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#tumblr update
changesa day ago
Friday, October 15th, 2021
馃専 New
In the latest Tumblr for iOS (21.9), you can now create a custom filter that removes literally everything from your Activity feed.
In the latest Tumblr for Android (21.9), in-app notifications are temporarily disabled as we work on a better solution so they're not as invasive.
The latest Tumblr for Android (21.9) now has dedicated settings for managing your account if you signed up with Google.
馃洜 Fixed in Tumblr for iOS 21.9
Fixed the issue of content under "Read More" spilling out into other posts on the Dashboard.
Fixed the issue where the "notes" label on posts could appear doubled.
Fixed an issue that was preventing long presses from being recognized when viewing an image.
Fixed videos from continuing to play when tapping on a notification that would bring you out of Tumblr.
Fixed an issue that caused your tagged page position to reset if you navigated away from it.
馃洜 Fixed in Tumblr for Android 21.9
Fixed an issue in the Tabbed Dashboard experiment that caused videos to continue playing when navigating to a different Dashboard tab.
馃毀 Ongoing
The fix for Soundcloud audio issues should be included in version 22.0 of the apps, planned to be released next week.
We've detected an increase in loading times on the iOS and Android apps, we're working to make them snappier again on first load.
馃尡 Upcoming
Nothing to share today.
Experiencing an issue? File a Support Request and we鈥檒l get back to you as soon as we can!
Want to share your feedback about something? Check out our Work in Progress blog and start a discussion with the community.
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somespicyshrimp2 months ago
all jokes aside, it makes me very sad how literally the entire internet, especially social media, has just become more and more unapologetic in trying to wring as much money out of you as possible. can鈥檛 go on youtube without being bombarded by youtube red ads promising that if you just give them money, they鈥檒l block the pesky ads who are also begging for your money. can鈥檛 stream a movie without searching for it on each of the dozens and dozens of streaming platforms. all demanding individual subscriptions for their tiny share of the world鈥檚 movies that used to just all be on netflix. every news site counting down your free three articles, all the while begging you to turn your adblock off. click off instagram鈥檚 stupid shopping tab, and the first post on your timeline is with #ad. and of course, now, tumblr鈥檚 adding post plus. i hate it!! hate getting advertised at everywhere i go. hate that social media鈥檚 not even supposed to be social anymore, just another thing to monetize.聽i鈥檓 so sick of it!!! can鈥檛 escape it ever!!! give us 9.99 per month for exclusive fucking content!! fuck!!
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b-salamander7 months ago
using tags before the update
Tumblr media
using tags after the update
Tumblr media
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kokichis-panta-warehouse2 months ago
Today/Tomorrow is the Post+ (Post Plus) Protest, which means that we wants as many Tumblr users as possible to go offline for 24 hours. Depending on your location, you will probably go offline today late at night or early tomorrow morning.
Times to log off by (if you want to participate, which is heavily encouraged):
Thursday 5th August 2021 (Today)
11 pm Central Time (US)
10 pm Mountain Time (US)
9 pm Pacific Time (US)
Friday 6th August 2021 (Tomorrow)
12 am Eastern Time (US)
4 am UTC
5 am BST/London
6 am Central Europe Time
7 am Moscow Standard Time
9:30 am Indian Standard Time
12 Noon Hong Kong Time/Australian Western Time
1 pm Japan Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Central Time
2 pm Australian Eastern Time
What To Do During This Period
Log off Tumblr
Clear your queue
Don't like/reblog anything during those 24 hours
Don't create drafts
Don't post
Spread the message on other social media platforms
Things To Do Instead of Tumblr
Go outside
Take a walk
Read a book
Draw something
Go down a rabbit hole on Wikipedia
Watch Youtube
Clean your room
I am participating in this and encourage anyone who sees this to also!
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sarcastic-clapping7 months ago
Tumblr media
this is humiliating
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invioletswithyou2 months ago
Tumblr media
As I near 200,000 followers here at fishingboatproceeds, I just wanted to to say鈥
You must subscribe for $3.99 a month to view the rest of this post
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halorocks12145 months ago
tumblr users seeing that weird ad for the amazon show at the top of their dashboards again
Tumblr media
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furiousgoldfish2 months ago
I have to speak up on why tumblr's new feature is not a tool for us to earn money, and could potentially be dangerous for the way we create and share on tumblr.
