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#tv review
fuckyeahnightmares · 19 days ago
Midnight Mass is my new religion
Tumblr media
What is this show?
Mike Flanagan, creator of the Haunting of Hill House show, came back to Netflix to deliver us from [give me a sec to come up with something that rhymes with evil and means bad shows or something]. This show centers on the residents of the sleepy Crockett Island when a mysterious new priest steps in and all things spooky and miraculous (?) start happening.
How scary is it?
It is pretty similar to Haunting of Hill House in that it takes a lot of time and care developing its characters and takes sometime to unleash the horror. Some people may find it slow but I think this works to great effect, as it helps us get attached to the characters and grounded in the world so when the real sinister stuff starts happening, it feels very visceral, like it’s happening to people you know. That said, there are moments that reach pretty high levels of terror. It’s great.
It’s particularly chilling if you were raised Catholic.
Jump Scares?
A bit, yeah.
Is there blood and gore?
On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being Alien: Covenant [I need a new scale for this, I don’t remember Alien: Covenant]), how dumb were the characters?
There are those who act against their own self-interest but in a way that feels all too real. Maybe a 5/10 for standard human levels of dumb.
Anyways, yeah I love this show. I think it outdoes Hill House in that it communicates its big ideas more effectively. There are once again quite a lot of monologues as is Mike Flanagan’s way, but he writes them well and the actors really give them their all. Hamish Linklater delivering homilies goes crazy. The characters are each drawn out with a lot of empathy and you grow to understand each one pretty intimately. The island town itself feels very real and proved a very good setting for this horror story, with its isolation and the fact that it felt like a character unto itself. It had a hold over all the characters, especially the two main characters who wanted to escape it but ended up back in its grasp.
This is pretty close to perfect storytelling. I’m tempted to say it’s the best horror show out there. The only one that comes to mind that may be better is The Terror season 1. But, I do think more people would enjoy this one. Sure, I’ll give this bad boy a 10/10.
Spoiler-y random thoughts below.
God damn do I love the vampire/angel design.
On that note, I’m just gonna put it out there that I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually an angel, just a vampire in a world where vampires aren’t part of the cultural lexicon.
The scene with the halo on the vampire, the scene with the vampire in the coat and hat shushing Paul, the scene with the vampire in the chasuble. YES!
I was pretty terrified in the moments leading up to the vampire appearing at the church.
It’s on site with Bev Keene.
Riley in the boat will haunt me. Very good stuff.
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alexngn · a month ago
KATE (2021) - plesantly predictable
I know you are actively sleeping on it because people/articles/critics are comparing it to “John Wick” and “Gunpowder Milkshake” but i hope you’ll try to give it a chance & see it for yourself.
As usual, there will be spoliers so BUCkLE UP!
1. Yes. The plot is not new.
Tumblr media
✅ An assassin on their last mission, ready to retire
✅ Revenge
✅ An unexpected companion
✅ Lots of blood
✅ Neon lighting
I honestly have about 10 titles popping up in my head right now, but I’m not saying it a bad thing. It helps the audience focus on the main characters and all the action aspect which could easily be dulled down by the thick plot.
2. Still a good watch.
Tumblr media
It did great as an action-packed, thriller film. The choreography for each scene is very clean, logically accurate, easy to follow and they really took advantage of props and settings. And long fighting sequences are usually muddy and overwhelmed with all the fast camera movements and the gory surroundings. 
There were a lot of intentional patterns/related details like Boom Boom Lemon, the cheap sunglasses, LCD screens on buildings and even guns can be symbolic.
Subtle, yet effective comedy. Whether it was Kate constantly looking for her favorite “artificial” drink or the funny scenarios where a character realized they ran out of bullets. I never thought an impulsive teenage girl & a deadly assassin duo can be so hysterical but here we are.
The production is *chef kiss*. I really couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. It’s basically a light show tbh.
Soundtrack was also a plus Soooooooo gooooood
3. This scene was so cool (cause I’m actually a child in an adult’s body)
Tumblr media
Props to Miku Patricia Martineau (this was her first big break I think) for this fierce actong at such a young age.
My rating: 60/100 but I’m a simp for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and she’s a 10 so 70/100
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buffysummerslay · 24 days ago
I have watched Lucifer series finale yesterday and I am still reeling from feelings, feelings I need to work through to be able to move on.
Unfortunately, I am late to the party and I have started watching Lucifer (despite the show being on my radar for a few years already) when season 6 came out, and this turned avoiding spoilers about the ending as well as the show itself into an extremely hard task. I have, of course, seen some reactions to the ending and it was obvious that the viewers were divided between "the ending was amazing, they really did the story and the characters justice" and "what the fuck was that". I always take these reactions, especially when they come instantly after the episode has ended, with a grain of salt because, realistically, I haven't been fully satisfied with the way a tv show has ended - any tv show - since, like, 2010. However, I also know that there is a difference between "okay, the ending was anticlimactic/disappointing/etc, however, it is the journey that matters and I am still pretty happy with the show" and HIMYM type of ending where you are like "I want this show wiped from my memory because the final hour has ruined the entire experience for me". So, I took some time to reflect on the events that took place, gather my thoughts, and make my peace with the ending. After doing that, I can comfortably say that I am not fully satisfied with the ending because of one very simple reason - I can make sense of the choices taken by the character at the very end of the show only if I use "Lucifer gave Rory his word" rationale, and not because I believe in the theory they provided or the choices they make. So here are some of my thoughts about the ending of this beloved show, including both the things I liked and disliked. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen the show, the final season or the series finale, please stop reading because you don't want to manifest spoilery energy into your life!
