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#tumblr tuesday
staff · 24 days ago
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We’re past the point of being able to ignore this now. @pixellecutie​’s sleeping brain dreamed a dream of marine biology, and you’ve all really put in the work to make it a meme in its own right. Who knew there were so many benefits to being a marine biologist?
The origins:
Tumblr media
The Minecraft axolotl version by @queerbeemc​:
Tumblr media
The Animorphs version by @jivs-jam​:
Tumblr media
Even @theshitpostcalligrapher​ chimed in. Thank you, @theshitpostcalligrapher​, for services rendered to the community:
Tumblr media
This kissy fishy by @cryptidcanary​:
Tumblr media
A reality check by @anxiety-plus​:
Tumblr media
The tired marine biologist by @hustlerose: 
Tumblr media
Above all things, sophisticated (@noneedtofearorhope​):
Tumblr media
More cons (oh no!) according to @essential-npc​:
Tumblr media
A delightfully different perspective, this time from the forest floor, by @bepisdrink​:
Tumblr media
A worthy remix by @charlesoberonn​:
Tumblr media
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itsreaditandwow2 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
(I would’ve done this on the first day of winter back in December, but it wasn’t on a Tuesday then.)
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atlantis-scribe · 6 months ago
Sheppard: [hits unidentified Ancient tech against the table in boredom] McKay: stop that! how would YOU feel if I banged you on the table? Sheppard: I- Sheppard: I don't know the right answer to this question.
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adventuresofalgy · 3 months ago
Algy had spent an exceptionally long, cold and sleepless night before the dawning of the day of the solstice in the faraway land of Patadragonia, but he quickly forgot his weariness, and the anxieties which had troubled his mind during the hours of darkness, when the dawn finally broke over the snowy mountains.
It was truly a magical morning, for when the purple sky began to light up with the lovely pinks and blues of a Patadragonian dawn and ethereal mists started to shimmer up from the frosty plains, Algy heard a most extraordinary sound, and at the same time felt a strange vibration. Glancing around, he saw that the cherry blossom which he had brought so carefully from the strange Easter island had started to shimmer and sparkle on the rock behind him, and in a few moments more he understood why...
Although the little dragon had told him that despite its wish to join a circus it had never actually seen one in Patadragonia, the procession which was making its way along the migration route they had been seeking the day before could not possibly be mistaken for anything else. Algy guessed that the cherry blossom had worked its unique magic once again, and although he was sure that he would miss the funny wee creature, he was delighted that by bringing the cherry blossom to this land he had been able to help his little friend realise its lifelong dream at last.
For when the dragon saw the circus train proceeding along the track it was overcome with excitement, rushing about here and there and performing its special fire-breathing act in the air, even though it was unlikely that the creatures of the circus could be watching. Despite its exhilaration, the little dragon was at first reluctant to leave Algy’s side, but when it saw that the procession would soon be out of sight, and heard the circus music beginning to fade away, Algy did not have to exert much effort to persuade his unusual friend to seize the day…
Of course Algy felt sad to see his little friend go, but he was so happy for the funny wee dragon, and so certain that they would meet again in the future - as long as he kept the magical cherry blossom safe - that when the final calliope in the circus train vanished out of sight he thought only of the little dragon’s exciting and happy new life in the circus it had always longed to join, and of all the wonderful new adventures which undoubtedly lay ahead…
[The circus band is playing the "National Emblem March," composed in 1902 by Edwin Eugene Bagley, in a version created by Algy’s assistants. Algy says be sure to turn on the sound!]
p.s. For the sake of his longstanding tumblr friends, Algy wanted to post his own version of this grand finale to his recent adventure with his little dragon friend - which was premiered in a special Tumblr Tuesday feature on the Adventures of Algy on @staff yesterday.  Algy apologises for the longer-than-usual gaps in his recent adventures, but it was owing to the amount of work required for this video and the special timing arranged with @staff for Tumblr Tuesday.
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memesonnets · 6 months ago
She’d move heaven and earth. Could they move her?
Her fervent stare takes on a steely sheen.
The muddy shore has stayed her, calm and sure.
She glistens with a love quite evergreen.
She left her mark upon the barren sea —
a fatal dagger in a narrow sheath.
To live, to die, and never to be free
of her true love and salty bridal wreath!
For days and nights and days and wretched nights
each kingdom’s horses and each kingdom’s men
tried desp’rately to put the thing to rights
but Ever Given won’t give ev’r again.
The strength of every leader at the charge
cannot compare to this one large green barge!
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chenglebop · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Quick hit of Oreoz off the bubbler
Shoutout to all my present/future mutuals 💖 Y'all
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The Olympian Gods at Therapy
Therapist: So what seems to be the issue?
Zeus: Idk. My wife keeps thinking I cheat on her too much. I don't do anything!
Hera: You have 56 divine children who aren't mine! And that's not even including the mortals! I have never cheated on you! I only have one major olympian child!
Hephaestus: Oh, so I'm not even your child anymore?