First off, tumblr isn't doing it to create a way for us to make money 鈥 it's a way for tumblr to make more money, they're interested in their own cut of it, and if it works, the content made for pay will be highly encouraged and prioritized in comparison to our regular posting.
They're incentivizing poor people to create content to be consumed by the rich. This will disable us from making any meaningful activism or social movement, or even spreading social awareness, because there will be pressure to make money off of it, and the only way is to cater to the ones who have money they can carelessly spend on tumblr.
Most of us don't have that. Most of us are poor, marginalized, struggling, and we're using tumblr to connect and support each other, to create friendships, to create a safe social circle, to raise awareness, to spread activism for our own human rights. We're making content for each other, and to create a better space for us to exist in the society. We're making this content for us. Once it's on the market to be sold, it will not be sold to us. It will no longer be for us. And if tumblr finds it's a possibility to create money out of our content being sold to the rich 鈥 all other content will lose priority. Only content that generates profit will be promoted and encouraged. Our social awareness, our connections and mutual support, sharing resources and free entertainment, it will all be thrown under the bus because it will not be bringing in money. We will be discouraged from saying anything that doesn't invite a paying audience.
Don't use the new feature. Don't support the people who do. Respond to tumblr's survey with negative feedback, and suggest to install an option for volountary donations or a tip jar instead. Don't allow them to nullify our activism by pushing us to make a profit off of it.
You have a voice online, for as long as you don't sell it.
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faeblesmitha year ago
all u tumblr desktop users.... crying about the update........
have u considered
Tumblr Mobile
we have such amazing features as
can鈥檛 make half the posts u can on desktop
where is ur inbox? unclear.
do u get notifs for your inbox? no!
pls where is picture
pretty gradients when ur photos won鈥檛 load
uhhh posts in chronological order
won鈥檛 tell you when you hit post limit
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dirtychocolatechai2 months ago
Tumblr media
why would i pay for trash when i can just go dumpster diving?
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insomniac-arrest12 days ago
is this, uh, in the corner of anyone else鈥檚 screen?
Tumblr media
Uuuuh聽 ?聽
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fionaroleplaysa year ago
Speaking with Xkit staff on Discord, they still have over 40+ extensions to fix due to this update so please be patient with them. They deserve a round of applause.
They do not want donations other than to Black Lives Matter BTW.
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sarcastic-clapping2 months ago
instead of a weird Premium Tumblr subscription model that is literally useless due to alternatives like Patreon and Only Fans that Tumblr stands absolutely no chance of realistically competing with how about you let me tip on posts??? like literally if y鈥檃ll have to both monetize this site AND rip off another platform can you just steal the fucking Twitch Model鈩笍??? let me donate based on my enjoyment of the content i could consume for free and then take your stupid finder鈥檚 fee you dumb little website
like 鈥渁h this post made me laugh. here is a dollar op. thank you for the serotonin鈥
鈥渢hese gifs are really good and they must have taken a long time and also i got paid today so here is $5鈥
鈥渟o true, beloved mutual. here is $3. just because. why not鈥
鈥渢his person鈥檚 hot take is so terrible that i want to reply 鈥榟ere鈥檚 my two cents, shut the fuck up鈥 and literally donate two cents before i block them just to be petty. and i don鈥檛 even care if tumblr takes one of those two cents. in fact, in many ways that is even funnier鈥
鉁 lean into the chaos of this platform and the impulsivity of your userbase you absolute buffoons. i am begging you 鉁
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felagund-fell19 days ago
"Tumblr is great cause it only shows you exactly what the blogs you follow post in that order," we said. "we love how this site doesn't shove other stuff in your face," we said. "I'm gonna take a fat shit on your grandmother's grave and murder your hamster," Tumblr said.
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cyle11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
best tumblr update ever
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villainellea year ago
from what i can tell about the update:
gifs are now in text post format, not photo
that means the gif source is listed at the top of the post, not underneath
the extension gifs on tumblr no longer works to switch back .gifv to .gif, meaning all gifs are automatically compressed back into .gifv format if above 2mb
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