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#tv recap
fluffycakesistainted · 4 days ago
Love says that when Joe murders someone, he considers it a noble act, but when she murders someone, he treats her like she’s crazy. And listen, she’s got a bit of a point. Joe’s as much an impulse killer as Love, but his reaction to her falls along the same stereotypical gender lines that say men are angry while women are irrational.
Sara Netzley, You season 3 binge recap (Entertainment Weekly)
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karivem · 14 days ago
Sherlock Season 1-3 Recap
Tumblr media
Sherlock and John meet and start living together.
John kills the taxi driver stopping Sherlock from taking the pill.
Sherlock has a brother, Mycroft, and it seems like they don’t get along.
Sherlock works as a consulting detective and has a blog.
John starts working with Sherlock, gets a job at a hospital and also has a blog.
John and his date, Sarah, are kidnapped because the criminals believe John is Sherlock Holmes. 
Sherlock helps them and John kills one of the criminals.
We learn that Moriarty was behind every crime.
Moriarty meets Sherlock at a pool and puts a bomb on John.
After saving John, Sherlock points the gun to the bomb, ready to blow everything up.
Tumblr media
Moriarty leaves the pool after answering the phone lol, Sherlock and John are fine.
John’s blog about their cases is very popular so Sherlock is a public figure now.
John has many girlfriends but doesn’t love any of them.
John says he’s not gay but no one believes him (I don’t either).
Irene Adler is Sherlocked.
John and Sherlock discover the secret behind the monstruos hound from the woods.
Moriarty creates a plan to make Sherlock look like a fraud, it works and  the police and the city are against him.
Moriarty threatens to kill Sherlock’s friends if he doesn’t jump from a rooftop… so he does.
Moriarty shoots himself.
John cries but still hopes Sherlock is alive.
Sherlock is indeed, alive.
Tumblr media
After two years Sherlock reunites with John, no surprise, John gets really mad and punches him several times.
There were a lot of theories on how Sherlock faked his own death.
John and Sherlock get drunk and try to solve a crime which obviously goes wrong.
Sherlock is the best man in John and Mary’s wedding. He gives a very long, funny, heartwarming and weird speech.
John is shocked when he discovers Sherlock has a girlfriend, but no surprise there, he was only using her for a case.
Sherlock gets shot by Mary who turns out to be a LIAR.
Mary tells the truth, John forgives her and they stay together (expecting a baby girl).
We see how Mycroft cares about Sherlock.
Molly dates a guy, is engage with him but they break up in the end.
Sherlock needs to save England from Moriarty… again… how?
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nightafternightpod · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
On YouTube:
Shirley signs her and Laverne up for Night School classes to be medical assistants. But when it turns out that Laverne's smarts may lie elsewhere, shame is to be had and skeletons are mismanaged. Will Shirley be able to figure out where Laverne lands? Will Laverne conquer her sense of being a dummy?! On pod, we get SUPER FREAKING META, talking the girls' psychology, their worldview, and the time in which the show was set.
NOTE: This episode was recorded in 2020, so we had not done our Blansky's Beauties episode yet!
Marc Sotkin interview referenced in episode:
CHANNEL ART BY @navtastic!
Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Pocket Casts: Breaker: RadioPublic:
THE HOSTS: Lisa Fernandes (@thatbouviergirl) Chris Jayawardena (@ChrisJabberwock)
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houseoffundies · 6 months ago
BuB Pre-Show
I watched so you don’t have too.  The image below is just a image nothing to click on. 
Tumblr media
They are excited that Katie and Travis are engaged.  Lawson and Tiffany drop them off a the airport.
They discuss the farm animals at Paine's house.
Lawson and Tiffany Highlights: (Body language is very telling.  Lawson hands are everywhere with Tiffany from her leg, thigh to her back.) 
Lawson follows Tiffany everywhere.
Lawson and Tiffany have been dating for seven months.
Erin talks about the age gap with Tiffany and Lawson.  She's pushing for Lawson to get put a ring on it; however, Tiffany is looking to finish her master's degree.
Erin gives Tiffany love, and she shares that she loves the Lord
BSB has five employees working for them.
Lawson has recorded 12 new songs.
Paine Company only has Trace, and Warden employed.
Nathan is a commercial pilot.
Birthing Order is the following Whitney, Josie, and Tori
Erin's surgery was in January, and she saw a specialist today to see what's going on with her.  
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caranfindel · 3 months ago
A few random thoughts about 1.16...
It's funny that they write off Grandpa and Gramma the way SPN used to explain why Cas or Mary weren't in the episode.
I really want to slap the grin off this bad cop's face. Good casting, I guess.
Is Trey's name really Trey? Wouldn't his acceptance letter be addressed to his legal name? And also, he thinks he might not be able to operate, but there are other kinds of doctor, Trey. Most of them actually don't cut people open.
Man, this is two SUVs that have exploded under Captain What's-His-Name's watch. His insurance rates must be insane.
When Liam showed up at Brett's place I assumed he was doing some door-to-door campaigning. And was going to be really bad at it. I was pretty suprirsed that Brett was still in Austin.
"I heard you're running for DA." How did you figure that out, smart guy? By the sign in your yard?
Tumblr media
Okay, maybe it's the neighbor's yard.
There's no way Liam's opponent wouldn't have a red, white, and blue sign. No ducking way.
Does anything say there's someone in the house I don't want you to see more than looking behind you, stepping outside, and closing the door? This was so obvious, Brett.
Captain What's-His-Name's secret conspiracy board room! Complete with red string! {skip}
I think Liam's boss is being blackmailed by Bad Cop and his minions.
Why did Trey go to Cordell's house to ride horses while they have their Manly Talk? Is there a mandated amount of Horse Time per episode?
What time of year is it? Why isn't Stella in school? If it's already summer, she should have found her Application-Worthy Summer Job a long time ago. Also, does anybody actually stuff envelopes by hand any more?
Emotional father/son moment! {skip}
Favorite part of the episode: Cordell's confused face when Stella says "I can't be selfish."
Tumblr media
Since when, baby girl? Can you be anything else? Have you tried?
So Stella wasn't going to show anyone her video unless Cordell went back to work? Also, did she actually get out of the car in time to record the cop planting the drugs? (Could go back and look; don't want to.)
If Bad Cop is so sure he'll get out of the charges again, why bother to run? Why not just smile that oily smile again and go willingly?
Liam's boss had a white hat on his wall earlier, but now he wears a black hat! Symbolism!
Micki has a doctor fetish! Bow chicka wow wow! (Inspired by Sam's medical professional fetish, perhaps?)
Aw, Liam's campaign speech! I bet it's amazing. {skip}
But most importantly...
Tumblr media
He so pretty.
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mister-e-muss · 7 months ago
Everybody remember how the recap in TRON: Uprising was so sarcastic? If we ever got a second season, the first episode recap might go something like this:
Accessing Archive Data:
After struggling with bouts of illness, Tron is finally able to enjoy a peaceful retirement.
Tron: “Good news: I’m healed. Bad news: I’m healed.”
Meanwhile, General Tessler’s control over Argon’s citizens remains absolute.
Mara: “If you want him, you’ll have to go through me.”
Zed: “And me.”
*programs lighting their discs.*
Zed: “Welcome to the House of Pain.”
Tron: “The uprising has begun.”
In honor of the general’s success, a very special guest is welcomed.
Tessler: “Clu. . .”
Dyson: “We’re entering Argon now, sir.”
Clu: “Good.”
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redbloons · 18 days ago
Only Murders in the Building S01E08
Last week OMITB graced our screens with a virtually dialogue-free episode (for which I will anticipate some awards). The episode was no less than exceptional, but with a somewhat lackluster ending. I mean, who kidnaps people these days anymore, and in fricking New York City?
Following last week's stellar directing, sound editing and script writing, this week's episode, titled "Fan Fiction", serves as the 8th episode of the season and starts with a group of true crime podcast fans waiting in front of the Arconia building.
