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#tumblr fuckery
brennacedria2 hours ago
Sometimes I'll scroll through my posts hidden by Tumblr for being inappropriate and just laugh. These are my two favorites, for however long this post lasts before also being blocked
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean yeah, Jamie Bamber's arms are kinda explicit but... An FF sale on Steam? XI is so punishing that it's a masochist's dream, sure, but you can't tell that from here 馃榿
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jaysworlds6 hours ago
has anyone else been getting an influx of porn bots recently? feels like ive been blocking them every couple of days
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hello-nichya-here14 hours ago
You guys ever look at someone being hypocritical and/or stupid, consider mocking them for it in a post, and then just think聽鈥淭oo easy鈥?
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hello-nichya-herea day ago
It鈥檚 really sad and fucking infuriating how many people on this shitty website claim to be聽鈥渢olerant鈥 and 鈥渙nly want what鈥檚 best for others鈥, yet will constantly bully, harass, even threat other users for the smallest, most innocent things.
It鈥檚 even worse when they use actual important movements (like queer/LGBT rights or campains against abuse, especially of children) as excuses to do horrible shit to people who, 9 times out of 10, are part of the group they claim to be speaking for.
鈥淥h, you have a gender/sexual identity I don鈥檛 understand? Get back in the closet, you freak! I鈥檓 definitively not acting like any homophobe would by claiming your existence is somehow harmfull to our comunity鈥
Oh, you you consume dark media and like problematic characters and ships? Get out of here you abuse apologist! It doesn鈥檛 matter that you鈥檙e a victim of abuse and that the characters I鈥檓 trying to protect don鈥檛 even exist! I鈥檓 using important words I don鈥檛 know the meaning of, so I鈥檓 right! Think of the children! The other children! You don鈥檛 count!鈥
Seriously, thank God this website is fucking dead, because if it were as big as it used to be it would be an even worse nightmare than it already is.
Just fucking leave people alone, you assholes.
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mastreworlda day ago
I'll be posting my poetry on Dreamwidth for now. If I can find a way to circumvent the formatting problem I'll post it here as well.
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quilleth4 days ago
*Why* the fuck am I now starting to get notifications in my activity tab when someone I follow posts...this isn't Facebook you stop that right now Tumblr! If you start even *thinking* about algorithms and non chronological posting order there will be a rebellion
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rosepetalwings10 days ago
i cannot bELIEVE that rouxls mii is getting more attention in a shorter amount of time than any one of my dessertrune designs djsgdks
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the-spooky-lee11 days ago
All right, for part one... (slowly drags nails down your back and then back up, taking almost a full minute. Then drags them down again with the fingers wiggling up and down. And finally, I blow three raspberries right between your shoulder blades) Did you enjoy that?
*squeals and shrieks, laughing loudly. I figure it's better to be honest or it gets worse* Y-yehehes, ahaha little!
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murkierwords13 days ago
Tumblr media
DAKOTA is the disgraced daughter of the prestigious Wu family. After years of unfilial behaviour and a disastrous event that broke the camel鈥檚 back, Dakota is exiled from Singapore to a remote all-girls catholic boarding school in the UK during her adolescence and has been stuck in the dreary island ever since.
Now, an apathetic salesperson working day-to-day for a pay-check all while getting nagged by the only person from her family willing to talk to her, Dakota feels as though her life is nothing but static robotic motions and swirls of grey. That is until her old friend from university introduces her to Body Count. The next thing she knows Dakota finds herself taking an impromptu leave from her monotonous work and is impatiently waiting for the interviewer.
Desperate for a change of scenery with the added chance of winning mad cash (and to feel something again aside from deeply repressed shame and anger), Dakota鈥檚 off to either worm her way into the hearts of the contestants and audience or die trying.
Metaphorically, of course.
The picrew used to make this is OC is done by @ummmmandy鈥. Go check out their art!
This OC is my MC from the interactive fiction Body Count, written by @bodycountgame! Check it out if you like dating shows and murder mysteries.
Or click down here to read more about her!
NAME.聽 聽Dakota Wu聽 聽/聽 聽Wu Lin Jie.
AGE.聽 聽Twenty-seven ( 27 ) years old.
PRONOUNS.聽 聽Her / She.
IN IT FOR鈥β 聽What caught her attention, at first, was using any excuse to get out of her monotonous job. But what really made her apply was the prize money. With that kind of cash, who gives a flying shit if she鈥檚 a stain to society?
POTENTIAL LOVE INTEREST(S).聽聽 Imogen. Nyra. Arthur.
Openness. 75%
Dakota has always been one for adventures and trying out new things. She鈥檚 usually very curious and, more often than not, open to new things she can experience. Especially, if it means she can her adrenaline pumping.