Hera: No, hon! I meant two kids!
Hephaestus: You threw me off a cliff when I was younger! I should've known.
Ares: It's not like she's a better parent to me! She didn't even notice when I was kidnapped by the Aloadae giants! Perhaps it's because I'm not as great as Athena!
Athena: Of course you're not as great as me. Remember the Trojan War?
Therapist: Ok, that's enough! What about you two, Dionysus and Hermes?
Hermes: Well, I stole Apollo's cattle at age 3 days.
Dionysus: Dad says I drink too much.
Hermes: You said you were a fruit ninja!
Hestia, Poseidon, Artemis, and Apollo (a.k.a the sane gods): What are we doing here?
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united-twosday · 3 months ago
She comes flying into the picture like the Silver Surfer himself. Great capture : )
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jjeeiiyyaann · 2 months ago
Any book recommendations? Currently reading they both died at the end by Adam Silvera
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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just-the-hiddles · 8 months ago
Tumblr Tuesday | When Your Blog is Marked Explicit
Tumblr media
I’m back!  It seems only appropriate that I write this as my first Tip Tuesday since being unflagged is what to do when your blog is flagged explicit.  This is what I did based on posts I have read and talking with other people who have been flagged.  Your mileage may vary.
1. Don’t panic!  Seriously stay calm.  It only feels like the world is ending. Take a few deep breaths and collect your thoughts.
2. Appeal if your blog was marked in error.  So in my case, my blog was immediately flagged after I had appealed a flagged post.  Clearly a glitch.  I immediately took a screenshot of the now unflagged post with the top banner on it and a picture of my now flagged blog.  Went into Help, scrolled down to the Support button, and submitted my appeal.  NOTE:  You can only submit one ticket on the desktop but multiple tickets in the app.  Go figure.  I included details of what happened and even included a screenshot.  
3. Use the Mass Post Editor to delete questionable posts.  So once you are flagged explicit, you can’t access your archive.  Which is a bitch if you are trying to delete possible posts that caused you to be flagged.  Fortunately, there is a tool called the Mass Post Editor.  Here is a screenshot where I find it on the desktop.  
Tumblr media
Now you won’t be able to see any of the posts but you can select up to 100 posts at a time.  Things to focus on:  GIFS and Videos.  Those seem to be what have the tendency to trigger flagging.  Your smut stories are not violations of the Community Guidelines.  I probably mass deleted over 300 posts.  Bye, thirst!!
4. Change your email address.  One tip I heard is that, especially if you have appealed before and been denied, is to change your email address and resubmit your appeal.  So I changed my email and submitted two appeals via the app because my desktop one was still under review.
5. Be patient.  I have been told that appeals can take 2-4 weeks to be processed.  This was the hardest part.  Especially when you know you shouldn’t be marked explicit.  I was flagged on a Monday afternoon (1/25), and was on unflagged on a Saturday morning (2/6), so just shy of two weeks.  
Getting flagged sucks, hopefully it never happens to you, but if it does, here are some tips to get you through.  Until next time, toodles!
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staff · 4 months ago
tumblr tuesday: bread
Tumblr media
That’s it. That’s the post. 
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owlishintergalactic · 4 months ago
These are my furry and feathery buddies. They keep my company during long writing sessions and keep the living room filled with singing and wheeking. Meet Tribble (Upper Left), Donut (Upper Right), Lollipop (Lower Left), and G.P. Bridge (Lower Right).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mbari-blog · 2 months ago
We just can't help ourselves—the deep sea rocks. 😜⁠
⁠MBARI's remotely operated vehicle Doc Ricketts recorded this underwater scene about 1,230 meters (4,035 feet) below the sea surface during a dive at Sur Ridge. ⁠
The bright orange spots scattered around the rock are known as flytrap anemones. We often see flytrap anemones up to 30 centimeters (one foot) across growing on exposed rock outcrops on seamounts and deep-sea ridges, where currents are relatively strong. Although some scientists have suggested that flytrap anemones eat bits of debris carried on the ocean currents, their body shape suggests that they feed on small animals, such as shrimp, that happen to swim by. Flytrap anemones were recently discovered to release bioluminescent slime when disturbed.
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lunarleigh · 9 months ago
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o n e t w e l v e | t e c h n o l o g y 🖥
Today I am thankful for:
• catching up with my friend last night
• ordering take out for dinner and waking up to a clean kitchen 😁
• being able to hibernate this winter while my son and I work and learn from home. 🐻
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chenglebop · 4 months ago
"Hey, How you doin' baby ?" 🙃😅
Strain : Biscotti Live Resin 💛
🎼 Jordan Dennis Ft. Blasko : Crumbs 🎶
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nibchip · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The cat family is happy together, they are dreaming a beautiful dream. Life is just that sometimes. Being together is happiness! #nibchipart #nibchip #catstagram #familytime #illustrationartists #lovemyself
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itsreaditandwow2 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
(I used to get these from a fast food restaurant called Arctic Circle.)
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