The main thing I have a problem with is the time loop. I will begin by saying that I really dislike time travel in general - I think that it is an overly used plot divice that more than often creates holes in the story instead of driving the narrative where it needs to go, unless the concept of time travel is integral to the show, like for example in Timeless and Fringe. However, in this case, I dislike that the major characters have made a major decision (a serious, impactful, life-altering decision) based on a flimsy theory. And since they have told us exactly what will happen in the end, we simply didn't know why and how, I have expected a more bulletproof reasoning instead of a rushed conversation wrapped up in five minutes and sealed by a promise. Lucifer leaves Chloe and Rory and goes back to hell, Rory grows up resenting him and she becomes so angry she travels through time to confront him only to end up being the reason for his departure, therefore creating an unbreakable time loop. She makes her parents give her their word that they won't change a thing in order to make sure that Lucifer discovers his true calling, which is helping souls in Hell break their hell loops and ascend to Heaven. And the reason I am so hesitant to accept this is because of two reasons:
1. Lucifer has made amazing progress through the show when it comes to his character development, finding his worth and making peace with his identity, and yet you are trying to tell me that this is the only way he would discover his true calling, especially now when he has a higher level of understanding himself than ever before? And especially since these thoughts and doubts have already been in his mind aka him postponing to become God long before Rory's arrival into their timeline!
2. The consequences of our actions are the results of the choices we make, not the other way around. And sometimes, different choices can lead to different outcomes and sometimes the array of choices we make lead to the same outcome. It is absolutely possible that if they broke the time loop and made different choices, that their actions would lead them to the same outcome aka Lucifer finding his calling while remaining in their lives. I think that it is fully possible for them to make a timeline B (the timeline that would have been created if they broke the time loop) based on the discoveries from the timeline A (their current timeline). There's no reason for me to believe otherwise.
Apart from the discovery of Lucifer's calling, the only thing that came out of the time loop was pain, suffering and probably a lot of loneliness. Even the good things that came out of the time loop (like Lucifer and Rory bonding) are a consequence of the pain that it caused. Of course, if they broke a time loop and created a completely new timeline, choices they would make there could theoretically end up having worse consequences on their lives. They could also be better, or they could be completely the same. The thing is, we don't know, we can only speculate and that is exactly what bothers me. The main characters made a major decision based on a speculation. I don't necessarily have a problem with the things that have happened, but rather with how they happened and how they were explained. Or better to say, how they weren't. I think that they should have completely dedicated the season to exploring this and reassuring us that this is the right choice to make and the right way to go.
Also, the concept of free will and making one's own choices has been pretty integral to the show. We have watched Lucifer struggle with the concept since the beginning of the show because he was convinced he is only a puppet in his father's grand plans. There were many events in the show reinforcing that belief, like Chloe being the gift from God. It took him seasons to accept that he chose to stay in her life, to be close to her, to be her partner in work as well as in life and in that acceptance he finally found the strength to tell her that he loves her. He chose her and she chose him. And while one can argue that leaving them and going back to hell was Lucifer's choice (since, technically, he could have chosen to break his word to his daughter and change things), it is one he didn't want to make. In the final episode he says that he desires to watch his daughter grow up and before he leaves for Hell he tells Chloe he doesn't want to leave her (she even responds that she doesn't want him to leave either, but that this is the choice that they are making for Rory's sake), making me feel like he is making this choice out of duty, out of fear and not because he wants to. He finally accepted that the choices he makes are his and his only, and the final choice in the show was made for him instead by him - I really don't think that the character deserved this. Lucifer gave Rory his word and we know he always goes by his word - they have turned one of the most essential qualities of his character into a plot device and an instrument that caused pain. Additionally, since Rory asked him not to change anything, it was implied that Lucifer can't come back to Earth in order not to risk changing anything even though it is completely possible for him to balance his work hours in Hell and his family time on Earth, like Amenadiel did. I also found this completely unfair and it felt like Lucifer was "banished" to Hell, not only missing out on being with Chloe and watching Rory grow up, but also staying away from his friends and the life he had built for himself. However, on the brighter side, Lucifer doing this - something he doesn't completely understand, something he doesn't want to do - is incredibly selfless of him and only shows how much he has grown. A character who has been described as selfish and self-serving from the very beginning does something so ultimately selfless, something that doesn't serve him in any way - quite the opposite, it pains him. As I said, I don't necessarily mind how things played out, I mind the lack of guarantee that they had to be this way. The only thing we don't know is if Lucifer and Chloe were in contact over the years since Chloe could have kept in touch with him behind Rory's back - maybe she sent him pictures of Rory, and maybe they exchanged letters. I am very doubtful because this would probably make the whole situation harder on them nor do I think that they would risk it because they wouldn't be able to know if their actions are breaking the time loop or if they are a part of the original timeline but hey, this is the stuff that fan fictions are made of!
And finally, I very much disliked the parallel between Lucifer and God - Lucifer abandoning his child for the sake of doing his job and that child growing up resenting him - if it was their intention to draw such a parallel. I think that God somewhat "redeemed" himself in Lucifer's eyes and that through accepting himself Lucifer also learned how to stop resenting his father for the things that transpired between them, and I don't necessarily believe that Lucifer had to walk in his father's shoes to understand him. So, in my opinion, this was completely unnecessary. Something I did like was Lucifer's calling - I think that it shows nicely the full circle he has made and that the souls he thought he is supposed to torture he is now helping heal. In a way, Hell is also the reflection of who Lucifer is - when he saw himself as broken, as evil, as unworthy and undeserving, Hell was also a place of torture - it was a reflection of him. And now that he accepted himself and that others have accepted him for who he is as well, it is a place of healing. In the end, Hell is his kingdom and he can choose to rule it the way he wants to. He broke his own hell loop and he truly became a lightbringer.
