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oh also i don’t know if this needs to be said but i feel like there are people out there who think this way so: adding lgbt characters/elements is not a trend or smth “hip” to be more modern or keeping up with society. it’s completely normal.

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rules: pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions 

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  2. Avatar the Last Airbender
  3. Charmed
  4. The Vampire Diaries
  5. Ouran Highschool Host Club

favorite character in 2?

Katara.  I loved her growth from a girl who was struggling to learn to do the simplest thing with her bending to a threat in her own right, all without losing the heart of her character.  

least favorite character in 1?

The Vulture.  God, he’s such a douchecanoe

favorite season of 5 + 2?

Ouran only has one season, and Book 3 for Avatar, because it has the culmination of Zuko’s redemption arc, and I love it - plus Azula’s breakdown at the end is always A++

favorite couple in 2 and 3?

Zutara (forever bitter) and Piper/Leo (I loved them so much)

favorite episode of 1, 4, and 5?

B99 - HalloVeen

TVD - The season 1 finale, just because I don’t think anything will ever beat the twist of “Hello, John.  Good-bye, John.”

5 - Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out

how long have you watched 1?

I binged the first two seasons on Netflix, so I started after S2 ended.

how did you become interested in 3?

I don’t even remember.  I was pretty young, but I think I saw a show about witches, was like, “Yes,” and that was it.

favorite actor in 4?

This one is tough, but I’m going to go with Nina Dobrev, because she’s the reason I started watching, even if I ended up not caring for Elena by the end.

do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?

I love all three, but it’s gotta be Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  I love it so much.

have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?

Charmed, because it had more seasons.

if you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?

Either Klaus or Bonnie, because they both have all the power (of course, if I were Bonnie would have ditched MF all “fuck ya later”)

would a crossover between 3 and 4 work?

Yes, and I have in fact written the first part of a Caroline/Chris crossover.  But a genuine crossover would have been awesome - imagine Bonnie with other witches, and actually learning stuff instead of being forced to save everyone else

pair two characters from 1 who would make an unlikely but strangely ok couple

Pretty much Rosa/anyone… Rosa/Gina, Rosa/Amy, Rosa/Jake.  They would all make for interesting romance dynamics.  Of course Gina is gone, and Peraltiago are OTP… but if they ever wanted to do an AU episode.

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Hii i follow you and it seems like you watch a lot of shows with lgbt characters. Just wondering if you got any new recs for me? There seems to be nothing good coming out this year

Ooh now this is a tough one as it does seem like we’re going through a bit of a dry patch for good new lgbtq media, so if you follow and have watched all the stuff I reblog about then you probably know a lot of shows already, but I’ll just make a list in case there is something that you haven’t tried. 

Current/on-going shows with lgbtq rep:

Roswell NM (canon bisexual alien, gay, disabled soldier). 
Skam (Norway (OG season 3), France (season), Italy (season 2), Beglium (season 3), Spain (season 2) 
The 100 (Openly bisexual female lead).
Killing Eve (Season 3 comes out soon- bisexual(?) serial killer),
911 (lesbian fighter and her wife)
911 Lonestar? (Gay firefighter/policeman)
Elite (bisexual/gay/poly)
Shameless (Gay gay gay gay, married gay)
I tried a show called October Faction (Gay male main) but it’s a bit too trashy for me. If you like that you might enjoy it and it’s new?
Sex Education (gay/lesbian/pan/bi/asexual)
The Umbrella Academy (pansexual disaster Klaus Hargreeves)
The Society (gay/deaf rep)
Euphoria (trans/possibly pan/bi)
Eastenders (lesbian couple, gay couple- not bad for a British Soap). 
Animal Kingdom (gay couple- only watch if you love heavy angst).

