me brings to life
It is perplexing how the leaves decay in portions,
As in there is a rotten part to it while the rest is new,
I wonder if that is what is too with us, 
We lose as we grow old, not just physically but also the dreams, to be experienced experiences, and those fascinating things we often thought of. 
But don’t grow all teary just yet, with all this in the past there comes a calmness, content and comfort in knowing that ‘meh that party would be like any other, or those expensive heels will still hurt.’
I wonder if it is good or bad, albeit new leaves replaces the old be it life or grass. But does the heart of the tree, aches a little bit, for those which have fallen because they are ones that are gone forever? 
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Shout-out to the silent readers. Those people who view posts on this or other blogs but have left no likes and no other traces of passing through. I see you, y'all are valid as heck. Thank you for being here. <3
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fancytrinkets · a month ago
on here like “ahhh, yes, hi, hello! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” but then 2 minutes later the update, like “no wait, sorry... crawling back into my safe, dark little dungeon, thank you for visiting we are CLOSED.”
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storyweaverofgondor · 2 months ago
Sometimes it hits me that i think the people on here look like their icons. Like literally. Like @whitmerule is 100% a giant golden rabbit just going about their life and @skimblyshanks looks like Skimbleshanks from the neck up (Like those pictures of the actors in makeup and wigs but just dressed in normal clothes otherwise) and @statisticalcats is a 2019 Tantomile and Stage Demeter hybrid.
And i just stare off into the middle distance for a minute wondering what even is my brain. Then i shrug and go about my day because duh! of course that’s what they look like!
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bobthebuilder-icantfixit · 2 months ago
The Tumblr experience is scrolling slowly when you’re in public just in case someone you’re following decided to post/reblog porn
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under-c-onstruction · 6 months ago
i am twenty five and sneaking out of a party to go on tumblr. girls, it gets better but some things stay the same
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brandon-the-terrible · 3 months ago
Big part of the Tumblr Experience™ is following a blog that looks perfectly innocent and then they turn out to be a raging bigot
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Real Tumblr experience is following the blog of a real life friend, being followed back, and having them write to you, two years later, "WAIT YOU ARE YOU?!?!".
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mooniyaa · 3 months ago
Well well well, supernatural is trending. Again. Please Tumblr, let it die now don't keep digging it up again and again but that's the entire premise of the show, isn't it? Digging up dead things.
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hilli98215 · 4 months ago
Don't mind me. I'm just vibing to my own beat.
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