So why the ending last week if the rest was just so spectacular? As one of those fans puts it, "Why are you being so negative? [..] trust the team". So I'll do just that and keep watching with an open mind (and heart) and see where this is going (I mean, the show was renewed for a second season, so my guess is we are heading towards a mind-boggling cliffhanger, but hey, it's not over till the fat lady sings).
After the theme song plays the story resumes in Theo's van where Mabel and Oliver are currently held captive. Then, they meet up with Teddy and ride in his limo.
1. How long were they in the van? It's already sunlight when they met Teddy;
2. Was tying them up necessary? Mabel even had a blindfold on, I mean, you just untied them when switching cars. This is just lazy writing.
Nathan Lane as Teddy delivers some very good acting, in a grave tone, which we are not used to seeing him do, and so proves just how good of an actor he actually is. We already knew that, but, his versatility still amazes me.
So, Teddy blackmails Oliver and Mabel in producing a final episode of their podcast affirming Tim Kono killed himself due to loneliness or else he knows where they live (really good pun, good delivery!).
Oliver and Mable meet with Charles, who together with Jan, went through Tim's phone and discovered that Tim saw Theo pushing Zoe off the roof. A bit of wasted time, if you ask me, as the audience already knew this piece of information from the secondary narrative plain from last week.
Following setting up a rendezvous with detective Williams, at her request and to aid her in the official investigation, the team prepares a podcast episode releasing evidence found in Tim Kono's phone ("the who, the how, the why and the why now").
I feel obliged to pause here and to mention that Selena delivers her lines most of the time in a better-than-expected way, while mastering the art of sarcasm and low-key funny. Not to mention, that not even half-way through the episode, we got to see bagels and home-made pizza rolls, two quintessential NYC items, and someone was hungry while writing this.
Carrying on, Oliver invites the true crime podcast fans waiting outside to his apartment where everybody was working on putting the pieces together in solving the mystery and producing the next episode of the podcast. Amy Ryan's Jan gets funnier as the show progresses, in a subtle way (kudos to the writing team), playing the unknowing but very-sure-of-herself female character and love interest, by being "reverse-helpful" (Oliver's words, not mine).
Oliver starts directing a reenactment of what happened on the night of Tim Kono's death using the three fans as Tim, Theo and Lester the doorman.
Shall I mention that up until now, the highlight of this episode was fan#3's attempt at portraying Theo by covering his ears with his hands, at which point Oliver, righteously so, said "never do that again"? I knew I shouldn't have laughed, but my, I do enjoy some subtle comedy in a passive-aggressive voice. The writers have managed somehow to bring some old stereotypes in current media and politely telling society this is not how to do it. Congrats!
Jan tried convincing the team to look into other suspects, not aware of past effort. "Please, exit!" said Oliver and Jan left the apartment. Approaching her flat door, she discovers a note on it with a message saying "I'm watching you". Queue mystery music playing.
The following morning the trio releases the final episode of the podcast, incriminating the Dimases, with police showing at their door: grave-robbery and the murder of Tim Kono.
As the team celebrates the podcast release, Charles texts Jan, but without receiving an immediate reply.
But, do not wind down, we have two more episodes to go, so of course, right before the end we get hit with a plot twist. The tox report came back and detective Williams noticed Tim Kono was actually poisoned, which means he was already dead when he was shot. Shocking, am I right?
And it's not over yet, there is photographic evidence the Dimases were outside the building even before the fire alarm went off the night Tim Kono was murdered.
Upon hearing the news, Charles storms off saying that his girlfriend was right for suggesting earlier pursuing other suspects and goes to apologize to her with a flower bouquet for dismissing her views. He finds Jan's apartment door open and he enters. Charles finds Jan laying on the floor, facing down, bleeding from a gun-inflicted wound.
Plot Rating: 7.5/10
Acting Rating: 7/10
Cinematography Rating: 5/10
Writing Rating: 6/10
Ending Rating: 6/10
Overall Episode Rating: 6/10
Now, what did you guys think of Only Murders in the Building S01E08 "Fan Fiction"? What else are you looking for when reading a recap? Let me know! Suggestions and feedback are very much welcome :)
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girlsgonemildblog · 4 months ago
I'm Already Sick of the Masturbation Jokes - The Bachelorette Season 17, Episode 1 Recap
Tumblr media
Image from
In my final post for the most recent season of The Bachelor, I concluded by saying that they were "giving us just enough time to recover from this shit show before diving headfirst into the next one." This was not true; I have not recovered. I am still exhausted from the absolute trainwreck that that season became. Nonetheless, I must trek on.
Before we start, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room. Or should I say not in the room? Chris Harrison has made his exit from the Bachelor franchise after he thought it was a good idea to yell at a Black woman about racism. To replace him, producers have brought in previous Bachelorettes and fan favorites, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was immediately obvious they were much better for the job than Chris ever was. When Katie spoke about her nerves, instead of nodding solemnly like they knew all the secrets of the universe, they actually gave her advice, and it was good advice because they've been in her shoes before. I never disliked Chris as host, to be clear, but having previous Bachelorettes host was so clearly a great idea it's crazy no one thought of it before.
Now, let's get into the recap, starting with introducing the Bachelorette herself, Katie Thurston.
Katie, 30
Tumblr media
Image from
Katie, from Washington state, was a contestant on Matt's season and made quite the first impression when she got out of the limo holding her vibrator. Many worried that she might get stuck being "the vibrator girl", but she avoided the title and became a fan favorite when she continuously stood up to the squad of bullies on her season. (For more detail, you can check out my recap of each episode here.) She was sent home on a one-on-one date when Matt friend-zoned her (or realized she wanted an actual relationship, not an Instagram relationship, like what he has now.) She feels her biggest relationship obstacle is that she is always "too much" for guys. It seems the contestants this season are also capable of being “too much”.
As I did for Matt's season, I'm not going to recap all of the contestants, but rather run through the five that stood out the most to me.
Thomas, 28
Tumblr media
Image from
Thomas was the first guy out of the limo, and Katie was immediately smitten. As always, the headshots do nobody justice. He was much cuter on TV, and also VERY tall. If I'm being honest, I don't remember much about his personality or what he said to Katie, but I do remember he was tall, and that's all that really matters when looking for a husband, right? Katie definitely seemed to like him, so I see him sticking around for a while.
Tre, 26
Tumblr media
Image from
Tre had a gimicky limo entrance, but it was actually cute rather than the usual cringe. A pick-up truck pulled in the driveway, and then Tre popped out of the ball-pit in the bed of the truck. During the cocktail hour, Katie climbed in the back with him and they chatted. I don't know how far he will go, but he was sweet and he actually pulled off a limo-entrance-bit, so I have to give him kudos.
Connor B., 29
Tumblr media
Image from
Speaking of doing bits, Connor B. Connor is first introduced to the viewers from his video package where he is sitting naked in a bathtub, playing the ukelele. He then reveals that he is an Eighth Grade math teacher, and I cannot even imagine being 13 and seeing your math teacher doing that on reality TV. His classroom must have been in absolute chaos on Tuesday. If not because of his naked ukelele playing, perhaps because of what he wore on the first night. This man showed up in a full cat costume, complete with face-makeup-whiskers. If I were the Bachelorette, I probably would have told him to get right back in the limo. But, Katie did not and actually seemed to be kind of into the catsuit. (We do not kink shame here!) During the cocktail hour, he even gave her ears and paw-shaped mittens of her own, and then the two of them made out -- like, fully made. out. Like, it probably could've been the steamiest make-out in Bachelor nation history if they hadn't been dressed like cats. Afterward, he is positive he will get the first impression rose, and I actually thought he might as well. But, Katie just can't give her very first rose to a guy wearing whiskers, and Connor B. is left to lick his wounds. (I'm sorry, I had to make one.)
