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#tv: star trek the next generation
bonniegrrl · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Star Trek fan re-creates holodeck controls in Los Angeles public park
Two ordinary metal pylons now look like Star Trek LCARS holodeck control panels, thanks to a clever designer. 
Sadly, we can’t “end program.”
Read more in my CNET article here.
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humanoidhistory · 4 months ago
The voyage of Star Trek: The Next Generation came to an end on this night in 1994. The two-hour "All Good Things..." remains one of the best TV finales I've ever seen.
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glosscryptid · 2 days ago
was anyone ever going to tell me that Brent Spiner voiced the Joker in season 1 episode 14 "Revelations" on Young Justice or was I just supposed to find that out reading through his Wikipedia page after going on a Star Trek: The Next Generation kick
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