And, of course, Lucifer and Chloe (they are so soft and I am so soft for them). Taking into consideration my very bad OTP track reckord, I kinda expected a much, much worse ending for them - I mean, the Devil falling in love with a human, what could possibly go wrong, right? I knew from the very beginning that they aren't getting a pure, wholeseome, family-like ending. In order for that to happen, she would either have to become immortal (leaving Trixie, losing her detective identity), or he would have to become mortal - both of these scenarios feel cheap and I never would have wanted this for them or the show. Another option was to give them their happy life on Earth but then they would either have to leave a somewhat open ending or deal with the fact that ultimately, as a mortal, Chloe will die. And if they were given their happy ending on Earth, who knows if they would end up together in afterlife. Even if they did, it definitely wouldn't feel as emotional and as gratifying as it does now. The thing is, it is easy to give in to the pain of their separation when we measure it by the pivotal moments of happiness and loss that drive the lives of humans - him not being there when Rory was born or when she grew wings or when she started school - and it is even harder when you know how much she needed him and how much he wanted to be there for her. It is even more painful when you think about Chloe spending her entire lifetime without him, carrying all that pain inside of her, and him spending what had to be centuries alone in Hell. However, this is a fantasy show and many of our characters are immortal, celestial beings who have a different understanding of time, so maybe the idea of what a happy ending is and the rules for measuring happiness aren't the same as they would have been under other circumstances. Chloe became lieutenant and tried to make a difference, and she got to raise her daughters and see them grow up, and Lucifer helped so many souls heal, doing so much good. And now they get to spend the eternity together, solving crimes and kicking ass in the afterlife! Many of their friends and family are immortal, celestial beings too and (I am pretty sure) they can pay a visit to their human friends in Heaven... or see them in Hell, but let's hope not! In the end, what is one lifetime compared to eternity? Of course, none of this makes for the time they have lost, the momories they didn't get to make and the moments he wasn't there for, but now there are so many new memories they will get to make and so many moments to catch up on. It is bittersweet, but I think that's how it was supposed to be - in the end, pain is part of life.
I also have a few (dis)honourable mentions:
1. I am really sad and disappointed Lucifer didn't get to say goodbye to Trixie. She was gone for the majority of the season, but she was also a very important person in his life and he loved her. And we know how much she loved him.
2. I can't get over Rory travelling through time to kill her father because she is angry at him... sis, you kill him before he makes you, you wipe yourself out of existence.
3. I can't believe that they were surprised that Chloe got pregnant after having loads of superhuman sex (without any protection, apparently) after another human already got pregnant with an angel not that long ago.
4. Lucifer saying goodbye to Maze will forever remain one of the most beautiful scenes in the show.
5. The final major scene between Chloe and Lucifer, where they say goodbye before he leaves for hell, lives in my head rent free. I was choking on tears watching that scene, I literally had to pause and rewind three times. Such a beautiful(ly painful) scene. Also, when you have a ship and a person A says to the person B "close your eyes", pain is coming. I swear I travelled back to 1999 when Buffy said the same thing to Angel before sending him to a hell dimension.
6. When Chloe dies and goes to Heaven and Amenadiel greets her and asks her if she's ready to go home and then takes her to Lucifer was so pure. Her Heaven is being in Hell with Lucifer and there's something deeply poetic about that.
7. Hearing hello detective for the last time cleared my skin.
I have really and truly enjoyed the show, and the minor inconsistencies I see in its ending can't change that. I loved the show because it told stories about people and it allowed them to drive the narrative, and I can't say many shows these days do that.
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homoerotickerfuffle · 3 months ago
The Haunting of Bly Manor — 16/10
All right, look. I know I stretch the definition of “homoerotic” all the time here — literally all the goddam time — but like. C’mon. Can this REALLY be called homoerotic if it’s THIS gay? (Still gonna count it though.)
‘Cause, this is about as gay as you can fuckin get. Gay. Homosexual. Lesbian. LGBTQIA+. Queer. Bisexual, even, perhaps? Or pansexual? Probably not in this case, Dani seems pretty disinterested in the fellas, and Jamie is doing some hardcore lesbian manspreading in those gardener overalls.
But, I think, there’s some major bi energy just radiating off, like, the rest of the cast. Like, you’re gonna tell me Owen is heterosexual, with all those puns and that majestic mustache? That the god-killing power gleaming in the eyes of Hannah Grose is the power of a cishet? And Henry being taunted by an evil doppelgänger of himself? That’s some basic queer-identity-crisis right there, same thing happened to me when I was sixteen. And no one could rock Miss Jessel’s black dress unless they were bisexual, deceased, and fuckin’ pissed about it. Oh, Viola Willoughby-Lloyd, straight? Huh, no thanks. Not buying that sell, pal, not for a second. “The rest is just confetti”, remember?
Anyway, 1 point docked for doing storytelling too well and making me sad. Seeing as I am gay, making me sad does in fact count as gay suffering, and in this case I suffered a lot and for like a week after. Good job, ya beautiful show, and fuck you.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 9
I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not sure I want Alder to go! I really like her and I’m not sure how I feel about her not being there any more. I know she’s done wrong, but all the things she has done for witches! building Fort Salem where she did, making the pact to save witches in the first place, fighting all those wars. It just seems stupid to send her away with not much regard for any of that. They have also basically sentenced her to death too by taking away the biddies programme! and I’m surprised Tally wanted that for her. Though she was brave to do what she did and fight with Alder.
Not sure I like Petra in charge either, she just seemed to do it as a power move and to get more power and influence for her family name, which seems like a dodgy motivation to me.
Got to admit when Scylla started making those people dance I thought she was going to say something like ‘If you do wrong by Tiffany, this is what I can do’ I didn’t expect that they’d use it against the Camarilla. I do now want to see Scylla walking into battle or Fort Salem or wherever with a crow/rook on her shoulder and will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.
The phone call between Scylla and Raelle made my heart happy! They do still love each other and they both know it, they just have to get over this bump.
I do wonder what the point was of showing Raelle the past through the mycelium, especially if it doesn’t mean she had some sort of connection to Alder, who created or bought it to life though her pain at losing her sister and so many other witches. Though I did like that sequence even though what it showed was terrible.
I swear to god this show had better get a season 3 because there is going to be or could potentially be so much awesome stuff.
Great episode. Please don’t get rid of Alder though! 8 out of 10
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popculturebrain · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tales From the Loop, whose one season is available on Amazon, is a lush and evocative entry into the sci-fi anthology genre. Somewhere between Black Mirror and Stranger Things, the series tackles big ideas about technology, identity, and family by bringing retro futurism to an eerie, out-of-time suburbia. This is probably the only show you’ll see that’s based on a Swedish art book — but that book (also called Tales From the Loop) provides the series with a wholly unique aesthetic. Decaying tech and the vistas of a falsely idealized small town America swirl into a captivating and uneasy tone throughout the show’s 8 episodes. The first half of the season features a run of loosely connected standalone stories that are pure Twilight Zone. I’d go as far as to say Tales From the Loop does Twilight Zone better than the modern remake of Twilight Zone and even matches the heights of Black Mirror. The back half of the season ties things together and comes out as a much more serialized show with a little less success. This show definitely flew under the radar, but if you like this genre, beautiful cinematography, or shows based on Swedish art, it’s there.
