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#tv recs

A few years ago, I made a science fiction TV recs list [X]

It’s still getting passed around, but my star-rating system was confusing, and the assortment of shows that I recommended were sort of all over the place.

I have now created a new science fiction TV recommendations list [X]

I hope that this one is clearer, cleaner, and more informative. I have limited it to shows that I recommend, and also to live-actions shows for the sake of simplicity

I was going to make this anyway, but in light of the pandemic, I figure that a portion of folks may have a little more TV-watching time on their hands

I have also created a fantasy TV recommendations list [X], which is also restricted to live-action media


Q: What about Star Trek shows? Clone Wars? The Mandalorian?

A: As much as I love a lot of those, I figured that I would boost science fiction that is not part of the Big Two. They might get their own post or posts one day.

Q: Why aren’t Battlestar Galactica or Firefly on this list?

A: Because I do not recommend them. I mean, I sort of recommend that people watch some amount of them both so that they can discuss the respective issues of these shows, but though I enjoyed elements of them both, they’re just not for me. They might be for you, and that’s okay!\

Q: Why isn’t Game of Thrones on the fantasy TV list?

A: It knows what it did, and so do you.

Q: Will you make any others?

A: I might make ones for, like, Witch Shows or Superpower Shows or more terrestrial scifi or urban fantasy. Maybe comedies or dramas, for that matter. It’ll depend if these two lists take off as well as my last one did.

Q: I have specific questions about content warnings for one of these

A: while I always recommend DoesTheDogDie or similar resources, feel free to shoot me an Ask or a DM, on or off Anon, any time

Q: I have watched one or more of these and would like to discuss them

A: Please reach out, by all means!

If I do make more TV recs like these, I will reblog this post with new links

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series I’m watching while quarantining

  • victoria
  • reign
  • the tudors
  • love island uk
  • outlander
  • versailles
  • pearky blinders
  • anne with an e
  • downton abbey
  • the crown
  • medici

I know that one is not like the others but I might have a slight obsession with British trash tv oops

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As I have explained before, I really, really, really, really recommend watching

All Creatures Great and Small

(the series, not the movies – and I also very much!!! recommend reading the original books, which are brilliant!) and thus I present you here and now the first five out of, uh, ninety episodes. (Tumblr won’t have ninety videos in one post.)

Horse Sense – In which the new boy in Darrowby gets a job (and risks losing it)

Dog Days – In which we meet Tristan, and Tricki-Woo (who? woo!)

It Takes All Kinds – In which James falls in love

Calf Love – In which we learn that siblings best annoy each other with pigs

Out of Practice – In which there is an awkward first date

Have fun!

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I recommend: All Creatures Great and Small (1977-90)


It has

  • cute animals
  • great characters
  • cool animals
  • beautiful storylines
  • fierce animals
  • lovely scenery
  • funny animals
  • lots of humour
  • great animals
  • friendship & romance & (found) family
  • small animals
  • a really amazing theme melody

I recommend watching it in proper order, but random episodes work just as well because it’s such a lovely show!!! and has many little plots for every episode!!!
(In case you start in the beginning, I have to say that the course of the first three episodes sets the tone and introduces the most important characters.)

You can find episodes on youtube (though some of them have are sort of cropped) and on dailymotion…and proably in other places too, I don’t know.

It’s period drama, and it has elements of comedy, and it’s sometimes sad, and it’s based on true stories and people, and it is set in the Yorkshire Dales, so it’s practically perfect.

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TV Show Recs: American Gods and The End of the Fxxxing World are amazing! I also hold a soft spot for the MCU Punisher show.

I loved the book American Gods, I have a very distinct memory of reading it in grad school many years ago. 

So many shows! So much time (right now)! So little gym :(

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A show I enjoy and rec is Atypical. Warning, Season 1 has some inaccuracies when depicting autism BUT it tried and later season improved this and I think that is what is really important

Cool! It’s funny, since the quarantine started, I’ve been watching waaaaay less tv just because I can’t go to the gym (treadmill is usually tv time) so I’ll have to find a way to catch up on my shows at some point. 

