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postplus-protest · 5 days ago
Despite the fancy survey, changes to the UI and TOS reveal we’re getting the service in the future whether we want it or not. Obviously, Post+ is a terrible idea that is trying to bank revenue on user content. Unlike patreon or onlyfans, tumblr’s primary focus is on FAN content. The legality of this is NOT in the users favor and as the new tumblr TOS states, said users will be entirely liable for whatever legal matters arise.
Besides filling out the survey, it’s time to show tumblr we mean business and show our displeasure by hitting them where it hurts.
Ad revenue.
We’re proposing a 24 hour log off as phase one of this protest.
August 6th 2021
12 am Eastern Time (US)
4am UTC
5am BST/London
6am Central Europe Time
7am Moscow Standard Time
9:30 Indian Standard Time
12 noon Hong Kong Time/Australian Western
1:00 pm Japan Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Cental time
2:00 pm Australian Eastern Time
August 5th 2021
11pm Central Time (US)
10pm Mountain Time (US)
9pm Pacific Time (US)
So no posting, no queues, no likes, and no reblogs!
Like this post and share it AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. Use the hashtags #tumblrlogoff2021 or #postplusprotest on ANY and ALL social media.
Maybe, maybe not. It’s an attempt at doing SOMETHING.
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ok, so I never make posts like this, but I feel like I should let y'all know.
on august 6th, there will be a Tumblr blackout.
so as most of you know, Tumblr has tried making post plus a thing, and unfortunately, after all the surveys and posts we made against it, their making it a thing anyway.
so, another Tumblr user whom I forgot the name of, decided to make a point to Tumblr that we do not want, never wanted, nor needed, post+. and to make this point, we are gonna hit Tumblr where it hurts.
ad revenue
so, on august 6th, No one use Tumblr, this blackout, if I'm remembering right from the original post, will last 24 hours. please spread the word about this, make posts about this, do what you need to do to to make sure Tumblr plus doesn't become a thing.
mutuals, care to help out by making a post or reblogging the original post or this one?
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strawbeb · 6 days ago
if i wanted to be paid for my shitposts that contribute nothing to society i’d work at buzzfeed
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pomodoko · 6 days ago
List of things that would make Post+ more dangerous than its worth
Dear @staff, please rethink Post+ because of these reasons:
Tumblr is one of the last remaining websites where conversations and connection between people can be made freely without a paywall put between the users. Once you start making people pay just to connect, you will lose a large amount of user base to other sites, or you will condemn us to hopelessness and isolation.
A lot of the users here on Tumblr stay because they seek a different experience compared to other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. We don’t want to pay for content, especially when there are other better and more legitimate ways to support content creators, artists, writers, etc, existing on other platforms like Patreon, Ko-fi, and services like Paypal.
Talking about monetizing blogs/content creators on Tumblr, you run the risk of getting copyright strikes from larger media corporations. A large majority of Tumblr user create fan content for free and it will be dangerous for us if corporations found out that we’re monetizing existing IPs.
This will also mean that instead of treating Tumblr like what it’s supposed to be: a blogging platform for people with similar interests to connect, you’re starting to treat it as an exclusive money-maker.
To reiterate @/gayarsonist: This makes Tumblr unusable as "social" media and instead this site will just be another commodity where everyone is expected to be successful and promote their personal businesses and network and joylessly devote even more of their already limited free time to produce content for the sake of capitalism. We don’t want the grind nor the hustle here on this platform.
Staff, you had to make this post to ask other users from targeting and harassing the beta testers for having paywall up. Do you expect any outcomes other than this. We are unwelcoming of your changes and I’m sure Post+ members will be sooner blocked on sight than be paid.
Also the one function of Post+ where the user cannot block people who’ve subscribed to them is just a gateway to paid harassment. There are some truly nasty characters out there who would do anything to hurt people, and you’ve given them the power to do so just because you want to make money.
I think there are more important topics for you to focus on rather than monetizing this website, like focusing on how there’s been a boom in TERF rhetoric, fascists, and porn bots ever since the porn ban. Also, the search function is inherently unusable. Please look into fixing these things before trying to implement something new that would get a lot of users leaving.
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lemondoddle · 6 days ago
“look fanartists, now you can monetize your works with post+!”
Tumblr media
[I.D. an image of a character from red v.s. blue saying “Wait. That’s illegal.” end I.D.]
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Tumblr media
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cresentcube · 2 years ago
Look. I get it. I am one of the most dullest person in the entire universe when it comes to art and colors. I don't really get color theory, I just usually don't notice bad color design.
But look at me in the Eye, @staff, and tell me.
Tumblr media
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leeviathans · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Thanks @staff & @support for doing such a great job eliminating the inappropriate content on this site!!!