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agent-bumblebee · 2 months ago
What If…? Episode 2 review:
Tumblr media
Another day, another episode of What If…?
And the second episode is focusing on the question of: “What If T’Challa became the Star Lord?”
Now in my first review I did for the show, i stated that the first episode was a good start, not great but just good.
But with episode 2, I would say it was quite the watch.
First of all, much like the first episode, there are quite a few twists and turns.
For one, the abduction of T’Challa was a mistake rather than on purpose since Ego told Yondu to capture Peter Quill, much like the first Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Two, that T’Challa as Star Lord is the most popular hero across the universe that even Korath knows who he is.
And finally the fact that previously established characters from the Guardians and the MCU have completely changed.
With some my favorites being: Korath becoming the new member of the ravagers, Drax becoming a bartender rather than a killing machine, and even Nebula no longer being evil, and instead working with the ravagers.
But the one character change that took me by surprise was the fact that Thanos is no longer the Mad Titan, but apart of the Ravagers now, which was like….. WHAT?????? THAT’S CRAZY!!!!
Overall, episode 2 is quite the watch, and much like the first episode, it’s good. But really good.
By the way, when the showed this ending card, I nearly cried.
Tumblr media
R.I.P. to the king himself: Chadwick Boseman, thank you for bringing us the best performance you can ever give.
Rest well king, you’ve done well.
And everyone is happy for what you’ve gave us.
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tv-music · a month ago
Umbrella Academy Review 1.07
The Day That Was
We begin this episode with the story of Harold Jenkins, born on the same day as the Umbrella Academy kids, his mother died in childbirth leaving his father an alcoholic mess who takes his problems out on his son using his fist. Harold is a big fan of the academy and is convinced that as he shares their birthday he may be one of the 43. Dressed in his homemade uniform he tries to join the academy only to be told by Reginald that there is nothing special about him. When he returns home he is hit by his father and finally snaps, rather than get the beer his father asks for, he grabs a hammer and puts an end to his Dad’s abuse once and for all. He gets 12 years for the crime, and just 5 days earlier, the day we meet the siblings no less, he watched Klaus throw away dear old Reginalds diary and collect it himself. As he does this we get to see Harold's adult face for the first time, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it’s Leonard. This brings us nicely back to where we left off in the last episode, with Leonard (I know his names Harold but for the sake of simplicity I’ll keep referring to him as Leonard) in the house taking one of the figurines but this time, as he overhears the rest of the family meeting take place, we see the first change caused by Five’s appearance, he realises they know his real name, even if they don’t actually know it’s him. 
The siblings continue their meeting, and Five convinces them that they need to work together to figure out who Harold is and he, Diego and Alison investigate. They go to the police station in order to get Harold’s file, when Diego is informed he’s a suspect in his ex’s death - no real surprise there. When Diego gets the file, Alison immediately recognises Leonard and informs her brothers who he is. I’m glad that it wasn't dragged out and the 3 of them head over to Leonard’s house to investigate. It doesn’t take long for them to find his weird shrine but when they do Five collapses and they realise he was seriously injured. They take him home and while their Mum is caring for him, Diego mentions theres another address they can check, unfortunately as he and Alison leave the house, Diego is arrested for his ex’s death so Alison heads out alone
Luther is still convinced that this has something to do with his time on the moon and once again deals with the discovery that there was no real mission. With no Alison to comfort him this time and no Diego to tie up Klaus, Luther and Klaus are left with each other. We’ve not really seen much interaction between these two characters so this was interesting to watch. This was the first time I felt any real sympathy towards Luther, when he literally started crying on Klaus’s shoulder I felt genuinely sad. I was also surprised by the turn this episode took with these two characters, Luther looking to feel numb and forget the way Klaus does and Klaus having to be the responsible one, a role reversal that didn’t feel forced or for laughs but just two people both going through something difficult, Klaus grieving for Dave and Luther realising who his father really was. 
Luther’s gone to the club and Klaus is following reluctantly, being led by Ben, to try to stop him. Klaus understandably doesn’t want to go in, but Ben makes it clear that Luther would do it if it were the other way round, no questions asked. I understand Klaus’s reluctance, he’s trying to get clean and a place like that is going to be really difficult for a newly sober person to be. While in the club, Klaus, already struggling with his addiction, started having flashbacks as part of his PTSD - give the poor guy a break. Klaus sees Luther in trouble and tries to help, almost getting himself killed in the process (or was he actually dead for the duration? I’m not sure if that was how it was intended) Klaus enters what we can only assume is the afterlife and while there he finally gets to speak with his Dad and gets some answers. Reginald wastes no time in expressing how disappointed he is in his son, while taking no responsibility for the damage he’s caused. He did reveal the answers to the mystery surrounding his death - he killed himself to bring them back together in order to save the world -  did he never think of just treating them better and speaking to them? Of course, in true tv fashion, Klaus returns to the land of the living just as his Dad is about to tell him something important
Leonard, realising that the Hargreeve siblings know his real name and it’s only a matter of time before they find him and reveal all to Vanya, takes her out of the city and to a remote cabin in the woods - it’s like Vanya’s never seen a horror movie before. 
