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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Basically if you’re in photoshop, and something is hard, difficult, time consuming, or tedious to do, you’re not doing it right.

Pictured: using content awareness fill to remove text from a button after I accidentally collapsed it into one layer and couldn’t edit undo to the change text. Time taken to fix the issue: 1 second


hope this helps some of my friends who wanna fix somethin

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- A bit of my teaser.
Check out my channel to see the full version. 😊
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i hesitate to call this a tutorial since i feel underqualified, but;;  

i had been getting enough blender questions that i decided to try this for a 50+ subs special  <3 

apologies in advance for the text pop-ups being WAY too fast though, so i guess get ready to pause a lot if you follow along  :’’v  i read too fast & forgot to consider slowing things down;; 

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want to fix the new font? want to move the posts back to center? have another aesthetic complaint about the new site?

there’s a high chance stylebot can help.

it’s an extension on chrome that i’ve only had for three minutes and is already saving my life and i’ll never be parted from it

step zero: install stylebot. i trust you to figure this out

step one: make sure it’s pinned/otherwise easy to access and click the new css logo seen top right


if you, like me, are brand new at this, it’ll look like this. click “open stylebot” not options. (why yes, i fuck this up every time i go in)

step two: it’s going to bring up a menu on the right and wherever your cursor goes, there will be green boxes. click anything with text as seen below


step three: zooming in on the menu, you’re going to want to change a few settings

Font Family: tumblr used to use helvetica but there are other options and you can even add your own, but that’s for another tutorial

Font Size: i like 80%, but this is totally your call. you can adjust it by pixels, pt, %, whatever in the drop down menu


now it’ll look something like this


better right? but what about those tags

step four: to select a new element, click the pointer in the upper left corner of the stylebot menu (in the red box below)


this will let you go right ahead and click and edit the tags.


note: it’s important to click an individual tag, not the box around all the tags. i can’t be bothered to find the original font for the tags either, but if you do feel free to add it!

and that’s it! it autosaves and everything. this will work for anything text based for sure. i’ve fixed the username size, the xkit timestamp. there’s way more than font type and size as you can see, so have at it! im far from an expert, but reach out to me with any questions

i’ll be reblogging this with how to recenter it and links to the extension. good luck out there pals and sincere thanks to my friend mare for introducing me to this

edit: it isn’t on firefox, my bad

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