Things that aren’t current but you might enjoy:
SENSE8- has literally all the LGTBQ+ rep you could possibly need in your life and is the most amazing show ever.  
BLACK SAILS- (I think you get a bit of everything in there-amazing show)
The OA- (trans boy, gay male)
WENTWORTH (Australian prison drama- many lesbian/bisexual/transexual characters- will break your heart). 
Wynnona Earp (lesbian/bisexual couple)
The Shannara Chronicles (bisexual couple- very LOTRsy)
Lucifer (Tom Ellis plays a bisexual Devil what more would you ask for? Also pansexual demon woman called Maze)
Runaways- (lesbian alien, bisexual sorcerer)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Lesbian couple)
Daybreak (gay couple)
The Originals (If you watch and like Roswell NM then the character Jenna Cameron plays a bisexual witch, gay male). 
The Night Shift (gay couple, one half is the OG Michael Guerin from Roswell)
Arrow/Legends-(bisexual/lesbian/gay characters)
Revenge (bisexual male)
Years and Years (gay/lesbian rep- will break heart). 
Shadowhunters (bisexual warlock, gay shadowhunter, lesbian shadowhunters)
Queer As Folk -(gay as they come, sexually explicit- OLD SCHOOL). 

And just for the hell of it, here is a list of lgbt shows from 2020 that have lgbt rep, but I haven’t watched many so I can’t recommend personally. 

I hope this has helped. 

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Ruth Wilson answering questions about Mrs Coulter during the BFI Q&A with the His Dark Materials cast (Nov 1, 2019)

You don’t really understand quite in the books why she’s doing exactly what she’s doing and she’s always unpredictable, I think. You never quite know how she comes into a scene and how she leaves a scene. She’s a master manipator. She knows what people want and she knows how to get it out of people. She’s determined, so she gets what she wants or she tries to and that’s really scary to be around. And she has this extraordinary monkey that is with her and is incredibly vicious and together they are a formidable pair. I think what’s so amazing, we really loved exploring Mrs C. She’s an extraordinary character and an amazing person to keep delving into. I was saying great female characters, or any character, when you can’t quite understand them, that for me, is the most amazing character. It’s like Hedda Gabler, you can never quite understand her and it’s the same with Mrs Coulter. She’s someone that always you’re trying to get at and you don’t know. So that’s why, to me, why she’s so scary and dangerous and incredibly exciting to play.”
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Gilmore Girls


Originally posted by sometimesyouonlyneedagoodmovie

Parenting According to Lorelai Gilmore

Prepare for some ranting & over analyzing 🤷‍♀️

As with many women Lorelai was surprised by her pregnancy & didn’t know what she was going to do once she gave birth. Early on in the series she admits she had no plan.

Despite being scared she still let her pride take over. She rejected the idea that her & Christopher get married because she felt like they were being forced. It didn’t matter that he wanted to or that they loved each other. It wasn’t time.

But next to that, she had zero options on how to take care of a baby. When she finds out she’s pregnant she doesn’t save up money for them or come up with a plan. That’s not unheard of but a good mother would have some idea of what to do. She didn’t so she ended up staying with her parents…which I think was the best thing she could do.

The flashbacks in the show make it look like it was just a few weeks after giving birth that Lorelai took baby Rory & ran away. She had no plan, they left and as she said, she had nothing. No money…nothing.

While I get she was annoyed living with her parents she left with no place to stay, with no money, with a baby? What?

She couldn’t have stuck it out for six months while working at some job so she could have a little money? Then have a plan…so she could work & her parents could still see Rory occasionally? A plan that made Christopher see his daughter once a week? Something?

Even if she did move away, why not wait until she was done high school? She could have stayed with her parents, had tutors & gotten her GED then. Then moved away, or her parents could help her come up with a plan that would be some sort of compromise between what they wanted (aka practical choices) and what she wanted (which is always reactionary).


Originally posted by lexxihoward

Lorelai is Lorelai though & she never listens to anyone. Even if it means potentially being homeless with a newborn baby.

The Independence Inn was home to them when Lorelai took off. The show explained that they lived in a shed. They showed us.

A big room that looked more like a rough studio- plywood walls painted turquoise . It looked alright. No drywall or insulation though. It was a nice idea except the fact that it was Connecticut. Midwinter in Connecticut…living in a shed without insulation… with a newborn??

The writers were clearly trying to make it look like Lorelai went from squalor to a comfortable life…but maybe they should have I dunno just had a small sublet or something?

