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are you kidding me with this BS? I use the tumblr WEBSITE for a reason. and that reason is it’s not the f*cking APP!!!! I don’t want a stuck header that just sits there taking up screen real estate!
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citrusella-flugpucker · 8 hours ago
Dislike the Stranger Things/Upside Down ad? Wanna get rid of it?
((I’ve quickly created a userstyle that gets rid of the Stranger Things content not currently being effectively hidden by New XKit or XKit Rewritten (excluding the upside down tabbed header thing on the dash because I forgot that was here because I hid it with some personal CSS last week and also that will eat more into the other 20 minutes of this hour of wanting to do something else that I wasted two thirds of doing this).
XKit (New and Rewritten) seems to hide the traditional in-dash line banner ad for it, so this style simply hides the clock and fixes the logo and makes no other changes. It was created fast and barely tested so there may be something it doesn’t yet cover.
Also, everybody knows the Fresh Prince New XKit extension is the only good upside down
But seriously no hate if you’re into Stranger Things, I just simply personally have no interest
If you want to install it, it’s called “Take Tumblr Back to the Rightside Up” and is available on UserStyles.world and GreasyFork (the latter is importing from the former so their code is identical).
Have fun with that. XP
This is tagged with some related tags to try to get as many eyes on it as I can figure out.))
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staffs-secret-blog · 3 months ago
We actually have been trying to sell your info but it's all shit and no one wants it
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podcastwizard · 3 months ago
*taps a microphone* hey, uh, anyone see that new tumblr update where long posts are partially hidden? but when you click “expand” the posts aren’t even that long? yeah, heh, it looks like tumblr’s got the same definition of “long” that my ex-boyfriend did. *two drums and a cymbal fall from the ceiling and i am instantly killed*
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arsonwizard · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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pikaman-fan · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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soulswimmr · 6 months ago
Cannot WAIT for samsung’s next ad campaign being “if you download tumblr on our phones we’ll let you say #girl”
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agirlwithadiary · 6 months ago
Staff: watch your year in review uwu.
Staff: we spent a lot of time on it!
Staff: 🥺🥺🥺
Us: okay, where is it?
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ryles-comfort-room · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Not the weirdest containment breach I’ve seen I guess…
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la-bruja · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
oh my fucking god
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sleepycas · 4 months ago
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broosepayne · 3 months ago
Hey @staff
It’s not that I dislike other peoples’ tags, but I would like to use my own tags please and don’t want others’ tags defaulted on my reblogs.
Here are some reasons why:
1) Organization. Maybe something is tagged “flowers” but I don’t think the post should be tagged that on my blog, because “flowers” on my blog means something completely different.
2) On this site, tags are often used as a means of communication and this change makes it more difficult.
3) Sometimes I don’t agree with the previous tags and I don’t want to misrepresent myself, but I might accidentally reblog something with the previous tags.
4) Most importantly, and this will 100% impact the site:
People will not take the extra 2-10 seconds to delete the previous tags. They will just avoid reblogging if the tags are too long.
Edit: I guess this is just an iOS thing, for those who don’t know what’s going on. :/
Edit 2:
Tumblr media
Thanks @humans
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staffs-secret-blog · 2 months ago
Unfortunately due to budget cuts we're now reduced to 3 members of staff and a mop we painted eyes on
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magic-can · a month ago
Regarding what’s going on with staff, I’ve seen people think that our criticisms are just trying to get someone fired over certain pieces of media but like. that’s not really what this is about.
Radfems, fascists, and other scumbags are allowed to run around freely and harass people on this site without staff even thinking about doing something. Yet when someone says “hey supporting a TERF is bad and this person should know better” they immediately jump to silence that criticism. People are upset because it shows that staff clearly has the ability to take things down if they wanted, yet they do it to silence a genuine concern and not take down literal threats and hate speech.
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lance-alt · a year ago
[tumblr]: Okay, truth or dare?
bloggers: Truth
[tumblr]: How many hours have you slept this week?
bloggers: ...Dare
[tumblr]: Go to bed
bloggers: I’ve decided that I don’t like this game
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minniethemoocherda · 17 days ago
Tumblr wtf is this ad?!?!
Tumblr media
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pikaman-fan · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
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purpe · 3 months ago
list of thing that i think tumblr should sell in their new store
water bottles (tumblers)
empty notebooks/art books
a single plastic ball pit ball
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lucywrites02 · 2 months ago
Tumblr really did a great job this April fools. I loved the crabs, the widgets, the chaos. It was beautiful.
Now, @staff can we please get a knife button for Ides of March and a Caesar widget that runs all over the dashboard and we have to catch him and stab him to death?
That would be great 👉👈
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lantern-hill · 4 months ago
my favourite part of 2022 so far is tumblr staff's redemption arc
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