Greg, 27
Tumblr media
Image from
First of all, I have to point out for those who may not have watched the episode; this is a bad photo of Greg. No contestant ever looks good in their headshot, but this may be the worst one yet. Greg walked onto the screen and immediately became a fan favorite. He is adorable and charming, and has a niece and nephew that he loves to talk about; he even brings Katie a macaroni necklace the 3-year-old niece made for her. And, because I already stalked his Instagram, his grid is comprised of sweet photos of said niece/nephew and him hugging his mom, and it only takes two scrolls to get to his first post in 2013. Did someone actually come on this show for the right reasons? Katie seemed to think so, as she gave him the first impression rose. In response, he asks if he can kiss her, and boy can he.
Jeff, 31
Tumblr media
Image from
To start, Jeff is a surgical skin salesman, which is not actually a creepy job, but it sure does sound creepy. Jeff shows up in the RV that he lives in, and it's not some cool, aesthetically pleasing tiny house. It's just a straight-up, normal RV. During the cocktail hour, he gives Katie a tour of said RV. When offering her a drink, he feels the need to say, "this is just soda. Don't worry. I'm not gonna take you in my RV, get you drunk, and try to sleep with you." Um, WHAT? Why would you say something like that?! 
Katie was not into any of it and sent him home at the rose ceremony. Along with Jeff; Gabriel, Austin, Brandon, Landon, Marcus, and Marty all left without even unpacking their bags.
Before wrapping up, I have to mention that randomly in the middle of the episode, two guys named Aaron and Cody start yelling in each other's face, "I don't like you!" and I don't understand how you can already not like someone there; you don't even KNOW anyone there. Anyway, we get absolutely no context for this fight, but it seemed like maybe the producers were planting a seed for drama later? Who knows. See you guys next week.
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gbloommx · 2 months ago
Llegó el resumen de The L Word Generation Q 2x02 español. Lean on Me 
Comparte y dale like si te gusto :D
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sunnymenagerie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
RuPaul's Drag Race: Snatch Game
We’ve reached the ninth week of ‘Drag Race’ and we’ve finally said goodbye to a fifth queen. It was the least unexpected Sashay Away, ever - but it was fucking Snatch Game this week! The week every fan of the show looks forward to and after a Double Shantay and a COVID special...I gotta say, RuPaul doesn’t know a damn thing because one of those that were simply safe should have been doing laps in the winner’s circle, but hey...let’s talk about everything else that went down first.
The mini-challenge took us back to Ru’s roots when he was a fierce punk rocker in a band. The queens had to create makeshift rawk ensembles out of Snag Tights. Which, I’ve seen their ads on Instagram for years, and now I feel like they’re really trying insanely hard to get my attention. Listen Snag, I’m NOT interested, okay? Well, I am. I just can’t afford that luxury at the moment. After Tina Burner won it, we learned that it was Snatch Game week, which let our nine remaining queens to talk to Ru about their…
Tumblr media
Did Olivia Lux have a backup planned because...When Ru comes through and is a little hesitant, that’s when you’re going to want to push your love of your first choice out the damn window and pick anyone safe. Chrissy Tiegen is another foodie celeb, one Olivia could have easily pulled off in terms of looks - and is someone Ru would’ve recognized in an instant. Again…
Tumblr media
For a couple of weeks I thought Kandy Muse was going to be Spongebob’s BFF Patrick, but she was um...someone else, but really, I thought it was more like when Miss Vanjie basically just came out and was herself; funny but a winner? I knew she’d wind up safe. Alongside her in the safe zone was Tina Burner with an okay Richard Simmons, and...fucking Symone? Okay, let’s talk about this. When I saw she was doing Harriet Tubman, I was nervous but then I remembered that Symone cannot fail an acting challenge. From the moment she was introduced on that panel - I was like - WINNER. Then her runway? She took her time on that runway to say their names and it was a fucking MOMENT. I could not believe she was safe alongside two people who gave okay performances and middle of the road runways. Well, not Tina - that was tragic but not as bad as some that were actually in the bottom. Which, we’ll get to. First, the tops.
Tumblr media
Denali’s JVN from ‘Queer Eye’ was one of my favorites but I truly thought her runway was going to put her backstage with Tina and Kandy. She was on par with Symone’s Snatch Game BUT the runways? There was no comparison to be made. However, Denali can be damn proud knowing she killed two of the hardest challenges on the show - two weeks in a row. Rose was someone I figured would be in the top, but safe after I saw her runway. It was pretty (and a personal fav) but not a wow-factor. Speaking of wow....Gottmik. Well, once Symone was safe I knew Gottmik had to be the winner. Her Paris was perfect, and her runway utilized that same adjective. If it’s not her and Symone in the top 2 when this all ends…
Tumblr media
That left us with Utica, Olivia Lux, and Elliott with 2 Ts in the bottom. Which, if you didn’ realize that from watching Snatch Game...really? What surprised me was Utica having to lip sync for her life because her runway was fantastic compared to the Yzma from ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ and whatever the hell Elliott was trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to serve flamingo fantasy - have a beak. Even a black lip would’ve sufficed. In the end it was Utica and Elliott, and I think Utica really did a better job, while Elliott didn’t seem to have the same level of fight as she’s had previously.
So Utica lived to see another day but I’m not sure she’ll want to stick around longer after the other queens clocked her for what seems to be a two-faced personality; one on camera and one off. We see her as a sweet, small town queen but according to her season 13 sisters - when they stop filming, Utica can be shady. I think I understood where Utica was coming from in her timid explanation...she doesn’t quite know how to be as jokingly catty with the girls all the time, so sees if she can be when they’re away from the Werk Room to sort of see if hers and their comfort levels with her “shady” side. At least, that’s how I heard it. I could be 100% wrong though.
Anyways, next week the queens are making another. Ugh, fucking COVID and the adjustments that have to be made. I’m wondering though...all the huge challenges have sort of come back to back to back. So...what the fuck is left for these queens to do after this? We shall see…
Tumblr media
Fascinating Fascinators Looks Ranked:
Symone: *gasp*
Rose: I’m a sucker for floral
Gottmik: Was refreshing to see her out of latex this week
Utica: Based on just the look - I thought this was super inventive and cute
Denali: Cute but nothing to write home about
Kandy Muse: There’s a reason she was safe
Olivia Lux: Not really sure what it was but it didn’t make me upset like the other two
Tina Burner: If Elliott had done anything with her lips, Tina would’ve been the worst for me this week...seriously, she’s going to lose because of her runways
Elliott with 2 T’s:
Tumblr media
Week 9 Rankings & Reasonings:
Symone - I do not care that she was safe. Her Snatch Game took a historical figure that is so well revered and made her current, and hilarious. Also, how was that runway merely safe? I’m sticking with her as my #1.
Gottmik - She is like BenDeLaCreme perfection from All Stars right now and the only way I see her going home before the finale is if she takes herself out.
Rose - Girl is making it to that top 4.
Denali - Two weeks in a row on the rise? Her trajectory is there, but can her runways are still a hit or miss. 
Kandy Muse - For having such a huge personality, I was surprised she played it a bit safe this week. Which, I assume, was a tactic because she knows that Snatch Game is the hardest thing they’ll have to do - and she knew that being safe was just as good as winning. However, this is the second week she’s walked out like a shower loofa.
Utica - The risks she takes don’t always work out but she continues to bring next-level creativity to the stage. Ain’t no repeat looks with her.
Olivia - Wasn’t a fan of anything she did this week but she looked pretty during Snatch Game. So there’s that. This might rock her confidence next week.
Tina Burner -
Tumblr media
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virtual-toast · 3 months ago
Scream Queens VH1 Recap - Season 1 Episode 4
Tumblr media
Once everyone comes back from the grand ballroom, Tanedra is surprised that Marissa went home instead of Michelle, citing Michelle's acting as "not believable, at all. It's godawful." Lindsay also comments that Michelle "thinks she's a better actress than she actually is." Lina claims herself as "one of the better actresses here". Meanwhile Angela voices her frustration that he hasn't yet been to the grand ballroom or received any direct feedback. I guess that's what you get for being average.
