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100 days of productivity - 86/100

More notes for tutoring. This is basically my plan for the next few weeks. I had a prof who said that “teaching first year theory is just about controlling the lies,” and I’m seeing what he means… I’m about to tell my student that the thing she was absolutely not allowed to do when we originally learned about pivot chords is now perfectly acceptable. 😃

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I tutor for a living, and part of what I do as a tutor is help people learn how to write effective essays and papers. This means I often wind up editing papers and walking the student through why I’m making the suggestions I’m making. One of the ways I get students is by working for an online tutoring service and they are somewhat militant about their max times.

Today someone asked me to read through their 17 page literature review in 20 minutes to make sure they’d hit all of the points they were supposed to on that service and I nearly cried it was so stressful.

I love tutoring and teaching and helping people improve their writing but that was a LOT.

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I’ve got a degree in teaching primary school. I decided it wasn’t for me and decided to study a master in learning.

Today I helped my friend’s son with his high school math (which I haven’t dealt with for sooo many years, actually being more “advanced” than what I’ve been taught to teach).
My friend texted me that this is the first time he has understood high school math, calling me the “best math teacher ever”.

It’d might not be the happiest moment in my life per say, but this is definitely one of those moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Perhaps I’ve still got a purpose?

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Virtual tutoring is fun cuz I can literally pull up their book on my computer while we work on my tablet. So when they ask “what’s a tangent??” I can literally just read the book definition to them (and occasionally rephrase it so it’s not as textbook-y, or draw and label diagrams for better understanding)

A big part of doing well in school is just using the tools available to you. Like your book. If you can’t understand the book, then a tutor will happily explain the book, since we get it. But to do well on your own, you gotta be good at reading and comprehending the examples the book gives. There’s a reason they’re so expensive

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What’s in front of me on the last day of finals?

  • My laptop as I work tutoring online
  • My water bottle and some berries because my habits have been shitty and I gotta take care of myself
  • Some to-do lists with video ideas that I want to do now that I will have more time available

My last final is today, and I’m excited to finish it because there’s so much I want to do

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Need some help?

If you need help with certain subjects, you came to the right place! There’s two ways you can go about getting help.

If you have a general question about a subject, then you can send it as an ask or message to the blog. For example, if you have the burning desire to know what a polar bond is, simply shoot an ask our way and we can make a post explaining it!

If you want to go more in depth or into more specifics, often the case with math or literature, check out our list of tutors (there are only a few right now, we hope to have more in the future). Their contact information is listed, and you can message them to ask for help.

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Any one who has tutored before knows that being able to see what your student is doing is pretty important. Now that we’ve gone remote, we’ve had to compensate with extra communication and technology. Unfortunately, some students aren’t able to communicate at the level I need to be able to help them the best possible way and expecting students to have expensive tablets and tablet pens is just silly.  This is a cheap and easy solution I worked out for students with out access to a document camera. All you need is some cardboard or similar material, your smart phone, and some soup cans! Happy learning! 

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Academic tutoring services are open again!

As most of you know, over the past three years I’ve been working my butt off to complete my degree in Social Anthropology, and I’m just one exam away from finishing! I’m so relieved because this means I’ll be back here very soon with new recipes, and I’ve missed writing here regularly. I’ll also be able to finally answer all the asks languishing in my inbox (I feel terrible for not answering them all yet)!

Anyhoodle, I am in dire need of a job to pay the rent and keep busy, and the good news is I’m going to be starting tutoring again for academic writing, for high school and university students. I can help with anything from proofreading and editing essays and theses, and tips on how to help develop your study skills and essay writing techniques. Whether you’re a high school student, preparing for university, or are a university student, I am more than happy to provide any support and assistance you need in your studies!

I’ve had requests for this in the past after some of my anthropology posts here, so I thought that this may be a service some of you may be interested in. I’m happy to work through Zoom meetings or simply over email correspondence. I have gotten a straight record of Firsts (A+/High Distinction) over final academic year, and have had previous experience with academic tutoring for both high school English as well as undergraduate essay proofreading/editing.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please message me privately for rates and what you need help with. And please share this post if you can!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and speak to you all very soon. Take care, eat well, and wash your hands. ~Tal

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And another post to expand on this one!

A lot of people at Oxford had been sharing at the beginning of the vac, a program to connect school students in the UK with university students willing to tutor them, and I said I could handle 2 students, in physics, maths or environmental science, so I’ve been assigned A level year 12 students in physics and further maths. The content isn’t exactly the same as what I’m used to from APs, but by this point in my degree I feel like I’ve covered most of the gaps.

Except, of course, for statistics, one thing I ought to have learnt and really haven’t, and which my further maths tutee needed help with in our first session. Next session will be on mechanics, so I should be a good deal better at explaining that!

I enjoy being able to answer their questions, and hope they’re also finding me helpful - I wanted to get involved in tutoring during high school, but it always looked so cutthroat, an endless CV competition in the town facebook group which I was convinced that I, with my not quite perfect SAT scores and more or less ordinary extracurriculars, would not have won. But having a system here where each tutor was assigned students in a fair, random order, where there are more than enough students to go around due to schools being closed, and where I’m volunteering so I don’t have to stress about whether I’m pricing myself higher than I deserve, has finally made me brave enough to get involved, and just devote a couple of hours a week (plus time searching for resources to recommend) to helping students through the academic difficulties caused by the coronavirus.



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what’s that one where they’re in highschool and tyler is shy and religious and josh gets tutored by him and it turns out ashley had made a bet with him about tyler?? i’ve read it so many times and i still cant remember the name lmao

i think it’s this one - ana

ode to you (34/? | 83299 | Mature)

It takes some punk drummer and a few weeks of tutoring to get Tyler Joseph to open up about his problems to anyone, including himself.

//self-harm, anxiety, sexual assault, internalized homophobia

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