Conscientiousness. 28%
Dakota鈥檚 never been one to be careful. She鈥檚 consistently impulsive and not really a forward thinker. The future is a vague and ambiguous thing in her mind. And, she鈥檇 rather through caution to the wind and just do things to get things done. So, it鈥檚 not that hard to see how Dakota managed to be financially fucked right after getting her degree.
Extraversion. 39%
This is more beaten into her as the years go by. Dakota used to be the outgoing kind but it had never really served her as well as she thought it would. When she was younger, she would yap on without any thought and care and that would always end up biting her in the ass. As grew older, these words became more true: Hell is other people.
Agreeableness. 60%
Despite all her dislike of other people, Dakota is generally a friendly person. And even as the years go by, she can never let her habit of helping a stranger with a small task go. What luck, she鈥檚 an unfortunate little do-gooder.
Neuroticism. 43%
For most of Dakota鈥檚 life, she has never been one to let negative experiences wholly colour her entire world. And while Dakota is (and, she thinks she will forever be) bitter about her past, she tries to not let it affect her too deeply. She doesn鈥檛 really like to examine her emotions or feelings too deeply and instead has a tendency to compartmentalise her emotions. This usually leads her actively seeking out some sort of misguided stoicism (having a stiff upper lip had always been a popular thing within the Wu family- guess Dakota couldn鈥檛 really escape that) or do something new and exciting to stimulate her brain from actually reflecting.
Promiscuous / Committed
Dakota is in this to win it- well, kind of. She鈥檚 planning on, at least, winning through the highest body count since she doesn鈥檛 really believe you can find true love in a month. Much less find someone who鈥檒l pretend to follow the couple鈥檚 act, and is good at tricking the audience and everyone else with her. So, she鈥檚 planning to bring out her old charm and tricks since she鈥檚 free to play the game. It鈥檚 her logical conclusion that she came up with and, hey, it鈥檚 been a while since she had any action.
Comedic / Serious
A bit of playful banter never really hurt anyone. And Dakota鈥檚 not really the type to be all serious when she鈥檚 around people. That screams vulnerability and she鈥檇 rather throw her own family to the hyenas than have an in-depth conversation about鈥 ugh, her feelings. Though, Dakota understands there is a time and place for everything; she can be serious when it totally suits her. But all the same, having a joking persona makes her feel protected in a way that reminds her of high school and if smiling can force out dopamine from her brain then you can bet your ass that she鈥檒l give you a mega-watt smile to feel something.
Bold / Reserved
Dakota has never been one to fade from the background. She likes to assert herself and make her presence known- she鈥檚 wasn鈥檛 the popular kid for nothing, y'know? And if a show where she can get attention and not be reprimanded for it by a vaguely intimidating authoritative figure that won鈥檛 tank her funds? Well, yes, please sign her up for that. Aside from that, Dakota has the mindset that she needs to be bold to win the game. Even when she hates surrounding herself with people, she鈥檚 willing to bring attention to herself if it means she鈥檒l win the prize money.
Honest / Manipulative
From what she learned so far, her honesty has always been getting her into trouble ever since she was small. Hence, her tendency for鈥 little white lies. Okay, maybe not so little. And maybe very big lies that come from trust issues and wanting to get what she wants from years of never getting it. Listen, Dakota鈥檚 just trying to survive and win. If that means hiding her true intentions and opinions from others, then so be it. She鈥檚 a manipulative little shit.
Friendly / Hostile
Being friendly comes easy to Dakota. While she thinks she needs to be friendly and charming towards others because it鈥檒l make getting things she wants easier, it is also a principle-type thing as well. Dakota has always lived 鈥榯reat others how you want them to treat you鈥. Well, as best as she can anyway.
Eyes.聽 聽Deep dark brown that borders onto black.
Hair.聽聽 Original colour: ebony black. Dyed it platinum blonde. Wavy texture. Thick. Cut short, up to her chin. Though, her side bangs are kept long up until it reaches her shoulders.
Build.聽 聽Short, 5'2". Lean and toned.
Distinguishing features.聽聽 A splatter of freckles across her face only. Her聽eyebrows are not dyed, creating a sharp contrast with her platinum blonde hair.
Fashion style.聽 聽Arty.
HOBBIES.聽聽 reading. writing. running. kick-boxing. aikido. pub-crawling. online shopping. playing dungeons & dragons.
LIKES.聽 聽books; murder mysteries, comedies, adventurous fantasy. movies; dramedies, thriller. podcasts; actual play d&d, true crime. sweet and sour food. sweet alcoholic drinks. the beach in spring. cozy libraries. flowers.
DISLIKES.聽 聽computer science (while she will actively say she hates it, it鈥檚 definitely a love-hate relationship). her twin brother. being in a crowd. texting. overly friendly & touchy strangers. cramped spaces. hell is other people.