The girls meet up with Shawnee for their mini challenge, and guess what? It's horror-comedy week! What could possibly go wrong? The girls have to perform a super lame scene from a black and white horror movie as just a head on a table, with a male model (aka. a terrible actor) as their scene partner. Lindsay correctly points out that you have to play the scene genuinely because the comedy comes from the cheesy dialogue. She basically kills it by committing fully to the seriousness of the scene with just a touch of over-acting. Tanedra, Angela, and Sarah also do well but over-act a little too much. Michelle plays it like an over the top Disney Channel skit while Lina tries to make it a musical and sings all her lines for some reason?? Like honestly they're both so cringe. But you are not prepared for Jessica. Oh lordy. I honestly don't know how in the world she thought her choice would be a good idea, but apparently she did. She plays it like someone making fun of a disabled person. Her speech pattern, mannerisms, everything she does, it's like... words can't even describe it. It's like a train crash that you can't look away from. If you don't believe me, click here.
Anyway, obviously Lindsay wins the guaranteed callback. Later in Homa's class, the girls are introduced to Melissa Cross, a "scream teacher" who ngl is pretty awesome. She gives them a mini lesson on how to scream without hurting their voices, then each girl is challenged to give a specific scream based on a particular scenario suggested by Homa. Everyone does pretty well except for Lina who gets told off for over-acting, and Jessica who gets in trouble basically for back-talking and not taking things seriously. Angela again privately voices her frustration over no direct feedback from Homa.
Later during dinner, some guy dressed as a zombie comes into the house and the girls all run screaming because omg what a funny prank haha. Angela takes an envelope from around his neck containing their scripts, and a note that tells them they will be auditioning for individual roles in a mock comedy-horror movie trailer called Reform School Zombie Squad. Once she's done reading the note, however, the zombie fucking pukes on the ground and it's like... why?? Who has to clean that up? Why was it necessary? Seriously wtf producers. The girls read through the scripts and find that two of the characters have a make out scene, which Michelle and Lina both say they would not be comfortable doing. Angela has a cry about not getting feedback.
At the audition the girls meet James, the scriptwriter Caleb Emerson, and James' brother Sean Gunn (from Gilmore Girls and Guardians of the Galaxy) who will be the girls' co-star. In their one-on-one auditions, Lindsay goes first and kills her audition for Luwina, which Sean says is "pretty good". Angela auditions for Dana and basically just screams the whole time, which James calls "weird". Tanedra auditions for Carrie and kills it, followed by Jessica and Sarah auditioning for the same character and bombing. Michelle auditions for Shannon and does well, and when asked, tells James she wouldn't be comfortable kissing a girl. Lina bombs her audition for Luwina, doing a pseudo-impression of a black person which Sean calls "borderline racist" and "the worst". James asks her TWICE if there's anything she'd have a problem with or any characters she wouldn't be comfortable playing, and she says no. I'm sure that won't come back to bite her later. The cast is announced as follows:
Michelle as Shannon, the slutty prostitute with the "great vagina" (which Lindsay comments was an "obvious choice, basically playing a tackier version of herself")
Jessica as Lisa, the rich girl with a ball gown and tiara
Lindsay as Luwina, the tough girl from the streets
Angela as Vanessa, the cat burglar and one half of the kiss
Lina as Cat, the Catholic school girl gone bad and the other half of the kiss (HAHAHAHA)
Sarah as Dana, the crazy hockey mask girl
Tanedra as Carrie, the surfer chick and leader of the group
Lina of course complains that she was cast as one half of the girl on girl kiss, and then (probably when she realises the grave she's already dug herself) decides that she's just going to "pretend". lol okay girl. That's the least of her problems though, because for some reason she decides on a horrible screaming voice and lots of tongue-wagging and screeching for her character which just does not work in any way, and refuses to drop it even when James specifically and repeatedly tells her to. Sigh.
Everyone else does pretty well in the challenge tbh, taking James' directions well and also working well with Sean, doing some improv etc. Michelle, to her credit, has a hilarious scene which she kills, in which she gets naked in front of Sean's character along with the line, "Review this record, warden. And by record, I mean VAGINA." It's fucking hilarious.
The time has finally arrived, and Angela and Lina are in their bikinis preparing to shoot the kiss in the hot tub. James describes the kiss in graphic detail which finally gets Lina to admit to him that she doesn't want to do it. Angela mentions that Jessica is down to do the kiss instead, so while she gets subbed in, James basically reads the riot act to Lina (politely, bless him). She tries to make excuses and he's like, "I asked Michelle too and she said no", so she finally apologises to him. In her talking head, Lina says she's "not difficult to work with" and "not a diva" which are both blatant lies, and that her acting isn't an issue which I'm like - girl look in a fucking mirror. Meanwhile Jessica and Angela do the make out scene and it's hilarious, with lines such as, "God, this feels so wrong!" and, "But we can't, we're sisters!"
The next day Lina has a go at Sarah out of nowhere about her apparently leaving a mess in the kitchen / living room, even though Sarah says none of the mess is hers. Sarah (correctly) accuses Lina of being insecure about her shitty work during the main challenge. They have a full on screaming bitch fest in each other's faces while most of the other girls basically just watch them lmao. Lindsay reads the list which mentions Michelle is the week's leading lady, and summons only Angela and Lina to the grand ballroom. Michelle bursts into tears because they are her two closest friends in the house.
There's not really much to be said about this episode's judgement to be honest. Angela gets called out for being really average and fading into the background. Meanwhile the judges go all in on Lina for not only lying about the kiss and stalling production, but also for her terrible performance. Lina gets the axe, and even in her exit talking head, insists it's not because of her acting. Bye, you delusional asshole!
Stay tuned for Season 1 Episode 5!
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fluffycakesistainted · 5 days ago
In season three, Joe is not alone. He is still with Love Quinn, the woman he became entangled with in season two, played by a dynamic, masterful Victoria Pedretti. They are married, they have an infant, and best of all, Love is just as dark and violent as Joe, just as drawn to problem-solving by using extreme, irreversible, bloody devices. Suddenly, the one-way direction of the show’s momentum is a much more complicated two-body problem. Love is a foil for Joe, a mirror but also a nemesis, his love object, the mother of his child, and a constant reminder of his own flaws. A stalker drama can be fun, but it’s got nothing on the murder-romp possibilities of a serial killer Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where no one trusts anyone else but also someone needs to finish up the murdering in time to take over child-care duties.
Kathryn VanArendonk, ‘You Is the Best It’s Ever Been’ (Vulture)
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philtheissuesguy · a month ago
Only Murders In The Building Season 1 Episode 6 “To Protect and Serve” R...
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nightafternightpod · a month ago
Tumblr media
On YouTube:
NOTE: This episode is a bit NSFW due to subject matter of exotic dancers and a character's sexuality being expressed!
What happens when Shirley conks her head falling down the stairs and thinks she's a fantasy stripper/dancer from the smut she's read? Well, people take advantage of her and try to get her naked or into bed, of course. Can Laverne rescue her best friend in time?!
On pod, Chris and Lisa bemoan, at length, the sexism and mixed moral messages of the episode, while positing other possibilities of what could have been done.
Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Pocket Casts: Breaker: RadioPublic:
THE HOSTS: Lisa Fernandes (@thatbouviergirl) Chris Jayawardena (@ChrisJabberwock)
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caranfindel · 4 months ago
Episode recap/reaction: Walker 1.13
Anyone interested in a little Walker recap?
We start right where we left off, with Clint Dressed In Black So You Know He's Evil gunning down sweet pretty Liam in the front yard. Liam is draped gracefully on the step, presumably dead, and Clint orders everyone inside but Cordell says "let me take my brother" and already we're starting with the brother feels, y'all. Also I like Cordell calling his mother "Mama." I like it a lot.