It’s dark, they’re alone at a creepy lake and Leonard is more than a little insistent on Vanya tapping into her power - at this point I’m screaming at Vanya to see the red flags here, why isn’t she getting warning signs from how insistent he is on her having a power and figuring out how to use it while isolating her from her family? I know she’s had a tough life but come on. He takes her to dinner and when they get back to the car, there's a group of men there ready to start a fight over absolutely nothing. In Vanya’s desperate attempt to help Leonard, she inadvertently uses her powers and causes what looks like an awful lot of damage to the attackers. I find it hard to believe that this was a coincidence, she was struggling to tap into her powers and he knows they’re rooted in her emotions, Leonard hired them, I’m sure of it. When Vanya is allowed in to see Leonard at the hospital he’s wearing an eye patch - it was his eye Five found
There’s no real changes to Hazel and Cha Cha’s  day which is unsurprising but it was interesting to see it from Hazel’s point of view. Instead we see the aftermath to Hazel knocking out Cha Cha, Hazel tells her he’s leaving and he hopes she can respect that, but Cha Cha makes it clear that she can’t stating that if Hazel doesn’t kill her she will kill him and Agnes - why is she so bothered by him moving on in his life, I never got any romantic vibes from them and no ones that bothered by a coworker or friend changing paths
Diego’s in prison, Five’s injured at home, Klaus is still sober and has some answers from their father he surely needs to share, Luther is high/drunk and continuing his party, Vanya is at the hospital with a newly eyeless Leonard and Alison is on her way to find her - the episode ends with the siblings all in very different places, in more ways than one - they all need to come together and fast if they have any chance of stopping the impending apocalypse
Extra Thoughts
I grow more and more fond of Diego every episode, him jumping through a glass window, when both Alison and Five had already found ways into the house and could have let him in had me laughing. The fact that the door was unlocked just made it better
Everything in the afterlife being black and white other than Klaus’s shirt was genius, but it was heartbreaking to see Klaus thinking he was going to see Dave but getting his Dad instead
I hope the story line with Diego being arrested goes away fast - it wasn’t surprising but was just unnecessary seemingly only there to separate the siblings 
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mooneye205 · 2 months ago
𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠 - 𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚐 𝚁𝚘𝚢𝚊𝚕𝚜
Tumblr media
Rating: 9/10
Non spoiler review!
This series is just incredible. It follows the story of the prince of Sweden, Wilhelm at his new school, Hillerska boarding school, and his romance with Simon, a non-boarder, dubbed "the socialist boy". Exploring the themes of duty, desire and freedom, this series perfectly encapsulates the queer experience for many people. Obviously, not everyone is a prince, but I felt that it demonstrated the pressure of coming out and showing who you are to the world.
I liked how no nonsense the two main characters are. There is no awkward dialogue between them and we can see exactly why they both like each other. I think where LGBTQ+ shows are often let down is that the relationships just feel like token relationships, rather than normal ones. There is also no miscommunication between the characters which could be avoided by a simple five second sentence, which can be incredibly annoying and unrealistic.
If I had to sum up the series in one word, it would be realistic. The relationships, the social hierarchy, the teenage experience (minus the rich boarding school and being a royal) is all entirely realistic. I felt that it very accurately portrayed having a crush and trying to find excuses to be around them all the time, going out of your way to 'bump' into them. All very true to life, and something I think many people relate to.
I also really liked the portrayal of female sexuality, the fact that teenage girls are horny just like teenage boys. I think this is often something overlooked and shunned by society, but this series did a good job of showing it off. I do wish there was more exploration of female characters, I would've liked to have seen more on Felice, but I can only assume her character will be explored more in the next series (if it is renewed, NETFLIX PLEASE)
Just talking about the dub, I watched the series in both Swedish with English subs, and English (where the main characters all dubbed themselves) and whilst I thought the English dub was great, I still preferred the original Swedish, simply because some of the improvised scenes are more authentic in Swedish I felt (such as the football pitch scene).
I loved how the actors for Wilhelm and Simon were able to both convey so much emotion with a single look. The tension and feelings between them is glaringly obvious to the viewer without any words having to be spoken, which was a really nice touch. I think a lot of interaction with teenagers and their crushes is non-verbal at first, since its hard for them to get their feelings across, and the actors did such a great job of portraying this (note: the horror movie night scene).
One final note is that the actors are incredible. Such amazing young talent, especially August who is a pretty hard character to portray. I thought that Malte Gårdinger, the actor who plays August, did such a great job with the English dub and conveyed the exact same emotions in his voice as he did in Swedish. Lovely stuff.
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rickchung · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Lupin (prod. George Kay).
Netflix’s retelling of the eponymous early twentieth century gentleman thief created by French novelist Maurice Leblanc proves itself to be a fairly joyous heist thriller in every episode. Star Omar Sy as a contemporary burglar inspired by the character of Arsène Lupin is just so charismatic.
It’s an electric series all about revenge, class, fathers, and sons wrapped in a stylish package harkening to French literary history. There’s a playful flourish to everything that makes it so charming and easy to watch.
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wakandan-thot · 5 months ago
The magicians (syfy series) is criminally underrated so this is why you should binge it!
So I’ve always had a weird inconsistency with watching and dropping The Magicians but recently I picked it back up from season 3 and fell in love with the show!! It might help that I’ve been getting into fantasy genres a lot recently lol
Tumblr media
After giving it a proper chance in all these years that I’ve been watching on and off, I now realise it gives me a similar feeling to when I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time (which I loved) except it’s way more chaotic and whimsical but it’s written so well that we are often engaged so fully into this world that we don’t loose the suspension of disbelief no matter how off the rails the plot gets.
Tumblr media
I really enjoyed how the show doesn’t take itself too seriously at times despite keeping a balance of deeper/darker storylines and realistic situations (potential TWs so consider looking into them before starting if concerned). The characters are complex yet realistic ‘hero’s’ that are equally flawed but are beautifully human. Watching the dynamics of the group grow and change has been one of my favourite things about the show aside from the strong female representation (especially from Margo who is the definition of being a badass).
I don’t really know how else to describe the correlation to Buffy but I do know I probably won’t find another show like this with these kind of characters and I felt the exact same way after finishing Buffy.
Tumblr media
TLDR; Despite the fact I didn’t expect the shows ending to end the way it did, I enjoyed how it always had me at a loss for what next to expect and I deffo recommend anyone who’s interested in a new adult fantasy series to binge! If your anything like me you’ll be missing the craziness and left with a magicians shaped hole in your heart after😅
Tumblr media
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homoerotickerfuffle · 4 months ago
Gotham (2014-2019) — 13/10
You’d have an easier time counting the straights on this show.
Every character has hot, steamy chemistry with everyone, and they are all here for it, and WE’RE all here for it. Don’t even TRY telling me different. This is ALL homoerotic, ALL kerfuffle, ALL the goddam time, baaaby.
