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akutibutenshi · 3 months ago
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staff · 3 months ago
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We were all set to have a little fun with this announcement—a trip to the mall, goblins, accordion music. But *gestures broadly at everything*. So, instead, here’s the short and to-the-point version for you:
You may already know that Tumblr recently turned 15. That’s mainly thanks to you. We’re commemorating this with a limited edition merch run. Head over to the Tumblr Shop for hats, tees, totes, and patches that celebrate things we’ve all enjoyed along the way (aka, pizza and aliens).
Thanks for fifteen years of good times, Tumblr. Stay weird and stay safe <3
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ridiculouslylongusername · 14 days ago
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tommy-wambsgans · 16 days ago
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Steal her look! :)
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abraxas-calibrator · 3 months ago
the tumblr shop is so funny to me like. i get why they need money but the designs are so bizarre to me. who would ever brag about being on tumblr. what does pizza have to do with tumblr if not referencing the demise of tumblr user pizza. there's just some lumpy alien
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peabrainedpixie · 3 months ago
u guys these new tumblr merch designs are crazy!!!
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astronauticall · 3 months ago
not selling shoelaces as part of the tumblr merch is such a missed opportunity
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zuko-being-weird · 3 months ago
Really, tumblr?
Tumblr is opening up a store, and they missed the PERFECT chance to sell the weirdest things ever.
A horse plinko game.
A t-shirt with a ps5
A scrinkly animal plushie
A live slug reaction baseball cap ( or a bucket hat, idk)
I mean, I like the alien, it’s like, my blorbo from Tumblr, but still
Edit: This post has the most likes out of all my posts. WHY
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nihongo · 3 months ago
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Tumblrの皆さん、15年間、楽しい時間をありがとう! これからも引き続き、Tumblrをお楽しみください <3
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badjershark · 3 months ago
I can't believe Tumblr released a store, AND THEY DON'T EVEN SELL FUCKING TUMBLERS!!!
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Whoever's in charge of marketing over here is an absolute doofus. Like sure, somebody will buy a shirt that says "Tumblr, it's a thing"
But you get one of these fucking cup things????
Tumblr media
Hold on, hold on a second!
Tumblr media
This... this would sell out
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ilajue · 3 months ago
man I know we need to throw some money at this stupid website so we dont have to move to Twitter but like
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really ?? this is all they've got ???
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wip · 3 months ago
Have you considered making tumblr merch? I would buy actual tumblr merch.
Greetings, @glacia-posts!
Your wish is our command. Come meet us at the mall and grab a hat or a tee or a sweater or a patch.
Have a good day 👽
��Jess (Tumblr Marketing)
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lostinmcyt · 3 months ago
they should've made shoelaces
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reputayswift · 3 months ago
Tumblr Shop where is the tumblrina hat. the #prev mug. the “ask me about my mutuals” novelty tee
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frxstguardian · 3 months ago
is everyone else seeing the tumblr shop banner too or am i hallucinating
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sam-the-moth · 3 months ago
You know, I genuinely thought that the Tumblr shop would have some really weird shit but it's so... normal. That ain't Tumblr shop, that's Shop Shop.
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kae-karo · a month ago
Tumblr media
now drop the shoelaces, cowards
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strawbeb · 3 months ago
why is there a tumblr shop now. why are you trying to sell me tumblr merchandise. you are literally asking me to pay money for the hat equivalent of putting a sticky note on my back that says ‘kick me’
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pqr32hi · a month ago
Tumblr should hire me
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tiger-in-the-flightdeck · 3 months ago
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What fresh hell is this?
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