Tumblr media
I like Jared in a white shirt too, though I'm annoyed that there's a bullet wound there which we are being denied.
Clint and his henchmen herd everyone inside. Mama Walker is briefly hysterical but calms down quickly and no one seems to care about poor dead Liam. They are really just remarkably unmoved by his supposed murder right on the front steps. Clint sits everyone around the table and has his son — Stella's one-time boyfriend, if you forgot — tie them up. Hoyt is snarky and I starting to have feelings for him. But it looks like there's going to be a lot of Bad Guy Monologue and I'm not here for that.
Clint wants Cordell to call Micki and have her bring Clint's partner to the house, and they have a conversation on speakerphone wherein Cordell says, very pointedly, Clint's still out there, but Mickey does not get the hint and apparently these two don't have a code word like Funkytown or Poughkeepsie, which is a damn shame. Unfortunately Clint's partner is already in jail, so Clint says let's go look at the horses instead.
All the horses are in the stable, which is odd because it's the middle of the day and it seems like they'd be out in the pasture, but what do I know. I had a horse once but I was an amateur horse owner, not a professional. Clint mentions Cordell not being in the family business (I see what you did there) but I thought the family business was cattle, not horses. Cordell points out that Clint has already evened the score, since he killed his brother, and yeah, I'm sorry, I can't hear Jared Padalecki say those words without going… well, you know where I'm going.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh hey, where are we, looks kinda like a BARN.
Grandpa Walker arrives, listening to some dreadfully twangy music, and decides things don't look right, what with strange trucks and people walking about with shotguns. Or rifles. I've pointed out that I don't know the difference, right? Being Grandpa Walker, he stalks up there with his own lengthy gun instead of calling the authorities. He finds Liam, who it turns out is only mostly dead, and picks him up and carries him off. Damn, Grandpa Walker is a serious badass.
Tumblr media
Is hurt!Liam doing things for me? MAYBE. DON'T JUDGE.
Grandpa carries him into the… tack room? I'd know, if I were a professional. He gets some pain pills out of his pocket and Liam asks where he got them, because that's our biggest concern right now. Hey Dad, the family is being held hostage and I've been shot but why do you have pain pills? (Maybe this seems odd to me because I am part of a family where we send routine texts saying my back went out, do you have anything but that's what happens when you are in a family of healthcare workers. Do you think they're extra careful about making sure you only take what's prescribed to you, and tossing out that leftover Percocet you got from your wisdom tooth removal after you've recovered? Trust me, they are NOT.)
But I digress. Grandpa Walker calls Micki (do you have your child's coworkers' numbers saved to your phone, because I do not) and tries to tell her what's going on but he's interrupted by Clint, who grabs the phone and checks out who he called. "Glad you weren't stupid enough to call the cops," he says, because Micki is not identified as Cordell's Law Enforcement Partner on Grandpa's phone. Maybe she's called Not Moose. Clint also finds the pain pills in Grandpa's pocket and confiscates them. Clint is a man after my own heart.
{Sidebar: Why is Gramma Walker with him? Why did he drag her along?}
Back at the ranch, Cordell tries to talk Travis (that's the son's name, isn't it, or did I already forget?) into letting them go, while Stella and Hoyt both manage to get out of their ropes and sit there pretending they didn't. Cool, will they do something? (Spoiler alert: nope.) Did Travis tie them loosely on purpose, or is he just a failure at being a criminal? Could go either way at this point. (On rewatch — yes, if I'm writing an actual recap rather than a list of grievances I have to do a rewatch — I'm not sure Stella got out. Accuracy is important.) Clint and his minions (seriously, how many minions does he have here?) show up with Grandpa and Liam, and Liam's family is surprised to see him up and breathing but not, you know, inordinately happy. Anyone starting to think Cordell was the golden child?
{Sidebar: I suspect the Venn diagram overlap between people who would name their son Cordell Beauregard and people who would name their son William but call him Liam instead of Billy or Will even though they live in Texas is narrow indeed.}
Poor injured Liam is dumped in a bedroom, Cordell gets an excuse to yell "Daddy, stop it," and Grandpa Walker is added to the group around the table. There's some more evil monologuing and yelling, Hoyt tries to be the hero and gets knocked around, and Cordell yells "Enough!" He does not add that there will be no new king of Hell, unfortunately, but I went there. Did you?
Tumblr media
Hells yeah I did.
Cordell says he'll do anything if Clint will just let his family go and he has to look up at Clint and this scene isn't giving me the same feels as vulnerable Sam Winchester looking up at someone but, you know. It will do.
Tumblr media
Yeah it will.
Anyway. Clint's going to make Cordell rob a bank for him. Hoyt is going with. Cordell changes into a clean shirt for whatever reason and daaaamn guys, have we seen this outfit before? Cause I like it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can come rob my bank any time, sweetheart.
Clint hands Cordell and empty gun and Hoyt asks if they can take the Mustang, which makes me think he's got a plan. Spoiler alert: he doesn't. Or maybe he does. To be honest, I skip the whole bank robbing scene because I don't want to get secondhand embarrassment from Cordell awkwardly trying to rob a bank, but I suspect it goes something like this:
Hand over all the money.
Son, you're wearing a Texas Ranger badge.
Um. I forgot about that.
But I do see that Hoyt bonks him on the head and pretends he's the real robber and Cordell is just his hostage. During the robbery, Hoyt manages to sneak a loaded gun to Cordell. Good for you, Hoyt. I'm beginning to really like you. They make their escape in the Mustang and Hoyt is apparently such a badass that he can get under the bridge they were expected to be driving over, evading both the police and the minion tailing them, even though there doesn't seem to be an actual road there. But he's not enough of a badass to escape Micki! Because before they robbed the bank, Micki told Captain I've Forgotten His Name about her weird phone call with Cordell's father, so Captain called Cordell. And they don't have a code word either. Seriously, guys. Captain thinks he's "a little off" but that's as far as he'll go.
Anyway. Micki meets the boys on the bridge. (Team Sassyboots! I didn't know that was canon!)  Cordell tells her what's going on and she agrees to let him handle it. They call each other Flora and Beau, which I guess is becoming the new bitch/jerk.
Back at the ranch, Liam is screaming in pain (rather dramatically, I thought) and the kids beg Trevor to let them help him. Stella and August are allowed to check on him, under Trevor's watchful eye. (Clint then interrogates Gramma and Grandpa Walker and I skipped most of this but he figures out that Grandpa has cancer. Oh, and he reports the bank robbery! Clint, you shithead.) Liam looks like crap, but this is the one time that the Walker hair and makeup team could learn a lesson from the Supernatural team. Because Liam looks kind of orange, not grey like Sam did in Red Meat. (Mmm, Red Meat.)
Stella convinces Trevor to let her call Coach Micki's Boyfriend, who Facetimes her through some first aid. He says they need to cauterize the wound, because he’s a war medic but he’s never heard of wound packing, and Augie says oh, there's a brand in the barn and I'm like... wait. Y'all couldn't think of anything smaller than a fucking branding iron? Bitch, do you not have a curling iron? Conveniently, Stella has a knife and alcohol in her room. She cuts on the wound for whatever reason and then Trevor brings the red-hot iron (how long do they stay red hot?) and Stella carefully uses just the edge of it ha ha ha no she doesn't she smacks it right down flat on his chest, and now Liam has a big W brand right where his brother has an anti-possession tattoo. Seriously, could you not just heat up that knife???
(Am I now jonesing for a fic where Sam Winchester gets branded? MAYBE. I TOLD YOU, DON'T JUDGE ME.)
Clint is pissed when he sees Liam's brand, cause he's jealous and he wants one. Oh, no, wait. His son explains that Liam was dying and Clint's all, that was the point, dumbass. Oh, it ain't about the money. It's about revenge. We should have known from Clint's all-black outfit that he wasn't just evil he was eeeviiiiiillll.