Sidebar: I can’t fucking believe that the guy who made The Mentalist (you know, that show your mom watched a decade ago?) just got up one day, pitched some Batman prequel fanfic for a new show (“No Batman and everyone is constantly flirting with each other, sound good?”, and the network that RUNS FOX NEWS was like, “Sounds hot, we’re in”, and tHEN IT RAN FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS. Like, what.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Motherland Fort Salem season 2 episode 7
Fucking hell, this show! What an awesome episode, although very very harsh!
It certainly isn’t every show that kills it’s lead 3 times in one episode and others certainly wouldn’t crush them to death while some arsehole looks on after putting 4 children in the room!! I mean bloody hell!! And Taylor Hickson was so good! so good! No idea how Raelle is going to cope with everything, not only was her mother not dead (yeah we knew that but she didn’t), but then she sacrifices herself for Raelle, She’s been tortured and killed for goodness knows how long, Scylla’s back and has been with her mum and her mum was the one who sent Scylla to get her in season one. I mean so much stuff to deal with!! One thing I was thinking though was how come the fact that Raelle saved Khalida from the witch plague in season one didn’t have any bearing on how Raelle or her body, or even the mycelium, dealt with her being attacked by it!
Now I gotta say at times I wonder what the point of Adil is and why Abigail likes him, but this episode I really felt for him. His people are pacifists but he went for it! punching crushing and then demolishing an house on who knows how many people and you know he’s going to feel that guilt a lot. And bloody hell Abigail! screaming someones face off is…. something! I’m gonna say well done on that!
Yup, I’m still liking and disliking Alder, I know if she was the bad guy in a show about civilians being taken away to be witches I would LOVE her!! Okay so I still kind of love her, she is getting pretty angry and I can understand why! I really like the human side of her coming out more. I figured there was a spy in Fort Salem and I’m glad Tally was the one to find her, Alder needs to give her the respect she deserves and treat her more like the daughter she keeps saying all these girls are to her!
I love this show, It’s harsh and brave and I love the characters and it seems consistent. No idea how many episodes there are this season, but I don’t want it to end.
Great, but harsh episode 9 out of 10
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dovebuffy92 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Reservation Dogs Season 1 Episode 5 ” Come and Get Your Love” Review
Cheese (Lane Factor) goes on a ride-along with Officer Big (Zahn McClarnon).
Spoilers Below
In Reservation Dogs Season One Episode Five,” Come and Get Your Love,” directed by Blackhorse Lowe, Officer Big and Cheese spend the day chasing a thief scaring people by placing copper “little men” sculptures on their porches. Episode five is named after the funk-rock band Redbone’s hit song “Come and Get Your Love.” Big only listens to Redbone in his patrol car because all band members are part Native American. The stars of the band Pat and Polly Vegas are of Yaqui, Shoshone, and Mexican heritage. The other two members are Yaqui, Cheyenne, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, or Siletz. ” Come and Get Your Love” epitomizes how Officer Big sees the world through Native American folklore, which allows him to discern the good guys from the bad ones.
Big’s childhood memories reveal a feminist Deer Lady who brings rotten men to justice. In the pilot ” F*ckin’ Rez Dogs,” Big mentions how Fixico saw the Deer Lady wandering around the village. The writers finally reveal how Big knows so much about the Deer Lady. The Deer Lady legend is a childhood story in the Cherokee, Seminole, Muscogee, and the Pawnee tribes. She can be benign but also lures promiscuous men to their deaths. The Deer Lady usually takes the form of a beautiful woman or deer. In Reservation Dogs, the Deer Lady (Kaniehtioo Horn) is a beautiful woman wearing an aviator jacket, beaded earrings, and bell-bottom jeans that hide her deer legs. She grew up with Big’s grandmother. The Deer Lady acts as a vigilante, taking out bad guys and protecting little children like young Big. The Deer Lady violently kills two White robbers who knock out a cashier and threatens young Big’s life.  The camera never captures any of the killings, so don’t worry if you actively avoid violence on television.
At the beginning of the episode, the Deer Lady hitchhiking at the side of the road flips expectations rather than the rowdy man picking her up is the danger; instead, it’s the Native American woman who should be feared. The first scene opens with a car speeding down the highway. An intertitle declares, ” Okern, Oklahoma 1984.” A young cowboy named Bunnie Tiger sings along with Allman Brother’s song “Midnight Rider,” blaring from the radio. Bunnie almost flies past a young woman hitchhiking but, taken by her beauty, quickly turns the car around. The two young people flirt. Hitchhiker persuades Bunnie to drive her all the way to Carnegie. She grips a deer antler weapon behind her purse. There is a  close-up of the young woman’s hoofs as she climbs into the car, revealing that she is the Deer Lad.  When Bunnie drives off, young Big watches in shock. Later in the episode, young Big walks over to the convenience store. He passes a missing person poster featuring Bunnie Tiger in front of his car. We deduce the Deer Lady killed him. I found it shocking because while Bunnie is somewhat of an asshole, he doesn’t deserve to die.
In the first few episodes, Big appears to be a goofy superstitious police officer who doesn’t take his job seriously. Now it’s clear that He is a compassionate public servant. He takes Cheese under his wing. The officer even takes Cheese’s advice to speak with Kenny Boy, the owner of a salvage yard, about the weird copper sculptures. Even though it’s questionable that Officer Big spends time tracking the Big Foot spirit, he still earns the respect of the village residents.
Big “chases” a stolen blue truck at a snail’s pace. The driver is his cousin Bucky who’s wearing a copper crown.  Bucky has been placing the sculptures all over town in a truck he “borrowed.” Copper protects people from diseases like cholera. Native Americans used to wear copper jewelry to ward off evil spirits and sickness. The little people sculptures are a marketing scheme for Bucky’s new copper bracelet business. He hopes the others in the community will pay twelve dollars for the bracelets. Bucky stole the copper from meth heads, but Big lets him go, warning him to stop freaking people out with the sculptures. Big only punishes the drug dealers who hurt the community, not decent people like Bucky, who cares about indigenous youths like Cheese. The Deer Lady taught Big about what it means to be one of the good ones. The indigenous women are the positive influencers in the community.