Otherwise the shed idea makes it look like Lorelai is just a neglectful mother who would rather her baby die from frostbite than accept help from her family.

Honestly, why wasn’t Child Protective Services ever called?

Think about it.

Single mother, always saying she did everything herself. Her & her alone…so if that’s true what did she do? Leave baby Rory alone in a shed for 10 hours a day while her mom worked cleaning all the rooms in the Inn?

If she had babysitters, I highly doubt her coworkers would babysit Rory all day everyday.

So that leaves daycare. I assume that’s where Rory was as it makes the most sense. But that ain’t cheap.

If you think about it in current dollars…the average salary for maids (top end as of 2018 stats) is a little over $28,000/yr. (before taxes). So we’ll approximate at about $200 taken off taxes each paycheck… so she really took home approximately $23,200…IF she was paid at the high end of the spectrum (though new to the job is always at the bottom)

The average daycare (in the USA) is approximately $1,230/mo. That’s $14,760/yr.

= $8,440/yr left over for food, diapers, medical costs/fees, clothes, etc. Even if she didn’t have a car she would be in debt in no time.

$8,440 / 12 months = $703/mo

That’s impossible with a baby IF she’s actually paying for doctors appointments, clothes etc.

Even if she did thrift shop clothes…are we really supposed to believe Lorelai has time to sew clothes while being a single mom? I assume she learned that skill once Rory was in school otherwise when would she have the time?

This is a woman who never learned to cook anything…not until season 7.

Ok fine, maybe she could somehow scrape by. Do you really think she was happy go lucky as the show tries to portray her?

An overworked single mom never had moments of ‘because I said so!’ Or ‘just do as I say!’

Hell, I’m a silly person- always goofy & fun with my nieces & nephew but I’ve also had the ‘would you please just put it away?!!!’ Moments with them. Screaming & crazy kids can drive anyone nuts & I don’t even live there!

So you’re telling me that she never yelled at Rory as a kid (as the show said early on)? Bullshit.

I was a quiet well behaved kid. Always wanted to be nice & polite. I was shy, read all the time & tried to please my parents. I still got yelled at on a few occasions & I was better for it.

Maybe that’s why Lorelai’s image of ‘perfect’ mother is a total sham. A real mother would give a child an idea of healthy roles.

There needs to be a separation between parent & child. A child needs to understand that the parent is the caregiver & leader. They need to know the parent will keep them safe & provide for them. If they step out of line, the parent needs to put them in their place. There needs to be consequences & discipline.

In psychology we learned about the parenting styles.

(Abuse is never good so that definitely isn’t on the list as it’s the worst thing to do to any child.)

The best type of parenting is described as guiding a child to learn & know what’s right & wrong…to have boundaries & consequences…to have the parent(s) be the leaders & authority…to discipline a child if they do something bad.

By discipline they are not talking about abuse. Discipline is just showing a consequence. Standing in a corner for ten minutes while you think about what you did…not being allowed to go to a friends place…being grounded etc

Or my parents’ personal favourite, take something away. Taking my favourite book away was devastating but then 20 minutes later I’d walk out, mopey & apologize then I’d get my book back. For my siblings it was their toys because they cared about that more.

But parents need to explain to the child why they’re being punished.

This type of parenting is the healthiest. You can still have fun & be friendly with your child but there need to be boundaries & discipline.

It’s actually been proven over numerous psychological studies to be the best type of parenting.

My parents did this & me & my siblings all love them. We never had any major issues with our parents We respect them & are friends with them now.

You shouldn’t be BFF’s in the way Lorelai & Rory were. It’s actually really unhealthy.

The worst type of parenting (logically & psychologically speaking)…proven by many studies is the kind of parenting that Lorelai did.

No boundaries. Over share everything. No rules. No discipline. No authority/leadership. Being best friends with your child (when they’re a child). All of that is not parenting. It’s like saying you’re 100% equals. That’s not good because you have to have someone calling the shots. Making the child’s doctors appointments, telling the child to get dressed for school, make sure they eat all their vegetables etc

Lorelai’s parenting style is bad because it can lead to entitlement where the child feels as good or better than the adults. It leads to narcissism. It also can lead to depression because the child doesn’t feel like their parent is paying attention or that they care.