Anyway. Cordell and Hoyt are back, and now it's dark outside, even though it was full daylight when they fled the bank. The ranch must be on the very farthest outskirts of town. Everyone goes outside to meet them except Liam, who is probably still dramatically screaming in pain. There is more monologing and then Hoyt pulls out a loaded gun and shoots, so maybe he kept the gun I thought he gave Cordell at the bank? {shrugs} There's more runnin' and fightin' and shootin'. Even Stella jumps into the Mustang and backs over somebody. Hoyt thinks he got Clint and goes over to check, but oh, Clint has the knife he took out of Grandpa's jacket! And he stabs Hoyt! Oh no! Everybody runs over, Gramma screams louder than she did when her own son was shot and presumably dead, and Hoyt gets his goodbye speech, complete with his bloody hand over Jared's, saying he always knew it would end this way, and Jared's tears, and IT IS TOO SOON FOR THIS NONSENSE, OKAY? IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN A YEAR. And Gramma cries, which she didn't do when she thought Liam was dead.
Clint just stood and watched this whole thing, but now he holds a gun to Cordell's forehead and Cordell kicks him. So I guess we have a shoutout to the OG Walker in addition to all the Supernatural shoutouts tonight. I guess neither of them has a loaded gun now, because there's more kicking and punching. Trevor shoots into the air to stop their fight. Micki has just shown up, and when she hears the gunshot she calls for backup. And let me tell you, if I was Captain What's His Face and I found out one of my Rangers knew her partner had robbed a bank because his family was being held hostage by a wanted criminal, and she just decided to let the whole thing run its course? She'd be fired. She'd be up on charges. She'd be dead. But then, I'd also arrest a civilian for straight-up murdering an unarmed suspect, so maybe I just don't understand how things go down in Austin.
Clint tries to get Trevor to shoot Cordell, but Trevor isn't convinced his dad is right. And even Cordell is like yeah, if I were you, I'd shoot me, cause I have some obvious anger management issues. Trevor does put down his gun after some encouragement from Micki, but then Clint reaches for another gun on the ground! Oh no! And there's a gunshot! Cordell frantically pats himself down for a wound but Clint was the one who got shot, by Liam! Coming up from behind, bleeding, in true Red Meat style! Well, who saw that coming? And can I just say what a goddamn shame it is that Sam's shirt wasn't hanging wide open like this in Red Meat?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We was robbed.
Also interesting that whoever plays Liam didn't get the shaved chest part of the standard CW contract crossed out like Jensen and Jared eventually did.
Cordell grabs his staggering, wounded, badass little brother (dammit) and pats his head and tells him it's all right (Safe House!) and they end up in a group hug with August and Stella. Gramma Walker is still cradling her dead favorite son, Hoyt. (I mean, first the diamond ring and now this. Anyone else starting to wonder?)
Aftermath! I didn't mention Cordell's DPS hearing because I didn't care, but apparently he's going to be put on probation for two weeks because of some other shit I wasn't paying attention to. Or is it because he robbed a bank? "That's not right," Cordell says, and I think he's going to say it's too harsh, but actually he thinks that because he got his best friend killed, and almost got his brother killed, and he just can't do this right now. And he hands in his badge.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This scene was framed well, because they manage to make him look small and helpless.
Well! So much drama. And so many questions... Did Hoyt ever give the big-ass ring back? Is he secretly Gramma Walker's lovechild? Will Trevor and Stella ever go to a dance again? Will I remember anybody's names next time? Who's the Big Bad now? Will Cordell get his job back? Will he get a matching brand? Will we ever see Liam shirtless again? Was there a Supernatural shout-out I missed? What is the airdate for The Boys season 3?
Stay tuned, friends. I hear there's a Richard Speight-directed episode coming up. That should be interesting.
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redbloons · 14 days ago
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens S02E09
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Awkwafina is back y'all. I think it's obvious how much I love love love this show and Awkwafina. And the fact the plot takes place in New York City makes it even greater.
Episode 9, titled "The Simple Life" from the show's second season debuted on Wednesday and it was a hoot. With only one episode until the season finale, the episode shows Nora as she drives Edmund all the way from Queens to L.A. to pursue his acting career.
Much like last season, Bowen Yang's Edmund is brought into the spotlight towards the end, and my oh my was it worth it.
Bowen Yang is a class act improv actor and hits his mark every time. Whenever he appears in the show, he simply steals the spotlight from Awkwafina. What I really appreciate is that it seems as though that IS exactly his purpose.
After reaching their destination, Nora sticks around L.A. while Edmund hangs out with his new improv group friends. When Edmund lets her know that he was expecting her to return to Queens sooner, she departs and her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, in New Mexico. But everything is a-ok as she stopped near where her Aunt Sandra's cult lives. So Nora spends some time with her aunt's cult before she heads home. In the meantime, Grandma is teaching Brenda the Chinese way, how to cook Chinese food and how to scream at Wally while he is driving in case he snoozes off.
The episode would've been somewhat lackluster if it weren't for Bowen Yang. He really turned it up and made every scene he was in a masterpiece. The overall writing was a bit lazy and the viewer couldn't actually make any sense of the direction the episode was going to. Needless to say the first half was definitely better and way funnier than the second.
All in all, Nora from Queens and Edmund make a hell of a team so I'm pretty excited about next week's finale and the potential of a third season (fingers crossed!!).
Acting: 8/10
Plot: 5/10
Writing: 6/10
Action: 6.5/10
Ending: 3/10
Overall Episode Rating: 6/10
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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girlsgonemildblog · 7 months ago
There Was So Much Crying - The Bachelor, Season 25, Week 11 & After The Final Rose Recap
Tumblr media
Image from
We made it. We finally arrived at the finale of what may have been the longest season of The Bachelor ever. Perhaps not in weeks and episodes, but definitely in years it took off my life. The episode opens with shots of Matt and the two remaining ladies, Michelle and Rachael, all looking very serious. Rachael was even staring pensively off in the distance while writing in her journal. Every season there’s a shot of one of the final girls journaling, and I refuse to believe that that many people keep a journal. I try to journal, and I am good for like two entries a month, and that’s only until I completely forget about journaling for half a year until I find the notebook in a drawer I never open.
Matt then goes and sees his mom, Patty,  and older brother, John, who looked so much like him it was actually distracting.
Tumblr media
Matt’s family first meets Michelle, and Patty starts crying almost immediately. Michelle and John then go off to speak privately, and it was clear that John prepped for this conversation. He had a line of questioning memorized, and they were personal, such as “When was your last relationship?” and “Why did it end?” I think John would get along well with Michelle’s kindergarteners.
Patty then gets a chance to talk with Michelle, and the two of them had an instant connection. Serious bonding happened. Patty starts crying (again) because she is so happy that Matt has found love. I would be remiss if I did not say that if my boyfriend’s mom were crying like this, it would be a red flag for me. Like, why are you this grateful that someone is willing to be with your son? What is wrong with him that you’re not telling me?
Tumblr media
The next day it is Rachael’s turn with the Jameses, and John lays into her just as much as he did Michelle. He hits her with questions like “How many relationships have you been in?” and “Have you ever been in love?” It did not seem like he was as satisfied with her answers as he was with Michelle’s. When Rachael talks to Matt’s mom, they discuss the importance of religion in both of theirs, and Matt’s, lives. Patty cries, and Rachael says that the show is “God’s way of bringing her and Matt together.” God, Chris Harrison, same difference.
After Rachael leaves, Matt gets a chance to debrief with his mom and brother. His mother seems to like both girls, which was probably quite unhelpful for Matt, who needed to decide between the two. She also says that she does not think Matt is ready to get engaged, which was pretty evident at this point. She then goes into quite a speech about how “love ends,” and it’s “not the end all be all.” Patty’s clearly been through a lot, and desperately needs to go to therapy. John counters by telling his brother that he supports him no matter what, but he also shouldn’t jump into a decision if he is not ready.
