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#tumblr poetry
jonismitchell · a day ago
Rome is burning.
Rome is burning and I am watching from the hill, My head tilted to the side as if the fires are just A simple surge of autumn through the air, decor For the wasteland. A lock of hair comes to Obscure the city from my gaze as it combusts.
But this is not Rome. I am not a soldier. And this is a love story.
You look at me like you’re coming home from the war, Hands worn down by calluses and chest worn out by Terrors you won’t even touch. And I am beside you, Touching the glass door that separates us, writing Confessions in the fog, reaching to you before the frost.
There we were, in a dark theatre with the only words Repetitive, unrequited, presumptuous dreams; and You looked at me as she said ‘I love you’ on the screen, And I want that to mean something. I want to dance in Front of the yellow line without my lips burning.
Look. I am the thing that must hold. I am the thing that Will not hold. I am standing in front of you in front of the Train tracks, and there are so many things caught in my Throat that I can’t say anything at all. This is fragile, and The current of change is hurtling in to the station.
Winter’s chill is coating our skin and bones with maddening pinpricks of stagnancy that wring their hands as they bite. I am Escaping the dark room and the knob is burning my hands. One door to the promised land, one door to the Slowest disband, one door to a void of—void of—unease.
The truth is I don’t know what the door opens to.
Trembling, I held a rose of safety and grew my own thorns, Wandered around a maze with the thread you brought me Tangling in my weary hands. My own affections are the last Traitor; the eye of the storm that threatens ruin. A long time Ago I wrote I liked you but that I couldn’t break us. It holds true—
But I light the match anyway.
After all, Rome isn’t burning. Only I am.
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origami-houses · 2 days ago
To tell you the truth,
what I really craved
was to be loved so much
that I didn't need to be perfect.
I just didn't know
that love
had to come from within.
- G.L. Angelone
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definegodliness · a month ago
Beautiful is just a word
She was sweet She was dear She was always She was near She was heaven She was good She was the fountain of youth She was fire She was rain She was love She was pain She was rhyme She was reason She was metamorphosis She was every season She was intricate She was magic She was bliss She was tragic She was suave She was smooth She was electro-magnetic She was mind-bogglingly cute She was dancing She was joy She was life She was coy She was passion She was rage She was a woman She was undulating waves She was dominance She was submission She was imagination She was wild romance She was truth She was music She was rhythm She was everything She was creation She was godly She was God She was funny She was hot She was horny She was delirium She was a moment of clarity She was gravitation She was push She was pull She was wanderlust She was soulful She was wonder-filled She was intricacy She was overkill She was stubborn She was impatient She was ecstasy She was an angel She was care She was there She was mystery She was a major cock tease She was insightful She was hurt She was convalescence She was earth She was sun She was moon She was a better world She was just a girl
--- 8-10-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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on healing
lorde, “stoned at the nail salon” || chantal horeis ||ellen bass, “the thing is” || tumblr user burials || phoebe bridgers, “garden song” || jean-paul sartre, “nausea” || tumblr user 8rujaa
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memoryslandscape · 2 months ago
Night breathed the hollow smoke of longing,
Karla A., “untitled“, July 2020
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bookishventure · 3 months ago
"Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand."
- Sylvia Plank
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definegodliness · 3 months ago
I don’t mind
People come and go Sometimes as lovers, posed They feed me sugared words And sweeten life a while They lie I don't mind This is all borrowed time Like a dream after hitting The snooze button
--- 7-8-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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origami-houses · 20 days ago
I made a mistake,
and it haunted me
from the very first moment that I made it.
I replayed every torturous second
in the hope that
enough remorse,
and regret,
would undo the deed.
But of course,
it never did.
I could only simmer in my
self-inflicted agony.
- G.L. Angelone
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