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support · 2 years ago
Updates to Tumblr’s Community Guidelines
Today we announced some big updates to our Community Guidelines and what kind of content is permitted on Tumblr. Adult content will no longer be allowed here. While we do not judge anyone for their desire to post, engage with, or view this stuff, it is time for us to change our relationship with it.
We expect you may have some questions on how this will affect you, and we’re here to make sure those questions get answered.
When does the new policy take effect?
Our new Community Guidelines will go into effect on December 17, 2018.
Newly uploaded content flagged as adult will no longer be allowed on Tumblr. We’ll also begin flagging and removing existing adult content with the ultimate goal of removing as much of it as we can.
What is considered adult content?
Adult content primarily includes photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts.
What is still permitted?
Examples of exceptions that are still permitted are exposed female-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments, and health-related situations, such as post-mastectomy or gender confirmation surgery. Written content such as erotica, nudity related to political or newsworthy speech, and nudity found in art, such as sculptures and illustrations, are also stuff that can be freely posted on Tumblr.
What about Safe Mode?
Our new policy negates the need for Safe Mode so this feature will no longer exist. These new policies are the same regardless of your age. Read more here.
My content was flagged, but I don't think it should be. What should I do?
If you feel that we have categorized your post incorrectly, you can appeal this decision with the form that was sent to you via email or use the button on the post in question. Please note that this process is only possible to complete on the web or with Tumblr app version 12.2 or higher.
Read more about how to review your content and appeal here.
What goes into classifying content as adult?
This work requires a mix of machine-learning classification and human moderation by our Trust & Safety team—the group of individuals who help moderate Tumblr. We’ve been expanding the team to handle the increased workload, and we will continue to expand as needed.
Computers are better than humans at scaling process—and we need them for that—but they’re not as good at making nuanced, contextual decisions. This is an evolving process for all of us, and we’re committed to getting this right. That’s why when you appeal a post we’ve marked as adult, it gets sent to a real, live human who will look it over with their real, live human eye(s).
Will I see any adult content on Tumblr after December 17, 2018?
Due to the technical challenges that come with moderation at scale you may continue to see some adult content. This is true for all types of content that might be in violation of our guidelines. At any given moment, millions of people are posting to Tumblr. To review everything and to get it right is complex, but we're committed to continuously improving.
As always, if you see a post with adult content that you don’t want to see, you can report it directly to our Trust & Safety team. Learn about how to report content here.
What will happen to my adult content already on Tumblr?
Starting today, we will begin sending out email notices to members of the Tumblr community whose content has been flagged as adult. This email will provide a link to the post(s) in question and a form to appeal our decision if you think we have made a mistake. Starting on December 17, 2018, any post(s) that have been flagged will be reverted to a private setting viewable only by you. If you want to learn more about how to see those posts, please visit our Help Center.
As always, please make sure the email associated with your Tumblr account is one you use regularly. It’s how we get in touch when we need you!
You can also download the contents of your blog(s) before these policy changes take effect. Find out how here.
What if my blog (not to be confused with posts) was marked as “explicit” before December 17, 2018?
Blogs that have been either self-flagged or flagged by us as “explicit” per our old policy and before December 17, 2018 will still be overlaid with a content filter when viewing these blogs directly. While some of the content on these blogs may now be in violation of our policies and will be actioned accordingly, the blog owners may choose to post content that is within our policies in the future, so we’d like to provide that option. Users under 18 will still not be allowed to click through to see the content of these blogs. The avatars and headers for these blogs will also be reverted to the default settings.
You can check and see if your blog is marked as explicit per our old policy in your visibility settings. If you think your blog has been erroneously marked as explicit, please send an appeal here.
Will I get kicked off of Tumblr if I’ve uploaded adult content in the past?
We’re removing content, not people. However, those who repeatedly and deliberately post new content that violates our updated guidelines may have their account deactivated per our Terms of Service. If you feel you’ve been incorrectly suspended, you can appeal here.
What if I reblogged adult content?
The original poster of the content will be notified of its removal, and it will no longer be on your blog.
What if I have more “What if” questions?
We got you. You can review our updated Community Guidelines right over here. If you still haven’t found an answer to your question, you can ask our support team.
<3 Tumblr
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vandelli0n · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Just saw this on Twitter and I'm dying
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uselessgaywhovian · 2 years ago
tumblr staff, in their effort to make the site more cool and kid friendly, have taken styling tips from the masters:
Tumblr media
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seshirukun · 2 years ago
Tumblr decides to completely shut down on December 17th
As the clock strikes midnight the site goes pitch black
Slowly but surely the screen starts clearing and begins to show the montage of a horse carriage traveling through a forest
“Hey, you’re finally awake“
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maswartz · 2 years ago
The worst part is, we all KNOW the porn bots will remain untouched
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