This whole conversation (understandably) confuses Matt, and he asks to speak with Chris Harrison. He tells Chris that he’s unsure if he’s ready to get married and fills him in on the conversation with his mom. Chris simply replies, “that’s a lot to unpack,” which is a very fitting response. He then tries to talk Matt into it in an attempt to salvage what has ultimately been a complete shit-show of a season. My personal opinion is that if you’re not sure if you’re ready to get engaged, you’re not ready to get engaged. You need to be 100% confident before you get down on one knee. (I also think you need to be 100% confident the other person will say yes, but I won’t get into that right now.)
Tumblr media
The next day, Matt takes Michelle to the top of a building and brings her dangerously close to the edge with her eyes closed. When she does open her eyes, he announces that they will be repelling down the side, and that would be the point where I would break up with him. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t ask her to risk her life. Matt was really bad at the repelling but still took it upon himself to explain how to do it to Michelle, who was having no issues. That night, Matt goes over to Michelle’s hotel room. She gives him a gift; matching “World Changing Warriors” basketball jerseys with “Mr. James” and “Mrs. James” on the backs and he then breaks up with her. She says to him, “just tell me where you’re at,” and he responds, “I don’t think I can get there with you.” Harsh, to say the least.
The following day, we see Rachael getting ready for her own date with Matt. Chris Harrison then knocks on her door, and she is delighted to see him, unfortunately not realizing what is happening. Chris Harrison does not show up with good news. Chris tells Rachael that Matt’s going through some things and doesn’t want to see her today (imagine getting stood up on The Bachelor), but conveniently omits that Michelle was sent home the previous night.
Matt meets with Neil Lane, the official diamond provider of Bachelor Nation. Neil asks Matt if Rachael is expecting a proposal, and he says, “she’s expecting honesty.” Uh, no, Matt. She is definitely expecting a proposal.
Tumblr media
Rachael gets a date card asking her to “meet me by the lake,” which is extremely ominous. Rachael does meet him and gives her pre-proposal speech, which is filled with clichés like, “I’m not gonna run when it gets tough,” and “when you’re hurting, I’m hurting.” Matt then tells her that he can’t propose to her (then why the hell did he get that ring?), but he still wants to “commit” to her. Then they all lived happily ever after. Just kidding, she got exposed on the internet, and the whole show exploded.
Tumblr media
Which brings me to the third hour of the finale, “After the Final Rose”. Because Chris Harrison decided celebrating slavery was defendable, he’s been put in time out, and Emmanuel Acho was asked to step in and host. For those who are not familiar, Acho is a former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles (go birds!) and current analyst on Fox. He also wrote a book titled Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man and hosts a video series on topics involving race.
Tumblr media
Emmanuel brings out Michelle first, who looked stunning. She tells Emmanuel that after she was sent home, she asked for two minutes with Matt, not to change his mind but just to get closure, but he refused, which is actually pretty shitty of him. Emmanuel then asks for her thoughts on Rachael’s scandal. Michelle, very tactfully, says that those photos hurt her and that she does believe Rachael has a good heart, but she was just ill-informed and inconsiderate.
Matt then comes out to speak with Michelle. She confronts him over how she was forced to walk away without closure, and he says he wishes he had pushed more for that conversation. This phrasing interested me because it implied that not speaking with her may not have been his choice alone. As Oprah would say, was he silent, or was he silenced? Emmanuel asks Michelle if she still loves him. She says that she still cares for him, and he will always hold a piece of her heart. She also roasts him by saying he needs to come up with more phrases than “thank you for sharing that with me.”
Tumblr media
It is then Matt’s turn to speak alone, and oh boy, did he look tired. It was so painfully clear that he just wanted to be done with this whole thing. He and Emmanuel discuss how he was under extra scrutiny because he was the first Black bachelor and how he is the only representation of a Black man in some of the viewers’ homes. Matt speaks about how other leads would only be asked to find love, but he also had to represent all Black men. Emmanuel asks him how much of the pressure may have been internalized, and Matt responds that the pressure comes from the fact that Black people are conditioned to make people comfortable with their Blackness.
Their conversation then shifts to his relationship with Rachael, and Emmanuel asks what made Matt first fall for her. He says her authenticity, which is a bit ironic in hindsight. Matt then breaks down their trajectory after leaving Pennsylvania. At first, they were in a honeymoon phase. When the rumors started bubbling about Rachael’s past, Matt dismissed them as rumors and just tried to be there for her. He said that “you hear things that are heartbreaking and pray that they’re not true.” When he discovered they were true, he was taken back to growing up in the south and the people and places that made him feel unwelcome. Eventually, he broke up with her. He said it was a tough conversation, but “if you don’t understand that that’s problematic in 2018, then there’s a lot of me you won’t understand.”
Tumblr media
Emmanuel then spoke to Rachael one-on-one. He shows her the controversial photo, and she says she sees “someone who was living in ignorance without thinking who it would be hurting.” Her use of the phrase “someone who” is important to note because she is separating herself from the actions and thus not actually taking responsibility for them. She also says that she never asked herself about where the tradition comes from because if she had, she would’ve immediately realized it was problematic. Remember she said this, it’ll come up later. Emmanuel asks her who is to blame for her ignorance, and she says there is no excuse. This is the point where it became painfully clear that everything she was saying had been scripted and rehearsed a thousand times. Acho also asked her what steps she was taking to educate herself, which she did not actually answer. She said it wasn’t about reading books and watching documentaries (you know, the tools of education) and even said, “we need to take action.” I’m not sure who the “we” she was referring to is exactly because she was the only one on that stage who was photographed playing Slave-Owner.
Matt joins Emmanuel and Rachael, and calling the situation awkward would be an understatement. Matt clearly didn’t want to have to talk to her anymore, and it was evident that a lot more went on during their break up than either of them were willing to say. Emmanuel asks Matt if there is anything else he has to say to Rachael, and he was silent for a long time. They went to a commercial break, and when they came back, he was still silent for a good 10 seconds. I would’ve taken that as a no, but they just kept on waiting. Eventually, Matt says that the most disappointing thing was having to explain to Rachael why the party was problematic. Remember back when Rachael said, “if I had just asked myself where the tradition came from, I would’ve immediately understood it was problematic”? Well, apparently, that was bullshit because in the year 2021, she didn’t, and she clearly fought with Matt about it and defended herself. In addition, Matt tells her that she doesn’t fully understand his Blackness, and she wouldn’t understand that for their kids. He also points out to Emmanuel that he didn’t sign up for this conversation, which I found such a perfect encapsulation of why this entire situation has been so unfair to Matt. Emmanuel asks Matt if the door is still open for a relationship with Rachael, and Matt says that feelings don’t just go away, but she needs to do the work on her own. I.e., Matt doesn’t want to be her babysitter and shouldn’t have to be held responsible for her actions or inactions.
Tumblr media
After a palette cleansing commercial break, we return to a different graphic on the screen, that of The Bachelorette. Michelle and Katie then come out and announce that they will both be the Bachelorette, each with their own season, and Katie going first. Katie’s season will premiere in May, giving us just enough time to recover from this shit show before diving headfirst into the next one.
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houseoffundies · 6 months ago
BuB Recap:  “He or She, What will the Baby Be” - 1001
I watched, so you do not have to... Here's my recap of the BuB episode "He or She, What will the Baby Be Episode 1001.
We kick off the season with Gil and Kelly doing a recap of what we already saw on social media.  Alyssa is expecting Number 4, Chad can only receive work from family members, Lawson is the "White Savior," and Katie will continue the tradition that the daughters can make it down an aisle.  
First, out of the gate is Carlin and Whitney sharing a surprise of how many people are shopping during a pandemic due to everyone being at home; their sales have increased so much that they can afford the new location.  