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grace and frankie anon! can i take you up on your offer of tv recs? i'm in the mood for something wholesome and uplifting. i can't really do dark and gritty right now

Outlander s1-3 is on Netflix and honestly that’s the best Outlander has to offer. If you would like a sweeping grand romance that is always catered to, pretty clothes, and beautiful scenery… Go with Outlander

If you’d like more laughs and don’t mind a bit of gross out gore I HIGHLY recommend Santa Clarita Diet. Unfortunately it got Netflix cursed with three seasons, but it is a damn good three seasons and you will watch Timmy O be insanely good looking and also incredibly funny.

Russian Doll DOES have dark moments but it’s about a three hour watch time and the end is very very feel good.

If you’ve suffered till 2020 without seeing the Office, fix that my good sir or madam or They. People will say parks and recs is better but those people are wrong 💁.

The Good Place struggled a bit in the end, but it is the description of wholesome and feel good .

Anne with an E is a very modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables and almost entirely happy. If you need even more period piece time after that, PBS little women is on Amazon Prime.

And if you wanna go a little retro and didn’t spend your childhood watching a blonde girl slay vampires ? Buffy is all on Hulu. It might feel dated at times but it does definitely hold up better than 90 percent of other childhood nostalgia bombs.

Also if you have Hulu, they have nine seasons of my favorite absolutely rabid cooking show Cutthroat Kitchen. Alton brown is a devil, a genius, and an icon. Good Eats which shows his less evil genius side is also on Hulu and very cool look at cooking.

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All Creatures Great and Small, season 1, episode 12 – Breath of Life,

in which Siegfried puts himself in a quarantine and reads novels by Dorothy L. Sayers, and…

season 3, episode 9 – Brink of Disaster,

in which there is another (shorter) quarantine, and everyone is wearing gas masks, although for an entirely different reason.

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I have officially been socially distancing myself for 2 weeks now! 💪 As always, I’m looking for music to listen to/ books to read/ shows and movies to watch… Especially music! Anyone want to recommend me something? :) Always down to explore new creative works!

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Just popping in to say that The Expanse is such an amazing show and if you aren’t watching it, you’re missing out on some A+ sci fi.

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Have you watched the show this is us? I think you’d really enjoy it. There are 3 sibling protagonists and it focuses on the relationship they had with their father, it’s heart wrenching and beautiful.

no i haven’t!! thank you for the rec!!

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Do you watch much tv? I know there’s plenty of literature to keep you busy, but if I may recommend one show, I think you might enjoy The OA. It’s got lots of layers ripe for analysis!

I… like having (repetitive) background noise but I don’t actively watch a lot of TV, I guess. This might or might not mean that I just let the integrality of Brooklyn Nine-Nine run its course again and again while I’m doing other stuff. Although I will hunt down and binge-watch any baking show with alarming intensity.

And yes! Thank you! People have recommended the OA to me a few times already, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten to it. It’s on my elusive list! 

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I’ve been watching that documentary “Visible: Out On Television” and I highly recommend it. Especially if you want to know more about lgbt/queer history, queer fandom, etc. I actually learned some stuff that surprised me. Like that there were more than a few attempts at queer representation in shows or tv movies in the 70s, but then there was a backlash, partially due to ignorance and fear and bigotry during the HIV crisis, and things kind of went backwards in the 80s. It really does remind you that progress isn’t always perfectly linear; it’s always been a two steps forward, one step backward situation.

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hi do you have any recommendations for shows on netflix/hulu/hbo? i just finished the second season of sex education & i need something to watch while i wait for the last episodes of bojack horseman. thanks 💞

Yessss! I watch all of the TVs! I have 3 eps of Sex Education left.


  • Good Girls
  • Unbelievable
  • Derry Girls
  • The IT Crowd
  • AJ & the Queen
  • Outlander
  • Mindhunter
  • Black Mirror
  • Evil Genius
  • Tell Me Who I Am


  • What We Do In the Shadows
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Broad City
  • Pen15
  • Shrill
  • Please Like Me
  • Atlanta
  • You’re the Worst


  • The Leftovers
  • Watchmen
  • Barry
  • Insecure
  • Euphoria
  • Big Little Lies
  • Sharp Objects
  • Veep
  • Silicon Valley
  • Mrs. Fletcher
  • The Righteous Gemstones
  • Los Espookys
  • Wig
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