Hey if you don’t believe me it’s actually been proven.

I know people like this & they were raised by that parenting method. I believe it.

Assuming Rory & Lorelai never fought (as was repeatedly stated in early seasons) then we’re to assume Lorelai just said yes to everything Rory wanted.

Since Lorelai never cooks ever, I assume they got all the fast food every day for meals. Eating the sugary cereal whenever they wanted, over eating etc. It would also double their food budget.

So yeah of course they wouldn’t fight. Lorelai never said no.


Originally posted by raincoats-recipes

But in season 1 Rory says she did the laundry & knew how to do it. Her mother was shocked & Rory subtly mentions she does it when there’s no clean clothes.

Meaning, Lorelai doesn’t keep up with the laundry regularly. Ok so what right? Well she says she doesn’t like cleaning & avoids it. She doesn’t cook. She gets other people like Luke to do annual repairs to the house.

Housework & taking care of the home & yard Lorelai is so attached to…what does she do? Nothing.

She lets everyone else do everything for her. That’s a terrible example to be setting. And it shows no concern for Rory’s wellbeing in that she’s avoiding taking care of their environment.

Rory as a 16 year old actually is more mature & takes care of the house more than her mom.


Originally posted by qilberts

When Rory gets into Chilton, Lorelai is excited but then doesn’t bother to read the instructions of her first day. It was just one small letter stating she’d meet the headmaster. So of course there was no laundry done. No clean clothes ready so she couldn’t wear anything except that embarrassing outfit.

Later she does the same thing with Yale. She doesn’t read the letter properly missing the orientation date…then realizes she never planned for what her kid needed, not until they were already on campus.


Originally posted by raincoats-recipes

My mom & I looked the whole summer for bedding I’d like, a desk lamp etc. Practical things. My dad went over safety precautions & how to throat punch someone if I needed to.

Most people think ahead (even if just by a few days).

But as pushy as Lorelai was about school she didn’t care about anything but the name of the school. She admitted to telling Rory that she knew ‘since she was four’ that she’d go to Harvard.

She wanted her daughter to get into an Ivey league college but didn’t help prepare her at all, except getting her into Chilton. It’s glaringly obvious when Paris starts talking about all the extracurriculars she’s in & then the panel where they’re doing a Q & A about the letter kids have to write - (the one about who they admire) for college admissions.

Then when it comes time to for Lorelai to leave New Haven on move-in day, Rory threw a fit & couldn’t be without her mommy.


Originally posted by dilettadiantonio

Maybe I was the only one rolling my eyes…I was only a couple years off of the age she was but I could see how immature it was. It was pathetic. She had zero coping skills.

My first day of college there were tears & I was scared but excited. My parents left & I felt good. As terrified as I was I didn’t need to beg my parents to come back. But that actually wasn’t the worst of it. Rory had her mommy stay with her overnight on her first day of school!

That definitely crosses some boundaries. And honestly, she probably missed out on some fun times with helping other people move in, or fighting over the last copy of the book you need at the campus bookstore & finding out you’re in the same class then become friends…

Or Rory could have actually gotten to know other students in her dorm.

When I was in school my dorm alone had about 400 people in it. I had about 9 friends in it & about 10 close acquaintances. Not including a couple friends in each of the other dorms & some off campus. It was a really cool dynamic. You have so many people you meet all the time that when you meet that special wacko you hold onto them ❤️.

And I’m a person who had just a few friends as a kid. A bookworm. Writer, artist, I was shy & quiet. In high school I had a larger group of friends (described as average) but college was different. I met people that fed my soul, it was amazing.

Not all those relationships last (I’m only friends with a couple now) but they’re still fond memories.

When I see shows & movies that gloss over the wacky, weird, & wonderful people you meet in college it makes me sad.

It’s a missed opportunity for the writers.

