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medeamybeloved · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this whole situation is very funny
credit to @cryptvokeeper for the idea!
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mandaloriandragontrainer · a month ago
I can’t believe that February 2022 Tumblr resurgence post was only off by two months.
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the-specters-stag · 2 months ago
Telling all the new people to get off tumblr is just us on a porch in a rocking chair yelling "Get off my dash" at the kids playing on our tumblr lawn
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unabashed-unbothered · a month ago
I know we're all joking about the migration but using tumblr again and completely deleting tiktok from my phone has genuinely made me want to harm myself less.
This is not a joke. Being on tiktok constantly made me hate my body, hate my face, hate myself in general; feel guilty, feel angry, feel endlessly frustrated with no real means to outlet it. I felt broken, I felt alone, and i felt disgusting because I couldn't be the same as the people on screen.
People often say text based social media bad smth smth it's cause they hide their face! Hate themselves smth smth. Let me tell you this, I have felt infinitely more pretty when I've seen poetry on my dash each day, I have felt much more sexy looking at silly text post memes, and I have felt peace of mind no longer feeling as though everything j do will be scrutinised by potentially thousands.
I just rlly hope that like, the migration doesn't ruin that.
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qishyliatrashdisplay · 2 months ago
Ok so I just opened Tumblr and apparently people from twitter are "migrating".
This may sounds stupid but I'm scared of the future discourse that will happen here.Twitter had a lot more toxicity than tumblr.I hope toxic users don't cause troubles here.
Also Tumblr doesn't have any "official" or "verified" blogs here and I like to keep it that way.Idk why I feel like mentioning that.
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candicoated · a month ago
Me with Tumblr and Twitter at the same time: Im playing both sides, so I always come out on top.
Welcome back everyone.
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theemotionalrobot · a month ago
Can I just say love when you post something years ago on here and you think “ah no one but me cares but that’s ok” and then suddenly like 6 years later you get a like.
Love those vibes 💕
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sodaparker · a month ago
istg im gonna lose it if people from twitter come to tumblr just bc elon musk bought it
it might be a cess pool but its OUR cess pool !
keep out ! scram !
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mildbarking · a month ago
Posting it over here too since I feel more ppl should see it:
I think people who have only used tumblr as their main social media should get off their high horse dndnd this site is the origin of cringe in the 2010s I’m pretty sure people who have fun making silly tiktoks in cosplay or some guy tweeting about Fate Grand Order isn’t gonna tank the quality any lower.
ALSO a point my friend made: everyone acting like those who come over are some teenage zoomer who have only had one social media?? A good chunk of ppl who use twitter come from tumblr, my own blog is turning 10 this year and everyone I know who uses twitter also has a blog here y’all are Social Media cousins dshhjfbff
Anyway stop treating this place like a secret club this site has its own issues with homophobia, transphobia, racism, arguments, and anything else y’all claim is only on other sites
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assigned-boyking-at-birth · 2 months ago
So glad that tumblr is my media of choice because if I ever had to genuinely and unironically type out “🥣dèlëter” I would literally shit and throwup
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surohsopsisofclouds · a month ago
hey @new people migrating into Tumblr: don't like reblogging art to your main account but know you need to stimulate the app so people can actually see the cool art you just found?
Make a side blog!
ours is @htaed-reverof and we made it literally just so we could reblog a ton of cool art, writing, memes, random posts we're too lazy to tag, and anything else! sometimes we tag things on there, mostly we don't.
either way it stimulates the app and shows more people the neat thing you found so other people can enjoy it too, and if you really want to, it can act as an archive of those things as well, since once they're on your blog, even if the original post gets deleted you still have a copy of it.
anywaves yeah have fun, follow people that post stuff you enjoy to fill up your dash, and reblog said stuff to fill up other people's dashes and make many people happy.
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the-nothing-bagel · a month ago
So apparently with the Elongated Muskrat taking over twitter, twitter people stated coming here? I just got here from pm seymour’s tumblr videos on YouTube and a struggle against social anxiety. Did I come at a bad time? I’m not associated with those “people” from twitter.
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sleepygrrl · a month ago
Tumblr media
I want these mf off my hellsite. Yall aren't welcome, leave before it's to late.