During a flashback, the Deer Lady speaks to young Big about living a good life. Their conversation inspired him to become a Lighthorseman, a.k.a. police officer. Young Big thinks that the Deer Lady kills all boys, but she corrects him. She only kills evil men like the robbers at the convenience store. The Deer Lady instructs young Big remain a decent person. She warns the boy not to fall into the trap of alcoholism or become a deadbeat father. The Deer Lady wants Young Big to imagine his grandmother is always with him to inspire him to fight evil. As long as he remains a good person, he won’t see the avenging spirit again. We are left the impression that Big has always been a decent man and will continue to be so.
Check out FX’s Reservation Dogs Season One on Hulu!
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popculturebrain · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Between Palm Springs, Black Mirror, and now Made for Love, Cristin Milioti just can’t escape controlling men and their sci-fi relationship traps. It’s quite the niche she has carved out for herself, but it’s no surprise she keeps getting cast (or maybe picking) these roles. She’s very good at spanning the emotional roller coaster and reaching the catharsis of coming into her power.
Made for Love, now on HBO Max, is an 8-episode darkly comic series that explores divorce and doomed relationships through a very high tech, and yes Black Mirror-esque lens. Series creators Alissa Nutting (who wrote the original novel), Dean Bakopoulos, Patrick Somerville (The Leftovers), and Christina Lee deliver a propulsive plot-driven show that layers in big ideas about marriage, misogyny, and control. Milioti is once again superb in this familiar genre, Ray Romano brings the pathos, while Billy Magnussen turns in a slimy, off-beat villain that will worm his way into your brain.
Made for Love is funnier and weirder than I thought it would be, which was a more than welcome surprise. With such heavy themes, striking the right balance made this show a true gem — yet another in HBO Max’s ever expanding library.
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eventuallyfriday · 4 months ago
Why the New Season of Elite is Worth Watching and Bitching
!!SPOILER ALERT!! If you don’t want me to spoil the fourth season for you, dni.
Tumblr media
Ever since the news that some of the OG characters won’t be joining the new season of Élite, some people have made up their minds that they won’t watch the new season of the installment. I was one of them. However, on Jun 18, I’ve decided to give the new season of the series a shot.
It was weird. That’s one of the ways to put it. It was strange not seeing Lucrecia walking in Las Encinas’ hallway while shouting, “You Bitch.” Or not seeing Carla going tensed every time someone mention the word body. Or not seeing our dysfunctional murderer, Polo, who apparently didn’t end up in jail in the last season, but hell (hopefully). With several new characters pulling up in Las Encincas, the first few minutes of this first episode feels. . . different and dull, to be honest.
The fourth season of Elite (sorry, I’m not sure which spelling is correct, with or without the E with the accent or not, so I’m just gonna stick to the Wikipedia spelling from now on, lol) was kicked off by a few short stories about some of the OG characters. Guzman, Rebe, and Caye were the first three who got their short story premiered, and let’s just say they shouldn’t have been bothered to make another short story. Nothing could top what this trio got to offer on this short story project… campaign… series? I don’t know… marketing strategy?
ANYWAYS, that’s not the point.
In the new season of Elite, we will be introduced with a few new characters whom we will LOVE and HATE (using all caps just so you know that we’re gonna either love them or hate them).
We will meet Benjamin. The new principal who has the fucking audacity to replace (or should I say FIRED) Azucena, the previous principal who is also Ander’s mother, without any warning. This what made everyone, including ME, hates him. However, he’s hot though. A dilf (Is that an appropriate thing to say? If not. . . PLEASE let me know). Throughout the season… I don’t exactly know what I feel about Benjamin, though? Like… he’s an annoying principal and kinda dictator-ish one and an AWFUL father, but he was SO SOFT when he looked at Samu during the debate practice. So I guess… jury’s still out (but hate is kinda more dominant in this case).
Then, we have the twin. Patrick and Ari. I HATE their characters. *SPOILER ALERT* I HATE how all Patrick did throughout this season was either *accidentally* hit her sister or ruining Ander and Omar’s relationship. I mean… can’t he just ruin someone else’s relationship??? Ander and Omar were probably the only good thing that came out of the previous season, and now the writer decided to add A THIRD WHEEL. For what? JUICY SEX? Hell no! If I could drag Patrick out of Las Encinas and send him back to London, trust me, I would.
And just like her twin, Ari is another annoying character in the new season that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. But before I get into it, let me just say that Carla Diaz (the actress who played Are) is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. She’s literally God’s favorite… but her character? Not so much. Out of the four new students in Las Encinas, Ari’s character was the only one who made me cringe the hardest. I don’t know what the writer thought while writing Ari into the story. Do they think we need another rich brat that will *SPOILER ALERT* fall for the poor? Because we DON’T. We had Carla, and that’s enough; it’s time to write another twist. And ALSO, do they think we need a new classist bitch? Because, again, we OBVIOUSLY don’t. We don’t need a new character who’s just gonna ~~replace~~ Lucrecia’s role as our favorite classist bitch. Ari’s character was a fucking disaster. The writer was trying TOO hard to replace Lucrecia with her. Lucrecia was THAT bitch, but Ari was trying TOO hard to be that bitch, and every fucking time she “try” I just wanted to tell her, “Sis, just shut the fuck up.”
At the beginning of the season, we were also introduced to Ari and Patrick’s younger sister, Mencia. She’s my FAVORITE new character so far. A fucking badass. Gorgeous, and I LOVE her, even though she’s a complicated character to understand. I love how she develops her relationship with Rebe, and I love how it turned out. Their relationship was… intimate… dangerous… and so SOFT and kinda turned me on, to be honest. Her chemistry with Rebe was INSANE. I just… Mencia was the most tolerable new character for me. She should stay if it were up to me.
AND now… another character that I HATE SO MUCH. Prince Phillipe. I don’t even wanna call him “Prince” that’s just EW… he’s an asshole. A jerk. A pig. A son of a bitch. Or any words that suit to describe men’s pig-like behavior. Phillipe disgusts me. Seriously. I thought I was gonna love him, yeah… because you know… at first, I sympathize with him for having no friends, but NOW I know why he doesn’t have any. HE’S A FUCKING A PIG. Common pig-like behavior that we often find in men today is stuffed into one disgusting character named Phillipe. I just… want to punch him so BAD. If they give me a chance, I definitely would.
Enough shit-talking about the characters. Now, what else?
