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#tumblr memes
noemiehheh · 18 hours ago
Joe in the end of you season 3 be like:
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fantasmalresplendent · 6 months ago
when a giant cargo container gets stuck in an egyptian canal blocking off 10% of world trade, everyone is like "wow that sucks I guess," but tumblr users pounce like rabid wolves on that shit like
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ironwoman359 · 7 months ago
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[image description: bugs bunny in a tuxedo on a black background, next to white text that reads “i wish all Blogs that I accidentally follow while scrolling on mobile that I immediately unfollow again a very pleasant evening.” /end ID]
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marcyshairclip · 3 months ago
around a year ago i had a dream that buford from phineas and ferb came out to me as a trans man.
in honor of that i immediately made this and thought i should share it here:
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[ID: A blurry photo of Buford from Phineas and Ferb with the text: "Buford says trans rights" next to a trans flag/end ID]
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inkedbutch · a year ago
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tumblr’s search feature is great
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sticky-tree · 6 months ago
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lilisouless · 16 days ago
Squid Game: shows person dying and leaving a trail of blood in a slide
My mom: that´s horrifying
My mind: "don't say that slide belongs to a children´s hospital, don't say that slide belongs to a children hospital"
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