For Rory she only wanted to be with her mom which wasn’t healthy. And when she realizes she’s going to know someone at that huge school, she was put out. Not excited…am I the only one who saw that as backwards? Even if it were Paris…

I feel like emotionally & mentally Rory was never prepared for life, college, a job etc

Lorelai always went by the idealistic ‘don’t worry, be happy’ philosophy.

That’s all well & good but you still have to get things done. You have to prepare for life somewhat…yes you can go the the best school on the planet but if you don’t pay tuition (in which Lorelai also never prepared for) then it doesn’t matter because you won’t be going.

As far as boys & their love lives went, Lorelai was horrible.

She was a bad example for all her relationships. Yes she chose (for the most part) decent men but she strung them along, gave mixed signals, ran off etc

Then she overshared with her teenage daughter. Unhealthy. Rory didn’t need to know when her mom kissed men. Not until it impacted her. Lorelai did the opposite. She avoided telling her daughter when she was in a relationship with Max but was okay talking about kissing. It was weird & inappropriate.


Originally posted by thompsonconnors

But Lorelai inserted herself in Rory’s dating life a lot. Waaaay too much.

Rory’s first date was with her mother…and Dean. So awkward & inappropriate. I know it was meant to be funny but it wasn’t. At least not to me. It was just…uncomfortable to watch.

But what really hit me was how Lorelai was a cheerleader for Dean. Yes he was played but the dreamy & loveable Jared Padalecki but he is not Dean. JP seems like a nice person. Dean is a controlling emotionally abusive & manipulative jerk. Yet Lorelai was always going on about how great he was.

I hated it.

She was actually pushing her daughter to be with a controller like that.


Originally posted by niallswift

Then Lorelai immediately hated Jess when she meets him & makes it hard for Rory to open up to her about him. She also does the same thing with Logan.

It sends a bad message to her daughter (and viewers) that it’s okay to put up with a manipulator & abuser as long as it’s just emotional. That’s not okay & it’s not love!

Between the two of them, Rory was the mother.

That’s not healthy for a child to be in that position or to feel like they’re the parent.

Lorelai gave out parental advice in later seasons but we rarely got to see her being a true parent.

I actually like that she fought Rory on the fact her daughter wanted to drop out of school. That made me respect her.

Because in the real world if you drop out you might not be let back in. And if you get arrested, an Ivey league school like Yale will choose their reputation over letting a convict go there. No matter the crime. They have codes of conduct.

So Lorelai being firm there was good. But later when she finds out Rory was rude to Emily she never addressed it. She never told Rory that she needs to apologize (which she should have). She was okay with it. Really?

Nice message, it’s okay to disrespect your grandmother?

NO. You can disagree & refuse to do what they want but you don’t disrespect them.

When I saw Gilmore Girls when I was younger I thought it was fun & witty but a few things bothered me about it & I couldn’t put my finger on what.

Re-watching the series now I realize it’s because of (in part) Lorelai’s parenting methods. She’s so cavalier that she doesn’t try to be a mother. She just has fun.

She doesn’t do much about actually taking care of her daughter. People do most of the parenting for her.


Originally posted by beauty-out-of-dust

Now I do think she probably did change baby Rory’s diapers as a baby & feed her…she definitely kept her alive. She loved her - absolutely! But parenting is more than that. It seems that Rory’s work ethic she got in her own & life skills she either learned herself or from friends. So I question what her mother actually taught her.

That being said it was still a cute & fun dynamic to see on screen. But after season one I started to realize just how sad it was. The child shouldn’t ever be the parent in the relationship.

In Gilmore Girls, Lorelai wasn’t a terrible mother but she wasn’t a good one either.

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Los Briceño es una telenovela/serie cómica de Netflix y Caracol Televisión. Se estrenó el cuatro de diciembre de 2019. Tiene 63 capitulos.

Cecilia Briceño, es la hija menor de la familia Briceño, conocidos en la región por ser los mejores muleros (conductores de tractomula). Ella tiene un sueño, ser mulera como su familia, pero tiene un impedimento; es mujer, a pesar de eso nada la hará dejar su sueño. 

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