The Bates never took COVID seriously, and you can tell in the glass lighting of the coverage.  Several members received COVID, but everyone could recover, so they didn't take it seriously; however, Erin could not recover that quickly.  Chad's mother came to support them in their two-bedroom rental, where no one quarantines from Erin.    *Note:  As someone who has lost someone from COVID, it's very annoying to see how people choose not to quarantine and take measures not to spread the disease.  
Chad continues to be free labor to the Bates. I do hope that his in-laws do pay for not just the materials but the labor costs.  Because the Balka's are waiting for Chad to add a sink in their kitchen, if Chad doesn't do it soon, they will continue to use their water from the bathroom.  Josie shares the struggles of getting pregnant and losing their baby and her fear about being pregnant in the future. She's uncomfortable discussing this topic.  I wish they gave her that time to heal. 
Zach is discussing leaving the police department and joining the tree company.  It's interesting what Zach says regarding his choice of wanting to depart from the academy—calling Gil a hero, and his words matter than others.  He shares that he wants to spend more time with the kids, and I think that's great, but I don't believe that was his reason.  There are other reasons for Zach to leave the police academy, and it's not because of what he said.  
If you have followed Webster's YouTube or social media, then you know what happens.  It was just a copy and past about the arrival of Maci Jo.  With most Bates boys wanting them to have a son, it's clear that John will be a Girls Dad. 
When we see Michela and learn about her nursing, it's all about Kelly.  We miss an opportunity to see if Michela's views of COVID were different from her family.  Instead, we have a clip of Lawson being a white savior to Esther.  They make it clear that if it weren't for Lawson or Nathan, the little girl would have never made it.   
One girl that plans to make it is Katie.  She's joined Josie's company and plans to provide her support until the ring.  Katie is moving to New Jersey, and nothing is going to stop her.  
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sunnymenagerie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
RuPaul's Drag Race: Where Was Pink Slip?
Tina was right...there….and RuPaul really went and sent home a queen that was on the rise and not the one that’s been in quicksand from day one?
Tumblr media
The remaining eight queens reached the makeover challenge and because of Miss Rona, could not makeover anyone from the outside world, so they were paired off by a psychic - yeah - and told to makeover one another in their drag style. First though, what the fuck was up with the psychic, and did anyone else feel like RuPaul wasn’t in the room with them? He looked like he was in front of a green screen the entire time and the psychic? Random.
She went from talking about Tina’s never-there-father to Utica’s dead cow. Again, random. Like, can we not act shocked that this lady knew things that they probably said online or in their audition videos? Anyways...Dollar Tree Miss Cleo paired the girls off in teams of two based on who could learn the most from one another. Unfortunately for the uptight Rose that meant getting down with the red, yellow, and orange-hued loosey-goosey Tina Burner. I went into this worried for Rose because they were going to be judged as a pair this week and well, that first look Tina put Rose in was a hot fucking mess. However, what she walked down the runway in was somehow worse!
Tumblr media
Speaking of worried, from the preview last week I knew Symone and Utica were going to be quite the pair, and with one of them just having visited the bottom two...I didn’t know if that was going to deflate the small-town queen or ignite her. Right after we watched her rock an afro made of squirrels as if not to appropriate a white man with an afro, we watched her become very wary of stepping into the fierce heels of Symone because like all of Symone’s runways, her makeover one was unapologetically Black. Inspired by the Halle Berry cult classic ‘BAPS,’ Utica was either going to fucking serve or wind up lip-syncing for the second time in a row, and we all know it would’ve been her last. However, it wasn’t just on Utica’s fear of being canceled, because Utica’s look and runway walk is just as hard to imitate, especially for a fashion queen like her partner. Thankfully this pairing fucking worked, which is something I can’t say for Olivia and Denali.
Three of the pairs were pretty evenly matched in terms of size, especially Olivia and Denali, so I thought...these girls have it the easiest. Plus, they’re gorgeous and seem easy to paint. I guess when you assume it’s too easy, it’s actually well - let’s just say that one’s makeup was questionable, and the other was lacking a tiny purse. Unlike Denali and Olivia, Gottmik and Kandy Muse faced the hardest challenge based on their size difference. Nothing in Gottmik’s bags was going to fit her season 13 sister and they knew they were going to have to create something on the fly, and take another garment in. They were safe, but honestly - I didn’t live for Kandy’s look which...
Tumblr media
In terms of the challenge, the judges weren’t wrong to declare Symone and Utica the winners of this week’s challenge. They embraced one another’s not only aesthetic but actually learned what they were supposed to from it. Plus, neither of them let their sister walk out there looking like a fool. Symone was engulfed in the oddities that make Utica standout, while Symone’s aura oozed out of Utica with every confident step she took. The judges had been waiting for weeks for Utica to serve fashion and tonight she did. Who didn’t fare well, most of the other girls. I will say that Rose did as best she could with what she had given Tina was her partner. This was the second time in 10 weeks that Tina’s looked okay. Rose...oh Rose, here’s where we have a case of someone letting their sister look horrendous.
Look, there were several weeks during this season where Tina Burner wore only three prominent colors for her brand. So when it came time to dress Rose like her, where the hell were the reds, yellows, and oranges? She went out looking like the blacklisted queen from season 12. It didn’t feel like Tina at all, and I feel like Tina should’ve been in the bottom two alongside Olivia since Miss Lux didn’t really put herself into Denali’s look. Which, Denali looked good - better than Olivia in my opinion, but…ya know. As for Gottmik and Kandy, I thought Gottmik looked great but I expected her to give us more of a New York City, Bronx look instead of a Harley Davidson Model. Then there’s Kandy, the makeup was good but I thought we’d see the actual Gottmik face. I was left underwhelmed with those two but agreed that they’d be rightfully safe as they were just...
Tumblr media
Ugh, judging in pairs was such a mistake because, in the end, the wrong girl went home. Olivia and Tina should have been trying to save their ass with Mary Mary, but alas...Denali was in the bottom and despite two strong ass back-to-back top three placements - Ru sent her skating. I didn’t think Denali was going to make the top four, but I didn’t see her leaving before her makeover partner or Tina.
Next week is another acting challenge. The one where they have to sell an item, and while Utica just won a challenge, we all know she’s not the best in these situations. Even though she has all that improv to her name. Next week could either be the week she or Tina finally shines on their own, or we could be seeing them in the bottom.
Tumblr media
Makeover Looks Ranked:
Utica: Once she got out of her head, she finally brought her runway to new heights
Symone: For as weird as it was, that headpiece was so Coachella, acid trip beautiful
Gottmik: It was a nice fit, I just wasn’t a fan of the print
Denali: She looked great but it just wasn’t Olivia Lux
Tina Burner: Rose should dress her more often
Olivia Lux: She looked like a used loofa
Rose: The face was a mess and the outfit was tragic
Kandy Muse:
Tumblr media
Week 10 Rankings & Reasonings:
Symone - With another win under her belt, we’re heading into an acting challenge. There is no way she is going anywhere anytime soon - unless they surprise them with a sewing AND singing challenge!
Gottmik - Safe this week, but she still killed her runway and like Symone, knows how to deliver in an acting challenge
Rose - Rose being near the bottom this week was not her fault. She made over Tina the best she could, and with the acting challenge being a solo game - she has a chance to outshine her competitors
Olivia - Yes, most of the girls said her name when asked who should go home but as someone who bounces back and forth on the spectrum between bottom and top, I don’t think she’s close to leaving us quite yet
Kandy Muse - Her personality will lead her to another week on the show
Utica - One win to her name doesn't mean anything, especially when she’s gotta act next? We’ve all seen her bomb before in challenges like this so it’s going to be interesting to see if she actually grasps the concept of Drag Race humor
Tina Burner -
Tumblr media
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Impeachment: American Crime Story 1X06 "Man Handled" Review Impeachment: American Crime Story 1X06 "Man Handled" Review Riveting and deeply disturbing television the sixth episode of American Crime Story​ is. Terrence recaps and gives his thoughts on the latest episode of #ImpeachmentFX titled "Man Handled" Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE to our channel here:
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