Singaporean-born Chinese, Dakota grew up in the bustling capital.
Technically, Dakota is the youngest in her family. She has an older sister and a twin brother, who is, unfortunately, a few minutes older than her.
Unlike the rest of her siblings, Dakota did not like the more academically heavy subjects (such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, etc.) and actively showed her dislike for them. Instead, she was more sports and the arts- she found joy in doing martial arts, Aikido and Kick-boxing in particular, and creative writing. As a result, she has a strained relationship with her parents, they marked her as a difficult child.
As a child, Dakota was boisterous, loud, and had no filter from her thoughts to her mouth. While she would soon grow out of this habit, it proved to earn the ire of her parents as it went against their image-obsessed and controlling nature.
Having this ill-repute, her brother was given the title of the Golden Child while her older sister was given the role of being the protector/guardian, responsible for doing chores within the household and setting a good example amongst her younger siblings. This also meant trying to reign in younger Dakota鈥檚 antics.
Dakota developed a crush on her childhood best friend as she grew up. She kept it a secret as she was afraid their friendship will turn to tatters. Though, despite it being one-sided, Dakota was happy and enjoyed their platonic relationship together. That is until her brother showed up and ruined everything.
During her final years in Secondary School, Dakota was caught in a physical altercation with her twin brother. Dakota, being the more athletic one, won the fight easily and seriously injured her brother and it resulted in him being sent to the hospital. This fight had resulted in Dakota being outed to her parents and community that her sexual and romantic preferences included girls. She was sent to an all-girls catholic boarding school in the UK, essentially exiled and shunned from her family. Dakota was told to stay away from Singapore and her parents would fund her education, when she graduated they would cut her off and leave her to fend for herself in the UK.
Her time in boarding school lead her to lash out more, believing that it will gain her family鈥檚 attention. It did not. True to their word, when Dakota graduated out of Sixth Form, she was left only with her saving funds, and her family- with the exception of her sister- cut off all contact with her.
Dakota used her savings to enroll into University, taking a Creative Writing course with the optimistic hope that this is a new start for her and that she鈥檒l finally be able to pursue her passions without judgment or being belittled for it. After graduating, Dakota attempted to be a self-published author but as there wasn鈥檛 any luck. As the years passed by, her savings grew smaller and that forced her to finally find work as a temporary sales representative. She hated it.
A few years later, Dakota鈥檚 career path is shaky at best and objectively bad at worst. Dakota couldn鈥檛 hold a permanent job and, instead, jumped from one office to another and always as a temporary worker. Life has worn her down to the husk of who she used to be and now she keeps her mouth shut and only smiles when it serves her.
For a while now, Dakota is slowly growing to be an alcoholic.
Has a tendency to hide her true intentions without any actual ill will. It just kind of happens most of the time, a habit she picked up while growing up. Which results in her giving a white lie here or there.
Dakota knows how to play the cello due to her mother鈥檚 insistence.
Dakota definitely has it bad for Imogen. Like, really bad.
Dakota is an introvert- she鈥檚 more likely to do something reckless or be easily irritated if she doesn鈥檛 get her me time. Like, reading on her own, bundled up in a warm blanket with hot cocoa by her side.
Currently, D&D deprived and looking for a group to GM. She thinks Body Count might be a good place to try to recruit people to play with her.
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lyumia020216 days ago
omg your pfp changed for the first time in years congratulations
I literally sat here thinking "it couldn't have been that long" and now I feel both old and seen agjfjdkf
Tumblr media
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di0s-library16 days ago
mm i鈥檝e officially reached 30+ drafts
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wombathos17 days ago
stunning amount of porn bots followed me while I was off tumblr, glad to see they鈥檙e still doing their thing
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jaysworlds18 days ago
Tumblr media
i hate this
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latent-thoughts18 days ago
Wow Tumblr, way to go with the ads. Getting that target audience real good (I'm disabled).
Tumblr media
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elfyourmother19 days ago
no reblobs ffs
but I mean I have been on this hellsite for the better part of a decade at this point and have seen with my own 2 eyes the same what about the children disk horse about pride every single summer. with the same log cabin republican arguments about ~deviants~ making respectable queers look bad being made. verbatim
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feelmyroarrrr20 days ago
Well that's a new glitch, I click on a table notification and it says it doesn't exist, but if I go thro search the post is on the blog
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leestillyeetschappal23 days ago
My father looked up what tumblr was and it said that, tumblr is a dark site with sexual content
like shut up google! my father will not let me be here shut up!
there is sexual content and it is dark but who allowed you to tell people that? huh?
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non-bird-nary26 days ago
anytime i see an ad on tumblr it always looks like a shitpost
example: this fuckery
Tumblr media
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