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werkraum-a · a month ago
Tumblr media
Twitter or not Twitter – is that the question?
Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter, to secure the freedom of speech. He also wants to make the operating modes of algorithms transparent to show, how and why deletion of content or blocking of access happens.
Here, the issue is one of power and money. And the market of published opinion means no exception to that. We take it for granted that internet services are apparently mainly for free while great companies make enormous profits. We keep cool when super-rich get dominance on public opinion. To pay a high price for Twitter although the company makes small profits is astounding.
Giant corporations offer amazing services and benefit from almost hidden exploitation of user data.
Data sovereignty has been transferred to the tech-giants without real necessity and we won’t get it back comprehensively. A central request should be the transparent usage of data and the possibility for users to get control and to capitalize on their own data. As a private investor, Elon Musk will execute these claims for Twitter. We are curious to see how that will work.
In the scope of my project "Aktuelles Alphabet des populären Wahnsinns", german for: "Current alphabet of mainstream madness" I produced the image Data Octopus (4 of 26). You can see aspects of great fun and loss of control while the magnificent buildings of several corporate headquarters form the bachground. The 26 large-format images (C-Prints, 120x90cm or 60x45cm) are available at Werkraum_A
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lesbian-revolt · a month ago
I’ve gotta admit since returning to tumblr I’ve laughed a lot more
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ashtraysystem · a month ago
Tumblr media
kinda sussy twitter 👀
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rose-writes-shit · 2 months ago
Stop sending more people to tumblr theres not enough parking :/
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tblrtwt · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
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kingjinxii · 3 years ago
Let’s Talk About Mastodon!
So now that Tumblr is going through the crapper, it’s time to read the writing on the wall and start talking about alternatives.
Mastodon is the one I’ve tried the most and I like it a lot so let me tell you what it’s all about!
What is Mastodon?
Mastodon is like Twitter: it’s a short-form social media network. For each “toot” you have 500 characters.
What sets it apart is that instead of being thrown into a sea of hundreds of millions of users, it lets you start by picking an “instance” to join.
What are instances?
They’re like communities or neighborhoods. Each has its own set of rules, and moderators and admins to enforce them. Each user is also identified by their instance, like an email address. So if user ILoveDogs was joining the basic server @mastadon.social, their username would be [email protected]
But your friends aren’t limited to your instance! You can find users on the federated timeline, or search for hashtags or specific users.
There’s instances for everything, but let me talk about a few of the coolest ones.
Mastodon.social - The main instance, has 250,000+ users. It’s mostly general, and allows all content that follows the code of conduct. It’s HUGE and I wouldn’t recommend it if your interests are more niche.
Niu.moe - My instance! If you love anime and gaming, or basically anything to do with Japanese pop culture, this may be the instance for you. It doesn’t allow underage depictions of sex (photos or drawings), or harassment of any one person or group. NSFW must be hidden.
Sunbeam.city - A Socialist instance with a solarpunk theme. It’s relatively small, but fairly active. If you’re an activism blogger or love nature, you might fit right in. They explicitly disallow Nazis and fascists and sexual harassment, and believe in transparency with their members.
Queer.party - An instance surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. They have a friendly and considerate staff that encourages tagging triggers and reporting content that goes against their rules.
Witches.live - This instance focuses on witchcraft and has a very welcoming community that also really loves memes. They’re smaller, but if you’re a witch, then you’ll fit in right away.
This is only a small section of the instances on Mastodon. And if you can’t find one you like, you’re free to make your own!
Each instance also has a federated timeline, which also you to see and interact with users from instances your instance approves of. So if catsarebetter.meow doesn’t like dogsarebetter.woof, you won’t see posts from the dogsarebetter.woof instance’s members.
What other features are there?
Your icon can be a .gif!
Custom emojis in each instance
Censoring your posts with trigger warnings that require a click to view
Easy blocking of NSFW content
It’s all open source!
What are you waiting for?
Sign up at JoinMastodon.org today!
(And don’t forget to tag your #introduction post with #tumblrmigration so we can find you!)
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erkana · 3 years ago
wait a minute
today is dave strider’s birthday. 
tumblr announced it’s banning porn, in response to the much-despised plethora of pornbots spawned in recent months. 
remember this quote? 
Tumblr media
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