OH YEAH, the plot. I seriously have mixed feelings about it. I love how they slowly build up the story just like before, but I don’t think it was as strong as the last three seasons. I mean, yeah… they have to make three fucking seasons to solve ONE problem. But I thought the new season will turn out at least half-good, but no. It wasn’t even near that.
They did highlight the characters’ side story, but they didn’t wrap it as well as before. It’s still premature, and I believe if they continue to develop the story and give them the right amount of screen time, it will be perfect.
For instance, Cayetana and Phillipe’s storyline. It is actually scary seeing what happened to Caye (though I don’t like her characters in the last two seasons). She was a professional social climber and THAT was seen as something beneficial for Phillipe. That what makes him an absolute jerk and what makes him think it’s okay to abuse Caye (A fucking pig, right?). Their storyline is actually synonymous with what happened in today’s world and the writer made the right move by bringing this issue to the screen just so we can be more aware that things like this DO HAPPEN AND NEED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. However, they did not cook the story well. I feel like we only see a glimpse of their story, which is VERY unfortunate. Their story was interesting and scary to watch, but instead, the writer decided to, “oh yeah… let’s just give them more unnecessary love triangle between Samu, Guzman, and Ari.” Let me tell you something, NO ONE WANTS THAT. We want to see Phillipe in JAIL. No one wants to see Guzman and Samu (The perfect duo since the last two season if I may add) fighting over a girl that definitely not worth punching each other’s faces. I guess it’s safe to assume that Guzman and Samu have a type. Samu: the completely out-of-your-league girl and Guzman: The I-had-Nadia-but-girl-like-Lucrecia-still-turns-me-on girl.
Despite endless things that are worth bitching for, there are some parts that did not make me regret binge-watching this season. There weren’t that many, but I guess it was okay.
First, throughout the season, I’ve came to a realization that Ander and Omar (Despite having to go through many ups and downs) still my favorite couple, and WE SHOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE TO BE HAPPY. PLEASE @Elite Writer. They are meant for each other like… CAN WE GET A FUCKING SPIN-OFF WHERE THEY GET THEIR HAPPY ENDING? And maybe… some *cough* intimate scenes *mm wink*
Another good thing and heart-warming moment in this season are where Ari (Yes, Ari, the girl that I explicitly stated I don’t like) showing us her big sister act. It’s just so SOFT seeing Ari hugging the vulnerable Mencia while telling her that she will be by her side. I mean… she doesn’t really do a good job when it comes to the Classist Bitch Ari, but when it comes to acting like a big sister… SHE WON. It was so… heart-warming. And she looks like she gives the best hug. OH P.S. I LOVE CARLA DIAZ (ARI) AND MARTINA CARIDDI (MENCIA)’S RELATIONSHIP OFFSCREEN.
And what I thankful for this season was SAMUEL FUCKING GARCIA. Let me just say that… HE’S A BEAUTIFUL AND UNDERRATED. This season… we get to see his SOFT side as a friend, and I think THAT deserves more recognition. When Mencia and Rebe need a place to stay… HE OPENED HIS DOOR FOR THEM. Even offered them the bed instead of the couch (though they refused). THEN, when Omar and Ander went to a break-up… HE TOOK CARE OF OMAR. He opened the curtain just so his friend doesn’t sleep in the dark when the sun is practically out. Not to mention when Ander came to his house to get all of his stuff… HE FUCKING LENDS HIM HIS SHOULDER and lets Ander cry his eyes out. Samuel fucking Garcia you big softie. I WANT A FRIEND (maybe boyfriend) like Samuel Garcia. And this is also worth mentioning: the fight between Guzman and Samu. Samu was legit CRYING when Guzman returned after punching the hell out of him after the whole shitshow that happened. Samu was willing to throw everything he had with Ari (tHANK GOD) because of his friendship with Guzman. SEE? This is why I’m thankful for this season; we get to see this side of Samuel Garcia.
I guess, despite annoying characters that somehow made it to the story, there are several things I’ve previously mentioned that make this season worth watching, at least once. As the last three seasons enthusiast, I must say that it’s disappointing to see some of the OG characters leave the show. Especially those who made the series even more interesting (Yes, I’m talking about Lucrecia).
It doesn’t hurt to give the new season a shot. Who knows that we’re gonna end up loving it instead of bitching about it, right?
Um... I guess that's it?
Well, ok. Bye. <3
Yes, I know. That was the worst way to sign off. I gotta find a better and cooler way to do it, but for now, Bye!
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agent-bumblebee · 23 days ago
What If…? Episode 8 review:
Tumblr media
That…. Was quite the episode wasn’t it?
Anyways, let’s get it.
So this episode focuses on the question of What happened if Ultron succeeded in achieving “Peace”?
And of course we the see return of the Ultron that we saw in last weeks episode.
And let me tell you something, besides this and episode 4, this is probably my no.1 favorite episode, because we see the hint of the multiverses colliding and coming together.
But before we get into that, I wanna get into the good stuff:
1. Both Natasha and Clint are looking really good, with Clint sporting a new right arm, as well as a ton of new arrows and even a cloaking device, which I did enjoy.
2. I did enjoy Arnim Zola’s return, after both The First Avenger, and The Winter Soldier (albeit as a computer program)
3. How The Watcher decided that he should interfere with the multiverses, after this version of Ultron knows who he is.
And speaking of Ultron and The Watcher, that battle between the both of them in the multiverse was SOOOOO GOODDDDD, it has that Dragon Ball Z vibe, which just makes it even better.
But now let’s get into the most important part:
That being that we will see the multiverse colliding and coming together for one epic battle.
We saw a clip of the mid-season trailer that we see the heroes from previous episodes (I.e. T’Challa/Star-Lord, Captain Carter, Party Thor (from the previous episode), Black Widow, Gamora in the Thanos armor, and even Strange Supreme)
And speaking of Strange Supreme, I loved how he appeared at the end, still in his crystal prison from episode 4, as he is talking to The Watcher, about how he should do what he should have done, but didn’t because that’s the rules, which is of course…. Well you already know what it is.
And that got me so damn hyped for the final episode, because I know it’s gonna be One. Hell. Of an Episode.
Overall, this probably my number one favorite episode, followed by episode 4, and I can’t wait for the finale.
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