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Sometimes I want to do crazy stuff, and even though I know what I’m about to do is crazy, I still do it before my brain stops me.
Of course after I did the thing, I let out a small ‘I shouldn’t have done that’.
Like now.
I poured my water on the carpet. Now the carpet is wet.
Well, I shouldn’t have done this.

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<div> MARKIPLIER </div>
"Im the king of five nights at freddy's not markiplier."
*Punches loser in face.*
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<span>Im Leben kommt es nicht darauf an, ein Gutes Blatt in der Hand zu haben, sondern mit schlechten Karten gut zu spielen</span>
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Oh im sorry I didnt know when I ask a question I have an attitude problem

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Lately I’ve come to the realization that as long as a MAN is under the longterm spell of my P***Y they will never I mean never be successful…. #reals**t 

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